Legend House Messiah - Trends

by Erotickynk

We were in the middle of a week-long impalement trend, inspired by the spectacular deaths of the California girls plus the three volunteers and Cindi's exquisite skewering. The house smelled of cunt, piss, shit, and vomit that entire week as the gigglers took their turns on their spits.

Some girls needed to be held down, some tied or shackled. Some chose to ease into it and others wanted to be fucked hard. Some chose the traditional spit and a few chose long knives. Some puked and shat, and pissed, some died in orgasm before that total release came. But all died in orgasm and we delivered their impalements just the way they asked.

Most girls followed my advice and let me help them plan it to guarantee the best experience possible, but others thought they knew better. One such girl was Krista; an angry, rebellious girl who came to us right from the front gates of the local women's detention centre.

She wanted her impalement to feel forced and brutal; dragged half asleep from her bed and man-handled into a bathroom to be penetrated vaginally, right up through her belly to her throat. It was a fantasy she had in prison - to be dragged from her cell and executed brutally, so she enlisted two of the bikers to do it to her without any warning; they could pick the morning so the experience would be a shock to her. When I urged her to make sure her stomach was filled with liquids to make the final stages less painful, she got cheeky;

"If they drag me out of my bed first thing in the morning and stop to feed me milkshakes, it'll be pointless won't it?"

So Krista got her wish.

Her screams early on the morning she died woke up almost everyone in the house. As I jumped out of bed and reached out, I felt it was Krista - her fear real and raw as they dragged her naked down the hall into one of the bathrooms. I rushed down there, but on the way I felt the sharp bite as her spit was pushed roughly through her cunt into her uterus as she was on all fours on the bathroom tiles. When I got there and pushed past the two bikers to sit on the floor and watch up close, one sat on the floor behind her clenching bum, and the other was holding her so her face was almost in the toilet, grasping her breasts for his own amusement as his partner fucked her with the spit.

Krista was soon into it, her cunt starting out somewhat dry and tight then getting wet and loose as arousal took control. She was swearing and grunting and the looseness of her sex made wet sloppy sounds as the spit was thrust in and out of her. I could feel the sharpness of the spit as it worked its bloody way through the sinuous flesh of her uterus, breaking through and teasing her intestines as her snuffer fucked her with it. Krista's arousal and need to be impaled grew, as she struggled on her knees, drool slipping from her lips as she kept her face over the toilet bowl. I knew her body was getting close to complete surrender as her anus loosened and she began to fart.

"Come on!" she grunted, and the biker at her ass pushed it deeper and I felt the sweet sensations of the spit stretching her uterus as it punctured it then sliding through the tangle of her intestines. As it transited inside her long belly, I felt the quivery convulsions of her stomach as the tip poked it. Krista began to gag and heave, her empty stomach clenching rhythmically as her biker resumed fucking her, her straining voice taking on a whimpering tone. She knew this was the beginning of her end and was feeling it happen, and began to piss on the floor.

Krista was right in her choices; as she whimpered, dry heaved, and gagged I felt the orgasms blossom in her lower belly and she fell into a state of blurred sexual ecstasy blended with pain and the hard knowledge she was going to die soon on that bathroom floor. When her biker pushed the spit deep into her clenching stomach, her orgasm flared bright. It was then that I felt the chorus awaken and take interest in this savage girl being impaled so violently. Her biker followed her direction; fucking her stomach and just teasing the tip through the sphincter that opened at the bottom of her gullet. Krista was cumming and heaving continuously, and when her convulsing stomach finally pushed fluid up her throat, it was yellow bile tinged with blood.

Though her impalement was forced and violent, the chorus took her gently, easing her soul out of her body and embracing her as she joined and surrendered to them while her body continued to undulate and her belly to heave. In the end she slipped away peacefully and slumped into the large puddle of piss that had collected in her bladder all night.

Krista proved me wrong when she transitioned from this life into the eternity of sexual bliss amongst the chorus.

That afternoon a girl named Natalie wasn't so lucky.

Natalie and her lesbian partner, Lou had been day-drinking, edging each other by playing with a long kitchen knife.

"I want to take this up my ass." Natale giggled as Lou stroked her clit with the knife's tip, "I mean right up my ass; handle and all."

Lou rose up on her knees and laid the knife on Natalie's belly, the handle just past her pubic bone and the tip at the peak of her soft belly just under her sternum.

"That deep?" Lou asked as Natalie stroked her fingers over the knife, feeling how deep it would be.

"Oh, fuck." she whispered in awe, "That would be intense."

"Do you really wanna?" Lou raised an eyebrow, "'Cause I wanna do it to you."

Natalie hesitated a moment, and should have kept hesitating long enough to come talk to me, but she was drunk and her critical thinking skills were drowned in alcohol.

"Yeah." Natalie said, "Let's do it."

"You're going to puke." Lou warned.

"I've puked before."

"I meant we should do it in the bathroom." Lou said, "I'm the one that will be left cleaning up your mess."

Natalie lifted herself up and kissed Lou deep on the lips, "And I love you for that." she said.

I could have told the girls that it wouldn't work the way they planned. I could have told them that there would come a point when the knife was so deep that Natalie's legs would give out and she would crumple. But they didn't ask, so Natalie stood facing the tub, bent over at the waist as Lou worked her cunt and clit with a vibrator as she teased her puckered asshole with the knife tip. Their plan was that Natalie could empty her stomach into the tub as Lou pushed the knife deep into her. They were treating it like it was the same as the other firsts Lou had given Natalie; her first vaginal fisting; her first anal fisting; her first foot long rigid dildo pushed deep into her bowels. But this wasn't going to be the same; the anus is ultra-sensitive and the feeling of a knife blade penetrating it would burn like nothing she'd ever experienced.

As Lou eased the blade into Natalie's puckered anus, Natalie struggled and tensed, crying out and quivering despite Lou grinding her cunt and clit with the vibrating wand. I felt Natalie strongly from my bedroom where I was laying on my bed talking to horny little Rachael about her impalement desires. I could suddenly feel Natalie and hear Lou as though I was in Natalie's head.

"Take it." Lou said, "Tell me when you're ready, okay?"

Natalie whimpered and squirmed, tensing up as she felt the knife start to slice into her sphincter, and I felt it slicing into her perineum, my own bowels cramping and rolling at the invasion. I told Rachael I had to go and got up, heading down the hall toward the stairs.

"No more ... no more ..." Natalie cried out weakly through clenched teeth.

"Let your pussy relax and stop it." Lou slurred in her drunken frustration. She still had the misbelief that this impalement could go smoothly as Natalie continued to cry out and squirm. I could feel the burning in her anus and her abdominal muscles clenching involuntarily which triggered my own as I walked carefully down the stairs. Under the pain I could feel her arousal and the ghost of the desire for what Lou was doing to her, and like her, I felt my legs getting weak.

"Stop-stop-stop." Lou said as Natalie leaned forward to get away from the knife and Lou pushed the blade deeper, "Just let it come, just let it come."

"What do you mean? It's worse for me." Natalie complained as Lou worked the blade deeper still, the flat blade elongating her anus as it sliced deeper into the band of muscle ringing it. Suddenly the blade sliced through and her anus opened loose and bloody. I stumbled on the stairs, my legs gone weak and trembling, feeling what Natalie was feeling like it was happening to me. I've felt many other girls before, but this was one of intense ones.

"Oh shit." Lou said in surprise as Natalie cried out, feeling the beginning of the ruin of her bowels. Along with the flash of pain a wave of pre-orgasmic heat flared in my lower belly and I had to sit down on the stairs. It felt so real I reached up under my nightie and stroked a finger between my bum cheeks over my anus to check for blood. There was none, but my cunt was oily and slick.

I got to my feet and continued down the stairs, my thigh muscles weak and trembling.

After the initial severing of Natalie's sphincter, the knife eased in with minimal pain as Lou pressed it deeper. The vibrator made Natalie's arousal grow and I could feel myself oozing and dripping as I made my way to the bathroom.

Natalie could feel the long blade penetrating deeper into her bowels and has it did, her legs grew weaker and trembled badly. I could feel it all, and could feel the return of Natalie's desire for her impalement.

As the heel of the blade got past her severed sphincter and her ruined anus closed around the handle, Natalie whimpered; "Oh shit." and for the first time the knowledge that this was going to kill her slammed home.

"Take it." Lou said quietly as she concentrated on her task and pushed the handle inside her lover. Natalie's arousal was high and so was mine as I slid down the wall of the hallway, my legs so weak I could barely stand.

The blade all the way inside and Lou laid her thumb on the end of the handle and pushed the knife as deeply as she could, her thumb sliding into Natalie's bloody rectum right up to the web between thumb and forefinger.

"Oh my god!" Natalie cried out loudly as the knife slid as deep as it could go. We both felt the sharp invasion of the tip pressing against her booze bloated stomach and she began to lose her ability to stand, weaving, grasping at the tub walls. Natalie gagged hard and heaved, and as she did I threw up a little into my mouth, the sour bile rising from my stomach and coating my gullet. I felt her abdominals quivering and suddenly she fell into the tub and I collapsed onto the hallway floor.

Natalie tumbled into the tub, her head landing hard against the back rest, squirming around the long knife inside her belly. She was turning inward, growing selfish in death as most do, forgetting about Lou, forgetting about Legend House, forgetting about her entire life as her focus was drawn to the steel that had invaded her belly.

I was feeling it all and suddenly had the desire that Natalie had - to die in orgasm in the tub with the blade cutting my insides every time I moved. But I not only wanted to feel it happen, I wanted to watch her at the same time, so I crawled the last few feet into the bathroom and sat on one hip to watch and feel Natalie's final moments.

Natalie's first orgasm cramped inside her, and as it did her belly clenched and her body curled, compressing her abdomen and pushing the knife tip deep into her stomach. She vomited hard, and the feeling was intense; the sweet dull cramp of her orgasm, the sharp bite of the knife in her gut, and the ejaculatory gush up her throat. I barely kept it together as I came with her; my own stomach clenching tight and more bile burbling in my gullet.

I felt the chorus awaken deep below us and they rose toward Natalie, finally showing an interest in this girl.

Natalie coughed and spit then panted as she felt her next orgasm gathering strength. I watched and felt her lower belly cramp and curl and the knife was pushed up into her stomach again, and again she vomited and orgasmed hard. Her panting when she was done with orgasm two was happy; she was getting what she wanted after such an invasive and painful start. I reached inside her body and found out why the knife was being pushed upward with each orgasm; the base of the handle was lodged against the top of her uterus, and each time her cunt and uterus tightened with an orgasm and her belly curled, it pushed the knife firmly upward. The knife embedded in her belly was a sharp tickle that flared every time she moved, every time her belly curled in orgasm.

Natalie had three tight orgasms in a row, her belly rolling over and over from one convulsive tightening to the next, and I felt each in my core as I sat on the bathroom floor, sweating and oozing and shaking from the intensity. I felt wetness under my crotch and discovered I was leaking piss.

Natalie then tried to keep her body still, panting and breathing her way through her torment. She was trembling badly and I felt the rush of fear in her - she knew that her orgasms were killing her and that small, primal part of her brain wanted to survive. But I knew it was too late; I could feel the buzz of internal bleeding deep in her abdomen. Even if we called and ambulance right then she would die before they got her to the hospital.

At the first flush of fear, I felt the chorus begin to lose interest - they only wanted girls who died willingly amidst their death orgasm. I called out to them in my mind; 'Mama, please stay. Please take her.'

'It's too late, my sweet girl.' came mama's reply.

It was then Natalie started to die; gasping, panting, her belly curling with trembling, weak little orgasms. She grunted, gagged, and grew rapidly weaker, and in the end I felt the dark shroud of death settle over her and take her to oblivion, leaving me weeping on the bathroom floor.

It took me two days to recover from Natalie's sorrowful and pointless death. I hated losing girls that way - being rejected by the chorus. There are moments when I hate that gathering of sexual souls; their arrogance when choosing only the perfect sexual deaths. Yet at the same time I understood their criteria; if they took in girls like Natalie, it would dilute their combined energy, and such lesser girls would become parasites, feeding off the others.

But my experience watching Natalie die as I felt everything she felt as intensely as I would have if it happened to me, made me crave the experience again. Well, maybe more than again; maybe a lot. I decided to start with Rachael. She wanted a brutal impalement that felt forced and she wanted me to do it.

Rachael was a sassy girl who wasn't shy to ask for what she wanted. She liked rough sex and would taunt her lovers to awaken their anger and passion if they weren't hard enough on her.

I invited her into the playroom early one morning right after breakfast on the pretense of some girl-on-girl playtime with the other gigglers. She didn't know that I had a five-foot spit hidden behind the open door when she took the two hits of ecstasy. I let the gigglers play with her to get her aroused, and as they did she told the girls to be rough with her; "... because I'm a dirty cunt.", so one of them used a sharpie to write 'dirty cunt' on her lower belly.

I let the play go on for almost two hours until all the girls were sweaty and stinking of cunt and freshly finger-fucked asshole. Rachael was in a sexual frenzy because I'd told the gigglers to edge her but not let her orgasm - I wanted her craving sexual release more than she had in her life, and she was growing frantic in her need as she felt the other gigglers come two or three times. I slid down on the floor and cradled Rachael's head in my lap, her hair wet with sweat and a matted mess.

"You still want to be impaled?" I whispered to her.

"Fuck yeah." she gasped.

"You still want it brutal?"

"Do me, Belle. Oh god, do me hard and do me now." her voice hoarse and desperate.

"Up on your hands and knees." I told her, "That's how I want you to start and that's how I want you to finish."

I signaled the other gigglers to back off and settle in to watch as I retrieved the spit and came to kneel behind Rachael's sweaty bum.

"Cunt or ass?" I asked her.

"Fuck my ass." she whispered, then louder; "Fuck me in my ass."

I saw that her anus was pink and loose and already oily and slick, so I skipped the lube and eased the tip into her, and as I did, I reached out to her like I did with Natalie and was rewarded by feeling the penetration as I was pushing it into her. I got shiver-bumps up my spine realizing I was about to impale this girl and feel everything I did to her as it was happening, it was like a sensory and emotional mirror - a feedback loop. I was Rachael and I was myself. I felt her arousal, the slickness of her cunt lips, the hot looseness of her anus and rectum, the sweat on her skin and in her hair, and her breathless craving. I could even taste the cereal and milk she had for breakfast mixed with the taste of cunt and ass from all the gigglers she'd had her tongue inside. I could feel the heavy sensual sloshing of the copious amount of water in her stomach that I'd taught the girls to drink so they didn't get dehydrated during sweaty, prolonged orgies. In Rachael's case it would also be something to puke up when the impalement reached its crescendo so she didn't suffer painful dry heaves.

"Come on." Rachael taunted me between whines, shrieks, and grunts as I sunk the spit all the way, filling her rectum.

"You want me to be your bitch?" she whined and moaned, sassy and wonton, "I want you to fuck me in the ass. Fuck me like your fucking little bitch." and when I pushed deeper and started fucking her with the spit she cried out in surprise and excitement, "Oh my god! Oh! Oh my god!"

The penetration felt good inside both of us and Rachael began to squirm and work her clit with her fingertips. I felt our orgasm building in the tightly packed flesh of our lower bellies - soft, sensitive tissue being penetrated by cold, hard steel. I fucked her firmly, the spit sliding back and forth, shallow and deep through her bowels, edging it a little deeper each four or five strokes.

Rachael cried out and shrieked, swore, and grunted, telling me and the gigglers how good it felt. I felt her s-shaped sigmoid colon straighten and her descending colon ripping free from its long nest along the left side of her abdomen where it had rested comfortably for all her life. Rachael rolled on her side as I worked the spit, pivoting it inside her, using her anus as a fulcrum and dragging her large colon to the centre of her belly, aligning the spit with her stomach and toward her gullet.

"Oh my god it's so fucking deep in me!" she cried out gutturally, masturbating furiously, "Oh my god! Shit!"

I fucked her for a time that way, keeping her arousal high and desperate, pistoning the spit inside her belly in a frenzied fucking action to lift our sexual tension higher and higher. Like Rachael I wanted more; I wanted to feel that unrelenting steel fucking my very soul.

"Is that all you got? Huh?" Rachael taunted me once more, egging me on - her voice growing hoarse and ragged, "Is that all you got? Come on! It that all your bitch has to look out for? Is that all? Come on! Come on! I know you can give me more!"

I pushed it deeper to give her the 'more' she was reaching for and felt the tip tear its way through the delicate wall of her bowel to press hard and cold against the heavy sac of her liquid filled stomach. Rachael went wild; gagging, crying out, shrieking and grunting in a wordless expression of our building death orgasms as I continued to fuck her. I knew Rachael wanted intensity, so I was unrelenting as I pushed and pulled the spit inside her belly.

"F-f-f-uck!" Rachael stuttered as she trembled and convulsed, stomach rolling, breathing in spasms. She knew the end was coming so she struggled back to her hands and knees, bum high, belly heaving, arms and legs weakening by the second. I could feel an overall growing weakness in her body and the spreading coldness of shock in the liquid flaccidity of her lower belly. Rachael was being snuffed and knew it, and the stew of conflicting emotions I felt from her made me feel dizzy; terror of knowing she was about to die, arousal stronger than she'd ever felt before, craving that final penetration, but scared shitless of it at the same time.

Throughout her impalement, Rachael had been constantly moving - writhing, squirming, rolling onto her side, back, and belly, and through it all I stayed with her, knee-walking to keep the spit inside her at the best angle to run the steel straight up through her abdomen. And now kneeling behind her, ready to push her into the arms of the chorus, I saw her anus was not only oily and loose, it had gaped wide and her straining and convulsing was pushing her rectum out of the bottom of her belly to form a fat red rosebud around the steel spit.

Rachael turned to face the gathered gigglers as they watched her in morbid fascination, and I felt the rush of oxytocin inside Rachael as she moved toward them, craving to be with the girls she had sexed with for weeks. They were her family now and she felt a heart-crushing sorrow that she was leaving them.

Through my connection with Rachael I felt the sharp tip dimple her plump stomach as she crawled toward the gigglers and I knee-walked to keep up. This was it - I pushed the spit and sunk it in, penetrating her stomach making her scream and gag and begin to heave as she kept moving toward the gigglers, blindly seeking the comfort of their arms one last time.

"Shh." I hushed her as I prepared for the final push. Rachael kept crawling forward, mouth drooling, her face over the feet of the gigglers nearest her, but at the same time kept trying to reach up and rub her clit, the fear of dying without the benefit of orgasm a terror in the riot of emotions she was feeling.

"Hand down. Keep your pussy out of it." I told her as I pushed hard, sending the sharp tip through the tight sphincter at the top of her stomach to scrape the walls of her gullet, "Put it deep inside your throat. Come on. Right there. Choke on it a little bit."

Rachael struggled with the foreign sensation of something so hard and rigid coming up her throat from inside her.

"Lift your head. Choke on it! Choke on it!"

Then it all happened at once for her; her final orgasm exploded in her body like an earthquake centered in her core and shuddering violently down to her cunt and up to her suddenly convulsing stomach. Rachael vomited hard, sending gushes of watered down milk and cereal and bile out past her flaccid lips and onto the feet and legs of the gigglers nearest her.

"There you go."

Rachael heaved and vomited and humped her pelvis against the rigid shaft as I fucked her hard and deep, feeling my own stomach quivering and threatening to empty itself.

"There it is! You like when I give it to you like that? Huh?"

Rachael was cumming hard and long; wave after wave of intense cramping bliss rolling through her body - an orgasm like she'd never experienced before as she continued to heave up liquids that were turning darker and thicker, the sweet smell of the fluids from her small intestines adding to the sex stink of the room.

"Fuck you like a dirty little whore? Huh?"

Amidst her terrible and overwhelming ecstasy I felt a rush of gratitude from Rachael and I was sure if she was able to speak she would be screaming 'thank you' for the death that was rushing up to end her life.


Throughout it all I was so wrapped up in experiencing Rachael's sexual torment and frenzied build to orgasm, I didn't feel the chorus awaken and rise, pressing against the veil. I was suddenly aware of those thousands souls pushing upward, hungry to add Rachael to their chorus, the veil bulging as they gathered. It felt like an explosion as I felt the chorus burst through the veil, wanting this girl so badly I could hear their moans and cries inside me. I felt their hands and arms clutching at Rachael and her willing surrender to them, knowing they were sisters in death and ecstasy. And because I was linked with the dying girl, I felt them clutching at me, trying to pull me through the veil as well - I was a prize to them, a soul who was not only dying, but one who had brought death to young eager flesh.

Their cloying touch was sweet and almost irresistible, and for a few seconds I closed my eyes and was about to let them take me - my heart fluttering in my chest as it began to fail. I pissed myself and distantly felt my grip on the spit falter and it slipped from my hands as Rachael crumpled face down onto the vomit slick laps of the gigglers. I felt myself being drawn through the veil and what I felt from those thousands of souls was nothing like I'd ever felt; I felt rapid fire flashes of bellies cut open, bowels splattering, throats clamped tight, steel and wood being pushed into lithe young bodies. I felt throats cut, heads chopped off, feral animals chewing and ripping the bellies of girls bound to a stone alter, alone in the woods - girls who would scream for eternity, and surrounding it all a hurricane of orgasms of all intensities.

I'd always thought that heaven awaited us all once we died in orgasm and passed through the veil, but in that instant I realized it wasn't heaven - it was hell, and hell felt so fucking good. It was frenzied and chaotic, and so intensly orgasmic.

It was mama who rejected me. I heard her scream "NO!" to the souls pulling me into death, and felt her hand firm on my chest between my breasts, pushing me back to this side of the veil, and I crumpled, falling backward, my body having lost all strength as I hit the floor hard, my heart hammering in my chest, my body slick with sweat and my belly quivering. It was in that moment that the knowledge that I too would die by impalement, but not before being tortured; having my belly opened, my womb eviscerated, foreign hands playing inside me, unholy mouths feasting on my internal flesh. But this sudden knowledge didn't come from mama or anyone in the chorus. This knowledge came from somewhere deeper, somewhere darker and frightening. A cruel inhuman creature awaited me, biding her time in the bowels of the earth. Her name was Angyl and she would be my replacement here in Legend house.

That night I dreamt of her and what she would do to me once I cradled a child in my belly.