Legend House Messiah - Swallow

by Erotickynk

While I waited for the five sad girls from California, the household grew bigger than just me and Mason and the chorus. A proper giggle of girls who all ran away from their homes to come live out the rest of their short lives with us slowly gathered. They were young and sexually perverted girls and were drawn by the dreams Zee visited on them while they slept and dripped and had quiet shudderin' orgasms that woke them up all sweaty and needy. They were horny and masturbated like crazy things with every toy they could find until the whole house smelled like fresh pussy and sweaty, gaped open assholes.

The girls enjoyed the gangbangs and the edgin' play when Mason's boys dropped by, but none of them were ready for the real thing yet, so I laid off any pressure and told 'em that I wouldn't let anyone snuff 'em until they was ready for that gut-churnin', rectum distendin' adventure.

Each night I dreamed about them five girls travellin' here from California. They was leavin' their sadness behind them and craved the happiness they knew awaited them here in their final frantic moments. They were dirty girls and the antics they got up to when they slept all five together in cheap motel rooms set my own belly to quiverin'. Each night after I dreamed my own thigh-claspin' orgasm, Daddy would come to me to teach me the proper way to speak. He started by gettin' me to say the swallowed 'g' at the end of verby words by changin' my in' to a proper ing. Every day I would try, but I could only do it when I was thinkin' about it, but Daddy said it would come natural to me one day.

But durin' all that waitin' and edgy sex with the gigglers, a young woman found us without bein' called by Zee. She just showed up one day and told me her name was Lou. Lou told me her fantasy and when I said there might be a lot of panic at the end for her, she just smiled and promised me there wouldn't be.

Lou knew about us because when she was a young'un she secretly followed her big sister to Legend House for the anniversary orgy. She said she sat beside a painted-over window in the snow beside a boy who was dressed up like a girl, and they listened to the goin's on inside the basement. Lou said the boy who wanted to be a girl was masturbatin' so she did too, and she came almost as much as he did. She even sucked his cock for him under his cute little skirt - it was her first cock and she was his one and only girl.

She said she came the best when she heard her sister beggin' a boy named Freddy to gut her after she sucked enough cocks to fill her belly; "... cut my belly ... cut me open, Freddy ... do it ... do it ... do it" she heard her sister beg him, then she screamed as it was happenin' to her, and after she moaned like crazy, sayin' "... pull it out ... pull it all out ..." and when she heard her sister sickin'-up and cummin' and Freddy pulled her guts out of her, Lou came with her. Lou said she saw the crime scene photo of her sister's body and she could tell that she died horny and willin' and sweatin' like a plump slaughtered little piggy - her hair all plastered down with sweat and dried vomited cum on her lips. But Lou said her face looked peaceful, like she was satisfied by what Freddy done to her.

Lou picked Mason to do her and he was perfect for the job because he was my biggest boy, and part of the thrill for Lou was to be pressed down by a man's weight while he did her - she said she felt safest when she was pinned under a man who was doin' awful things to her. It had to do with what used to happen to her as a kid - an older boy would take her out to the garage and lay her face down on the floor and fuck her asshole with all his weight pressin' her down tight. Lou said she would cum over and over; six times to his one, and afterward she loved the feelin' of her asshole still bein' loose and open and fartin' cum. She said she thought that dyin' durin' an orgasm would be a sweet way to go.

So Lou stripped down right then and there and Mason pulled a mattress off a bed and slapped it down right in the middle of the livin' room, and all the girls gathered 'round me to watch. I made them promise to be as quiet as church mice when it was happenin' - it was to be the first snuff sex they would ever see.

Lou showed us the tattoo she got across her chest that morning and wanted to leave a gone away video on her cell phone for her husband, so she held it in her hand as Mason straddled her narrow hips and oiled her asshole up for the final fuck of her life. But just as Mason pushed his thick cock into her bum. her phone rang and she said it was her husband and took the call.

She was nice and sweet to him and made it sound like she was comin' home soon so they could go out for dinner and drinks with another couple. As she talked, Mason started fuckin' her and she lifted her bum to take him deep. Lou promised her husband she would see him soon and said "I gotta go." and said she loved him. When she ended the call and got the video recorder ready on her phone, Mason said; "I thought you were going to talk forever." and started fuckin' her long and deep.

Lou did love her husband, but he was pretty vanilla, never wantin' to do the kinky shit she craved no matter how much she begged. The cravin' had been buildin' inside her since the night she listened to her sister get gutted alive and emptied like a caught trout, and without her husband bein' willin' to take the edge off for her, it built to the point that she decided to come to Legend House and get fucked and snuffed like she'd been dreamin' about all her adult life. Her husband coulda' saved her life just by chokin' her out once in awhile.

Lou savoured her final fuck as Mason ploughed her asshole, pressin' her body down tight to the mattress like that boy done to her when she was little. She came three times before she settled and lifted her head and opened her mouth and Mason laid flat on top of her, his face close to hers. Then he picked up the eighteen inch blue dildo she'd come with, all slick with glycerin and ready for her. He slid it between her lips and she took it down her throat and started recordin' herself as a gone away message to her white-bread husband.

Mason kept on pushin' his thick cock deep in her ass as he throat-fucked her with her dildo and even though she sicked it up a couple times along with some foamy spit and bile, each time she was eager to open her mouth and throat and take it back down.

She thought it would be a good way to die - to choke to death with eighteen inches of dildo pushed down her throat and a cock fillin' her rectum with cum. I told her that if she managed to swallow it all the way down, I'd take her to bed with me and feed her beer and hold her all night as she died an even more intense death - the dildo blockin' up her bowels and everythin' backin' up inside her. I promised we'd make a terrible mess and that I'd fist-fuck her rectally up into her bowels to make her cum as she died if she wanted, tellin' her I'd done that before. She said she liked that idea and would try to swallow the dildo, but if she couldn't, she would be content to choke to death with Mason's cock in her ass.

I thought she might fight it at the end, givin' in to the natural panic, but she didn't. Lou acted like getting' snuffed was as casual as comin' over to watch a movie with us and took that dildo down her throat with as much eagerness she had when she sat down with me and told me about her fantasy death. She couldn't help her stomach convulsin' as it tried to sick-up the wiggly rubber cock, but she kept her mouth open for Mason as he pushed more and more of it down into her gullet. She kept cummin' too, Mason pressin' himself tight against her cute little ass, pushin' his throbbin' thick cock into her rectum, fillin' it and straightenin' out all its curves.

Near the end when Mason pushed the end of the dildo past the root of her tongue and the other end got gripped by the sphincter at the top of her heavin' stomach, Lou's face turned red as she strained with her final orgasm and pissed herself.

Her orgasm lingered inside her like the aftershocks from a massive earthquake, makin' her pussy quiver and her clit throb just long enough to be able to pass through the veil and join the chorus. She spent her final moments gulpin' at that dildo, tryin' to swallow it down so she could feel what she was feelin' and live long enough to feel what I promised her in my bed.

But she never got to do that, and I felt Mama take her into her arms because they were sisters in the way they both died - Mama chokin' and cummin' with Breanne's noose tight around her throat and Lou gaggin' so sweetly on that dildo as her belly hitched and her pussy clenched tight.

After Mason came in her ass and pulled out, we plugged her with a wadded up facecloth soaked in bleach deep in her rectum to kill the DNA in there. Then we had a bit of an orgy to kill some time before Mason took her body in her own car down to where she wanted it left; in the deserted parkin' lot of the restaurant her husband took her to on their first date.

When he got there he sent the video to her husband that she took of herself when Mason throat fucked her with the dildo along with her last message; 'Coulda' been you doing me, baby' and left her in the passenger seat naked like she wanted, showin' off her new tattoo; 'No Regrets' on her chest, and her cell phone shoved up her pussy. Mason said that her belly was already startin' to swell from all the gasses buildin' up and had pushed that dildo up a bit so you could see it her mouth.

That night I lay in bed and let my mind drift out and I could feel them five sad girls from California comin' closer. They were travelin' across the country to be with us, and oh-lordy, were these girls horny and ready for Legend House.