Legend House Messiah - Belle's Return

by Erotickynk

I'm goin' home.

We travelled north after my gone-away party down in the bottomlands with me bein' left all aquiver and weak from absorbin' all them girl's dyin' orgasms. I rode the bitch pegs on Mason's Harley and the engine vibrations I felt through the leather against my bare pussy kept me horny as hell all the way.

When we camped at night I let Mason and his boys gangbang me after supper every night, 'cept one night when they wanted to triple cock me, so I made 'em do it before we ate so I didn't sick-up all my dinner. That night they set supper cookin' on the campfire and filled me up with a couple cans of beer and took me deep in all three of my holes. I especially liked sickin'-up all the foamy beer past the cock in my throat.

But now as we drawn near to home, my sexuality is takin' on a darker and more terrible calm feel to it - if you can wrap your head around those things all mucked up together. I think it's home that's the calm and terrible part, and the darkness is feelin' that chorus of souls that haunt Legend House growin' louder and stronger. I can feel their orgasmic deaths that they wallow in like pigs in bloody mud just like I can feel the wind of the highway blowin' up my sundress and coolin' my hot pussy as it dries the girl cum leakin' from me, givin' me a crust down there that I have to wash away each time we stop.

I've annoyed Mason a couple times by beggin' him to stop so he can finger fuck me hard so I can cum ... me standin' on the side of the road, grabbed-on to the shoulders of his leather jacket and cummin' hard and screaming as my belly convulses. The closer I get to Legend House the hornier I get and the more sexual craving I have.

I also feel what Charles, Breanne, and Zee are feelin' and even catch glimpses of what they are seein' and snatches of what they are hearin'. The fetish each of 'em have is boilin' up inside 'em.

As we ride through the night toward the town, I see/hear/feel ...

Charles has a young girl in the darkness of his bedroom, fuckin' her deep in her rectum with a dull spit. She is cryin' out, overwhelmed by the sensations of the hard shaft of the spit pistonin' through her bowels as they cramp and her pussy quivers in her buildin' orgasm. Mama told me there's been a few girls who died badly and their souls were lost forever because they didn't find their ecstasy in dyin', but this girl's not one of 'em. She's cummin' hard and even pushin' back against the spit, and I feel Charles lovin' every minute of it.

Breanne at that moment is workin' late at the law firm she's employed at, but instead of workin' she was lettin' two lawyer boys strangle her. As usual, she started horny and was in full and total orgasm as they choke her to the edge of death. Like always I feel the chorus of souls reachin' out for her, hopin' that this time she'll surrender and join 'em but once again she slips through their greedy fingers as the lawyer boys let her breathe and come back to livin' once more.

In his kitchenette, Zee is up to some weird shit; he's got a fat girl in there and he's got a hose runnin' from the sink to an expandable plug up her rectum, pumpin' hot water up into her, makin' her already plump belly swell crazy tight. He's gettin' her to tell him how it feels, and though she's feelin' a little queasy and a lot bloated, she's likin' it a lot. I reach out and feel that her pussy is mucky and leakin' and she's gettin' close to cummin' just from the water pressure in her belly.

One after another I feel the pulse of their orgasms as they hit their peak; the impaled girl cums hard and screamin' as Charles pushes the spit hard up into her belly, makin' her gag and heave and sick-up her dinner all over the bed while pushin' her bum back against the spit wantin' more. She wants this so bad; wants to die cummin' like Charles promised. She gets her wish as the chorus pulls her soul free and into their hot embrace as her quiverin' body slumps on the bed, her bum still high and proud.

At the law firm, Breanne's throat is locked closed and her lower belly swells as her orgasm pulls her loose from the world of the livin' and she's in that zone of ecstasy and terror that is the gateway to joinin' the chorus, and oh my, how they want her with 'em.

As the pressure builds in the fat girl's large colon and pushes the hot water up through her guts, she feels her stomach gurglin' and fillin' from below. She starts to sick-up in long spasms as her poor belly can hold no more and she starts cummin' in long waves. The biggest peak comes when her large colon can take no more pressure and bursts inside her like a water balloon thrown at a tree. The sensation is so intense and her orgasm hits such a height that her overstressed heart cramps and stops beatin' and she flops face down on Zee's kitchenette floor.

Me? Through it all, I'm grindin' my pussy against the leather pillion seat and feelin' their faint orgasms through the distance and make a mess of Morgan's leather. When I am done cummin' I hear Mama's voice form the chorus; "See?" and I know what she means - she wants me to see the fetish of all three. That's the thing about fetishes that give us sexual tingles when we do 'em to others is that we want that same thing done to us. Except Breanne; I knew what Breanne really wants because Mama tells me, it's just Breanne is afraid of gettin' it done to her because it will be her last orgasm on this side of the veil and she doesn't have the surety that those orgasms will continue once she joins the chorus.

Morgan and the boys rattle up in front of Legend house and I'm feelin' all manner of frantic sexual crazy. I feel that Zee is asleep inside, and Charles is soakin' in a hot bath, both spent and satiated from what they did to 'em girls. Breanne hasn't come home yet - she's rewardin' the lawyer boys by lettin' 'em fuck her silly.

I'm tremblin' as I climb off Morgan's Harley and he notices.

"You okay?" he asks as I stand there quiverin' like I'm freezin' to death, all wide eyed and feelin' a lust for deliverin' death inside the house infamous for it.

"Yeah." I gasp.

"Need some help?" he asks me.

"No." I say, my belly hitchin' and shudderin' like I'm gonna to sick-up, "I have to do this alone. I'll call you tomorrow though, and you can all do me any way you like."

"Text me." he says and him and his boys roar off.

Mama comes to me then. I feel her arms wrap around me and draw me into her belly once more. I'm warm and safe, held tight in her womb like I was before she died in such ecstasy so many years before. Her voice murmurs and tells me to be calm, and tells me what I need to do and when I finally climb the back steps into Legend House and pull the key from its hidin' place, I am tranquil and ready for the messy work I must do to claim my place as the messiah and queen of this unholy place.

I can hear Charles's bum squeakin' in the big tub as I walk through the house and open the hidden toy closet. I get out what I need for Charles, Zee, and Breanne and prepare for each. Then I strip naked and pad silently through the house to my three appointed jobs ...

When I open the bathroom door and slip in with the heavy and hot enema bag, Charles looks up at me with sleepy eyes.

"Hi Daddy." I say softly.

"Belle." he says with a sigh, and I see his body shudder in the water, and feel his fresh fear mixed with eagerness, "It's time?"

"Yes Daddy." I say and hang the enema bag on the towel bar, "Gotta get you clean first."

Charles opens his thighs as I lick the enema nozzle to get it lubricated, and slip it between his plump thighs and find his asshole. I push it deep and let the water flow, massagin' his belly as the gallon of hot water follows the crooked pathway of his bowels.

"Mama wants you to know that she loved it when you fucked her." I say softly as he fills up, "She's glad it was you who took her cherry and filled her up with your seed until it took. She loved bein' pushed down by your big belly as she came. It took her breath away. She loves you, Daddy. She's still your girl."

"I miss her most of all." Charles moans as his belly grows tight.

"You'll be with her soon." I say, then after a few moments ask, "The deed?"

"Signed over to you, sweet Belle." Charles says, "And the accounts all in your name. I'm glad it's going to be over soon. I'm so weary of this life."

"I'll make it good for you, Daddy." I bend and kiss his sweaty forehead.

"I know you will, daughter." he whispers, "Tell Breanne I love her."

"I will, Daddy. I will."

"And Belle?" he looks up at me, his eyes hungry and pleadin', "Treat me like a whore."

When he's full and his belly starts to cramp, I leave him so he can expel and dry his body. I go to the livin' room and put on my long glove and lubricate it, and kneel on the floor in front of the sofa. Charles comes to me and reclines on the sofa, puttin' down a rubber tub on the end of the sofa just under the armrest. Charles doesn't want to leave a mess in his neat home.

Charles leans against the armrest and parts his thighs and lifts his knees and I begin. See, all them years and of all them ways he's helped dozens of girls find their ecstatic deaths, it was the impalements Daddy loved the best. We do unto others what we want done to us. I push my hand inside his asshole and we begin.

I start slow and soft, teasin' my fist into him as he starts to moan, I ease it through his folded rectum until it is straight, then I follow his sigmoid colon and pull it free, linin' it up with the centre of his big belly and makin' it straight and I know he's never felt that before.

As Charles moans and cries out, I fist fuck him deeper and deeper until I rip his descendin' colon free from the membrane that has kept it nested on the left side of his belly for sixty years and he starts the build to his final orgasms. I'll be givin' Charles a treat he's never had before - multiple rollin' orgasms as his life-force ebbs and fades.

I do treat him like a whore, tellin' him he's takin' it all the way through his asshole and his cries get louder and more desperate as I do. I feel Zee awaken below us in his small suite and lay upon his bed, listenin' to the man who's been his partner in murder for over two decades losin' his own life. Zee does not stir, he too knows that this is the end for him; for Breanne; for Charles.

Charles' cock is rigid and twitchin', precum oozin' from its tip, the skin that holds his balls wrinklin' and pullin' 'em upward. Charles is gettin' close to his final orgasms. I push hard until my arm is shoulder deep inside him and I feel my fist ridin' under the squishy ball of his stomach, then I open my hand inside his belly and I feel the rush of fear run through Charles' body and see the shiver-bumps wash over his thighs, hips, and chest. His nipples pucker and grow erect and he pinches 'em hard. He knows this is how it ends for him.

I usually keep my fingernails short because I masturbate so much, but I've let 'em grow out and sharpened 'em for this moment - they're more like talons than a young girl's fingernails. I feel 'em pop through the tips of the glove and I push 'em through the tender walls of Charles' colon and sink 'em into the slippery flesh of his stomach. I grip it firm and squeeze and feel it tighten into a firm ball. Charles starts to heave and sick-up and just like that he's cummin'. He twists on the sofa and leans his head over the armrest and sicks-up into the rubber tub. Each heave sends a fresh wave of orgasm through his core, his cock dancin' and spurtin' cum all over his clenchin' belly until he is dry but it continues to pulse and dance with painful dry convulsions. With my nails deep in his stomach, clutchin' it tight in my fist, I fist fuck him so he feels the entire length of my arm movin' inside him, pullin' and pushin' his stomach up and down inside him - only rare souls have felt what Charles is feelin' - it's the ultimate anal fuck, from his stretched and tight asshole right up his core to his tortured stomach. I can feel the power of his intense sexual rapture and it's somethin' he'll feel for eternity.

Charles cums and heaves until his poor old heart just gives up the ghost, but I keep fistin' him because I know we keep feelin' our bodies for up to ten minutes after our heart stops - our brains start to die after five minutes, but our pleasure centre stays aware. I keep goin' until I hear Mama's whisper; "It's over baby, he's with us now."

I know that Charles is in the arms of the chorus, and they are cradlin' and comfortin' him as he makes the transition from life to death. Right now he is confused and feels like he's still alive and squirmin' on his sofa with his baby girl's arm working hard inside him. When he finally accepts his new place, his job in death will be the same as it was alive; to make the dyin' girls feel safe and loved so they can surrender to their final ecstasy without holdin' back. Charles will be like the greeters in WalMart; easin' the fresh souls through the veil to their new home.

I hear Breanne come home through the back door and head to her bedroom as I pull my arm from our Daddy's corpse. I clean up and walk to where I put the tools I need for tonight and pick up the one for Breanne. When I open Breanne's door I find her sittin' naked on the sofa in her room. She is tense and afraid.

"Hello, sister." I say softly to her.

"Oh my god." she gasps in a quaverin' voice, "It's true. The dreams are true."

I walk to her and sit beside her on the sofa, as she searches my eyes nervously.

"They're the dreams Mama sends you." I explain, "To get you ready."

Breanne swallows past a lump in her throat, "I'm not ... ready."

"Yes you are, baby." I move closer to her and stroke the hair back from her face, "It will be good, Breanne. Just like Daddy's was good - he went out just the way he dreamed he would."

"Daddy's dead?"

"Yes, but not gone. He's with Mama now, and all the others." I say, "And he'll be waitin' for you on the other side of the veil. He says he loves you."

"I'm so scared." Breanne whimpers as she trembles.

"I know. But I'll be with you. I'll make it sweet and intense and when it's over you'll be in Daddy's arms."

"Who's your Mama?" Breanne asks.

"Brandy." I smile and kiss her ear, "You hanged her."

Breanne gasps.

"Shh. Don't trouble y'self, she wanted it more than you can imagine and she died cummin' so hard she was poppin' blood vessels in her brain." I said, "When you were finishin' off Jennifer, Daddy drahhed Mama's body out and cut her belly open and breathed life into me."

"But she was dead a long time." Breanne says, "You ... you should have been dead."

"I was, sweet sister. But Daddy brought me back." I say, kissin' my way down her neck to her shoulder.

"Brain damage ..." Breanne sighs, startin' to become aroused.

"There was some." I admitted and giggled, "'Rithmatic is a horror to me, and they say I don't know right from wrong. But I do know things that feel so bad they feel good."

"How am I your sister?" Breanne says, kissin' me back.

"Daddy was fuckin' my Mama all the time when you weren't around from when she was little and just hangin' around." I told her, "She loved to feel his heavy belly on hers and his spunk inside her."

I bent and sucked her left nipple and she shuddered.

"Oh god." Breanne was horny now, "How will you do it?"

"You know how, Breanne." I was back to kissin' her ear, and I lift the knife I'd been hidin' and hear her gasp and feel her body stiffen when she sees it.

"Not that." she gasps.

"Oh, most certainly that." I say and move behind her on the sofa, tracin' little lines up and down her belly with the tip of the knife, "You've been cravin' it since Daddy let you come to the Anniversary and you saw all those other girls with their bellies opened up and squirmin'. You crave to feel that, Breanne. You know you do."

"But I'm scared." she whimpers like a little girl.

"You're scared 'cause it's final." I whisper to her, "With stranglin' you know you'll keep comin' back. This time you'll be gone from this earth, but you'll live on with all them girls and boys who died here as their final orgasms quivered inside their ravaged bodies. You'll feel your final bliss over and over and over for eternity."

"I don't want to die."

"You have a job to do on the other side, sweet sister." I whisper as I centre the tip of the knife in her belly button and feel the wild flare of arousal inside her, "Like in life, once you're on the other side you'll help the new girls and boys feel sexy and aroused and help 'em cum hard when it's their time."

I press into Breanne's belly button with the knife, dimplin' it deeper than it was.

"Now hush, girl." I whisper, "We need to get started."

I pull the knife deeper into her and feel the 'pop' as the tip breaks through her skin then the resistance of her oblique muscles. She begins to moan, then swear, then grunt. I work the knife through her muscles and into the tangled nest of her innards, she squirms and cries out as I cut her intestines and womb, she cries out with a "yeah!" and a "fuck yeah!" and her orgasms begin. They are sharp and intense bursts of intense pleasure/pain radiatin' like little explosions from the core of her sexuality.

I ease her back on the sofa, and lay her on her back and she reaches up and takes hold of the knife herself and works it inside her belly - playin' with the tip and makin' little cuts inside her entrails that send waves of sharp pleasure through her body. All the while I whisper to her that she's safe and I'm there to protect her.

She's not bleedin' much on the outside, but inside I can feel the flutterin' of her Aorta that she'd cut right where it branches inside her guts. She feels it too - a pulsin' mass inside her as he belly fills with blood. Breanne is acceptin' it all now and allows the liquid pulse of her blood blend with her rollin' orgasms.

As she gets dangerously close to bleedin' out, she arches her head back and her body starts to convulse. She's still cummin' and will keep cummin' until it's all over and she'll carry those orgasms with her when she leaves this world.

It doesn't take long before her convulsions slow and turn to little hitchin' gasps. I caress her body and whisper reassurances into her ear and her body winds down and she slips away.

"She's with her Daddy and she's crying happy tears." Mama whispers, "She loves him so much."

I leave the knife in her as I climb out from behind her because it's like a cork holdin' all her blood inside. I thought I might fuck it up and make a horrid mess, but it went just like I planned.

I pad quietly out of her bedroom, which is now gonna be my bedroom, and head silently down the hall to the stairs, pickin' up my final tools on the way. Zee has been patiently waitin' for me.

When I walk into Zee's little bachelor suite he is lyin' naked on his bed, his knees up and parted slightly and his thighs tremblin'.

"I dream of Brandy." he says softly, "She's a sweet girl. You're Belle and she called you home to do all three of us."

"That's right Zee." I say, screwin' the end of the hose I brought to the special tap he has in his kitchenette, "The chorus needs you, Zee. You have a special job across the veil."

"It's what I've been doing." he says, watchin' me put together the apparatus he'd been usin' on chubby girls.

"Yes, but you've only been recruitin' willin' girls close by." I say, runnin' the water through the hose into his sink until it runs hot, "You'll be special over there. Unlike the rest of those sweet sexual souls, you'll be able to travel far and find the strongest life forces that want to die in bliss. You'll be able to bring 'em here from all over."

I attach the ball valve and the inflatable nozzle to the end of the hose and turn the water tap full on - it's gonna be gushin' inside him. As the hose stiffens as the pressure builds, I carry it to the bed and sit beside him, to plant the seeds in his mind.

"Close your eyes, Zee." I whisper, and when he does I start tellin' him the secrets he needs to know; how he is my special boy; how his soul will be free; how he'll be able to see the willin' souls like throbbin' glows in the night - the brighter they are the more life force they will keep when they cross through the veil.

"The chorus will love you, Zee." I tell him, "They feed off the energy of new, bright souls - the ones that bring their terrible ecstasy full and whole to the chorus."

I lean over his hip and suck on the nozzle, makin' it slick with my spit, and when I push a finger into his asshole I feel that it is slick with lubricant. My sweet boy got himself ready for me.

"I'm scared, Belle." he whispers.

"I know, my special boy." I say as I push the nozzle deep inside him and squeeze the little bulb to inflate it large enough in his rectum that no matter how much he strains he won't be able to push it out. I set the ball valve on the bed beside his bum so the handle is pointed upward, then scoot my bum up so I am layin' against his body. I wrap my arms tenderly around his head and pull it gently against my chest, his face nestled between my pale breasts.

"Just let it take you, my good boy." I whisper, "I'm with you now."

Then I lay my foot on the handle of the ball valve and open it up full. His belly jumps as the water starts to gush into his rectum and he starts makin' sounds that turn to strainin' grunts as I whisper to make him mine forever.

As his belly swells to an impossible size and the pressure inside him grows, his cock swells too, just like Daddy's did. His cock twitches and jerks and soon he is pulsin' gobs of cum and he lets his thighs splay open wide. He is still cummin' in waves, but he is surrenderin' to it like I knew he would. I keep whisperin' my secrets; how he is my good boy, how he can't live without me and wouldn't want to anyway. I remind him about the seeds I planted in his mind and how they are growin' in there and soon I will own his mind and his soul.

When the water pressure gushes up through his small intestines and mixes with his stomach contents I feel the engorgin' there too. I feel his throat workin' desperately not to sick-up, but it is a fight he is gonna lose. Instead of pushin' him away to be sick, I hold his head tighter to my chest and stroke his hair to let him know I won't leave him, that he can baptize me with the fluids from his dyin' body. I feel his lips part and fluid burbles up his throat then gushes as he heaves hard. Zee squirms and grunts and strains as he sicks-up all over me, the slurry of food and fluids he consumed at dinner splash over my chest and breasts, then the runny, half-digested food that smells awful but is sensual in that it carries the heat of his bowels, paints my body and I feel the rollin' orgasms that thunder inside him.

I feel the riot in his mind; the knowledge that this is killin' him, but the pure, violent bliss it brings is shrinkin' that mind and allowin' his perverted soul to grow powerful and all consumin'.

I can also feel his large intestine, bloated and strainin', startin' to tear from ten times more volume than it is designed to hold.

"Are you ready?" I whisper, and he nods mid strain. His transverse colon explodes inside him and his fat, bloated belly jiggles like Jello, and with it his orgasm bursts forth to a level that stops his heart. I hold him as he fades until Mama tells me; "He's with us, baby. He's so lost and so confused, but the seeds you planted will grow in him and he will know his job."

"Oh, Mama." I say out loud with a desperate yearnin' to join her as I turn the ball valve off with my toes.

"Not yet, baby girl." Mama whispers in my mind, "There's still so much you need to do first."

I don't clean up anythin'; I have someone to do that for me. I use Daddy's cell phone and call Mister Webber and tell him that I am Charles' other daughter come home.

When he arrives I greet him at the door fresh out of the shower, naked and unashamed. I smile and I see the lust in his eyes - he wants me. I tell him he is gonna do for me what he did for Daddy; to collect the spent flesh of those who have passed through the veil and burn 'em to ash in his crematorium.

He sees Daddy's body slumped on the sofa and I take him downstairs to see the mess that was once Zee sprawled on his bed. Last I take him to Breanne's bedroom and show her to him. I feel that he wants to touch her body.

"Go ahead." I say to him, smilin' the way I do that scares some men. But his lust is stronger than his fear and he sits on the sofa and fondles Breanne's breasts.

"Charles let me come watch sometimes." Mr. Webber says, "Even lets me do one once in awhile."

"We can continue that arrangement." I say as I lower myself to my knees and undo his trousers to release his cock, "You'll even have me to relieve your tension at times."

As he fingers Breanne's flaccid pussy, still wet and mucky from her orgasms, I take him down my throat and gag and heave my way to an orgasm for both of us. Mr. Webber gets harder and more excited and has managed to get his entire hand inside Breanne's dead pussy, bloatin' her swollen belly even more. But just as we're both cummin' I feel a rush like no other; the seeds have grown in Zee's mind and he has left Legend House like a spooked quail leaves a bush. I feel what he carries with him; memories of all the girls who died in clenchin' ecstasy as spits were pushed through their tender, soft flesh; sensations of those invasive penetrations and the pleasure/pain orgasms that made 'em shudder and squirm; their surrender to their bodies as they ride their final earthly experience, of screamin', chokin', sickin'-up, pissin' and shittin' themselves. Lordy, I feel it all and the shock of it makes me piss all over the carpet.

Zee is rushin' through the darkness, drawn to five sad girls in California who glow bright in the realm just this side of the veil. He carries a gift from some of the souls who reside here, their haunted memories of impalement that will soon to become the dreams of those five sad girls as he plants his own seeds in those girls about where they can find intense joy that will banish their sadness in the last moments of their short lives here in Legend House.

As I gulp down the clots of Mr. Webber's cum and my bum quivers with the fadin' of my orgasm, I hear Mama's voice inside my head; "Good girl." and I know she's smilin'.