Legend House Messiah - Push

by Erotickynk

Mel had helped Annie and Trina die, impaling them the way they wanted and watching them go out in convulsive, messy ecstasy, leaving both girls lying dead in puddles of their own sick-up.

Vomit. Puke. Charles keeps whispering in my ear that I have to use the right words to sound grown up. He says 'sick-up' sounds immature and if I want to be taken seriously I need to sound like at adult, like using the word 'cunt' instead of 'pussy', 'uterus' instead of 'womb'. I'm doing my best. At least I've transformed my in' to ing.

Mel wanted one of the biker friends of Mason to do her as she lay on her back with the antique fire poker she just pulled back out of Trina's belly. It was long and sharp, its shaft uneven but smooth, and the twisted ram's head handle fit inside a girl's cunt with a bit of effort. And that's where Mel wanted it; slid into her cunt, teased through her cervix and up through her uterus, then pushed deep through her belly and into her stomach and if she lived long enough, up her gullet. She told him she wanted to be fucked with it until she came, then he could push it all the way so she could go out like the other girls just did.

We all gathered in the bedroom she picked - and we were going to run out of bedrooms soon as each of the five girls from California emptied their bellies and pissed themselves - Mel laid down on the bed and opened her plump thighs and smiled up at her guy.

She was ready - I could smell her wet cunt.

I marveled at how brave she was. Trina and Annie wanted it, to be sure, but both were scared until the very end when they surrendered to their convulsive dying, but Mel was eager and knew exactly what was going to happen to her.

Her guy used his fingers to open her loose cunt until he could see the opening to her cervix, then guided the sharp tip into it. Once it was there, he pulled his fingers out and let the gaped flappy lips of her cunt close on the poker's shaft. It was going to be pure steel fucking from here on out.

He started fucking her with it, slow and steady, pushing deeper than he pulled back each time and Mel loved it.

"Just like that." Mel moaned and rolled her head from side to side. I reached out and felt what Mel was feeling; the taper of the steel opening up her cervix and dipping deeper into her uterus with each stroke.

Mel's voice was breathy and hard to understand, but her guy made her repeat what she said; "I like that." she said louder and let the good feelings take her. When she felt the sharp tip bite the top of her uterus, her belly tightened and her voice got really sexy and calm when she said; "Oh yeah. Fuck me." and her guy did, making his strokes longer, and pushing the tip deeper, stretching her uterus up into her belly and pulling her cunt lips up inside her.

The sexual energy for her orgasms was building deep inside her and I could feel it start to throb in her lower belly, and along with it her need to reach her peak grew stronger. She was feeling little thrills inside her as the sharp tip started to work itself through the top thickness of her uterus, and it felt like little painful tickles that made her cunt drool.

"Ooh, like that." she said a little louder, but still breathy and sensually, and when he pushed a little harder; "You're so deep." she whined and he took that as her telling him to push it deeper, so he did.

Her breathing and voice changed as she felt the tip puncturing her uterus and she started to squirm, begging him to keep going. She started to sound desperate for more.

He gave it to her and it made her thighs tremble.

Just as the poker penetrated her uterus and slipped into her intestine filled belly cavity, she rolled her head to the side and looked right at me.

"Do you feel me? Do you feel me?" she asked me breathlessly and I nodded; I did feel what she was feeling and it was sweet and painful and oh-so-sexy, "I'm about to cum." she gasped, then started begging as he fucked her deep and hard as the steel slithered through her guts, starting to poke the plump balloon of her stomach.

Mel came hard and breathlessly and her guy kept going, fucking her deeper and she felt the painful tickle as the spit poked small holes in her stomach. As her stomach started to turn itself into a tight little ball, she gasped; "Oh my god, this is it!" then whispered; "... this is it ..."

Mel's breathing came in stuttering quivers as she arched her head back and let her guy push the poker handle inside her loose, juicy cunt like she had done to Trina, and the sharp tip penetrated the hard ball of her stomach, puncturing it like a skewer puncture a tomato.

Mel didn't anticipate the violence of her convulsing stomach as she began to puke, her vomit gushing upward to fall back on her face and an intense orgasm gripped her girl parts like a vice.

Mel died in the middle of an orgasmic seizure so fierce that I felt a shudder wash through the chorus like a wave as they took her. They loved Mel and she felt that love as she transitioned from life to everlasting afterlife.

As we all watched Mel's dead body twitching with her open eyes gazing at nothing, the forth California girl crawled to me and whispered her request in my ear. I giggled and said yes.

Miranda was next, and both her little sister Leslie and I would be part of her messy impalement ...