Legend House Messiah - Lesbian Screamer

by Erotickynk

Trina was a total lesbian and after watching Mel impale Annie to an orgasmic gagging death, she was desperate to go next. She asked Mel to do her, but this time through her pussy and a little rougher.

Trina wanted it through her pussy and cervix, then up through her womb and forced into her belly.

"Really stir me up in there." Trina told her breathlessly and blushing because everyone was in the room, "Then, when I'm cumming, right up into my stomach so I'm puking like Annie at the end. I want to gag on it."

Mel said she could do that, and I told Trina not to be embarrassed or hold back because this was her time and she needed to get right into it to make it the best experience of her life.

Trina picked an old time fire poker for Mel to use on her; it had a curled handle with a ram's head, and a twisty shaft that tapered to a sharp point about two feet long.

Trina settled on a bed, belly down with her thighs apart and Mel knelt behind her and sexed her up with a vibrating wand. Once Trina was good and juicy, Mel lifted the fire poker and eased the sharp tip into her pussy and probed around for Trina's cervix. We knew the instant Mel found that puckered little entrance and slid the tip into it slightly.

"Oh, you're fine. You're so fine." Trina said, happy with how it felt, and Mel started to move it gently inside her.

I closed my eyes and reached out to Trina and could feel the tickly sensation of the thin tip as Mel worked it deeper. Trina had never felt anything like that before so it sent tingles up her core and made her stomach quiver while shiver-bumps danced up her flanks.

It didn't take long before Trina was making sexy sounds and moaning 'oh god' like he had anything to do with what we did in Legend House. Everything we did here, even the regular fucking, was perverse and debasing, just the way we liked it. I could feel her horniness coming up strong and knew her impalement was going to be a wild one, and she switched to a bunch of 'oh fuck's'

As she started to feel the cold steel squishing around inside her womb, she got happy;

"Oh, yeah-yeah. Yes." she said appreciatively then a little grunt; "Uh-huh."

Her pussy was getting very juicy then so Mel got a bit more aggressive and started fucking Trina with the poker, pushing it deep enough to start pricking the top of her womb at the end of each in stroke. Trina made happy sexy sounds as Mel worked it deeper, then got all quivery and desperate as the fucking got even deeper.

I reached out again and felt what was making her go total-slut on us; the tip was stretching her womb, but instead of trying to puncture the top, her tough, slippery womb was sliding to the side and the tip was sliding into her right fallopian tube and pulling that ovary loose from its little fleshy anchor. When Mel straightened the poker out it pushed the meat of her womb over to her left side and Trina moaned with the deep ache of it.

The combination of the vibe on her clitty and the poker threading her fallopian tube tipped Trina over the edge into an orgasm and she started crying out and begging for it to keep going. When the tip punctured her fallopian tube and slid into her belly proper, it took Trina's breath away and she started gasping;

"... don't stop ... don't stop ..."

Emotionally, Trina knew that she was about to be impaled and die cumming and the shiver-bumps of fear from that danced over entire body, but at the same time her belly muscles were clenching and releasing, hungry for what was to come.

Mel pushed the poker deep and the tip caught Trina's stomach and she gagged and choked hard then Mel pulled it back - she was just teasing Trina, giving her a taste of what the end of all this was going to feel like. I felt the brief flash of intense orgasm as Trina's stomach convulsed, and the warm rush she felt that put all her anxiety away, knowing the full impalement was going to be intense and wonderful.

Mel did it again; slowly fucking her with the poker and poking deep to touch her stomach and Trina sicked-up a little puddle of her breakfast as she had another micro-orgasm. Trina's voice got even more enthusiastic then and Mel went back to fucking her, picking up the speed and lengthening the stroke.

Mel pushed deep, poking little holes in Trina's stomach and Trina started sicking-up with each stroke, making a mess on the quilt in front of her face.

"You okay?" Mel asked as she backed off, getting ready for Trina's other request. I knew that if Trina said 'no', Mel would complete the impalement quickly, but Trina cried out with an "OH YES!!!" so Mel did what Trina had asked for;

She pulled back on the poker and started stirring Trina's guts, moving the steel around her wet, slippery intestines like she was stirring a cake mix, using her pussy as a fulcrum. Trina went wild, screaming and bucking on the bed, having strong, painful orgasms that gripped her belly tight with each pulse. When Trina seemed to calm a bit, Mel stopped churning her belly and lined the poker up with her stomach again and pushed hard and relentless. Mel pushed the poker all the way inside Trina, her hand gripping the ram's head and even though it made her fist huge, she pushed it all the way in, so the tip not just punctured Trina's stomach, but slid through it and up her gullet.

Trina buried her face in the puddle of puke on the quilt and sounded like an sick little girl, crying and sicking-up everything inside her. She was cumming all the way and it lasted a long time. In reality it was only less than half a minute, but for Trina it felt like it went on for many delicious hours.

I felt the impaled girls in the chorus reaching out and caressing Trina's body even though she was still alive, and it made Trina feel loved and welcomed, so when her heart finally stopped and her last breaths gurgled in the large puddle of sick her face was buried in, her awareness of her body faded and they embraced her and pulled her deep into the other world and Trina's dying orgasms flowed through her like waves, with the taste of vomit and blood forever in her mouth.

When Trina's body went limp and slack, Mel pulled the poker out of her body with a slurpy sound and held it up in front of her, all dripping vomit, shit, and blood.

"I want this." she said to all of us.

Mel was next and we all followed her to a clean bed.