Legend House Messiah - Step-Daughter

by Erotickynk

Cindi wasn't really Clyde's daughter, she was his step-daughter - sort of. Young and playful and full of life, Cindi had experienced a shitty childhood and was a sweet but wild child. All her young life, Cindi's mom was addicted to oxycodone - or heroin if she could get it - so Cindi found love where she could get it. Clyde was Cindi's neighbour and Cindi started hanging around him whenever he was in town. She adored Clyde and loved it when he cuddled her because it made her feel safe. When she started going through puberty she would masturbate during those cuddling session, and Clyde would just hold her as she squirmed in orgasm.

Six months ago, two life altering events took place in Cindi's life; first her mom died by hanging herself and Cindi found her body, bloated purple face and all; the second was Clyde finding out from Cindi's doctor that she had an inoperable brain tumour on her hypothalamus that had been stable throughout her childhood, but since puberty had been growing at an alarming rate. The Doctor gave her no more than six months to live, but cautioned that the tonic-clonic seizures could begin at anytime.

The location of the tumour explained Cindi's unrelenting sexual arousal and insatiable carnal hungers; the girl was up for anything and spent her time at Legend House in constant sexual activity with anyone who wanted to play, only stopping when she passed out from exhaustion. Her first afternoon was spent in the garage with the gigglers, eating their cunts while others took turns eating her ass and tongue-fucking her to multiple orgasms, and because it was a new thing for her, she loved it. One of her orgasms turned out to be a seizure that the giggler who Cindi was eating noticed, seeing the girl's eyes roll up in her head and her body going rigid and shaking for a solid minute. That six hour marathon loosened her anus enough that she let the bikers oil her up and gangbang her anally most of the night so her anus never did fully close up again. But she went to sleep that night a happy girl, stinking of sweat and sex.

Clyde said that on the trip to Legend House, he felt her have a seizure riding pillion; her hands came loose from around his waist and her arms dropped to her side. Clyde had to reach back and hold her with one strong hand so she didn't fall off the bike as her body shook and twitched. When he pulled over, she roused herself out of it and said she must have fallen asleep. Clyde let her take comfort in that - she didn't know about her tumour nor how fast it was killing her.

Clyde and I planned her grooming for the big event he had planned for her. As I said in a previous tale, I took Cindi with me when we hid in a closet and watched Tabatha's impalement. As I cradled her in the close confines of the closet, Cindi had three orgasms as she frigged herself in my arms. She said she really liked watching her first impalement and asked if she could see more. Clyde and I talked and decided to allow Cindi a full week of sexual debauchery before we finished her with an orgasmic death.

Cindi spent the week engaging in any sexual adventure that came her way, at first dressing each morning, then going around in sweat shirt and panties that would grow soiled and crusty throughout the day, and finally just walking around nude. It got so we could tell Cindi was in the room by the smell of stale sweat and fresh cunt with the raw muskiness of her constantly gaped asshole, and could tell where she'd been by the dripping girl cum and the wet spots on chairs and sofas.

The night before her time, we made sure she got her wish to see more impalements, with three volunteer gigglers stepping up and being impaled sooner than they intended in a back-to-back marathon. All three loved Cindi and saw it as a way to help her ease into her own impalement

The first was Ruth, who lay on a bed as she was slowly spit-fucked by Mason. She'd taken a double dose of MDMA and was rolling deep when Mason worked the spit up her ass and played with her stomach as she built to a series of slow orgasms.

"Arch your neck. Straighten your throat at the end." Mason had told her over and over, and Ruth tried, but would let her head roll to the side in her sexual bliss. Finally she did, and Mason pushed the spit home, the long steel keeping her gullet straight as Ruth choked and gagged on it. I felt the sweet slow orgasms Ruth was having as the spit slid up and down her gullet. She went out peacefully and joined the chorus like she'd always belonged there.

Next up was Matty, who was up for a vaginal penetration and chose to get stinking drunk on Jack Daniels and oxycotin as the night progressed to her time with the spit. Clyde took her because he said he needed the practice and Matty insisted we play 'Don't Fear The Reaper' over and over as he slowly spit fucked her.

Because she was so drunk and high, Matty didn't struggle as the sharp spit split through her womb and slid straight up to her booze-bloated stomach. She struggled and gagged, sicking up a little until Clyde penetrated her stomach and she lifted her head, her cheeks plumping with vomit. The poor thing tried her best to swallow it back down, knowing that letting herself spew hard meant she would soon feel the spit sliding up her throat. In the end she did let it go, puking all over herself then laying her head back, vomiting like an eruption, ready for the end with her throat catching and spasming as Clyde finished her impalement. Her orgasm was a slow blur and she barely made it through the veil into the arms of the chorus, but I felt her settle into their arms and know she would spend eternity high and orgasmic with the sensation of hard steel transiting her core.

The third was one of our plump gigglers; Bets, who Cindi had grown fond of. She opted for a rough rectal impalement, and when she found out it was to help Cindi get used to the idea she invited Cindi to be in bed with her while it happened. Clyde did the deed to increase his skills.

Bets was the most enthusiastic of the trio, still dressed in a yellow sweatshirt and under the covers because she was ashamed of her fat body, with only her head and chubby bum showing. Clyde responded to her arousal and body movements and kept the promise she made him make; that no matter what she said, he wouldn't stop. Bets said she wanted it to feel a little 'rapey'.

'It's what I want.' became Bets' mantra as Clyde spit fucked her deep, and the one time she begged him to take it out of her, Clyde just kept going and within seconds she was begging him not to stop. I was inside her mind when she had her momentary weakness, and felt the flash of fear as the spit scraped her stomach - a sensation so foreign and shocking it pulled her out of her sexual frenzy for a brief moment to remember that this was going to end her life.

In the end as Bets quivered and strained as the spit punctured her stomach and slid up her throat, Cindi cradled Bet's face to her breasts and held her as Bets painted Cindi's chest with vomit. Bets' dying orgasm was as powerful as her frenzied lust and she not only passed through the veil, she burst through it and shocked many of the chorus girls.

'Oh, we love this chubby little girl!' mama told me from the other side.

As Bet's body was still twitching, I pushed her sensations into Cindi's mind, giving the girl a taste of what was in store for a girl taking the spit like that. Cindi had a combination orgasm and seizure and I felt the random blasts of electrical activity lighting up her brain, her tumour throbbing in its core.

Cindi was physically and emotionally exhausted and crawled into bed with me still covered in Bet's vomit, and with her cunt and anus leaking. Even though she was a hot mess, I cradled her and we engaged in some pillow talk; I told her about the chorus and she said she could sometimes feel them. I told her about my mama, Brandy, and how I talk to her all the time.

"You hear her?" Cindi asked.

"In my head, yes." I answered.

"What does she tell you?"

"Well, she knows about you and she wants you to join her." I told her.

"How do I do that?"

"Well," I stalled, not wanting to scare her, "Ruth, Matty, and Bets are with her now. With the chorus."

"What's it like?"

"It's ecstasy, baby." I said, pulled her tight to me and holding her, "It's like going to sleep during an orgasm and waking up in their arms, but you feel your orgasm forever and they share their ecstasy with you."

"Sounds like heaven." Cindi murmured as she drifted off to sleep. I held her as she slept and soothed her through three seizures in her sleep.

The next morning was Cindi's last and we meant to send her out with a bang. Mama and the other impaled chorus could feel Cindi, and mama promised to take care of her like a daughter once she was with them. We woke Cindi up and some of the gigglers took her to my ensuite and bathed her clean, washing the cum out of her hair and flushing her bowels with warm water. Afterward we feasted her with her favourite breakfast; a scramblette with veggies and red peppers. During breakfast Cindi was entertained by watching one of the gigglers - Jilli - in the middle of a turn-based gangbang that loaded her cunt with cum.

Cindi had discovered she loved swallowing cum, so Clyde had arranged a cum party for her. We had just over fifty bikers drift in and out all morning, masturbating and cumming in her mouth as she knelt on the kitchen floor holding a bowl under her chin to catch any spill-over. Though she stuggled at time, in all, Cindi swallowed a hundred and two loads, which added up to one and a half quarts of cum, added to the foamy spit she swallowed, I figured her stomach was bloated with three quarts of fluid on top of her breakfast. Doing that wasn't just to push Cindi to her limit; we had one giggler already take the spit on an empty stomach because she liked dry-heaving, but it wasn't for everyone. Having a belly filled with fluid - though messy - was the best way to take a crotch to throat impalement we found.

After the cum party, Cindi was feeling a bit queasy and shivered as though she was cold - I figured she was a little shocky from the two hour long cum swallowing session that made her belly feel heavy and full, so the gigglers took her upstairs and laid her down on my bed and massaged her body to ease her shivers, relax her, and get her ready.

I joined them and reached out to Cindi and felt she was warm, calm, and relaxed, but aroused by the hands of the gigglers on and in her. Their job wasn't to make her cum, just fluff her so she was eager for what was to come. As we waited for Clyde, Jilly came upstairs, her cunt and inner thighs slippery with cum, and Cindi sucked it out of her and licked it off her skin. Clyde came upstairs and was walking past the bedroom trying to find us when Cindi called out to him. He entered the room carrying one of those screw together pool cues in a zippered leather case, and beheld his sort-of-step-daughter on her back sucking cum out of Jilly.

"You are a weird kid." he said, looking down at her as he unzipped the leather case.

"No." Cindi answered and giggled as Jilly dismounted and Clyde pulled the top end of the pool cue out of the case and showed her. It was almost three feet long and had the tip sharpened to a point.

"Oh boy." she said when she saw it and I felt the shudder of fear echo through her body, muscles tightening from her cunt to her throat.

"Think you can handle that?" Clyde asked her softly.

"Right now?" she asked, raising her eyebrows and she felt a warmth spread across her belly - she trusted Clyde and trusted herself and her body to his hands. It was the comforting feeling of the deep love she held for him.

"Yep." he said.

That warmth continued to spread through her belly and I felt her cunt become even more slippery with natural lubricant and the muscles throughout her core softened.

"Alright." she said calmly and settled herself face down on the bed, her lower belly on one pillow and her head on another as Clyde dragged a chair into position at the end of the bed facing her sweet round bum. Cindi knew what he intended to do to her, yet at the same time I couldn't detect any fear of death yet; I doubt she understood that this would be her final sexual experience. She saw it as one more sexual adventure at Legend house, and looking back afterward, she didn't realize she was dying until she was in the middle of her final convulsive orgasms and by that point she no longer cared.

Clyde positioned himself and parted her labia and teased the sharp end of the cue inside her dripping cunt. It tickled and made her giggle. As he probed and found the indent of her cervix and eased it inside, Cindi quivered.

"Oh my god." Cindi said, then drew in a shuddering breath. Clyde pushed the cue deeper, widening her cervix and entering her womb and Cindi made a little whimper then strained, feeling the first hints of what an impalement truly felt like, unfiltered and happening in the moment, not just projected into her by me.

Clyde pushed a Hitachi vibrator against her mound and turned it on and Cindi thanked him. She started rolling her hips slowly as Clyde worked the spit deeper.

"That a girl." he said, "Just like that." I reached out and felt the wooden spit opening the mouth of her cervix wide as she made sexual sounds; gasping, crying out gently as the cue transited the length of her womb, penetrating it all the way, the sharp tip scraping the upper wall.

"Not bad." Clyde said, and I felt the pride he had for her, and the warm gratitude from her as he made love to her with the cue - and it was like making love; Clyde eased it forward, moving it sensually deeper into the secret places of her sex that no one had touched before as Cindi undulated her body in response.

Clyde used the pillow under her crotch as a fulcrum, her womb like a skewered slab of meat inside her, moving it up and down, pressing it down against her oblique muscles, then slowly upward until it was tight to her spine. And Cindi moved with it, gasping and moaning. Then Clyde pushed and Cindi felt the sharp bite of the tip deep in her belly and cried out.

"Yeah. That looks good." Clyde said, seeing the girl cum oozing from her cunt now turning pink with blood.

"Are you serious?" Cindi asked, and I felt the dim flare of fear - not of death, but of pain. Clyde pushed harder and slapped Cindi's bum to distract her. Cindi cried out and started to lift herself up, but Clyde gripped her thigh with his free hand.

"Easy. Easy. I got you." Clyde said and Cindi eased back down and I felt her will her internal muscles to relax and accept this penetration. The instant the tip punctured her womb, Cindi cried out and shuddered. Her impalement was becoming very real for her.

"... oh my god ..." she gasped and took a quivering breath and whispered; "... it's okay ..." more to convince herself than anyone else. I could feel Cindi withdrawing into herself - the best place to be as you die in ecstasy.

The meat of her body was young and firm, so it took a great effort for Clyde to push the cue through her womb into her abdominal cavity, and Cindi struggled and cried out as he did it. She buried her face in the pillow to whimper and strain as he worked her, the pressure of the spit stretching her sinuous womb and pulling her cunt lips and clit inside her.

"That's right." Clyde whispered his approval of Cindi's stoicism as she continued to roll her pelvis while he skewered her womb.

"Almost there." Clyde encouraged her, "Come on."

I felt the cue break through into her abdomen and Cindi lifted her head and strained with relief as she felt it slither through her intestines and shuddered at the sweet sensation of her womb and cunt sliding down the smooth shaft to their original position.

"There we go." Clyde said.

The biggest hurdle was passed, and Cindi's final fucking could begin, and fuck her he did; Clyde slid the cue back and forth inside her belly and Cindi kept undulating her body causing the cue to stir her intestines. The sensations were quickly overwhelming her but her mind screamed for more and more and more as her orgasms built in her core. She grunted and cried out as her asshole gaped wide and the gas that had built in her bowels from the heavy breakfast and the loads of cum and foaming saliva, came sputtering out, loud and loose.

"Really." Clyde said as he turned his face away. Then Cindi lost control of her bladder and piss jetted from her, soaking Clyde's hand and my bed. Cindi was letting everything go as the power of her building orgasm reached a stomach clenching level she'd never felt before.

"Come on." Clyde whispered as he adjusted the angle of the cue, searching for the bloated, tight sac of her stomach. He knew he'd touched it when she let loose a coughing gag and I felt - and Clyde saw - her cunt tighten on the cue, gripping it's slippery hardness as her orgasm took control of her body.

"... don't stop - don't stop ..." Cindi begged as the sensations in her belly were becoming chaotic and her orgasm swelled in her cunt, and womb, and even her stomach.

"Alright." Clyde said, knowing this was the ultimate moment for this girl she had cuddled so many nights.

"Cumming!" she strained, and as she started to convulse, Clyde felt the resistance of her firm stomach and pushed the sharpened cue into it, feeling it burst as Cindi's body slowed its undulations and she lost her mind to her ecstasy.

Knowing the cue was now inside her stomach, Clyde returned to fucking her, but slower this time, to allow her to savour her final convulsive orgasms. Cindi pulled herself forward so her face hung over the edge of the bed as she began to vomit up all of her breakfast, cum, and foaming saliva, now streaked with blood, and each heave was accompanied by a bright flare of orgasm that gripped her belly tight.

'... dying now ...' Cindi's thoughts murmured as her new reality flooded her mind, '... oh, daddy ... oh, Belle ... dying now ...' and yet she was still free of fear. She was reaching for her blissful death.

I felt the chorus stir on the other side of the veil and was aware of it thinning as they reached through to cradle Cindi, eager to pull her through and share her ultimate ecstatic bliss. But Cindi still had life in her; as the waves of orgasm rushed through her core, so did the waves of vomit spew from her lips to spatter on the floor under her face. Even I was overwhelmed by the intensity of her final orgasmic frenzy that thundered in her belly and the errant caresses of the eager chorus who wanted to take everyone in the room - everyone connected to Cindi's crescendo of sexual death. I have to admit, I almost surrendered myself when I felt mama's frantic graspings at my soul - she wanted me back in that moment of sexual insanity and I wanted to be with her again, knowing I would resume my place in her tight young belly, and knowing that's where she wanted me.

Cindi wound down like an old clock, her straining heaves no longer producing any fluid but her belly and throat spasming as her orgasm continued in ever decreasing waves. As she slowed, I felt her moving through the veil, half of her with the chorus but half still attached to her quivering body and the dwindling pulses of her orgasm.

In then end she made some desperate sounds as she gagged and choked on the cue - now embedded in her gullet - and I felt a sunrise of pure love flare bright inside the chorus as they pulled the last of her through and her body flopped limp, drool slithering out of her open mouth, muscles twitching.

"Good job, kid." Clyde said as he stood and patted the flaccid globes of her bum, and I lay there exhausted and still feeling the echoes of Cindi's intense death throbbing in my own core, and my hunger to join the chorus myself lingered.

'She's loved, baby.' I heard mama's voice in my head, 'She's loved and embraced by us all.' and I envied Cindi then, feeling my heart break that I was left here in the substantial world while she slumbered in orgasmic bliss amongst the chorus.

I have never craved death more than I did in those moments.