Legend House Messiah - Creamy Girl

by Erotickynk

Her name was Annie and she wanted to go first, even though she was shy and nervous when she spoke to me. She told me what she wanted and how she wanted it, drawing on the fantasy she'd thought about every day and dreamed about every night since Zee visited her in California. Zee had come to her as she was curled up in her bed, hiding beneath the covers trying to summon the energy to kill herself. Zee's visit to her awakened a carnal craving she didn't know she had.

Annie, like all of the other girls, didn't want to be naked while it happened and if people were to watch her, they could watch from behind - she didn't want to see their eyes on her.

"Except you, Belle." she said as she blushed and cast her eyes downward, "I don't mind if you watch me."

Annie got up that morning and went straight into the bathroom, taking the enema bag with her as we sat and drank coffee and ate breakfast. I could hear her breathing and letting slip small moans as she filled her belly, then strained and letting out shuddering breaths for over an hour while she filled and emptied her bowels. She wanted a rectal impalement and didn't want to leave a mess.

After she washed out the enema bag and got dressed, she put it back and joined us, looking pale and frightened.

"You okay?" I asked her softly as I stroked her upper arm through her top. She nodded.

"I'm ready." she whispered.

I gave her a quart of yoghurt drink and urged her to drink all of it, reminding her that she would be sickin'-up by the time it was over, and she didn't want painful dry-heaves as the last thing she felt.

We'd prepared the living room like she wanted it; the ottoman in the centre of the floor, draped with a thick towel, and a plastic pail sitting beside it.

"I drip a lot when I ..." Annie whispered to me when she was telling me what she wanted.

"When you're orgasmic." I finished for her and she nodded.

"I don't want to leave a mess." she said so softly that I barely heard her, explaining the request for an absorbent towel and the pail to sick-up in.

We all took our places as Annie followed us into the living room, most everyone took their seats behind her back, with some facing her bum, and me sitting close, to help her through it if she needed me. She didn't. Annie went through the whole thing solo.

She pulled her tight jeans down to her thighs and settled on the ottoman, restin' on her side and drawin' her knees up almost to her chest. Annie had asked her friend Melanie - Mel for short - to do the deed, and when she was ready, Annie looked over her hip at Mel and nodded.

Mel had already lubed up the spit and pressed a lubed finger through Annie's anus and stirred it slowly to open it up and gape her a little before she pressed the smooth steel shaft up Annie's bum. Annie took to it with a shuddering little breath as Mel started to fuck her rectum slow and not too deep with the spit that would eventually kill her.

Annie was right when she said she dripped a lot when she was sexually aroused; her pussy slit oozed thick creamy slurry of girl cum that made a mess of the towel under her quivering bum as Mel fucked her sweetly. Mel had said Annie wanted it slow, and Mel granted her wish, fucking Annie for over two hours, bringing the pink-cheeked girl to dozens of moany little orgasms.

Every once in awhile, Annie would reach back and take hold of the shaft, at times urging Mel to change the angle, but most times to pull it a little deeper, and through it all Mel dutifully gave her friend her last fuck.

Annie's body was shakin' more and more, and the fat on her thighs jiggled as she grew so aroused her orgasms started to come stonger and back-to-back. The shaft had slowly pulled her descending colon right up the core of her belly and I could tell the tip was getting close to her stomach, and felt the hunger and the fear rising up in Annie. She wasnted this last part so bad by then. At last she picked up her plastic pail and held it with one hand and reached back with the other to urge Mel to go deeper. Then she cradled the pail in both her hands, holding it under her chin.

I watched her belly start to quiver as Mel fucked her deeper, and I could feel her stomach fluttering as she rode the edge of a new type of orgasm - one similar to what she felt when her eating disorder pushed her to finger her throat until she emptied herself during long moments of heaving and regurgitation, yet this one was different - more exciting and frightening in its rapid build because the stimulus was deep inside her belly not down her throat. When her stomach started to heave, Annie lowered her face into the pail and strained as she tried to keep the yoghurt in her plumped up stomach from rushing up her gullet. As Annie cycled through her orgasmic heaves, the yoghurt mixed with the natural saliva inside her and foamed as it was pushed up her throat only to be swallowed back down. Annie loved that sensation and surrendered to a dream-like sensuality as she worked hard not to vomit. With each convulsion, Annie experienced a squirmy, intense orgasm that rocked her pale body and caused her pussy to ooze even more creamy girl cum - she was literally dripping.

Every dozen strokes or so, Annie would reach behind her and take hold of the spit between her fingertips and pull it deeper and each time Mel obliged, Annie felt the shiver-bumps wash over her bum, hips, and breasts hidden under her top - but I could see her small nipples pucker and grow longer, the fabric of her blouse stimulating them.

At last, her straining and swallowing was overcome by the force of her stomach as it clenched tight into a hard ball in her belly and she let the clots of yoghurt gurgle up her throat. Her orgasm flared bright and intense as she sicked-up and I felt her need for the spit to puncture her stomach rise fast in her. She reached back toward the spit sliding back and forth in her bum, but her trembling fingers couldn't find it. Mel looked at me questioningly and I nodded, mouthing the words; 'She wants it now." and Mel nodded and pushed.

Annie clutched the pail desperately as she heaved and brought up the slurry of yoghurt and spit and bile in her belly, and her shaking grew more frantic and erratic. You could hear the moment that the sharp tip of the spit tore through her colon and penetrated her stomach and sent Annie into a long spasm of orgasmic convulsions that wouldn't stop until the sweet girl died.

Mel continued to fuck her, slowly moving the spit back and forth through Annie's bowels, stomach and up her gullet. We could hear the steel shaft moving in her throat like she was deep-throating it from the inside. I could feel the hot, sweaty blend of her ecstasy, fear, and desperate need for this to go on forever and to end her life all at the same time. Annie was lost in the storm or sensations inside her and was experiencing more sexual pleasure than most do in a lifetime.

I felt the chorus stir and draw near the veil, ready to pull Annie to the other side as soon as her heart started to flutter. Mama's voice came to me in the rising moans of the chorus; 'Oh, baby. We need her. We love her.'

Then desperate heaving and gagging took Annie so hard her pail slipped from her fingers and clattered on the floor, spilling her sweet and sour sickness all over the rug and she pissed herself. I felt her sudden shame, so I closed my eyes and connected with her frantic mind; 'It's okay, sweet Annie. It doesn't matter. It's time to let them take you, baby. It's time to go."

Then with one last prolonged orgasmic peak, Annie gagged and choked her way toward death and surrendered to the stillness and her young, pale body slumped limp as her soul was drawn through the veil and she was amongst the loving chorus.

Not caring what anyone thought, I climbed down out of my chair and crawled to Annie's bum and licked and sucked her girl cum off the towel and from the lips of her dead pussy and let the orgasm I'd been holding back take me hard and leave me curled in a ball, quivering and shaking on the floor.

As I was recovering, I became aware of Trina, the hardcore lesbian of the five join Mel on the floor.

"Do me next." Trina whispered, "For the love of god, do me next." and I could hear in her voice that she was trembling inside.

Trina led us upstairs to a bedroom, her legs trembling as she climbed the stairs. She was next and oh my, she turned out to be a screamer.