Legend House Messiah - Close

by Erotickynk

Before Miranda's turn, Leslie and I sat with her for some private time in my bedroom. I reached out as she told us how she wanted to go, and I felt that she was good with her decision and eagerly welcomed death, but preferred to die in a sexual way instead of the hanging suicide she'd been planning before Zee visited her.

Miranda was a girl well experienced in kinky sex, allowing her body to be used for years in the most invasive ways as she tried to fill the hole in her soul that she had felt her whole life. She wanted to be impaled like Mel, up through her cunt, uterus, and into her belly, but not for the same reasons - Miranda wanted her asshole free while it happened.

"I have to wear adult diapers whenever I'm not having sex." she explained, then sat on my bedroom chair and showed us why.

I would have thought it would have taken a lot of grunting and straining to do what she did for Leslie and I, but it was almost effortless - her pelvis was that ruined. She sat with her thighs wide and knees hooked over the arms of my chair and opened her cunt with her fingertips. Barely straining at all, she pushed her cunt outward, turning it inside out as we watched, her rectum emerging from below, gaped, prolapsed and farting. Miranda even showed us that her cervix was gaped, and teased it open with a fingertip.

"Men like to finger it while they fist me." she explained, "And it feels good when they do."

"That's why she wants to be impaled." Leslie added, stating the obvious.

When Miranda was done with her demonstration, she had to work to get her lower belly to swallow her cunt and rectum back up inside her, but even then her pelvic floor stayed loose and both slipped out again without any effort. As Miranda rose to pull on her adult diaper, I stopped her and assured her that she needn't feel shame, that we loved her body just as it was and so we left my bedroom with her dressed only in a t-shirt.

To get her ready, we sat with her at the kitchen table as she drank a quart of peach yoghurt drink. As we listened to the squishy sounds from her cunt and rectum as she sat naked from the waist down on the chair, she told us exactly how she wanted it and we assured her we'd do it just that way.

I led Miranda and Leslie downstairs to the playroom as everyone else followed. I laid down a tarp and pulled up an ottoman and took my place on it the way Miranda wanted; my feet planted on the floor and thighs wide apart. Miranda knelt between my thighs, her chin just above my mound and lower belly.

Leslie took her place on Miranda's left beside her bum, and Mason got low on the floor with the spit Miranda had chosen.

"When you're ready." I whispered to Miranda, looking down over my belly at her determined face.

"Oh, I'm ready." she said.

Leslie started by pushed Miranda's gaped rectum back inside her, then followed it in with her hand, then wrist, then her entire forearm. Leslie had fisted her big sister that way ever since she became aware of sex and Miranda confessed to her what she let people do to her. Leslie enjoyed making Miranda cum that way, and treated her with far more tenderness than those that used her in California's kinkier sex clubs. Soon, Leslie's pumping fist and forearm were sliding easily inside Miranda, making hollow slurping sounds as her anus gaped wide around her arm.

Then it was Mason's turn; he slid the spit into Miranda's exposed cervix and it slid into her uterus with as much ease as Leslie's arm had vanished into her bowels. As Mason pushed it deep, it pulled her gape back inside and stretched her uterus until it burst and the tip of the spit was inside her belly, churning her guts. Miranda took it with the slightest of grimaces, because that was just the prelude; now her real pleasure could come.

"Oh yeah." Miranda breathed, "I like it hard." and Mason set to fuck her with it.

When the spit started bumping Miranda's yoghurt filled stomach, she started to drool, then when Mason pushed harder she shuddered as she puked up onto my crotch and lower belly. This what she wanted - she'd been puked on, pissed on, and even shit on by others, so she wanted to go out puking up on someone else. I loved it, the yoghurt that gurgled up her gullet and splashed onto my own body was still cool, not having rested inside her long enough to warm it up. I felt the sweet bliss in her clenching belly and her vomit painting my crotch was like a liquid orgasm spewing from her stomach.

Miranda didn't last very long, but she was trapped in cyclic waves of orgasm all the way as Mason fucked her long and deep, the spit slithering through her guts, into her stomach and up her gullet. As Miranda's heart started to stutter and falter, little sister Leslie wore Miranda's descending colon like a mitten and wrapped her hand around the spit inside her and Miranda's body shuddered as a final orgasmic peak raged inside her and her heart could take no more. There was a small spasm of pain in her chest and I felt the chorus reach through the veil and pull her from this world.

Leslie was still fisting her as Miranda slumped and her face splatted down onto the vomit mess on my lower belly.

"Wow." Leslie whispered in awe.

"Do you still want to go through with it?" I asked her. Leslie was trembling and I could feel the rich blend of arousal and fear in her, but she nodded, not trusting her voice.

"You want the same spit as your sister?" Mason asked as he pulled it dripping and hot from Miranda's belly.

Leslie nodded again and I felt her little cunt tighten at the thought. Leslie was next ...