Wait ... Wait ...

by Erotickynk

I was terrified when I got downstairs during the Legend House Anniversary Orgy. Even more when I found out I couldn’t leave.

I didn't know the rules. I wasn't invited.

I was worried about my older sister Patricia. For the past three weeks she’d been acting strangely; not her usual mischievous self; she was withdrawn; was having whispered phone conversations late at night, and the kicker; she gave me her framed photo of her and I together at the lake two summers ago. It was her favourite, she said at the time, “I want you to have it to remember us.”

It was that statement that worried me the most. I asked her flat out if she was planning to kill herself. She laughed like what I said was ironic then said; “I promise I won’t be killing myself, ever.” with the emphasis on “I”.

I worked at her until she told me part of the truth; she was going to Legend House for an orgy.

“Where those girls died?”

“Yeah.” she said with a wistful smile, “It makes it sexier. I like dark shit, you know that.”

“Yeah, but those girls died horribly.”

“Horrible for you maybe, but they wanted it that way.” she said, “They all left notes at home before they went.”

“Is that why you’re going?” I asked, “Am I going to find a note?”

Patricia looked at me, her face softening. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and hugged me, kissing me on the forehead.

“You worry too much, Misha.” she whispered, “No one is going to do anything to me that I don’t want them too.”

I tried, but I couldn’t get anything else out of her. I know my sister is pretty promiscuous and open about it. She bragged to me when she was twelve that she lost her virginity to two boys and lots of nights she came home smelling of sex and on those nights when she got undressed and was in the shower, I’d sneak into her bedroom and pull her clothes out of her hamper; the crotch of her jeans always reeked of pussy, and the crotch of her underpants were always slimy with her own milky mucus and boys’ cum. Some nights they had cum and smelled of ass, so I knew she liked anal too.

My sister was into a lot of wild things. I was the opposite. I went steady a couple times, but I’d only let them play with my nipples and I let one boy finger me a couple times in the back row of the movies. But I wouldn’t go all the way, so I never could keep a boyfriend. The teenagers in this town are out of control, mostly because almost all the adults are Calvinist Baptists and they’re super strict. Boys and especially girls should stay virgin until marriage according to the town’s adult opinion. We’re not even allowed to masturbate, because that’s a sin too.

Tonight Patricia didn’t come home so I suspected tonight was the night. I waited until three in the morning, then got dressed and walked the six blocks to Legend House. All the windows and doors were boarded up and the house was dark. But when I was on the front porch wondering if I was wrong about the orgy being tonight, I heard a girl inside shriek. At first I thought someone was hurting her, but when I pressed my ear against the plywood over a window I could hear her crying out; “Don’t stop! Oh god, don’t stop.” and then; “Yes! Yes! Go deep! Oh fuck, give it to me!”

Hearing that sent shiver-bumps all over my body, and I have to admit; I felt a pulling feeling in my lower belly - hearing a girl that far gone aroused me.

Even though I was dressed in layers with my sweatshirt under my coat and my snow boots on, I was starting to feel the cold. I either had to find my way in or go home before I froze.

It was when I walked up the rickety back stairs that I found I could open the back door. Taking a deep breath, I steeled myself and pushed the door open.

The first thing that hit me was how warm it was inside. The second thing was the smells. I could smell sex smells; sweat from hot bodies; fear-sweat from armpits; the sour smell of vomit; and earthy smell of piss. I could hear people in the bedrooms and the living room having sex, and as I pushed the door closed, I hear sounds from behind a closed door in the kitchen; a man’s heavy breathing, and a girl grunting and whimpering. Then I heard her vomit and groan.

What is going on in there? I wondered, then decided I didn’t want to know.

I made my way down the hallway, and I guess I must have looked pretty timid and wide-eyed. There were a bunch of people in one bedroom sprawled on the floor and on mattresses. I saw my sister’s friend Zee fucking a pregnant girl with a wine bottle. Another guy was choking a girl who was sitting in a chair and fucking herself with a dildo.

In the next bedroom I was shocked to see Mrs Bellinger and both her daughters having sex with four men I’d never seen before. The men were rough and abusive, but the Bellingers seemed to like it.

In the living room, couples were fucking.

The heat was getting to me, so I took off my jacket, then dug out my cell phone and texted Patricia; “I’m here. Where r u?”

I didn’t get a reply. I could hear lots more people downstairs, so I carefully picked my way down. There were lanterns all over making little pockets of light, and I saw where the heat was coming from; two big propane heaters with blowers on them.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw things I never knew existed; there was a girl on a mattress, moaning and rolling her head side to side and a boy moving his foot inside her. I mean all the way inside her - from his toes to his ankle. As I stared, I saw her belly slowly tighten and her shoulders lift off the filthy mattress, and she moaned. She was having an orgasm.

And it was loud down here; voices in pain, voices in ecstasy. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and panicky, needing to get out of here.

I saw that some of the men and boys were watching me. Even some of the girls who were having awful things done to them were looking at me. The girl with the boy’s foot inside her looked up at me and smiled.

“Want to join us?” the boy said, smiling up at me.

“I need to find my sister.” I said breathlessly. I could hear the rising panic in my trembling voice, but I shuffled my feet forward, moving deeper into the basement. I wanted to call out Patricia’s name, but I was hesitant - I didn’t want to attract more attention or make a fool of myself.

I stood in the centre of the room and slowly turned, taking it all in - looking for my sister, and that’s when I saw her.

Patricia was on her knees, tied up, rolling her pelvis. I could see that she was riding a dildo as men and boys watched her. She looked lost and in pain, slowly fucking herself - her expression telling me she was feeling overwhelmed. Whenever she let all her weight come down on the dildo and it disappeared up inside her, she would grimace in pain and her stomach muscles clenched. Over all the sounds of other people, I could hear her straining, grunting, and occasionally retching.

But it was when I saw the puddle of blood under her crotch that I lost it. What she was riding wasn’t just a dildo - whenever her belly clenched tight, watery blood flowed from her around the dildo. I knew then that Patricia was going to die. This wasn’t just a sex orgy, this was so girls could come here to do what those other girls did.

I called her name and started to sob - I mean really bawl my eyes out. My legs went weak and I felt a burning in my own crotch, hot piss was flooding my jeans. I felt one of my boots filling with piss, so I stupidly kicked that boot off - like it mattered - my sister was killing herself on a dildo thing that was cutting her badly inside.

Now more people were looking at me. One man who had been watching my sister stood up and peeled his pants and underwear off and walked toward me.

I looked up into his face, he had a crooked smile.

“That’s my sister!” I wailed. I must have looked awful - I could feel the heat in my face, my tears flowing down my cheeks, snot running from my nose and drool running from the corners of my mouth.

“I know.” said the man as he wrapped one arm around me and gripped my upper arm in the other.

“It’s going to be okay.” he said as he led me toward Patricia, “We’re going to make you feel good.”

“I don’t want to feel good!” I sobbed, “I want to take my sister home!”

I felt another man grip my other upper arm. “She’s never going home.” he said, “And neither are you.”

I looked around and I saw that there were now three men around me, and they were taking me to an old mattress near my sister. I screamed and started to fight - they were going to rape me.

It was a nightmare - so many hands holding me, hands ripping my clothes off, hands pushing me down on the filthy mattress. One was spanking my bare bum. I fought so hard and screamed so loud but no one came to help me. The men were laughing at me, saying the filthy things they were going to do to me.

“Ease off.” I heard one man say, “Hold her down and open her thighs.”

I was face down on the mattress, my face being pushed into a wet, slimy puddle.

“Plug her.” the man said, and I felt someone pull my bum cheeks apart, “Triple dose her.”

Then I felt something dry and hard pushed up my bum. It burned my anus, and I clenched tight, but I couldn’t stop the finger from pushing it deep into my rectum.

“It’s okay.” the man was saying to me, “It’s going to be okay. We just plugged you with ecstasy. You’re going to feel really good soon.”

“... no-no-no-no-nooooo ... I don't want to feel good ...” I cried out as they flipped me over on my back and spread my thighs wide, putting straps on my calves and stretching out my arms.

I realized that they hadn’t taken off my wool knee socks so the straps didn’t hurt my legs as I tried to pull them together. Then the man started massaging my crotch while the other two sucked my nipples. I still fought it, but I was losing energy.

“Shh.” the man said, “Just relax. You’re going to be okay.”

Am I?

My sobbing slows down, my breathing comes in little hitches and gasps like little kids do. I am aware of a warm feeling in the pit of my lower belly, and tingling all over my body. But I’m still so afraid.

My body starts to calm - I don’t want it to, but it does. They’re going to kill me, I think to myself. I came here to bring my sister home, and now they’re going to rape me and kill me, and my body is betraying me.

“Come here, sweetheart.” the man says, sliding his hand under the back of my head and lifting it, “Let’s watch your sister.”

Patricia is only a few feet away, rocking now as she rides the dildo. We are to her side - I can see her in profile. She looks so pale and is trembling. She groans as her belly clenches and more watery blood flows from her. I see that her lower belly is swollen - like she is pregnant. I listen to her moans and know them for what they are; she is close to orgasm.

“She wants this.” the man says, sliding a finger inside me, curling it and finding that sweet spot that I always find when I masturbate. Oh god, it is starting to feel good.

I know why the men took me out of Patricia’s line of sight as I watch her riding her dildo, curling her body further and further forward as she grows more and more pale. It’s so she can do this without distraction - without seeing me sobbing.

Her face grimaces and she makes a long straining moaning sound - her belly clenching and sending a gush of watery blood down over the dildo, then she grunts loud and goes back to riding it. I am amazed that she just had an orgasm.

The man’s finger working inside me is having its effect on me; it feels good; really good; sexual good. I start to crave more, and an odd thing; I want to suck a penis - something I’ve never done before. Is it his finger or is it the drugs they pushed into my bum?

Patricia groans her way through three more orgasms before she whimpers and pitches forward, landing on her face, her bum high. Her body continuing to convulse over and over and over, her belly clenching and pushing the dildo out of her.

The dildo is long and thick and rigid and when the length of it is out of her something still remains inside, holding the dildo in place, sticking out of her obscenely. Patricia convulses again and the dildo is forced further out, revealing the long steel that is still partly in her. It is a metal shaft as long as the dildo, and as her body convulses violently and she grunts, she pushes the tip out - a four-inch long tapered blade sharpened on both edges. The entire dildo, shaft, and blade is red with blood. Watery blood flows from her crotch as her body sags and her knees slide apart, leaving her belly down on the floor. She heaves once and slumps.

Patricia is dead.

One of the men leans and reaches out and picks up the dildo. He turns it so the blade tip rests against the floor, then pushes down, the blade and shaft disappeared inside the dildo, the shaft sticking out of the base.

“Reset!” he laughs, “Ready for the next delivery.”

The other man has pushed a second finger inside me while Patricia was squeezing the dildo out of her, and I am getting close to orgasm. But even in my growing sexual delirium I knew that I am the one who that dildo is going to be delivered to. My terror comes back, rising through the arousal.

“... no ... no ... please, no ...” I whimper without conviction - my fear remains, but part of me wants it. To die the same way as Patricia with the same device is becoming a very compelling and arousing thought. I shake my head - I’m not thinking clearly. This is madness.

Can I ride it like Patricia did? Will they let me? Or will they fuck me with it as I lay on my back, knees bound and open?

My answer comes as the man slides his fingers out of me while the one grasping the dildo moves closer. He brings it to my crotch and pushes it inside me.

I cry out as I feel the thickness. I had experimented with three fingers once and made myself orgasm, but this is thicker and it hurts. But it is hurting so good. I feel my vagina stretching wide and gripping the dildo tight as he pushes it relentlessly into me - I am losing my virginity to a deadly dildo. When I feel it fill me completely, he keeps pushing and stretching my vagina lengthwise.

Oh god, it hurts, but I’m getting more and more aroused. That urge to suck a penis has grown stronger as well. Maybe doing that will calm me. I roll my head to the side and notice that the penis of the man working the dildo is hard. I lift my shoulders and turn toward him, my mouth open, reaching for his hardness. I hear him chuckle.

“It’s the x.” he says to the other two who are now watching, “She wants to suck.”

I know the “x” he’s talking about are the drugs he pushed up my bum, and it’s them that is making me so aroused. But even knowing that, I don’t care. I feel good. I want more ... I want it all. NO! That’s wrong thinking!

He lets go of the dildo and grips my far shoulder, twisting me on the mattress and bringing my face to his crotch. I take him into my mouth, savouring the musky taste, running my lips and tongue over the silkiness of him. I can taste other girls on him, their vaginas and their rectums.

Oh god, I want to feel him orgasm in my mouth. I move my face up and down, taking him deeper with each stroke.

I saw a porn vid once of a girl taking a penis into her throat and thought at the time that it must have felt horrible. It doesn’t. I push my face lower and lower until the tip of his penis is tight in the back of my throat, then I press harder and feel my throat forced open and the tip of his penis plunks down my gullet. It makes my stomach convulse and I puke up a little, but oh-my-god does that feel good.

I keep going, stroking him with my lips, tongue, and throat. At one point I heave hard and full-on puke on his crotch, but even that doesn’t stop me, or him. Only his orgasm stops me - his penis swelling more, me feeling it pulse and throb between my lips, me choking as he spurts cum down my throat, gagging hard as he grips my hair and pulls my face to his crotch, my nose mashed against his belly as he pulses and pulses and pulses.

In this instant I want him to keep me here, suffocating me with his penis in my throat. But that is not to be. They have other plans.

He pulls me loose and I flop onto my back, gasping for air. I feel him grip the dildo again, and I’m so scared where this will lead, but I open my legs wider. Why does part of me want this so bad?

He places the flat of his hand on my belly to hold me down and starts fucking me with the dildo - it’s hard and doesn’t conform to the inside shape of my vagina; the metal parts inside keeping it straight and rigid.

“... fuck me ...” I gasp. And he does - brutally. He starts pounding me with it, shockwaves drumming in my lower belly as he thrusts it hard against my cervix.

I feel the build of an orgasm rising in me fast, my belly clenching around the dildo. I squirm and cry out ...

“... yes! ... yes! ... yes! ... fuck ... yes!” I grunt, my voice raw and desperate, spit flying from between my clenched teeth, “... cumming!”

And I do - my orgasm curls my toes and makes me twist and fight the hand holding me down. I see the first man reach down and start to push the steel. I feel the first bite of the blade against my cervix.

“... okay ... okay ... okay ...” I gasp, as I feel it slice inside me, splitting my cervix - it’s not so bad.

But it’s happening too fast; I feel too frantic, too out of control; I need to catch my breath; I’m afraid of the coming pain.

“... wait! ... wait! ... wait! ...” I whimper, but he doesn’t wait, he keeps pushing it deeper, “... oh my god ... oh my god ...” and I make desperate animal noises as he impales me with it.

The pain is there, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and the terror is still there as well, mixed in with the desperate sexual hunger. I feel the blade slice right through my uterus and into my abdomen. I feel something burst in my belly and it comes to me without a doubt that this is it - I’m going to die and it’s coming fast.

I surrender. I want it. I fight it. I want to go home. Reluctantly I welcome in the pain and the terror - it fills my belly, bloating it. I now know why Patricia did this - the destruction of my belly is inevitable and intense and so perversely sexual. I know I won’t last long but right here, right now, I don’t care. I just don’t fucking care.

“... yeah ... yeah ...” I gasp, telling them I want this, that I am theirs to destroy. I want to scream; FUCK ME! but I can barely catch my breath.

I can hear other girls around me. They are like me; immersed in sexual pain and loving it ... wanting it ... begging for it.

Oh god, he’s fucking me so hard! Fucking me deep and deadly and I keep cumming, my belly clenching tight around the blade that burns deep in my gut, making me scream and squirm and buck under his hand. I feel the blade moving violently in my core, in and out as he thrusts the dildo hard into me. I feel it cutting and shredding things inside my swelling abdomen. Oh god, I’m being torn apart.

This fucking feels like it goes on forever, yet I know it will end too soon. I want more ... more ... MORE! Oh god, let me die before I stop cumming!

I am screaming from the intensity and the terror that is still with me - a dark passenger on my orgasmic journey to insanity. Crying out “oh god!” and at other times begging him; “... wait! ... wait! ...”. He won’t stop, I know he won’t, and I only want him to wait so I can last. Oh god, I want to last. I want this to not end, because when it does I will die.

The man is grunting at me as he hammers the dildo into me, telling me to cum. I am coming. I'm cumming so hard and so long.

I don’t want to die! Oh god don’t let me die!

I am humping the dildo now; feeling the angle of the blade changing inside me; feeling it find new things to cut and shred. I am overwhelmed with it all; the pain; the orgasm that won’t stop. An orgasm so tight and so sharp that is flooding my body with sensations I never thought I’d feel.

I feel the searing pain as it punctures and slices my stomach open - it bursts within me and releases all my digestive juices to burn my shredded bowels. I didn’t realize how deep the blade was - now I do. I begin to gag and heave, but my stomach is torn badly and though it contracts tight it can’t push anything up my throat.

I feel a sudden and frightening drop in my energy level - it hits me hard and I flop flat on the mattress, feeling so weak and fragile. I open my eyes to darkness, still hearing the other girls and my own gasping and retching. I still feel him moving the dildo inside me, but it’s slower now.

He knows I’m dying. He can tell. Or is he prolonging it so I will feel it longer? Either way, he’s easing me down, letting me take death in; giving me the chance to make peace with it. Death is dark and cold and it creeps upward from my toes; caressing my thighs and washing over my belly. I’m going! Oh-Patricia-mommy-daddy-I’m-going! I’m-going-I’m-going-I’m-going-I’m-going-I’m-going!

Death’s icy hand grips my heart and squeezes. It hurts. It aches.

My orgasm is long gone now, the pain fading fast, the cold engulfs me.

Wait ... Wait ...