Sister Sacrifice

by Erotickynk

I took some ecstasy then sucked some cock while it kicked in, then my brother Randy and I fucked. Itís not a big deal - weíd been fucking since he was 12 and I was 9. Even after my parents caught us and my Dad called me a whore, we both still wanted it, so we just got sneakier.

I donít care what my parents or anyone says, it feels good - so good. And I never found a guy who could fuck me as good as Randy, and I tried - Randy and I would let other guys fuck me as he watched, but I still needed Randy to fuck me after to finish me off.

After we fucked, we walked around naked with an arm around each otherís waist and drank wine from a bottle and watched a girl getting fistfucked and a couple girls die. It was an amazing turn on - watching those girls writhing and squirming and crying out made us both so fucking horny. He had a raging hard-on and my inner thighs were slippery from the creamy mucus flowing out of my cunt right down to my knees. I love the feeling - I love being a slut for my big brother.

So we decided that before I took my turn, we should fuck one last time and I came twice and he came inside me so hard that I felt him squirting against my cervix. Well, actually, we fucked one last time with me alive - Randyís fantasy was to fuck my corpse, and even though I knew Iíd be dead, that idea turned me on so much. The thought of him on top of me cumming inside me as he stared into my dead eyes made me quiver.

Since being invited to the Legend House orgy, we talked about how I should be done a lot; I wanted him close so he could hold my hand and I could look up at his beautiful face as it happened to me, and he liked that idea - to watch the life go out of my eyes, then fuck me. So we decided that someone else should do the cutting so Randy could kind of help me through it and experience it with me.

You see, dying doesnít scare me, but dying alone does. Our mom died alone - Randy and I found her when we came home from school one day. Sheíd had an aneurism and had crawled from the bathroom down the hallway before she died. She was naked, her body bloated, and had left a trail of shit and piss. So, no thanks, I donít want to be alone. Itís better this way; to choose who you are with and the way youíre done for.

Randyís best friend Derek said he would do me, so we sat down with him last week and told him exactly how I wanted it done and gave him the knife we picked out; a shiny hunting knife with a six inch blade. I wanted what Laura got - a midline gutting from cunt to past my belly button. Randy and I both really made sure he understood that we didnít want him cutting or even getting too close to my stomach because I didnít want to throw up and I hate the taste of blood. I canít even imagine what the taste of blood and bile and shit tastes like and I donít want to find out.

We talked about how deep to cut (I wanted it really deep - all six inches, baby), and how cutting through my intestines would mean him and Randy would be smelling my shit and piss. He said he was okay with it all.

When we got here, we met Derek upstairs and went over it again. As a thank you, I sucked Derekís cock and gulped down his cum. Then we all came downstairs and while Randy and I fucked, Derek watched the other girls.

Randy and I are extra turned on tonight because I stopped taking the pill two months ago and I missed my last period. It was always a thrill to us pretending that us fucking would end up with me pregnant, and now I am. I told him as he was fucking me this last time (alive) and I think thatís why he came so hard.

So now with Randyís cum oozing out of my cunt and more girls dying all around us, we both know itís time. We look at each other and he kisses me long and wet on the mouth. Randy catches Derekís eye and motions toward the ďmessy cornerĒ. Zee told us that any table-top guttings, or anything that might result in puke or shit had to be done in the ďmessy cornerĒ, so all three of us walk over there, Randy holding my hand like a protective big brother - and I love him for that.

There are already three dead girls piled on top of each other in the corner all pale and slumped and bloody. Looking at their faces, they look so peaceful even though the intestines are hanging out of the open bellies of two of them and the third has a lot of stab wounds in her belly and ribs and one in her chest.

And yeah - Zee was right - the corner reeks of puke, piss, and shit. Iím barefoot and standing in a puddle of vomit on the floor from a fat girl being impaled right beside us.

No one is using the gutting table, and I see it is smeared with blood and shit with puddles of piss and cum where my bum is going to be. I hop up anyway and Randy puts his red satin jacket under my head as I lay down. He slides one arm under my neck to support my head and fingers me with his other hand.

ďI want to make sure youíre horny.Ē he says, smiling down at me.

ďI am, big brother.Ē I smile back, ďSo fucking horny.Ē Of course I am - the feeling of my bum sliding in other girlsí cum and piss is making my lower belly quiver, and knowing what is about to happen to me is turning me on like you wouldnít believe.

Zee walks over and looks down at me.

ďDoing the deed, Rhonda?Ē he asks with that sly grin of his.

ďFuck yeah.Ē and I laugh. Itís weird, over the past few days as tonight got closer, Iíd wake up in a cold sweat a couple times a night, my body tingling with fear. But tonight Iím not afraid. Maybe itís because Iím high, maybe because Iím truly ready.

ďIíll get out of your way.Ē Zee says, ďI want to watch, but I donít want to be a distraction.Ē

ďI want you to watch.Ē I admit and make a kissy face at him, but he does move out of my line of sight and stands behind me. I turn my head to see what is going on around us; the fat girl Iíve seen at school but donít know is being impaled by a broomstick and it must be really deep inside her because sheís happily puking as she rocks back and forth; another girl is being fist-fucked as she is taking an enema and her groans and moans tells me sheís really getting off on it. Other sounds of girls having sex and girls being tortured are making it loud in the basement, but I canít see them from the table.

I look up and itís just me, Randy, and Derek. I squirm around a bit, rubbing my bum in the slippery piss and girl cum, then open my thighs a little more.

ďDo it.Ē I whisper to Randy, but loud enough that Derek hears. I lift my head and tuck my chin against my chest so I can watch. Randy takes his arm out from under my neck and his hand from my cunt and holds my hand and plays with one of my nipples. As Derek lifts the knife and rests it just above my pubic bone, I push my belly out as much as I can. Iím pretty small, so I canít bulge it too much, but Iím eager to feel whatís coming next.

I look up into Randyís eyes and smile.

ďExciting!Ē I say, feeling kind of breathless. Then Derek starts to push.

I look back down at myself and see the knife dimpling my pale belly. The dimple gets deep fast and I feel the pressure - itís way more than I thought it would be. Oh fuck, this is going to be intense. It makes me whimper and moan - I canít help it.

The pressure builds quick as my muscles resists. My bladder starts to throb - I suddenly have to pee really bad, but fuck it - it wonít matter in a few seconds. Suddenly I feel a pop and I jerk in surprise and the blade is sinking into me - it burns as it cuts, but it also gives me a dull pain like a bad bruise. I gasp, and whimper a bit as I feel it sinking deeper into me and I start to pee, but itís cut off when I feel another pop as my bladder bursts and piss floods my insides.

The sensation of the blade sinking through my bladder and into my cunt right through my g-spot is amazing - it feels electric, like the blade is vibrating. It makes me laugh, but I think thatís because Iím rolling on ecstasy.

When we told Derek what we wanted, I made sure he understood not to pause. So as soon as I feel the flat hilt press down on my mound just above my clit, he slides the knife back up, slicing higher, away from my mound.

ď... yes! ...Ē I gasp, and Derek keeps sawing the blade in and out of me. I can feel it penetrate my uterus and cut through my bowels, ď... Ahh Yes! ... OH YES! ...Ē

Oh fuck, this is perfect. Itís happening - Iím being cut open. Iím so excited and so aroused - the pain is just a byproduct, the sensations of being cut so deep is sending waves of sexual tingles and throbs through my core.

Randy is holding my hand tight as Derek saws in and out of my belly. I can feel each oblique muscle snap back against my hips bones as itís severed and my wound starts to open, bloody intestines pushing up from inside me. They are pink and grey and they are squirming as the knife slices into them. Itís giving me the strong sensation that I have to poop. I feel my anus open and I leak a little, but I donít care about that either - the thought of leaving a bloody and shit smeared corpse is exciting.

As my muscles are severed, I find I canít keep my head up - my abdominals are being disconnected and I feel them pulling uselessly. My head thumps down loud on the gutting table and I gaze up at Randy as I feel the knife sliding in-and-out, in-and-out, and things are getting really intense ...

The knife is burning its way up my belly and my entire body starts quivering, my legs jerking, my feet kicking spastically. I cry out with each flash of deep pain as my intestines are shredded by the knife, and I grip Randyís hand so hard I hear my knuckles pop, and Iím scratching at the table with the fingernails of my other hand.

I arch my back and hear myself shriek - and it scares me because itís not a sound I ever make. My belly is on fire, and I can feel my insides coming apart. As Derek goes deep around my belly button I feel another sensation - a flutter in my belly and my heart skips a few beats. I feel blood bubbling up from inside me to overflow my open belly and run down my sides. Derek has hit an artery.

I can smell blood and shit and know itís coming from my ruined belly. I cry out, I squirm, I roll my head from side to side. But Iím starting to feel cold and weak and my heart is fluttering in my chest.

Oh no.

Iím going fast.

The girls we watched lasted a long time. I expected to last a long time, but I didnít count on Derek hitting that artery.

I can still hear the fat puking girl rocking as she fucks herself to death on the broomstick. Itís not fair - she started before me and it sounds like sheís going to last longer than me.

Starting to feel numb in my feet and hands. Thereís darkness around the edges of my vision.

Iím going so fast.

No. No. No. No. Itís not supposed to be like this.

Derek finishes his cut.

I look up into Randyís eyes, his face has a halo of shadow around it.

Iím scared. I hope me knows that Iím scared.

Iím going.

Oh fuck, here it comes.

I feel my eyelids fluttering and I go blind. I feel my body slump. Numbness is creeping through me, sending shivers over my skin right down to my core.

I donít even have the strength to breathe.

I dimly feel Randy let go of my hand. The table is jostled then I feel his weight pressing down on me, the dull sensation in my crotch as he thrusts his cock into me. His hard belly is moving and pressing down on mine - a bizarre squishy sensation. Does he know Iím not dead yet? Does he care?

No, of course he cares. He loves me. Heís always loved me.

Itís happening too fast. I want more life. Just a few minutes. Please, oh-god-oh-god-oh-god ...

Randy must be thrusting hard into me because I feel the shockwaves through my numbing core and itís making me feel sick to my stomach. Suddenly I feel like Iím falling into myself - retreating, awareness and sensations fading away.

But Randy is here. Heís with me. Iím not alone.

Iím not ...