Zee's Promise

by Erotickynk

Connie shuddered and arched her back one last time. She grimaced then flopped limp, her sweaty fat body making a loud splat sound on the wet concrete floor. Small muscles twitched for awhile, but I knew she was dead and not feeling anything.

The girl on the table beside us was dead too and her brother was fucking her corpse. The sounds of other girls screaming in pain or orgasm are still all around me.

Zee finds me sitting on the floor still in the messy area, my back against a rough wooden post. I am crying quietly and finishing off a bottle of Skyy vodka I found that was still almost full.

Another girl had used it as a dildo as she gripped the top between her curled toes as while riding it as deep as she could. Before granting her wish to be fisted to death, the two men who killed her took a shot each out of the bottle.

Tastes like ass. one of the men said.

They did fist her to death - which I didnt think was possible - but if you hammer your fist hard enough and deep enough into a girls bowels it will kill her. It wasnt sad though - she kept screaming out that she was cumming and in between kept telling them to go harder and deeper. She was insatiable in her lust for a brutal death.

Just like Connie.

And I didnt mind the vodka, I was used to the taste of ass, even if it was a girls.

I stare at Connies bloated body, the spit still inside her, my vision blurred by tears. Im sad because I loved her like she was my own sister, but Im happy I gave her what she wanted. The thing is; now Im all alone. Zee said he would do me, but that might have just been a tease. I look up and I see him standing over Connie.

She got what she wanted? Zee asks me.

Yeah. I blubber, I did it like you said, and I think she was cumming at the end. It was raw and brutal, the way she wanted it.

Zee notices Im crying and squats down beside me, laying a strong hand on the back of my neck and massaging.

You miss her. Zee says in a gentle voice, You loved her.

She was my best friend. I say, the words catching in my throat and coming out as a whiny blubbering noise.

You know the cure for all of lifes sorrows. Zee says, studying my face. Hes willing to keep his promise. Fear floods cold in my belly, but I feel my cock stir.

I nod my head as I take another long pull from the almost empty bottle, the vodka burning its way down and warming the cold fear.

Zee takes the bottle and gently pushes me on my side. Then he shows me what he is going to use; its a pipe with a metal spit inside it - he pulls the spit back and it disappears inside the pipe.

Zees doing Michael. I hear a girl say. I look up and see its Franny and a guy I dont know. Shes got one of those squeaky girl voices, but shes always been kind to me.

Franny kneels behind me and strokes the hair off my forehead.

Can I help, Michael? she asks softly, I want to help you.

I nod.

Franny smiles and picks up a fat tube of lube with an applicator nozzle that she slides up my ass.

Abe is going to do me too. she giggles as she fills my rectum with the lube. I glance at Abe and he smiles, holding a long piece of sharpened rebar. Out of the corner of my eye I see Zee moving into position on his knees.

Draw your knees up, Michael. he says.

I draw my knees up as Franny pulls the nozzle out of my ass and knee walks up behind my head, gently lifting my head and cradling it on her thighs. I feel the pipe. Zee slowly pushes it inside and I moan. Im so loose that the pipe slides in easily.

Oh god, this is going to be good.

As Franny strokes her fingers through my hair, Zee works the pipe deep into my rectum. It feels so good. Ive always loved the feeling of being penetrated - not knowing how deep the cock will go. Will it hurt? Is the cock long enough to straighten the entire length of my rectum? Will it push through into my Sigmoid colon, giving me that sweet cramp that always makes my legs weak?

Of course its long enough to do all those things and more - this will be the fuck of my life. Zee fucks me with the pipe as he inches it deeper and keeps changing the angle to push it into my Sigmoid colon then pulling it back to the centre. It makes my bowels ache and quiver, but I know what hes doing; hes pulling my Sigmoid from my left side to the centre of my belly so he can go straight up the middle of my belly. Hes aiming for my stomach. Hes going to puncture it and make me puke as he goes for my gullet like I did for Connie.

Im moaning breathlessly as Zee works it deeper. I can feel Franny moving and her breathing is getting faster - Abe is playing with her to get her ready for her own impalement.

I gasp as Zee changes the angle again and the pipe slides up into my Descending colon up my left side. As he draws it across my belly to the centre line, I feel the membrane that keeps our intestines in place stretch then rip - its a tiny pain, but the ripping sensation floods my belly. He pushes the pipe straight up me and fucks me with it in long steady strokes - like over a foot long.

Oh god, this is the deepest Ive ever been fucked. Zee is a master at this. Feeling the pipe so deep is making me feel things Ive never felt before; I feel vulnerable and weak; the pipe riding against my prostate is making me feel like I have to piss; I begin to tremble as I moan and cry out. This is heaven. This is such sweet sexual torture. I am swearing, gasping, whimpering.

Let it go, Michael. Zee says softly as he fucks me with the pipe, Dont fight it, just let everything go.

Hes right; theres no need to feel embarrassed. I relax my belly and feel my bladder release as I piss all over the floor. Franny notices too and coos as she strokes my forehead. He fucks me deeper and I feel the pipe nudging my stomach. Oh god, is this it? Is he going to use the spit now? Im feeling frantic in my arousal - its consuming me. Even though my cock is soft, I feel the throb of a building orgasm deep in my root, and god help me I want to feel that spit penetrate my stomach and gullet - completely penetrated from ass to throat.

Visions of Connie choking and puking as she rode her spit to orgasm dance before my eyes. Im coming Connie! Zee is sending me to you!

I can hear Franny becoming more aroused, her voice growing desperate. She rises up, taking care to lower my head gently to the floor as she gets up on all fours, her face over mine, her long blond hair hanging around us like a curtain. Abe must be working her deep with the rebar.

Zee pushes the pipe firmly against my stomach and I feel liquid rise in my throat. Do it! Kill me! Impale me now!

But he doesnt, he eases the pipe away from my stomach and starts sliding it out of me. My breath catches in my throat as I shudder; hes going to start again! Oh how I want it to start again. I want to stay here forever, being fucked so sweetly by Zee and his pipe. I wish there were more openly gay men in this shitty little town - tonight I would offer myself to all of them; to feel every cock hammering into my bowels, filling me with cum until I choked on it.

again I gasp, hungry for more.

Zee pulls the pipe back to my Sigmoid then pushes it all the way inside - and oh god this penetration is better than the first. He is relentless, pushing it all the way through my belly and pressing against my stomach, then sliding it back, almost all the way out. Long relentless strokes transiting the core of my belly, rubbing my prostate raw, making it throb, making my anus clench tight. I can feel the pipe sliding inside me - crazy deep, making my belly tremble and my intestines squirm as they fight the intrusion. Oh god, Im going to cum.

Franny is making desperate sounds, her hair fluttering around us as Abe works her - by the sounds shes making, shes taking the spit now.

I feel like Zee owns me and I love the feeling. I surrender myself to him like my first time, being opened and taken. I feel like a virgin again, being fucked and loving every inch of it - loving the pipe explore places that have never been touched. I want to feel what Connie felt, but I know when I do it will end - I will end; twisting and retching violently as the spit slides up my throat. Dont stop, Zee, please dont stop. Fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me

I feel a wash of cold fear rush through my body as Zee changes the rhythm and presses deep. He is compressing my stomach, squeezing it with the end of the pipe. I feel burning as the vodka is squeezed up my throat. This is it! No, Zee, no-no-no-no not yet, oh god not yet

But I hear the metal on metal scraping as Zee slides the spit up the pipe, then the sharp pinch as he presses it through my intestine and into my stomach. The flare of pain as my stomach is impaled and clenches tight.

oh shit I gasp breathlessly - my last words in fact.

I want to scream; I changed my mind! I dont want this! I dont want to die! But its too late - the spit is in position and Zee is pushing it home.

I start gagging, heaving, trembling and shaking as he pushes the spit deeper. I feel an infernal, painful tickle as the sharp tip finds the bottom of my gullet and plays there.

I need it! I hear Franny whimper in my ear, yeah more

I am straining and puking hard, the vodka erupting up my throat to spray through my clenched teeth and out my nose. So much violence inside my belly. I am amazed as I feel my orgasm climbing with the same rapid violence as my impalement; Im going to cum! I cant believe that Im going to cum! Even though I can feel that my cock is soft, I feel my orgasm build deep in my aching prostate, then explode; my body convulsing; feeling cum spurting from my flaccid cock. My orgasm is violent and it hurts - an overwhelming ache deep in the core of my lower belly. I feel the muscles that cradle my prostate and anus cramping badly, but this is all part of my final orgasm.

do me! Frannys mouth is close to my ear, her bum must be high in the air, do me good, baby

Oh god I cant stop cumming and I cant stop puking and it feels so good to lose complete control like this.

Its in my throat. Oh god the steel is in my throat

Franny makes an odd fluttery sound, a blend of pain and ecstasy. She is gripping my hair, pulling my head back, the fingernails of her other hand digging into my shoulder, breaking skin.

Convulsing. The root of my cock throbbing, pulsing - clenching so tight it hurts. Stomach squeezing itself in a hard tight ball, my throat hitching as I choke on this steel dildo, from my ass almost to my mouth. Franny is right there with me, gripping my hair and shoulder like her life depended on it.

Come with me, Franny, come and be with me and Connie and we will feel this for eternity.

I hear Franny gurgling and on the heels of that a wash of her warm, sticky vomit splashing and flowing over my face. She too is now impaled from ass to throat and her violent trembling and spasms are shaking me. Were going to die together.

Oh god oh god its so good so good