Chloe's Ordeal

by Erotickynk

I’m straddling the wooden chair - one foot on the floor up on my toes, and one foot braced on the edge of the chair. I’ve got the sharpened pipe inside my rectum and I’m easing myself up and down on it, fucking myself. It feels cold and is slippery with lube, so it would be easy to just let go and sit down on it, taking it through my bowels and belly and up into my throat. But when I do that; it’s over. Everything’s over.

For me at least.

I’ve been watching Sadie get eaten out by an older guy I don’t know and he must be good because she’s squirming so much he has a grip on her hips so tight his knuckles are white. She cums hard, her body bucking as I hear him sucking on her clit. Sadie is Kirstin’s younger sister. I saw Kirstin’s body curled up in a corner by the couches, her intestines leaking out of her from under her green sweater. I heard she died in excruciating ecstasy - she’d done a Laura.

There are a lot of people around me fucking, playing edgy pain games, and some I can’t see but can hear are dying. It’s noisy down here, plus it’s hot and humid despite it being winter. People who are playing closest to me are watching me and it turns me on that they are. Stan, the chubby guy from school is sitting alone in a lawn chair stroking his cock as he watches me. I take it as a compliment that his cock is rock hard and oozing.

The older guy helps Sadie up off the filthy floor and she stands on legs that are so shaky she almost falls. The guy has a big Buck knife in his belt.

“You’re ready now, right?” he says and she nods, shyly.

“I think so.” her voice is trembling and weak. I guess Sadie watched Kirstin be eviscerated and wants the same.

The guy leads her into the darkest place in the basement, behind where the furnace used to be - past where Jackie took the spit when I was in middle school. I watch the twin fatty globes of her tiny bum jiggling as she follows him into the darkness on unsteady legs. He’s going to kill her back there and she knows it. She’s scared, but she’s going anyway. They disappear into the shadows. Stan, the fucking traitor, gets up and follows them.

I can’t see Sadie and her guy but I can still hear them.

“Get yourself ready.” I hear him tell her, “It’s best to be almost cumming.” and I can just make out the squishy sounds of her masturbating over the noise.

“Lean against me.” he says, “Yeah. Now let your belly go loose ... loose-loose ... yeah ... nice and round and so soft ... just like sis. She loved it, little girl. She kept pushing her belly up into the knife.”

“... I’m gunna cum ...” she gasps softly.

“Not yet.” he says, then; “You’re ready for this?”

“... yeah ...” her voice quavers.

“Really ready?” he teases.

“... uh-huh ... gunna cum ...” she squeaks.

“I know.” he says and I hear the first wet squelch of his knife penetrating her belly and she cries out. Then he starts butchering her ...

I was so horny after I finished with Red in the pantry upstairs that I couldn’t wait to get down here. Like literally; clear mucus was running down my inner thighs and I was shaking as I picked my way down the stairs. I was shaky and desperate and wanted to find the spit Zee made for me and get to it, but Karl found me first and asked for one last blowjob.

“You know,” he smiled, “One for the road ... to hell which is where we’re all going after tonight.”

I laughed. Karl always makes me laugh, so I dropped to my knees and gave him his blowjob and swallowed his cum. When I stood up he thanked me and gave me a big hug goodbye and a good slug of rum from his bottle.

It was good for me. I felt like I was more in control after the blowjob and hug and the warmth spreading through my belly from the rum - the desperation eased off, so I walked around and took in the orgy. People were fucking and fisting, killing and dying. Like Zee promised; it was an orgy of sexual death - a tribute to the original four.

The floor was wet with a lot of piss and puke, cum and blood and even some shit. It was as though people had totally lost their inhibitions - not once did I hear anyone repulsed by what the girls did as they died - losing control of their body; leaking and puking up. I saw one girl writhing on the floor as a guy had his forearm inside her cut-open belly right to the elbow and a girl was fingering her so the dying girl was gasping and pissing and cumming.

As I came around a corner and saw who was about to be done under the stairs, I had the shock of my life; it was Miss Stacey, my old middle school art teacher. My first thought was ‘How the fuck did she know about this?’ and the second was that I never knew she was this kinky. I thought only us impulsive teens were this crazy.

Miss Stacey was kneeling in a circle of her past students as Phillip, our star quarterback, looped a cord around her throat from behind. Her hands were tied behind her back and she looked scared, but she wasn’t saying ‘stop’. She sounded like she was freaking out as he started tightening the cord, but I could see that her crotch was dripping cum and clear girl mucus, so she was obviously aroused and had enjoyed at least one last fuck.

I knew Miss Stacey was a free spirit and was one of those ‘go-to’ teachers you could talk to about sex. I remember talking to her in a small group right after the Legend House girls were found and the craziness began. Some of the girls in our group were upset that they died such horrible deaths, but Miss Stacey reminded us that the girls all posted their suicide farewells on Facebook saying they planned it all. Plus, the coroner’s report got leaked by his daughter and all four girls had been sexually aroused as they were killed and most likely had orgasms.

“Think of that.” Miss Stacey said to us, “They died the way they wanted and there’s a good chance the last thing they felt was an orgasm. Who wouldn’t want to die that way?”

I guess Miss Stacey was one who wanted to die that way.

Phillip strangled her slow, letting in a little air once in awhile and Miss Stacey was obviously aroused by playing the reluctant victim, but her struggling was pretty half-hearted. One girl I didn’t know crawled forward and reached between Miss Stacey’s thighs and started fingering her. As two then three fingers were banging up into her cunt, Miss Stacey started humping her hips. I figure she had three orgasms while she was being strangled by how her flat belly clenched so hard her abs stood out proud and her thighs tried to close around the girl’s hand. Miss Stacey pissed herself, farted, heaved as the cord cut into her gullet.

I was distracted by Samantha who was beside me; she was sitting in front of her boyfriend, leaning back against him. They were both naked and his hands were on her lower belly and it looked like he was massaging her.

“... stop touching ...” she whimpered breathlessly and squirmed as he moved his hands and started massaging her clit, “... put it back in ... put it back in and f’ckin do me like you mean it ...”

I looked down and saw the deep cut and the blood and piss pulsing up from her lower belly just above her mound. Her boyfriend held a t-handled, broad-bladed knife in one hand - the boys call it a ‘punch knife’. He did as she asked and pushed the blade back into her belly and she gasped, squirming against him as he twisted in inside her.

Fuck, Samantha was hardcore.

Miss Stacey’s struggles slowed after a bit and her eyes kept rolling up in her head until she slumped back against Phillip, her swollen tongue filling her mouth. As she lay there, her body all slack and loose, I was disturbed to see that her eyes were crossed and one was badly bloodshot.

Phillip held her there for another half a minute then let go of the cord. He reached up and pressed his fingers against Miss Stacey’s throat, and nodded.

“She’s gone.” he told us all.

That gave me chills. First, because I just watched a teacher be willingly snuffed and second because I realized I never checked to see if Red was actually dead. I mean, I really tore her up inside with the sword thing, but she might have just passed out. She could have been upstairs right then suffering.

So, I got up and snuck upstairs and sure enough Red was still alive. I cuddled her up and did her again with the sword and I know she came again, but this time after she went limp I checked and she had no pulse. I liked Red before, but the way she committed tonight made her a rockstar for me. I regretted not getting to know her better in school; maybe we could have come here tonight as a couple.

As I made my way from the pantry to the stairs, I saw another girl who really got my attention and made my knees weak. She was in the small bedroom upstairs right beside the staircase - where no one was supposed to die (Zee, you liar) - and was belly down on a bed and masturbating. As a group sat on the floor and watched, a guy was impaling her with a rough wooden spit. He was fucking her with it, going a little deeper into her cunt with each thrust.

“Fuck yeah! Oh, fuck yeah!” she kept growling as she squirmed and shook, her legs clenching as she took the dildo fuck of her life. She grunted loud when it broke out of her cunt or uterus into her belly, and started with; “Uh-huh! Oh yeah! Uh-huh!” until it hit her stomach and she puked violently as he pushed it up her gullet. And the people watching were aroused as she choked and vomited hard, piss spraying from between her thighs while she bucked and squirmed for a long time before she slumped.

That was it - the final inspiration I needed to go for it. So when I got downstairs and found my spit, I braced it against a chair seat and started as I watched Sadie eaten to orgasm and others watched me start to impale myself.

It feels so bad and so good at the same time. It’s deep in my bowels - like past-my-belly-button deep and my cunt is oozing as I jill myself off. I love the mixed feelings of being so fucking horny and wanting it and being so scared of it at the same time.

The thought ‘I’m going to die!” keeps flashing through my mind and it sends waves of shiver-bumps up my body each time - the thought is like lightening flaring in my mind and the shiver-bumps like thunder tingling across my body. My legs are getting weak and my thighs are shaking so bad, and I’m so scared they’re going to give out on me and drop me hard onto the chair, driving the spit right up my core into my stomach. I mean, that’s the idea, but I’m trying to ease myself down onto it. I really planned a slow final fuck, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it the way I want - this is going to end badly.

I can still hear Sadie crying out from the darkness and the wet impacts as her guy plunges the knife over and over into her soft belly. And of course I can hear the people fucking in front of me and feel their eyes on me as my impalement excites them.

My foot almost slips off the chair and I feel the spit plunge deeper and something rips inside my belly before I can steady myself. It doesn’t hurt that bad but I know I damaged my bowels.

“... ohhhhh, fu-u-u-u-u-ck ...” I strain, then gasp and go back to riding the spit. What the fuck, I’m past the point of no return now anyway.

One girl is riding her guy, their torsos chest to chest, her arms gripping his shoulders and her pelvis curling with hard thrusts. He’s also fucking her ass with a mechanic’s pry bar. He’s got it pretty deep and going deeper and he must have hit that magic depth for her because suddenly she cries out;

“... oh yeah ... oh god ... that’s it ... don’t stop, please-please-please don’t stop ... that’s it ...”

She’s shaking hard and I know she’s cumming and I know if he pulled it all the way up inside her she’d die in ecstasy with that hard steel in her core.

And I want that, I want to die in excrutiating ecstasy with my own hard steel in my belly - I want to feel my body lose control in it's final moments, but I’m scared. I am desperately trying to keep myself up on legs that are growing weaker by the second. I’m sweaty all over, including the bottoms of my feet and my one foot keeps slipping off the edge of the chair seat.

I can still hear Sadie taking that Buck knife into her belly over and over. I hear heavy wet things falling to the floor to splat on the floor - I imagine her belly open and shredded, keeping her legs under her only by the strength of her killer holding her frail body tight to his. I'm sure that she's pissed herself, maybe even voided her bowels. When this started I was sure she’d die before me, but it sounds like she’s lasting. I envy her; her guy is good, he’s making it last for her and taking away all her responsibility. Sadie just had to surrender to him and let him butcher her belly.

My impalement is under my control and I’m failing at it. I’m scared of that final release of just dropping and letting gravity pull me down and drive that spit up into my throat. I want to commit to it and just sit down and let this storm burst insdie me, but I can’t find the perfect moment. I made the perfect moment with Red, and she had it easy - she surrendered to me before the fear set in for her.

I gave her a good death, one she wanted. I wish I could give myself the same.

Oh fuck.

I am shaking so badly now, my legs are getting weaker and my foot’s slipping on the chair again. I’m losing my balance and the chair is moving under me. Is this the right time? Should I just sit down? The terror of what the spit is going to feel like penetrating right through my belly and into my stomach rushes through my body, thousands of tingles rising up my core, shiver-bumps like waves up my thighs, bum, and belly. I feel my foot slip off the edge of the chair again and I try to lift it back up but I can’t control it - it shakes spastically.

“... ohh ...mommie! ...” I cry out as I slide down the spit and oh my god the penetration is overwhelming. It’s so solid and hard and I can feel the sharpened tip puncturing things inside me.

I can’t save myself ... I can’t stop this now or even slow it down ... my bum is sliding toward the chair seat but it feels like the spit is being pushed up inside me ... oh fuck ... oh god ... I’m so aroused ... so close to cumming and now this ... the fear and edge-of-orgasm feeling are a storm inside me ... I don’t want to die ... I don’t ... I hear Sadie cry out ... she’s been enduring that Buck knife plunged into her belly over and over ... I want to cum ... I want to cum so bad ...

Oh, fuck it ...

I give in and stop struggling. I strain as I sit down hard on the chair and the spit pushes upward, a slow and painful pressure in the pit of my gut as it punctures my stomach and is painfully forced part way up my gullet.

... my core muscles clench tight ... puking now ... puking violently ... everything I ate and drank tonight is jetting up my throat ... the rum I drank burns ... my belly muscles are cramping ... my cunt and asshole too ... I feel my orgasm in the midst of the riot of sensations inside me ... my vision is blurring from tears as I retch and heave, but I can see the others watching me die ... more people have gathered, standing and watching me while two couples fuck on the floor at my feet ... I am jerking and shaking badly, skewered on this black pipe ... I hear the chair scraping on the floor as I jerk and convulse ... my vomit spattering ... my cunt burning as I piss myself ... it’s happening - my body is erupting, gushing from every orifice ... and still they watch me - the couples are fucking harder now - the watchers eyes are unflinching ... something hits me hard ... the floor ... I’ve fallen face first on the concrete cellar floor ... body convulsing ... I feel the seizure start just as my vision greys out ... oh god I’m cumming ... I ...

... I ...

... cumming ...

... so bright ...

... death is bright ...

... cumming ...

... and it doesn’t hurt at all ...