Kill Me, Chloe

by Erotickynk

I hope Chloe shows up. I heard rumours from other girls at the orgy that she was planning to - that she said she wanted to impale herself like a show for the boys. It made sense that Chloe didn’t want it done to her because she only likes girls.

I’m upstairs in the room closest to the backdoor watching Karina deep-throating guys - gagging, and throwing up. I love how she’s naked in front of so many strangers in the room watching her, even though she’s fat and her big belly hangs down between her thighs as she kneels and lets guys fuck her throat until she pukes and sometimes squirts piss as she heaves. She’s a hot, sweaty mess but she doesn’t care. I admire her so much for that - giving in to her perverse desires in front of everyone makes her so sexy.

I’ve got my sneakers, pants, and undies off and I’m gently masturbating as I slump against the wall so I can see everyone who walks past. I’m just edging, not wanting to cum yet.

Chloe and I were lab partners in chemistry last semester, and just being close to her aroused me. Chloe is wild - her tattoos, one side of her head shaved, the hair that is left dyed bright red, and she just radiated sex. She’s the main reason I came tonight, hoping that she’ll have sex with me. Hoping beyond hope that she’ll do me. I fell in love with Chloe in that class and nothing turns me on more than fantasizing that she kills me during sex.

I’m so aroused - my pussy is oily and feels swollen. I want to feel Chloe’s fingers inside me, maybe have her push the thing I hid in the backyard inside me too. I brought it in case, but I left it outside so someone couldn’t use it wrong on me.

Oh god, Chloe - please come. Please.

I can see a girl in the filthy bathroom across the hall, she's still dressed, but her pants are down around her ankles as she masturbates frantically standing up. Her legs are shaking and I can hear her little trembling gasps. I imagine that what's going on in Legend House is rising her arousal higher than it's ever been before.

She cries out and her thighs give out, her bum flopping hard on the toilet, her belly clenching as she cums. I wonder if she'll regret that orgasm when they kill her. That's why I'm edging - I want to save my orgasm to the last minute. I want to die cumming.

Karina is going wild now, and even though she’s puking hard with a cock in her throat, it looks like she’s cumming. The room reeks of puke, sweaty bodies, and Karina’s skunky armpits and musky pussy. The couple next to me are fucking - he’s doing her anally and she moans and I can smell her well-fucked asshole - that crotchy sweaty smell with a faint sweet odour of shit. As he pounds her harder she starts to grunt and whine and her legs start shaking and bam; she’s cumming.

I almost cum myself watching them, so I lift my fingers from my pussy and feel my lower belly clenching around a sudden hollow ache. God I was close. I sit and breathe, letting my belly settle down.

I think I fell in love with Chloe because she looks on the outside how I feel on the inside. Everyone thinks I’m the good little mousy girl, who stays on the honour role and never goes to parties. The girl who’s always home by curfew and who goes to the dojo every Tuesday and Friday night because my mom doesn’t want me to get raped. The girl that never admits her desires out loud - who never asks for what she wants. What they don’t know are the dark thoughts I have in my head. Very dark thoughts.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a girl in the doorway. She’s naked. Tattooed. Wild hair. It’s Chloe, leaning against the doorframe, watching Karina with that lopsided grin of hers.

I lift my hand and wave with my fingers. She sees me and smiles, then picks her way into the room to sit beside me. My heart flutters in my chest.

“Hi, Red.” Chloe says.

“Hi.” my voice is small and timid - not what I want. Tonight I want to ask for what I want.

“Never thought I’d see you here.” Chloe tilts her head and studies my face.

“I came because someone told me you’d be here.” I say.

“Aww. That’s sweet.” Chloe bends and kisses me on the cheek, “So, I heard you were crushing on me in chem?”

I nod, screw up the courage and say it; “I love you Chloe.”

Chloe wraps an arm around me and hugs me close. I lean into her and lay my head on her shoulder, smelling her hair and skin - she smells like exotic spices over musky body odour. With her other hand she strokes down the inside of my thigh, teasing my legs apart.

“You know why I’m here, right?” Chloe asks, “A long relationship isn’t in the cards for us, Red.”

“I know.”

“Are you planning to go downstairs?” she asks, gently stroking my labia.

I shake my head, “No. I’m afraid the wrong person would get ahold of me and do me.”

“Oh?” I hear the smile in Chloe’s voice as she parts my pussy and slides a finger into me. I shudder and almost cum.

“I can think of a lot of wrong people.” Chloe says as she fingers me, “Who’s the right person?”

“You are.” I gasp, starting to squirm.

“Oh, baby.” she breathes and pushes me down on the floor, pushing my thighs apart and covering my slit with her mouth. She sucks on me while sliding a second finger into me and curls both, putting a lifting pressure on my g-spot.

I’m so close to cumming.

“... more ...” I cry out, “... do more ...”

Like I said, she’s wild and ramps it up pretty quick; a third finger, then a fourth, then her thumb. I’m losing my mind - it feels so good. Her hand won’t fit, but I want it to. Then my belly is clenching and I’m screaming her name as my orgasm cramps my body. I scream that I love her and that I want her to do me. I’m finally asking for what I want and I don’t care who hears it.

I come out of the orgasmic storm sweaty and trembling, held tight in her arms as I sob.

“Shhh.” she soothes me, “It’s okay, Red. You’re okay.”

“I’m sorr ...” but her mouth is on mine, pressed tight, her sweet tongue sliding over mine, our mouths wet.

“Don’t ever apologize for your desires and passions, Red.” Chloe says when she pulls back from our kiss. Then she rolls on her side and pulls me to face her, our bellies and breasts pressed tight, noses touching, our conversation intimate.

“How do you want it?” Chloe asks.

“Same as you.” I whisper in her ear, “But I want you to do it to me.”

“It’ll hurt like a bitch.” she warns me, kissing the tip of my nose.

“I’ve practiced with something.” I tell her, “I brought it with me. Hid it outside in the snow.”

“You’ve practiced?”

“I can get it through my cervix right into my womb.” I tell her, “It’s easy to stretch the cervix open.”

Chloe lifts her head and studies my face for a moment.

“Did it make you cum?”

I nod.

“Is it long enough to kill you?”

“I think so.” I say, studying her face to see if she’ll really do it to me, “I want it intimate, just me and you. Please Chloe? Please?”

“You really want this bad.” Chloe says.

I nod.

“Then you should go get this thing and I’ll find a quiet spot to make your wishes come true.” Chloe smiles.

I smile as tears of gratitude well in my eyes. I hug her tight and she hugs back.

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” I say. Then she’s up and helping me to my feet. Then we’re out into the hallway back toward the kitchen. She pats me on my bare bum and when I look back she winks at me.

I only have on a thin top and the cold of the snow bites my bare feet, the wind raises shiver-bumps all over my body. I pad down the back steps of Legend House and I go to the side of the house following my boot prints from earlier. I see the outline of what I hid in the snow and plunge my hand in and grab it. The steel is bitter cold, but the leather grip is less so. I hold it by the grip so I don’t warm up the blade - I want to feel the cold inside me.

I take big steps and run quickly up the stairs and through the door. As I do I realize how many girls have walked through this door tonight and will never walk out. I got to walk out - I could have run and gone home - but instead I come back with the thing that’s going to kill me.

Chloe is waiting for me in the kitchen and I show her what I brought. She takes it in her hands.

“It’s cold.” she says, and looks into my eyes, “What is it?”

“A sai.” I tell her, “I do martial arts and we use those for short swords.”

Chloe examines the small sword - if I hold the grip in my hand, the tip reaches my elbow. It has a long round shaft that tapers to a point, with a hand guard of two curled quillions running parallel to the shaft.

“It’s meant for defense or stabbing.” I say, explaining why it doesn’t have an edge like proper swords.

“Or impaling.” Chloe smiles and I smile back, “Want it warmed up?”

I shake my head, so happy she’s going to do this for me.

“You are a little minx.” she teases me as she hands me back the sai. Then she steps close and peels my top off me, then reaches out and pinches both my nipples, pulling me along as she leads me to an open door in the corner of the kitchen. I smile and drag my feet, pretending to resist and she smiles too and grips my nipples harder to pull me.

“It used to be a pantry.” she says as she leads me inside, “It’s small, but it’s private. Lay down.”

I turn and lay down in the small space as she closes the door. It’s so small that my elbows touch the shelving on either side and I have to bend my knees and rest my feet against the door to fit.

“It’s like I’m already in my little coffin.” I whisper.

“A perfect place for this.” Chloe says as she lays down beside me, making the space even tighter, but it’s intimate, just the way I imagined we would be.

“Spread your legs.” she whispers, “Wider.”

“I’ve fantasized about this.” I whisper back, “About us. About you doing me.”

“Did you masturbate and cum?” Chloe asks as she slides two fingers into me.

“Every time.” I gasp.

“Wet.” Chloe says, her fingers making squishy sounds in side me.

“Yeah.” I say, feeling breathless, “I’m ready ... you can start any time.”

Chloe gently takes the sai from me and turns it, moving carefully. I gasp as I feel the cold sharp tip that she probes and finds my pussy and slides it inside. I love how the cold makes my pussy tighten - this is going to be good.

“Deeper.” I whisper, then I gasp as she pushes it deep. I feel the sharp tip scrape me inside, then she moves it around until I feel the tip slip into the little dent in my cervix.

“... there ...” I whimper.

Chloe pushes it more and I cry out a little as that bitter cold slides up into my uterus. I lift myself up and brace with my hands against the floor.

“... more ...” I grunt, and she gives me more. The cold goes deeper and I feel the cramping start and I make small straining sounds as she fucks me so terribly deep with the sai. She lays half on top of me, her free hand behind my neck as she fucks me.

It’s like she’s making love to me as she slowly kills me and it’s everything I’ve fantasized about. She fucks me deeper and deeper with the frozen steel cramping my belly and keeping me trembling on the edge of orgasm, her breathing getting heavier and her sweet sexy voice making appreciative sounds - she’s getting off on this like I hoped she would.

As I gasp and grunt and cry out I become aware of the painful stretching inside me and the sharp tip pushing so hard against the top of my uterus. I want to cum so bad, but I know I need what comes next to be able to kick off my orgasm.

I’m both scared and excited, my entire body trembling and my belly a knot of sweet cramping muscles. It’s time. Oh god Chloe, it’s time.

“... kill me ...” I beg her. Chloe pushes the sai into me firm and hard and I feel it puncture my uterus, making it throb like a bruise and the cold steel slides deep into my bowels. She pushes it so deep that one of the quillions penetrates my bum hole and the other wraps tight around my mound. I finally cum, and keep cumming. Oh god, I’m impaled and I’m cumming and cumming and cumming.

Chloe tells me she’s getting turned on watching me and I hear girls fucking in the other rooms and one girl downstairs dying, whose moans and cries echo up from the basement through the heating ducts. I wonder if they can hear me too - I feel part of this now ... part of the Orgy. All of it wrapped up in this singular experience of being impaled by my sweet, wild Chloe.

I’m fading as my orgasm fades. Chloe is still grinding the sai inside me but I feel myself calming, my trembling eases and my body slumps.

Is this what death feels like? It’s not so bad. I regret that I never told Chloe I loved her when I first did. Things could have been different. We could have been a couple - lovers. But we are lovers now. Lovers in death. I feel sad that Chloe will die alone downstairs, and I wish I could have been with her as she is with me. I feel her kisses all over my body, and I ...

... wake up shuddering through a gut wrenching orgasm, the sai hard and rigid in my belly. I’m alone in the little room (my coffin) so I know Chloe left me here to go kill herself. The sounds of girls cumming and dying echo through the ducts and the walls. My inner thighs are slick and oily and I realize that even though I lost consciousness, I remained aroused. The sai impaling me kept me on the edge of orgasm and pushed me over at least once while I was unconsious.

I want to get up and go downstairs to join the orgy and find someone to finish me, but I’m afraid to stand up. What if I do and it’s nothing but pain? I like how I feel right now and I don’t want to lose it.

I make small movements, curling my pelvis, feeling the sai moving inside me as I listen to a girl screaming downstairs. It works, I cum again - a long, slow squirming orgasm - and midway through it the pantry door opens and someone comes in.

I know it’s Chloe by her smell.

“... you came back ...” I say weakly, feeling the warmth of my love bloom in my chest.

“I got the guilts, Red.” Chloe says, “I knew you were clinging to life when I left you. I should have stayed and finished you off.”

“You still want to go out this way?” Chloe asks, “I’ve seen a few girls beg to be choked out at the end. It’s easier.”

“... no, finish me ...” I gasp, “... I want ... what you’re going to do ...”

“Okay.” Chloe says and slides an old box off a shelf and moves it between my thighs, bracing it against the closed door, “Sit up.”

I struggle to sit up, feeling the rigid sai inside me, my arms and legs trembling badly as Chloe slides in behind me.

“Now, ease yourself forward.” Chloe says, reaching around and pressing her hand on my chest, “That’s a girl - all the way.” I can feel her breasts against my back, the hot, sweaty skin of her belly.

I slide my bum forward until the grip of the sai ‘thunks’ against the wooden box. The sai presses up deeper into me. I cry out - I feel the pain high up, pressing against my stomach and it makes me feel like I’m going to puke.

“I’m going to make sure you take it all, baby” Chloe coos, “That’s what you really want, isn’t it? You want me to force you.”

“... yes ...” I gasp, “... make me take it ...”

“Masturbate.” she whispers in my ear, “Masturbate like your life depends on it.”

I reach between my thighs and grip the quillion that is keeping my mound caprive, grinding it hard against my clit the way I like it, and Chloe pushes her pelvis against my bum, moving me toward the box, the sai braced tight against it.

I feel my insides clench tight around the sai, the tip so deep, the quillion in my rectum stretching it open until it burns.

“... cumming! ...” I cry out as my core grips the sai and my orgasm makes my belly convulse, “... keeps going ...” I grunt as my orgasm starts to roll.

I feel Chloe slide me tighter to the box. My belly like a fist, clenching the long steel of the sai as though trying to keep it from going deeper. I cry out as I feel the tip puncture my stomach. I grunt then taste blood.

Oh shit, this just got real! She's killing me. She's really killing me.

“... hold it ...” I grunt, suddenly afraid - shiver-bumps dancing across my body.

But Chloe doesn’t hold it - she pushes me even further forward and I feel the wide curve of the quillion stretching my anus with crazy pressure. It burns as it starts to rip the tender skin and ring of muscle, then I feel it give and the whole quillion slides right inside me and the sai slides deeper into my stomach. The pain peaks and so does my orgasm. For the first time I shriek and scream as my pussy and anus are destroyed, and because for the first time I’m scared of what is happening to me.

I want to cry out; Chloe, stop, it's too much ... please stop! But isn’t this what I wanted? Haven’t I spent each night for the past month masturbating as I dreamed of this precise moment? Haven’t I practiced with the sai, pulling it deeper and deeper into my uterus until I bled, edging on the pain each night alone in my bed? But none of that has prepared me for this destruction of my body - my crotch torn and bloody from my pussy to my rectum.

I feel panic rising and briefly the thought of fighting free crosses my mind. As bad-ass as Chloe is, I know that with my martial arts training I could free myself from her, then run down the street until I found someone to call an ambulance and save me. But then I flash on waking up in the hospital with my wounds stitched, knowing that after I ran, Chloe went downstairs and killed herself the same way she’s killing me.

Could I live with that?


Still shrieking, I lift my knees and open my thighs wide. Do it, Chloe. Do it now.

And like she reads my mind, she pushes herself against my back and I feel my perineum rip from my torn anus to my pussy and the sai slides as deep into me as it can, the quillion pinned to my mound, grinding so tight against my clit I can no longer move it.

I’m in pain - agony really - but my orgasm rolls on and on as my muscles shake and my insides quiver. It's the only thing that keeps me going - my rolling orgasm.

Oh shit, I desperately want to die cumming - to come down to all this pain just by itself would be unbearable. Again it’s like Chloe has read my mind, she starts rolling her pelvis, grinding me against the sai, helping me stay with the orgasmic storm in my belly. I feel the long blade moving my impaled stomach, my guts being stirred inside my swelling belly. I want to thank her; I want to tell her again that I love her; but I can only make desperate animal sounds - squealing and grunting.

Then suddenly I feel an intense spasm of pain in my chest and down my inner arm followed by a rush of dimness and dizziness. Oh fuck ... the sai has punctured my heart. I feel like I’m falling backward, sinking into Chloe’s body - absorbed into her flesh. She eases off and I feel the pressure of the sai lessen and the chest pain goes away. But now I can feel a liquid fluttering in my chest and my belly is still clenching and quivering.

I lay my head back, and she nuzzles my ear as she holds me. I just breathe and listen to a girl downstairs dying in pain.

“Oh no!” the girl cries out.

‘Oh no’, indeed. This is death, and I can feel its icy fingers crawling over the skin of my bum and belly and breasts. Death slides its cold fingers around my entire body and begins to pull me from this world, and it’s a peaceful but dreadful feeling. Such peace and bliss and horror coming after all that pain and violence inside me.

But it’s a wonderful thing; the hard part is over.

Chloe still holds me tight to her body and in my growing confusion I wonder if death is taking her too. But as I feel myself fading - as I feel my belly calm - my mind lets go of so many things; my ordered life; my family; my martial arts skills I was dedicated to; my future and Life itself no longer matters ... even Chloe doesn’t matter anymore. She is the one holding my sweaty, broken body against hers, but that is all. In my mind I say goodbye to this body; to the hundreds of orgasms it gave me; to the wonder of experiencing its destruction.

Oh my goodness - I’m slipping away ...

Oh ...