First Girl

by Erotickynk

I’ve been helping Zee and the others move things into Legend house for the Anniversary Orgy; mattresses; chairs; ropes; knives; sharpened poles; Coleman lanterns; portable potties; booze; little stashes of MDMA, and water bottles. I’ve also helped him tidy the place up; get rid of the rat turds and the discarded bottles and needles.

The last thing we moved in today was Charle’s modified Sybian and with that in place all the orgy needed was willing girls and adventurous boys. What we’d planned - what Zee had planned and a bunch of us helped - was to create the stage for the biggest thing that had ever happened in this town. Hell, in this state.

The orgy’s official start was still two hours away, so I sit with Zee, Michael, Sofi, and Brian as we admire our handiwork. We are all in the cellar, and it truly looks like a torture chamber. I think about how many girls were going to die tonight; the screams; the blood; the ecstasy of bodies cut and impaled.

“So, Sofi,” Zee turns to her, “How do you want to be done?”

Sofi laughed nervously, “For sure like Jackie.” she says, her cheeks flushing as she looks at Michael, “Michael is going to do it once I’m high as fuck.”

“Best way to be.” Brian says as he hands her two tabs of MDMA and we laugh as she gobbles them down. But it’s true - most of the girls tonight are either going to arrive high, or get high once they’re here. It’s the only way to face it unless you’re a crazy pain slut.

“How about you, Tamara?” Zee asks me.

“Hey now.” I say shaking my finger at him, “The orgy hasn’t started yet and I told you I’m not sure if I’m going to stick around upstairs or come back in the morning.”

Brian makes chicken sounds.

“What’s stopping you?” Zee asks.

“You know I’m not chicken.” I say, giving Brian a playful kick with the heel of my boot, “I just ... I just don’t want to be around while all the other girls are dying.”

Zee knows what I want; to come back here in the morning to be the last girl, done upstairs where no one is supposed to die.

“Watching other girls die would upset you?” Zee asks, “Even though they want it? Even though you’d be part of it?”

“Yeah.” I answer, scraping a patch down the centre off my beer label with my thumbnail, “Because I know that some are going to change their mind once it starts and is too late. I couldn’t handle that.”

I look up into Zee’s eyes. “The screaming.” I say.

“If you do stay, how would you want it?” Zee asks.

“You know what I want.”

“I want to hear you say it.”

“I’d want to go like Laura.” I say softly, patting my lower belly. Since puberty, what was once flat, tight band of muscle across my lower belly has grown into a permanent little pot - not fat, just a firm permanent bloat. Since learning about Laura, I’ve had fantasies about what Zee did to her and what it would feel like opening my little potbelly. Zee always says that I have a potbelly because there are a lot of things to play with in there.

“Bathtub’s gone.” Sofi says, “Fucking cops.”

“We could do you right now.” Zee says and smiles, “Before anyone else gets here.”

I feel the bottom drop out of my stomach. All three boys and Sofi are looking at me and I realize that Zee set this up.

“Still time to get high and do it.” Zee says, digging in his jacket pocket and pulling out a zippered case, “And there’s a new thing I want to try. It would make it almost painless.”

He opens the case and I see a metal syringe and cartridges full of liquid.

“Local anesthetic.” he says, “Numb your belly.”

I feel shiver-bumps dance over my thighs, bum, and ribcage, and I feel a warm throb in my sex and I know I’m getting wet.

“I was inspired by you, Tamara.” Zee is using his low sexy voice on me as he sidles closer, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and snuggling, lowering his head, bringing his lips close to my ear.

“Our talks ...” Zee whispers, “... how you fantasized about being done like Laura but without the pain. Being able to watch your belly open up. To feel my hands inside you, playing, making you cum like never before.”

Zee nibbles on my earlobe, my neck. His other hand sliding under my jeans to stroke the tight roundness of my lower belly, to push my outie belly button in then slide up under my top to stroke my nipples.

“Oh god.” I whisper. It’s working, the son of a bitch, it’s working.

I open my eyes and reach a hand out in a “gimme” motion to Brian and he drops two MDMA tabs in my palm. I take them and give them to Zee.

“Plug me?” I whisper as I undo and unzip my jeans, pulling them down to my knees. I’m not wearing any panties.

Zee smiles as he licks the tabs to make them wet, then slides his hand between my thighs and finds my bum. He bends and kisses me firmly on the lips, our tongues sliding over each other as I feel him press the tabs against my anus, then push them deep inside my rectum with a finger. It makes me shiver.

I know plugging cuts down the time before it hits you by half, so for the next fifteen minutes Zee and I make out and when it does hit me, I’m naked and sweating. I’m feeling out of it - in a dream, and so sexual. I’m squirming on the cellar floor as Zee finger-fucks me, then suddenly Sofi is there, her arms sliding around me from behind, lifting me into her lap, pinching my nipples. Zee slides out and kneels between my open thighs, taking the syringe out of its case and inserting a cartridge.

I watch as he pokes and injects my lower belly over and over, going shallow just under the skin, making a line from my mound to my outie belly button then retracing it going deep into my belly muscles. I feel that line in my belly grow cold. He saves his last injection for my belly button, pushing the needle deep and emptying the syringe. The sensation is sweetly sharp and dull at the same time and it makes me giggle.

He discards the empty cartridge and puts the syringe away, then goes down on me, taking me right to the edge of orgasm but teasing and pulling away each time I’m about to cum. I giggle at his teasing, the MDMA making me feel so good.

I’m rolling hard now, my body undulating to music only I can hear. I’m being moved, Brian and Mike coming close, Mike and Sofi sliding hands behind my knees, lifting them and opening my thighs wide, Brian supporting my back.

Zee kneels between my open legs and pulls a knife from his belt - it is shiny, gleaming in the lanterns’ glow, the serrated edge sparkling as it reflects the light. This is happening. It’s really happening. Not alone with just Zee, but with three other friends to watch me and help Zee gut me. It excites me, arouses me to the point where I decide I could do this with others, even with other girls screaming and dying around me. But that won’t happen now, instead I will be the first girl to die at the orgy instead of the last.

I feel a pull deep in my sex as that thought sinks in deep - my mortality, my death so near, my belly about to be opened wide. My cunt tightens inside me and I almost cum.

Zee presses the tip of the knife against the tight skin on the lower curve of my belly and slides it back and forth. I can barely feel it. Then he brings the tip to the centre and turns the blade so the serrated edge is downward, pointing toward my cunt.

“Just relax and enjoy.” Zee murmurs as he begins to push.

I watch my belly dimple just above my pubic bone as he presses inward, the dimple getting deeper and deeper. I watch as the knife jumps a little and the tip suddenly pops through my skin and the dimple rises, swallowing the end of the blade, a tiny trail of blood oozing down over my cunt. Zee presses it deeper, pushing it through the band of muscle there and I feel this as a distant dull pressure. I gasp as I feel the cold hard steel push through my oblique muscles to slide inside me, the tip pressing against my bladder and sliding under my large colon.

Zee is looking into my eyes as he presses downward against my pubic bone then starts to saw. The vibration of the serrated edge grinding against bare bone is electric, and sends sparkling sensations through my sex, my cunt clenching hard inside me. It feels like my entire belly is suddenly stuffed tight with writhing snakes moving inside me - it sends shivers and tingles over my body and the feelings are so strong I feel as though I’m going to pass out.

“... too much ...” I gasp breathlessly, “... it’s too much ...”

Zee turns the knife inside me and holy fuck do I feel that. Then he moves it so the serrated edge slides under the band of muscles. He slowly lifts, the blade making a little flesh tent at the bottom of my belly, and he starts sawing. Mike is masturbating as he holds my left leg, and Sofi is smiling as she watches my belly.

I too am watching the progress of the blade, as I make breathless sounds like the kind I make during sex. I’m not completely numb, so I do feel the pressure and the tugging as Zee saws upward toward my belly button. I’m surprised that there’s very little bleeding, and watching my belly coming apart is fascinating - my belly muscles tighten they pull the cut further open and I can see my insides. I’m rolling, so it makes me giggle.

It’s when Zee gets to my belly button that a flare of pain makes me squeal and swear;

“... fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... fuck ...”

So he changes the angle of the blade and slides it across like he’s buttering toast and I feel it sliding across my intestines, then there’s that flare again and he cuts my belly button loose from the inside.

“... fuck ... FUCK ...”

And I strain and clench my belly and it opens wide, my insides plumping up just like Zee said they would - there was just too much in there. Zee sets down the knife and slides his hand inside me, stroking my insides and the sensations are amazing because my insides aren’t frozen. Our eyes meet and I laugh slightly - I’m so high this doesn’t seem real to me, but I guess that’s a good thing.

Zee wraps his hand around my large colon and pulls it up out of my open belly and the sensation of that is huge - I moan as my pelvis curls - such a foreign feeling - so invasive and strangely sexual. Using both hands, Zee strokes it like he is stroking a cock, and it makes my insides tingle and feel like all my intestines are writhing inside me. It’s peristalsis, I know, but this is wilder that those times I’ve had diarrhea making my belly churn.

“... oh fuck ...” I gasp, feeling an orgasm building - something I didn’t think was possible with what Zee is doing to me, “... oh my god ... oh shit ...”

I am gasping now, panting for air, riding my orgasm up the leading edge. A sudden rolling spasm blooms in my guts and I throw up in my mouth a little. I gag it back down, and with it my looming orgasm fades to just arousal.

Zee looks up into my eyes and gently lays my fat large intestine on my left side, then slides his hand back inside me. I am feeling weak and shivery - I’m going into shock at last, despite being high and willing. It’s like my body knows I’m dying and it starting to freak out. I feel pressure on my bladder as he reaches under it and I can’t help it - I piss myself. Then I feel his hand wrap around my cunt and it throbs as he massages it in his fist.

The room is spinning and my vision is blurry, and I feel sick to my stomach. But my orgasm roars back, making me pant and tremble. I’m going to cum. Zee is going to make me cum before I die. I feel everything inside me tighten as it builds and when it hits I strain long and hard, my thighs quivering.

I’m sure it’s only a few seconds, but it feels like it’s going on forever. Maybe my subconscious is clinging to my orgasm because it knows I’m dying and it’s trying to hang on to the only good sensation left in my short life. But whatever it is, I cum harder than I’ve ever cum in my life and when I hit the peak and grunt, the plunge down the other side is swift and dizzying - it’s as though I fall out of my orgasm and slide right into the business of dying. My breath rushes from me, my entire body goes limp, my head falls back. I’m falling. Spinning and falling.

Then I feel Sofi’s soft body supporting my upper back and head, her arms wrapping around me, the slippery feeling of Zee’s hand sliding wetly out of my numbing belly.

“... shhh ...” Sofi soothes me as she strokes my cheek, “... shhh ...”

Slipping into death is so peaceful ...