Legend House - Anniversary Orgy

by Erotickynk


Legend House is deep in my head. I have fallen into a half wakeful state as Zee fucks me rectally with the wine bottle. I feel adrift in a sweet nightmare - the kind only Legend House can provide. There are hot sweaty bodies, smells of sex and blood, and voices of cruelty, of ecstasy, and of agony all around me.

The vents in the room carry the sounds from downstairs that mix with the sounds of rough sex in the bedroom we are in and the one next door. The sounds invade my sexual nightmare and mix with the immense pressure in my belly. I am losing myself in this horror, frightened of it but loving being immersed in my sexual torture along with every other girl in the house. The voices that blend together form a cacophony of male and female, of cries of pain, cries of orgasm, and men talking about inflicting pain and orgasm. The voices of the girls are confusing me - I can’t even tell if my voice is amongst them, and I can’t tell which ones are cumming and which ones are dying. Perhaps it’s both - perhaps the agony of feeling your body destroyed is a form of orgasm. The French call the orgasm “le petite mort” - the little death, so maybe large deaths are large orgasms. If so, maybe the tortured voices I hear are all orgasmic. Zee said dying in pain is bliss, that the body defends against overwhelming pain with overwhelming pleasure.

Some of the girls are cumming - I know because they say it out loud. And the girls I hear vomiting - I wonder if it’s like a total body ejaculation - I wonder if what they are feeling is so intense that it causes them to lose complete control of their bodies. I can smell vomit and piss in the room. This nightmare is the soul of Legend House - an orgy of sexual death and it has painted my body and mind with blood.

I know my rectum is destroyed - I felt my anal sphincter tear as Zee forced the blunt end of the bottle into me, and now I feel the pressure deep in my pregnant belly as he pushes it ever deeper.

I am facedown on the bed, my thighs apart and on my knees, holding my bum up as I sob and moan, rubbing my cheek in the slimy wet spot of cunt mucus and cum. I am aware that I am part of the spectacle - some in the room are watching me and others doing worse to other girls in here. Strangers and friends crowd the doorway, attracted by the tortured sounds that Zee rips from my throat with each thrust of the bottle.

Even in my sexual delirium I know that to my left, Karina’s fat, bloated corpse lays on the floor, her face swollen and purple from her death by strangulation, her inner thighs slick with the mucus of her final orgasms.

I know that to my right, Megan is slumped against the wall, frantically fisting her own cunt as she watches me with hungry eyes. I can hear the frantic squishing sounds and her ragged gasping breathing.

“Oh, Becky!” I hear her gasp as she masturbates like her life depends on it, “Oh god … I want it too … oh god, somebody do me …” It is a refrain she’s been repeating all night.

“Someone do her and shut her up.” a man growls.

“Easy, Turbo.” another male voice cautions him, "Play nice."

The room is lighter now - the night has gone and dawn light is creeping through cracks in the boarded up windows into the upstairs rooms, illuminating our madness. It makes me feel unclean, perverse - a pain whore. People have been fucking, sucking, pissing and puking - and girls have been dying in Legend House for almost twelve hours and now it’s rising to a peak. I think more girls are being murdered right now than in the past twelve hours.

Zee called it an orgy, and he is right - an orgy of perverse sex and death. We allow - even welcome - horrible, painful things done to our bodies because we know we will soon die and the pain will fade in the bliss of dying.

I feel Zee shift on the mattress and the pressure inside me increases as he leans in, pushing the bottle deeper. I feel him moving the baby inside me, stretching my heavy uterus and pushing it upward against my stomach. Foamy bile and saliva rises up my gullet and I gag then heave, puking it up onto the mattress. And instantly I feel the sweet, sharp cramping deep in my lower belly - it’s coming on strong and fast.

“… I’m cumming!” I strain as it hits me in the gut like a fist. I can’t control it; I’m bucking and humping, squirming, and ripping the mattress with my fingernails. I hear my own shrieks like they are coming from someone else, and I become aware that piss is jetting from me. The image of giving birth flashes in my mind - the pain and the ecstasy - the loss of control in an atmosphere of agony. I wonder if this was what Zee had in mind choosing this experience for me. But all rational thought dissolves as my orgasm overwhelms me and muffles the world.

I suppose I lost consciousness, because now I am flattened out and Zee is easing the bottle from my rectum - when it slips out I can feel that my anus stays open; ruined; gaped. I roll on my side to ease the pressure on my bloated belly and slowly come back to the room. I am quivering.

Zee snuggles up against my back, spooning me, his hands stroke my hip and my belly as he coos in my ear;

“Shhh. It’s okay, Becks. It’s okay.” his voice is soothing, a comfort as always, “It’s over, baby. It’s all over.”

In a corner of the room, half hidden in the shadows is the crumpled and twisted body of a girl much younger than me - she barely has breasts. A pool of blood is spreading from her belly and her left cheek lies in a puddle of puke. Her pale translucent skin is mottled with bruises and cuts.

“… don’t lie to me …” I whisper, my voice still hoarse and raw, “… it’s not over and you know it …”

I then become aware of voices from the next bedroom - male and female voices. Men asking if the girls were ready - three female voices; one straining; “Almost” two weak voices tinged with fear saying “… do it … do it …”. Then the wet thuds of knives plunging into human flesh, followed by harsh screams and guttural grunts rising in volume from the other side of the wall - it’s a shitty old house with no insulation so it sounds like they’re right beside me. I imagine that the children in this house could hear their parents fucking and how hearing that may have twisted their little minds. I wonder if that’s what happened to Zee to make him as kinky as he is.

The sounds from next door aren’t simple fucking. Yes, there is an orgasmic tone to some of the straining grunts and I can hear a girl begging to be stabbed harder and one saying she is going to cum. But there’s more than one girl sobbing and gagging in excruciating pain. I can also hear that combination of sharp wet sounds of a knife being plunged into flesh and sawing. It sounds like a massacre in there.

“Breaking all the rules.” I murmur to Zee.

“Shhh.” he soothes me, “This is what they came for.”

“Kate and Kellie?” I ask softly.

“Yeah, and their mom.” Zee answers, “By the sounds of it she just had her last orgasm.”

“And Kellie too, I think.”

I roll over and press my belly against him and look into his eyes, his sweet penetrating eyes. But his face is blurry.

“… my glasses?”

Zee produces them like a magic trick and gently puts them on my face. There, the room comes into sharp focus.

“It’s time to go downstairs.” I whisper, “I want you to take me down there and I want to be a mess when they find me.”

“I will, Becks. But rest for a few minutes.” Zee says softly, and I do. After a few minutes I sit up cross-legged and face him, regaining my strength. I can feel my rectum distend and push through my gaped anus and rub on the rough mattress.

“I’m done, Zee. I’m just done.” I say to him, cradling my belly with my hands.

Zee looks at my round belly.

“It was bad news?” he asks quietly so the others don’t hear. I nod.

“Bad genetic defects. Shit I can’t even pronounce.” I explain, saying the least I can, “The phrase that got me was ‘IF it lives’. IT, Zee. The Doctor called my baby an IT.”

I thought I had resolved it in my mind, accepted it. But repeating those words makes my heart ache and I start sobbing quietly. Zee wraps me in his arms and holds me.

Beside us I hear Megan cumming. Then a man leaning over her.

“Come with me, I know what you need.” he says and I hear Megan rise and go with him. As she passes I can smell her body; sweat, strong cunt, and loose, fucked rectum. I suppose I smell as bad.

I’m exhausted and just want it all over with. I wish I could go to sleep and not wake up.

“Take me now?” I whisper, nuzzling the crook of Zee’s neck. Zee rises and steps off the mattress, then reaches down for my hand.

“Come with me, sweetheart.” and I take his hand and he helps me to my feet. My hips feel out of joint and my legs are weak and shaky. Zee slides an arm around me and snakes his hand into my sweaty armpit to take some of my weight. Naked I walk with him out of the room down the hallway toward the basement stairs.

As we pass the bedroom next to ours, we hear weak gurgling sounds and a man grunting as his hips slap hard against wet flesh. It’s the Bellinger sisters on a filthy mattress, their mom crumpled in a corner, blood still dripping from her open mouth onto her crotch.

The girls have both had their long bellies slit from mound to sternum and are covered with blood. Kate looks peaceful, her eyes closed and making soft mewling sounds as she is rocked by the motion of the bed from the man fucking her little sister.

Kellie is being fucked hard anally and is gurgling with each thrust.

“They look so peaceful.” I whisper to Zee.

“It’s their last moments of life.” Zee says gently, holding me tight, “They’re not feeling any pain. They’re flooded with endorphins.”

I can’t pull my eyes away, in awe that they are still alive after what I heard.

“Remember that night we tried heroin?” Zee asks.

“Uh-huh.” I smile, “It felt like heaven, even though I puked.”

“That’s how they feel right now. They know they’re dying, but they don’t care because it feels so good.”

“Will I feel that?” I don’t know why I need so much reassurance.

“Of course, sweetheart. Come on, let’s go downstairs.”

I go with Zee.

We find Megan on the stairs with her guy. He’s got his arm around her and is leaning into her, pressing her against the wall. Megan is holding a plastic pail between her knees with foul looking liquid in it.

“Drink it, baby.” he is urging her in quiet tones, “It will be epic. You’ll be a legend.”

“It smells gross.” Megan answers and giggles, then seeing Zee and I, asks; “Should I drink it Becks?”

“What is it?” I ask and Zee laughs.

“It’s the cum bucket.” Zee blushes, “We were collecting cum in the first couple hours to see if we could get a girl to drink it.”

“It’s not just cum.” Megan says, swirling the pail.

“No.” her guy admits, “Lots of cum, a fair bit of piss, and some puke from the girls who accidentally swallowed. Come on, Megan. LEGEND! And I have some sparkling rosé to wash down the taste.” He shows her the open bottle.

“Becky?” Megan is looking up at me. I think she wants to, but is worried it’s another prank so people will laugh at her.

“You WILL be a legend, Megan. They always examine stomach contents during an autopsy. Imagine what they will think.” I say and smile at her, “And what have you got to lose?”

Megan smiles, “Okay.”

She tips the pail up to her lips and starts gulping the mess down, gagging and choking.

“Oh my god, Megan, you’re a champ.” Zee tells her and bends down to kiss the top of her head.

As Zee takes my hand we leave Megan and her guy and descend the rest of the way and wind through the basement past girls who have died and girls who are about to.

Blue Hoodie Girl is still alive, I see, and the girl with Breanne’s Dad. Megan is still on the stairs with her guy..

We see Brian fucking a girl from school named Stacey near the Sybian. Zee lightly nudges his foot. Brian looks over his shoulder.

“Finish her.” Zee says and Brian nods and pulls out of her.

“Just Like that?” Stacey says, "Fuck, man."

“Yeah. Just like that.” Zee says and leads me to the Sybian. This is a side of Zee I haven’t seen before - cruel, no empathy. It worries me.

“Don’t worry, Stace.” Brian says, pulling his knife out of its sheath and smiling, “This is going to blow your mind.”

“I’m scared.” I say softly as we walk toward his combination sex and gutting machine.

“I know.” Zee replies, hugging me.

Zee sits me down on a pillow beside the Sybian and has me lean back, propped on my elbows as he injects the freezing into my belly. He makes a series of injections into skin and muscle from hipbone to hipbone, following my bikini line - little sharp needle pains so I don’t feel the violent slash that will rip my belly open and let gravity do its deed. Zee’s taking longer with me than he did with Shelly.

“You’re going slow.” I smile at him, “Trying to delay it? Going to miss me?”

“I don’t want you in too much pain, Becks.” he says without looking up. I feel a warmth swell in my chest and I feel like crying again. This is the Zee I remember, the one who cares about me.

“Zee?” I say in a small voice.


“I really love you.” I say and tears well in my eyes, “Please take care of me when … well, when it happens.”

“I will.”

As he continues to inject me, I watch Brian straddling Stacey’s thighs and pressing the tip of his knife just above her mound.

“Oh wow.” Stacey says, her head lifted as she watches the blade. He presses slowly inward, dimpling her belly making her strain. The tip pops through and she groans in pain.

“… ah god …” she moans and starts panting and grunting as Brian saws the blade shallow, cutting through skin, fat, and her oblique muscles. Her thighs quivering badly, she slaps the floor with the flat of her hands through her ordeal. Soon there is a slit from her mound to just under her belly button and as Brian withdraws his knife, Stacey calms and catches her breath.

Brian sets down his knife and slowly slides his hand inside her wrist deep. Stacey gags as he starts feeling around, exploring until half his forearm is in her. He slides his hand downward, deep inside her. She pisses, gags, grunts, and squirms under his weight. Suddenly she actually pukes up a little then calms. I can see Brian’s forearm flexing and cum squeezes out of her cunt and I realize what he is doing; he’s massaging her g-spot from the inside.

Stacey starts cumming and occasionally puking up foamy saliva and cum.

“… oh my god …” she cries out as she continues to cum, “…so good … so good …”

Soon Stacey starts cumming hard then losing energy. She is trying to stay with us, but she’s losing the battle - her eyes grow unfocussed and her body slumps. To his credit, Brian keeps milking her cunt.

As I listen to Stacey dying I look at the floor around the Sybian; There are puddles of blood, little lumps of yellow fat, and severed sections of curled intestine. In a dark corner I see a large pile of internal organs that someone pushed there. It can’t all be from Shelly, so more than her has ridden the Sybian tonight.

Zee finishes and pats my round belly.

“Relax and get ready.” he says, zipping up his needle case and stuffing it in his pocket, “You’re one of four girls left, we should do this right.”

Then Zee was off, first going to talk to Breanne’s Dad and the two guys who have been fucking and abusing Blue Hoodie Girl then running upstairs. ‘Relax and get ready’ he said. How does one ‘relax’ when all that is left of your life is to have your belly cut open? And how does one ‘get ready’ for that?

I can hear Megan on the stairs, giggling and sounding a bit drunk.

“No more.” she says.

“Come on, Megan, drink a little more.” her guy says, and I can hear the wine sloshing in the bottle “Gotta get all the taste out of your mouth.”

“It’s out, believe me.” Megan laughs, “I’m so full.”

“Drink a little more.” he says, “I need that cute belly full and tight. It’s all part of what I’m going to do to you.”

“Okay.” Megan giggles then I hear her gulping more wine.

The two men that have been working over Blue Hoodie Girl are helping her walk to an open space to my left - she is in high spirits despite the damage to her body - acting kind of manic. She’s unsteady on her feet, grimacing and walking awkwardly while trying to keep her thighs from rubbing. She’s cupping her crotch and her inner thighs are spattered with blood and cum. Her face is bleeding too - they’ve beaten her - and her cheeks and hair are glazed with cum. But she still looks eager to continue - I’m guessing she’s a true masochist.

Breanne’s Dad brings his girl and two chairs over to a spot to my right. He sits her down and ties her hands behind the back of one of the chairs and ties a leather gag across her open mouth. She doesn’t resist. Megan and her guy come and stand across from me, leaning on an old counter top. He fondles her breasts and massages her crotch.

I feel a rush of shiver-bumps tingle across my thighs and bum, and a tug deep in my sex as I realize what Zee is doing - he has set the stage for the final act of the orgy; the last four girls will have an audience.

Zee comes back downstairs with seven other guys following him. He tells them to find a place to sit and stands in the centre as they do. He looks at Breanne’s dad.

“Charles? If you’ll do the honours?” Zee smiles. Breanne’s dad - Charles - hefts his bulk up out the chair and walks to a corner, coming back with a cooler that he sets down and opens. He pulls a green bottle out and presents it to the small crowd.

“Heineken?” he says, and begins passing bottles out to everyone, even us girls, even though I’m the only one who takes one.

Zee lifts his beer in a toast;

“Here’s to an excellent anniversary orgy!” he says to all of us. Some cheer, many tap the necks of their bottles with their friends.

“It took a lot to organize this, but the satisfaction of happy party-goers is it’s own reward.” Zee says, “I’m proud that not one girl tried to leave once she got here. I’m even more proud that most of the girl’s I watched had a final orgasm before they went out - good job guys! And for those who don’t know, we have a new legend for Legend House. Megan! Come on and take a bow.”

Megan skips to the centre of the floor, smiling at the attention.

“Megan drank the cum bucket!” Zee announces, and the guys applaud her as she pushes her belly out and pats it. It does look bloated and tight.

“Make sure she goes out with a bang, Craig! I want to see her thighs quivering at the end.”

“I promise.” Craig replies to Zee, then to Megan; “Come here, my sweet girl.”

Megan runs back to him and he wraps an arm around her, his hand fondling her breasts. Megan is relishing the attention Craig is giving her.

“Now it’s time to close this night off.” Zee continues, “The sun is up, twenty-two girls have died sweetly, we’re all tired, all the girls and all of you have done an sweaty night’s work.”

I’ve finished my beer quickly and the sexual excitement building in the room is turning me on. We four girls are not only going to commit sexual suicide, but we’ll be doing it in front of a room full of men. With that thought my arousal starts to build and my inhibitions fade. Instant slut with no guilt tomorrow.

“Tomorrow, twenty-six missing persons reports will be filed with our Police Department.” Zee goes on, “At some point, some bright light will come search Legend House and what they find here will go global in the media. Without knowing who we are, we will be famous for the most perverse sexual mass murder in history of twenty-six young beautiful girls.”

I lay on my side and reach behind me and toy with my asshole - though it’s closed up a bit, it is still gaped and slimy with intestinal mucus. Zee is looking at me, so I pick up my empty beer bottle and slide it up into my rectum as I give him my best slutty look. He smiles.

“It’s time for our grand finalé - and we’ve saved the best for last. Four special girls to honour the four original Legend House Girls. I’m saving Becks for the last act, so who wants to be first of the final four?”

Blue Hoody Girl raises a shaky hand.

“I will.” her voice is strong, but tremulous, “I want to get it done. I want to ride that pipe.”

Zee turns to her and kneels in front of her.

“You need some fluffing, sweetheart?” he asks, stroking one of her nipples.

Blue Hoody Girl smiles.

“I appreciate it, Zee, but the pain will make me cum.”

Chalk one up for Becks - as I thought; she is a true masochist.

“Good girl.” Zee rises and as he walks toward me, I pat the floor beside my shoulder. He sits and I rise up on my knees and lean forward and unzip his jeans.

Blue Hoodie Girl’s two guys help her to lay down on the floor, then as one grabs her ankles and lifts them high and wide, the other retrieves the rusty steel pipe they’d worker her over with for over an hour. With four fingers, he loosens her cunt.

“She won’t last long.” Zee says softly to me as he pulls out his cell phone and keys up a stopwatch app.

“Thank god I can have multiple orgasms.” she giggles, “Cuz I’d probably be dead by now.” She must be starting to feel the icy fingers of terror because her voice is too loud and too eager. I pop Zee’s already swollen cock from his boxers and take it deep in my mouth. It presses past the root of my tongue and into my throat. I gag a little, but don’t back off - a little public puking doesn’t matter anymore.

The guy with the pipe brings it to her crotch and with one steady push, he presses it deep into her cunt. Zee starts the stopwatch. Her guy begins to fuck her with it, with deep strokes, sometimes slow strokes, sometimes quick painful thrusts. It doesn’t take long for her to cum nor does it take long for her to die …

Her first orgasm hits her within seconds - she is loud as her guy pushes it deep, and her orgasm is intense and long. She kicks and struggles her way through it. As she comes down, they lower her legs and turn her on her belly. They help her up to her knees, bent forward, each holding one of her hands to steady her - the pipe still deep in her cunt.

Zee’s cock is rock hard and he’s starting to move his hips, throat fucking me. I gag hard and puke up some cold beer that flows past my lips and over his balls.

With one of her guys bracing the end of the pipe to the floor with a boot, Blue Hoodie Girl lifts herself, easing herself down on the pipe. She starts screaming again as she does and it sounds like a combination of orgasm and pain. Her belly muscles clench hard and she slides down the pipe a few inches - it must be in her uterus now, or ripped through her cunt into her abdomen. If it is an orgasm, it doesn’t last very long. One of her guys steps behind her and I know what he’s about to do, I think Blue Hoodie Girl knows it too because she starts rubbing her wet mound frantically.

Zee makes a sweet quivery moan and strokes my hair with a shaky hand. I press down until my nose is mashed against his lower belly, my chin pressed against his balls. I feel the neck of the beer bottle sliding outward from my rectum but the fat part stays in.

The guy standing behind Blue hoodie Girl lays his hands on her shoulders and pushes her down, her bum inching toward the floor. Her eyes flash wide open as she feels herself sliding down the pipe - and no doubt feeling it moving deep inside her belly where nothing has ever moved before.

“Oh … god … fuck yeah …” she cries out in a tremulous voice, then breathy; “I’m-gunna-cum-I’m-gunna-cum!” and she slides all the way down the pipe as she pulses through the final orgasm of her short life. It’s over quickly for we who are watching, but I imagine for her it went on for an interminable time - lost in a flood of pain and ecstasy in the last seconds of life.

Blue Hoodie Girl sits on the floor now, her legs apart, bent at the knees. The imbedded pipe is making her sit upright as she gasps for air and makes little whimpering sounds. No more giggles. No more false bravado. No more loud enthusiasm to mask her fear. Her hands drop to her sides, knuckles hitting the floor. Her belly slumps flaccid and round, even her once tight little bum has softened and is flattened out under her slight weight. She stares ahead at nothing and her breath hitches in her chest. I feel a wave of shiver-bumps over my thighs and belly, knowing I’m watching another girl dying and I wonder; what does she see? what does she feel? As her eyelids start to flutter, her eyes roll up in her head and she flops over, her head hitting the floor hard.

Zee shows me the stopwatch app - one minute and thirty seconds from insertion to death. As he predicted, she didn’t last long, but then again; neither does he …

Dropping his phone, Zee moans loud and arches his back, his cock pulsing in my mouth and his cum jetting down my throat. I swallow rapidly and continuously so I don’t choke. Once he is spent, I suck the length of his cock clean and sit up on my heels. I had forgotten about the beer bottle, and when my bum presses down against the floor, it presses up into me deeper. I make a small murmuring sound - it feels good in there; sweet pressure in my belly.

“You’re the best, Becks.” Zee says as he strokes my nipples.

“I bet you say that to all the girls you kill.” I smile at him, then whisper; “Keep going.”

“I think we’ll go next, if that’s alright.” says Charles, moving his chair so he is off to one side, facing his girl.

Zee strokes his hand down over my fat belly and cups my crotch, sliding two fingers into my cunt as he nuzzles my neck.

“You’re wet.” he whispers.

“I’m absolutely slimed.” I admit as he starts grinding his fingers into me.

Charles strokes his girl’s belly with the tip of his knife.

“Are you ready?” he asks her. She nods.

As Zee slides a third finger into me, Charles presses the knife deep into the girl’s belly - we all watch it slide slowly hilt deep into her abdomen between her little rolls of fat. She squeezes her eyes closed and makes a long weak squealing sound as he pulls her face to his chest, grinding and twisting the blade inside her.

Is this what she wanted? I wonder, is this what she banked on as she clung to him all night?

Zee pushes a fourth finger into me and I lean back placing the palms of my hands behind me for support. He’s loosening my cunt like he loosened my asshole upstairs.

Charles pulls the knife out of his girl’s belly, leaving her gasping for air. She’s quivering now, in distress but seeming to want more.

“Again?” Charles asks her, “I can end it quick if you want, or we can keep going.”

“Again.” she gasps past her leather gag, nodding her head, “Do it again.”

Charles changes the angle of his knife and pushes it downward into her lower belly. She shrieks and tightens up, curling around the pain as he once again pulls her face to his chest. Charles is a fat man with a soft body, I can imagine the comfort she is feeling from being held so tight against his thick, soft, upper body.

Zee forces his thumb into me as well and pushes. He has fisted and fucked my rectum and cum in my throat - might as well make it a trifecta.

“Do it.” I gasp, my body hungry for pain and abuse before I experience my ultimate pain and abuse. He pushes harder … and harder. I squeeze my eyes shut and grimace, hissing my breath through gritted teeth.

“Push out, Becks.” Zee urges me, “Push out.”

And I push like I’m constipated. I strain and grunt, I fart, I piss all over his wrist and the floor. I know people are watching me and I don’t care anymore. They want a show? I’ll give them one. I let go of the last of my inhibitions and find the freedom of surrendering to my most basic sexual animal nature. It seems to take forever, but at last I feel my cunt swallow Zee’s hand whole, once past the knuckles it slides into me and Zee forms a fist inside my lower belly.

“… fuck me …” I gasp weakly, but I’m feeling my sexual hunger growing and with it my voice grows to a shriek; “Fuck me. Fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me-FUCK-ME!”

And Zee does. He starts fist-fucking me until he is pounding deep, slamming into my tight, baby-bloated uterus, sending shockwaves up my core to cramp my stomach. My arms lose their strength and I fall flat on my back, my toes curling as waves of orgasmic cramping engulf me. In these moments I live for his fist slamming inside me - there’s nothing else in my universe. I hear myself scream like a trapped animal and I am lost … so lost.

Again, I must have lost consciousness, because I slowly regain my senses as I feel Zee gently slide is hand out of me. I open my eyes and see that the girl is dead - Charles’ knife handle protruding from the left cup of her black bra. He gave her that mercy in the end.

“Her heart?” I ask Zee.

“Yeah.” he answers as he playfully smears my own sticky cunt mucus on my lips with two fingers, “She couldn’t take anymore. Begged him to end it. She took seven deep stabs though, the last one through her cunt. He sliced her clit on the way out and she came hard.”

“I’m sorry I missed it.” I say, sitting up cross-legged, “How long was I out?”

“Few minutes. You passed out mid-orgasm.” Zee explains, “I thought you died.”

“I wouldn’t be the first.” and we both laugh softly. Zee studies my face for a moment.

“Are you really okay with doing this?” he motions with a toss of his head toward the deadly Sybian.

“I have to admit that I’m scared, Zee. Every few minutes it hits me and it feels like ice in my bowels.” I answer softly, “I mean for all us girls this is it. All the girls tonight, coming here meant they were coming to an orgy they wold never leave. Coming here means I’m going to die. Hopefully one final orgasm in the middle of the pain and then feeling yourself dying, then … nothing. No more tomorrows. No more orgasms. No more anything. So, yeah - I’m scared.”

Craig and Megan have been sitting on an old counter top, watching Blue Hoodie Girl then Charles’ girl die. Well, Craig has been sitting and Megan has been squirming beside him as Craig uses his fingers to keep her on the edge. I hear him whisper;

“It’s time, sweet girl.” then hops down, and helps her down.

He backs against the wall beside the counter top and draws her into his arms, turning her so her back is to him and she’s facing us. He nuzzles her neck.

“Are you scared?” he asks gently.

“I’m really scared.” she answers in a shaky voice, but she still has her unique goofy smile on her face.

“I promise I’ll make it the most intense thing you’ve ever felt.” he whispers as he strokes her belly. I see that it is still bloated, so I suppose her digestive system has shut down, maybe because of the fear, but most likely because you can’t digest that much cum, piss, and other girl’s puke no matter how much sweet wine you wash it down with.

Craig picks his knife up off the counter and reaches around with both hands and caresses her belly with it. Megan lays her hands over his, staring down at the blade. She starts breathing fast and shallow.

“Ready?” he asks.

“… yes? …” she says in a small, hesitant voice.

He slowly pulls the knife into her. I see it her flabby belly dimple as the tip pushes into her.

“… okay … please stop …” she whimpers in a weak voice. But he doesn’t.

The dimple in her upper belly gets deeper. Megan whimpers. Craig pulls it steadily into her until her skin pops and the tip slides in through her layer of fat.

“… oh …” Megan sighs - it wasn’t as bad as she thought. Craig continues to pull it into her and Megan grunts as it parts her abdominal muscles then slides deep into her belly. Her legs shake and she leans forward as a small gush of puke spatters on the floor.

Craig lets her rest for a moment, then starts working the blade, pulling it partway out, changing the angle and pulling it back in.

To her credit, Megan doesn’t scream or even complain once it starts, just gasps and grunts softly, patiently letting him do his work on her. With him at her back, Megan’s eyes are bright, looking down at his hands and the blade moving into her, closing them only occasionally on difficult penetrations. I am puzzled at first why Craig keeps easing the blade out, and carefully pulling it into her, angling ever upward. But then it dawns on me; I suddenly understand why he got her to drink the cum bucket then filling her belly with wine - he’s probing for her heavy bloated stomach.

It takes a few moments, but he finds it. By his slow careful movements I can see he doesn’t want to puncture it right away, just keeps probing until he feels the resistance and she gags. Megan’s eyes widen and a smile flickers on her face - she too has realized what he is doing. Megan slowly pushes her belly outward, welcoming what is about to happen. Craig starts teasing her stomach with the blade’s tip until she curls forward, lifting one leg and vomiting hard. He keeps the knife inside her and continues to play with her, making her puke again and again. I feel a tug deep in my sex as I watch; his use of the knife is very sensual and Megan’s reactions, though growing desperate, are very sexual. As I watch, I see clots of milky mucus dripping from her cunt; she’s cumming as she vomits.

After a few moments Craig leans forward and kisses Megan under the left ear - I suppose he decided that it was time to give Megan her final rush. Grasping the knife handle in both hands, Craig pulls it deeper - inward and upward - puncturing her stomach and lifting her feet off the floor. Megan leans forward, letting him take her weight, impaling herself on the knife. Her reaction is immediate - she strains and vomits violently, over and over. The milky clots dripping from her cunt grow larger, forming small puddles between her curling toes. Her thighs are quivering badly now, so she wouldn’t be able to stand if she tried.

Megan vomits herself dry, and continues to heave as Craig gently lowers her to the floor and slides the knife out of her belly. She stops dry-heaving and - laying in puddles of her own puke and girl-cum - she cups her sex and squeezes herself hard. Craig kneels behind her and strokes her hair.

“Good girl.” Craig soothes her, “I’m here, Megan. I won’t leave you.”

Megan grunts as she cums again and sobs at his kindness, her mouth forming a rictus smile.

“Lift your chin, sweetheart.” Craig says, gently touching the under side of her jaw. Megan does. She seems to know what he’s about to do and clenches her jaw.

“One little cut.” Craig assures her as he slips the knife into her throat and opens her jugular. Blood jets hot and bright and she whimpers as she feels it.

Craig bends and kisses her cheek and continues to stroke her hair, as he reaches between the flabby cheeks of her bum and fingers her anus.

“It’s okay, Megan. I’m still here.” he coos softly as Megan slowly dies - the pulses of blood from her throat getting weaker, “There’s lots of love for you here. We all love you, sweetheart. It’s going to be alright in a couple minutes. No more worries, no more disappointments, no more fear. Just go to sleep, baby.”

And she does. One moment she’s cumming with her eyes squeezed shut, the next, her eyes open, lids drooping and she stops breathing - a puddle of piss spreading under her bum.

Megan’s death was both perfect and beautiful. It was the best possible end to her shitty life - the orgasmic intensity of vomiting violently as she rode a blade deep in her belly while her cunt pushed out globs of girl-cum from her rolling orgasms, followed by Craig soothing her and letting her know she was loved.

I can’t take my eyes off her peaceful face. Suddenly Zee pats the underside of my swollen belly.

“Do you need a top up?” he asks, cheerfully.

“Huh? What?” I stutter as I’m pulled out of my thoughts.

“The freezing. Are you still numb?”

I reach down and rake my nails across my bikini line, “Yeah, it’s good.”

Zee sits gazing at me. I look around the room and everyone is watching me.

“It’s time, Becks.” Zee says gently, laying a hand on my knee. Those words and that touch hits me all at once - I’m now the last girl in Legend House and it’s my turn to die.

I suddenly realize I was fooling myself all night, thinking this was like a roller coaster or the house of horrors at a fair - something that is pretend, that you know is pretend but it gives you the thrill of the shadows of real fear. Just a taste … a hint. Not the bitter, gruesome and potent vileness that is the bloody meat of real terror.

I had been playing at it all night as though it were a game, a fantasy for fun, nothing more. Something to observe while masturbating or indulging in perverse thrilling acts that cramped my belly in sexual ecstasy. Orgasms stolen from the final ordeal of other girls, their sensations being visceral and final, while mine were the clotting blood sucked from their dying bodies like a vampire feasting.

I feel a frigid cold spread through my belly. Shiver-bumps, now magnified, engulf me - not just the light dancing tingles across my thighs, bum, and belly that I’d been feeling all night - these are like electric fingers that burn my skin like ice from the tips of my toes to the prickling skin of my scalp. I feel my bowels come alive like writhing worms and my stomach churns and tightens. I start trembling and suddenly feel weak. It didn’t seem real before, even when I watched the other girls. Now it’s REAL - it’s fucking REAL. Terror quickly becomes a riot in my mind - I don’t want to die - I want to go home - my safe little home, in my safe little bed where nothing bad happens. I wish I’d never come here - I wish I could go back - oh mommy, no-no-no-noooo …

“Zee… ?” is all I can muster with my weak, tremulous voice.

“I know, Becks.” Zee strokes my thigh, “But you won’t be scared after it starts.”

“I don’t want it to start.” I’m starting to panic, speaking breathlessly, starting to pant, feeling dizzy, “Please …”

“Becks …”

“… I can’t do it … oh Zee, please help me …” I’m trying to get up but I’m shaking badly and feel so very weak.

“Come on, Becks. Let’s get you on the Sybain.” Zee says as he tries to help me up.

I’m still trying to get my legs under me, but it’s like I forgot how to control my body and Zee can’t lift me by himself. I start to cry.

“She’s really scared.” Zee explains to the other men as he wraps an arm around me and tries to get me to my feet. I can’t breathe and my vision is crystal sharp but not focused on anything. The room is suddenly too bright and it’s so foreign, making me feel too exposed.

I am sobbing now, and I’ve given up trying to make my legs work. I flop down on my side and curl up in a ball, shaking violently. I feel lost in an icy womb of panic and terror. How am I going to get up? How am I going to get on the Sybian?

I sense movement around me, then hands are grabbing hold of me, gripping my arms and lifting, gripping my legs and pulling them apart. I whimper as I am lifted in the air and carried, the hands are too strong - this IS going to happen.

I am being lowered, hands still gripping my arms holding them out to the sides, other hands cradling my thighs, spreading them, hands gripping my ankles to keep me stable. I feel fingers opening my cunt and guiding the thick round dildo inside me - it hurts - I’m still slimy inside but my cunt is clenched. They lower me down onto the saddle, bending my knees, my shaking hands guided to the front edge of the Sybian. As my bum settles on the saddle I feel the beer bottle pushed deeper inside my rectum once more. Hands stay on my back, holding me there.

I hear and feel the Sybian come to life - it quivers inside me. I see Zee holding the controls and slowly turning up the vibrations. At first it burns, but gradually smoothes out and my sobbing winds down as the vibrations increase. I don’t want to, but I’m feeling it - my arousal is coming back. Zee turns on the rotation and the ball starts rotating in my cunt. It squirms inside me and I feel two things with each rotation; at the back it presses the flesh at the floor of my cunt against the hardness of the bottle in my rectum, amplifying the vibration; and at the front it presses and excites my g-spot.

Zee increases the vibration to a higher pitch and the rotation to larger and faster circles. I’ve stopped sobbing, but my breath is still catching in my throat as I pant. I think this would be easier if I had gone first, knowing that the other girls were going to die after me; knowing that they were watching how brave I was, like they were brave. But Zee didn’t choose that - he chose me to be the last girl, and I’m failing at this like I failed at life.

“There’s my Becks.” Zee says with a smile in his voice, “Remember; lower your hands to the floor when you’re ready.”

When I’m ready? Will I ever be ready for the violence this machine is going to do to my body? I want to stop but I can’t find my words - the Sybian is getting to me. I know that my building sexual arousal is my death sentence. Zee ups the vibrations and rotation, and I pass into that zone of sexual arousal that is deep in the realm of wet dreams. I start to feel like I’m entering an irresistible nightmare and being gutted is the inevitable culmination of that nightmare. Will it hurt? Will it kill me fast? Shelly took a long time to die, will I? I feel an orgasm building inside me, my cunt and belly slump and grow sloppy as the sexual tension builds. I hear the spattering of fluid on the saddle as I piss myself again and I just don’t care.

I am panting still, but now from the sexual sensations inside me.

“… oh … my … god …” I gasp softly. And then it happens; as though I have no will to stop myself I lean forward and reach out for the floor to hold myself up on my fingertips. Zee lets me build further for a few more seconds - it feels like long minutes, but I know time gets stretched on the way to intense ecstasy. I’m going to cum. Oh god, I’m going to cum.

Suddenly I hear the ‘SHING!’ of the blade and feel the impact as it rips through my belly halfway between my cunt and belly button. It hammers a shockwave right up my core and I feel like I’m going to puke. I hear and feel a gush of liquid from my numb belly - the amniotic fluid in my uterus is released all at once.

Then I feel the most amazing thing; the wide cut across my lap slowly opens like a soft mouth and gravity pulls on my insides. I feel my intestines slowly slump then slither out of me, the weight of my unborn child falls out of me and thuds the floor leaving me feeling hollow. Everything left inside me is moving, slithering downward to dangle out of me. I feel the pressure and weight I’ve been carrying my whole life slide out of my belly. I heave and feel it pull up on my stomach, making the ropes of guts hanging out of me jiggle.

My reaction is delayed - the sensations are coming too fast - they overwhelm me, but I find my voice and start to scream. The vibration and rotation inside my ruined cunt and my entrails hanging from my ruined belly send me into a sexual frenzy, and now that I’m in it - I’m in it. Zee was right; once it starts the fear is gone. I’m high on endorphins, and so aroused that I cycle through orgasm after orgasm, each more powerful than the last. And Zee helps …

I feel him pick up my descending colon and stroke it like a cock, the sensations tingling through my core - I try to clench muscles that are disconnected and can only quiver.

I swear, I cry, I sob and pant and scream my way through a series of cramping orgasms. My body is ravaged and torn apart - I willingly gave myself up to this. - and I know that when these desperate, toe-curling orgasms wind down, so will I. I’m already dying and I don’t fucking care, I’m living in this singular moment and I know that when I die I won’t know I’m dead. I’ll have no awareness of those who continue living, of my town that will grieve us girls. I will feel no guilt, nor sorrow, nor pain. I will just cease to be - Legend House has me now.

It feels like hours, but I know it’s only been a couple minutes. I suddenly feel a low simmering anxiety under my orgasms. I open my eyes and see that my audience is masturbating, some cumming and jetting ropes of pearly cum onto the floor. But my vision is going - there’s a darkness creeping in around the edges. My voice starts to sound like it’s coming from far away. My body starts to feel distant.

This is what dying feels like.

My loud cries and screams degrade to whimpers and weak grunts. My hands grow numb. My bum grows numb. I feel a sickness in my stomach, then feel it harden into a tight ball, pushing bile and foamy saliva up my gullet to flow over my tongue and out my mouth. I let my head hang down and watch myself throw up onto the puddle of my guts without effort.

My arms start shaking badly then give out. I fall forward, the dildo ripping out of my cunt as I pitch facedown into my vomit covered viscera, my body overbalancing on my limp left knee making me fall onto my side. My glasses are knocked from my face. Peace floods my body and mind and I hear Zee silence the Sybian.

This is what dying feels like.

It doesn’t hurt, although I feel hollow in body and mind and I’m so tired; so sleepy. A hand brushes the hair from my face and out of the corner of my pukey mouth then strokes my cheek gently. I can hear Zee’s gentle voice but I can’t understand what he is saying. As my vision tunnels more, I stare at Charles’ left running shoe only because it’s in front of my face; it is electric blue with a blurry lime green logo on it. I hear him growl and his cum spatters my face, some clouding my vision as a glob lands in my right eye

This is what dying feels like.

Another soft wave of anxiety floods my chest, then I realize it’s my heart beating irregularly, struggling to keep me alive. Why bother? I close my eyes and let go and the anxiety fades and so does the sensation of my fluttering heart.

This is what dying feels like.

It’s like falling asleep … in my new forever home … Legend House.