by Erotickynk

I stand facing the cracked and crumbling brick wall like he told me to. I can feel the grit and grime sticking to the soles of my feet - I stepped in something wet and sticky while he was leading us down here and I think it was blood. I know that the four legendary girls died here, but I wonder if there have been others - girls keep disappearing from this town and most are listed as runaways, so I wonder about this place.

The cool damp air of the cellar feels good on my sweat slick skin after the heat of being upstairs in this sealed up abandoned house. Itís high summer, and the sun beats down on old houses like this and they hold the heat. The heat brings out other things too - smells. Old smells. This cellar smells musky, like old sex and blood.

I hear Casey moan. Itís a long shuddering moan - weak and a little whiney.

"... too much ..." I hear her gasp.

I keep my nose touching the wall because Iím afraid to look. The sounds I can hear make it easier for me to obey him - I really donít want to see what heís doing. Casey is grunting and moaning and making wet gagging sounds behind me. And his voice is soft and deep and almost hypnotic;

"Thatís a good girl. Just a little deeper. There. Oh my, youíre such a good girl."

Casey is a good girl.

Iím a scared girl.

I can hear the scraping sounds of her squirming on the filthy floor and heís doing something to her that sounds wet and squishy.

"Mugh!" I hear Casey grunt, then a splattering sound and a cough. I think she just threw up.

"Itís okay, baby. Itís okay. Just let it happen."

When it started ... when he started with Casey ... I could hear them speaking softly. He made me stand facing the wall and laid her down on the filthy floor. She was answering him then, her voice gentle, her tone betraying some fear, but also sexuality. He was doing things to her then too, but gentler things - she would sigh once in a while, and twice she began to pant and whimpered and swore. I think he made her cum.

But as it went on, the things he was doing made her cry out and it wasnít long before she couldnít find her words. Sheís been panting and moaning and making strained mewling sounds for a while now.

The cellar was cleaned out after the four bodies were discovered last year. The rumour was that Lauraís bathtub was sold for ten thousand dollars to a collector in New York, but the other stuff was kept as evidence. I donít know if that story is true or not, lots of rumours in our town.

I hear a gurgling grunt and another loud splatter of liquid. Then a prolonged shuddering groan and a wet pattering sound. I steal a quick glance over my shoulder - he is partially blocking my view so all I see are Caseyís milky thighs, slick with sweat, shaking so badly that they are vibrating and slapping together. Her back is arched, her heels scraping against the filthy concrete floor and she is pissing herself.

And thereís blood.

I turn back to the wall to stare at the bricks and I hear that his voice is more excited now;

"Yeah. Ride it, baby. Thatís it! Ride it! Ride it all the way."

Casey grunts hard and I hear her thighs slapping together as they close, her wet, sweaty skin pattering against the concrete, and I hear her body thrashing in the filth of the floor, her nails scraping the concrete.

"... oh gawwwwwd ..." Caseyís moan is long and strained.

"Okay, itís almost over now. Just a few more strokes, honey. Close your eyes and just let it happen."

I hear Casey moan like a dying animal, then nothing but her ragged, wet breathing for long minutes.

Casey and I came here because we were curious. We wanted to see where the girls died, but once we pulled one of the sheets of plywood away from a backroom window and squeezed through the narrow gap, we couldnít work up the courage to come downstairs. So we stayed upstairs and talked about how Laura and the others died, and that made us horny, so we started to play. And thatís how he found us; Our tops pulled up and our bras all twisted out of the way; and our hands in our summer shorts having a contest to see who could cum first.

But he was a real hottie, and sweet and playful about catching us like that. And our half-nakedness seemed fun, so we dropped our shorts and stepped out of them and joked with him about live girls being better than dead girls.

"Come." heíd said, reaching out to take our hands, "Let me show you where it happened."

And he took us downstairs to the cellar ... to this.

I gasp as I feel his hands on my hips. Caseyís breathing is wet and shallow behind us.

"Put your hands against the wall. Down low, where the ledge is." he whispers as he pulls on my hips, "Step backward. Thatís it. Now spread your feet."

I do what he says, but Iím shaking and I feel awkward. Stepping back and bending over at the waist, I slide my trembling hands down the rough brick wall. I fumble trying to find the ledge in the dim light, and when I do, I let my weight come down on my hands. He guides my hips back until I over-balance and lean forward until my forehead is pressed against the bricks. He pushes my feet further apart firmly with his boot. I feel the folds of my bum and crotch open to the cool damp air of the cellar. Iím exposed.

His hands are warm and moist as they stroke across my bum and his thumbs slide into my bum crack. He pulls it open wider. I feel him move and Iím pretty sure heís examining me by the light of the little lantern he brought.

"Itís perfect, baby." he says and I can hear the smile in his voice.

"My name is Cara." I say softly, my voice trembling a bit. I donít know why I want him to know my name, I just do.

"Alright, Cara. Iím Zee."

"Did you kill the girls?"

"Just one." he pauses, as though heís considering how much to tell me. "Laura." he says at last. Laura is the one everyone talks about the most - she left a suicide post on gurochan that someone copied before the cops made them take it down. Everyone at school got it texted to them by someone. It described what she wanted done to her and how she imagined it would feel. Laura was way braver than I feel right now. My tummy is in a knot and my legs are trembling.

"Is Casey dead?" I whisper as I feel his fingers stroking up and down the crease of my bum.


On cue, as though she heard us, I hear Caseyís weak straining grunt.

"Did Laura cum like she wanted?"

"Yes, she did."

"Did Casey cum?"

"Three times." I hear a soft laugh in his voice, "Hell, she might have one more in her."

I shiver as I feel his warm hands slide over my hips and waist and up my ribs and I feel him press his chest against my back. His hands cup my breasts and he strokes them with his cupped palms.

I feel his breath on my ear and my cheek.

"Itís okay, Cara." he whispers sensually, "Casey felt good. She felt good all the way through it. And even now, sheís not in pain. She just feels ... open."

Zee twirls my nipples and nibbles my earlobe and I close my eyes, feeling the tingling from my nipples right down to the core of my sex. Horniness competing with fear - I donít know which will win.

"And Iím going to make you feel good too, Cara." he whispers and kisses my ear.

And I believe him. As scared as I am, I want to believe him.

He repositions himself and his right hand lifts from my body. I hear a metallic sound, the sound steel makes when it is dragged across concrete. Then I hear a soft Ďtinkí from my right and I open my eyes and look.

Itís a round steel bar about as thick as my thumb with a sharp point - it has a twist at the end like the end of a corkscrew. Heís leaned it against the wall beside me.

His right hand returns and finds my right breast and I feel his left slide down my ribs and over my hip. I feel his fingers slide down the crease of my bum, over my anus then stroke the lips of my sex. My cunt.

He teases me open, and I feel the clear mucus ooze from inside me as my cunt lips part.

"Oh, Cara." he whispers, "Youíre a horny little thing arenít you?"

I am a horny little thing. Itís odd and a little overwhelming; Iím scared, but itís making me excited. Very excited. I hear Casey moan and gurgle on the floor behind us and it sends shivers up my back.

"Does it hurt, Casey?" I whisper, dreading that I might hear the wrong answer, but I have to hear it from her.

"... not so much ..." Casey moans, then grunts again like someone kicked her.

I feel his fingers press against my cunt and - just like that - two slide deep into me then curl and find my g-spot. Itís my turn to grunt as he begins to massage me inside. I feel my cunt tighten then loosen as he starts working me.

"Feels good, Cara?"

" ... feels so good ..." I gasp, feeling breathless and dizzy.

"Let me know if youíre about to cum, honey. I donít want you to cum too soon." he says as he starts finger fucking me faster. I let myself get lost in the feelings ... my cunt growing looser and wetter, my arousal building fast. I can hear the squishy sounds as he works me - Iím opening up for him. I feel like such a slut and that makes me hornier.

I am panting now, my breathing shallow and fast. I feel Zee moving as he keeps fingering me and I hear the metallic scraping sound. I know what is coming and part of me is terrified and part of me wonders what it will feel like. Jackie knew what it feels like, but her steel was way thicker than the one Zee has.

I feel the cold steel touch my anus and without warning he pushes it up into me. It slides in so easy I know heís oiled it to get it ready. I moan and clench as I feel the taper open my anus and the shaft slides into my rectum. I canít stop my belly from tightening as he penetrates me with the steel. My cunt grips his fingers and my asshole tightens on the steel, but it doesnít slow down, it keeps sliding up into me.

"Ngha!" I cry out. Iíve never felt anything like this before. This is the longest thing Iíve had inside my ass and it keeps sliding deeper. I mean, Iíve played with Sharpies while masturbating alone in bed and once when I videoed myself for a boyfriend, but this is so deep and so sweet and so terrifying all at the same time.

My feet point inward and my knees buckle as my thighs slap together. I strain and grunt. Itís going in so deep, so fucking amazingly deep. I squirm and lift my left leg, bent at the knee until the top of my thigh presses against my belly and Zee moves to press himself against my hip so I donít twist away from him. Deeper and deeper - itís touching places that have never been touched. I feel my toes curling and Iím afraid heís going to keep going until itís all the way through me.

But he stops and just holds it there inside my asshole. Inside my gut.

"Bring your leg down, Cara." Zee says softly, "Just relax. Itís okay. Itís going to be okay."

I take a deep shuddering breath and lower my left leg until I place it firmly on the floor.

"Up." Zee says, tugging on the steel, "Up. Thatís a girl."

I straighten my legs until Iím back in that bent-over position, my bum up and my head pressed against the bricks, my palms planted on the ledge.

"Now relax ... relax all your muscles." he says, and I do my best.

He starts moving it inside me then, pulling it back then pushing it deep, over and over. Zee seems like the kind of guy who doesnít waste time.

I whimper as I realize Iím being fucked by steel - sharp steel.

He keeps pushing it a little deeper every few strokes and I can feel it scraping at the top of my rectum. I remember the curves in the human bowel in biology and I wonder if it will puncture me down low or straighten my bowel out first. I get my answer in a few more strokes when I feel a deep cramp as something opens up inside me. Then I feel pulling as something shifts from the left side of my belly to the centre.

Zee strokes it deeper now - sliding it in and out of my body like a piston.

I hang my head and look down at myself. My belly is loose and hanging down now, pooched out like a girl whoís a little bit pregnant. Every now and then I can see the tip of the shaft sliding up past my belly button, bulging the skin there.

Iím being gut-fucked.

I want to tell him to stop, or slow down at least, but the only sounds I can make are mewls and gasps. My legs are shaking so badly my knees start to buckle again, and my arms are growing weak from holding myself up. Iím going to fall and that scares me most of all. I know that like Casey, once Iím on the floor Iíll start dying.

I donít want to die. Please donít let me die.

Zee curls his fingers hard in my cunt and mashes my g-spot against my pubic bone. I feel the pressure in my bladder get crazy tight. I cry out - heís trying to make me cum and Iím amazed itís going to happen.

Zee pushes the steel deeper into me and I can feel it up around my stomach and I feel so frail and vulnerable, so ... invaded. He rubs my g-spot hard.

"You can cum now, Cara." he gasps, and I realize he is breathless and working hard on me, "Just let it happen, baby."

And I donít know if itís because he gave me permission or whether he just knows, but I feel my orgasm start as soon as he tells me to let it happen. I lift my head and press my right cheek against the rough bricks as my lower belly cramps, gripping the steel moving inside me. Zee has to push and pull harder to keep it moving in my belly and the feeling sends me over the edge. I cry out loudly, almost a shriek and my legs start jerking and shaking like crazy, my arms trembling as I try to keep myself up as my orgasm rages through my body.

Zee keeps mashing my g-spot down and my bladder feels like itís going to burst as his fingers work brutally hard inside my cunt. The first wave of orgasm peaks and I grunt, feeling my cramping belly, cunt, and asshole release. I lose control of my bladder and I feel piss gushing from me into Zeeís palm, to spatter and run down my inner thighs.

"Good girl, Cara." Zee says, and I can hear that smile in his voice, "Let it go, baby. Let it all go."

He keeps pumping the steel in and out of me, and I feel another rolling wave of orgasm build fast in my lower belly. But this time my insides donít cramp, I just feel the rush of bliss build crazy fast inside me and it feels like Iím swelling inside, like my pelvic cradle canít hold it all. I let my head hang down again and I see that my lower belly is round now, drooping down and loose.

As my head spins from the ecstasy washing through me, I feel Zee adjust his grip on the steel and as he pushes it harder, deeper into me, I feel it twist. Heís twisting it inside my bowels, using the little corkscrew end - I feel a sharp bite inside, high above my belly button. He pushes again and I feel a widening, then another bite, higher this time, just below my sternum.

But Iím still cumming, so the sharp pains are lost in the physical sensations of bliss. Suddenly I become aware of fluid in my throat, and I try to swallow it back down, but I canít - my throat is hitching and quivering. I open my mouth and the fluid flows up over the root of my tongue and out past my wet lips to splatter on the floor. Itís vomit. I open my eyes and watch the remains of the hot dog and lime Slurpee I had at the 7-11 splatter onto the floor. In the dim lantern light it almost glows.

Zee is now pumping the steel deeper in me, and I realize that itís inside my stomach now, pushing and pulling that soft sac back and forth inside my belly. I feel fluid rising up my throat again, so I just open my mouth and let it flow. More vomit - lime green with patches of hotdog and bun, but this time streaked with blood. This isnít like puking - Iím not heaving or gagging. This is like slow, sensual regurgitation.

Things are moving so fast. I never dreamed this could happen this fast. I feel a cold rush ...

Iím being killed.


It hits me hard that I knew all along that this was going to happen as soon as Zee stepped out of the shadows upstairs. I knew that we would never walk back up those stairs when we came down here with him. I knew for sure that I was going to die along with Casey when I first heard her puking while Zee was making squishy sounds inside her body. But seeing the blood oozing from my mouth brings it home in a big way.

Iím going to die, and itís going to be soon.

I always wondered when I read stories about people who were taken away to be killed, about how they just went with their killers. I wondered why they didnít fight or run away. Now I know. Casey or I could have started screaming, or fought him or tried to run, but we didnít. Want to know why? Because you just donít believe itís really going to happen - you canít wrap your head around the fact that youíre going to die until itís happening and then itís too late.

Like itís happening to me right now.

And itís too late.

Knowing that and knowing I canít do anything to stop it is the most frightening thing Iíve ever felt. Tingles and shiver-bumps dance up and down my body. My thighs and belly feel cold, but Iím sweating - really sweating - my body is slick with it and my armpits reek like a skunk. My cheeks feel flushed and wet and my hair is sticking to my sweaty face and still Zee continues to pump the steel relentlessly back and forth inside my body. My belly. My penetrated belly.

I feel the tip in the bottom of my gullet and it makes me gag a little.

"... no ..." I gasp and swallow.

"Itís okay, Cara." Zee says in his soothing voice, "This is the most intense part. Jackie had her best orgasms during this part. Just let it happen, baby."

"... nooo ..." my voice is whiny, like a little girl. I try to swallow it back down, "... ím not ready ..."

"Yes you are, Cara."

I feel the steel sliding up my gullet - heís fucking my throat from inside me. I gag hard and heave, and try to twist and squirm, but when I do I feel how rigid the steel is inside my torso. I swallow hard, desperate to make it go back down, to slide back into my stomach, but it keeps slithering up my throat.

My hands get busy, I claw my way up the wall. I can feel my nails breaking as I try to pull myself up. I feel his fingers tug out of my cunt and his wet hand slaps against my back between my shoulder blades, pushing me back down and holding me there.

"Sh-sh-sh-shhhhhh." Zee coos softly, slowing then stopping the steel, "Itís okay. Just relax."

But I press back against him, I donít want to hold onto the ledge anymore. I lower my hands and grip my thighs just above my knees, pushing my bum backward. I know I must look like a total slut - like I want this, pushing my bum against his hand that holds the spit inside me.

But this is better. This feels like I have some control.

"... this ... is it ..." I gasp breathlessly.

"Yes, Cara." Zee answers, "This is it."

And I can feel the steel resting inside me - I can feel its weight from my anus to my throat and it feels particularly heavy in my stomach.

"Deep breaths, now." Zee says and models it for me - I hear him draw a deep breath through his nose and blow it out through his mouth, "Breathe with me, Cara."

I do my best, drawing deep shuddering breaths and blowing them out for a few turns.

"Okay." Zee says, "Now one last deep breath."

I breathe deep, sucking in the air and filling my lungs.

"And blow it out like itís candles on your birthday cake."

And as I blow it out he pushes the steel and I strain and grunt and gag as I feel it slide up my gullet and compress the root of my tongue.

Itís in this moment that I feel a change in me - The coldness in my thighs and belly turns to warmth, my shiver-bumps soften, and I suddenly feel loose and relaxed and purely sexual.

I realize that itís acceptance I feel - complete and total acceptance. I tilt my head slightly to ease the tension Iím feeling in my throat and I lay my tongue on my lower teeth as the tip slides through my mouth, scraping on my two front teeth.

Iím penetrated from asshole to mouth, something very few girls will ever feel. I squeeze my Kegel muscles and grip the steel and I hear him laugh softly and shake it a little.

Iím so relaxed ... Iíve surrendered so totally that my arms and legs are giving out. My hands slip off my knees as they buckle and I close my eyes, thinking that this is the end for me. But Zee wraps his right arm around my waist and lifts me. His fingers slip off the steel and he holds me to him as he turns me and gently lays me down on the floor. Iím on my side and I can feel the grit sticking to my right hip. He lays my head down gently and my cheek comes to rest on something damp and soft. I open my eyes.

Zee has laid me down between Caseyís open thighs, my face resting on her left pudgy thigh. They are pale and cool from her sweat and piss evaporating. Iím staring at her gaped, pink cunt. Her clit is a swollen, red ball. Her cunt is still clenching and relaxing, closing and opening wide and I wonder if sheís still cumming.

As Zee lifts my leg to expose my crotch, I look upward and see where all of Caseyís blood came from; Heís opened her belly - a midline gutting just like Laura - a mounded tangle of pink bloated intestines sticks up out of her abdomen. Iím amazed that she never screamed once.

Iím so sleepy and warm and relaxed. But not so sleepy that I donít feel Zeeís fingers slide into me once more as he grips the steel and starts moving it through me once more. I can feel it sliding up and down my core, churning my tender soft flesh inside me and all those sweet feelings start again. Two fingers slide into my cunt, then a third, then all four. Iím so loose and open that they slip inside me easily. I wonder if heís going to try to put his whole hand inside me just as the first wave of orgasm makes me shudder and kick weakly. I feel his thumb tuck in with his fingers and I feel such sweet pressure in my crotch that my eyes roll up in my head and I ride my orgasm into the darkness.

It feels so good ... so fucking good ...