by Erotickynk

They all said I was too young.

Too young for a boyfriend. Too young to hang out behind the bandstand in Memorial Park at night with the goth kids. And too young to sneak into Legend House with someone to make out like the older teens do.

But here I am, kneeling on the filthy cement floor in the basement of Legend House with a cock in my mouth.

I'm completely naked and that is making me tingle all over. It's the first time I've been naked with someone else - someone I care about and want so bad.

She's so exotic and so sexy and so beautiful. Nikki is her name. My older sister, Candice says Nikki was once Nick. She also said to stay away from her, that Nikki has some dangerous thoughts.

But sometimes dangerous is fun.

Nikki has a handful of my hair in her fist and she's pulling my head back and forth so her cock slides in and out of my mouth. The skin of her cock is so soft - I love how it feels gliding wetly over my lips and my tongue. And I love how dangerously close to my throat I'm taking it. A few times she's pulled me too far forward and I've gagged.

But I like that feeling. It makes me feel dirty and squirmy inside.

I can smell the sweaty scent of her crotch and I can feel the muscles in her hips rippling under my hands as I steady myself and suck her cock.

I fell in love with Nikki the first time I saw her. It was my first day in our stupid little small town high school. Nikki's kind of goth, her pale skin looking so sexy against the black and red she likes to wear. She has long legs and narrow hips and walks in a sinewy sensual way that makes me want to belong to her.

I'd smile at her in the lunch room whenever she looked at me, but she would just look away and I couldn't figure out why, because as far as I could tell she had no friends at school either. I thought she might be lonely too and that maybe because she was so different, other kids would pick on her. But I soon learned that no one picked on Nikki.

One of the other senior girls tried just before spring break and Nikki beat the living shit out of her. She really fucked the girl up - they had to call an ambulance for her and Nikki got a one-month suspension.

When she came back I went back to smiling at her when I saw her eyes on me, but she kept ignoring me. I figured it had to be because I was younger than her.

"Oh Zoey." Nikki whimpers and her hips tremble. She pulls my head forward and slowly pushes herself forward and her cock slides into my throat. I gag and retch as she holds me there and I do my best to calm my belly until she pulls me off. I swallow and gasp, then look up at her and smile to let her know what she did was okay.

Her dark eyes gaze down at me, and she strokes my hair.

"You're so sweet." she whispers, then takes a handful of my hair again and I open my mouth for her and she pulls me back onto her cock.

I love Nikki so much.

It was after school got out for the summer that I saw Nikki hanging out with some other goth kids around town. And one night as we were coming back from the movies, I saw Nikki and the goths walking through memorial park to the bandstand from the back seat of my mom and dad's car. They had long paper bags that had to be wine or booze so I knew they were going to party.

Once in awhile I'd sneak out after my parents thought I was asleep and walk downtown to Memorial Park. Sometimes I'd hear them back there, but I was too chicken to walk over. Other times the park was dark and silent.

Nikki is starting to thrust her hips now and her cock is getting close to the back of my throat again. Like I said; I love the squirmy feeling, puking would be so embarrassing, but I wonder if Nikki would like it if I do. I would if she wanted me to.

Tonight I snuck out again, but this time I stole a bottle of my dad's scotch. I felt totally badass doing that and as I walked past Memorial Park I could hear the laughter behind the bandstand. I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked over there, but I was determined to go through with it. I love Nikki and I wanted to find a way to tell her, and I would never have the chance if I kept chickening out.

It was so dark behind the bandstand, but little diamonds of light shine through the lattice from the big street lights by the parking lot. There was about a dozen of them and they were listening to music playing on someone's crappy mp3 rig and talking about getting high.

"Hey. Who's that?" someone asked.

"I'm Zoey." I answered as I walked slowly - hesitant and scared - closer.

One of them lit a lighter and I recognized him from school - people call him Zee. He said, "She's just a kid. Go home, kid."

But I saw Nikki looking at me and she smiled and said, "Let her hang. I know her from school." And that made me feel so good.

Nikki is thrusting rhythmically now, spreading her legs and humping my mouth as she leans back against the wall. I can hear her panting and when I look up I see her eyelids are drooping and she has a real lustful look on her face as she stares at me.

"You know what happens to girls down here." her voice is kind of breathless.

I nod as I gaze up into her eyes, still sucking her thrusting cock.

"Are you afraid, Zoey?"

I slowly shake my head. She smiles.

"Good girl." she whispers.

Things moved so fast behind the bandstand - before I knew it I was sitting on Nikki's lap and she was pulling me close and kissing me on the neck and ear and cheek, then on my lips.

The others - Zee, G-Dog, Daniel, and Kevin and a couple girls I didn't know - were watching us as Nikki slid her hand under my top, up my ribs and stroked my left nipple with her thumb. I don't have to wear a bra yet, so Nikki could play as she liked - and it made me feel wonderful and slutty.

Nikki is panting hard now, thrusting her hips and holding my hair tight. I can feel her legs shaking and her cock is leaking cum into my mouth, making it slick and slippery. I know she's so close to cumming and I want that so bad. I want to feel her cock swell and jerk in my mouth and I want to swallow her cum.

She makes a weak whimpering sound deep in her throat then grits her teeth as her body starts to curl. Her expression makes it look like she's in pain, but I know it's because she's about to cum.

"Stop! Stop!" she gasps suddenly, and pulls my head away from her, "Don't move ... don't do anything. I don't ... want to cum yet."

I open my mouth wide and pull back, drool sliding down my chin, her cock twitching before my eyes. Nikki is still holding my hair, but her eyes are closed and her teeth are still clenched as she breathes and calms.

At last she opens her eyes and looks down at me.

"Oh Zoey." her voice is sexy and breathless, "You're so good."

"I want you to cum in my mouth." I say softly, smiling.

"Oh, I will, baby. I will." she gives me an evil smile.

I didn't care that the others were watching us as Nikki played with me. Her right hand was between my thighs working the material of my yoga pants into my slit with the tips of her fingers.

I was squeezing her hand tight between my thighs and kissing her passionately on the lips, our tongues sliding and curling around each other. I was getting close to cumming and it felt so amazing. I broke our kiss and buried my face in the crook of her neck as I felt my toes curling in my sneakers.

"I love you, Nikki." I gasped in her ear, and Nikki pulled her fingers back and squeezed my inner thigh.

"Do you trust me, Zoey?" she asked, kissing my cheek and studying my flushed face.

I just nodded. I was sweaty and feeling drunk with lust and I wanted her to make me cum but I knew she wasn't going to - not there - not yet.

"I want to take you somewhere special." she whispered in my ear.

"... 'kay ..." I gasped. Anything for my Nikki. Anything.

"Open wide." Nikki whispers after she catches her breath.

I open my mouth and slide my tongue out. Her cock has softened a bit, but it's still wet from my mouth.

This time Nikki slowly pulls my head forward and pushes her hips out, her slick silky cock sliding over my tongue. My eyes are fixed on hers as she gazes down at me, making me take her cock deeper and deeper. Her cock has gotten thicker as I've been sucking it but it tapers toward the head, so when she pulls my face tight to her, it slides down my throat, plugging it. I close my eyes as she holds me there, my nose pressed flat on her firm lower belly and my stomach fluttering from her being so deep in my throat.

Nikki slowly pulls back a bit and I breathe in through my nose before she thrusts forward again with more speed.

"... glrgl ..." I gag on her cock and my mouth starts watering like crazy. I know what's coming and I want it so bad. Nikki starts fucking my throat, holding my hair tight in her fists as she thrusts her hips. I reach up and slide my hands over her upper thighs and around to hold her tight little bum. I can feel the muscles there working as she gets into a rhythm.

"... glrg ... glrgl ... glrg ..." I am making wet gagging sounds as she fucks me, my drool wetting her cock more and more, making my mouth and throat slippery. My insides are quivering and tingles are running up and down the inside of my tummy.

I can't breathe and I don't care. I will live off Nikki's passion and lust. Shiver-bumps spread over my bum and tummy and my small tits. I feel like such a slut and I love it. When I snuck out tonight I was freshly showered and clean and pretty - and now I am filthy and naked in the Legend House basement being throat-fucked and about to swallow the cum of the girl I love.

Nikki made me strip once we broke into Legend House and crept down the creaking wooden stairs to the basement. Nikki had used her iPhone to light our way and to watch me as I kicked off my sneakers and peeled off my top and yoga pants. Then she took me by the hand and led me through the filthy basement and showed me the stains on the floor where Val had puked and bled to death after her throat was cut. Then she showed me the stains where Jackie had done the same while having a steel shaft pushed through her belly. Lastly, we looked at the bathtub where Laura had been eviscerated - the bottom of the tub still showing the dried bloody smears her heels made while she squirmed as her belly was cut open.

Nikki said what made it all more thrilling was that the girls all wanted it. They wanted to die in this place.

"It's a good place to die." Nikki said dreamily as she gazed at Laura's dried blood.

Nikki's thrusts are getting harder and faster now, I can hear her panting and whimpering and I know she won't stop this time. This time she means to cum inside me. I get another rush of shiver-bumps at that thought - my beautiful Nikki s going to cum in my throat.

My stomach is quivering and convulsing as her cock slides in and out of my throat and I wonder if I'm going to add my own puke stains to the floor. But I love it - I love everything about this; the "... glrgl ... glrg ... glrg ..." sounds I'm making each time Nikki thrusts into my throat; the drool that is dribbling down my chin and neck to spatter on my chest; the quivery feeling in my tummy; the lightheadedness from not being able to breathe; my nipples tingling and how wet I feel down there right now - it's all so exciting. It feels as close to an orgasm I can get without actually having one.

And I want Nikki's cum so bad. I want her to feel my willingness, my desire to make her orgasm, to take her cum ... my desire to be her sexual slave. I want to give her an orgasm that will send her into bliss. I want to swallow her cum - I want her to fill me with it.

Nikki held me and kissed me as we stood over Laura's bathtub. She had to bend her neck down to do that - I'm not very tall and I'm pretty skinny, so I felt so small and delicate in her arms. Then she turned me so I was facing the tub and pushed me forward, bending me over at the waist so I could grab the rounded edge of the tub in my hands. She is so strong I felt like a child in her hands.

She set her iPhone on the edge of the tub so I could see the dried blood in the bottom and the smears of Laura's handprints on the same rolled tub edge that I was holding onto.

I felt Nikki slide down behind me to her knees, her hands stroking my body and thighs. She nudged my feet apart and I felt my bottom open to the cool air of the basement.

I quivered as I felt Nikki's finger trace down the crease of my bottom, sliding over my bumhole and the length of my sex. I groaned as she slid one long finger into my sex and started stroking in and out. Like I said - I'm small, so her finger felt tight inside me. But I could feel how wet and slippery I was getting.

When Nikki pulled her finger out and forced it into my bum I grunted, and as she started pumping it in and out, my thighs got weak and shaky. Her finger is the biggest thing I'd ever had in my bum - before that the only thing I'd put up there was a sharpie.

Nikki fucked me good with her finger and my legs got weak and my pelvis felt like it was coming unhinged. My legs finally gave out and I slid down so my belly rested against the edge of the tub, moaning. Nikki pulled her finger out of me and turned me to face her and slid that finger into my mouth so I could taste myself. I flopped down on the filthy floor and I could feel the grit sticking to my sweaty crotch.

Nikki backed up against the wall and made me crawl to her feet. And as I knelt there gazing up at her half-swollen cock, she reached down and lifted me up by my hair and I opened my mouth.

Nikki is slamming her cock into me now, gagging me hard, holding my hair so tight that it hurts. I feel like I belong to her now - like she owns me. And I like that feeling.

I want to be hers - I want to give myself to her totally.

I am in bliss at what she has done and is doing to my body. I feel her cock growing more rigid in my throat and the head is swelling now too.

"AHH!" suddenly she cries out and pulls my hair hard, mashing my face against her. Her hands are shaking, her thighs are quivering like mad, and I feel her belly muscles clench tight. And her sweet cock pulses in my mouth and throat and I feel her cum spurting down my gullet. I work my root of tongue under her cock, loving this intimate invasion of my body.

My sweet Nikki is cumming and cumming and cumming ... her semen pulsing down my gullet into my belly. I swallow as best I can, feeling my throat undulate around the length of her cock as I do.

"... oh god ... oh god ..." Nikki is crying out, her legs shaking so badly I think she might collapse. Her pelvis is jerking and thrusting and she's almost pulling my hair out by the roots with her fists.

As I feel her cock pulse one last time and begin twitching, Nikki gasps and pulls my head away from her, her cock slithering up my throat and making me gag hard. I fall forward onto my hands and knees, swallowing against my heaving stomach. I don't want to puke up Nikki's cum - I want it inside me.

As I fight my convulsing stomach, I see Nikki stumble away, her legs shaking badly and her body shivering. She only makes it three steps before her knees give out and she collapses onto the floor. Her head is hanging down like mine and she is panting. I know I've done good - I've given her a wonderful orgasm.

I slowly regain control over my stomach and discover that some of Nikki's cum is in my mouth. I slide my tongue over the slippery film and swallow it down. I've caught my breath so I lower my bum to sit on my heels, but I stay leaning forward on my hands because I still feel lightheaded and woozy.

I see Nikki moving out of the corner of my eye, and soon I feel her belly touch my hip as she kneels behind me. She slowly presses her body against me from behind, her small breasts so firm on my back, her soft wet cock between my bum cheeks. I sigh as I feel her hands slide up my sides, then around to my chest. She cups my small tits and strokes my nipples with the palms of her hands and I feel them stiffen and pucker and tingle.

Then she slides her hands up under my sweaty armpits and across my shoulders to my neck. I smile as I feel her slip the leather thong around my throat, crossing it behind my neck and grasping it in both her hands. I feel her weight come down onto my back and I feel her breath in my left ear as she kisses me and nibbles my earlobe.

"I love you, Nikki." I whisper, my voice harsh from my throat-fucking.

"I know, baby." she whispers back and tightens her grip on the leather thong and pulls backward.

The thong tightens around my throat slowly until it gags me, and at the same time Nikki pulls me backward as she lays back on the floor, pulling my body on top of hers. I'm choking, but it isn't like you see in the movies. You see; I'm not fighting it.

I let my head rest against Nikki's clenched fists as she strains, pulling the leather tight around my throat. I can feel her stomach muscles clench against my back and I slide my hands down to stroke her firm svelte thighs as my eyes start to water and my vision blurs.

As the thong tightens more, I feel the root of my tongue pushed upward and my tongue fills my mouth. My face feels hot and puffy, and things are happening inside my lower belly. It's like my body is coming alive in a whole new way; It feels like my sex is swelling inside me and my bowels are squirming, trying to wriggle out of me. My bladder starts to throb. Is this what everyone feels when they are dying?

Nikki torques harder on the leather and jerks my head to the side.

The feelings are getting stronger inside me and my body betrays me - my stomach starts heaving like it's trying to throw up and my legs kick uselessly as my heels grind in the dust and debris of the cellar floor. I can hear Nikki's heavy breathing in my left ear and I can feel my back and her belly slick with our sweat as our bodies slither together.

My vision is dimming and my ears ring, but I become aware of three shadows moving toward us then looming over us. At first I think it's ghosts, but I distantly hear Zee's voice;

"Hardcore, Nikki."

The boys have come to watch me die. I don't care, let them watch.

Now my belly is bloating so I push it out and suddenly my crotch is burning and I feel my own hot piss spraying the inside of my thighs. Wild tingles rush through my core, and my sex feels like it's going to burst inside me. This feels like some kind of orgasm ... the kids at school were always talking about the girls dying in Legend House - how they all had death orgasms. Maybe it's true. Maybe that's what's happening to me.

Oh my ... I feel like I'm floating, lost in a slow rolling sea, anchored to Nikki by the thong around my throat.

My Nikki. My sweet Nikki. How I love her so.

And my dreams are coming true ... She's taking me. Nikki is taking me and I will belong to her forever. I love her so much my heart feels like it's breaking.

Sweet bliss is flowing through me and my arms and legs get heavy and flop limp. I feel my belly slump, my nipples soften. Now a wave of tingling ecstasy floods my body. If this is a death orgasm, it's the best thing I've ever felt.

Such sweet bliss that never ends ...