by Erotickynk

We've dimmed the lights because we're not planning to record this part. It's just Jennifer and me in the Legend room ... Kelly, Jason, and Brandy's bodies still hang from three of the five nooses. Kelly and Jason's eyes are closed, and except for their faces being puffy and their protruding tongues, they look like they're sleeping. Brandy's eyelids are open but drooping and it looks like she's staring at the base of the far wall. Jennifer was creeped out by that until Dad dimmed the lights.

My biggest problem right now is that Dad bought the wrong goddamned butt plug. It's a soft bodied black one which is what I wanted, but it's too big and I'm working up a sweat trying to get it up inside me.

"More lube?" Jennifer asks, her face showing concern and sympathy as she watches me hunched over with my bum against the edge of the knee-high stepping table and my thighs wide apart trying to pull the plug up inside me. The crack of my ass is already slippery with the lube to the point it's running down my bum. I shake my head.

"No ..." I try to stay pleasant as I pull up hard on the wretched thing, " ... thank you, Jennifer."

"Is it too big, Breanne?" Dad's voice sounds muffled over the little tinny speaker. That means he's been watching.

"Yesss ..." pulling hard, but still meeting resistance and not liking the whine in my voice.

"The website said it was average size." Dad's voice sounds even quieter.

I look up at the camera I know Dad is viewing and give him "the look".

"I'm just a GIRL, Dad!"

"Sorry, hon" but I can't really be mad at him - it's the stupid law that says I'm not old enough to shop in sex toy stores even though I've been having orgasms for 6 years. I have to ask my Dad to buy them for me online.

I stand up and maneuver myself to the corner of the table. Reaching between my thighs I position the plug base against the corner of the table that is pushed tight to the wall. I look up at Jennifer and notice that her nipples are puckered. Hmmm - so she IS getting turned on by this. And she seems okay with the bodies hanging around us.

"Jenn, can you come help me?"

Jennifer sets down the bottle of lube and comes to stand in front of me. I reach out and lay my hands on her waist, wiggling my bum to position myself.

"I just need you to steady me. Maybe push a little?" I say and Jennifer reaches up and lays her hands on my shoulders. I brace my feet and push back hard against the table and feel the pressure in my anus growing as I do. I groan and lower my head, laying my forehead against the flat of Jennifer's chest just above her breasts. I push back harder and feel a growing hollow sensation in my bum and pelvis. My thighs start shaking. Fuck, they're feeling weak already and my feet are slipping on the floor.

"huughh" I groan louder and I feel Jennifer's grip on my shoulders tighten as she leans into me and my anus feels like it's being bruised - and it probably is. But after a few sweaty, quivering moments I feel the pain and pressure peak and my asshole swallows the butt plug whole and it slides thick and slow inside my rectum, totally filling - and I mean FILLING - my rectum. I whimper as I feel my asshole slide over the underside of the plug and tighten around the short shaft. Imbedded is the word that comes to mind.

The sensation transforms almost instantly from the painful gaping of my anus, to an amazing full sensation in my pelvic cradle.

"... oh god ..." I moan and lay my face against Jennifer's breasts, closing my eyes and letting the new feelings radiate from my rectum. The tight, full sensation is pressing forward onto my uterus and vagina now. Also upward, making my guts feel tight and full. It's a sweet pressure.

"Feel good now that it's in?" Dad's voice again. He knows I don't like him in the room for the sexual prepping parts - but I know I'll need him for the noose.

"... uh-huh ..." I murmur, wanting nothing more than to waddle to my bed and curl up with this thing inside me and let nature take its course. I just know I'm in for a wild session - I can already feel the build of an orgasm. I'm feeling tingles running up the back of my thighs and over my bum.

"Is it okay?" Jennifer's soft voice breaks through the sexual sensations swimming in my head. I lift my head and look at her - her inquisitive and concerned eyes are locked on mine, and her lips look so full and soft.

"It's amazing." I whisper and slide my arms around her body and pull us tight together, my lips pressing against hers. Jennifer kisses me back - deep and wet - and her hands slide up my ribs and her fingertips circle my nipples. My body shivers, but after a moment I pull back.

"It's not you, Jenn. But I have to start." I explain to her, feeling my need growing.

Jennifer nods and gives me a faltering smile.

"I need to get on the rope, daddy." I say louder, but I can hear the quavering in my voice. God, I sound like such a needy slut. Or is that the fear already starting. I've done this dozens of times, but each time there's that fear that I won't survive it.

"On my way, honey." Dad's tinny voice followed by a click as he turns the mic off. I suddenly have the urge to ask him to restart the cameras - I have the feeling this is going to be a wild one and I like to watch myself sometimes. But my need overcomes the thought - I am craving the rope.

Besides, it is part of our plan to get Jennifer up on a table. To let her see me take the noose and live through it so she'll feel safe trying it herself.

Poor thing.

Jennifer helps me to stand just as Dad opens the door and comes in. But when I start to stand upright I feel the pressure in the bottom of my bowels increase and my muscles down there start quivering and I know if I stand straight too long I'll cum.

I whimper louder than I like and walk hunched over to one of the posts that hold up the beams the nooses are attached to. I drop to my knees, and hug the post, leaning my left shoulder against it. I can't let myself cum yet ... not yet ... not yet.

"You okay, Bre?" Dad asks and I hear the concern in his voice.

"... yes, daddy ..." fuck, I sound like a weepy little kid, my voice is so shaky, "... please just get it ready for me ..." And as my Dad sets the noose up how I like it I kneel on the floor and quiver, fighting off my impending orgasm and breathing ... breathing ... breathing ... trying to keep my body calm. Trying to save my orgasm for the noose.

This butt plug is amazing and worth the pain to insert it - if I knew something this big could cause these kinds of feelings, I would have got Dad to pick one up a long time ago. The old one was getting loose ... well, I guess I was getting loose ... and this part is a little embarrassing. You see, Dad and I have figured out that there are three kinds of people when it comes to hanging ...

There are the ones who fight it - we call them "kickers". A lot of people call it the "rope dance", but it's really a mixture of fear and being overwhelmed by the feelings in your body while you're hanging. Those are the ones I have to help reach their orgasm.

The second kind we call "humpers" - these are the ones who experience the wildest orgasms you can imagine. As your body starts dying and your brain is starved for oxygen, everything kicks into overdrive and those orgasms are the best. Humpers look like they're fucking as they hang, lifting their knees, opening and closing their thighs - sometimes slapping them together in their throes of bliss, and thrusting their pelvis forward rhythmically like they're getting the fuck of their life. And believe me - it feels like the fuck of your life, you see; I'm a humper.

The third kind are "clenchers" - those are the ones whose bodies just tighten up; All their muscles flex hard, their hands close into fists, their thighs squeeze together and their ankles cross. They almost always close their eyes and sometimes grit their teeth and always - ALWAYS - they arch their backs and hang rigid. At first we thought they were just dying, but I noticed that the boys always ejaculated and when I played with the girls' vaginas they were always pulsing clear or milky mucus and their clits were hard red little balls, just throbbing. Turns out clenchers do orgasm, just in a different way - and they last the longest of all three.

So yeah ... the embarrassing part. Clenchers sometimes pee, but not very often, and they never lose control of their bowels while they are still dying. Only afterward when their muscles release do their assholes go slack and they kind of ... leak.

Kickers always shit themselves near the end of their orgasms and humpers do a lot of the time too. It feels good when it happens - the release of everything inside you vibrates coming out, but afterward if you're still alive, well ... the mess is embarrassing.

So that's what the butt plug is for. Like I said - I'm a humper.

"It's ready, honey." Dad's voice is soft and close, and I realize he is bending down over me. I've been kneeling here, trembling and sweating and breathing, trying not to cum - saving it for the rope. My legs feel so weak and there's a weird hollow feeling in the bottom of my bowels and in my pelvis - like my pelvic cradle has been damaged. It feels like if I stand, my thighs will dislocate from my hip bones.

"... I ... need help ..." I manage, and Dad's strong gentle hands slide under my armpits and I can feel how slippery my pits are with fear sweat - the smell of my wet underarms is strong and as he lifts me I feel little rivulets of it sliding down my ribs. Even with Dad lifting most of my weight, I dare not straighten my legs for fear of collapsing into a quivering ball of orgasm. Hunched over and walking clumsily, I let Dad guide me to the short table and help me up.

"Is she always like this?" I hear Jennifer ask softly.

"Been this way a couple times." Dad tells her as he steadies me while I get my feet flat on the table top, "But don't worry, Jennifer, it just means she's really focused on it. She's going to be okay. I don't want you to be scared."

And I want to reply, to add my own thoughts, but I can barely think let alone talk - this foreign solid lump in my lower belly is throbbing now and I want to cum sooo bad. I keep my eyes closed as Dad slips the noose around my neck and pulls it snug with the knot at the base of my skull. I am still hunched over a bit and trying to stand up straight and I've got my arms wrapped around my tummy like I do when I have bad cramps. I feel him fiddle with the rope at my throat and get it in the right spot so it won't do permanent damage.

"Breanne, are you for sure okay?" Jennifer sounds really worried, and I suppose I must look like I'm in pain and terrified. There is absolutely no pain, but I admit there is some fear. Well ... a lot of fear, but that is part of the thrill; Maybe this is the time I go into cardiac arrest. Or stop breathing and my Dad won't get me breathing again.

I open my eyes and force a smile as I look down at her and I can feel my facial muscles twitching as I do.

"It's okay, Jenn. I'm ... okay." I say in a weak voice that keeps catching in my throat, "I'm ... just really ... stimulated right ... now."

It's such an effort to talk with an orgasm threatening and Dad must realize that, because he turns to Jenn as he gives my right thigh a comforting squeeze.

"Breanne is going to get herself ready and when she is she'll step off the table and things will get really intense for her. I don't want you to worry when she starts feeling it all. All her movements are because she'll be having intense orgasms and feeling other things going wild inside her body." Dad smiles, then adds; "But don't worry - I'll make sure my little girl is okay."

Jennifer swallows hard and looks up at me, her face pale except for the rosy flush on each cheek. Her nipples are tight too and sticking straight out from her small breasts. As I watch her, I see her squeeze her thighs tight - I almost smile; She's trying to hide how horny this is making her.


I gasp and close my eyes - strong sexual tug inside me just now.

It's time ...

Still hunched over a bit, I shuffle my feet forward until my toes are overhanging the front edge of the table and as I do I feel the rope tighten on my throat. Then I unwrap my arms and force them down to my sides - I hold them in little fists and make sure my thumbs aren't tucked in against my palms - I've dislocated my thumbs a couple times that way.

I force myself upright - really slowly - and as I do I feel the strong pull deep in the pit of my sex. Oh god, this butt plug is filling me so tight and as I stretch my belly out it feels like it's moving inside me.

I stare at the far wall and feel the sweet intense bliss starting deep in my gut. My belly muscles start to contract ... tightening ... tightening ... tightening around the lump inside my belly. My thighs are quivering ... no - not quivering - full-out shaking now. And my cunt starts in - squeezing on nothing but pushing out a clot of milky mucus that wets my labia and vulva and slithers through the 'Y' formed where my crotch meets my thighs. I hear an involuntary whimper come from my throat.

"That's my girl." Dad's voice is gentle as always and he steps back from me.

My nipples pucker tighter. Tingles start coming in waves up my thighs, over my bum, and up my belly.

Oh fuck.

I can't wait anymore so I lift my right foot - it's shaking badly - and I step off. The rope goes crazy-tight immediately so I don't really drop - my head feels like it is pulled back hard and my body and legs swing forward. I make that sound that I hate making, and I try every time not to, but it comes out anyway ...

"... glurk!"

I hear Jennifer gasp. And as I swing back I feel my calves hit the table and I hear it clatter on the floor behind me.

I'm swinging and choking and the fear wells up to terror and overshadows my orgasm - but it always does in the first few seconds. I feel the cold flood of fear in my bowels. I feel the heat and pressure in my face. The rope is tight on my gag reflex and my already quivering stomach reacts violently - my stomach contents gurgle up my throat like a volcano and are stopped where the rope is. It must be loud enough to hear because Jennifer gasps and lifts her hand to cover her mouth. But I love this ... the beginning stages of my body fighting against impending death.

My stomach starts its pulsing convulsions, my breakfast and juice gurgling up and down my gullet, and my bowels begin to roll - rapid peristalsis - the reason for the butt plug. Like I said - the old one was getting loose and the last time I hanged it popped out of me and I lost control totally. It felt amazing feeling my gut empty in one long rush, but ... yeah ... the mess after. So with this bigger one I can let go completely and let my body do what it wants.

My swinging is slowing now and I'm becoming really aware of the lump inside me again and I start to feel the rising sexual tension in my body. In my belly. In my sex. In my nipples.

I feel a wave of shiver-bumps over my bum, belly, and breasts.



Oh fuck! Here it comes ...


My belly muscles clench in a slow convulsion and body starts to move - I feel my pelvis roll and press forward and my legs lift, bent at the knees and my thighs open wide as I start humping the air. And my humping is making the butt plug feel like it's moving inside me. I close my eyes and open my mouth wide, my tongue slipping out to lay across my lower lip. I can't help any of this. I know I look like a total slut, and to be doing this in front of my Dad is so mortifying, but I need him there when it's all over.

My arms raise up and go spastic, swinging erratically, my hands open and reaching for nothing.


Cumming so hard and so violently. And I love this. I love it so much. I want to die this way ... and maybe this time I will. The thought doesn't scare me in these intense moments. I relish the idea ... hell, I even want it right now - to die cumming and hanging in the cellar of Legend House. To add my ghost to the girls and boys who have gone before. And if their spirits truly are still here, will they welcome me or condemn me for helping them to die down here?

Humping hard now, hearing my thighs slapping together as they flop open and closed. I force my eyes open because I know that soon confusion is going to set in and I want to see how Jennifer is reacting to this. Her eyes are fixed on my crotch, and they have a hungry, fascinated look. Her face is flashing different emotions - concern, revulsion, fear, and lots of lust. One of her hands absently strokes her nipples as she stares at my crotch. I look down and see why - as I hump and open and close my thighs, little spurts of milky mucus are pulsing from my cunt.

Oh fuck!


Another strong wave of orgasm surges wetly though my belly. I flail my arms and I feel my right hand hit Brandy's body. I open my hand and reach for her - feeling her left breast - the nipple now soft, feeling her belly - so firm and round. Her skin is cool and oh-so-soft. I slide my hand back up and grasp her breast hard. It doesn't matter - she can't feel it now.


Another shuddering orgasm rages inside me. My body is convulsing - my thighs lower but stay open a bit and they shake so hard and violently. I feel my belly press outward as though it is swelling, and my hips keep rolling in a steady rhythm.


Daddy's little humper.

My belly spasms and clenches tight with such intensity that I pull my tongue into my mouth and grit my teeth, trying to press my head back but the fucking knot is in the way. Oh fuck - my belly is so tight. Feeling dizzy now. Whose breast am I holding? It slips out of my grip as my arms lower and tighten at my sides.


I'm dying. Oh Daddy, I'm dying. My body ... my body feels so good.


Orgasms flooding me in waves. It's all that matters. I hear Daddy's voice ... "... be alright ... over soon ..." Who will be alright? What will be over soon?

Cumming ...

My legs feel so heavy - my thighs feel fat and loose now. My belly too ... fat and round and loose. My arms hand down at my sides. I feel a fluttering wave of pleasure radiate up from my rectum. It's so full ... so tight.

... cumming ...

Orgasms are faint now but still rolling ... I'm slipping ... fading ... oh Daddy ... please come get me ... please ... I need you ...

Sleep ...

"That's it, honey. Breathe. Breathe deep." it's Daddy's voice.

I'm so warm and so calm. I'm in his arms and he's gently massaging my throat. I try to talk but my voice comes out as a croak.

"Don't try to talk yet, Breanne. You need a few more minutes."

Sleep ...

"... okay?" Daddy's voice.

"... wha?" my voice is raspy, but I can talk. I try to open my eyes, but the room spins so I close them again

"I'm just going to leave you here. You'll be okay."


"It's okay, honey. I have to get Jennifer ready."

And I am laid back against something soft. It's one of the big pillows from the corner. I feel so good, even though my muscles are sore. After a moment I open my eyes - the room is still dim, the only light coming in through the beaded glass windows above.

My Dad is standing behind Jennifer, her feet planted apart, her hands behind her back, her head hanging down. He's tying her wrists.

"That's not too tight?" Dad asks her.

"No - that's good." Jennifer says and I can hear the fear in her voice, "I'm scared, Chuck."

"I know, sweetheart. But it's going to be okay. We're here." Dad comforts her and strokes her body. I watch as his hands move over her body, stroking and teasing. He's not supposed to do that. That's my job. But I don't feel like getting up. I try forcing it, but I still have that hollow disconnected feeling in my hips. I reach behind me and slide my fingertips down the crease of my round bum.


The butt plug is still in me. Oh well. I grip the bottom of it and start to pull, moving it to loosen my asshole, hoping I can ease it out.

Jennifer has her eyes closed and I can see she is loving what Dad is doing. He's still standing behind her, but now he's pulled her against himself and is teasing her nipples with one hand and cupping her crotch in the other, massaging there. She has her eyes closed when she lifts her head and leans it back against his shoulder. His mouth is close to her ear and I can hear him whisper;

"You feeling ready, Jennifer?"

I can see her abdominal muscles are quivering as she breathes.

"... y-yes ..." her voice is weak and breathy.

Dad wraps his arms around her and turns her so she is facing the little table he's put back under my noose. He supports her weight and helps her step up onto the tabletop, then holds her thighs as she turns and faces us. He reaches up and slips the noose over her head and adjusts it like he does for me.

Jennifer lets out a little whine as Dad hooks one arm behind her knees and starts to play with her cunt.

The butt plug is almost out - my asshole is easing itself open from the constant pulling I'm doing.

"Inside our outside?" Dad asks her.

"Inside." Jennifer says in a soft whimper and Dad slides one finger inside her cunt, digging deep and curling it to put pressure on her g-spot. She quivers and steps her feet wider apart, bending her knees and opening her thighs . Dad adds a second finger. She moans. He starts finger fucking her, slowly then increasing speed.

I grunt as I feel the butt plug open my asshole to its widest thickness. One more little pull and it slides out of me fast, my asshole sliding closed. What a relief.

Dad is fingering Jennifer faster now. I can hear the squishy sounds from her cunt. She's panting now - her mouth open, her breasts jiggling, her belly muscles getting tight.

"Tell me when you're close." Dad tells her. She nods and purses her lips, making a small mewling sound. I can see her juices slithering down Dad's wrist.

"... close ... now ..." she gasps breathlessly, bending over so her breasts hang loose. This tightens the noose on her throat. Now! I'm thinking, and it's like Dad reads my mind; He pulls forward on the backs of her knees and her toes scrape across the table top into the air. Dad kicks the table out of the way and Jennifer is swinging. He pulls his fingers out of her and backs up. He sits down beside me and we watch her swing.

Jennnifer's eyes are wide and her mouth is open. She stares down at us, a look of amazement and fear on her face. She isn't fighting it - her body is just hanging, her arms tied behind her back, her legs down but slightly open. Her face is getting deeper in colour and her eyes and lips are starting to puff up.

"Not a kicker." Dad observes, "I'm betting she's a humper. Better get the tub ready."

"I'm not so sure." I say, watching Jennifer in her first few seconds of hanging, "Once it starts then we'll know."

Jennifer lifts her gaze from us and stares at the wall above our heads and I know what she is feeling - her orgasm is starting and her insides are coming alive. Her mouth hangs open. Her eyes slowly close and I can see her tongue moving. Slowly, her body tightens, her muscles standing out.

The pinkness in her skin is paling. While her face flushes a deeper colour, her body slowly goes white - almost grey. Shock is setting in.

As we watch, her face takes on a serious, meditative look. Her thighs come together and clench tight, her ankles crossing. Then her back slowly arches, her whole body curved backward with her toes pointing straight down.

"I'll be damned, she's a clencher." Dad says.

"Yeah." I say and get to my feet. My legs are still weak and a little shaky, but I walk to her anyway and lay a hand on her pushed out tight belly, feeling the thickness and firmness of her abdominals, cupping her bum in my other hand. The twin round globes of her bum are so tight that I can't slide a finger between them to give her some anal action. I slide my other hand down to her crotch and push two fingers between her clenched thighs - holy fuck are they clenched tight together! I find her labia and curl my fingers inside. Clear mucus floods out of her and across my palm. I massage her g-spot.

"She's cumming." I tell my Dad.

"That's good. At least she'll go out feeling good." he says.

I hear the deep wet gurgling in her belly and throat - it's rhythmic and travels up and down her gullet. She's puking, but f course with the rope it can't come up. I hope - I mean truly hope - that she is loving that as much as I do. I feel a sympathetic quiver in my own stomach and for a second I feel like I'm going to throw up.

Even though she's a clencher, I can feel and see the small humping motions she's making as her body moves on the rope - her belly clenching harder every few seconds. Pretty soon her juices are making a mess of my hand and running down my forearm. I keep working her for a long time. My arm starts to cramp after a few minutes - hell, it's no wonder: I worked Brandy hard for about 15 minutes and she was so sweet. But Jennifer's still with us so I keep going despite my cramping arm muscles.

Jennifer is cumming almost continuously now, her body clenched tight. But her muscles are reaching the end of their energy - she's quivering all over now - but her body is still rigid, her back arched.

"Let it go, sweetheart." I coo to her, hoping she can hear me, "Just let it go. It's like going to sleep while you cum."

"Seven minutes." Dad says.

Shit - that's a long time.

After a few more minutes, her brow furrows like she is feeling something new and overwhelming - maybe confused. Suddenly her ankles uncross awkwardly and her legs open. They are still stiff and her toes are still pointed at the floor, but I'm guessing this is the end - the final climax for Jennifer. Her eyes open and stare at nothing, then roll up into her head and her body shudders like she's having a seizure. I know that these last few moments before the body gives up are intense - it's fighting like crazy to stay alive and the pleasure centre of the brain is dumping loads of endorphins into the blodstream.

Her body convulses hard - she kicks violently downward, her legs lifting then thrusting down, jerking her pale body on the rope. I hear the gurgling get louder in her throat and tummy and her belly muscles are clenching then pushing outward hard. Her body jerks once ... twice ... three times ... then everything releases and she flops limp on the rope. Her face looks peaceful - her eyes open a bit and staring at nothing. Her legs are slack, her belly soft now and puffed out. I hear her fart and pee streams down over my arm.

"Better get the tub, Dad." I say, gently sliding my fingers out of her.