by Erotickynk


I had chocolate milk for breakfast and I love the taste of my burps as I walk along Broad street and turn into the alley that runs behind the Legend House. It's cold out this morning, so I keep my hands stuffed into the pockets of my lime green jacket as I walk along briskly. I like keeping my hands in my pockets because I can feel my belly that way.

Even though it's cold and the sky is cloudy this morning, I feel good. Better than I've felt in a long time. Today is going to be a good day - and I know that because I've given myself four orgasms already today and I'm still happy. I mean, orgasms always make me feel great, but after my body calms down and my mind comes back from where it goes when I cum, I always feel hopeless. It's like a huge let down after I cum - I realize that life will never be better than it is in those rare seconds of my orgasms. But this morning was different as I lay in my bed finger fucking myself and then later in the bathroom with the running water, I cummed and cummed and I still felt good because I knew that my last orgasm today wasn't going to have that let down. I'm never going to feel that hopelessness again.

"Sweet Nightmares of Youth" was the name of the book that the crime writer from Seattle called the story about the Legend House. Every teen in town has read that book and to us, Laura, Jackie, Val, and Cassandra have become sexual legends. We all read their stories and how they planned it and how they all died.

That Breanne's Dad bought the house and the things him and Breanne do there are amazing. I've watched Breanne doing it and oh-my-god it looks so sexy - she says it's the best and that the absolute best part is right at the end when you start losing it completely. I want to do that - lose it completely. We all had to get up early because there's fewer people around and the morning light is better for the cameras

I'm such a lucky girl to know Breanne. I wonder if I'm going to be in a book one day. Will I be a legend too?


I know it's little Brandy just by the softness of her knock on the cellar door before I even look up at the surveillance camera screen. She's such a sweet and gentle little thing. I unbolt the door and there she is smiling up at me.

"Anyone in the alley?" I ask.

"Nope. I checked for sure." she says as I usher her in, "Is everybody here?"

"You bet. You're the last to arrive."

"They haven't started yet have they?" she looks alarmed. I stroke her soft cheek - it's cold from the morning air.

"No, honey. They're just fooling around. Sort of warming up." I tip my head toward the video terminals and she looks up at them and smiles, "Bre said she'd make them wait, but Kelly is getting impatient."

I watch Brandy's sweet, seemingly innocent face as she watches the monitors. Jason is fucking Kelly right now doggy style and I've got that camera up on the main screen - the big one that I use for editing. The speakers are low but we can still hear Kelly's rhythmic grunts. I see Brandy's gaze shift to the cameras that cover the nooses and her little body shivers.

"Cold?" I ask with a smile, knowing the cold has nothing to do with it.

Brandy looks up at me, her clear blue eyes twinkling, her soft lips forming a smile. "No. You know why." and she giggles, then she gets serious fast; "Will it be good, Chuck? For sure? I mean, will it be really good?"

"It will be good, honey. It will be the best." I reassure her, "They always cum. Always." But I don't know if that's true or not. I know that Bre says she orgasms every time she does it - mind you, she knows that I'm going to let her down and get her breathing again, unlike the rest of them.

Brandy's cheeks flush. "Will you show me again? One last time?" and her eyes search my face - as always, looking for my approval. So sad that girls like Brandy don't get approval and attention from their own parents.

"Of course, honey." I say and move into the centre of the small room and she follows and gets in position, unzipping her jacket and pulling her collar open wide so her slender throat is exposed.

She's such a little thing. Less than five feet tall and no more than 90 pounds even with the belly. And pregnant or not I'd hit that if Breanne didn't make me promise to never have sex with any of the girls who come here.

Brandy lifts her chin and I lay my right hand gently under her jaw, the web between my thumb and forefinger right at the top of her throat.

"The rope will tighten right here." I say, pressing in lightly on her soft throat. Then I wrap my left hand behind her just at the top of her neck where it meets her skull, "And this is where the knot will tighten. It won't pinch your hair because it's so short. Ready?"

"Uh-huh." Brandy says in a bit of a whimper and nods slightly and I see that she is breathing faster and her eyes are open wide, staring at the far wall. I squeeze and lift at the same time, and she goes up on her tip-toes until her small checkered sneakers scuff at the floor then move through nothing but air as her feet leave the floor. Her face gets that intense look that people get just as they're about to throw up [or when they're strangling] ... her little mouth opens - the corners turning down and her tongue slips out between her lips. It only takes a few seconds before her body starts the undulations that tells me I'm squeezing right down on her gag reflex and her body is feeling all manner of sensations. Bre tells me that all sorts of things go on inside her body when she hangs; Stomach, bowels, bladder, she says everything starts to work - even her uterus contracts. And I know at least some of that is happening for Brandy right now because her hips start doing the slow humping that a lot of girls do. Bre does that - looks like she's fucking as she dangles from the noose.

See, there's three types; the kickers, the humpers, and the clenchers. The kickers fight it and when they lose their fight they're the ones who lose control of their bladder and bowels every time, the humpers have orgasms and go out slowly, but the clenchers last the longest - their bodies going rigid, their ankles crossing, and their bellies pushing out as they arch their backs. I don't know if they cum or not - but they seem to enjoy the process considering how wet their pussies get. Clenchers almost never soil themselves.

I hold Brandy a little longer than I usually do, just to give her that thrill that this might be it. Her face is flushing now and her eyes starting to water and she starts to slowly kick her legs like she's treading water. Her hips keep humping though so I know it's still good for her - her round little belly clenching and releasing. I watch her face and when her eyes start to flutter I let her back down and release her throat. I quickly move my hands to her upper arms and steady her and, sure enough, her legs aren't strong enough to hold her right away so I hang on to her. Her head flops around a bit as she gasps and swallows and gags. She's breathing hard for a few seconds as I keep her up on her feet. Her hands at last go to her chest and her fingers touch her throat. She comes back all the way and smiles as she looks up at me, a number of emotions fighting for control of her face; lust, amazement, confusion, embarrassment, and yeah - a little fear.

"Wow." she gasps, then giggles, "I mean ... wow."

I give her a tight side-hug, "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Oh yeah. I almost cummed." she is all smiles and giggles and she's so cute I forgive her terrible grammar.

"And the real thing will feel even better, honey. Bre will make sure you're starting to cum just before the drop. It'll be the longest orgasm you've ever had."

"How long?" she looks like a little girl on Christmas morning.

"It will feel like hours." I promise her. And looking down I see that the crotch and inner thighs of her jean are darkened and wet. Brandy sees where my gaze is and looks down.

"Oh-my-god!" she squeals, "I peed myself!"

I laugh, "It's okay, honey. Almost everyone pees. You can strip down before you go in. No one has to know."

Then her slender arms are around me and her face is pressed against my chest and her firm rounded belly against my crotch.

"Thank you. Chuck." she says excitedly, "I love-you-love-you-love-you-love-you!"


Kelly is fighting it. Stupid girl.

After all her big talk of wanting to get to it and not wanting to wait for Brandy, she's freaking out and fighting it. Jason seems to be enjoying it though, he looks like he's about to cum again - his cock is rock hard and twitching. Jason is stroking Kelly's struggling body and he's licking her protruding tongue.

Brandy is over with Jennifer, and Jennifer looks pretty freaked out. It's her first time here and I have to keep an eye on her. It's only happened a couple times that someone freaked out and didn't want to follow through. Most of the kids who come here are drawn to it because of that book and all have fantasies about joining the first four girls. Most opt for hanging, but we get the odd one who wants to pull a Jackie or a Laura. But there's been three that freaked out so bad when they saw the reality that Dad and I had to ... Well, we don't like talking about that. Legend House isn't about forcing people, but sometimes we have to. Even then we try to make it as pleasurable as we can for them - MDMA helps a lot with that.

When Brandy first walked in, stark naked, I saw the red marks on her throat and could smell the faint odour of urine which means Dad did his thing for her again and she pissed herself this time. I can also smell her sex, so either she's horny as hell to be here or she's been masturbating a lot this morning.

Kelly has now reached over her head and is gripping the noose, trying to pull herself up. She has managed to take the pressure off a couple times and each time has gasped in a breath, but it's a losing battle. I know all about that - my first few times with Dad I did that. Too scared to let go, but once I did and let that noose settle in tight around my throat - oh man, what feelings! I hear the soft whir of one of the cameras as Dad moves it and changes the focus. I make sure I don't block any of them and I keep my hat down over my eyes so I can't be recognized so Dad doesn't have to blur my face too much in editing.

I go up to Kelly from behind, and lay my hand on her bum - even though she pisses me off, I want this to be good for her. I stroke her round quivering bottom and feel the muscles working there under the fat as she kicks.

"It's okay, Kelly. Just let it go." I say in the kindest softest voice I can, "Let it go and let the feelings come. It will be good, I promise. It's the best way."

It takes a minute but I think she hears me because she lowers herself and lets all her weight come down on the noose around her throat. I stroke her back as she does.

"Good girl." I coo as she lowers her arms and her thighs come together slowly. In a few seconds, her face calms and her eyelids droop. I watch her ankles cross and her body slowly goes rigid. She arches her back and presses her tight stomach outward. I look at her hands and she's tucked her thumbs into her palms and is squeezing them. in her fists.

Wow, Kelly's a clencher - I would never have though that of her.

I step around the front to watch her and Jason is still stroking her thighs - and I see they're quivering now that she's clenched so tight. Her body is going pale - a sure sign she's going into shock.

"Is she getting off on it?" Jason asks, watching her face - but the face never tells you anything ... I know that too well, watching my own videos and not seeing what I was feeling at the time in my facial expressions - your face just tells people you know you're dying, not how good it feels. I reach up and slide two fingers between her tight thighs and find her sex - I can feel the clear mucus flowing in little pulses from her vag and when I pull my fingers out I show Jason how wet and slimy they are.

"Hell yeah, she's getting off on it." I say and laugh. She's cumming like crazy right now. Jason looks up at her in awe and whimpers, then cums all over her thighs - the beads and ropes of it looking like liquid pearls on her pale skin.

It takes about five more minutes for Kelly to finish and by the time she does, her inner thighs are wet and shiny with her juice all the way to her knees, and her nipples are tighter and more puckered than I've ever seen them.

As Jason sits down weakly to get his head back in the right space and I play with Kelly's body the way Dad likes it for the cameras, I see that Brandy has an arm around Jennifer and is talking softly to her.


I'm so unsure of this. I mean, I don't know how many times I've laid in bed reading "Sweet Nightmares of Youth" and then fingered myself to hard, tight orgasms thinking about coming to Legend House and doing it for real. Or cumming IN Legend House ... ha ha.

Jason is standing on the table and his hands are tied behind his back like he asked for and Brandy is sucking his cock - "fluffing him" is what Breanne calls it. Breanne was going to do it, but Brandy said she wanted to suck one last cock and this was the last morning she could do it. And man, is she ever into it. I mean, she's pushing herself forward so her lips seal around the base of his cock so it must be deep in her throat when she does that.

I move over beside Breanne who is checking Kelly's body, which is still hanging from the beam on that side of the cellar room. I was kind of shocked when she pushed that thing up Kelly's ass - what did she call it? A butt plug. "To keep things clean" she'd said.

"Brandy likes it." I say to Breanne and feel stupid as soon as I hear myself say it.

"Yeah." Breanne says and I can hear the patience in her voice, "Do you think you're ready, Jenn?"

"I don't know." I admit, and feel my cheeks flush, "I mean ... I am and I'm not. I just watch what you guys are doing and I've never done any of those things. I think ... well, I think I want to experience them first."

Breanne smiles and lays her hand gently on my shoulder, "Then tell you what. After Brandy's done, why don't I help you try it. You know, give you an idea on what it feels like, but cut you down after and bring you back."

"You can do that?" I wonder if I'm really as naive as I sound.

"Yeah. Dad and I do it all the time. Well, he does it for me." Breanne smiles and lifts her chin and I see the rough skin around her throat. Then her arms are around me and she kisses me sweetly on the nose and lips, "Maybe you can watch me first, then we'll do you."

"I think I'd like that." I say softly.

And we hear Jason moan and Brandy steps back from him. His cock is rock hard, sticking straight out and wet with her spit. It's twitching and jerking all on it's own.

"He's going to cum again." Breanne whispers as she lets go of me and moves toward him, saying louder to him; "It's time, Jason."

Jason whimpers, looking down at us through drooping eyelids. His belly is starting to quiver.

"I'm scared." he says in a weak voice.

"I know, baby. But it's going to be okay." Breanne says sweetly, stroking his legs, "Come toward me, sweetheart. Just one step and all the good feelings will start."

Jason is shaking badly now, his breathing shaky and shallow. "I can't." and it sounds like he's about to cry. Breanne gently slips her hands behind his knees and pulls toward herself.

"I know you're scared, baby. But I love you, Jason. I know you can do it." Breanne pulls a little firmer and Jason shuffles his feet to the edge of the table, "Just one little step. You can do it."

"... okay ..." Jason whimpers the word and steps forward, his weight tightening the rope around his throat. And his body swings forward, the noose clenching tight on his throat as his feet swing free. Breanne reaches up and strokes his scrotum and Jason's hips start humping. He lifts his legs, opening them a little and his cum pulses and jets all over Breanne's arm and breasts.

"Oh, baby. That feels so good, doesn't it?" Breanne coos.


My body started changing about three years ago and I am thankful for that every single day but especially this day as Breanne slap-fucks my cunt with her two middle fingers hooked inside me, making my g-spot throb and gush. I hear myself cry out wordlessly as my orgasm builds in my lower belly and I bend my knees a little more and open my thighs wider and my bum muscles are quivering and I feel like I'm about to lose it and let all my weight come down on the noose because my legs are so weak. It's hard to stand too, because my ankles are tied together and my hands are tied behind my back. It's what I wanted and Breanne picked the softest cords for me. But I know I must look stupid trying to squat like this and wish Chuck had a monitor in the room so we could watch ourselves do this.

Breanne will help Chuck get rid of our bodies, that is her final part in this. Oh, and masturbating us like she is doing for me if we need her to in case we aren't horny enough on our own when it is our time. And she and her Dad make a ton of money from the videos that they sell. I know it sounds creepy, but you can hardly tell there are cameras in the room, and anyways - who gives a shit when you're dead? Besides, just knowing that hundreds of strange men will be masturbating and cumming as they watch me go through this is really turning me on. And if Breanne can finance her way through university so she can be a doctor like she plans, who am I to begrudge her?

Me, I gave up on my dreams the day the little pink cross showed up on the third preg test I took four months ago. My family started treating me like shit as soon as they figured out I wasn't just getting fat. Oh well, maybe they'll miss me when I'm gone. But they won't know what happened to me - they'll think I'm a runaway like all the rest.

Because my knees are bent and my thighs open, the noose is already tight around my throat and it's already making the blood pound in my head. I can breathe okay though and Breanne keeps reminding me to breathe deep so I'll last. My cunt is making really wet squishy sounds as Breanne hammers her fingers into me. God I love it.

I can feel Jennifer behind me, stroking my bum and inner thighs - her fingers are hesitant, like she's shy about it. Breanne isn't though, she is fingering me hard and fast and I can hear how sloppy and wet I'm getting - oh god I must be totally slimy - I can feel the slickness of my juices slithering down my inner thighs. Breanne wraps her left arm around behind my legs and pulls me tight to her body to make sure I don't fall too soon. I feel really awkward as I lean into her - I'm all off balance, but this is all part of the plan. I trust that she won't let me go until it's time.

It feels so good when Breanne presses her cheek against my round belly while she works my cunt. I can feel her panting because she's working so hard on me. And I kind of wish my hands were free because my nipples are tight and puckered and I just know if I stroke them it will push me over the edge. So, I suppose it's a good thing I can't do that because this build-up of super-horniness is so awesome and I want it to go on as long as possible.

"Finger her ass." I hear Breanne tell Jennifer and she grabs Jennifer's hand and pulls it to my pussy so Jennifer's fingers get lubed. Then I feel Jennifer's slippery fingers sliding up my wet, slimy crack to my asshole. She plays there - making deep circles on the ring of muscle and that feels so good.

"Two fingers." Breanne tells her, "Go deep."

And I feel the pressure as she pushes on my asshole and I feel her open it and her long fingers are sliding deep up into my rectum and oh-my-god I discover that I love double penetration more than anything.

"... don't stop ..." my voice is all desperate and whiny, like a scared little girl, "... please don't stop ..."

"We won't, sweetheart." Breanne says in a breathy voice, and she doesn't stop. She just keeps finger-fucking me like a machine.

I try to keep it together so my legs don't give out by staring at the bright frosted window across the room as these wonderful girls fuck me with their fingers and I feel muscles in my body jumping and twitching and now I can't breathe except in little useless desperate gasps. I wonder if that was the window that Laura stared at as her belly was slowly sawed open. The Cops say it looked like she was staring at one of the boarded up windows when they found her body. Chuck renovated and put in the bumpy kind of glass so no one can see in and the window is bright now, so the sun must be out.

I wonder if Laura really cummed at the end like that writer said. He believed that all four girls cummed before they died. I thought about going out the way Laura did ... but the baby ... No, I don't like to think about that. Not now.

I know I'm about to cum, and - oh god - when I do that will be it; No more me.

Oh fuck ... the feelings in my belly are growing stronger now, stronger than they've ever been - I'm going to cum and as I do, Breanne is going to step away and I'm going to fall forward and strangle on the noose. But it won't be like what Chuck does to me - this will be forever. And a big part of me wants that so bad right now ... so bad - like nothing I've ever wanted before - but at the same time I'm so fucking scared. But after I know there will be peace. No more feelings of hopelessness.

It's so weird - wanting to die, but being terrified of it at the same time.

Oh god, my legs are shaking so bad.

I feel Jennifer slide a third finger into my rectum and pump it deep and slow in and out of me. I must be getting looser back there because she's pressing hard at the deep end of each stroke and I can feel her third knuckles opening me. I can hear the little gasping and choking sounds I am making as I try to breathe, but I can't - my diaphragm doesn't want to work right. My whole belly is quivering now. Every now and then I feel their fingers come together inside me - Jennifer curls her fingers forward and presses against Breanne's. Oh fuck.

I realize that Breanne has been talking to me as she keeps fucking my cunt with her fingers.

"... breathe!" I hear her when she raises her voice, "You're gunna cum and you have to breathe, honey, or you won't last very long."

It's happening too fast! But I force myself - I suck air into my lungs and gasp it out.

"That's a good girl!" Breanne says, "Keep going! In and out. In and out. Oh honey, you're close! It's gunna happen soon!"

I follow her direction. I feel so much trust and so much love for her right now. But still so scared - little waves of cold keep washing up my body from my thighs over my bum and my belly. Breanne's fingers are amazing, sliding in and out of me - tugging at my g-spot - and her arm around my lower thighs is so reassuring. Jennifer's fingers too - working in and out of my asshole and I can feel it getting sloppy and I like the feeling ... I feel like such an incredible slut and I hear myself giggle at the thought. But my giggle sounds a little crazy - that's the fear.

Suddenly I feel my belly tightening around a deep throb in my lower belly that feels like a warm blanket wrapped around an electric tingle inside my sex. I hear my deep elongated grunt as my body starts to peak.

Oh fuck ... not yet!

"Deep breath, baby!" Breanne coaches me, "Get ready!"

I suck a half breath in and hear myself whimper it back out. I struggle but I manage to gasp a full lungful just as my belly starts to clench. My legs are shaking so fucking bad now that I can feel and hear the table legs clattering on the floor. I feel my pussy contracting around Breanne's fingers, tightening down on them, gripping them hard.

Oh fuck, this is it ... Mommy!

Fear floods my bowels like ice water.

Breanne pulls her fingers out of me - big sucking sensation - and steps back, pulling my legs forward with her other arm. I feel the noose tightening on my throat as my toes drag across the top of the table, my toenails scratching the wood, and I swing free. Jennifer - bless her heart - tries to follow me, keeping her fingers inside my asshole as long as she can, but I swing forward and feel myself slide off them.

Cumming! Oh fuck, I'm cumming ...

I swear my belly is expanding, I'm cumming so hard. It's getting tight, like a hard ball.

It feels like my belly is going to burst under the pressure - it's so tight. It feels like a slow cramping explosion bursting inside me - the core being the sweet meat of my cunt. My body is doing things all on its own - my hips humping the air like I'm fucking a boy, my knees lifting and my thighs flopping open and closed. I can feel the blood surging through my body, making my swollen belly feel bigger and tighter and the oh-so-sweet cramping is starting in my womb. This is exactly what Breanne said would happen.

I'm such a lucky girl to know Breanne.

My nipples are tingling like crazy and I wish someone would suck on them.

And the rope is right on my gag reflex and is crushing my gullet, I feel my stomach convulse like a hard little ball in the pit of my abdomen and my chocolate milk gurgles up my throat - I can hear it - but it can't get out, but that doesn't stop my stomach. It heaves and heaves and heaves as my orgasm rolls on and on. And that feels good too - the fluids gurgling up and down my gullet. I remember the morning sickness and remember that once I knew it was because I was pregnant I could make it less gross by turning myself on and making it feel sexy. It got so I would sit on the bathroom floor, with my head in the toilet bowl and my hand tucked under my crotch and I would finger myself and that made puking a sexy thing. I cummed a lot doing that.

And my bowels are waking up now and moving - I remember Breanne telling me how everything would come alive inside me as I was dying, even my bowels.

Oh fuck ... this feels so strange.

She said if I felt that to just let it happen - she was used to cleaning up messes. And my bowels feel like living snakes squirming inside me and I can feel gurgling and movement in there too. My asshole is still gaping from Jennifer finger-fucking me and as I quiver and shake, I hear a wet fart. Even though everything is getting blurry, I see Breanne drag a big plastic wash bin with a plastic yard waste bag in it from the corner and slide it under me. I'm going to shit myself, Breanne knows that and I thought I'd care, but I don't. I look down at her and she smiles up at me and strokes my hip.

"It's okay, baby." She says gently, "Don't try to stop it."

And it's all part of this orgasm ... this mind-blowing orgasm. I close my eyes and let it happen.

Now wild tingling sensations are washing across the back of my thighs and up my bum and a surge of orgasm makes my belly feel like it's going to burst again. I can feel my round tummy undulating and my pelvis humping forward and this orgasm isn't slowing down. Chuck was right - it feels like hours.

I open my eyes ... the sun must have gone behind a cloud - it's getting darker in here. That window is dimmer.

Breanne and Jennifer are both standing a few feet in front of me now. How did they both get there so fast? Jennifer has both her hands up over her mouth and looks ... worried? Sympathetic? Is she feeling sorry for me? Breanne is smiling.

"Just go with it, baby." she says and my ears are ringing now so I can barely hear her, "Let it take you."

Let what take me?

Oh my ... I feel it - an amazing flood of warmth like a hot bubble bath.

My body isn't shaking anymore. I feel my thighs get heavy and slowly drop. I move them against one another and my inner thighs are slimy and slippery. I feel my belly sag, and it is so heavy. My stomach isn't trying to throw up anymore. My tongue is so thick in my mouth, I can feel it heavy between my lips. I feel the drool sliding down over my chin and my face feels hot.

I feel my bowels roll and I can feel a loose fluttering as my asshole gapes wider. I'm shitting myself. Breanne makes a sexy face ...

"Yeah, sweetie." she coos, "That's it - let it all happen."

I feel another little surge of orgasm inside me and this one makes me feel squirmy and I want to stretch like a cat - it feels like it's happening throughout my whole body, from my toes to my throat.

I squeeze my eyes shut as my body slowly tightens, my ankles crossing, my back arching, pushing my belly forward. I can feel that my toes are pointing down at the floor as my body goes rigid. My bum is clenching so tight. I hear Breanne laugh ...

"A humper and a clencher." she says.

I open my eyes but I can't see anymore. Someone is sliding their hand between the slipperiness of my thighs. And I'm still cumming.

Cumming ...

... cumming ...

... cumming ...

... so happy I cummed like this ...

And I won't feel sad after.

I'm such a lucky girl.