by Erotickynk

This house has been abandoned and neglected for decades and seen all manner of squatter and all manner of abuse. Windows and doors have been nailed closed and boarded over, yet the fringe people of the town still manage to find their way in. We are part of that fringe, my friends and I. Parties have been held here, and virginities lost, and rapes endured, and on occasion, lives have ended here. Tonight more lives will end here, but not by accident nor overdose nor random acts of violence this time. Tonight the violence is planned and welcomed as well as the deaths. Tonight is the culmination of a pact.

The basement windows are boarded up so the light from the Coleman propane lantern doesn't leak out. We must have darkness outside so the police don't interrupt - they can have this place later - it will be busy with police for days once we are discovered. And - of course - the Coroner will be busy here for a short time. But for now we need darkness outside but light inside this dank basement. The boys need light to do their grim work properly, and we want it done properly because we only get to experience these things once.

The lantern hisses steadily in its corner and its light hurts to look at. Its light is a pure, brilliant white and it casts stark shadows that move across the room ... elongated shadows that look a lot like a nightmare.

Tonight is a nightmare.

For me. For my friends - the girls in my pact.

So the shadows slip and fly across the dark damp walls, across the bricks and the pipes and the old broken pieces of furniture as the boys move to and fro, getting ready and helping us take our places and setting down their tools - the things they will need to make our sweet dark nightmares come true.

Zee is thoughtful as he holds my hand and helps me into the old shallow bathtub that sits almost in the centre of this side of the room. This is to be my place, the scene of my nightmare. The bathtub is not connected to anything and has no plumbing attached and was probably brought down here for storage when a new square-backed bathtub replaced it back when this house was full of life. But it is a nice one with a sloped back and lots of room for my small body. We don't bother to clean it out and I can feel the grit through my clothes under my bottom and back as I slide down. And the stale urine smell that permeates it rises and fills my nostrils.

I am wearing my hoodie, my favourite TWLOHA t-shirt, my jeans with the rips in the knees, my new black fishnet stockings and panties, and my sneakers.

As Zee leaves me to settle in, I see Daniel leading Jackie to the raised brick area in the corner where the furnace used to live. He's swept it clean for her. I think Daniel loves her, he is so attentive to her needs. As I watch, I see that Jackie is trembling and I hear that she is giggling too much as they talk quietly. That means she is scared. Jackie always giggles when she is scared or upset enough to cry. As she steps up unto the raised brick platform her knees give out and she crumples. Daniel - of course - is there to catch her and help her sit. She draws her knees up under her chin and hugs her shins as Daniel sits beside her and wraps his arms around her. He is talking quietly to her and rocking her and she is crying now. She is very scared.

I turn my head slightly and see Val standing in her plaid skirt and white top. Though I can't see them below the rim of the tub, I know she has her groovy Euro boots on and under them her thick leggings. She stands with her chin held high as Kevin ties her wrists together tightly behind her back. I know Val well enough that I know she will stay clothed throughout the night - no boy is to touch her body. Val was raped when she was younger and hasn't let a boy touch her sexually since. I know her plan though, and she will be touched sexually, but not by hands and she'll keep her clothes on.

Behind me I hear a quivery moan. It is Cassandra. As usual, she has started first. I crane my neck and twist my upper body and see that she is naked from the waist down and slumped in the filthy armchair that only has three stubby legs. G-Dog is kneeling between her open thighs and is sucking her pussy. Soon he will finger her and if her plan works, she will be fist-fucked for the first and last time tonight.

We all have our own particular nightmare. Some are more sexual. Some are more nightmare.

I settle back in, and adjust my body in the shallow bathtub and discover that the lantern is throwing sharp-edged elongated shadows of Cassandra and G-Dog on the wall near me. But quickly they are obliterated and engulfed by another shadow that grows and casts me in darkness. I catch a dark figure in my peripheral vision looming over me to my right. My breath catches in my throat and I realize that I too am scared - but it is only Zee, returned with a small stool for him to sit on while he helps me ... while he delivers my particular breed of nightmare to my body.

Zee settles in and reaches for me, peeling my hoodie up from my body. I lift my upper torso to a sitting position and raise my arms to make it easier for him and he pulls it up over my head, ruffling my hair and pulling my t-shirt up with it to rumple just below my breasts, my soft pale belly now exposed. I stay upright and Zee peels my t-shirt off as well, pulling it over my head. I can hear the crackling of static as it pulls free of my hair. I lean forward and Zee unhooks my bra and I hunch my shoulders and it slides off me into my lap. Zee takes it and tosses it aside carelessly.

For some reason I am annoyed. I paid fourty dollars for that bra at the boutique in the Kingstown mall, and now it is on the floor of this filthy basement, to be trampled as the night goes on - by the boys and later by the Police and Coroner. I examine that annoyance and I realize it is a mask - something my mind has chosen to focus on so it doesn't focus on what is really going on in here.

The fact is ... I too am scared. And who would blame me?

From the corner I can hear Jackie breathing erratically, her little gasps catching in her throat and a glance shows me that Daniel is undressing her also. I can see her flat upper tummy and small breasts jiggling as her diaphragm quivers. Jackie's fear is growing because being undressed means we are one step closer to our particular nightmare. Jackie is so small and so thin and appears frail and helpless right now.

Zee lays a gentle hand on my chest and pushes me back down. I settle into the tub once more and can now feel the grit on my back. Zee leans over me and unbuckles my belt and loosens it, then unbuttons my jeans and tugs down the zipper. He rises then and moves to the foot of the bathtub. Kneeling there, he carefully unties my sneakers and pulls them from my feet one at a time, gently lowering each back down into the tub. It makes me feel pampered the way he is undressing me and I find I like the feeling. Then he grips the cuffs of my jeans and pulls. I wiggle my hips and hook my thumbs in my waistband, pushing my tight jeans down over my bottom and they slide up my legs, the sensation of the fabric caressing the skin of my thighs and calves through my stockings gives me goosebumps.

I hear the lopsided chair that Cassandra is slumped in start to rock and make a rhythmic 'clunking' sound. I also hear her whimper and it sounds very sexual. I can see the shadows from her and G-Dog - her head thrown back, him still hunched over and working between her thighs. But I'm not satisfied with the shadows, I twist and crane my neck and watch ...

Cassandra is gripping the arms of the chair tightly with both hands, and her face tells me how strong her sexual bliss is right now. G-Dog is bent over her, sucking her clit as he finger-fucks her in slow deep strokes. He is only using three fingers and hasn't got to the fisting part yet and I hope that when he does I won't be too preoccupied because I truly want to see that moment.

Zee is back beside me on his stool, he is looking down at me and smiling.

"Are you ready?" he asks quietly and I nod. He knows the plan and I trust him, but I still feel the cold rush of fear in my bowels as he reaches into the tub and lays one warm hand on my right thigh. That small gesture - that single gentle touch - marks the beginning for me. I feel a fluttering in my stomach as I draw my legs up, knees bent, and open my thighs. Zee cups my sex through my panties and starts to slowly massage me. My panties are bikini briefs and the material is oddly thick. As soon as I found them in the foundation garment section of WalMart I knew that I wanted them for this night. For some reason the feeling of thick panties makes me feel more secure, more ... safe. Tonight isn't about being sexy and feminine, it is about to get very real very quickly.

But Zee massaging my crotch feels good and it starts to awaken those same feelings that awoke in me night after night as I texted with the others while we planned this night. After each planning chat I would crawl into my bed and be quiet as a mouse as I fingered myself to hard orgasms, making sure no sound made it through the wall I share with my parents. Some nights I would experiment with different objects to see which nightmare I would choose. It came down to two, and as soon as Jackie chose one of them I settled on the other. But playing at hers alone in my bed always gave me long shuddering orgasms that went on and on. I don't know if I will have an orgasm tonight or not, and really - I don't care. That's not what tonight is all about for me. But for now I close my eyes and let Zee work my sex and grow my arousal, because arousal is making me relax and without it my fear will tighten my body up. I suspect it will get tight anyway, but I can only hope.

"Wait. Please wait." I hear Jackie plead in a weak voice. My eyes flutter open and I see that her thin body is completely naked now and she is sitting on the brick platform, resting on one hip - one leg folded under her, one knee upright. Daniel stands behind her, waiting patiently. I watch her struggling to come to grips with her fear.

"You just have to start, Jackie." I say kindly, "Then ... then it will all just happen like it's supposed to."

She looks at me and our eyes meet. Jackie nods and swallows hard and fakes a smile, then she moves herself into a kneeling position, on all fours. Slowly she lowers herself so her upper chest and cheek rests on the floor, her arms bent and her palms flat on either side of her, her bottom held high, her thighs only slightly parted. She takes a deep shuddering breath and rolls her face so her forehead is on the bricks

"Okay." I hear her whisper and watch as Daniel lifts the sharpened steel shaft and positions it between the twin round globes of her tight bottom. He works carefully and I hear Jackie gasp as it finds the puckered dimple of her anus. Daniel pushes gently and Jackie lifts her face, her mouth open in an 'O' shape, her eyes open and staring.

"Oh-h-h-h-h-h" her voice is breathy and quavering as I watch Daniel push the shaft deep enough to fill her rectum. I am familiar with what she is feeling ... I have a hairbrush at home on my dresser with a handle that is long and thick and there are times I have loved the feeling of it sliding into my bottom, straightening out my rectal valves and filling me. It was that brush I used when I fantasized about the nightmare Jackie ultimately chose. If not for a simple twist of fate, it could have been me with my bum in the air right now and an eight foot steel shaft being pressed into my bowels.

I hear a gagging sound in front of me and I turn to see that Val is now on her knees, sitting on her heels and taking Kevin's cock deep into her throat. She is still fully dressed and her wrists are still tightly bound. I can see that they are turning a light shade of purple. Val is leaning into Kevin, moving her whole upper body to throat him, taking him so deep that her cute pug nose presses hard against his belly on each stroke. I know that at some point, Zee, G-Dog and Daniel may take their turns with Val if she needs them to. She asked our permission and we gave it - it is her fantasy after all. And no boy is to touch her, only present their cocks - she is firm on that. Yet despite her toughness, I can see that her blouse is vibrating from her body trembling as she throats Kevin's cock. She too is scared.

This is the night for fear.

And now I can feel my own body starting to tremble. I know a big part of it is the sexual tension that Zee's sweet fingers are building in me - Christ it feels like I just might cum afterall - but mixed in there is the fleeting white flashes of terror that threaten to overwhelm me. I know that if I let that terror in I will panic and want to stop ... want to run. And tonight isn't for running or even stopping. Tonight is for other things. And so I take a deep shuddering breath and look up at Zee. I don't have to say it - he knows just by my look, reluctant though it is.

It is time.

I reach up and lay my hands on the rolled rim of the bathtub as Zee lets go of my now mucky and slippery crotch - I can feel that I have soaked through my thick panties. I resettle myself in the tub, feeling the grit grinding against my skin, hearing it scrape under the bum of my panties and my heels as I move. I test my grip on the edges of the tub, squeezing it with my hands. And when Zee's hand reappears it is holding the knife. It's a 119 Buck knife and it's razor sharp - I know that because Zee shaved a small patch of peach fuzz off my arm on the way over here tonight. I wanted a hunters' dressing knife with a gut hook, but Zee said the hooks were too narrow for human belly muscles.

And all too soon Zee is pulling the waistband of my panties down just a little and the tip of the knife is right there ... right in the soft spot above my pubic mound, pressing the soft paleness there, dimpling there. The light glints off the thin edge of the blade - it's menacing almost invisible edge is facing me. I start to pant and my muscles tense and I watch my skin - my flesh - dimple under the tip of that cold curved steel. I feel my hands grip the sides of the tub and watch as my tummy muscles tighten and clench and feel my shoulders lift away from the back of the tub. I hold my breath and tuck my chin against my chest. And the tip is pressing harder and harder, the dimple now a deep triangle of shadow and I wonder if it will slice through like I thought it would or will he have to drive it into me like a chisel. I jump as I feel the 'pop' of the skin tension releasing and the knife's tip is sliding into me, slipping easily now through skin and the thin layer of soft fat ... pressing hard against muscle now and it too is dimpled deep ...

"...uh ... uhh ... uhhh ... hnnghh!"

... before that too parts.

And it HURTS - it hurts like nothing has ever hurt before, it hurts so bad, and it surprises me that it doesn't feel sharp, it feels like a bruise and it's going deeper and I can now feel the coldness of the blade inside my belly.

Inside. My. Belly.

I gasp and resume panting but in earnest this time, my body starts shaking, my arms vibrating where they rest on the rim of the tub.

And Zee pauses there.

"Just rest, now. Get used to it being inside you." Zee says. My body is shaking badly now, the pain subsiding but the terror is coming on strong. I close my eyes and I feel sick to my stomach.

I can stop now if I want. There isn't too much damage done yet, and I know that if I ask, Zee will pull the knife out of me and dress me and carry me out to his car and take me to the hospital and I will be okay. I'll be okay and able to live. And that idea is so tempting, so very very tempting, especially with a hunting knife buried three inches inside my lower gut. But I remember our pact - our promise to die together.

Behind me I become aware that I've been hearing Cassandra's voice and now hear her cry out; "... push! ... push! ... " in a frantic, desperate way and then I hear her deep guttural grunt followed by G-Dog whispering; "Holy fuck." which must mean I just missed Cassandra's first penetration with a fist. She is breathing hard now, the 'clunking' of the chair is erratic as she moves around his fist, getting used to being so filled. I can hear the small groaning sounds deep in her throat.

From the corner I hear Jackie whimper, "... please ... more lube ..." and I open my eyes to see Daniel pouring olive oil down the shaft that is now deep in her bowels. I watch Jackie working through what she is feeling, her chin on the floor, her face toward me, her eyes squeezed shut. Below, her hands are cradling her lower belly and she must be really feeling that shaft inside her because her thigh muscles are shaking so badly they are making her bum quiver. Daniel is working it into her slowly, one gentle push at a time - easing off and pushing slightly.

I glance past Zee in time to see Val pull back from Kevin, his cock rolling up her throat and slipping from her lips pulling a tendril of spit and mucus as she lowers her head and her body curls and she vomits hard onto her lap. Val and I went out tonight to wait for the boys and she ate a large spaghetti dinner at Mario's. I was too nervous to eat, so I only had a coke. Val spits and lifts her head, her tongue reaching out to guide his cock into her throat once more.

Something moves inside my belly. Oh fuck - I remember suddenly; it's inside me.

"... mmmugh!" I hear a startled pathetic moan and it is me ... it is my turn to cry out as I feel the blade moving inside my belly. I tighten up again and feel Zee angle the blade so it lifts under the muscles above my mound and he starts to slide it upward, slipping the tip deeper and around the top of my bladder. I know is changing the angle so he will miss my bladder because once he is above it he moves the blade back into a 90 degree angle so it pulls on my flesh and makes me tense more then pushes it straight down, firmly into my gut - deeper and deeper and deeper. And he does it slow ... so amazingly slow that it feels like it will never stop sliding into me. Or maybe that is my perception - that time is slowing.

"Mmmmmphh!" I grunt and my belly tightens all on its own and I twist in the tub, squirming, squeezing my eyes shut, clenching my jaw. And Zee stays with my body, moving the handle of the blade to keep it aligned. This isn't what I imagined in my fantasies - this is real - so fucking real. And it isn't just the pain, it's the feeling of the sharp steel sinking deep inside me - penetrating my softest and most delicate flesh. I can feel the cold blade sliding through my intestines, slicing them.

There's no turning back now. Pain blossoms in my lower gut and light flashes in my vision. I am shocked to hear a low sickening moan come from my own throat because it sounds like a dying animal.

" ... mh ... mhh ... mhhh! ..." I am panting hard through my nose as I arch my back and stare up at the sharp shadows on the ceiling that are coming back into focus and the blade is sinking so deep now - so impossibly deep it has gone beyond what I imagined it would feel like. I am so aware of the steel blade invading my lower belly, cutting a swath through my intestines toward my spine. At last I feel the hilt press firm against my belly and know that all 6 cold inches of the Buck knife is in my abdomen now. My thighs squeeze tight together on their own.

"Oh gawd!" I cry out hoarsely and my voice sounds pitiful to my ears. I can't help myself - the pain I can manage, but a feeling of total hopelessness washes through me with that knife so deep in my belly. It's truly begun. I will not be going to school Monday morning; I will not graduate next year; I will not go to college or fall in love or walk down the aisle of our church in my wedding gown with my Daddy holding my arm. This belly will never carry babies. I feel a strong ice-cold tingling start in the large muscles of my thighs and bum and flood up my body through my core. I am now too far into this to stop. I'm going to die soon ... horribly.

I feel like I am going to throw up and my stomach rolls inside me - it starts to feel tight and full and I am panting and gasping out my air to avoid that - I don't want the taste of bile in my mouth. Then the blade is sliding up out of me and I can feel that just as powerfully - I feel the suction as it is pulled almost all the way out and it makes me gasp. Then it slides back in all the way in one smooth swift motion and I am squirming, panting, and now gasping a mantra ...

"... oh-fuck ... oh-fuck ... oh-fuck ... oh-fuck ..." and I want out of that tub. I want out so bad that I will sell my soul to make it happen.

“Shhh ... it's okay, hon. Just take it ... let it move inside you.” Zee murmurs as he pulls the blade up out of me then back in so smoothly. How did he get so good at this?

Zee is now sawing upward, the blade moving in and out of me like a slow-motion reverse sewing machine, taking my belly apart instead of sewing it together. I can feel him exaggerating the sawing motion, sliding the knife smoothly up and down - in and out - each narrow cut like a new slow deep stab. Zee is relentless and the blade is relentless as it slides in and out of me over and over and over sawing through my belly from my mound upward. And I have a long belly and my belly button is higher than most girls so I know I have a long ordeal ahead of me. I've never liked my body - my torso is too long and my legs are too short. And my belly has always been a little soft and loose, not tight and ... Oh fuck, distractions aren't helping. The blade is sliding in and out of my gut like a machine.

“... please ...” my voice is a mewling whine.

I recall being younger and having a boy try to finger me and being able to clench the muscles at the bottom of my body tight enough to keep his finger out. I bear down now, clenching my belly muscles like I never have before, trying to squeeze the blade to make it stop or even just slow it down a little. But it doesn't work this time, no matter how tight I clench my belly, no matter how hard I make my muscles down there, the blade is slicing through them. Each slow thrust is a singular penetration that takes my virginity over and over and over.

“This is what you wanted.” Zee whispers, his lips close to my ear.

“ ... please ...” I whimper.

And what makes me feel sick is that this IS what I asked for ... this is what I told Zee to do and my words have now come back to haunt me - “And don't stop, no matter what.” I have said that so many times - but now that it is real it is scaring me badly and I want it to stop it. I want it not to be happening. And no matter how hard I try to clench that blade in the flat band of quivering tight muscles in my lower belly it makes no difference - as tight as I can make my tummy, the blade moves through it like it is as soft as butter.

I am squirming now, working my legs, pushing my heels against the floor of the tub, feeling the grit grinding as I try to move myself away from the knife, but Zee - bless his heart - never slows; He keeps sawing away, moving the blade in and out closer and closer to my belly button. I can feel the sharp tip pressing down into my intestines, the razor sharp edge slicing them to ribbons inside my tummy. Tightening my muscles isn't working, so I moan and time it so I slowly push my belly outward as Zee pulls back on the knife, making my belly bulge, then on the next inward stroke, feeling my belly swallowing the blade and I find this is better than tensing. This feels like acceptance.

"... ohhh gawd ..." I moan long and low and squirm in the tub, my belly pushed up and rounded now and the blade still moving inside me.

"Good girl." I hear Zee's soft voice as he saws that blade in and out of me, each stroke only slicing upward an eighth or a quarter inch at a time on each long deep stroke. Each inward stroke ending with a little firm thrust that makes the hilt slap wetly against my now softened belly, making it jiggle. I brace myself in the tub now, one knee tight against the side and the opposite heel pressed against the foot of the tub, my toes turned inward. My trembling arms too are rigid, my left palm flat against that side of the tub and my right hand gripping the edge close to Zee tightly. My lips are pursed tight together as I push my belly outward outward and hold my body still for him and I hear myself making a deep desperate, almost sexual sound in my throat ...

"... m-m-m ... m-m-m ... m-m-m ..." and I realize that it is in time to his slow sawing and broken up by the pounding of my heart. Sawing ... sawing ... sawing. Dear God, will it never end?

I become aware of everything in that instant; My skin is hot and wet, sweat is slick all over me - my goosebumps are gone and the grit is now sticking to my wet back; I can smell the strong terror-sweat from my armpits and when I move my arms slightly they feel positively slimy with it; My face is flushed and my hair is sticking to the sweat on my brow and cheeks; My nipples are puckered and tight and - God help me - they are tingling and I can feel that right down to the pit of my crotch; And in my crotch I can feel my g-spot is swollen and my clit is alive and throbbing - it is as though my body is trying to create pleasure to overcome the pain. But whatever it is; I am one sick, sick girl and Zee is well into the process of killing me. All that is required of me is to die slowly.

I'm also aware of the others as Zee continues to saw into my belly - continues to make me squirm inside ...

Behind me I hear Cassandra grunting in time with the 'clunk-clunk, clunk-clunk' of her chair as Kevin fist fucks her. A glance at the wall and I see their shadows; Cassandra's body curled forward, Kevin's arms straight out as he pushes his hand inside her body over and over and over. His movements are in sync with Zee's and I wonder who is setting the rhythm and who is following. But I am jealous of Cassandra in this hard moment - she is being fist-fucked and will probably cum, while I am enduring a ... no, I can't bring myself to say it.

Jackie's face is now turned away from me and she is moaning sweetly as Daniel is fucking her with the shaft. I can't tell how much is in her for sure, but it is in her very deep now and I see that her hands are stroking her lower belly which is now alarmingly swollen and that can only mean that she is bleeding internally. But the pleasure must be stronger than her pain as everything about her speaks of her lust ...

And Kevin is gripping Val by the hair and is now spasming and cumming in her throat and Val is swallowing and swallowing and swallowing - not to take his load but to stop from puking. And when Kevin pulls out, Val stops swallowing and vomits onto her skirt again. She is gasping and choking as Zee asks;

"Are you needing someone else now, Val?" and mercifully he stops moving the knife inside me - holding it pressed hilt-deep - so I just stay rigid and breathe and tremble and hold myself still and watch Val. Val shakes her head rapidly, vomit once more spraying from her loose lips as she does.

"... no ... " she manages wetly after a moment, then; "I'm ready." and heaves again. I can't see the vomit hit, but I can hear the dull spatter as it puddles on her skirt. I also see her cheeks are wet with tears.

"Now?" Kevin asks, surprised.

"Yes!" Val cries out impatiently, squeezing her eyes closed, her head hanging down, her face partially hidden behind her loose auburn hair. She is still on her knees and sitting on her heels, her wrists bound tight and her hands now a deeper purple. Kevin moves around behind her and draws his knife as he reaches out and grasps a handful of Val's beautiful hair. His knife is one of those short samurai things that Japanese people use for Seppuku. He presses a knee against her back and pulls back on her hair, lifting her head upward, pushing her upper torso forward, arching her back.

"Harder." Val hisses and Kevin obeys, pulling her hair and pressing his knee hard against her back. I am in a state of wonder that Val is choosing this violence.

"Ngha!" Val grunts and her mouth opens wide, her face grimacing, then: "Do it!"

And Kevin reaches around and pulls his knife hard against Val's throat and slides it across in one slow smooth motion. Val makes a sickening gurgling sound as blood gushes from her throat. Kevin lets go of her hair and pulls his knee out of her back and Val almost falls over, but collects herself by shuffling her knees frantically. Blood is pulsing down her throat, turning the bib of her white top a deep wet crimson. Val lowers her head and her eyes open and stare at nothing, she is wavering, looking like she might fall over at any second. Blood flows from her parted lips as her throat moves - she is working the root of her tongue for what I don't know. Her mouth slowly opens and her body curls forward and she vomits once more, her spaghetti dinner mixing with the blood. I see her eyelids fluttering and she slips to the side like a marionette with cut strings, and she falls to the floor and out of my sight. But I hear the wet slap of her face hitting the bricks and am disappointed in Kevin for not helping her down gracefully. I can hear the rustling of the fabric of her skirt as her death spasms move her. Or maybe she is struggling to live for just a few more seconds. But then something moves deep in my gut and I grunt hard like I have been punched ...

"UNGH!" - it takes me by surprise.

It is - of course - Zee getting back to his task of gutting me.


I've said it.

It's now a reality and it sits well with me in this instant; I am being gutted - they call it a midline gutting - straight up my long belly ... gutted like the fish my Daddy and I caught on misty weekend mornings; gutted like the deer I watched him dress in the high mountain air - the deer he thought was dead but who struggled and panted as he slid his knife down it's soft white belly. I recall watching in fascination as that deer's insides slithered out of her and her body quivered.

And now I am feeling especially fragile, holding myself tight in the tub, braced there with my legs and arms, my belly pressed upward, bulging the way it feels best with Zee's knife now moving inside me once more. I am trembling badly, making small sounds in my throat. I discover that my bum is high off the floor of the tub, and I have been pressing my belly up for Zee - for his blade that is working through my belly. I imagine what I must look like to Zee - a pain slut begging for the knife, presenting her tummy like a slut.

Zee expertly angles the knife again, tilting it backward so the blade slides under the knot of old scar tissue from my birth that is my belly button and when he does I can feel it slicing through more loops of intestine inside me - pulling and parting them. I feel my stomach churn and roll and a long wet burp echoes up my throat. My thighs are growing weak from holding my bum off the floor so I slowly lower myself while still keeping my tummy pressed outward. It occurs to me I haven't looked down yet, so I force myself to do so now;

I am a bloody mess below my belly button; My lower belly and hips are smeared with blood and shreds of intestine as are my inner thighs. Below the knife I can see that my wound is already opening and a coil of intestine is protruding out like a bad hernia. I can feel Zee start to pull up on the knife, the blade under my belly button that was a partial innie and is turning into an outie as he lifts. My thighs start shaking and I feel the tension building in my belly. I can actually feel it tugging at my cunt as Zee puts more and more pressure on the blade while the toughness of my belly button resists.

Behind me I hear Cassandra cumming hard as the 'clunk-clunk, clunk-clunk' speeds to a crescendo. I can hear the deep thudding impact of G-Dog's fist as he pounds her pussy and I guess her guts are feeling bruised because she is gasping and swearing under her breath.

I feel more pressure and Zee wiggles the blade inside me as he pulls up and I look back down at myself just as the knife splits my belly button.

And my belly opens wide.

"Urrrllllph!" I make a desperate wet sound, feeling my belly let go and I writhe hard, my back hitting the floor of the tub with a wet 'splat', my legs jerking and kicking a tattoo against the floor of the bathtub with my stockinged feet as I feel my belly yawning wider now - the natural tension there at my narrow waist at last released for the first time since my hips first started to widen. Zee lays his other hand on my upper tummy to steady me so I don't shred myself too badly because he is holding the knife deep inside me now. Every muscle in my body is shuddering and I feel my toes curling like they do when I cum. A long, low guttural groan is vibrating my throat as I am overwhelmed by the feeling of my belly opening this wide, my insides lifting upward, freed from their nest.

"Shhhhh" Zee soothes me as I quiver and whimper like a beaten dog. The sensations in my body are almost too much for me. I am so aware of my belly - it is the total focus of my entire being. My heart is pounding hard and I can feel the air on my insides where my lower belly is now gaping, I can feel my intestines squirming inside me as peristalsis goes wild, my anus clenching and loosening in an erratic rhythm. I learn something - as a body is dying, it works harder.

"I ... can't ... handle ... this" I gasp between breaths, my thighs flopping open and closed now - which I have to admit is stirring up some sexual feelings - and my sweaty hands slipping on the sides of the tub as I try feebly to push myself up and out of the tub. But Zee stays with me, massaging my upper belly with his free hand.

"Shhhh, yes you can. You're almost there. hon." And those words and his firm touch do it ... I feel the slow change in my body - the tension is leaving me. Almost there - I actually feel relief hearing those words. I suddenly become aware that my bladder is painfully full and sigh as I let go and feel it release - I let my thighs flop open and feel the fluid rush inside my panties and the puddle grow under my bottom and soak up my back. I feel my anus loosen and gape and I break wind then feel a squirt as I soil myself. It feels wrong though and I suspect it is clotting blood from inside my spasming colon.

"It's okay, just let it go." Zee whispers and I let body loosen more - my anus opens and I feel my panties plump with clotting blood. I realize my body now knows I am dying and it is giving up the fight. I feel a strange calm warm me from the inside out. My quivering muscles relax to sporadic twitching.

I twist my head away from the sight of my ruined belly and see that Daniel is kneeling as he works the shaft deeper into Jackie now. And I see that she is trying to raise herself up, an odd expression twisting her face. She is uncharacteristically silent but her chin is quivering, her tongue working inside her mouth like she is trying to get rid of a bad taste. Below her, her usually flat belly is swollen and tight. I realize what is going to happen just before it does; Jackie's mouth opens, releasing a rope of clear drool and her face contorts and her lips curl ...

"... glurrphh ... " and she vomits blood onto the bricks in front of her. She lowers her head and swallows, "... mmphhh ... ", then vomits again. She lifts her face then and I see her chin is coated in blood. But her face calms after that and she closes her eyes and says the bravest thing she has said all night;

"... push now ..." and Daniel pushes.

Hard - I see her body moving as Daniel pushes the shaft deeper.

And Jackie's throat starts working as small gurgling sounds come from inside her. Daniel is pushing the shaft steadily into her body now and I can see that she is straightening her upper torso to conform to the rigidity moving high inside her. Daniel knows he needs to do this part quickly so she will last long enough to truly experience a total impalement.

"Mmmph." Jackie makes a desperate sound and her eyebrows furrow like she's trying to solve a difficult math problem. She lifts her right hand, slapping it down hard on the brick platform over and over - it splashes in the blood she threw up. She draws a deep violent breath through her nose that is cut off abruptly. Her head is now tilted up and her jaw is clenched shut. I know what she is doing - she's trying to delay the inevitable, but soon we all hear the soft 'tink' as the tip of the shaft hits her teeth from the inside and her jaw is forced open. The silver tip slides out between her teeth - once white, now bloody. Her jaw quivers so badly her teeth chatter on the shaft as it emerges, Daniel pushing it through her until it sticks about a foot out in front of her face. Daniel then lets go of it and moves to Jackie's side, easing her down so she can lay on her side and rest as she dies.

As Zee and I watch, Jackie opens her eyes and stares at the tip of the shaft and she slowly stretches her legs out straight, wrapping them around the shaft that now impales her totally - she crosses her ankles, holding the oily shaft between her legs. She squirms a little, no doubt feeling the shaft between the softness of her inner thighs. Blood is flowing from her anus to create red rivulets running down her bum to pool under her hip and I know that, like me, her anus is now loose and gaping. Jackie's expression is neutral and I guess that she is just letting the sensations flow through her. Her tummy spasms and her cheeks plump suddenly and blood spurts from her lips past the steel shaft and out her nose. This happens three more times before Zee moves the knife inside me once more.

"... urrgggllll ..." I make a wet sound as I feel the blade moving inside me again. Sawing - sawing - sawing. It is getting closer to my stomach now and that is worrying me - I fear he will shred it and leave me with uncontrolable puking.

I am dimly aware of movement behind me and someone strokes my hair lovingly as they move past and Zee starts sawing up through the top of my tummy. It is easier going now. It still hurts, but I am okay with it. I am feeling weak though and shaky - my hands tremble as I lower them to rest on my flanks and I slump in the bottom of the tub while Zee makes the last of the deep sawing strokes toward my sternum. I try to push my tummy out again like I did before, but the muscles feel wrong now - they are disconnected and don't work right so I lay there passively and let him finish me, watching my flaccid upper belly moving in and out with the knife's sawing.

As the blade nears the top of my long belly, I am so very aware of it slicing through my large colon that the feeling is almost orgasmic in its intensity and I feel my eyes cross and roll back in my head and I shudder - my colon is thick enough and tough enough that it takes six slow deep cuts to get through it - the sensation is exquisite. I wish it could happen again. Then Zee stops the knife and just holds it inside me. I open my eyes and look up at him. I am panting shallowly now, my diaphragm quivering and I'm feeling breathless and frail.

"One last treat." he whispers and angles the blade inside me once more. He probes gingerly under my liver until I feel the scratch on my stomach wall. I feel the quiver run up my throat and my mouth starts to water as he presses the knife upward and twists, dimpling my stomach sac. I feel the sharp pressure and the sweet penetration into the soft sac then the knife is out of me and gone. Zee just wanted to start the bleeding there, knowing the weight of my liver would seal it inside my stomach. Instantly I feel my stomach start to fill, expanding, slowly growing tighter. My mouth is watering like crazy now, my jaw quivering and I can feel and taste the blood rising up my throat. I lay the flat of my hands on the sides of my lower belly and press in, feeling things moving inside me. I look up into Zee's eyes.

"Oh Zee." I whimper, drool flowing from my lips and my teeth chatter and I feel like crying because the cutting is over and we did it together and I feel so close to him right now. Then the tingling under my jaw comes on strong and I feel my stomach tighten and I vomit blood and coke down over my chin and my chest, feeling it running into my armpits and over my sides. But it's not like regular vomiting, this is more like a slow gurgling regurgitation.

"Hold me ..." I hear Cassandra to my left but her voice is shaky now - I can hear the fear in it. And turning my head I see that she and G-Dog have moved and she is on the floor on all fours and is lining up her crotch with the rusty old steel pipe that is sticking up from the floor and is broken off about two feet from the bricks. G-Dog is behind her, holding her hips as she presses backward then lifts herself up so she can lower herself onto it. Cassandra has a beautiful woman's body that she keeps tan all summer and through the winter in a tanning booth but right now her face is pale. And by being voluptuous she does weigh the most of all of us, so when she lets her weight come down on the jagged pipe she slides down pretty fast, taking it deep into her gut. Cassandra cries out and her face tells us how much it hurts as she hangs up on it for a second, then grunts hard as it breaks through and her bottom slides down almost touching the floor. She moans horribly and leans back against G-Dog who cradles her in his arms. Her belly is bulging because the pipe is thick and I can see the muscles working inside her. I imagine the havoc inside her belly from that pipe shredding its way through her pussy, cervix and uterus and now nestling tight in her gut.

I feel a strong wave of sweet nausea and a second rush of liquid gurgles up my throat and flows from my open mouth and down over my shoulder and left breast. This one is all blood. I had no idea there was this much blood inside me.

I feel Zee's hand slip between my open thighs and start to massage my pussy again. Keeping my eyes on Cassandra, I reach out with one trembling hand and touch his arm to say thank you. Then my strength is gone and my hand slips into the gore of my open belly, I experiment by stroking a loop of intestine there with my trembling fingers and enjoy the quivery sensation that causes.

Cassandra is shaking badly, her slightly plump belly jiggling as Kevin's shadow precedes him crossing to her and he hands her his samurai knife - I see that he's already wrapped a cloth around half the blade so Cassandra won't cut her fingers. She takes it in both hands and grips it tight with trembling hands. Laying her head against G-Dog's shoulder she presses the tip of the blade against her soft belly, just inside the wing of her hip bone as G-Dog wraps a cord loosely around her throat with one hand.

As this is going on I feel my stomach swelling again, and once more I puke a gush of blood over myself - this one is loud and gurgley and I whimper when its done because it makes me feel so weak.

Cassandra is breathing hard now, and I can tell she is in much pain and is feeling the terror to her core. But she was the one who wanted to combine all three methods and to go out last. She's already impaled herself, and she's about to open her own belly and gut herself like Zee gutted me but going across instead of midline. I decided to go midline because of my long belly and she chose across because of her wide hips. But she decided last week not to get her throat cut like Val and asked G-Dog to garrote her at the end instead.

I hear Cassandra take a deep breath and hold it then press her belly outward and pull the knife inward at the same time. It dimples her then slides in deep. I watch as it penetrates a good five inches into the side of her gut and she cries out, curling forward, her head coming off G-Dog's shoulder. Her face is tight in a grimace and she is shaking badly trying to pull the blade across her belly. But after a moment she lets go of the blade and it stays in her as she slaps her hands on the tops of her thighs to brace herself.

"... can't ..." she moans plaintively, then; " ... help me? ..." and her voice is wet with desperation.

Kevin moves to her side and kneels, reaching down and across, gripping the knife and pulling it smoothly across her belly, cutting a deep red smile there in one steady deep slice. He then pulls the knife out and moves aside.

Cassandra gasps and is now holding her breath and her hands slap wetly against her belly that is now gushing blood - it's flowing out of her, down over her mound and her inner thighs, dripping thickly onto the floor. She is holding herself closed as she bleeds. Everyone except Zee is perfectly still watching her - Zee's strong fingers are making firm little circles on my sex, sending sweet sensations through my ruined belly - and when he slides his finger under the crotch of my panties and hooks it in my cunt, I think that I just might cum after all.

Cassandra sits still for what seems forever - shaking, whimpering as her life bleeds out of her - but it's really only a few seconds. She is staring at the floor, letting her reality settle in, like we've all had to let our reality settle in. At last she closes her eyes and lets her hands go limp.

"Oof!" Cassandra lets out her breath as the slit in her belly opens and her intestines slither and uncoil out of her - she slides her knees further apart as they do. They are like writhing snakes as they slip out in knots and puddle and slide off each other between her open thighs and I marvel at how large a volume they are as her gut empties itself. A sharp gurgle sounds from her throat and I realize that G-Dog has pulled the cord around her throat tight. Her fingers find the cord and scratch at it and her eyes open and raise upward to stare at the ceiling. Her guts jiggle as she struggles.

As fascinating as it is, I find my mind wandering and I lose interest in watching Cassandra's death throes. She just doesn't seem to matter anymore. Nothing does, really. I let my head turn back, facing the foot of the tub and find that I have slid further down now. I am aware of Zee's finger still working inside my sex but I can't even be bothered to look down to watch. I stare at the far edge of the bathtub and can see my stockinged feet there, my thighs slumped open. I'm starting to feel short of breath but I don't care.

I don't care about much right now.

The pain is all gone. And that is nice. And my belly actually feels good, open and loose - all the tension of living gone from it. It's really a blissful feeling, being so open and so relaxed. The thought that this is mostly from blood loss crosses my mind but I push that thought away and just enjoy it.

But it's starting to get cold in here.

And darker. It seems to me the lantern isn't burning as brightly even though its incessant hissing hasn't diminished. I blink and it is so hard to open my eyes again.

I realize that the sac of my stomach feels tight and full again, but instead of it convulsing, I just feel the liquid rising up my throat. When my mouth fills. I cough it out and feel it spatter thickly on my chest.

And now something is happening. It's familiar but it feels like it's happening to someone else. A sweet feeling is growing ... somewhere.

I'm so confused now.

I focus my attention on my body and I feel it - it is growing between my thighs - yes, these are my thighs - the feeling is inside me, I realize - not somewhere else. My g-spot feels like it is swelling, getting large and spongy like it does sometimes. Zee's finger is working it now, hooked inside me, pulling up against my g-spot, pressing it against my pubic one in that sweet way that feels so good - moving faster and firmer - I feel it moving my body and my insides are jiggling with the rhythm like a bowl of grim jelly. But now I'm confused because his other hand is on my upper tummy and he pushes down hard and abruptly. Liquid rushes up from my stomach and out of my throat and mouth in a crimson spray. I cough and wheeze, and feel the liquid rattling in my lungs.

That's why he did it. I was drowning.

Zee is so clever.

And now on the lower edge of my vision I see my toes curl and the sweet feeling grows strong inside me.

Very strong

I watch my knees slowly come together and my thighs press tight all on their own, trapping his sweet fingers there. My nipples are tingling again and I hear a very sexual animal sound and I realize it is me making it

The light is dimming fast and the room is getting quiet. I seem to be falling slowly backward, floating. I feel my body start to convulse, my arms jerk, my left leg kicks out straight and my heel hammers against the bottom of the tub, splashing in the blood pooled there.

The feeling is rising fast now from my sexual core, taking my breath away, flooding my belly like a warm spring. My head slumps forward and my chin rests on my chest as I am engulfed by what feels a lot like an orgasm, only ... stronger? ... deeper? Yes. Deeper in my body - deeper in my soul. I again hear myself - a drawn-out mewling whine - but I don't care, the waves of bliss washing through my body feel good.

So good.

I close my eyes and ride Zee's finger and that sweet feeling ...

It takes my breath away.