Carmen Joins the Trend

by Erotickynk

I decided a couple weeks ago to join the trend I found online - it’s hidden from most, because it’s so fucking illegal, and I think that was one of the things that drew me to it - the feeling of being an outlaw. That and imagining what it would feel like to get penetrated from cunt right up my core to my gullet. Yeah, I’m talking about impalement - the real kind that you don’t survive.

I guess it really started when my roommates showed me how to find extreme illegal shit on the dark web. I lived with Mark and Gordon in a little house in a shitty part of town just off the highway, but we kept the house pretty nice. Mark and Gordon and me were fuck-buddies as well as roommates, so I got all the sex I asked for and even some I didn’t ask for. See, a few times a month I’d wake up after coming home falling down drunk with Gordon or Mark or both fucking my brains out. I loved waking up in the middle of an orgasm with my cunt and asshole filled with cock. Even though they didn’t ask on those nights, they made sure I had enough orgasms that I’d fall back to sleep exhausted.

As soon as I knew how to use the special browser I was all over the kinkiest shit I could find. The stuff that made my bum hum - (like my mama used to say) - and the thing that really got my cunt all cummy and sticky, was snuff sex. I’d seen lots of the fake stuff on fetish websites, but the stuff I found on a couple of sites on the dark web was as real and serious as cancer. Girl’s really dying and some cumming hard as they did it.

Of course I fantasized about all the ways I could get snuffed; hanging looked sweet, gutting looked like the most intese, but what really got to me was watching girls get impaled. It was that look on their face they got when the spit burst out of their uterus into their bellies and slid up to their stomach and made them puke up. The look was like they were thinking; ‘oh, my god, this feels so amazing’, and I think that was pretty accurate, because even if they struggled before that point, that was the moment they just gave in and let it happen as their eyes went out of focus and they looked completely blissed-out. For the ones that had orgasms, it was when the spit was deep in their bellies that would start their cumming and it looked like they kept cumming when they started to puke and choke as the spit slid up their throat. I liked puking on cock, so imagining how it would feel to have a spit sliding up my throat from the inside made me wild. My hands would shake so bad I could barely frig myself off.

One girl really stood out for me. She wasn’t that pretty and her body was covered in freckles. Her hair was short and she let her two lesbian friends do her on all fours atop a kitchen counter. As one girl was pushing the spit into her from behind and her face scrunched up in pain, the other girl fluffed her.

“Does it hurt, baby?” she asked the girl being snuffed.

“... yes ... oh, yes ...” she whimpered.

“Do you want to keep going?”

“... yes ... oh god, yes ... don’t stop ...”

They didn’t stop and once it was all the way through, her thin body shuddered and convulsed with her dying orgasms as her teeth bit down and shattered on the metal spit.

So I decided I wanted that too. I wanted it so bad, but I didn’t want to chip my teeth.

I started by getting myself ready by pushing things up inside me hard and deep. I graduated to riding my bedpost because it was smooth and narrow and I’d masturbate as I slowly let my weight come down on it. That was how I came up with my plan on how I wanted it done.

First I wanted to be trussed tight so I couldn’t fight it; my wrists tied and my arms stretched out, and my legs tied up like a little piggy so I couldn’t kick. I knew I wanted it that way because sometimes when Gordon and Mark fucked me awake from being so drunk, I’d come to with them holding me down and I loved that feeling - it was like a big hug while I was being raped to orgasms.

The second thing I knew I’d need is to be fluffed a lot. I learned about fluffing watching the real snuff videos. The guys - or girls - would fuck or eat or finger the girl to get her really hot and horny. Some girls wanted to cum before the snuff part started and some wanted to wait so it could happen during. They called that edging - being on the edge of orgasm so when the snuffing started it felt sexy and brought on their orgasms. Sometimes they called it the girl’s death orgasm and the thought of cumming while I was dying turned my cunt and crotch into a slimy mess.

So as I prepared my body, I’d ride my bedpost and frig myself to orgasm like I said, and let all my weight come down on it. I knew I was close to being ready the night that I felt the tip of the bedpost push right up through my cervix and into my uterus. That cramped something fierce but made my orgasm much more powerful. That’s when I knew I had to be trussed because as my belly was cramping and I was cumming hard and long I was kicking and thrashing so much I woke the boys up. My heels were bruised from kicking the bedframe so hard.

Once I figured I was ready, I told Gordon and Mark what I wanted and showed them the videos and pictures of girls getting impaled and how intense and powerful it was for girls who wanted to go out that way. At first they didn’t believe that I really wanted to do it, that maybe it was just a fantasy thing, so I took them into my bedroom and rode my bedpost for them and took it deep into my uterus while I frigged myself. I took it deeper that night than I had before and afterward Mark said I was bleeding inside and I said I didn’t care.

Once we decided to do it, Mark and Gordon and me made it look like I’d moved out and away so to protect them after I was dead. I packed all my stuff except for a pair of pajamas to tide me over a couple days and we took it all to the dump late one night and buried it deep in a cardboard box. Then I bought myself a one-way bus ticket like I was going back to mama’s house and I gave the ticket to a hooker Gordon knew who wanted to get out of town, so any cop looking in to my disappearance would know the ticket was used.

We decided to do it the next morning in the basement, so that night Mark gave me enemas that made me shit so much I couldn’t believe all that had been inside me. When he was done, my belly was hollow when I laid down so I knew that all those years of me having a little pooch was that I was literally full of shit. I only drank soup when I got hungry that night until I started on a bottle of bourbon to juice myself up. I was good and drunk and passed out at around three in the morning.

I was still drunk when they woke me up and took me downstairs and tied my wrists together, then tied my calves to my thighs so they could still open my legs wide. Then Gordon tied my wrists up high so I was trussed like a little piggy ready to be slaughtered. I tried my best to lay still and quiet while they did it, but I got to be honest; I had butterflies in my belly as they did it because I knew I was about to get snuffed for real - no more riding bedposts for me.

They took turns fucking me and I had a lot of orgasms and when I was full of their cum, Mark ate me out and sucked the cum out of my cunt which always makes me go wild.

That’s the thing about me; fucking makes me cum hard - especially getting that cock slammed deep - but being eaten out sends me over the moon with orgasms, and if the guy did what Mark did - which was to keep eating me after I begged him to stop because I was feeling overwhelmed - then I start having back-to-back orgasms that make me shake and quiver. It feels like a sexual rollercoaster, where every peak was an orgasm and every valley was my body squirming as it got ready for the next one.

That was the state I was in when he finally stopped and Gordon was filming it all so they could put it up on the dark web like I wanted. I know that sounds slutty, but it really turned me on to know that people where going to watch my snuffing and get off on it. I also hoped that other girls like me would be inspired by me like I was inspired by all those other girls who got themselves impaled because they needed that total body fuck so bad.

I needed it so bad.

So after Mark stopped eating me but I kept on cumming and making all those girly orgasm sounds, I heard him pick up the sharp spit and get ready. I had to wait until my body settled down so I could lie still while he did it, and when it did I said;

“Stick it in me.” and I felt him probing around my cunt and easing the sharp tip inside my wet cummy hole. It felt like he was being too careful and I wanted it to start so I could get to the good part before my horniness started to fade.

“Push it in me.” I said, and felt the tip scrape the backside of my cunt, “Lift it up.” and he did and I felt the tip tickle the opening of my cervix.

“Go!” I said, impatient for him to get it in there and really get down to penetrating me.

“Okay!” he said back and pushed it a little deeper and I felt it opening up my cervix and slithering up into my uterus like I’d trained it with the bedpost.

“Bad boy just slides right in there.” I said, loving the feeling that instead of my bedpost, he was doing it to me and it was going to go way deeper.

“This be some orgasmic thing.” I said and smiled up at him until I felt the sharp bite of the tip stretching my uterus and he pushed firmer.

“Okay.” I gasped, knowing it was about to start.

And it did.

I felt the rip as the tip punctured my uterus and started making the puncture stretch open. I tried to gasp out ‘oh god’ but the words got stuck in my throat. The pressure was pulling my cunt inside itself and stretching out my uterus, and I felt the tickle of the sharp point scraping my bowels and I almost giggled.

This was better than I thought it would be. I’d never felt anything like that before and as I felt the spit slithering through my guts I got to the edge of orgasm just from that. I knew that the taper was all the way through my uterus when I felt it and my cunt slide back down the shaft and gasped out; “... okay!” and Mark got to playing with me.

He started rotating the spit inside my belly by moving it left and right and up and down and really stirring up my belly as he slid it in and out. I could hear my bowels come to life and start gurgling and I felt them squirming inside me like annoyed snakes and that felt so amazing.

Up until then I’d been trying to lift my head to watch Mark impale me, but that’s when I found out what all those girls were feeling when they laid their heads back and stared at nothing. It was a rush of overwhelming sensations and emotions. First, the spit was so deep in me that it was touching things that had never been touched before and giving me feelings I’d never thought I’d feel. Second, a bunch of conflicting emotions flooded me - I was being impaled for real; I was penetrated so deep and it was so deadly and so invasive that it scared me and thrilled me both at the same time; I was about to experience my snuffing and I was going to die in a few minutes as I convulsed and puked my guts out, and though I felt waves of terror that made my belly turn to ice water, I knew that I would die feeling a bliss that almost no one felt. Even without an orgasm I wouldn’t want to stop at that point. I wanted to keep going to feel more, to feel it deeper, and ultimately feel it in my gullet.

Mark was slowly working it deeper and I felt the quivering cluster of orgasms dancing inside my belly and I gasped and cried out, and tried again to say ‘oh god’ but couldn’t get it out. Feeling that hard thing inside me was so sweetly invasive.

The ice water in my belly was spreading down to my cunt and up to my nipples.

“... makes my body get really cold ...” I managed, just to let the camera know what the girls can expect. Then I started panting as I felt Mark change the angle again and push it deeper up inside me. It was a strange and intense sensation when that sharp tip tickled the underside of my stomach and when he pushed against it and I felt that sharp bite I strained and grunted as my full blown orgasms started.

I felt the gorge rise in my gullet and I thought; ‘this is it!’ and Mark pushed it into my stomach and I felt it rip, then my belly was undulating with orgasms and heaving up. I gagged and puked and burped as I felt that spit sliding deeper into my stomach. It felt like a clenched little hard ball in the pit of my belly, and I felt the liquid splash up the back of my throat. I could taste bourbon and blood as I puked and strained in orgasm and tried to breath as best I could. This was the most intense part and I wanted to scream at him to fuck me with the spit but I could do nothing but heave and strain and grunt.

Every heave was the peak of an orgasm that just rose and fell and never ended. Everything inside me clenched down on that spit and I could feel the rigidity of it right up my core; my cunt would tighten up, my uterus contract and grip the wooden shaft, my bowels would undulate around it, and my stomach would convulse, and I was in sexual heaven.

I felt the sharp tickle at the bottom of my gullet as the spit rose higher though my core and I thought that this was the best and deepest fuck of my life. Even though I knew Mark wouldn’t push it all the way out my mouth like those other girls because I asked him not to, I still couldn’t deny the urge to slowly arch my neck and lift my chin high to make a straight line inside me for the spit to follow. It just felt right.

The puking got really bad at the end, and my orgasmic convulsions got stronger, and I figured that was my body giving up the ghost and starting to die - accepting it like I’d seen all those other girls do. I had no regrets, and if I could go back and choose again, I’d still end up on that basement floor impaled from cunt to throat. I might have asked Mark to fuck me with the spit once it was in my gullet, but that’s all I would change.

Even when things started to go numb and distant, I found that all fear had left me. I was ready to die - it felt sweet and wonderful like the first hug you got from someone you just fell in love with.

I could hear cars driving past as people went about their daily lives as I lay on that hard floor dying. But I lived long enough to feel Mark slide the spit back out of me, and that sensation sent a last cluster of orgasmic convulsions through my core and I shuddered. I lived long enough to lay still and gurgle as death slowly pulled me away. I even lived long enough to see the flashes of Mark’s camera turn the inside of my closed eyelids pink as he took pictures of my near dead body.

Death was sweet and gentle and took me in my afterglow of the best fuck of my life. My last emotion was the envy I felt for the other girls who would watch my video and see my pictures and decide to join this intense and wonderful trend.

No fucking regrets from this girl.