Too Fast for Fear

by Erotickynk

"If you're going to do this, I fuckin' want it to happen fast." I say as I sit cross-legged on the stained mattress in a wet spot, still groggy from only about fifteen minutes sleep, "I don't want time to get scared."

"Okay." David says and reaches out, taking my hand and pulling me up quickly to my feet. I stagger as we walk, David's hands on my hips guiding me as Melissa walks ahead of us. My eyes are on her soft bum, remembering how it tasted when I tongue-fucked her just hours ago.

David and Mel move me quickly into the bathroom and position me in the shower stall - treating me like I'm being processed; not talking to me; not trying to pretend this is anything but what it is; pushing and pulling my body into position. I'm thankful for that at least- there's no room for sentimentality now.

David strapped the leather collar tight around my throat hours ago so all he has to do is turn it so the d-ring is at the back of my neck. The shower stall is tight with all three of us in there and them working to get everything lined up quickly, jostling me as they do.

They are clean and fresh from their shower, while I still wear the stink of sex and sweat on my body. My inner thighs are sticky with coagulated lubricant and the stale girl cum that keeps leaking from me. There is a dried crust of David's ejaculate on my nipples, chin, and belly and I can still smell Mel's cunt on my upper lip and fingers.

Our night together was long and physical and we did things I never thought I would. I had orgasms that I never thought I'd experience. And within my rectum and cunt I can still feel the absence of David's thrusting cock and the empty throb left behind from Mel's manipulations as she stretched and filled me with her fingers, toys, and hands. My body is weary and carries the memories of that sexual labour and perverse bliss.

David steadies me and Mel clips the hook to the d-ring and pulls on the rope. At first it just tightens, then she pulls hard, lifting me up on my tiptoes. I reach over my head to grip the rope - not to try to relieve the pressure, just to feel how tight it is.

I see the double-bag enema rig still laying on the shower floor in a puddle of yellow water where Mel dropped it, and nearby the butt plug I never thought would fit, laying where it bounced after being ejected from my body during convulsions that left me sobbing and trembling.

I really wish they were naked like me so I could feel their skin against mine one last time, but this is all about them as a couple not as a threesome so they're in their tops and underpants. I imagine they will fuck afterward, but I would really love to feel David's cock in me one last time, or even Mel's cruel fingers, but that is not to be.

Mel pulls hard on the rope and my feet kick a bit as I'm lifted off the floor, the tips of my toes brushing the tiles. The pressure in my throat feels good and I like that it's pushing the root of my tongue up and making my stomach churn like I'm going to throw up. If I do, it won't be the first time I puked in this room as they played their water games with me, and the feeling is bringing back hazy memories of prolonged nightmare ecstasy. Sensations of choking on David's cock and Mel's long fingers.

I'm already making little wet gurgling sounds as Mel ties the rope off. I lift my legs up then let them drop, jolting my body. My toes just barely touching the cold tiles - it's good rope, not stretching.

Mel steps back into the doorway to watch. David wraps his long arms around me and gives me a hug and I love that I can feel his muscled chest beneath his undershirt against my breasts even though he pulls me down and holds me tight, choking me badly. I spring up a bit when he lets me go then he squeezes past me out of the shower stall and turns to watch as I swing back and my bum hits the shower stall wall.


Choking really bad. Face throbbing as my heart pounds.

My knees are bent a bit and my thighs are flopping open and closed and making slapping sounds as I strangle. I feel my belly heave and liquid gurgles up my gullet and some of it squeezes into the back of my mouth - I can taste it; the Cherry coke we mixed with rum.

"I think she's puking." David says.

"Oh yeah." Mel responds, sounding breathless and excited

"Be prepared, Mel. She's going to lose control." he says to her, "Lose control of everything."

"I know, baby." Mel whispers and leans into David and they embrace and watch me.

It's happening so fast and holy fuck, is it intense. My exhausted body is waking up ...

My cunt is starting to throb just like my face - it's the same throbbing I felt over and over with David and Mel as they worked my body for the past 18 hours - only this is times ten, even without something being pumped inside my pelvic cradle.

I can feel my muscles firing all on their own, my body quivering and convulsing. My pelvis is humping the air and my thighs flopping open and closed in response to a fresh strong horny feeling.

My lungs are burning. My throat convulsing. My stomach squeezing liquid up my gullet over and over - I feel it squish up through the back of my throat and flow across my tongue and over my lip to coat my chin. My bowels are roiling inside me, and I can hear liquid gurgling through the twists and turns inside my belly - I guess there is still some enema water left inside me.

I realize that's why they chose to do this in the shower stall. I don't care - it's their mess to clean up. I just have to do my part by hanging and let the feelings escalate inside me and put on a show for them.

Oh fuck!

Intense pleasure cramping in the core of my lower belly - I think my g-spot is at the centre of it, I can feel it swelling. My body arches tight, my chin lifting and my head pushing back to the side of the rope. My belly pushes out. I feel my ankles cross and lock together, my toes pointing at the floor as my body takes the shape of a drawn bow. My arms are crossed in front of me, my hands clenching into fists and shaking. My entire body is shaking, quivering. This feels like a mind-blowing orgasm, but different - somehow deeper and slower.

"Holy shit." I hear Mel, then David; "Uh-huh."

My ankles unhook and my feet spread apart, my thighs still clenched tight and shaking, my heels hammering against the wall and my pelvis still humping. I feel my belly expanding, pushing outward like it can no longer contain what is going on inside me. First I feel the clotted cum ooze out of my cunt and the mucky lube squirting from my anus. Then I feel myself gape and my anus flutters from the rush of my cramping bowels expelling everything left inside me. My bladder contracts and my labia buzzes as piss jets from me.

I hear Mel gasp and retch.

Good. Fucking bitch, I hope you puke your guts out.

I feel myself sinking backward, becoming weightless.

Numbness spreading up from my legs - all that remains is the orgasm.

It was so intense and so fast.

No time for fear.

Just like I wanted ...