The Wager

by Erotickynk

Kasey, Marika, and I stand by the soldiers gathered in the motor pool shop as the male rebels are led in - the shop is cramped with so many people. Some of the prisoners have their hands tied behind their backs, some don't. They've all been stripped naked. So have we.

All of the rebel prisoners have been sentenced to hang by the military. So have we. But we three have a chance - one slim chance to avoid the noose ... and something far worse than the noose as well.

It started as a flirtatious joke between Captain Marcel and I as we watched one of the rebel prisoners hang. He'd killed a soldier during a cell search so his sentence was to be carried out immediately. As soon as they hoisted him, he clenched his belly and his toes pointed down at the floor beneath his feet and his cock quickly swelled and hardened. I'd never seen that before. And as his eyes rolled up in his head, he came hard, his body quivering and hips humping the air, a darkening cum stain blossoming on the front of his cotton prison pants.

"Wow." I said.

"Indeed." said Captain Marcel, "It is common for men. Women also. It is part of the entertainment of watching a hanging."

Always looking for a way to avoid my own death sentence, I said; "Maybe you can have my sentence commuted, Marcel. Maybe I could add to the entertainment." and gave him a sultry look and a smile.

"How is that, Cherise?"

"Well, I could deepthroat them as they die. Put on a show."

Marcel chuckled and laid a hand on my bum, "Oh Cherise, always playing the angles. Besides, so many rebels, so many hangings ... we have fourty-two in the next week. You couldn't swallow all that." he said as he squeezed my bum.

Now the first three rebels are led to the platform the soldiers cobbled together so everyone would have a good view. They are positioned below the steel beam from which hang three nylon straps with slip knots in the end forming a noose for each man.

I glance at Captain Marcel and he inclines his head, so I step forward, Kasey and Marika following. We cross the few feet to the platform as the whistles and obscene offers from the soldiers goad us on. The soldiers are harmless - they're just having fun with this day of death as hardened soldiers will. There's only one soldier who scares me, and that is Lieutenant Morales. I glance to my right and I see him in the doorway, his eyes hidden behind his mirrored sunglasses and his bone handled knife prominent on his web belt.

As the guards loop the nooses around the throats of the first three men, Kasey, Marika and I drop to our knees onto the sandbags in front of the men. The sandbags are better than kneeling on the raw wood of the platform, but they're not there for our comfort - they're so our mouths line up with the cocks of the men about to die.

I look up at the man in front of me. He has his eyes closed and his lips are moving - he's praying. I hear Marcel give the order and we hear the whine of the three electric winches that haul the three men up so their toes just clear the platform. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kasey's guy starts kicking right away and I hear the thud as his foot hits her belly. But she leans into him and opens her mouth, wrapping her arms around his thighs.

My guy is gurgling and his body is arching, so I too lean forward and part my lips. His cock is soft, but I take it in my mouth anyway and I'm shocked at how fast it swells. I let it grow erect for a moment and when it starts pressing down on my tongue, I move forward and feel it slide down my throat. I gag just a little, so I start swallowing as my mouth waters. He starts trembling and that is moving his cock in my throat. I gag again, wondering if we can actually win this bet and suddenly I don't have time to think; His body starts to convulse and his hips are thrusting and he fucks my throat in his dying spasms. I wrap my arms around his thighs and hold tight to him, pressing my face tight to his crotch, my nose mashed tight to the firmness over his cock, his balls pressed tight to my chin.

I resume my frantic swallowing as he has his death orgasm, ropes of cum jetting down my throat. Just swallow Cherise, just swallow. And after a handful of desperate seconds his body flops limp and I pull back and gasp in a breath.

I look over at Kasey and she is gagging as her guy thrusts himself into her throat - she keeps trying to hang on, but he's pretty wild. Suddenly his body goes rigid and he shudders and she keeps swallowing though his final spasms.

On the other side of Kasey, Marika looks like she's having and easy time of it as her guy winds down. She is cupping her crotch and slowly massaging herself and she makes soft murmuring sounds. As Kasey sits back on her heels, letting the guy's cock slip from her lips, Marika pulls back and her guy's cock slides limp from her open mouth.

The guards move in and lower the three, carrying their bodies off to a dump truck and three more rebel prisoners are led to the platform.

There are hoots and applause from the soldiers around us and I glance over my shoulder and catch Captain Marcel's eyes, he smiles and claps slowly.

"There's three of us, that's only fourteen each." I said to Marcel with a bit of cheek, wondering if I could play this to get myself Kasey and Marika out from under our death sentences, "Do you feel up to a wager?"

"What sort of wager?" Marcel was curious.

"We suck every cock and swallow every drop and you let us go." I said, jutting out my chin.

Marcel laughed and we were ushered back to our cells.

I find it difficult to look up into the face of the rebels as they are noosed and lifted from the platform - I hate their expressions of fear and hopelessness. So instead I watch their feet - when I see their heels then toes lift free of the platform, I lift my gaze to their cock. As it comes erect, I lean forward and take them in my mouth and suck them deep, letting their cock press against my throat and bend to slide deeper.

We have discovered that the men die at different rates. In the second and third grouping, my guys lasted longest, fucking my throat with their humping and making my stomach quiver inside me. But this, my fourth, seems to be fading quickly ... his cock barely swells in my mouth and his orgasm is no more than a shiver and a few drops of cum. As he goes limp, I pull back and rise to stretch my legs and uncramp my knees.

Kasey is working her prisoner sensually, stroking his thighs and gazing up into his eyes. He is a handsome fellow, and his eyes - though watering - are on Kasey's sweet face. He is having a good death and I can see his scrotum puckering and lifting as he gets close to orgasm. Kasey slides one hand between his quivering thighs and slides two fingers into his rectum and massages his prostate and his belly curls as he feels the deep pleasure.

But Marika isn't faring as well. It is the gurgling that first draws my attention. Looking over at her, I see that she has drawn one of the men whose hands were not tied and he is holding her head tight to him - his cock deep in her throat. Marika's eyelids are fluttering and her eyes roll up in her head. I can see her throat working as she swallows and swallows. Her face is pale and her belly is rolling and convulsing as this rebel clings to her like he is clinging to life itself. I am beginning to fear that Marika will pass out or vomit when the prisoner arches his back and quivers, his hand sliding from the back of her head to twitch at his side. At last he goes limp and Marika sits back hard on the platform, her little bum bouncing once. She gags hard, her stomach heaving, fighting to keep from puking. It looks touch and go for a few moments, but she makes it.

As her body slumps and she holds herself up with both hands, she looks up at me, her face pale and sweaty, her expression desperate.

"I'm not going to make it, Cherise." she says wetly and burps.

"You have to try, Mar. Try your hardest." I implore her, stroking the hair off her sweat soaked brow.

I hear Kasey moan as her guy erupts in her throat and the guards are moving in to set up for the fifth grouping.

It was two days later that Marcel came to my cell for his blowjob. As he lay on my bunk and I worked his cock, he stroked my cheek.

"I will miss you, Cherise."

"You don't have to." I said between licks and that made him smile. Then his face grew somber.

"How serious were you about the wager?" he asked.

"Serious. We'll do it." I said, stroking him, "I'll talk to the others and they'll be willing."

"It has to be more than what you proposed." Marcel said, "Moralez has stirred the men up. He's a dangerous man."

"But you're the Captain."

"He's a dangerous man." his tone and expression were grim, "And so I must appease him. He wants to do more than hang you three."

"More?" I asked, trying to appear calm, but feeling shivers up and down my back.

"Yes." Marcel said, "He wants to use his knife on you ... all three of you. Kasey and Marika also. And he has proposed it to my men and they are eager to watch that."

"You can't let him do that." I said, feeling real fear.

"So ..." Marcel went on ignoring my demand, "Do you know what soldiers like even better than killing?"

"Sex?" I answered, and that made him smile.

"Gambling." Marcel stated, "So I have a proposal for a real wager. If you win, you walk free - I will drive you to the border myself. If you lose ..."

I'm sweating and so sexually aroused by throating these men - Their cocks erect and twitching deep in my gullet excites my gag reflex and my stomach quivers on the edge of puking. It feels like little surges of electricity are making my belly quiver and convulse. Knowing that if I lose control of my stomach and puke that it will mean my death is both frightening and exciting at the same time. I have always enjoyed the quivering of my stomach as my throat is fucked by a stiff cock and this experience magnifies it. And to be giving these men their final orgasm is exciting me - my cunt feels oily and loose from all this sexual activity.

My last three prisoners were violent in their thrusting and lasted what seemed like a long time. But the last went quickly and when he finally let go, I pulled away to watch Kasey struggling with her guy.

She had drawn one whose hands were free and he is holding her head tight to his crotch. She is pressing her hands against his thighs, trying to push away from him, but his grip is too tight. I can see her gullet and tongue working as he grinds his cock into her throat. Like Marika a few men back, Kasey's stomach is rolling and convulsing in her belly and I can hear the wet gurgling from inside her. At long last her prisoner gives one last shuddering thrust then flops limp, swinging away from her, his still erect cock trailing a thread of mucus from her lips.

Kasey gasps, and falls to the side on all fours, her stomach heaving as she hangs her head and presses her lips tight together. I kneel beside her and rub her back.

"Easy, Kasey, easy." I say gently, trying to help her calm, "Relax your tummy ... let it relax."

"... fuck ..." she gasps at last and swallows her saliva, "... that was fucking horrible ..."

"What?" I ask, still rubbing her back, "What was horrible?"

Kasey gags and heaves and waves the question away - she doesn't want to talk.

Too quickly the next grouping are led to the platform.

"That isn't fair." I whined at Marcel.

"Nor is American University students coming to our country and aiding the rebels as they murder our citizens." Marcel replied in anger.

"You know we regret that." I said, looking down at my hands.

"Just so." Marcel said, calming, "Regardless of it's fairness, that is the wager."

"Suck off every prisoner as they are hanged without puking." I said, trying to leverage a bit.

"Don't play coy with me, Cherise." Marcel smiled, "You three must deepthroat each prisoner and swallow every drop that comes out of their cocks. If you do this with all 42 men, you go free. If you vomit, you are hanged and Moralez gets to finish you."

"So, 14 men each." I say, still trying to leverage.

"You are testing my patience." Marcel said sternly, "Fourty-two men are to be serviced as they die by you three. If one of you vomits, then the remaining two must finish all the men. If two of you vomit, well then one will be left to finish them all."

Fuck my life.

For my ninth prisoner I drew one of the men whose hands were free, and like Marika and Kasey before me, this one held my head tight to his crotch, fucking my throat as he lingered on the edge of death and convulsed in a prolonged orgasm. And like Marika and Kasey before me I learned what it was that almost made them puke.

When I made the wager with Captain Marcel, he didn't tell me everything that could happen and I didn't understand the implications of one of his conditions ... "You three must deepthroat each prisoner and swallow every drop that comes out of their cocks." Those words haunt me now in these moments.

As my prisoner grips my head in his strong desperate hands, he first ejaculates and I gulp his cum down as it pulses in my throat. Then he shudders violently as though his orgasm has peaked higher and suddenly my throat and mouth is filling with hot liquid.

He's pissing.

At first I want to wrench my head from his grip and pull away, but I remember Marcel's words ... every drop that comes out of their cocks ... I have no choice, I swallow and swallow, frantic to keep up with the strong stream of piss splashing at the back of my throat. I gag and heave and feel my gorge rise in my throat, but I swallow it back down, gulping his piss and the fluids burbling upward from my fluttering stomach.

Will it never stop!? He keeps shuddering and pissing, the stream strong and hot in my throat. I feel my stomach bloating and the convulsing growing stronger. I begin to think of the relief I will feel if I just give in and let it all rush up my throat and just as I am about to, he jerks hard and stops. His fingers slip through my hair and his body slumps limp.

I sit back on my heels and keep swallowing as my stomach settles. I look at Kasey and see the empathy in her eyes. She nods.

"I know." she says softly as the guards lower the bodies and get the next set moving. I look past her at Marika - she doesn't look so good. She is sitting still with her eyes closed and is very pale. She's a small girl and looks even smaller sitting with so many large men surrounding us. As I watch, she slides one hand between her thighs and starts masturbating, I can see her fingers are shiny with fluid.

"Fourteen men?" Kasey exclaimed when I told her the wager, "That's a lot."

"Not so much." I answered, trying to make it not sound like a big deal, "That's only fourteen teaspoons of cum to swallow. You swallow, don't you?"

"Of course." Kasey answered, then looked at quiet Marika, "What do you think, Mar?"

"I think it's a chance to live if Marcel can be believed." she said softly.

The tenth group of three is before us, and as the electric winches whine and they are hoisted, mine starts kicking, landing a good blow to my chest, knocking me backward onto the floor. By the time I scramble back into position his cock is growing rigid, so I wrap my arms around his bucking thighs and take him in my mouth. I hope to god I don't get another pisser.

I take this one deep, right down my throat and press my sweaty face hard against his crotch, his scrotum pressed against my chin and my nose mashed to his lower belly. Taking a lesson from Kasey, I slide my right hand between his thighs and slide my middle finger into his ass, reaching deep and curling my finger until I find the solid lump of his prostate. I start massaging it firmly and right on cue he cums hard in my mouth, his hips thrusting as he does. Swallowing, swallowing, making sure I don't choke on his cum.

I hear a plaintive whimper followed by some wet gurgling from my right. I can't tell if it's Kasey or Marika and I can't turn my head until my guy is finished. It feels like it take forever, but I imagine it was no more than half a minute before his humping slows and he settles. Swallowing as I pull back I turn to see that Kasey is doing okay, in fact she looks like she's enjoying this one - his body is arched and his muscular bum is clenched tight, so Kasey is moving her head forward and back, fucking him with her throat. Looking past her, I see that it is Marika who is in distress.

She has drawn another with free hands and he has her by the hair and is pulling her up onto his cock - his pelvis is thrust upward, so he is almost lifting her off her knees. His face looks angry as he stares down at her, his teeth clenched tight. I can see Marika's belly heaving and undulating and her throat is working as she swallows frantically. He's pissing. The act of pissing while being hanged must feel like an ejaculation to a man with an erection. This guy is lasting way too long, and I can see that Marika's face is twisted in a grimace and piss is overflowing her mouth and spurting from her lips in small squirts.

The soldiers are yelling and laughing, many on their feet, cheering the man on, while some - I assume the ones who bet on Marika - are urging her to swallow it - to take it.

Kasey finishes her guy and pulls back, catching her breath and watching Marika's struggle.

"Oh geezuz." she gasps.

At last the guy thrusts three times violently and jerks hard, falling limp and Marika is released. She collapses backward off the platform, her sweaty back slapping wetly on the concrete.

For a moment she lays there, her breathing hitching in her chest, then she rolls onto her side then up on all fours. She starts crawling away, her belly undulating as she struggles not to puke. The soldiers are on their feet, forming a circle around her some chanting for her to puke, others encouraging her to keep it down depending on their bet. Her body is curling in a rhythm as she starts to heave, her lips open and loose, drool sliding from them to pool under her.

My knees feel weak so I lean against Kasey who - like me - is watching Marika's struggle with growing horror. Suddenly Marika heaves hard and up it all comes in a gurgling rush - the cum and piss and even the banana she had for breakfast this morning. The soldiers react and move back to their seats, some paying off bets and others collecting.

Marika is left heaving and emptying her stomach on the concrete floor.

Before I can rise and go to her, Lieutenant Moralez is there with two other soldiers, and they pick Marika up by hooking their hands in her armpits.

"Noooooooo!" Marika wails as they drag her to the platform and place her in the spot where the dying men she'd been throating had hanged. Too fast they loop the noose around her throat and too soon do we hear the whine of the winch and watch as she claws at her throat while her feet lift from the platform.

Marika, cranes her neck back against the noose and arches her back. Her legs swing back and forth as though she is trying to tread water and her arm cross in front of her chest, her hands making little fists. As her face deepens in colour and her tongue is pushed up from her throat and lays across her lower lip, her thighs clench and open and she begins slowly humping the air with her pelvis and she stares up at nothing. Suddenly her eyes roll up under her eyelids and her belly clenches tight, her entire body convulsing in what I hope is an orgasm. Pee streams hard from between her shivering thighs.

Two soldiers drag a large galvanized metal tub up onto the platform and place it under her dangling feet. It's not catching her pee and I wonder why they placed it there.

Then Moralez steps up onto the platform and I see the bone handled knife in his fist and I know what the tub is for. He drives his knife hard into her lower belly and Marika jerks and shudders as he begins to saw upward.

I try to look away, but Marika's physical reaction draws me back; Instead of fighting against having her belly opened, she presses her pelvis forward, curling her hips upward as though trying to press her mound against Moralez. Her bum tightens until it is clenched, she grinds her thighs together as her toes curl and point at the floor.

I recall watching Marika masturbate on her cot and seeing her toes curling like this when she orgasmed. This is vivid in my memory because I do the same.

Then I see something that really makes me suspect that being gutted is a sexual experience for her, for I can see milky girl cum oozing and running down her trembling thighs. Marika's body stays clenched as the knife saws in and out of her belly all the way from her mound to her sternum and as Moralez pulls the bloody knife from her belly and steps back, Marika's mouth opens in an expression of awed bliss and her body convulses and shudders as her entrails ooze and slide wetly from her open belly to plop into the tub.

When they lower her, they let her body crumple awkwardly into the tub, her knees and elbows sticking out at odd angles and her head hanging forward, face down between her open thighs. She is still twitching as they carry her away still in the tub.

"We need bananas." Marika said with a laugh as we three sat talking through the bars of our cells after we agreed to the wager.

"To practice on!" I said, laughing.

"Too funny!" Kasey squeeled.

Little did we know.

With Marika gone, that leaves six more prisoners each for Kasey and I. We get through the first two sets without much problem, I milked both their prostates and they came fast and neither were pissers. But I notice that the men are getting bigger and stronger. Thicker necks and longer thicker cocks. We have four each left and we both draw large men this time neither have their hands tied. We settle ourselves on our knees and get ready, but instead of two winches whining, I only hear one. Looking up I see that my guy is lifting, his teeth clenching as he goes up on his tiptoes, but Kasey's guy is standing there and looking up at the silent winch above him.

"Go ahead. We'll sort this out." one of the guards says to me, so I lean forward and open my mouth, laying my tongue out for my prisoner's cock. It slides in so sweetly, filling my mouth and pressing against the back of my throat before it squeezes past the root of my tongue and into my throat. I quiver as he starts moving and god help me, I love this. His cock is slippery in my throat and his hips make slow rocking motions as he fucks me.

My nipples are tingling, my lower belly feels warm and loose, my cunt is gaped and sopping, and my clit is throbbing. I've been extremely turned on for the past three hours and relish the thought that my belly is full of cum and piss. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a wager that could kill me or give me freedom, but I keep getting lost in the sensuality of it.

My guy shudders and starts cumming in my throat and I swallow and swallow and swallow as the head of his cock throbs. As his cock starts shrinking, I pull back, anticipating his body slumping and suddenly my mouth is filling with warm piss. But this time it's not so bad. This time I suck his cock and swallow it down, reaching up and embracing his quivering thighs as I do. I feel a tenderness, a connection with these men now. I feel like a newborn calf suckling at the tit, drinking his piss down, feeling the liquid warmth down my gullet and flooding my stomach. As his stream tapers off I moan and pull back as his body grows still.

I just sit for a moment, my bum on my heels, my eyes closed, and breath. As I slowly come back from the sensual fugue I was in, I hear Kasey moan.

She too appears lost in the sexuality of the act - her guy is clutching her hair and holding her face tight to his crotch. Her mouth is open and loose and I can see her throat is bulged from the cock imbedded in it. Her eyes are closed and her nose is pressed tight against his belly - she is nuzzling him with her face. Her nipples are swollen and puckered and her belly is loose and pooched out, her muscles totally relaxed. Her hands hang limp in front of her and I can see her cunt dripping onto the sandbags.

But the skin on her face looks puffy and a bad colour, her complexion no longer a healthy flesh tone, but mottled and pale. This sexual torture has had an affect on her - it's like she has been made sick by all the cum and piss.

But she looks like she is experiencing total sexual bliss - I have never seen her so relaxed, so very sensual. Her body looks so soft and pliant that I have the urge to touch her, to knead her flesh and massage her belly. Our eyes meet and as I watch, shiver-bumps spread over her thighs and bum and up her sides and belly. She lifts her hands to do what I don't know - perhaps to push him away - but she lets them drop and slumps limp against him. I hear the gurgling rising in her throat and without convulsing a sick foamy vomit flows from her lips around the throbbing cock in her mouth. I feel a rush of fear for her, but Kasey is going with it. She is surrendering, letting it happen, lost in her total sexual arousal.

Wave after wave of vomit flows up her throat to squish past her lips and spatter on the platform in front of her. She makes no effort to stop it - no effort to swallow.

As her guy fades and his fingers slip through her hair and fall to his sides, his body relaxes and his cock shrinks and slips from her lips. Kasey's head hangs limp in front of her, her hair like a curtain around her face. She sits like that, weaving back and forth as though she is drunk, while the guards lower and remove the bodies. As Moralez and his two men move through the crowd to do their deed, Kasey's stomach at last heaves and she vomits a huge amount of yellow fluid onto her lap.

"mmph" she makes a small sound and wipes her mouth with the back of her right hand.

"Oh Kasey." I say, not knowing what to say. Kasey lifts her head and meets my gaze. She smiles weakly.

"It's okay, Cherise, it really is. I'm ready for this." and Moralez's men lift her from under her armpits and move her to the place her last guy stood. They quickly loop the nylon noose around her throat. I am watching her face and she appears as though she is drunk - her eyelids are drooping and she is smiling at the soldiers who are cheering her on.

The winch whines and she is lifted up onto her toes as her neck stretches. I watch as her eyes slowly close and her mouth opens, the strap tightening on her throat, pushing up on the root of her tongue so the tip pokes out between her lips. As his guards slide the tub under her, Moralez steps up onto the platform and draws his knife, Kasey's eyes open and she lifts her legs, opening her thighs wide and wrapping them around his waist, pulling him into her crotch and locking her ankles behind his back. Kasey starts humping her cunt against his web belt and I can see the material of the belt and his pants darkening from her wetness.

Moralez smiles and teases her with the tip of the knife before thrusting it into her lower belly. Kasey arches her back and begins to convulse as he pushes the knife hilt deep into her, her eyes rolling up under her eyelids and her mouth open wide, her lips and tongue working as she chokes, unable to cry out. He saws into her belly, working his way up as her trembling thighs cause her ankles to come apart and her feet slip down and she hooks her heels behind his thighs. She reaches up and pinches her nipples tightly and piss jets from her crotch to spray over his shirt and trousers as he saws his way up her long belly.

I am awed by Kasey - she looks like she is cumming hard. I watch as her belly slowly opens like a purse and her intestines rise up out of her and slide over her flanks.

"Ever get into S&M?" Kasey asked me one night after lights-out, her voice soft in the darkness.

"Just some light stuff in college." I admitted, "Nipple clamps and some spanking."

"I did. A lot." she admitted as we stared up into the darkness of out cells, "I'm thinking that what Moralez wants to do is the ultimate for a masochist."

I lay there in silence thinking about how being gutted could be a sexual experience.

"Do you think you could handle that?" I asked at last.

"Dunno. Hopefully I'll never find out." Kasey said quietly, then; "Cherise?"


"Just so you know. I did some breath play and asphyxia before." she said in a whisper, "It's not so bad. In fact, the orgasms are amazing."

And now it feels like an eternity has passed and they are bringing in the last man. I am spent, worn out, and so fucking sexually aroused I am sick with it - fevered and delirious. I made sure I didn't orgasm all afternoon, because I figured if I did, I'd lose my will to fight through it - that I'd give in like Kasey did. But right now, giving in sounds so good. I have been surrounded by death all afternoon. Hell, I've participated in it all afternoon, so what would one more death matter, even if it's me who is dying? I've held these men in my arms and their cocks in my throat as they died. I've swallowed their cum and their piss as they felt the last thing they are ever going to feel - so why should I get to live?

And the thought of dying doesn't scare me anymore. In fact it sounds welcoming in some ways, the blissful last seconds, unaware of death's gentle embrace taking me ... just feeling the peace and silence. I have never seriously considered suicide before this moment, and was often puzzled by those who killed themselves ... now I understand what it is like to not care about dying, to even welcome it.

I'm not even aware that the last man is standing in front of me until a guard nudges me with his boot. I lift my head - it feels so heavy - and look up. He is large and muscular and has a ruggedly handsome face. The noose is already around his thickly muscled throat and a guard is cutting through the ropes that bind his large hands. The man smiles down at me.

"Hello, Cherise." he says and his voice rumbles in his chest, but his smile is gentle, "My name is Pascal. My friends call me Pas."

"Hello Pas." I say weakly.

"I've been watching." Pas says, "You look ready to give up."

"I am." I say and feel nothing about the statement. Pas reaches out and strokes the back of my head with one hand.

"Then this is our destiny. First me, then you." Pas says gently as the winch starts to whine, "Come to me, Cherise." he speaks his last words as the noose tightens and lifts.

Pas slips his other hand under my chin and lifts me to him and I open my mouth - it is already flooding with saliva out of being conditioned today to deepthroat. His cock is thick and veined and long and feels like velvet as it slides across my tongue. The swollen head of his cock slips into the back of my throat before my lips are halfway to the root of it. I close my eyes and let him pull me slowly onto his cock, sliding it down my throat made tight by his thickness.

Oh god ...

I feel my body relax, and my lower stomach droops, the muscles there going slack, no doubt making my torso pear-shaped. My arms and hands are hanging limp and resting against my thighs. His cock seems to slide into me forever, delving so, so deep into my gullet, stroking my gag reflex and making my stomach tingle and quiver sweetly. He pulls me onto him until my chin is pressed tight to his puckered scrotum and my nose is pressed against his bare pubic mound. I hear the gasp as he manages to draw a breath despite the noose and I know that because of his thick muscular form his will be a prolonged death.

He begins to roll his hips gently, slowly fucking my throat - his sweet soft cock sliding up and down my gullet. I feel my stomach trembling and lower down my g-spot and my clit throb with each beat of my heart. I feel my labia open and go loose as my cunt gapes and drips. My body knows what is going to happen before I do, and as the shiver bumps tingle up my thighs, across my bum and belly and to my breasts, I feel myself surrender totally. The fluid rises up from my stomach like a natural spring and it squeezes past his cock and into my mouth to spurt and flow from my lips, running down my chin. It feels oily and slick as it spatters on my breasts and belly. And as my stomach starts pulsing and pushing more and more up my gullet, I start to feel the total sexual bliss. It is like a total body orgasm, but slow and gentle and without a gut-wrenching climax. This is a constant flow of sexual energy that consumes me. I am lost.

I don't want it to end. Pas is fucking my throat like a lover, and his hands supporting my chin and the back of my head are strong yet tender and loving. I do feel loved. And I feel like a totally sexual being. My stomach squeezing in rolling undulations feels like a separate creature inside me, moving on it's own, squirming and clenching in the sweet rhythm of Pas' cock sliding up and down my throat.

My dear sweet Pas, fuck me forever ... never ever stop ...

I now know what Kasey felt and why she looked so blissful as she throated her last prisoner. And like Kasey, I let my weight gently settle forward, nuzzling Pas' lower belly with my face, my nose pressed tight to him as his hips roll and roll and roll. I no longer know if I am awake or in a sensual dream. The tingling of shiver-bumps wash up and down my body and within my pelvic cradle my g-spot is engorged and leaking - I can feel the milky fluid oozing and dripping from my gaped loose cunt.

I hear Pas gurgling, and his grip on my head grows stronger and he presses his cock deep into my throat and holds it there as his body begins to quiver. I feel the head of his cock swell suddenly and his cock squirts pulses of cum into my gullet. I don't swallow - I simply allow the ropey clots of cum to slide down toward my stomach as he cums and cums and cums.

Now I feel his body growing rigid and shuddering.

Don't die, Pas ... please don't die ...

And his cock vibrates as he begins to piss ...

And his hands are losing their strength ...

And I lift my arms to embrace him as he dies, but they are so heavy I let them drop ...

Pas is dying.

His piss is hot as though his body is racked with fever, and I feel my quivering stomach being filled with it - bloated by it. It feels like a water-filled sac hanging loose at the end of my gullet, growing heavier and warmer inside me. I roll my head slowly side to side, nuzzling against his belly, feeling his cock moving in my throat, prolonging Pas' pleasure and my own.

Pas' hands slowly release their grip and his fingers slide through my hair. I keep swallowing, milking his cock with my throat and tongue. But my stomach can hold no more; I feel it convulse and fluid gurgles up my gullet to gush around his softening cock. His body slumps, his cock sliding up my throat and over my tongue. I know that I am now doomed, but I no longer care - I relish the feeling of regurgitating everything in my cum and saliva bloated belly.

I find myself falling forward and instinct pushes my shaking hands out and I brace myself on the platform, my head hanging down, my tangled hair sticking to my sweaty forehead and cheeks. My throat burns as I gasp for air and I become aware of rivulets of sweat flowing down my body.

Now I feel the solid hands of men sliding through my slippery wet armpits and lifting me in legs that won't work - it feels like my hips have come unjointed, my legs weak and useless. My head is still hanging down as my stomach convulses hard and I vomit a spray of piss and cum without caring where it lands. I am dragged across the platform to another noose, my toes dragging on the rough wood as I continue to vomit and heave. They try to induce me to stand, but I can't - I'm spent. My body is limp in their hands and my head flops to the side as they loop the noose around my throat.

I hear the whine of the winch and the noose tightens around my throat, just under my jawline. My neck is stretching, my head being lifted upright. I feel the guards let go of me and my feet are lifted from the platform. The pressure on my throat is immense and I feel the root of my tongue compressed, pushing it up into my mouth. My body hangs limp then at last reacts to my impending death ...

It is as though I am a passenger within my body - I can feel everything, but I am in control of nothing. I feel my belly push outward and my bum and thighs slowly clench tight as my back arches. I feel my ankles cross and lock. My hands lift and shake at my sides senselessly and my eyes close. I feel my orgasm begin in my core, and it is an intense burning throb that starts deep in the meat that rests heavily in my pelvic cradle. I feel my g-spot spasm and fluid jets from my cunt, spraying from between the Y formed by my tightly clenched thighs. I have never experienced an orgasm of this intensity. The rolling force of my orgasm travels up through my core through my convulsing stomach and into my throat to the root of my tongue.

My eyes spring open as I feel a sudden sharp impact low in my belly and a feeling like ice penetrates my tight sex organs. I feel my bladder burst and my uterus impaled. It is Moralez, his grinning face before me. I can see my own reflection in his mirrored sunglasses as I struggle and choke in my noose.

Do it, Moralez, do it. Gut me ... open me ... finish me ...

Now there is sawing ... sawing ... sawing ... moving upward through my clenched belly, following the trail of my orgasm toward my throat. I feel things slithering out of me, sliding wetly over my loins and down my quivering thighs. I lift my arms and hug my breasts. I lift my legs and kick slowly and feebley as liquid squirts from my anus, spraying from between the quivering cheeks of my bum.

Oh god, this is it ... my eyes water and blur my reflection in his glasses, but I see that my face is now purple and my entrails are sliding down out of me.

The last cut convulses my stomach violently, then he is gone and I am falling.

I land hard in the tub, my knees wide apart, my feet trapped under my bum, my neck bent at a bad angle - the side of my face is pressed up against the edge of the tub, my arms twisted at my sides. I can feel my insides still slumping from inside me to puddle between my open thighs and against my crotch.

So this is how I end ... feeling frail and used-up and lost.

So lost.