Suicide Sisters - Strangle Girls
(Kip's morning bliss)

by Erotickynk

I’m a Suicide Sister like Dini afore me. My name is Kip and Dini gave me her journal afore she went out to be suicided by the Brute. I’m not much of a writer, so I didn’t add much to the writin’, just short notes of how Sister’s got suicided.

See, Dini gave it to me when I was only thirteen winters old so I was still just a kid and hadn’t learned my letters very well at all. And that was the winter that my tits started to grow and getting sexed up started to feel so good. I writed that down a lot - getting sexed up by the other Sisters.

Even though I was still a youngin’ as Gern says, I started to want to go out and be suicided. I watched lots of girls go before me on Weasel’s ‘cordings and I liked what I watched and it always horned me up. Them ‘cordings made all us Sisters horned up and we sexed each other during and after watching, sometimes all night long and those were the best nights.

One such night we were watching an old ‘cording of a girl named Mimmi who got herself hanged right from our home. We’re Skydancers and we live up high above York. Mimmi was right horrorshow hanged up there and we watched her belly rolling as she strangled and cummed. Weasel says it’s a classic ‘cording and he had lots of trouble mountin’ the camrah out there to catch it all. He said when they got Mimmi down her cunny was a slimy mess she cummed so hard, so strangling was a good way to go.

So all us sisters started talkin’ about how we could get hanged, but rope is hard to come by and most of its rotten, so we decided strangled is as good as hanged so we talked about that.

Kara talked about a garrot - she being done on a post with a cord ‘round her throat and twisted up tight so she strangled from it. Kara said she wanted to be trussed up tight with her arms behind her back so she wouldn’t fight it and she wanted one of the sisters to do it for her.

The other one who wanted to be first was Shandy. Shandy was an odd little one who got her tits and all but she didn’t like boys. She let certain sisters sex her up but when she cummed she’d go all weird - squirming and crying and shakin’ like she was having a seezure. Shandy was also odd because she couldn’t look anyone in the eyes - she said it hurt in her head when she did that. Anyway, she decided that the only one she wanted to do her was Weasel, so he could hold the camrah on his shoulder harness like he does sometimes, because she didn’t want more than one person around when she suicided in case she shit or pissed herself.

So Kara went down to the street to suicide all trussed up and a garrot ‘round her throat and Shandy went with Weasel to his ‘partment.

Weasel had to ‘cord Kara afore he did Shandy so she came to watch and so did I. Kara was brave and all, but I could see her thighs tremblin’ and she was breathin’ kind of fast when Mama Gris wrapped up her throat. Then Mama Gris asked; “Are you ready, Kara?” and Kara said; “Yes. Suicide me now. Do it now. Slow, please.”

I don’t know what slow is for a stranglin’, but Kara was up there a long time and when Mama Gris twisted that stick and sealed off Kara’s throat we could hear her choking and gagging hard all horrorshow. Shandy and I were close and we could hear Kara heaving and heard her belly gurgling like she was trying to sick-up her breakfast, and her belly was hitching like crazy, so I figure getting strangled is like when you stick your fingers down your throat to sick-up something bad.

One of the older sisters who got suicided a couple winters ago would sex me up like that - frigging my cunny with two fingers on one hand and my throat with two fingers of the other. It made me sick-up and cum at the same time and that felt pretty good, I have to say.

Anyway, we watched Kara get suicided and it was sexy as all hell. Mama Gris squeezed Kara’s throat so tight it pushed up on the root of her tongue so it was sticking out of her mouth, and her eyes got wide when she knew she was suiciding for real and she acted like it was intense as hell. I saw Shandy frig herself off as she watched, so I did too. I wasn’t one of the sisters Shandy let frig her off or I would have just to make sure she cummed afore going upstairs with Weasel. But she made herself cum so all was good.

When it was all done, Shandly walked off with Weasel to go get suicided, and I thought it was sweet that she let Weasel hold her hand as she walked on wobbly legs like some of us get after we cum.

Of course we had to wait until it was done and we could watch the ‘cording.

Weasel had put the camrah on his shoulder harness and did Shandy on a counter beside his stove. He frigged her off with two fingers in her cunny and I think she was still horned up from watching Kara and frigging herself off because she cummed quick and afore she was done, Weasel choked her hard. Shandy fought it a bit, grabbing at the hand that was suiciding her, but pretty quick she gave that up and slid down off the counter and let it happen. Weasel stroked himself off and cummed all over Shandy’s face as she was suiciding, then she was gone.

The next two to go were Yoya and Finn.

Yoya gifted herself to the Castle Boys who don’t really live in a castle - it’s something called a chirch where people used to go and sing songs and talk to invisible people. But it had a big place they called the cortyard and they liked hanging girls and that’s why Yoya gifted herself to them.

Weasel said they all fucked her for a few days and they offered to keep her as a fucktoy so she’d be happy, but Yoya said she wanted them to suicide her so they did. They hanged her just like Mimmi in their cortyard and she didn’t fight it at all. She climbed up on the busted chair they had for her and they put the rope loop ‘round her throat and kicked the chair out.

Yoya kicked for a bit and went red in the face and strained the way she did when one of the sisters used a fist in her to frig her off and I think she was horned up because she lifted her legs and spread her thighs like she was getting sexed up. Once her legs dropped I saw her belly quivering so I’m pretty sure she cummed as she suicided.

Finn decided to get strangled a different way.

Boucher keeps our dogs that we use if we go up against another clan or go out raiding. He keeps one dog in a separate kennel because he’s so fierce he hurts other dogs and fucks the females even when they’re not in heat. His name is Razer. So Finn decided to let Razer strangle her. I asked her how a dog could strangle someone and she got all smiley and secret like and said; “You’ll see.” And I did.

Weasel rigged his camrah through Razer’s cage door and Finn opened up the little door at the back that Boucher pushed Razer’s food through. She could barely fit her shoulders through and I thought there was no way Finn was going to be able to wiggle her wide hips through, but it turned out that wasn’t her plan. She coaxed Razer over to her and stroked the furry sheath dogs keep their cocks in and once it swelled up and the pink cock came out, she started sucking him. I saw Razer had a huge knot - that’s this fat knob at the base of dog’s cocks that swell up horrorshow to keep their cocks inside females until they cummed inside them to make puppies.

Dini took me to see Boucher’s regular dogs once and she set me up to get fucked by one, and he got his knot inside me. It hurt going in, but once it was in me it was buried so deep and filled me so much I cummed four times afore it went down and he pulled out of me. My cunny was so loose and floppy after that and I realized I liked big things inside me.

Anyhoo, Finn started sucking Razer deep and was gagging and choking on his thick cock and it didn’t take Razer very long to figure out what was going on and start fucking her mouth. He pushed so hard, he pushed his fat knot deep into Finn’s mouth. I saw her eyes get wide as she realized Razer’s knot wasn’t coming back out. I think it scared her even though that was her plan.

Razer fucked her throat hard and Finn was heaving like she was trying to sick-up but Razer’s cock was plugging her throat. I think she finally remembered her plan, because she reached up and grabbed Razer’s hind leg and pulled him deeper into her throat. I could tell when Finn started to pass out, because her hand let go of Razer’s leg and flopped on the floor, but Razer wasn’t done - he kept fucking her throat until he cummed in there and when he pulled out, Finn flopped dead. Her expression made it look like she was confused about how her suicide happened. But the important thing was she suicided the way she wanted.

When we watched all the strangle ‘cordings one night, I told the sisters how I wanted to be strangled and got Weasel to play Ygrit’s suicide for all the sisters.

I knew Ygrit when I was a little girl and always liked her. She was kind and pretty and she took care of me for a little while when my mom went off to be suicided by the Butcher Clan. I don’t like watching that ‘cording because it was my mom and the Butchers opened up her belly and played with her insides as she went between screaming and cumming and back again.

But when I was twelve, Ygrit went off to be suicided by the Foresters. The Foresters live in the thick woods in the centre of York and they have horses. Ygrit wanted to get suicided by a hard fucking from a horse. I’d seen their cocks and they’re huge, and like dogs they stay inside until they get horned up and then they come out longer that my arm.

In the ‘cording, Ygrit gets fucked by the horse up her bum and down her throat until she was puking up all his jizz, and man, do horses cum a lot of jizz.

Weasel says that Ygrit told the Foresters that she wanted more - she wanted to feel the horse’s cock from her bum all the way out her throat. I didn’t know it until Weasel told me, that we don’t have a tube that runs straight from our mouths down through out stomach and out our bum. He said that we have a long tube that’s all wound around and tangled up inside our bellies. He even showed me by catching a rat and gutting it and showed me the long tangled tube he called ‘testines and said we have them too.

Ygrit didn’t know that either, but one of the Foresters told her and said the only way she could get what she wanted was to have her guts cut on the inside to make an opening from the big tube from her bum and another at the bottom of her stomach. Both would have to have a wide cut made in them so the cock could go all the way through. As soon as he told her that, she said; “Well, cut me then.” When the Forester told her that the cuts might kill her, Ygrit said she didn’t care and would risk it.

Weasel said the Forester got her to lay down flat on her back and open her thighs wide. Then he pushed a pipe up her bum all the way up through her belly. It went in easy because her bum hole was already loose from the horse fucking her. The Forester pushed the pipe deep until it pressed against her stomach and she sicked-up. Then he had one of his mates hold it tight in her like that and pushed a spear with a sharp blade up the pipe and cut through her ‘testine and the bottom of her stomach. Weasel said she strained like she was birthing a baby and sicked-up yellow stuff with blood in it. She was shaky after that, but got down off the thing she was laying on and they brought the horse back to fuck her to suicide.

In the ‘cording, you can see how horrorshow her last horse fuck was and Weasel doesn’t think she cummed while he fucked her but loved it anyway. After the horse cummed inside her, she was sicking-up his cum until he pulled out then lay down on her belly and let the rest of it gush out her bum. Weasel said she moaned as that was happening and he thinks that’s when she cummed for the last time.

Anyhoo, after we watched Ygrit’s suicide ‘cording, I told the sisters that’s the way I wanted to suicide - to have a horse fuck me from bum to mouth and strangle to death that way. They all said that would be truly horrorshow and said they’d watch my ‘cording over and over.

I’d been practicing on my own to get ready for that because I’d known for a couple years that’s how I wanted it. Weasel had got ahold of a thing called a dildo, but instead of a man-cock, this one was a horse-cock. It was squishy and bendable and I kept at it until I was able to take it right up so it bumped my stomach and made me feel like I was going to sick-up from the pressure in my guts. Weasel said I was training my ‘testines to line up straight and not all curvy and tangled like they normally were.

So I made arrangements with Weasel to go out one morning to the forest, which we can see from our home up high. I was safe with Weasel because he knew most of the clans and they knew he would bring Sky Dancers to them when they wanted to be gang-raped or suicided.

Even though I could see the forest from home, it was a long walk and it was a good thing it was gone summer, or it would have been a hot thirsty walk. We left in the early morning and got there just afore the sun was high, and he took me down deep into the forest where the Foresters lived.

There was some old buildings there they lived in and when we got there a bunch of them came out of the buildings with spears and long knives. Weasel introduced me;

“This is Kip, she’s a Sky Dancer.”

“Come to fuck a horse?” one asked - I was pretty sure he was the top man, and I guess lots of girls come to fuck their horses.

“Yeah.” I said, “I want to be fucked to death and Weasel’s going to ‘cord it so my sisters can watch me.”

One of the men went and came back leading a big horse.

“This is a stallion.” the top man said, “He’ll do you hard.”

The man led the horse over to this big rusty thing that I was told used to be called a ottobile and it had a magic in it so people could ride in it all over. They’re everywhere in York. Some people who don’t have a clan sleep in them.

I walked over to the ottobile and pulled my pants down, bent over, and braced my hands against the car. I looked at the top man.

“Are you going to cut me?” I asked him. I guess they don’t do that every day because he looked puzzled.

“Cut you where?” he asked.

“In my guts.” I said, “To let the horse cock go through and out my mouth.”

“We’re not going to cut you.”

“You cut Ygrit.” I said.

“Just fuck the horse.” he said.

I didn’t have much of a choice and I saw Weasel setting up his camrah, so I sidled up to the stallion and braced myself with my bum out toward him. I looked behind me and saw his cock sliding out of his sheath, so he must be used to fucking girls.

I guided him to my bum hole so he didn’t try for my cunny because I wasn’t used to something that long in there, and his cock was wet and slippery so it slid right in. He went horrorshow deep right off the hop and pounded me good, bumping my stomach hard and making me sick-up in my mouth a few times but I just bent down and spit it out and kept going. I made some mewling sounds and cummed three times so it was a good fuck, but not want I wanted. I promised the sisters I was going to do it like I got strangled, but all of a sudden he let out a loud sound and I felt my bowels bloat with his jizz. He pulled out of me hard with a wet plop and I felt hollow inside all of a sudden and my legs went weak as my bowels cramped something fierce and I squatted down and shat out all his cum. Then I started to cry.

“What’s wrong with her?” the top man asked Weasel.

“She wanted to suicide and she’s sad she’s still alive.” Weasel said, packing up his camrah.

“How did you want to go?” the top man asked me, crouching down and me all weepy with my pants down around my ankles.

“Strangled.” I sobbed, “I can’t go back.”

Top man stroked my hair, “You can stay with us. We’ll use you, but one day one of my boys might strangle you.”

“I need Weasel to ‘cord it for the sisters.” I said.

“We’ll call him back if one of the boys decides to do you.” he promised.

“You will?”


So that’s how I got owned by the Foresters.

They did use me. All the Foresters without their own girl fucked me or used my mouth, and even some with girls took turns with me. It wasn’t a great life but I couldn’t face the shame of going back to the sisters still alive.

Weeks went by and after a time I didn’t care if Weasel was there to ‘cord it - I just kept hoping someone would strangle me - I even begged for it. Weasel did come by once in a while to ‘check on my progress’ he said, and he’d ‘cord me getting fucked in my bum, cunny, or mouth, and every time I hoped that one of the Foresters would strangle me while Weasel was there, but it didn’t happen. Even Little Peet who always hurt me when he fucked me wouldn’t do it to me - he’d just hurt me and fuck me until I cried. I was the worst Sky Dancer at suicide of all of them. I got so sad and gave up any hope I had. I had become a sex toy like Yoya, but at least she got suicided in the end.

One day blurred into the next, every morning I woke up I felt sadder and sadder.

Then one morning it changed and I got piss-my-pants scared then happy.

I was deep asleep and I was having a sexy dream and was so horned-up. I was feeling pleasure and pain and I liked the dream so much that I wanted to stay in it forever. As I cummed in my dream and got ready for another cum, I heard Weasel’s voice all fuzzy and echoey; “That’s a good girl. Keep going.”

My eyes fluttered open and I saw Weasel above me in the darkness, ‘cording me.

“Weasel?” I whispered in a weak, whiney voice, because I was so horned-up and someone was frigging me off with a thumb grinding in my cunny and his fingers gripping my crotch tight.

“Don’t fight it. Just let it happen, sweet Kip.” he said and I realized he was real and this wasn’t a dream. I looked up and saw Little Peet straddling my legs with his hand inside my pajama bottoms. Right then he cummed me again and I thrashed around on the bed and cried out, trying to get away it was so intense to wake up that way.

Then he was pulling at me and slamming me down on my back and climbing on top of me. He was violent and rough and I got scared and pissed my pajamas. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head up, forcing me to take him in my mouth and down my throat.

I started gagging and choking and heaving up as he throat fucked me hard and horrorshow. It was so confusing because I was still half asleep and scared and he was raping my throat but I was still horned-up like I could have another cum even though I was pissing. So I loved it and hated it at the same time.

Then he cummed and I gagged as it shot down my throat, then he let go of my head and I had time to choke in another breath before he grabbed my throat with his strong cruel hands and started choking me.

He pushed my head back over the edge of the bed and I felt my face get puffy and my throat sealed off and I realized he was strangling me like I asked so many times. But this wasn’t what I thought it would be like - this was terrifying and brutal. I felt my stomach clench tight into a hard little ball and it tried to sick-up but my throat was clamped shut. I reached up and tried to push Little Peet off but it did no good.

“Don’t fight it, sweetheart. Just let it happen.” Weasel said and I know he was trying to help me, and his voice was so gentle and caring that I relaxed and let go of Little Peet, and right then I became a right proper Suicide Sister.

The room was getting darker than before and as I stared up into Weasel’s camrah I felt it happen. I was really being suicided and my nipples tingled and my bum hole opened up so I farted and the inside of my cunny clenched up tight. That’s when my horned-up feeling built crazy strong and I cummed so hard and so long.

It was the best cum I’d ever felt. My body shook and bucked and twisted under Little Peet’s weight and my cum got so strong and so intense that the world flashed bright red then bright white and my ears roared with it. I wanted to scream that I was cumming as loud as I could, but Little Peet’s hands were so strong.

Then the brightness dimmed quick and it felt like I was falling back to sleep and it was so peaceful that I thought maybe the whole thing was a sweet bliss dream because I was still horned up and felt my last cum start cramping right when my heart stopped beating.

But it wasn’t a dream. It was real as rain.

The best part of me went home with Weasel in his camrah and my sisters watched me be suicided and frigged each other off and said I was wonderful and said Weasel was kind to help me in my final moments. What remained behind was gutted and cleaned and seasoned and cooked, and the Foresters had a feast to celebrate my suicide.

I wish I could have felt that too.