Suicide Sisters - Mina & Lin
(fucked & strangled)

by Erotickynk

Three full moons came and went as we sisters lay with each other and sexed each other up while we watched the ‘vision box of all the sisters that have gone before. Weasel keeps us entertained as best he can, but he gets stiffed and horned up too. Even though he’s a wiry old one with hair more grey than black, I let him throw a fuck into me once in awhile. I think he must have something wrong with his boys, because I haven’t come up preggers yet. Or maybe there’s something wrong with my eggs - Gern says toksins can do that, whatever the fuck toksins are.

But yeah, I go both ways with male and female. Hell, I even go a third way with Boucher’s dog once in awhile. It’s all good. And Boucher’s dog fucks like a mad thing, and pounds me so hard he makes me pee. He’s got his knot in me a few times so deep that it made me sick-up, and damn but did that feel good.

Lin sometimes goes for the young ones, mostly female though. She jokes that she’s recruiting for the sisterhood, but in private she told me the thrill is getting those skinny little arms all up inside her.

“To the shoulder.” she whispered to me once.

“Not your cunt.” I said back, my eyes wide.

“No, silly.” she laughed at me, “Up my ass into my belly.”

It made me shiver thinking how that would feel.

But yeah, we were coming up on our fourth full moon with none of us going out to let someone suicide us, and I was beginning to think that maybe the sisterhood might be over - that the ones who want to go have gone and the rest of us are too scared to go.

See, the thing is - it is scary because you don’t know how they’re going to do you. It could be a knife fast in the chest or slow sawing to open your belly. Or maybe a cut throat, or some long steel up your ass. Might get choked fast or raped for weeks. You just don’t know, and that scares the shit out of me.

I mean I've imagined how I'd like to go when I frig myself at night and it all depends on my mood. Sometimes having my belly cut being fucked there makes me shiver in a good way, othertimes I think I might like some steel up my ass and out my mouth. But you can't just wander up to a prowler and say; "Do me this way" or "Do me that way". He's going to do you HIS way, and that is that.

Like I said before, the other clans hate us on account we have the highest tower and we have ‘lectricity and white light, while the others gather around shitty little fires and are scared at night of raiders. We call them smoke-eaters. But being that they hate us so much, they suicide us sisters pretty brutal. We’ve even heard some screaming even though the girls ventured forth pretty far away.

So, I found out my worries about the sisterhood losing its way were a bunch of wind when we met three nights before the forth full moon. It’s pretty rare, but Mina and Lin had decided to go out together and sneak into the Ferrymen’s turf.

The Ferrymen are a water clan who have boats and do a lot of trading with farmers up river for food or fuel, so they are at neutral bridge a lot, bartering for goods. I’ve met some of them. They’re called the Ferrymen, but their chief is a woman named Miranda and she is one twisted bitch. When she’s at neutral bridge she’ll trade food for children. The legend is she eats them, but I think that’s bullshit. I think she’s an empire builder and wants more Ferrymen than they can breed.

So when Mina and Lin announced they were heading out together to get suicided by the Ferrymen we were all excited for them. We asked them how they hoped to be done and both said they hoped it would happen during a rape. Choosing the Ferrymen was a good choice for that because they had rape gangs that went out at night looking for strays.

We got all sexed up for the next two nights with each other, each of us taking turns with Mina and Lin to make sure their thighs were wobbly from cumming so much when they headed out on the full moon night.

On that night we all went down with them by the tricky rope system we got to keep other clans from raiding us. In the bright light of the full moon that turns everything blue, we said our goodbyes and kissed and hugged our two sisters. I remember thinking as I hugged Lin tight, that her body was so warm and so firm and soon it would be limp and cold.

It made me shiver and it made me sad.

But after our goodbyes, Mina and Lin headed out - barely dressed and carrying no weapons with no plans to try to get back to our safe home. Weasel has his camra and set out following them. We watched our two sisters for a time as they walked down the centre of the way toward the river, holding hands and talking and sometimes laughing.

They won’t be laughing long. I thought to myself.

Weasel, of course, disappeared from sight within seconds, keeping to the secret ways he knows so well as he tracked the sisters aiming to make a ‘cording of them being suicided.

That night was a long one. We started worrying about Weasel when the red sun rose in the brown dawn sky. The rest of the Sky Dancers were breaking fast when Weasel finally came back, signaling the murder hole guards to let down the ropes.

His clothes were wet and he told us he was too tired to hook up the ‘vision box that morning, but promised we would like what he ‘corded when we saw it.

Like most of the sisters, I slept most of the day. When I woke up I found some grub and shared it with Cin, then did a bit of foraging as the sun set, turning the sky from brown to blood red before it turned black.

Cin and I came back with a haul of ‘lectric lights we found in the sub-sub-sub-basement of a clanless building a few blocks away. We turned them in to the q’master and got our chits before we headed up to the sister’s loft where the ‘vision box is.

Nikky had made a pot of orangy pong for the first viewing of Mina and Lin’s ‘cording of their suicides.

Turns out their plan went smooth and they were jumped and dragged into an alley by a half dozen Ferrymen out of a rape sweep. Weasel had found a hidey-hole to ‘cord them from without being seen, and the ‘cording started with two Ferrymen raping Mina and Lin while the other four kept watch. Then they traded off and two more took our girls.

Both Mina and Lin looked like they were enjoying it even though it was rough and brutal. They didn’t fight and they didn’t scream - they just laid down where they were pushed and opened their legs wide. Mina grunted a lot so I know she came a lot, and Lin strained and groaned so she did too.

It was when the last two Ferrymen took their turn that it got interesting. One fat Ferryman fucked Lin hard in the alley filth, while the other got Mina up on a bench and took her from behind like a dog. Her guy was a real brute. Halfway through fucking her, he reached around and started choking her bad. Mina’s grunts got stuck in her throat as his big meaty hooks closed her throat. At first we could see Mina got scared - which is natural - but soon her eyes got all loose in her head, and her body started getting loose too.

Mina had one hand on her brute’s thigh as he fucked and choked her to death and it made me wonder if in those last few moments she loved him for what he was doing to her. But all too fast, Mina’s eyes went dull and that hand slipped off his thigh and she hung limp, her tits still flapping and her body jerking violently as he fucked her corpse, still slamming into her ass while holding her throat tight.

After her brute came with a growl, he let her go. As her body fell forward all limp and used up, some sick-up sprayed out between her open lips. She hit the bench and flopped on her side and we could see cum oozing from between her bum cheeks. She was a sexy looking corpse.

Meantime, Lin’s guy was still pounding her and that’s when things got really interesting.

Suddenly Miranda walked up on them with her five body guards. She was all regal in her long red robes as she stopped and watched Lin getting fucked.

“Bern?” she said all calm as a grave, “What are you doing?”

The guy raping Lin jumped up and got all panicky as he did up his pants.

“Miranda!” he said, all stutter and flustered, “What … How … Why are you here?”

“I heard you went out on a rape sweep.” Miranda said calmly, “Imagine my surprise. I had to come see for myself.”

“I’m sorry, Miranda.” Bern said, staring down at his boots.

“You left my bed to come fuck … this.” Miranda said, all disappointed in who I guessed was her husband.

“They’re Sky Dancers.” the brute said.

“Ahh.” Miranda brightened, then turned to look down at Lin, “You’re a Sky Dancer.”

“I am.” Lin said, catching her breath.

“You came to be suicided.”

“I did.” Lin sat up, not showing any embarrassment of being naked and dripping cum from between her thighs.

“Is this how you imagined it?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lin said, “It’s how I wanted it.”

“But I interrupted you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I think you would be a nice piece of entertainment.” Miranda said, “If I took you to the pier to suicide you in front of our people, would you fight it?”

“No, ma’am.”

When Miranda turned her back on Lin and began to walk away, she was smiling.

“Bring her.” Miranda said, “And don’t be rough.”

The Ferrymen helped Lin up and led her after Miranda, then the ‘cording cut off.

“This is where I stopped the camra.” Weasel explained, “I had to rush ahead and find a place to set up down on the Ferryman pier.”

When the ‘cording started up again, it showed a crowd of about fifty people sitting around a raised platform. Lin was up there, one arm tied to a crossways post that was about crotch level. A big barrel of a man standing behind her - the fur coat we wore made him look even bigger. And standing facing her people was Miranda. She was halfway through what she was saying;

“… little cult that goes looking for death. They call it being suicided. But what’s most important for you to know is that this little piece of tower meat is a Sky Dancer.”

There were boos and catcalls from the crowd.

“Now, now.” Miranda said, “This girl is here for our entertainment, let’s pay her some courtesy that only the Ferrymen can give.”

Miranda turned to the big man.

“Barnacle, it’s time to give her the fuck of her life.”

Lin bent over the crossways post and rested her belly on it as Barnacle undid his trousers. When he pulled out his cock me and the sisters gasped and went “ooo” - it was the fattest, longest cock we’d ever seen.

“Next moon, I’m going sailing!” Che shouted out and we laughed.

It got even longer when Barnacle pulled Lin’s bum cheeks apart and pushed it into her. Lin strained and grunted and cried out as he forced his meat into her - we couldn’t tell if it was her cunt or bumhole at first, but he got it in and sunk it to the hilt which let us know it was in her bumhole because no way could he sink that all the way into her cunt without tearing her inside. Even inside her bumhole it must have been close to her stomach.

“… oh fuck …” we heard Lin gasp, letting her head hang down, “… oh fuck … oh fuck … oh fuck …”

Then Barnacle started thrusting his hips - powerful thrusts that slapped Lin’s bum and made her body shudder. After about ten thrusts, Lin sicked-up all over the wooden boards under her. A few more thrusts and she sicked-up again … and again. His long fat cock was so deep it was churning her belly. I guess having all those young skinny arms up in her belly didn't prepare her for Barnacle.

Mirand knelt beside Lin’s face and gently lifted her head so she faced the crowd and massaged Lin’s throat.

“Too much, little girl?” Miranda asked, her voice sweet and scary.

“… uh-huh …” was all Lin could manage.

“It’s the fuck of your life.” Miranda said as she brushed a hank of hair out of Lin’s face.

“… uh-huh …”

“It’s what you came for. It’s what you want.”

“… uh-huh …”

“Let’s have a contest.” Miranda said to the crowd, wrapping her long fingers around Lin’s throat, “What will happen first? Will the Sky Dancer feel Barnacle cum inside her? Will the Sky Dancer cum first? Or will the Sky Dancer die first?”

People started cheering for their choice, so Miranda had to raise her voice;

“I bet she wants all three in that order! It’s what she came for!”

And with that, Miranda tightened her grip on Lin’s throat and began choking her bad. But Lin didn’t fight it. She could have reached out with her one loose arm and tried to pull Miranda’s hands away. She could have twisted her body and pulled herself off Barnacle’s fat cock. But I think Lin knew that doing either one of those would have been futile. She’d come that far and there was no turning back, so Lin let her weight rest on the crossways post, and let her free arm flap limp as Barnacle fucked her hard and Miranda choked the life out of her.

It took Lin a long time to start dying. Her pink tongue slipped out of her mouth and swung back and forth as she drooled. Her heavy tits swung every which way as Barnacle’s cock slammed into her relentlessly - pounding and pounding and pounding. After a few minutes, Barnacle started to growl.

Miranda studied Lin’s face as she choked her, smiling as Lin’s eyes started rolling loose in her head, sliding up under her drooping eyelids. I could tell that Lin was in bliss as she started losing her grip on life.

We heard Barnacle growl louder as he slammed his cock deep into Lin and held it tight inside.

“Barnacle’s cumming!” Miranda announced.

Then Lin’s body shuddered like she was having a seizure and her knees bent, lifting her feet off the floor as her toes curled tight.

“The Sky Dancer is cumming!” Miranda laughed with delight, still choking Lin’s throat tightly. Then Lin’s face grimaced, her eyes squeezing shut, her mouth closing on her tongue, her teeth biting it.

“…grshh … grshh …” Lin made wet choking sounds, blood from her bit tongue darkening her lips.

“Awww, little Sky Dancer is dying.” Miranda said in a mock sad voice.

And Lin was dying hard like she lived hard and had cum hard one last time. Her body jerked and twitched. Her free arm flapped and swatted at Miranda’s hands.

“… glrshhh …” spit and blood sprayed past Lin’s tongue.

“How long can you last, little Sky Dancer?” Miranda mocked her.

“… glrrrrshhhh …” Lin strained and her face flushed a deep dangerous colour. Her body gave a violent spasm and she started convulsing, her feet kicking, her free arm grasping at nothing.

“… GLRSH! …” Lin strained hard as all the muscles in her body clenched tight and she quivered and jerked. Then - just like - that her face softened, her belly went slack and soft and hung down over the crossways post. Piss flowed from between her legs and when Barnacle pulled his cock out, a flood of pearly cum and watery shit followed it, running down her inner thighs to splatter on the wooden boards between her limp feet.

Miranda gently lowered Lin’s head so she hung there on the post, some sick-up and blood from her bit tongue dripping from her slack mouth.

“I liked this little Sky Dancer.” Miranda announced to the cheering crowd, “We should grab a few more after they leave neutral bridge next market day.”

(And it’s shit talk like that that starts feuds!)

Mina and Lin had good deaths. It was a ‘cording we’d watch a lot. Even though we watched it again that night and I masturbated and came, I let Weasel fuck me up my ass, then I went and let Boucher’s dog knot me deep for a couple hours. It was a good night, I decided as I crawled into my little bed all sweaty and stinky and filled with dog cum.

I wonder if I could have puppies?