by Erotickynk


She is a skinny little thing - like a lot of the teen girls who seem to flit between raves and wild dance parties - and when Craig first sees her he is sure he's seen her before. It isn't her face that he notices though - it is the kite shaped tattoo under her belly button and the the definition of the tight bands of her abdominals where her belly transitions to her crotch. It takes him awhile to recall where he'd seen that belly before as he stands watching her dance in her micro-shorts and cut-away club hoodie that revealed way more of her small but firm cleavage than her parents would be comfortable with.

Then he recalls jpegs posted on a snuff fetish forum - that distinct tattoo and the tight belly and narrow hips. Jpegs of a bare shaved pussy and even a couple of avi files of her masturbating to squirmy orgasms with a brush handle. And with those posts, invitations to impale her or gut her in a dark alley some night. A teen girl with morbid fantasies, flirting with like-minded players, toying with death ... unaware that some people out there might want the real thing.

He tries to recall her screen name as he watches her move her body to the music with such wild abandon ... it has something to do with her belly. "bellygurl" - that's what it is. He smiles and makes his way through the throng of sweating dancing bodies toward her.


Rikki dances to the music, bouncing, feeling lighter than air. Her body feels good - so very good. She has endless energy and when she hops from one foot to the other, lifting her knees high in time to the music, she gets long air time - feeling like she is flying, floating, defying gravity. She took ecstasy just under an hour ago and she's coming up nicely. She's feeling very lovey and very in-tune with the music and colours and everyone around her. Rikki is surrounded by love and wonder. She is sweating profusely but that feels good too and she has the presence of mind to keep drinking water so she doesn't dehydrate. She giggles as she feels it sloshing around in her tummy.

The theme for this rave is "Come to the Dark Side" and there's a good representation of the Goth and BDSM crowd and Rikki wears a dog collar to honour the theme. Kim is here and so is Rachael. She can see Rachael dancing about 20 feet away and she looks as happy and high as Rikki. She lost track of Kim awhile ago - but they'll find each other - they always do.

Rikki sees an older guy moving through the crowd in her direction. As she dances they make eye contact and he smiles, so she smiles back. Everyone is wonderful. The music is wonderful. The night is wonderful.


He can smell her body as he weaves to the music close to her. Her skin is shiny with sweat and he notes that her hair smells like sweat and strawberries as he leans close.

"Hi, I'm Craig." making it sound friendly while shouting over the music.

"Rikki!" she shouts back over the music, flashing him a a big smile of white teeth. He matches her smile and leans even closer, his lips near her ear ...


Hearing that name spoken in her ear leaves her breathless - how could he know? The web was anonymous and she never posted anything that would reveal her real name. But there it was; "bellygurl" he said, "You're bellygurl."

And now the beat of the music is deeper and a little slower, so she is grinding her body sensually as Craig smiles at her. What to do with this guy? Rikki feels a little unsettled - like she's been outed. Her snuff fantasies are the private part of her that only Kim knows about. Kim and the two or three hundred people online who knew her as bellygurl of course.

Craig moves around behind her and his warm hands are on her shoulders, holding her, stroking her neck and shoulders, squeezing and massaging. She feels his breath on her right earlobe.


"I know what turns you on, sweetheart. I know what makes you quiver." and Craig feels the little shudder in her slight form as he says this.

It's turning her on that he knows who she really is - what her dark desires are. Her body is slim and light and firm. Her bum is perfect - twin globes round and tight and moving so sensually as she dances. And her belly - her sweet slim belly - moves so sensually, curling and stretching, the firm flat bands of muscles ever moving as she moves her hips.

He wants her so badly. And he knows where they can go so she can experience the thrill of a lifetime. Sure, the rave has attracted all manner of BDSM and fetish people, but the real hardcore crowd always gathers below for the real hardcore action.

Craig slides his hands down over her bare shoulders and off her arms to lay flat on her flanks, his fingers curling around her curves to squeeze the sides of her abdomen. She keeps dancing and doesn't move away, so he slides his hands across her sweat slick belly - one sliding up to just under her breasts and other down to the smooth slight bulge above her mound. He loves the feeling of the muscles there moving under her skin. And he loves that gentle curve on that part of her abdomen. He dislikes women whose bellies have that hollow between their belly buttons and their mound - he prefers Rikki's type of belly - one smooth outward curve from belly button to mound.

Rikki's body is hot in his arms, her core temperature elevated - her temperature as high as she is on ecstasy. He recognizes the signs and knows she must have taken a dose too large for her slight frame. For someone her size, 200 mg would be an overdose that would kill her, so even if she took the usual 80 to 100 mg, it is way too much for her to take. But it doesn't matter, she must be close to peaking on it - and besides, it's making her feel very sensual. Craig can tell she is in love with all the feelings he is causing in her body.

He slides one hand up under the bikini top she wears and finds a puckered tight nipple, it too wet with her sweat - small gentle circles with his fingertips get the reaction he'd hoped for. He doesn't hear it, but can feel the vibration in her throat as she whimpers. He notices that her nipples seem more sensitive on the underside, so he concentrates there, stroking upward under each nipple. She presses back against him. She wants more.

Craig smiles and pulls her tight against him and matches her weaving movements, her sweaty back soaking his shirt. He leans down and nibbles on her earlobe, licking, then whispering. And as he does she is dancing ... and listening.


She feels lightheaded and disoriented. She isn't sure if it's the ecstasy or dehydration or Craig's hands or whispering, but she feels like she is within a confusing erotic dream as he leads her through the press of gyrating, sweating bodies. It is so hot and humid in the old factory floor that its hard to breathe, and she relishes the sweet coolness of the air once they move away from the dance area, past the water and glowstick sellers and off into the shadows.

They pause there for a few moments, him pressing her against the wall, his open mouth tight on hers, their tongues intertwining and slithering like snakes. She whimpers into his mouth as his hand slides down the gentle curve of her lower belly and follows that curve under her mound, his middle finger separating her vulva and labia and making her gasp when she feels him keep going and he slides one finger up into her wetness. He curls it inside her and pulls firmly on her g-spot, mashing it against the inside of her pubic bone. She can't help but quiver at the rush of sexual sensations this causes, and she cries out as he lifts, pulling her pelvis forward and up.

She grips his shoulders tight and gasps as she feels her feet lifted from the floor, the toes of her ankle boots scuffing the concrete as he holds her there.


As he holds her aloft, all of her slight body weight hanging on the finger he has hooked in her cunt, the look on her face is one of awe and pure sexual bliss. While he continues to kiss her deeply, relishing the sweetness of her mouth, he massages her cunt that way for a few moments and brings her right to the edge of orgasm.

"I want to take you somewhere." he says to her in a quiet calm voice, breaking off their kiss. Her eyes open and she gazes up at him. She's unable to speak, panting - her breath catching in her throat - but she nods. She wants more.

"Good girl." Craig smiles.


He helps her down the stairs - it is dark and it's hard to see, but Craig makes sure she doesn't trip. He's wonderful ... but a little scary. Scary because he knows her secret and is leading her into the basement. Part of her is excited, but another part is nervous to be alone with him.

But so far all he has done has brought her pleasure, and he promises more to come. It's an adventure, and she is going along for the ride.

She'd heard rumours about what goes on in the basement of this old factory during raves - it's where the hardcore BDSM people go to watch each other be tormented and pleasured. She wonders what Craig has in mind for her and the thought both scares her and excites her.

Craig leads her by the hand, through small rooms and large - all unlit. But as they progress she sees a glow up ahead - an odd green glow. When they get to that room she sees what it is - a large room with many stainless steel tables lit by glowsticks hanging from the overhead pipes.

There are people in the room - lots of people. More than 20 but less than 30 she thinks. Most are playing with each other and she can hear their sighs and moans. Two moaning, gasping couples are fucking on tables crowded with other people. Some watch them, others are too busy with their own pleasure to care.

She sees Kim with a guy she met once at the last rave. When she sees Rikki she doesn't seem surprised. In her usual dramatic fashion, Kim lowers her chin and forms her practiced evil grin.

"Hi, Rikki. Come to join us at last?" and Kim laughs the slow laugh of someone very high.


Craig leads her to the centre of the room to a single filthy stainless steel table that is set up like a stage in the room.

He turns her so her bottom is pressed against it then kisses her deeply to rekindle the passion they shared upstairs. Then he wraps his hands around her waist and lifts her slight body up onto the table. As she sits facing him, he slips off her open hoodie and lifts her bikini top to reveal her small breasts. He smiles when he sees there is no sag at all - her breasts are fresh and new and he wonders how young she really is. First one, then the other, Craig bends and suckles each nipple in turn, flicking it with his tongue as his lips draw the areola tight. She reaches up and strokes her fingers through his hair as he does.


Her nipples are tingling and what Craig is doing with his lips and tongue is amazing. She feels a rush of excitement when she glances over at the others in the room and sees that one by one, they are turning to watch her. She remembers the sexual tug in her lower tummy when her dad walked in on her masturbating last year - and this excitement is the same only stronger.

He is laying her on her back now, lifting her legs so her calves rest on his shoulders. He hooks his thumbs under the sides of her micro shorts and she lifts her bum so he can peel them from her bottom and down her slim thighs. When he throws them away into the darkness, she notes the direction so she can get them when they are done.

She is confused then when he gently grasps her legs and brings them together and rolls her onto her stomach.

Rikki finds herself face down on the table now, bent over with her legs hanging down - her toes barely touching the floor. She can feel the grit and grime on the table surface on her belly and breasts and as her sweat wets it she can smell the coppery scent of old blood. Before she can puzzle out why the table top is smeared with dried blood, she feels his hands on the twin globes of her bum and he parts her cheeks. She feels his breath on her anus just before she feels his tongue.


Even her asshole is sweet. And if her moans and whimpers are any indication, she's never had anyone tongue her asshole before. Craig feels a sense of worship as he strokes and massages her tight round bum - her cheeks small and firm in his hands. And her asshole is loosening as he presses his tongue inside her, wriggling it, making her squirm in pleasure. He can feel her cunt opening too as it swells and engorges with blood and her clear musky mucus begins to ooze from within to coat his chin.

She's almost ready, he decides.


So close! So close to orgasm! His beautiful tongue has her insides quivering and shivering with pleasure. Despite her overheated core and sweat-soaked skin, she feels shiverbumps wash from her bum up over her hips, belly, and breasts.

Things move fast now - She feels his hands on her body and hips and he is turning her onto her back, sliding her into the centre of the table, her skin grinding on the grit and dried blood. Then he is lifting and bending her legs by hooking a hands behind each knee and opening her thighs wide. 'He's going to fuck me now' she thinks to herself as he positions himself between her thighs. His cock presses against her sex.

"... ohh ..." she lets out a breathy moan - she wants to be fucked so bad right now. And being fucked in front of an audience is doubling her excitement. She feels his naked weight between her open thighs and his hard cock presses against her wet opening.


Her cunt is tight and for a moment she wonders if she's a virgin. Then he recalls the vids she posted - masturbating with a brush handle, cumming as she pummeled herself in front of the camera in her laptop on the floor of her cute pink and lime green bedroom, trying so hard not to cry out for fear her parents would hear.

He presses hard and feels her body respond - she is tight and she feels the threatening penetration and squirms, her upper body twisting and her face turning toward the gathered crowd. She's liking being watched and it makes him smile. He feels his cock sliding into her by degrees as he watches her abdominal muscles clenching tight and her open thighs shake.

"MWAH!" she grunts hard as he slides in deep in one solid thrust. He feels his cock press against the firm bulb of her cervix but he is not yet in all the way. He reaches between them and feels there is still three more inches to go. He knows she can take it - girls stretch so nicely.

Craig positions himself so his pelvis pins her to the table top and slides his arms under her, gripping the tops of her shoulders with his hands. He humps his pelvis forward, firmly and unrelenting, forcing himself up into her all the way - not stopping until their pubic bones are pressed tight together. She arches her back under him, her face turned away.

God, she's tight.


'... filling me ... filling me ... filling me ....' Rikki's mind is a riot of confusion as the sensations overwhelm her. His cock feels huge inside her and her bum is pinned tight to the table under his weight. And when he starts to move, he doesn't pull back, he just rolls his hips, thrusting harder then easing off then thrusting again. She remains constantly filled, with only the pressure against her crotch changing with each thrust.

Rikki relishes the feeling of being fucked so firmly by him. She feels small and frail as he thrusts and thrusts and thrusts. Her thighs are open and her legs float in the air on either side of his strong hips, her feet turning inward and her toes curling as they always do when she nears orgasm.

She masturbated to orgasm once while standing in her bathroom watching herself in the mirror to see what her face looked like when she came. To her it appeared as though she was confused and in pain as her orgasm clenched her belly and when that orgasm hit her hard her feet turned inward and her toes curled and her legs lost all strength. She fell to the floor that night overwhelmed by the rush of sensations that seemed to unpin her pelvis and drop her like a rag doll. This orgasm promises to be even stronger.

Rikki becomes aware of someone arriving beside the table near her shoulder. As she turns to see, she hears the sound of something heavy being placed on the table near her head.

"There you go. bro." says the man, then he turns and rejoins the group of watchers.

She turns to see what the man placed there and finds that her eyes are blurred with sweat. But she can make out a shiny black handle. Is it a sex toy? She hears Kim's voice - and hears the laughter in it;

"That's pretty big for such a little girl." she says and a couple people laugh.

"She can take it." a man's voice says, "They all can."

Take what?


She's close. He know she's close because he can feel her body moving and twitching under him. Her muscles are tightening more than they were, and he can feeling the pulsing of the muscles in her taint and knows that her asshole is puckering and pushing out in rhythmic pulses.

It's time.


Things have moved so fast ... too fast. Her sexual and drug blissed out mind hasn't been able to keep up.

The pressure of the knife tip on her lower belly is immense - she always thought it would be easy for a sharp blade to penetrate a human abdomen, but this isn't the case. She can feel that her lower belly is dimpled inward and dimpled deep, her skin and muscle there resisting penetration. But as he lets more and more of his weight come down on the knife hilt he grips in his fist, it compresses her sweet spot, grinding her g-spot against his thrusting cock. Rikki's sexual tension is growing faster now, the throbbing in her cunt and clit becoming almost too much to handle.

"... AH! ..." she cries out and squirms, twisting her upper body, her hands reaching to grip the edge of the table but unable to reach it She feels that if she doesn't orgasm soon, she'll lose her mind. She knows that she is peaking on her ecstasy high and that a lot of this is the MDMA reacting in her brain, but the feelings are real. Her cunt is throbbing, her g-spot it throbbing, and - 'god help me' - the knife blade pressing into her belly feels so fucking good.

CUMMING! - the word explodes in her mind as she feels the small wet burst of her orgasm as it begins to swell like an ocean wave approaching shore; Lifting higher and higher, gaining more force as it nears.

Rikki feels her internal muscles tightening; Her belly clenches and lifts her head and shoulders off the filthy table. Her eyes open wide in shock because this is the most intense orgasm she's ever felt in her life. Her mouth opens and forms a silent "O" as she is overwhelmed by the flood of sensations radiating from her core. She feels him roll his pelvis and press his cock deep - right to the root - his pelvis pressing hard against hers. She lifts her knees higher and opens her thighs wider for him, welcoming him in, taking him deep. She wants him inside her - she wants him to fill her body with his cock and his cum. She can feel her uterus clenching too - thirsty for his cum, wanting to be flooded with it - to feel his semen jet into it and his sperm to wriggle through the channels inside her belly to find her eggs.

"GNAH!" she grunts as her orgasm explodes inside her belly. And in that instant she loves that her hips are pinned tight to the table; Loves that she can feel the grit sticking to her sweaty bum and back; Loves that his cock is so thick and long and is filling her beyond anything that has filled her before; She even loves the blade that is pressing so hard into her most tender spot.

"Good girl." Craig says lovingly, and she can hear the smile in his voice. And then he lets all his weight come down on the knife hilt in his hand and Rikki feels the tip pop through her skin and lubricate itself on the thin layer of fat of her tummy. She shrieks in the midst of her orgasm as she feels the tip penetrate the band of muscle in her lower belly and force itself in and through like a wedge, splitting her belly muscles.

Rikki gasps and can't inhale again as she feels it sliding into her - deeper, deeper, deeper - the coldness of the blade invading her lower abdomen - sliding between her rectum and bladder. Insinuating itself where nothing as sharp and hard as steel belongs.

"Fuck! He's doing it!" she hears one boy exclaim.

"Oh Rikki, that is so hot." Kim's voice is excited. Rikki hears movement as Kim speaks to someone else, "Gotta see her face."


It's in her - buried to the hilt - and he can hear the wet frantic sounds in her seized throat as she comes to grips with the blade so deep in her gut in the midst of her orgasm. She is still squirming. Though he is excited to gut this sweet child, he also feels empathy for her and wants her to experience the worst of it while she rides out her orgasm.

The girl named Kim that seems to know Rikki arrives at the table. Kim leans forward, gripping the edge of the table and leaning forward, looking down at Rikki's upturned face. Kim's eyes are wide and her mouth hangs open as she breaths excitedly.

Craig begins to saw.


The blade is sawing now - drawing up almost out of her, then sliding in all the way once more and with each thrust she feels the hilt press tight against her lower belly. She squirms and twists beneath him, her pelvis gripped tight between his body and the table. his cock still throbbing inside her.

She can't breathe. She can't even gasp or scream, her throat is seized tight by the overwhelming sensations radiating from her lower belly. She feels her stomach roll and quiver and her mouth starts to water - wild tingling starts under her jaw. She feels herself gag and her stomach heaves as she turns her face to the side and grimaces. Water gurgles up her throat like a volcano and she pukes hard, spewing it across the table in a rush.

It's too much. Too much to handle. And she wonders why she isn't passing out from the overwhelming sensations. Dimly she realizes that it is the combination of the ecstasy and her orgasm.

"Go with it, baby." she hears Kim's excited voice, "You're doing it, girl .. You're really doing it! Let it happen, don't fight it, Rikki."

Rikki opens her eyes and looks up into Kim's face - she sees the smile and the excited expression. As she gazes at her girlfriend she sees two male hands slide around her and fondle her breasts. Too confused to make her own decisions, Rikki squirms and presses her belly outward - 'going with it' like Kim told her. She feels her belly swallowing the knife over and over, each thrust like the first, penetrating her, shredding her intestines. The feelings are an odd mix - the strong sensations of being eviscerated and the lingering pulses of her orgasm.

She loses strength in her legs and feels them flop down onto the table top, her right leg shaking badly, her heel drumming hard on the table's metal surface.

And Craig is sawing, sawing, sawing ... getting close to her belly button. She can feel coils of her intestines popping up through the slit he's already made.

The man behind Kim has pulled down her panties and has thrust himself into her, Rikki can see his hands gripping her hips and Kim is moving with each thrust. Making small grunting sounds. Rikki can hear the rolling bass beat of the music on the floor above and recalls that only minutes ago she was there, dancing .. flying and floating - so alive and free of pain.

"... oh! ..." the knife is still moving inside her

Without warning, her stomach convulses so fast and so tight it lifts her shoulders up and she vomits hard - the water she has drank and the bile from her stomach fountaining up to spatter over her face and wetting her hair. But this unseizes her throat, and she draws in a long shuddering breath.

Sawing ... sawing ... sawing.

"... oh fuuuuuuck ..." she whines at last, then as the blade slips under the knot of tissue at her belly button she grimaces and grunts, "UNGH!"

"Oh fuck yeah!" Kim exclaims, breathless now - Rikki knows the sounds she is making - she's being fucked deep and hard just inches from her. Rikki wishes their roles were reversed, that she was the one being fucked doggy-style and Kim was the one on her back with Craig pinning her and opening her. Rikki moans as Craig pulls up on the blade.

"Do it! Do it! Rip her open!" Kim gasps loudly.

And Craig pulls up hard, ripping and cutting past her belly button, the knot of scar tissue slipping to the side as the blade by-passes it.

"...nghAH!" Rikki's guttural groan turns into a desperate cry as she feels the top half of her belly split open in one smooth slice. The pain stops and she hears the knife clatter on the table top.

Rikki feels calmer now that the ordeal is over. The table is being nudged rhythmically as Kim gets fucked above her.

"How does it feel?" Kim asks breathlessly, "You look so fucking hot, Rikki. Does it feel good?"

Rikki opens her eyes and looks up into Kim's face - she sees her expression and knows that Kim is getting close to cumming.

Craig starts thrusting into her again, and Rikki realizes he hasn't cum yet. She can feel his cock throbbing inside her, his strong pelvis holding her pinned still. Then she feels his hand ...


Her insides are wet with blood and fluids and her intestines are unbelievably smooth and soft - even softer than her skin. He strokes a length of her large colon and feels it quiver in his hand, feeling the feces moving down its length. He squeezes it and hears Rikki fart wetly.

That sets him off - his orgasm comes rushing from the root of his cock and he cries out in his bliss.


She can feel Craig cumming inside her - his cock pulsing and jetting ropes of cum inside her. Below she can feel that she is soiling herself and a wave of shame makes her cheeks burn. Craig's movements are rough and hard, his pelvis thrusting hard enough to move the table like he is milking every drop of his orgasm out of his cock and into her ruined body.

His hand releases her colon and slides up through the mess of her open belly, displacing intestines that lift and slither out of her to squirm and slide over her flanks. She feels his hand encircle her stomach sac and the back of her throat quivers. Rikki looks up into Kim's pre-orgasmic face.

"...help me .." Rikki pleads in a mewling whine, but Kim can't help, she's cumming now - her face scrunched up like she's in pain.

"... fuck yeah .. fuck yeah ... fuck yeah ..." Kim's voice is breathy and hissing between her clenched teeth as her man fucks her through her orgasm in hard, wet, slapping thrusts.

And it is too late for help anyway. Rikki feels Craig's hand squeeze her stomach ...

"... urlph ..." and the last liquid contents of Rikki's stomach gurgle up her throat and fill her mouth, spilling out past her lips and run down her cheeks. She works her tongue to empty her mouth and squirms as Craig keeps squeezing.

She can't breathe.

Craig's grip on her stomach becomes a sharp, sweet agony inside her. Rikki works her jaw, trying to release the spasm that Craig is causing in her throat.

"It's okay, sweetie." Craig says softly as he catches his breath from his orgasm, "Just relax, it'll be over soon."

And Rikki realizes that Craig is putting her out of her misery by suffocating her. Rikki gives in - no longer fighting for life. Above her, Kim lets out a post-orgasm moan and leans close, her hair tickling Rikki's cheeks. Kim's lips find Rikki's and she kisses her pukey mouth with open lips, her tongue entwining with Rikki's.

Rikki closes her eyes and shares her final kiss with her friend as Craig squeezes and squeezes and squeezes.


She was such a skinny little thing. Her body so small and tight and sweet. He looks up as Kim pulls her panties back up and imagines the cum leaking from her cunt making the crotch a milky glazed mess. Kim meets his gaze and smiles.

"Wanna be next?" Craig asks, motioning to the bloody buck knife on the table. Kim looks at it and back at him and winks.

"Maybe next rave." she answers, "Come find me and see how high I am."

Craig smiles. That's an invitation he won't let slip past.