Processed - III

by Erotickynk

After Lily willingly bared her belly and was gutted by Matt, it became an orgy of death ... some consensual, some not.

The man decided to teach Matt how to do it the "right way".

The first was David, who was so sexually stimulated that he was trembling and sweating profusely as he took his place. Because so many of us wanted to be part of it now - part of each othersí and our own deaths, the man worked out a way we could stretch out the victimsí belly and David volunteered.

First, David kneeled with his thighs open then laid back with his arms under him. Then two kids sat beside his shoulders and each took hold of an ankle. Then two more sat between his open thighs and grabbed his wrists - I was one of them. Then all four of us pulled as hard as they could. This pulled Davidís shoulders down tight to the table and his knees back as far as they could go, so his back was arched tight and his belly was stretched and ready, his chin tucked against his chest as he panted and watched what was about to happen to him.

Later, if the victim was small, two would sit beside their shoulders and pull on the ankles and just one sat between their thighs and pulled their wrists.

With David, the man just told Matt to go ahead and open him quickly and David was so willing - Even with his abdomen stretched tight, when he saw the knife in Mattís hand he pushed his belly outward, bulging it. I could see the desperate need mixed with the fear of death on his face.

"... please ... please ..." David whimpered desperately as he looked up at Matt. So, like he did with Lily, Matt pressed the knife really low on Davidís belly and pushed it into him. David gritted his teeth and strained, grunting wetly, his cock throbbing hard and twitching as the blade slid deep into his bowels. Then Matt sawed the knife in and out of him all the way up his long quivering belly. And like Lily, once Matt cut through his belly button, Davidís belly released and opened wide and his eyes rolled up under his eyelids and spit was spraying through his clamped teeth and out his loose fluttering lips.

The man showed Matt how to reach in and grasp his rectum and pull it up within him and slice it off. I could see Davidís anus when Matt did that; It puckered deep, as it was being pulled up inside him then it opened wide once the cut was made - I could see right into his cavity. Then he had Matt do the same with his stomach then reached inside Davidís lower belly and find the lump at the base of his cock and grip it tight in his hand and massage it hard with his fingers.

David made a guttural animal sound and started cumming as soon as Matt started squeezing. The kids holding his ankles and the two of us holding his wrists struggled to hold him tight as his hips pumped violently and his cock spasmed and jetted ropes of pearly white cum up into the air - he sprayed all of us; I even licked some off my upper lip. Even after David finished ejaculating, the man told Matt to keep massaging him until he died - and David kept cumming, wave after wave of dry orgasm slammed into his body as he had orgasm after orgasm - or maybe it was just one big long one that pulsed rhythmically. But Davidís orgasm ended when his body suddenly went slack and we all knew he was dead.

We held down a couple of girls who didnít want it so Matt could practice and he was able to make one of them orgasm using the manís trick. The other one just died. Then another boy who came while he was being cut, but came more when Matt played with him inside.

The youngest girl, Lisa was next - same posture as David, but with me alone holding her wrists. With Lisa, the man told Matt to cut shallow at first.

"The sex organs must be preserved." he explained. So Matt started cutting shallow just above Lisaís mound. She cried out as he was cutting, pulling and trying to twist out of our grips. As soon as Matt got high enough to miss her uterus, the man touched his arm.

"Now, go deep. Push in slow and steady, all the way." And Matt did, leaning into it as he slid all six inches of the blade into her sweat covered skin. Even though Lisa was stretched tight by me and the others with her back arched painfully and her abdomen bowed outward - her belly still heaved and undulated as he pushed the blade into her.

Lisa stared up into nothing as the blade descended into her bowels, stirring her intestines, pushing some aside and slicing through others. All of us could hear the rumbled gurgling of reverse peristalsis and can see her upper belly bloating and undulating as her bowels pumped fluid back up into her stomach. Lisa's mouth started watering, drool sliding out of the corner of her mouth and her jaw was slowly pulled downward, her lips trembling and parting. She whimpered and the sound was so very sexual.

As Matt pressed the hilt firm against her tight belly, Lisa vomited - her spew rushing up her throat to burble up out of her mouth and flow over her cheeks. Lisa's eyes fluttered and she closed her mouth, swallowing, and making a murmuring moan. Matt pulled back on the knife and I heard the suction of the blade withdrawing, then he slid it deep once again. And once again, Lisa moaned and vomited. I felt the tension release in her arms - Lisa was into it then; she submitted. Matt started sawing the blade in and out of her belly, and we all watched in fascination as each slow thrust resulted in the gurgling vomit pushed up from Lisa's stomach. As I watched I noticed the shiver-bumps spread across her belly and chest and her small puffy nipples puckered and swelled.

"You see?" the man says, "For her it is sexual. She is feeling the orgasms now."

And so it continued for Lisa - the cutting, the puking, and from where I sat - the constant oozing of girl-cum from her hairless cunt. When Matt was done and pulled the knife from her, I reached up and slid a finger into her cunt so I could massage her g-spot. It was tight and swollen and Lisa moaned as I started to rub it.

Matt had got the hang of it by then and cut her anus and stomach loose, then reached inside her and grasped her sex. When he squeezed I could feel it around my finger and I wiggled it and met his gaze. He smiled at me as he massaged from outside her vagina and I did it from the inside. Lisa came hard and long that way, lasting longer than all the rest.

Now theyíre packing her body off to the cooler and the kids on the table with me are pushing her viscera into the gut barrel and Iím hosing down the table.

"You." I hear the harsh voice of the man and I look up to see who heís talking to. Heís looking right at me.

"You want to be next." and the way he says it, Iím not sure if heís asking a question or stating a fact. But either way I feel a rush of cold fear flood my bowels. The first time I try to answer my lips move and form the word but no sound comes out.

"... I do ..." I manage to say weakly the second time.

"Tall girl." he says and reaches for my hand and pulls me down off the table. He turns me and pushes me up against the rolled edge of the table. It aligns with my hip joints, my mound just below the edge.

"Good." he says when he sees how I line up on the table, then he laughs and turns to Matt, "Now we see an experiment."

The man pulls my arms roughly behind my back and ties my wrists then my elbows tight together so my shoulders are pulled back and my belly bows outward. He then loops a thick cord around my throat and attaches it to a hook hanging from the ceiling - it isnít tight, but as I move my head a bit I can feel that if I fall Iíll drop less than a foot. As I get used to this posture, he roughly kicks my feet back a bit so I am leaning forward, the edge of the table pressing hard against the soft spot above my mound.

I can feel an oozy mess in my crotch and inner thighs - I was horny from helping on the table, and even though Iím scared shitless, Iím still aroused.

"What will make her knees buckle?" the man laughs as he nudges Matt, "Orgasm or gutting?"

Hearing his words sends another rush of cold fear through my core. Itís hard to come to grips with it - Iím about to die. My life will end right here, right now. I canít escape it, I canít avoid it. And I wonder how much itís going to hurt me.

I whimper as I feel the manís hand slide between the sweaty cheeks of my bum and he pulls upward, forcing two of his fingers up inside my rectum, curling them and lifting me up on my tiptoes. He leans into me, pushing my crotch hard against the rolled metal edge of the table. My clit is mashed against the cool hard steel.

I can feel the manís breath on my cheek as he leans forward, his body against mine, and I see his other hand reach around to my front - his hooked knife clenched in his fist.

I make a mewling sound as my eyes brim with tears and I start shaking, watching him move the tip of the knife to the soft spot just inside my left hipbone.

"You ready, girl?" he growls in my ear.

"... n-no ..." I whine like a little girl. Oh god, I donít want to die! This is happening too fast.

"Too bad." he mutters and pulls the tip of the knife into me.

"Heís gunna cut her now." I hear a younger girl say - she is naked like the rest of us, sitting cross-legged on the table, watching the man work. Just like I watched him and Matt work on all the kids before it was my turn - is this karma?

I grunt as I feel the tip dimple my skin deep before it pops through and penetrates my muscles there. It burns as he pulls it down and across my belly, opening me in a long U shape. The pain peaks as the blade curves under my belly button and the world flares red in my eyes - I feel a rush of desperation, thinking that I am going to pass out from the pain and never wake up.

It hurts so fucking much - I can feel my belly being ripped apart.

I thought when my turn came I would tense up and clench my belly flat, but I donít. Instead, by the time the blade reaches the halfway point just above my mound and my vision comes back, Iíve pushed my belly outward. Itís an amazing sensation - feeling the tension thatís always been there suddenly releasing. It hurts like hell, but I can feel my belly opening - the muscles being sliced apart.

This is it! Itís real! Oh mommy, itís real!

I feel my anus and cunt loosen - itís like my body is giving up. The manís fingers pull deeper up into me, stretching my loose asshole, his two fingers are wriggling inside me now.

The man pulls the knife through my belly up to near the tip of my right hipbone making me shudder and tremble. Then the blade is pulled from me, his fingers still hooked in my rectum, keeping me up on my tiptoes, my mound still pressed tight against the table.

I gasp as I feel things moving inside me and when I look down I see my wound yawn wide and my intestines start to slide out of me to spread across the table.

"Oh god!" I cry out, feeling my insides slump downward, leaving my upper abdomen sunken and hollow.

Iím crying and shaking badly now, my skin running with sweat. The man pulls his fingers out of me - my asshole making a wet farting sound and I can feel fluid sliding down my inner thighs. But I stay up on my tiptoes because Iím afraid that if I move, I might collapse. The girl sitting on the table reaches down and strokes a length of intestine and I can feel it. I hear her giggle.

"Squishy." she says as her hand slides back and forth along my length of pink gut. Little bitch - sheís getting more enjoyment out of it than I am.

Matt is beside me, leaning forward to study my face. I turn my head slightly and look into his eyes.

"... make me cum ..." I whimper, "... please make me cum ..."

Matt leans forward and gently slides his hand inside me and the invasive feeling almost makes me pass out.

Oh god - his hand is inside me ... INSIDE ME!

I feel his fingers slide through the tangle of my intestines and under my bladder. The pressure makes me pee - the hot piss sprays against the table edge. I feel his fingers sliding deeper as his hand slips around my cunt, putting pressure on my inner muscles.

Matt is holding my cunt tight and his thumb finds my g-spot. He starts to massage it and just like that; Iím cumming ...

I feel my body clench on its own, tightening and going rigid as my orgasm cramps my insides. My jaw clenches and I grunt, unable to breathe. This orgasm is intense, like a muscle cramp and my entire body is involved in it. I feel my thighs squeeze tight together and my toes point inward.

I am shaking and jerking as I keep myself up on my tiptoes and my orgasm rolls on and on. Matt lowers his head and sucks my right nipple and I love him for that.

The other kids have gathered in front of me - some are standing, others sitting on the table - but all are watching me orgasm and die. I stare past them at the peeling paint on the concrete wall, knowing that my death is exciting them, but not caring.

Their turn will come.

My legs are getting weak and I am trembling wildly. I canít hold myself up much longer. It feels like Iíve been cumming for hours, but I know itís only been a few seconds. I feel something large flop down inside me - probably my liver - and my kidneys are aching.

I gasp in a ragged breath and lower my head. My intestines are spread in front of me on the smooth surface of the table, jiggling and squirming like ropes of pink jelly.

I canít do it ... I canít hold on anymore.

I feel my thighs give out - my legs crumple under me and I drop. I hear the girl squeal as she grips my length of gut and Matt loses his grip on my cunt. The feeling of his hand slithering up out of my open belly is amazing.

The rope - fuck! I forgot about the rope - snaps tight around my throat and I am suddenly hanging, still facing the table. I feel the pull inside me as my intestines are dragged forward and across the rolled edge of the table to flop and splatter onto my crotch and limp open thighs.

The girl lets go of my intestine and it is pulled over the edge of the table with the rest, to dangle from my open belly.

I am choking, strangling. But itís okay - it feels peaceful and warm, comforting actually.

So this is what dying feels like.

As my vision starts to dim, I feel the manís hand on top of my head. He ruffles my hair the way adults do to young children.

"Good girl." his gravelly voice sounds distant and gentle.

And now I am floating, relaxed and content. The world is fading around me, leaving me alone in the universe ...