Processed - II

by Erotickynk

I didn't even know her name. The man gutted her and played with her and made her cum hard and she died right in front of me and I never even knew her name.

And now the man is cleaning out her belly cavity and washing the blood off her. Her body is limp as he scoops her up in his arms and she looks so little and so young. Her head lolls loose as he carries her to the cooler, her mouth and eyes still open staring at nothing.

Her eyes are blue.

Now the man comes back and pushes all her insides down the table into the gut barrel and hoses down the table. The water steams as he sprays it so I know it's hot. All that steam is making the room feel hotter than it is - and it is plenty hot. We're all sweating as we sit on the wooden bench waiting our turn.

It's my turn next, and you want to know something weird? I'm ready for it to happen to me. I've watched five of us get processed so far and after I got used to seeing all the blood the first time, watching their sweating bodies squirm and quiver gave me shiver-bumps all over. Right now I have a tingly feeling down low in my belly and my ... well, you know ... my vag is tingling too.

The way I figure it; There's no way out. No one knows where we are, and that other girl tried to run but she got caught quick and she's still moaning as she hangs upside down from a hook through her leg. He's probably saving her for last just to punish her for running. And watching the others - the first five I mean - they all got that far-away look of amazement on their face after the cutting was done and when he reached inside their bellies he did something to them that made them all cum really hard. Even that boy. I saw his cock get hard as steel and his sperm shot out of it high and white.

I watched the man's face when he did that to each of them and he likes making them cum as they die. And I'm a little ashamed to admit I liked watching it too. Even though they looked like they were in huge pain, I could tell that as they were cumming they'd never felt anything that amazing before.

I want to feel that. The pain and the orgasm that looks so intense.

So now as he hangs his spray nozzle up, I stand up because it's my turn. And I know most people won't believe this, but I want to feel those things now - I want to feel the steel inside my belly, and my guts sliding out, and his hand in there doing whatever it is he does. I want my body to squirm and quiver like them.

As I walk around the table toward his side, he sees me, but I pause because he peels off his rubber gloves and tosses them on the table. We stare at each other as he takes a package of cigarettes and a lighter out of his pocket and lights one, puffing it and inhaling deeply like it tastes good as he puts the pack and the lighter back. He walks toward me and I think he's coming to lead me to his side of the table and I feel a little thrill in the pit of my stomach, but he just smirks and pats me on the head as he walks past me. He unlocks the door and steps outside, closing it and locking it behind him, leaving the acrid smell of cigarette smoke behind him.

I feel kind of foolish standing there now. I was ready. I am ready. And he's taking a coffee break.

"He comes for me, I'm fighting him." one of the boys down the line says, trying to sounds brave I think.

"That's stupid." I say.

The boy snorts, "I'm sure as hell not going to walk over to him like you just did." he says scornfully, "It's like you want it to happen to you."

"I do."

"What?" the boy looks confused and a couple of the girls gasp.

"I do want it."

"You want him to cut your belly open?" the boy asks.


"And reach inside you and play with your inside parts?"

I feel a little tug deep in my belly and I shudder - my eyelids droop a bit.

"Yeah." I say and it comes out softer than I intended.

The boy is staring at my body now and I look down at it myself. My body is long and lean and tanned, and running with sweat. I'm glad for the sweat, because no one can notice the wet that's oozing from my vag as I stand here.

On dark nights when we'd stay up late, my older sister talked a lot to me about getting fucked and how great it was, and until this moment I couldn't ever see myself letting a boy do that to me. Right now though, I think I'd let anyone do it to me the way I'm feeling. And that feeling is getting stronger as the others sit staring at me.

"If you want it so bad, why not let me do it to you." the boy says.

I look up, confused for a second - was he talking about sex or the other? "What?"

"If you want it so bad, why not let me cut your belly open right now?"

I study his eyes for a moment, then I look down at his forearms and hands - they look like strong hands - like the hands of a baseball player.

"Okay." I say softly.

The boy looks surprised. "Really?"

"Uh-huh." and I notice two of the other boys and one of the girls are smiling, "You'll need help holding me down, though."

The boy looks at the others and a few of them nod - they're willing. I realize that us all watching the first five has gotten us used to it, and some are like me - starting to accept and even willing to be part of it.

I walk around to the man's side of the table and find a half sack of salt and muscle it up on the table. Then I climb up and kneel then lay back across the sack so my belly is stretched out. As I do this I hear some of them get up and shuffle around the table.

I lift my head and see that three boys and two girls have decided to do this.

"You'll have to climb up on the table so you can hold me tight." I tell them.

"Are you going to fight us?" the first boy asks.

"What's your name?" I ask, "My name is Lily."

"I'm Matthew ... Matt."

I smile up at him; "Hi Matt. No, I'm not going to fight you. I just want to be held down real tight. Stretched out, like he does."

While the others climb up onto the table, Matt gives me a crooked smile.

"You're really going to do this." he says, shaking his head.

"Yeah." I answer calmly, "You want to climb up too. Better leverage I think."

I lay my arms out to my sides like Jesus on the cross and tell the two girls to pin my arms to the table. Each grabs a wrist.

"No." I say gently, "Up by my shoulders ... in my armpits so you can press down."

I shiver as they slide their hands up my arms until they are firmly in my sweaty armpits. Both girls hold their arms straight and get their shoulders over their hands so they are pushing straight down.

I lift my head and tell the boys to come up beside the girls and each take a good hold of one of my ankles. They do.

"Now pull." I feel them pulling, arching my back more. And I love this feeling; being held so tight and my belly stretched out and vulnerable. But something is happening to me; My heart is beating faster, and I'm starting to pant like I'm short of breath. And I'm starting to shake, quiver, and twitch. I don't think I'm scared, so this must be something different. It's kind of like just as the roller-coaster gets to the top, or the feeling I used to get Christmas morning but times a thousand. So, is it excitement? Or is it my body realizing that I'm about to have my belly slit open and my guts spill out like a pig in a slaughterhouse? I don't know, but I like the thrilling feeling of it ... and the feeling is getting stronger.

Matt is up on the table on his knees and looming over me at my left side. He's holding the man's knife now.

"You're sure about this, Lily?" he asks solemnly.

I nod frantically. "Uh-huh. You know where to cut, right?" my voice is shaky and has a little whiney sound to it. Part of me wants to hurry it up and start, but I can feel fear creeping in around the edges. Waves of tingling shivers are traveling up my thighs, over my bum and sex, and up my belly to my nipples. My stomach is fluttering nervously.

Matt places one finger just above my public mound, "From here ..." and traces a line up my belly right through the centerline to my upper belly, "... to here."

"Yeah. Perfect. That's perfect." I gasp, the words whooshing out of me and I am shaking now and the tension is building in my body.

The girls and boys holding me are letting their grip loosen and Matt is raising the knife.

"Hold me tight." I tell them and I feel their grips tighten on my upper arms and ankles, "Pull my legs tighter."

The boys pull my ankles up toward my shoulders, stretching my belly more. I am panting now, feeling desperate and shaky. [... oh mommy!]

"Tighter!" I cry out and the boys do, gripping my ankles and leaning back, pulling with all their might. The girls are trembling as they pin my shoulders to the table.

"We're hurting you." one says.

"It's s'posta hurt." I grunt through clenched teeth, I look up into Matt's eyes, "Like the others, Matt. Do it. Do it to me!" [... do it before I change my mind ...]

Matt presses the tip of the knife against the spot just above my firm mound and presses inward. I can feel that he is shaking too. I feel the pressure of the sharp tip, but it's not enough.

"Harder!" I strain, my eyes narrowing as I grit my teeth. I feel the pressure increase, but it still isn't enough - he's dimpling the skin deep, but the blade isn't breaking through yet.

"Harderrrrr!" I growl through clenched teeth and watch as he grips the handle of the knife with both hands and presses his shoulder against the hilt. I feel the penetration start - the skin pops and there is a sharp burn in the band of muscle across the lowest part of my belly.

"... nnnnnghhhh ..." I groan through gritted teeth and my body clenches tight in the hands of the girls and boys holding me. I squeeze my eyes shut and grunt like an animal as I feel the blade burn through my belly, sliding deep. I can feel it compress then bust through things inside me - my girl parts I think. And for the last bit I feel it pull on my anus from the inside. In the end, even that gets busted through as I feel the burn and the release. And I feel the hilt pressing tight against my stretched out belly so I know it's in me all the way.

The steel is cold and hard inside me - I feel how rigid it is in my gut. I also feel the girls loosen their grip a little.

"... don't let me go ..." I whine and they lean down on my arms again. I lay still and pant, getting used to this feeling inside me - The burning pain is easing, and in its place is a tingling thrill that keeps running up and down the core of my belly. It's so intense I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach. I can feel my insides squirming and moving around, and I hear gurgling in there like things are moving inside me.

I open my eyes and blink to focus my vision - Matt is trembling as he holds the blade inside me. He is watching my face and he looks like he's going to cry.

"I'm sorry." he whispers.

"... no ..." I gasp, breathlessly, "... it's good ... it's what I want ..."

I feel two more people climb up on the table. A girl younger than me kneels between the two holding my arms, and lifts my head and cradles it on her thighs. And an older girl appears between my knees. The girl cradling my head strokes my hair back from my sweaty forehead and the girl between my knees, reached up and strokes my mound.

I smile as best I can, then I look at Matt.

"... open me up ..." I whisper, breathless and weak, "... do it ... I want to go all the way ... I want this ... I want this so much ..."

Matt pulls back on the knife and I shudder as I feel the suction inside me as the blade pulls out of me, then Matt pushes it back in, penetrating me again, the edge of the blade slicing through my insides. Then he pulls out and in again ... out and in again ... out and in again ... over and over and over. The muscles in my core clench tight and my body shakes wildly as I am overwhelmed by the feeling of that knife sawing in and out of my body, the cold steel penetrating me deep - each penetration as intense as the first - and I grunt gutturally every time I feel the hilt press against my skin. I'm feeling really sick now, like I'm going to throw up - my stomach is tingling and quivering inside me.

I remember what my sister told me about what being fucked felt like - Matt is fucking me; He's fucking my belly with that knife - thrusting it deeper and further than any boy ever fucked my sister.

I feel the knife getting hung up on my belly button, the blade tugging and pulling up on it as Matt saws away at me - it's like it's tougher than the rest of my belly and harder to cut through. He notices it too, and changes the angle of the blade and gives it a tug.

"Ngha!" I cry out and twist my head to the side as I feel that violent tug, but it hasn't cut through yet, so Matt tugs it again. I try to squeeze my thighs together, the sensations are so strong, but I can only quiver with the exertion - the boys holding my ankles are doing a good job. Matt tugs a third time and I feel my belly button split and I feel the most amazing thing ...

It's like all my life my belly has been under tension - held together by bands of muscles that were strapped tight across my abdomen. As Matt breaks through my belly button, that tension is released and I feel my belly opening - the two edges sliding apart and my insides pushing upward, making a mound of twisting plump ropes where my flat belly once was.

"... I'm open ..." I moan and arch my neck and open my thighs wider as Matt saws upward through the softer part of me - with that tension gone, my upper belly parts easily, like a zipper being pulled open. [... I'm open ... oh dear god, I'm open ...]

Near the top of the cut as I feel my opening getting wider, Matt's knife tugs at something thick and firm. As he saws at it, I feel it being pulled up and down inside me, dragging on the knife's edge. It is moving everything around in my upper belly and making my stomach churn and roil and my mouth starts to water and my gullet begins to quiver. I know it's going to make me throw up, but the feeling of that anticipation is so sweet and sharp within me that I moan and squirm. Just as the blade saws into this tough part of my insides, my stomach lurches inside me and I puke hard - a gout of coke and bile jetting up my gullet and spraying through my fluttering lips to spatter over my chest. God help me - it feels so good gagging and heaving while he finishes sawing through it.

Then suddenly the blade is held still inside me.

I let myself go limp as Matt slides the knife out of my belly and drops it on the table.. The girls are the first to notice the change in me and let their grips on my arms loosen. The boys holding my ankles follow suit.

I lay there panting, my back still arched over the sack of salt, my thighs still wide apart, my belly gaped open and my insides squirming as they slither up out of me like slippery eels.

"Now what?" Matt asks, staring at what he has done.

"We make her feel good." I hear a girl's voice and I realize it's the one kneeling between my thighs. I feel her fingertips stroke my sex and she slides one finger inside me, curling it and massaging me inside. I moan as the good feelings start.

The two girls who held my arms stroke my nipples and lightly dance their fingers along my ribs, sending tingles up and down my body and making my nipples pucker and stiffen.

It feels good. It feels really good. But I want what the man did to the others. I look up at Matt, silently pleading for him to join the girls exploring my body - I want him to explore the inside. My face must give away my craving need, because Matt gently slides his right hand into the wet coils of my intestines.

The sensations are immediate and intense - I whimper and writhe on the table as I feel his fingers stroking and sliding through my intestines. I'm being touched where I have never been touched before and my insides are reacting to that touch. I can feel my intestines quivering and squirming inside my open belly. He strokes and squeezes something that causes a dull but sweet ache under the side of my ribs and a feeling that I need to pee. He slides his hand over and strokes my still quivering stomach and I gag hard, my shoulders curling forward and my gullet going into sweet tight spasms. I reach up and grip his wrist and hold it there as he fondles my stomach, making it clench and convulse - the feeling is so intense and so sweet ... I love it so much. But soon I need to breathe, so I let his hand go and flop back down, gasping for air.

"I'm next." I hear the excited voice of the girl who'd held down my right arm. Looking up at her sweet face, I see the lustful hunger in her eyes as she watches me. She smiles.

"No, me. I want to be next." I turn my head and see the boy who gripped my right ankle as he strokes my hip. His cock is red and stiff and throbbing, his mouth open as he takes quivering breaths, no doubt overcome by lust and desire to have his own belly opened.

I feel Matt's hand tentatively exploring lower in my open belly.

"Lily?" he calls my name softly, his face showing confusion and concern, "I don't know what he did to the others. What he did down here."

"... try ..." I whimper, feeling weaker now. And is I relish the feeling of Matt's hand exploring my inside girl parts, I hear the clatter of the door closing and gasps from the kids around me as they turn their heads toward the sound.

The man is back.

Matt is frozen in terror, his hand still inside me as the man walks to the side of the table and into my line of sight. He surveys the cluster of kids and looks down at me. He smiles as he sees my open belly.

Reaching out, he takes hold of Matt's forearm and pulls his hand from my belly. He lifts my lower back and slides the bag of salt from under me, laying me flat on the table. Like he did with the others, acting as though he is all business, he slides one hand low in my belly and grips my rectum in his fist and pulls. I feel my anus pulling inward as he picks up his knife and slips it inside me and slices it free.

"Ungh!" I grunt at the flash of pain, then gasp as I feel my anus open wide and gape. As I am trying to come to grips with this new feeling, he slides his hands up to the top of my belly and grips my stomach. I gag hard and heave, trying to throw up, but he's pinched it off. Once again I feel the burn of his blade, but this time it is my gullet, and as he cuts it free from my stomach, I feel it slide upward in my throat. I can't stop gagging - it's like I'm trying to throw up but nothing is coming up - I realize I'm going to choke to death

Not wasting any time, the man quickly slides his hand deep into my lower belly once more and grips my girl parts in his hand, squeezing and massaging the top firmly with his thumb. The sensations are instant and intense and they burst in my body ...

I'm cumming ...

I'm cumming so hard ...

The orgasm throbs instantly at full power in my crotch - no build up, just a sharp spasm of intensity, sending waves of overwhelming pleasure through my belly, bum, thighs, and right up my core to my gagging throat. I squirm and twist on the table, my arms crossed over my head, my left knee drawn up while my right leg stretches out and shakes so badly I hear my heel pounding violently on the steel table. I twist violently with his hand gripping my insides and I'm quivering so badly that my insides are now slithering out of me onto the table like a puddle of live oily snakes.

I can't take it ... the pleasure is too strong ... this physical bliss alone is going to kill me.

My heart is pounding and I want to scream, but all I can do is gag and make wet gurgling sounds. My hands find the waist of the girl kneeling beside me - the one who wanted to be next - and I wrap my arms around her body and hold on to her desperately as though my life depends on it. I need to feel her so I know I'm not losing my mind - so I know that I'm connected to a real person. I bury my face between her thighs and I can smell her sweaty crotch and the sweet scent of girl cum, and still my orgasm throbs inside me.

This is what they felt as they died. This is what I wanted.

[... oh mommy ... daddy ... I'm cumming ... cumming ... cumming ... and it won't stop ... it just won't stop ...] I scream inside my mind.

And it is the man who finally brings my sweet torment to an end - he squeezes my girl parts brutally hard and the force of the climax it triggers arches my back so violently that my arms are pulled free from the girl, my hands slapping down on the table top on either side of me. My heels hammer hard on the table top and my bum lifts high, pushing my crotch upward as though my body doesn't want his hand to let go. I am arched with only my feet, arms, and shoulders touching the table. [... don't let go ... don't let go ... don't let go ...] is the mantra running through my head now as I realize that as intense as it is, I don't want it to end.

But it does end as he lets go. I feel and hear the slippery suction as his hand pulls out of my ruined belly.

"NGHA!" I cry out wetly as my muscles release all at once and I flop down hard on the table top, my round bum bouncing once and laying still, my thighs flopping open. I draw in one long shuddering breath and let it out with a quavering moan.


Total peace.

I look up at the man and smile as the room starts to get dark.

"Me next ..." I hear the quavering frantic voice of the boy as he leans forward over my body to get the man's attention, "... please?" I can feel his hard twitching penis pressing against my hip, his thighs quivering in his excitement.

I wish I could live long enough to watch what comes next - I suspect the room is about to turn into an orgy of pain and orgasmic pleasure, of the others each baring their willing bellies and experiencing the intensity of the pain and ecstasy - but for me, it's time to die ...