Processed - I

by Erotickynk

It is so hot and humid in the room that I'm sweating like a pig. It must be over a hundred degrees outside and he has to keep the doors closed and locked because of Lacey. My hair is wet with sweat and stuck to my cheeks and forehead. I can feel my sweat running down my naked ribs and back like little rivers so much that my bum is wet and sliding around on the painted slats of the wooden bench. I grip the front edge of the bench with both hands so I don't move too much as I wait my turn.

He doesn't like it when we move. It makes him think we might run away.

I'm not going to try to run. Lacey did and all it got her was tired and dirty and now she's moaning and hanging by a hook through one ankle on the other end of the stainless steel table - down where the guts are. I thought about running, but we are all naked and I didn't want to be seen naked, running down these back roads with dirty feet. Stupid to be worried about being seen naked considering what's in store for us.

But I'm going to wait my turn like he wants me to - and my turn is coming up next I think. I'm just going to sit here and wait for it because ... well, because I don't care anymore. He gave us cokes and whatever he put in them has made me feel very relaxed - almost sleepy. Kevin got so relaxed he actually fell asleep, all slumped over on the bench beside me as we waited and now he's up on the table and the man in the rubber apron is working on him.

I can see Kevin's face. He's staring up at the ceiling, making little wet choking sounds every now and then and spitting up blood. He's trembling and his face and body are shiny wet with sweat. If it wasn't for the blood, his bronzed tan body would look perfect.

I can also see Kevin's cock. It's hard and pink and sticking straight up and twitching. The head of his cock looks like a little red helmet and it is really swollen and shiny and it's amazing that it's like that because nobody has touched it at all. The man reaches into Kevin's belly and does something and I see Kevin squirm on the table and arch his back. Creamy clots of cum jet up out of his cock in little pulses and Kevin grunts as each pulse makes him hump his hips. Kevin starts shaking real bad and the man keeps doing whatever it is until Kevin cries out then falls limp.

I wait and watch, but Kevin isn't breathing anymore. The man finishes Kevin's body off and lifts it up in his arms and carries it into the cooler. When he comes back, he cleans up his mess, pushing it all to the end through a hole into a big blue plastic barrel. Then he uses a spray nozzle that hangs on a spring from the ceiling and washes down the table.

I turn my head and look at the others on the bench and most are staring at the floor. The couple that meet my gaze, quickly look away - I guess they feel guilty because I'm next. But we're all going to have this done no matter what, so who cares about when or who goes first. Right?

When he's finished, the man looks up at me and walks around the table to where I'm sitting. I try to stand up but my legs are all weak and shaky so I flop back down on the bench with a wet splat. He lifts me up by grabbing hold of my left wrist and lifting. I manage to get my legs under me and it's real hard to walk - my legs won't quite do what I want. I guess I'm that scared. But I lift one foot and then the other as he takes me around the table to the other side. Everyone's watching me now.

He stands me beside the table and bends down, pressing the flat of his left hand on my lower belly with his right on the small of my back. He squeezes me hard - his hands are so big on my body, it makes me feel small and weak.

"Pee." he says. So I do. I just let it flutter from between my legs and stream down my inner thighs. When I'm done he grabs that spray nozzle and washes down my thighs and crotch. The water is almost hot. Then he grabs me by my left arm and knee and lifts me up and flops me onto the table like I'm a rag doll. I'm on my right side, facing away from him. Facing the others - seeing their pale scared faces.

The table is warm and slippery. I guess it's slippery because I'm so sweaty and it's still wet from being washed down. He pulls me toward him so my bum and back press up against the rolled high edge of the table - the one that makes it kind of like a long wide basin so nothing spills on the floor. I feel him loop something around my ankles and pull them tight. Then he lifts my arms so they're both laid out over my head and he stretches my body out so my belly is long and smooth. I let my head rest on my right upper arm and relax myself. I know what's coming. I saw him do this to Kevin and the others. He laid Kevin on his side like this first, then after this part was done he rolled him onto his back. That was when I saw that Kevin's cock was rigid and twitching.

I wonder if it will feel good for me like that. I wonder if he knows tricks to make girls cum before the end.

He lifts one of his legs and presses his knee hard into my lower back and leans over me just like he did Kevin. Then he pushes his elbow into my throat, stretching me out more, and it chokes me he's pressing so hard. I squeeze my eyes closed and grit my teeth. I can envision that my belly looks like the bottom of a rowboat, just like Kevin's and the others' did - all stretched tight and smooth with a gentle outward curve.

I feel his other hand press flat on my lower belly and I feel the sharpness below my belly button. It must take a lot of force, because I feel his body tense and I feel his arm muscles working and the pressure in my tight lower belly gets crazy.

"mmmph!" I make a desperate little sound and squirm a little as the pressure gets really bad, then I feel the sudden sharp bite and it's like a 'pop'. I feel something hard and cold slide inside my belly - down low where my sex lives. But before I can get used to that, I feel the tug in my crotch and the swift burn as he pulls a line straight up the middle of my tummy and stops where I figure the bottom of my stomach is. Then his arms are off me and his knee is gone and he unloops whatever it was around my ankles.

"... oh my goodness ..." is all I can say. My body feels so strange - my tummy muscles feel disconnected and loose.

I draw my knees up a little and lower my head and watch as my tummy relaxes and opens. Coils of my insides slither and roll out of me, and spread slowly across the wet table. My insides are like lumpy snakes and some are pink and some are grey and there's a lot of blood. I see that the edges of my open belly have a thin layer of fat and it's yellow.

It's hard to breathe now and I'm starting to shake.

I can see and feel my guts squirming like they're living things and I never realized how much was inside me or even that my insides could move like that. It feels so odd. I guess I was used to the tightness of my tummy all my life, and now that it's open it feels so loose and hollow. I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach too.

He pushes me a little bit away from him, my insides sliding in front of me - then he rolls me onto my back and I feel the pull in my belly as more of me slides out. Like Kevin, I stare up at the ceiling because I don't like looking at his face as he works.

When he presses his hands inside my belly I start shaking bad - I can hear little pattering sounds as my thighs and bum quiver on the table. He's moving things around and pulling things up out of me. I gag, and my stomach heaves like I'm going to throw up, but nothing comes up. It's his hands getting too close to my stomach I think.

I feel a tug down low - like my anus is being pulled up inside me - and a sharp burn. I feel my anus gape open wide and my legs kick a bit. Then his hands move upward and I feel him grab the top of my stomach and pinch it closed. I gag hard and I really want to puke up all the pressure there but he does something and I feel the sharp burn there too.

Now I know why Kevin kept choking and spitting up blood. It feels like throwing up - continual spasms from a stomach that isn't connected any more and a big lump in my throat. His hand slides low again and I feel him grip my sex from inside really hard. His thumb is grinding there and waves of good feelings make me open my thighs and clench my fists. My body tightens and lifts my shoulders and head up from the table. I feel my eyelids droop and I see double all of a sudden.

It's a cumming kind of feeling, but different than the kind I give myself. This kind is deep and tight and squirmy - really intense. It comes up through me in waves and I feel my body convulsing and feel my heels drumming on the steel table as my legs shake bad.

And then it's like I'm moving away from my body and all those feelings. And my vision gets dim and the edges of what I can see grow dark.

I'm going quickly ...

Distantly, I feel my body flop.

I can't see anymore.

I can't feel anymore

... oh my goodness ...