by Erotickynk & Bluebeard

It's playtime again for us teens, and it reminds me of when we were all kids, playing in Zander's basement. We'd play adventure things like Hobbits and Wizards and Elves, and once in awhile we'd play Doctor, and even had Zander take our temperature once with a rectal thermometer. But this playtime is a different kind of fun.

The old furnace is rumbling and roaring away in the corner of Zander's basement and it's pumping heat into the room. It's because we left all the windows open upstairs and the cold air is setting off the thermostat up there, so we're toasty warm down here. I can feel how moist the creases of my inner thighs are and I'm not sure if it's all sweat or if ... well, if my crazy horniness is seeping down my legs.

I mean, who wouldn't be horny if they were down here playing this new game? We've discovered that dying is sexual. This kind is anyway - dying and coming back to life.

It's Emmi's turn again and Zander is helping her loop the plastic covered TV cable around her throat.

"Let your upper throat come down on the cable," he says, his voice tinged with excitement, "It's amazing and you last longer."

Emmi nestles her neck in the loop and gets it at the top of her throat as Zander gets ready to slide the stool out from under her.

Zander is some kind of sexy genius, coming up with different things we can loop around our throats to play the game.

Emmi nods to let us know she's ready so Zander eases the stool away as Emmi steps off. She makes a wet choking sound and her feet dangle above the floor.

Emmi doesn't kick as much this time it's her third turn so she's starting to get used to it - but her long skinny legs slowly bicycle in the air and her hands try to pull the cable from around her throat. It's an automatic response we've all done it when it was our turn. But pretty soon she settles down and her eyelids flutter and her eyes roll up in her head. Then her legs go stiff and her toes point at the floor and her hips start humping slightly and we know she's having her death orgasm. I feel a tug deep in my own pussy as I watch her belly undulate, clenching and pushing out and I can't wait for my next turn.

Good for you, sweet gentle Emmi. Good for you.

This all started when Zander hit us up on Facebook and invited us over. His mom was away overnight to see her boyfriend in Boston, and of course his dad couldn't be asked to take him it wasn't his scheduled weekend, so what did he care?

Anyway, we came over and sat around watching YouTube fail vids that Zander had Bluetoothed from his laptop to their big LCD screen in the living room and ate a ton of junk food and drank a ton of Mountain Dew. But pretty soon we got bored.

"Wanna get high?" Zander asked us, and we laughed, but I for nervous. I really didn't want to do any drugs and I was afraid that he was going to bring out some E or something. He must have seen the nervousness in us, because he laughed and said: "It's not drugs. This is natural ... a natural high," he said, standing up. "Come on, who's the bravest one here?"

"Maxi," Trace and I said at the same time and we all laughed like crazy. But Maxi stood up and Zander made her sit on the sofa and lay her back against him. Then Zander looped some white cord around her throat and laid back, pulling her back so she was lying on top of him.

"Okay," Zander said, stroking Maxi's cheek with a free hand, "This is going to be cool, but you have to trust me."

Maxi nodded and Zander leaned into her, pulling the cord tight and choking her. At first she grimaced like she tasted something sour, then her mouth opened and we could see that Zander was pulling so hard her tongue was filling the back of her throat. Maxi reached up and grabbed his wrists as her face got puffy and her eyes watered. She started fighting him, but then her eyes went all out of focus and her hands dropped to her sides. In a few seconds, her legs flopped open and Zander helped her slide to the floor. Maxi was a limp rag doll she looked dead.

"Maxi? Maxi?" Zander said gently, squeezing her shoulders, "Come back to us, Maxi."

And her eyelids fluttered and she came out of it, blinking her eyes and coming to.

"Oh wow," she whispered, then blinked a couple more times and smiled, "That was amazing."

When Maxi got up from the floor and walked past me, I caught the fresh hot smell of aroused pussy.

"Was it ... sexual?" I asked.

Maxi smiled, "Hell yeah."

So, of course, we all had to try it and it did feel amazing. It was like getting high, but it also felt very sexual. When Zander did me, at first I panicked I fought him but then it felt like my lower belly was swelling and I felt a tingling inside my pussy like deep inside. I was amazed as this feeling got stronger and stronger and suddenly I felt like giving in to it was okay, that even if I died it was okay. As I blacked out it felt like I was about to have an orgasm and it was the sweetest feelings ever. And when I came to, all flopped and loose on the floor in front of the sofa, I was horny as hell.

The problem came when Zander wanted a turn and none of us could help him we weren't strong enough. And that's how we all ended up in the basement and Zander was finding things that we could hang ourselves with.

Emmi is making wet choking noises and her arms lift, her wrists bent at a weird angle as her hands contort up against her chest. We all do that during our turns it's some automatic thing that happens when a person is strangling. Zander told us that's why they handcuff people's wrists behind their back because it's kind of disturbing to watch.

And as Emmi's humping gets spastic and erratic, her thighs start shaking bad and her toes curl tight. Her whole body starts jerking and twitching and her crotch darkens. We watch the dark stain spread down the inner thighs of her jeans as the quivers and shakes.

"She's pissing herself," Maxi whispers in awe.

I get chills up my spine as Zander keeps her up a few more seconds, then he grabs her hips and lifts while Maxi gets on the chair and pulls the loops from around her throat. Trace is kind of frozen in place, so Jess and I rush to help lower Emmi to the floor and massage her throat. Emmi's lips are blue and she's not breathing but Zander is there and he bends over and gives her mouth-to-mouth and she shudders and starts breathing.

It takes a couple minutes, but Emmi comes to and her eyes come back into focus.

"Holy shit," Emmi gasps, and laughs, "I came."

"And went." Jess says, motioning to Emmi's wet crotch. Emmi lifts herself up and sees that her jeans are soaked and lets out a squeal as she tries to cover up.

We all laugh, and Zander hugs Emmi, who is dying of embarrassment.

"It's okay," Zander says, "We can do laundry."

"My turn again," Jess says.

"No way," Zander says, moving the stool under the black TV cable I was using, "I rigged this so I can have a turn too and you girls have hogged it too long."

So Zander gets up and loops the black TV cord around his throat just above his adam's apple and pulls it tight. Jess and Maxi get ready to move the stool.

Zander pulls the cord even tighter and gets up on his tiptoes to take a few deep breaths.

"Okay," he says as he steps off and the girls pull the stool away.

Zander dangles above the floor and his feet kick a little, but he seems like he's concentrating and soon his eyelids droop and his legs dangle loose. I'm standing right beside him, so I think I notice it first; Zander's cock is swelling in his track pants I mean swelling fast; In seconds he has a raging hard-on, and it pushes the crotch of his pants upward until he's got a lot of tenting action going on.

Then just like Emmi, Zander starts humping the air and making those desperate wet choking sounds. I watch his athletic butt clenching and releasing as he humps his pelvis forward. His track pants darken at the tip of his cock so I know he's starting to cum. But Jess and Maxi grab his legs and lift quickly because his tongue is pushing out past his lips and I guess it's freaking them out.

I unloop the cord and guide him to the floor and as he lays back, he moans like he's in pain, rolling his head from side to side. I can't help myself I lay my hand on his cock and I'm amazed at how hard it is.

"... too soon ..." he croaks as he gasps for air. I look at him and he looks like he's going to cry.

"... let me down too soon ..." he gasps, trying to get his wobbly legs under him, "... more ... please, more ..."

And his voice has a bit of a whimper in it, which I find so sexy.

"Please Kelly," he almost whines, his eyes welling with tears as he looks at me. My heart breaks to see him like this and I have to admit, I'm really turned on by how desperate he is to cum.

"It's okay, Zander," I whisper to him, kissing him on his nose, "We'll get you back up right away."

I help him up onto the stool and position the cable around his throat, and without fanfare, he steps off. As soon as his feet dangle, Zander pushes his belly forward, arching his back, his toes pointed at the floor, his thighs quivering.

This time we let him stay up until he starts squirming and jerking violently. I step forward and cup his balls and the root of his cock through the thin material of his track pants and I feel his cock spasm and throb as he cums the satin of his track pants getting dark and wet with little spurts of cum that turn milky as they ooze through the weave of the material. The girls keep him up until his ankles cross and lock and his hands start lifting up, sliding up his bare chest. They start to lift him but I hold up my hand.

"Wait!" I say, watching his body Even though his entire body is arched like a bow, I can still see the muscles in his bum working as he makes small humping motions.

"He's still cumming," I tell the girls, and right after I say it, Zander shudders violently and he pees, his track pants flooding from the crotch downward. By now his lips are blue, his tongue is dark and lays like a slab of liver on his lower lip, and his eyes are puffy and closed.

"Okay," I say, wrapping my arms around his waist, "Help lift him."

I guide him to the floor as the girls help lower him, and massage his throat. Immediately, Zander draws in a long ragged breath and squirms on the floor.

"It's okay. It's okay, Zander." I say softly as I gently massage his throat and rub his chest.

As the girls gather around him, he slowly comes to. At first he looks at us in confusion, but after a few seconds his lips make a faltering smile.

"That was amazing," he whispers, "I came twice. I pissed myself the second time, didn't I?"

I nod.

"It was so intense when I pissed," Zander says, sitting up, "It was the second orgasm and it felt like it was going on for hours."

"Yeah," Emmi says, "That's how it felt for me too. So intense."

That Emmi and Zander peed themselves isn't funny anymore, it's perversely erotic now that we know that the real intense feeling come when our bodies are losing control.

Beside me, Jess pulls off her sneakers and starts stripping off her jeans. She's like me, she can't wait to try a long hanging.

And just like Emmi and Zander, we keep Jess hanging until she pisses herself, her body spasming and shuddering as the crotch of her panties swells with pee and it flows down her inner thighs. We help her down when she stops moving and help start breathing again. As she rests on the old couch in the corner, it's my turn again.

I strip off my sneakers, socks, and jeans and after a moment I decide to lose my underpants too. I remember the bliss I felt last time and how I wanted to let go of all control, and because Emmi and Jess have peed, I think 'what the hell'.

I climb up on the stool, and loop the black cord around my throat and nestle it at the top of my gullet. I look down into Zander's blue eyes and smile.

"Ready," I say, and this time I really am no fear this time, just desire and arousal.

With my right foot I step off the stool and lower myself feeling the cable tighten on my throat. When I step off with my left foot, Zander pulls the stool away. The first thing I feel is the pressure on my throat, the second is gagging. I mean gagging hard. My mouth opens on its own and I feel my stomach heave like I'm going to throw up.

It's a sexy feeling and is arousing me so much. My mouth starts watering as my stomach convulses and heaves, undulating my body. Below I feel my lower belly push outward and my sex feels like it's swelling inside me. The sexual meat in my pelvic cradle feels heavy and starts tingling, then throbbing.

I squirm as I strangle, rubbing my thighs together, feeling my slickness oozing from me and making my labia and inner thighs slimy and wet.

Oh god, I'm going to cum.

I feel Zander's hand against my hip and his other stroking the inside of my right thigh. My legs are quivering and pointing straight down, and as his fingers caress me, I open them, parting my thighs, wanting him to play with me and Zander doesn't let me down ...

I feel his fingers find my labia and open it, then slide up inside my pussy. My belly clenches in response and I feel my orgasm start to buzz inside me. I look down and see Jess slumped on the couch. She is watching me with lust in her eyes. Her hand is between her own thighs and she is masturbating, watching me strangle. Knowing that I'm being watched by her pushes me over the edge. I feel a wash of shiver-bumps tingle across my bum, crotch, and up my belly just before my orgasm explodes in my core.

I feel my back arch and my thigh muscles start quivering and shaking and I feel my first seizure begin just before I start losing consciousness.

I am falling. Falling backward into darkness while my orgasmic seizure rages inside me. I know my eyes are open, but I can't see. Everything is in shadows. The last thing I feel is a sharp lance of pain through my skull from ear-to-ear and the world flashes white then red.

I am adrift in darkness, but I am being moved. It's a rhythmic motion, jostling me as I slowly come back to consciousness. Slowly I realize I am half lying on a couch, slumped against one over-stuffed arm. My head is throbbing and I feel dizzy and sick to my stomach.

I flutter my eyes open and see I am in a basement. I don't know where I am. I want to go home. I want to be in my own bed, safe and warm.

I look to my right and see a girl naked from the waist down, slumped in an armchair. Her thighs are open and she's masturbating frantically, rubbing her pussy with two fingers. As I watch, she orgasms, grunting, jerking, and squirming between the arms of the chair.

I know her, but I can't remember her name. It scares me that my brain feels sluggish and I feel numb and disconnected from the world.

I turn my head to my left and feel a sharp flair of pain in my neck and the centre of my skull. There are two people fucking beside me.

The girl is Jess. I'm relieved that I remember her name - my brain is starting to work again. And the guy is Zander. I remember him too. Zander fingered me just now as I hanged myself. He helped me cum and I can still feel his phantom fingers wiggling inside my pussy, grinding there.

My nipples are still tingling and my sex feels swollen and still aroused. I wish Zander was fucking me instead. Or that Jess was. It's funny that I never thought of myself as bisexual before, but now I think I understand it. I just want sex. No, I want orgasms. I want sexual bliss and right now I'd let anyone do it to me.

Jess is grunting as Zander pounds himself into her. Her knees are high and her thighs wide and I can hear their skin slapping and the squishy wetness of her pussy as they fuck.

I want to keep watching, but I feel a rumbling in my bowels and I remember being on the cable and feeling myself losing control of my body, so I rise. A wave of dizziness makes the room tilt and I have to steady myself by leaning against the wall until it passes. I stagger toward the bathroom that I can see in the hallway. My body feels disconnected and weak. I feel like I did when I got really drunk last summer kind of numb and kind of aroused in a reckless way.

I make it to the bathroom and flop down on the toilet. I relax and feel my bowels move solid at first, then a rush of liquid and sweet cramping. Even this feels good.

So sexual.

I reach up under my bra and twirl my nipples as my belly calms. I want another orgasm. I want back up on the cable.

I wet wads of toilet paper and wipe until I'm clean, then get up. The room tilts again but it doesn't last as long. I walk back toward the others, still feeling numb and disconnected, but also still aroused, feeling reckless and sluttish. It's hard to walk I feel clumsy and disoriented. I hear Jess cry out that she's cumming and hear Zander groan.

Good for them. Kelly wants to cum again too.

As I stumble toward the couch, the girl who was masturbating looks up at me, she appears worried. Emmi, that's her name.

"Kelly? Are you okay?" she asks, her voice soft and concerned, "You don't look so good."

I try to say that I'm fine, but what comes out is garbled, even to me; "m'fin ... fie."

And that's when I forget how to walk and try to lift both feet at the same time and fall on my face.

As I'm trying to sort myself out and get back up, strong hands slip under my armpits and lift me. Other hands are on me now as well and I am moved toward the couch, my feet flopping and dragging as I try to walk.

They lay me down on the couch, and my head is hurting again. Their faces loom over me, looking unreal as I gaze up at them. They look like comic book faces, outlined with black lines.

"You look really pale, Kelly." Zander says.

"... mock ... m ... kay ..." I try to tell him I'm okay. Why won't my mouth work right?

"We better get her dressed and call her mom," Jess says.

"... mmm ... no ..." I say. There, I found a word my mouth can use. I look around, remembering that there was once five of us. I can't see Trace or Maxi.

"... mugh ... " - dammit! - "Mag-zee." I manage.

"Maxi went home, Kelly. She said she had a headache," Jess says, holding my hand, "And Trace is right over ... oh my god!"

Jess is looking behind them and she lets go of my hand and rushes away. Zander looks over his shoulder and he too turns. Then I see it.

Trace is hanging, a scarf tight around her throat, her body hanging limp. Pee dribbling onto the floor under her.

I watch Zander and Emmi grasp Trace's limp legs and lift while Jess climbs up on a chair and struggles to get the scarf from around her throat. It takes them too long.

I know that Trace is dead. She went solo and now she's dead.

When they finally get her down and lay her on the floor, Zander tries mouth-to-mouth as Emmi backs away, her hands at her mouth. Emmi is crying.

Zander works hard to bring Trace back, but it's too late.

I hear talk of ambulances and police, parents and the newspapers. Questions about why she did it did she want to die? Was it to get our attention?

Like it fucking matters. Like any of it fucking matters.

Zander walks back to the couch and sits down beside me as Emmi gets dressed in her piss wet jeans and Jess kneels beside Trace's body.

"She's gone, Kelly." Zander says softly, "Trace is gone."

"... pummy bup ..." I try. Zander looks at me, not understanding.

"I can't handle this," Emmi says in a choked voice and leaves the room and we can hear her sob as she stumbles up the stairs.

"... pum ... me ... b-ack ... up," I say. It's so hard to talk. I know there's something wrong inside my head. I can feel weird tingles and numbness in my left foot and hand. I remember the bright flash of lights and the sharp pain while I was hanging.

"Jess?" Zander sounds scared as he turns to Jess, "This is crazy. I think Kelly wants to go again."

Jess climbs to her feet and comes to the couch, kneeling so we are face-to-face. She strokes my cheek and looks into my eyes.

"What's wrong, honey?" she asks and I think Jess knows.

"...fukt up ... hed ..." I manage, "Pum ... me ... b-ack ... up."

Jess takes my hand in hers and turns to Zander.

"I think she had an aneurysm," Jess says to him and when he looks puzzled, she says; "A blood vessel burst in her head."

"We need an ambulance," Zander says.

"An ambulance isn't going to help her. My auntie had one. She was a vegetable. They took her off life support and she died," Jess says softly, "Kelly wants to die now, Zander."

"Jesus," Zander says, looking at Trace's body then looking at me. I gaze at him intently, trying to will him to go through with this because my goddamn mouth won't work right.

"... peez ..." is as close as I can come to begging him.

Zander looks at Jess. So do I. She shrugs.

"How much money do you have saved up?" Jess asks him.

"About three grand. My college fund," he answers.

"I've got two, and I know the combo to my Dad's safe." Jess said, then; "We could run. Do Kelly like she wants, then run."

I squeeze Jess' hand and she looks into my eyes and smiles. Her smile is sad, but she gets my message; Do me. Do me like you said, then run.

Zander thinks about it for a long time. Too long - I don't have much time left; I feel my left side growing weaker. He looks at me again and I give him the best puppy-dog look I can muster.

"Fuck," Zander says finally, "I'll get her cable ready."

While Zander makes sure my cable is secure and moves the stool in place, Jess leans forward and kisses me on the lips.

"It's a sexy way to die," she whispers between kisses, and I feel her fingertips walking up my inner thigh to my crotch. I open my mouth and her tongue slides inside my mouth, slippery and wet. She pushes two fingers inside my pussy and finds my g-spot. I moan into her mouth.

"Warming her up?" Zander asks softly, crouching beside the couch watching us. Jess breaks off our kiss, but keeps massaging my g-spot.

"Do you want us to play with you?" she asks with a wicked little smile.

I nod.

"Gentle or rough?" she asks and her smile gets even wickeder.

"... uff ..." I manage. Why not? I've never had anyone be rough with me, although I've pounded myself a few times when the mood struck me and it felt really good. At least until the next morning when I ended up walking bow-legged because I felt bruised down there. But there's no worry about that now - there isn't going to be a next morning.

Zander nudges Jess gently, "Let's do this. We've got to get out of here before Emmi tells everyone."

"Ready, Kell?" Jess asks, slipping her fingers out of me. I nod.

The room tilts sickeningly as they help me up and I almost puke. I can't walk at all now. I even need help standing. They get me to the stool and up onto it and Zander holds me steady from behind, my left leg giving out as I try to stand on my own. I steady myself with my hands on Zander's wrists. Jess climbs up on a chair and loops the cable around my head, positioning it high on my throat.

Then Jess hops down and gazes up at me.

"This is it Kell," she says with a smile and I can tell it's exciting her. She reaches down and hooks her hands behind my knees and pulls, "Come to mama." she says with a giggle. My knees bend and the cable cinches tight on my throat as Zander lets go and just like that I'm doing a sluggish air-dance.

The cable is squeezing my gag reflex hard and my stomach starts heaving like before, my belly bulging outward and growing tight. And right away, I feel Jess' hand slide up my slippery inner thighs and her fingers wriggle up inside me. Zander reaches around from behind and strokes my heaving belly.

Jess starts grinding her fingers inside me. I don't know how many she has in there and I don't care. She could push her whole hand up inside me right now and I would welcome it. My legs dangle beneath me - I've stopped my air-dance. My hands start lifting on their own and slide up my bare belly. My stomach is bloating from the heaving and my sex is engorged and growing tight around Jess' fingers.

I can feel my heart pumping hard - every blood vessel in my body throbbing. And a new throb starts deep inside my pussy - it escalates fast and takes me by such surprise that my body spasms and jerks.

My orgasm explodes up through my body like a hot flood. Shiver-bumps spread across my thighs and travel up my bum and around my hips to my sex and lower belly. My clit feels swollen and electric and my pussy starts to throb and contract around Jess' fingers. My womb joins in I can feel it pulsing as it clenches and releases over and over and I remember learning about labour contractions and this must be what it is like, but these are coming in time with my throbbing heart. My stomach heaves and I feel my throw-up gurgling up my gullet and I can taste bile in the back of my throat, but even that feels perverse and wonderful.

Jess' fingers keep grinding inside me, rhythmically pushing upward and now I feel Zander's fingers sliding over my bum and into the crease, and my orgasm goes on and on. I feel my bowels come alive and I can feel them squirming inside my belly. Then my bladder convulses and lets loose and I feel hot pee spraying from between my thighs and over Jess' wrist.

"Give it to her," I hear Jess hiss as she pushes upward hard, stretching and opening me. And when she does I feel the bottom of my belly sag and go loose, my bum and pussy going flaccid. I want her hand inside me. I want that so desperately.

I'm lifted slightly as Zander pushes two fingers up into my bum and I feel Jess' fingers and thumb pressing hard against my opening. They're stretching me and my body isn't resisting. Then I feel the oddest sensation; I feel myself opening like a flower and my body is invaded like never before.

"Holy shit!" I hear Jess gasp as I feel the bottom of my belly swallow her entire hand. I feel her form a fist inside my pussy and push up hard, grinding a knuckle against my cervix. She's doing it. She's really doing it.

"Give it to her! Really give it to her!" Jess' voice is frantic and sexual as she fucks me with her fist.

Zander is pumping two fingers in and out of my rectum as Jess' fist works inside my lower belly.

I'm cumming. Oh gawd, I'm cumming so hard. I feel my thigh muscles spasming and my feet kicking feebly. I feel my hands curl and cramp where they are pulled tight against me under my breasts.

The room tilts and my belly gurgles and heaves, and I feel the hot liquid squish past my constricted throat and fill the back of my mouth.

Still cumming, but I feel like I'm falling now. I know I'm not because the cable is still tight around my throat, exciting my gag reflex like my grinding fingers used to excite my clit.

I feel a crackling series of pops inside my head. More blood vessels bursting - I knew I was done for, so this is the best.

I'm dying but I'm cumming as I do - this orgasm keeps rolling on and on. The once steady throb of my heart pulsing every blood vessel in my body is now erratic and uneven.

Not much longer now.

I want this to last, but I feel my orgasm start to wind down and I don't want to strangle in agony without the bliss of this perverse orgasm to make it all bearable.

It's time to let go, Kelly.

I don't know if the voice belongs to Jess or if it's inside my head. But it doesn't matter, because it speaks the truth; It is time to let go.

Now I'm surprised because it is so easy - I just let go. I let go of my orgasm; I let go of my body; I let go of my life, all in one gentle release.

I feel the tension wash from my body and my hands drop to my sides, my legs dangle, my thighs now feeling heavy and flaccid.

... and I drift into darkness ...


Jess and Zander gaze up at Kelly as she slowly twitches and settles down into her death.

"We might as well leave her hanging," Zander says. "It won't do her any good to bring her down."

Jess is weeping softly, yet at the same time her hand is trapped between her thighs and Zander can see her fingers working.

Zander takes her free hand and leads her to the couch, flopping down and pulling Jess down beside him. Jess snuggles up and places her hand on his cock that stirs and swells as she gently works him.

"You know, I've been thinking," Zander says, "I don't think our running will do much good. Even with your father's money, what will we do when it runs out? If we get caught, we'll be separated and in jail..."

Jess ponders this, wiping the tears from her cheeks as she continues to stroke Zander's cock.

"What'll we do then?" she asks softly.

"Stay here."

"Why? We'd just end up in jail now instead of later."

"I said we could stay, I never said we'd wait."

Jess lets go of his cock and sits up, studying his face.

"I don't understand," Jess says, her forehead wrinkling as she tilts her head.

He pulls her back in his arms and kisses her.

"Did you enjoy this afternoon?" he asks.

She snuggles in, "Of course I did."

"What did you like best?"

Jess smiles. "The hanging, of course, I've never had a stronger orgasm in my life."

"Do you ever expect to find a better one?"

She looks up at him, her face paling. "What are you trying to tell me?" she whispers.

"I've thought of one way that should make it even better. How would you like to hang while we're screwing?" Zander asks as he strokes one of her nipples.

Jess snuggles tighter, laying a thigh over his, and reaches down to stroke his cock. "That would be fabulous, I was crying for a cock inside me while I ..." Jess says softly.

"I've worked out a way we can do this," Zander says, kissing her forehead.

"But who would get us down?"

"No one." Zander whispers and Jess shudders, even though she suspected that he was talking about suicide.

"It's so final," Jess says softly, her voice breaking.

"Yeah. But it's that or we spend our lives dodging the police." Zander pinches her nipple and Jess quivers. He hears her softly weeping. She goes so long without speaking, Zander comes to the realization that she's too afraid. He's about to tell her it's okay, that he'll run with her.

Jess shivers, then lifts herself up so they are nose to nose and gives him a deep kiss.

"Let's do it," she whispers after their lips part.

Setting it up takes less time than either imagined, and within a few minutes, they stand on chairs facing each other, thick cables tight around their throats. Zander loops his Dad's belt around her hips, then around his own waist and cinches it tight, their lower bellies pressed together.

"Lift your leg," Zander says, and when she does he guides his erect cock into her. Jess feels his hand shaking as he does.

"Oh that's so good," she whispers, looking up into his eyes.

"Now your other leg, wrap them around me," Zander says, his hands finding the small of her back to support her. Jess lifts the other leg and does as he asks, locking her ankles behind his back, but despite the belt and his supporting hands, the cable tightens on her throat.

Jess tries to speak, but all she can manage is a guttural choking sound. For her it's already beginning.

"Oh Jess ..." Zander gasps and covers her mouth with his, their tongues intertwining, her mouth liquid as she drools.

Zander bends his knees and kicks the chairs away.

"... glurk ..."

And their bodies contort and writhe against each other, his cock throbbing as his orgasm builds fast, her pussy tightening and loosening in waves, both their bellies undulating as they heave and gag, strangling in their separate nooses.

Through tear-blurred eyes, Zander watches Jess' face grow puffy and flushed, her eyes gazing into his for a moment, then becoming unfocused and crossing slightly, her head craning slowly back. Her hips start bucking against him and he knows she is cumming.

The sensations are too much for him as well and he too surrenders, feeling his orgasm cramp the root of his cock as he jets ropes of thick cum into her. Halfway through his orgasm, he feels Jess' ankles uncross and her heavy thighs slide down over his.

Jess' eyes have rolled up under her upper eyelids, her body shaking and quivering, spasms wracking her body.

As the second wave of cramping orgasm slams into Zander's crotch and he arches his back and shudders. Little gurgling sounds issuing from Jess' open mouth and he can see foamy vomit filling the back of her mouth over her darkening swollen tongue. He feels her arms contorting between them, her lifting hands twisted into claws between her breasts as she enters the final stage of dying bliss.

Zander feels his bladder cramp hard in one final desperate orgasmic spasm and barely hears the spattering as his piss overfills her pussy to flow down their thighs to puddle on the rug.

Death by hanging isn't pretty, but it feels so good.