The Pipes are Calling

by Erotickynk

I was just about to lock up and get out of here when Daniel called. Daniel liked to sleep in on Sundays, so I got to get the guys set up for the day and put yesterday's take in the safe. I'd got all the guys out with the day's product and had locked the safe when my cell buzzed in my back pocket.

"Taylor?" Daniel sounded frantic. "You've got to get out of there. Lock up and get out."

"What's going on?" I was skeptical because Daniel was prone to drama.

"Just get the fuck out. Now! And don't go home, just head to McDonalds, I'll pick you up there."

"Okay, but what…?"

"Just get out, you stupid fucking bitch!"

"Hey!…" but he'd hung up.

So Daniel did try to keep me safe, but it was too late. As I turned off the lights and opened the back door to leave, I suddenly found myself pushed back inside by Antoine, Greg, and a young greasy kid I'd met once named Kyle.

Antoine pressed his hand against my chest and pushed me backward against the shipping counter as he scanned our small warehouse. Kyle and Greg quickly walked through the warehouse and checked the tiny front office and the bathroom.

"Is he here?" Antoine asked. I shook my head and noticed all three of them were wearing leather gloves. They didn't want to leave fingerprints - not a good sign.

"Figures." Antoine shook his head. Greg and Kyle came back from their search - like I said; it's a small warehouse, just a little bigger than a two-car garage.

"What's going on, Antoine?" I asked. He smiled and looked a little sad at the same time.

"You know what's going on, Taylor. You're a smart girl." he said.

He was right; I am a smart girl and I did know what was going on. Daniel was cooking the books - over reporting ditches and rip-offs and pocketing the extra he didn't have to pay Rudy for the meth.

"Are you going to kill him?" I asked Antoine softly so the others didn't hear.

"No." Antoine answered, still holding the flat of his hand against my chest, keeping me pressed against the counter, "Rudy is a business man. He knows the value of your boyfriend's network. Danny needs a bit of correction is all."

Greg laughed when he heard that. Antoine turned to him and motioned for him to go outside.

"Bring it in." Antoine told him.

"It will be my pleasure." Greg smiled, then looked at me, "More pleasure than you know."

"Antoine?" I asked, feeling a growing unease in my stomach. I studied his face; he wouldn't look me in the eye and I could see he was troubled.

"Rudy wants to send Danny a message." Antoine said, then looked up into my eyes, "I'm sorry Taylor."

Shit. I always knew in the back of my mind that this could be a possibility one day.

"You've been to my house, Antoine. You had Christmas dinner with us last year."

"That's what is making this hard, Taylor." Antoine said and I actually felt sorry for him, "I've always liked you."

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. So this was it.

"Can you at least make it quick?" I asked him. Antoine shook his head.

"Rudy was very specific." Antoine said.

Greg came back with a six-foot length of old steel pipe and a pointed steel shaft. I saw that most of the pipe was dark with some rust, but the steel shaft was rust free and the end had been ground to a point and sanded to a smooth silver. Greg also had a rattle-can of red spray paint that he tossed to Kyle. Kyle shook it and started to tag the inside of the overhead door with the can.

"You have to take your clothes off now, Taylor." Antoine said as Greg closed and locked the door.

"And no screaming. I fucking hate screaming." Greg said.

"She won't scream." Antoine said as he removed his hand to let me strip.

Kyle was still tagging the overhead door, forming gangster style letters. Greg had leaned the pipe and shaft against a shelving rack and him and Antoine were between me and the other door, so I had no choice; I started undressing.

I was surprised that my hands weren't shaking as I pulled off my top and kicked off my sneakers. I guess that knowing the nature of the business we were in and knowing that Daniel was playing with fire by ripping off Rudy, I had prepared myself that one day we both might be murdered. So knowing that, I found myself resigned and oddly calm and resigned with whatever the boys had planned.

Greg was watching me with a hungry look as I slipped off my bra and turned it so I could unclasp the back strap. As I bent to peel my jeans down my legs, I could see that Greg's cock was starting to bulge in his crotch.

"Panties too, Taylor." Greg said.

"I know." I answered, my voice steady. And just like that, I was standing in our warehouse, naked and barefoot in front of three gangsters who were there to kill me.

I looked at what Kyle was painting:


It was from an old Irish ballad.

Antoine's phone buzzed and he answered, speaking quietly and walking toward the front office for privacy. I leaned back against the counter, the rolled steel edge cold across my bare bum.

Greg moved up on me, his body almost touching mine.

"It's a shame, you know?" he said quietly as he reached up and stroked my nipples and I have to admit he made them tingle. Then slid his fingers down over my belly then between my thighs to cup my shaved mound. I could feel his breath on my cheek as he leaned in and pressed two gloved fingers up inside me, curling them and massaging my g-spot.

"No point in not making this to at least start out feeling good, huh Taylor?" Greg whispered, and pulled up with his fingers hooked inside me. He pulled up gradual, but still lifted me pretty high. I reached back and laid my hands on the counter top and came up on my tiptoes - the pressure in my crotch was sweet, even if it was Greg.

As he started to squeeze me rhythmically and it started to feel better, I found myself wondering why his fingers slid in so easy. There was only one answer; I'd been aroused without realizing it - or maybe I just didn't want to admit that my own impending murder could be a sexually stimulating experience. The French call orgasm "the small death" - so maybe death was orgasmic.

I realized I really was resigned to it. It was really happening and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I mean, I could have tried; made a dash for the door and screamed my head off. But there was no one else in the small warehouse complex on a Sunday at this time of day, so no one would hear anyway.

Greg was still fingering me when Antoine came back, tucking his cell in his pocket.

"For fuck sake, Greg. Get off her."

"It's okay." I gasped, looking up into Greg's grey eyes, hoping that by speaking first, it would prevent him from saying something piggish. It worked - Greg kept fingering me as Antoine watched so I opened my thighs a bit so he could go deeper and he did. Kyle had finished his tagging and he too was watching.

"What's the pipes thing about?" I asked, hearing the breathless quaver in my voice.

Antoine motioned toward the six-foot steel pipe. Greg grinned and I saw Kyle's adam's apple bob in his throat as he struggled to swallow.


"It's your choice, Taylor." Antoine said softly, "Vaginal or anal. Rudy says anal is less painful."


"But it has to be soon. We have to be gone pretty quick." Antoine said.

Greg kept slowly fingering me, grinding the palm of his hand against my clit and mound.

"Well?" Greg asked.


Everyone was looking at me, the only sounds were the squishy noises Greg was making in my crotch. And if they weren't pressuring me for an answer I knew I would cum pretty quick.

"Taylor." Antoine said softly, "I just want you to know … so you're not … I don't know … regretful? This was going to happen whether Danny was here or not."

"You'd make him watch?" I asked.

"He's going to watch." Antoine said, getting out his iPhone "We're supposed to tape it."

The thought of Daniel watching my death tugged deep in my lower belly where my sex lives. I could feel my sex start to cramp and quiver so I stood up and pulled my crotch away from Greg's hand, his gloved fingers sliding out of me. I wanted to stay aroused for this.

"Anal then." I whispered. I was used to anal sex, and Daniel's cock was long enough to straighten the bend at the top of my rectum and when he did that it felt so sweet and crampy. He loved fucking me deep anally and I loved it too.

"Step away, Greg." Antoine said. Then to me; "Come over here and get down on your knees, Taylor."

With Greg's hand gone, my legs felt wobbly as I stood and stared at the tiles where Antoine was pointing. I suddenly felt an overwhelming rush of vulnerability - not fear, just a feeling of nakedness and frailty.

I stood staring at the floor and covered my breasts, which didn't make sense because they had just watched me be finger fucked naked as the day I was born. But things had just got real - I was going to die right there on that floor.

How could this be? I was only 18 years old - and 18 was as old as I was ever going to get. In a few moments every dream I had for my future would be gone forever. I regretted not being more assertive with Daniel about taking that vacation to Hawaii. I regretted not leaving Daniel last year after the big fight.

"Come on, Taylor." Antoine said, "There's no way out of this and I don't want to have to hold you down."

He was right. This was going to happen no matter what. I took a breath and embraced my reluctant acceptance, and made the promise to myself to just do everything he said, no matter what. It would be easier that way; surrender and submit.

"One sec." I said and walked to the shipping desk and turned the nozzle of the hand cream I keep there because handling paper and cardboard all day dries my hands out. I pumped the bottle five or six times until I had a good sized glob of the white cream on the fingertips of my right hand. Then I lifted my right leg up by coming up on my tiptoes and leaning to my left. I felt my bum cheeks part and I pressed the glob of cream against my anus and pushed as much inside as I could until it was well lubed.

I wiped the rest in the crease of my bum and walked to where Antoine was waiting.

"Here?" I asked and Antoine nodded as he set up his iPhone's video app.

Steadying myself by grasping his belt, I lowered myself to my knees.

"Now down on your elbows." Antoine said, "Keep your bum high."

I felt a feeling of comfort in my decision to just follow Antoine's direction. The alternative was to fight it and I knew if I did that I would become hysterical when they overpowered me. I would die anyway, but I'd be upset, overheated, and angry. This way I felt part of it was in my control.

I thought of it like I was committing suicide; They came to kill me, and instead of letting them do it, I was choosing to commit suicide and using them to do it for me.

I'd tried to kill myself twice when I was a teen - once at 13 after my uncle got off from charges of molesting me because the Judge said the nude photos of me on his cell phone were obtained without a search warrant; and once when I was 15 and pregnant.

The first time was with pills and the second time was with a razor blade. I remember that both times I felt such peace as I was starting to die and I was so angry when I woke up in the hospital. And the time with the razor blade, I remember being amazed at how much blood I could lose and still be alive, and that the pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

But it was the memory of the feeling of peace that was the strongest, and I was beginning to feel that now.

I lowered myself to my hands, then my elbows. I was so aware of my bum raised high as though I was ready for anal. I've done anal a lot, even cum from it more than once when Daniel drove deep and hard.

I heard the pipe scrape the concrete as Greg picked it up.

"Go easy, Greg." Antoine said, "Like you said, we don't want her screaming."

Antoine keyed the iPhone and started recording me.

I felt the round tip touch my anus and press inward.

"Daniel is for sure going to see this?" I asked.

"Yeah." Antoine said, focusing on my whole body.

"I love you, Daniel." I said loud enough for the iPhone to pick it up, "I'm okay with this. Always remember that I was okay with this. I'm not fighting it, baby."

Greg was having trouble getting the pipe into me - it was pretty thick and the tip was flat, not tapered like a cock. He kept trying to push it straight in for awhile, but all it was doing was pushing hard on my anus. It didn't hurt much, but the pressure was uncomfortable.

Then Greg eased off and changed the angle - I felt the round leading edge of the pipe nestle into my anus and start to open me, then he pressed down, stretching my sphincter down toward my pussy. It was working - I could feel myself stretching and opening up and the pipe was pushing down on my g-spot.

"Oh, Daniel." I murmured, "They're putting it in me."

Then I moaned as I felt my anus opening wider like a flower opens and I grunted as my asshole swallowed it whole and the pipe started sliding up into my rectum.

"It's okay, Daniel… ungh… it's okay." I grunted as I really started to feel it filling me.

Then Antoine was beside me, the iPhone aimed at my tits. I lowered my head and saw that my nipples were puckered and erect at the tips of my hanging tits - so that's why he was filming them.

Antoine leaned closer and I could feel his breath on my ear.

"I'm sorry, Taylor." he whispered, "Only a few minutes and it will be over."

"Uh-huh." I grunted, then moaned as I felt the whole width of the pipe press through my rectum. I was as stretched as I was going to be, all that was left was the full penetration.

To his credit, Greg was following Antoine's direction - he was going slow and as gentle as he could considering what he was doing to me.

I whimpered as I felt the sweet cramping in the pit of my lower belly as the pipe started opening the top end of my rectum and straightening my Sigmoid - the bend that connects it with my descending colon.

Yeah, I'm a geek - I actually paid attention in biology.

It was such a sweet cramping sensation that I felt my arousal growing stronger.

"It's okay, Daniel. It's really okay." I whimpered, my voice thready and weak.

And as Greg pushed it deeper and I felt it sliding up my descending colon, pulling it to the centre line of my belly, I strained and grunted loud. But not in pain - it was the sound I make when I'm starting to lose it sexually. I knew that Daniel would recognize it and I hoped he'd take some comfort to know that I was getting close to orgasm while they were doing this to me. I had the perverse thought of him masturbating while he watched this - and yeah, that turned me on even more. Then the thought that someone might upload the vid to the darknet and I might be cum fodder for thousands of pervs sent a quiver through my body.

It's amazing to discover you're a total snuff whore in the last moments of life.

Greg started slowly fucking me with the pipe and my arousal grew stronger.

"Oh fuck, it's deep!" I groaned. I was sweating and quivering, feeling weak and overwhelmed. I lowered my head, sweat dripping from the tip of my nose, and looked past my breasts at my belly - it was tight and distended like a long sausage. I was so full - fuller than ever before - and I could feel how rigid and unyielding the pipe was impaling my belly.

"Does it hurt bad?" I heard Kyle's timid voice from behind me.

"It doesn't hurt." I gasped, then grimaced and strained as Greg pushed it deeper and I felt my belly cramp.

"Oh! Fuck! Me!" I hissed through clenched teeth, spit spraying from my lips. I could feel the cords on my neck were tight and my nails dug into my palms as I clenched my fists.

"It's okay, Taylor." Antoine said, "I got you."

Then I felt Antoine's fingers find my cunt and he pushed two fingers inside me and it felt tighter that ever because of how thick the pipe was. He curled his fingers and pressed against my g-spot and it started …

Despite the deep invasion of my gut, my orgasm built slowly, as though my body was being careful not to damage itself. First, I was flooded with a warm wave of sensations that relaxed my body. My quivering stopped and I felt my abdominals release and my belly sagged. The sweet cramping orgasm sensations started in my g-spot and radiated outward, building intensity as they flooded my body.

I heard myself straining long and low and felt my toes curling just before my orgasm swelled full-on inside my belly. Greg was fucking me steadily with the pipe and I could feel the touch of the tip just below my sternum. The teasing pressure there tickled the underside of my stomach and I felt it give a gentle rolling heave. My mouth started watering and I was making wet straining sounds that even to me sounded helpless and hopeless.

"Cumming!" I grunted through clenched teeth and I sounded like a drugged out whore being fucked for the last time.

My orgasm peaked hard then - I don't know how long it lasted, but it felt like a long time before it faded back down to an aroused level. I was still feeling sexual, but the fear that my arousal would leave me before I died started creeping in.

I lifted my face.

"… finish it..." I gasped, wanting it to be over quick.

"… finish it…" I gasped again and Antoine pulled his fingers out of me.

"You heard her." Antoine said to Greg, "Let's get it going.

Greg had been fucking me with the pipe, but as soon as Antoine spoke he pushed it firmly inside me and I could feel the pressure of the pipe pushing my colon against the sac of my stomach.

"Get the thing." Greg said behind me and I heard Kyle's sneakers scuffing the tile then the metallic scrape of the steel shaft.

"Take this." Greg said, "Hold it steady. No, push it deep and hold it."

The pipe pushed hard against my stomach and I could feel fluid gurgling in my gullet. Kyle had the pipe now.

I heard a hollow metal-on-metal scraping and the pipe vibrated - I knew what was happening; the steel shaft was designed to fit inside the pipe and Greg was letting it slide down the inside so the sharp point would hit my stomach.

I knew what he was trying to do; to use the weight of the sharp shaft and the angle of the pipe to hammer the sharp tip through the wall of my colon and into my stomach so the pipe would fit through.

I felt the tip thud against the wall of my colon and impact my stomach making it feel bloated. I heaved a little and burped - I could taste bile and the large ice coffee I had for breakfast.

Greg started fucking my insides with the sharp shaft, pulling it back and letting it slide back down inside the pipe that guided it to slam into my stomach. I could hear the metallic scraping and feel the solid thuds as it impacted my insides just below my sternum over and over. It was going to break through any second - one of those thrusts was going to rip through my colon and puncture my stomach. I kept swallowing down the fluid that would splash up my throat with each thrust.

I was conscious of Antoine's iPhone pointed at my face, so I was determined not to lose it now. I wanted Daniel to be proud of me, and a little perversely, I wanting him to be aroused by watching my own little snuff film. I stared at the floor and focused on what was happening inside my belly.

I felt the sharp burn when shaft punctured my colon, then the tip jabbing into my stomach. It wouldn't be long before that pink sac of flesh was penetrated and the pipe could move on in its journey. In the meantime, the pain was intense tiny flares in the pit of my stomach - nothing I couldn't handle - more like the feeling of a needle from a doctor's shot. It made me want to squirm, but I couldn't - I could feel the pipe holding my body rigid. I just breathed my way through the penetration, staring at the floor, seeing Antoine's iPhone out of the corner of my eye recording me.

When it happened, it was a sharp flair of pain that was suddenly there and fading before it really hit me.

"There we go." Greg said. He sounded proud.

My mouth started to water like crazy and I puked up some foamy saliva, but I swallowed over and over until the urge to puke had faded.

"Gimme the pipe." I heard Greg say, "Okay, let go."

I felt it jiggle inside me again, then I felt Greg push deeper. And so help me god I felt the hole in my stomach stretch and the thick pipe slide inside it. Greg was pushing harder and my elbows slid forward on the tiles.

"Grab her thighs." I heard Greg say, and Kyle's runners squeaked as he moved to kneel beside my hips. I felt one of his arms slide under my belly and pull back on my thighs.

"… oh jeezuz… oh jeezuz…" I whimpered, feeling a cold rush of fear in my belly.

"Shhh." Antoine laid his hand on my back, "It's okay, Taylor. Just let it happen."

"… let it happen…" I gasped, "… let it happen…"

"That's right, sweetie. Just let it happen."

But I was scared. This was it - the last thrust and soon I'd be choking to death on a steel pipe. Inside me the pipe started moving again. I could feel it moving around inside my stomach and pulling on my rectum as Greg worked it. I knew he was trying to find my gullet, but he kept getting the angle wrong and pushing it up against my diaphragm, which felt really scary.

"… wait … just wait …" I whispered hoarsely.

Despite my fear, I was still aroused and the last thing I wanted was to lose that, so I moved my upper body around the pipe until I felt it sink home into the puckered top opening of my stomach.

"… there …" I gasped, "… right there …"

And Greg pushed.

I felt my stomach do a slow contraction as the pipe opened the bottom of my gullet, forcing open the sphincter there with a sharp cramping ache. The pipe was sliding slowly upward and my stomach started a slow rhythm of convulsions. It was like throwing up in slow motion - my stomach cramped and my body tried to curl like a dog does when it pukes and I could feel how straight and rigid the pipe was in my body.

My stomach clenched tight and I heaved hard and long, drool flowing from my lips as Greg pushed the pipe up my throat. My anus clenched hard on the pipe and was being pushed up inside me - I could feel it tugging on the twin globes of my bum - no more lube.

"Just let it happen, Taylor." Antoine's voice seems to come from far away, but I can feel his hand on my upper back stroking me, and still feel Kyle holding my thighs.

"It's almost over." Antoine says.

And now I'm here - right here. Present in this moment. Eighteen years of life has led me to this precise moment - being impaled on a warehouse floor because my boyfriend is a thief.

And soon the world has faded away - it is no longer important. Antoine, Greg, Kyle, and even Daniel feel like a distant memory - a foreign reality, all that is present is me and the pipe that is sliding up my gullet. The only thing I can hear are the wet desperate retching sounds I'm making.

I feel pressure at the base of my throat where my collarbones meet and a painful stretching as the pipe pushes higher. It's through me now - through my entire body, from my asshole to my throat and aside from a little panic at not being able to breathe, it's not so bad. It's like the ultimate fuck.

Oh fuck. It's pushing the root of my tongue up now, pushing my tongue up into the back of my mouth. I heave hard and I feel someone grasp the hair on the back of my head and tilt it back, straightening my throat and my mouth.

Steel is filling my mouth now, pressing my tongue down. Oh gawd, it feels so huge - so thick in my mouth. I hear and feel the pipe contact my teeth so I open my mouth and my front teeth scrape against the steel as it slides up out past my lips. The scraping is getting to me so I wrap my lips around it like a cock. and still it is sliding through me.

The pipe stops moving when the end clicks against the tile. Then the back of the pipe is raised, lifting my body up a little, my knees clearing the floor. The pipe pivots on the tile in front of my face and I feel myself repositioned. Then it's dropped onto something solid, one of the steel shelves I think, but the angle keeps my bum high and my head low and the impact of being dropped sends a shockwave through my belly that is perversely arousing. I am impaled totally - bum high, head down - my stomach rolling and heaving rhythmically, watery puke that tastes of bile, steel, and coffee flowing up my gullet around the pipe to flow from my lower lip.

Total penetration. I realize that I have kept my eyes closed for the last few moments and I see no reason to open them now. It's time to die, and it doesn't scare me. All my focus is on the pipe impaling my body and god help me; it feels good. I discover that I can squirm after all - twisting my body, slowly turning at the waist - my torso one way, my hips the other - back and forth, prolonging the sensations and making it feel like the pipe is still moving inside me. I've always loved being penetrated and fucked - my bum, my cunt, my throat - and this is the most intense fuck I've ever experienced. And now it feels like a rolling endless orgasm made all the more exciting knowing that at least Rudy and Daniel will own a copy of the video. I hope they can tell how sexual it was for me.

Oh sweet Christ, this is the best way for a girl to die …

It feels like a long time, but it probably is only a few seconds before I know that even if I did open my eyes all I would see was darkness.

And the pipes are calling.