The Militia

by Erotickynk

The man called Raymond is already dead. He died the way Iím about to die, because the leader of the militia gang claimed us as his own and he likes to do slow deep things to people he takes from the hiding places in this ruined city.

Raymond told me that the world was no place for young girls anymore. He warned me that something like this might happen. He thought it would happen to me, but never dreamed it would happen to him.

I am naked - kneeling on the seat of an old heavy wooden chair with my arms and wrists strapped to the back of the chair and my thighs opened and tied to the two arms. My upper chest is pressed against the top of the chair back and my bum is high and exposed. Itís hot in this cellar from the fire the militia has burning in the corner and itís a little smoky in here. The man is drinking wine and staring at me. He looks hungry.

And mean.

My eyes keep dropping to stare at the steel shaft he holds in his hand. It has a sharp point and is rusty in spots and is still shiny with Raymondís blood.

Raymond is slumped in the other chair, still tied the same way I am. His eyes are open but I know they donít see anything - theyíre dull and slightly crossed. The lower part of Raymondís belly is bloated and blood still leaks thickly from between the cheeks of his bum.

What confused me was that while he was being tortured, Raymondís penis swelled and became rigid. I mean really rigid - it stood straight out from his body and I could tell it was throbbing because of the veins that stood out on its sides and the head swelled shiny and red. As Raymond started choking and heaving, his penis was twitching and quivering. Then just before he died, his body began to shake and his belly pooched out and his penis gushed ropes of pearly-white cum all over the seat of the chair as the man pumped the steel shaft back and forth inside his belly.

I look down at my own body and see that my sweat is making little clean tracks over my filthy skin as it slides down my ribs and arms and thighs. Weíre all filthy now, there is little enough water left to drink let alone bathe.

I can hear girls crying out and moaning from the other room behind me. The other men in the militia gang are raping and torturing them. One day they will run out of girls and wonít have anyone left to rape and torture, so I think what theyíre doing is stupid.

The man drinks the last of the wine lustfully and drops the bottle to the floor. He wipes his mouth with his wrist then moves his stool behind me. I watch him, turning my head and looking over my shoulder as he stares at my crotch, examining it, tilting his head from side to side. After a moment he touches me there with his free hand, his fingers exploring - probing the crease of my bum, opening the lips of my sex.

He looks up into my eyes and smiles - but he only smiles with his mouth, so I know itís not a real smile. His eyes are like dead black things.

He lifts the steel shaft and strokes it gently over my crotch, sliding the point down the crease of my bum, then over my slit. I wonder if he will do it the same way he did Raymond, or - because Iím a girl - if heíll choose my sex instead of my bum.

I feel the sharp tip sliding up and down as he decides and it is curious that I feel a little sexual thrill as he does. Raymond used to give me those little thrills, and even big ones as we hid in small places through the dark nights to avoid the raping, murderous militia gangs.

When he first took me into his care, Raymond had started with his fingers, but eventually he used his cock. Sometimes it hurt, sometimes it felt good, sometimes both. And sometimes the little thrills turned into big ones and he would cover my mouth with his hand because I would make so much noise as I thrashed beneath his weight and my body would convulse in violent bliss.

Cumming, he called it. I like cumming better than anything else.

I feel my breath leave me in a gasp as the steel shaft slides into my sex. The man has made his decision. I turn my head to face forward and close my eyes.

The shaft is still warm from Raymondís body and still slippery from being inside his belly. The man slides it deep all in one smooth motion and I feel the tip find the mouth of my cervix. I think he will stop there and play with me like he did with Raymond, but he doesnít - he keeps pressing it and I feel the pressure inside me as it starts to open the passageway to my womb.

I let out a little grunt and he pushes harder and I feel it sliding deeper. I arch my back and pull against the straps on my wrists and thighs as I feel the steel invading my womb.

"nngh" I grunt louder and start shaking as my belly muscles strain and clench. The pressure is relentless and I can feel the rusty parts of the shaft scraping my tender flesh.

Pain flares inside me.

"AHH!" I cry out and twist in the chair, trying to kick my legs free and get away, but I canít. Iím helpless and weak and the straps and the man are so strong. I feel the sharpness of the shaft deep in my belly, almost under my belly button. And stretching - a painful stretching that pulls my sex up inside my body.

Then pain flares hot and brutal inside me and the world flashes bright red, then black...

...I am in a visionless dream and there is a throbbing ache down low, deep in my belly. And something is moving inside me, sliding in and out similar to the way Raymondís cock does when he fucks me in the dark.

But this is different - this is deeper, but my sexual arousal has awakened.

My eyes flutter open and I realize this is no dream as I stare at the filthy floor, then I glance at Raymondís body and I remember what is going to happen to me. I am still strapped to the chair, sweating and breathless, and the man is sliding the shaft back and forth inside my abdomen. I can feel my womb clinging to the shaft as it is moved back and forth inside me, compressing then stretching my sex as he strokes it in and out.

My belly is tingling as I feel the hardness of the rusty steel sliding through my intestines, making them squirm and undulate. The man reaches up with his free hand and lays it on my bum. He massages a spot with his fingertips and I feel tingling up my back and down my crotch and inner thighs.

"...oh god..." I moan as I feel a wave of deep pleasure in my belly. He massages me in that wonderful special spot as he continues to slide the shaft back and forth inside me. I look back over my shoulder and into his dark eyes as he looks up to watch my face. I understand in that moment that he likes to mix death with sexual pleasure.

And it is a mixture of horror, pain and sexual arousal I am feeling. As he works the shaft inside my body, I feel my muscles begin to clench and tighten. My belly muscles and those in my sex grow tighter and tighter, and my moan is wet and deep and strained. I feel the manís hand squeeze my bum - he likes my moan.

Iím going to die anyway, so I choose to accept the pleasure; I will my body to relax and allow what is happening to me without fighting it. I feel my muscles slowly release like a fist opening. I push my belly outward and moan again, the pleasure of my acceptance flooding my sex and belly. The man smiles and slaps my bum. I turn my face forward once more as he pumps the steel shaft in and out of my belly - deeper, deeper, deeper.

I hear a wet spattering and the sounds of a girl vomiting. She appears at the corner of my eye and I turn to watch. She is clutching her belly, staggering on wobbly legs and falls to her knees almost right beside me. She pukes again, her liquidy vomit gushing up her throat to spray and splatter on the floor. I look at her belly and see why her hands are there; Sheís trying to hold her intestines in. Her belly is cut across from hip to hip, and the pink wet coils are twisting and squirming out between her fingers. They look so soft and delicate, and much thinner than I imagined.

Another man has followed her and drops to his knees behind her, laughing. He takes his penis out and I see that it is hard and throbbing. He thrusts into the girl from behind, fucking her like a dog as she moans. She falls forward and lets go of her belly so she can brace herself with both hands on the floor. Her insides slide out of her like eels to puddle and writhe on the filthy floor. The other man grips her hips and fucks her hard.

I cry out as I feel the shaft slide further up inside me, exciting flesh that has never been touched before. I canít watch the other girl anymore - what Iím feeling is too intense, too personal. What is happening to me is too overwhelming for me to watch the other girl die.

I can feel every inch of the shaft moving inside me, from the lips of my sex right up to my stomach. I feel it pressing rhythmically against it, making it tighten and quiver. Itís going to be my turn to puke soon, I just know it.

Behind me from the other room I hear a girl scream.

I hear my man growl and the pressure against my stomach increases. I feel it tighten to a hard ball in my belly, like a hand slowly clenching into a fist. My upper body curls and I open my mouth and surrender to this also. The liquid in my stomach gurgles up my gullet and flows from my mouth to splash on the floor under me. As I am still heaving, I feel another flare of intense pain in my gut and I know the shaft has penetrated my stomach.

ĎEnd it! For the love of god, end it!í I want to beg, but I canít speak. My throat is convulsing, so all that comes out is a quavering whimper. But I think my man is going to end it without me pleading for it - he is pumping the shaft in and out of me faster now. I feel it sliding through my body, from sex to stomach and in three more strokes I feel slide up into my gullet.

I am heaving, gagging, shaking badly now as he fucks me with the shaft - and thatís what it is: Heís fucking me with it.

Fucking me to death.

He pushes the shaft deep and I feel it slide up my gullet and push the root of my tongue up into the back of my mouth. My eyes are open but my vision is blurred with tears, and I can feel the heat in my puffy face as I strain and quiver.

In the other room I hear a girl sobbing and pleading; "please no! please! please stop...please...please...please..."

And here I am - not wanting him to stop - desperately wanting him to finish it, to finish me.

But the fucking through my core goes on and on and on and with it I feel my muscles tightening once more. A rush of tingling washes over my inner thighs, my bum, and my belly. And with it comes an intense cramping inside me - my sex, my womb, my stomach - all grow tight as a burst of overwhelming pleasure/pain swells quickly inside my belly.

I know that this intensity will only end when I die and I feel such a conflict of emotion; I want it to end, but at the same time I want it to go on forever. I know if the shaft was not sliding up and down my gullet I would be crying out in bliss.

Itís too much.

My core is quivering as my pleasure reaches a frightening crescendo and my pain fades. I can no longer see, nor hear - all that matters is this sweet horror that slides back and forth inside my body. My only connection to life is his hand on my bum and being fucked by this shaft.

Oh, Raymond, is this what you felt?