Keeping Secrets

by Erotickynk

There were times that Dixie wondered if orgasms and dying felt the same. She had meant to ask Mister Nolan, but it always slipped her mind when they played.

Dixie walked past Mister Nolan's house and saw that the pink geranium was on the top stair tread of his front porch. A little thrill tingled in the pit of her tummy - it was their secret signal.

Dixie walked past his house and down through the wooded area at the end of the block, then doubled back along the creek to his tall back fence. She knew no one could see her back there and that's why Mister Nolan had taught her how to do it. They had to keep their special friendship a secret or they'd have to stop, and Dixie didn't want to stop.

The day was very hot and it was nice to be near the cool creek. Dixie's hands found the loose fence board on Mister Nolan's fence and moved it aside. Crouching down, she slipped through the narrow space there into Mister Nolan's lush back garden. She was careful not to rip her yellow sundress and made sure she put the board back where it had been before making her way through the rose garden to the little concrete bench there under the arbour. She sat to wait. Mister Nolan could see the bench from his back window and she knew he would be watching for her because of the geranium.

Dixie didn't have any real friends. The other girls made fun of her and called her names. Dixie knew she wasn't very smart, but she tried hard and she was honest and cared about people, but that didn't seem to matter, except to Mister Nolan - he liked her. He even said he loved her sometimes and always talked nicely to her and always hugged her and told her she was pretty. And he did things to her that Dixie liked. Things that made Dixie feel oh-so-good even though they sometimes were scary.

It wasn't long before she heard Mister Nolan's back door open and close and Mister Nolan walked down the little path into the rose garden. He had a water bottle in his hand that he set down as he sat beside her on the bench. He draped one strong arm around her shoulders and gave her a side-hug.

"Hello, bright-eyes." Mister Nolan said, smiling down at her.

"Hello, Mister Nolan." Dixie smiled up at her friend, "I saw the flowers."

"Yes you did and you came the secret way. You're such a good girl. Such a smart girl." Mister Nolan kissed the top of her head, "And the prettiest girl in the neighbourhood."

Dixie smiled and glowed at his sweet words.



"Stand up." Mister Nolan said, taking her hand and as she stood he moved her in front of him and turned her to face him and took both her hands in his. Dixie loved it when he did this part because with her standing and him sitting, she was taller than he was. Mister Nolan looked up into her eyes, his own pale blue eyes studying her, "Do you want to play a game today, Dixie?"

Dixie nodded. "Yes." she whispered, already excited - her heart skipping a beat and her tummy all butterflies.

"Is Mom at work?"


"And after?"

"She has a date. Said I should open a can for dinner and not watch Much Music." Dixie felt Mister Nolan squeeze her hands and she felt another little thrill.

"I'd like to play a game in the shed, today." Mister Nolan said softly. Dixie looked over at the dark shed, mostly hidden by the vines and the hanging branches of the willow that lived by the creek. She shivered despite the heat of the morning.

"It gets scary in the shed sometimes." Dixie said softly, looking back at Mister Nolan. Mister Nolan smiled.

"But I'll be there, Dixie. I'll be with you every minute." Mister Nolan said to reassure, "It's new game and it's very exciting."


"Oh yes."

"Will it have my favourite things in it?"

"Of course it will, bright-eyes." Mister Nolan smiled and squeezed her hands. "But it's different than anything we've ever done and you'll feel things you've never felt before. But I promise to end the game with your favourite things." Dixie thought about it.

"Okay." she said simply.

"Sit." Mister Nolan said, patting the bench beside him. Dixie sat. Mister Nolan pulled a little envelope from his pocket and shook out six little pills and picked up his water bottle.

"Part of the new game is taking these little pills." he said rolling them from his palm into hers.

"What do they do?"

"They'll make things feel better. Don't worry, Dixie-girl, I've taken the pills before and they won't hurt you. You'll feel very strange, but you'll be safe. You'll be with me." Mister Nolan smiled and gave her shoulders a squeeze.

Dixie popped the six little pills in her mouth and washed them down with water from Mister Nolan's water bottle.

"Good girl." Mister Nolan said and rubbed her back, "Let's just sit until you feel them, okay." Dixie nodded.

Together they sat in the rose garden and the sun rose higher in the sky and the morning breeze died out and the heat began to build. Soon Dixie was shifting as she sat and swallowing with increasing desperation as saliva kept filling her mouth.

"What are you feeling, sweetie?" Mister Nolan asked softly.

"I feel a little sick." Dixie said, her tummy feeling unsettled, the muscles under her jaw tingling, her mouth filling with drool. She swallowed again. Mister Nolan hugged her to his side and stroked her arm.

"Aww, poor Dixie-girl." he said gently, "Just hang in there, kiddo. It will pass soon."

Dixie leaned into Mister Nolan, laying her head on his shoulder and tried to relax her churning tummy. A few times Dixie felt her throat start to work and her gorge rose and she gagged as her tummy heaved slowly, but each time she swallowed it back down. But in the end, Mister Nolan was right, after a few minutes the nausea passed and the drooling stopped. Now, Dixie felt her skin tingling all over her body. Her muscles started to feel warm and loose. A wave of dizziness washed over her and she started to slump forward. Mister Nolan held her tight to him, laying a hand flat on her chest to steady and reassure her that she would not fall. Mister Nolan studied Dixie's face as he held her - her lips were now parted and she breathed through her mouth and nose, staring straight ahead at nothing.

Soon, the sensations from her body began to feel distant and dull to Dixie, as though she were wrapped in thick hot cotton but at the same time it felt like things were crawling under her skin, making it tingle. Colours seemed brighter also, and shapes appeared to be outlined in black. Dixie didn't like this part and closed her eyes, pressing her face to Mister Nolan's shoulder. She felt Mister Nolan take the tender skin of the back of her arm between his thumb and forefinger and pinch. But instead of the sharp bite, Dixie only felt a dull pressure and a buzzing tingle.

"Did that hurt?" Mister Nolan asked, stroking the back of her head.

Dixie shook her head. "No." she said and her voice sounded dull and distant like someone else said it, "I think ... the little pills ... work."

"Yes, Dixie, they're working now." Mister Nolan said, rising and hooking his hands under her arms, lifting. She could feel his fingers slither in the oily wetness of her armpits - she was sweating a lot all of a sudden, "Up now, kiddo. It's time to start."

Dixie watched the world swim before her eyes, the ground tilting one way then the other as Mister Nolan guided her through the rose garden to the shed. Unable to walk normally on legs that were almost numb, she exaggerated each step she took - lifting her legs higher than normal and stumbling as her feet came down and did not find the ground where it should be. It was like being in a dream, Dixie decided.

The dark shed door loomed before her and opened like magic. Dixie entered with Mister Nolan's hands still in her slippery armpits, guiding her, holding her up. Then she was moving backward, her bottom contacting something - it was the little table. Mister Nolan leaned her back so she was steady. Through eyes that she found difficult to focus, Dixie saw that the mirror was still there. Sometimes looking at herself in the mirror frightened her - the expressions on the face of the mirror-Dixie who looked back at her at times made her look like she was in agony and that confused Dixie because it always felt so good.

"Stay there, Dixie-girl. Let's get you ready." Mister Nolan said, lifting her sun dress up and off her body. Dixie lifted her arms and the loose dress was off her, her skin tingling as it slid up her body. Dixie lowered her head and watched Mister Nolan peel her panties down and slip off her sandals. She could feel the cool earthen floor on her bare feet. And when her eyes strayed to her own bare chest and belly she saw that it was shiny and wet.

"Sweaty." she said and smiled, her vision blurring and doubling.

"Yes. It's very hot today, kiddo and the pills will make you sweat. Here." Mister Nolan lifted his water bottle to her lips, "Drink." Dixie drank, the water feeling neither warm nor cold in her mouth or throat but her body needed it.

After Mister Nolan made sure she was hydrated, her turned her and leaned her forward over the little table that was fixed to the wall. She rested there, laying her cheek on the rough wood. He took her wrists and gently brought them behind her back and - taking the soft silken rope - he slowly wound it around her wrists then up her forearms to her elbows, binding them together until her shoulders were pulled back and her chest was stretched tight.

When Mister Nolan slipped the leather collar with the ring fixed to the back around her throat and synched it tight, Dixie knew he would include her favourite things like he promised. Dixie liked this feeling of tightness. It made her feel secure and it excited her. Her body still felt semi-numb and distant, but all of the attention from Mister Nolan's hands made her skin tingle all over.

Above her head, Dixie heard the squeak of the pulley that was bolted to one of the roof beams. Mister Nolan took hold of her arm and pulled her gently to the centre of the shed and tied a rope to her bound wrists. Dixie looked at herself in the mirror - her eyelids were droopy like she was sleepy, and her skin was slick with sweat. The pulley squeaked again, and Dixie felt her arms stretched upward behind her, forcing her head down and her bottom back and outward. Mister Nolan pulled until the rope was very tight and her arms were stretched high behind her back. They had played this game before.

Dixie felt the light tapping of the thin rod as Mister Nolan began to softly cane her. It danced over the tight skin of her upper thighs and bottom, teasing her, making her bottom and thighs feel warmer. The tapping grew louder and sharper as the cane danced over her flesh and soon Dixie could hear the whistling the cane made as it swung and slapped her. But the pills made it tolerable and allowed Mister Nolan to play with the cane much longer than he usually could. There were no tears or screams with the pills.

Dixie felt the heat build in her bottom without the searing pain that the cane usually brought. Dixie hung her head and absorbed the feelings and found that she was feeling hotter and hotter, her skin slimy and wet with sweat. She could feel little rivulets of sweat slithering down her flanks and her thighs. She could smell the musky sweat in her hair and the sharp fear smell from her armpits.

The caning stopped. Dixie felt Mister Nolan's hands stroking her bottom and thighs, then slipped up her back and around her waist and slid up her wet belly to her chest. Dixie quivered in anticipation as his fingertips neared her nipples. They by-passed the tender pink buds and circled, coming oh-so-close, but not touching them.

"You're teasing me, Mister Nolan." Dixie said in a quavering voice.

"Yes I am, Dixie, my sweet girl." Mister Nolan said, his mouth close to her ear, "And doesn't that make it feel better when it does happen?"

Dixie squeezed her thighs together and squirmed, making her sex feel nice, feeling the oily wetness there, the lips of her vulva slippery against each other. Then Mister Nolan's fingertips found her nipples and stroked there. Dixie let out a slow shuddering breath as he did, his sweet fingers circling and stroking the puffy pink buds of her nipples. Mister Nolan said that other girls' nipples got hard and puckered, but for some reason Dixie's stayed soft and just got even puffier when stroked - but they were oh-so-sensitive. Mister Nolan had made Dixie have orgasms just by playing with her nipples.

"Do you think you can cum, Dixie-girl?" Mister Nolan asked as he stroked and made her nipples swell.

"Y-yes." Dixie managed and heard the squeak of the pulley and the pressure ease off her arms.

"Kneel." Mister Nolan commanded kindly as he supported her from behind and lowered her until her knees came down on the dirt floor. Then he pulled her backward, Dixie leaning back against him, her arms still bound tight between their bodies. Mister Nolan continued to stroke her nipples with one hand, and Dixie could feel the tension building in her lower belly. She let out a quivering breath as she felt Mister Nolan's other hand slide up her throat above her collar and encircled there. Dixie watched herself in the mirror, finding her posture erotic and Mister Nolan's hands on her body even more so.

"Oh, Mister Nolan." she gasped. These were her two most favourite things. Her breathing became ragged as he continued to tease and stroke her nipples, each of them sending shivery fingers of electricity down her flesh, encircling her body and inner thighs then buzzing in the pit of her crotch. And while she grew closer to her climax, Dixie felt Mister Nolan's other hand tighten on her throat, making the blood pulse hard in her temples, making breathing harder, making seeing harder. The girl in the mirror squirmed in Mister Nolan's grip and her face was turning red.

Dixie began to tighten and release the muscles in her sex and anus and that always helped bring her climaxes faster. Mister Nolan's hand tightened on her throat now, clamping hard. Her throat closed and the blood pounded in her head. Mister Nolan did something then that he'd never done before - he pinched her nipples hard, first one then the other. And the pills made the pinch just pressure and sharp shivery tingles and Dixie started to feel the familiar mixtures of sensation as she approached orgasm and unconsciousness. She felt her inner muscles start to clench and quiver. Dixie worked hard to keep her eyes on the mirror and she watched the belly of the Dixie-girl there undulate and her face deepen in colour. Her vision tunneled, the edges of her sight darkening and closing in just as her orgasm took her, floating her up and away from this place - away from this earth and this life. And as her consciousness slipped away she felt the sweet agony of her orgasm flood from her belly and consume her. Her last vision was of mirror-Dixie thrashing in Mister Nolan's strong arms, her legs kicking and her belly clenched tight.

"Dixie? Dixie-girl?" Mister Nolan's sweet soft voice drew her back from beyond and she found herself in his arms, her body still quivering as her orgasm left her behind. Her sweaty bottom was on the dirt floor, her legs crooked in front of her - both of them dirty. She could see the scuff marks her heels had left in the dirt and remembering that part of her orgasm being the best, and remembered that Mister Nolan told her once that she always thrashed around pretty good when she came.

"O-h-h-h-h M-m-mister Nolan." she whimpered.

"How do you feel, Dixie?"

"I feel good."

"Do you still feel the pills?"

"I don't know."

Mister Nolan reached up and pinched her nipple, "Describe what you feel."

"Pressure. Tingling, but sharp."

"Good girl." Mister Nolan said, lifting her to her feet getting her wobbly weak legs under her and bending her forward over the little table, "I'd like to play my game now for a few minutes, then we can finish our special new game. Is that alright, kiddo?"

"Yes." Dixie whispered, again laying her cheek on the table. She didn't like Mister Nolan's game, but it made him feel good so it was only fair. Mister Nolan usually only came once, but he made sure Dixie always came at least twice.

Dixie concentrated on relaxing as she felt Mister Nolan rub Vaseline on her anus. Then she felt his penis pressing her there. She knew she only had to endure what was about to happen for a few seconds - Mister Nolan had something wrong with him and would cum quickly and violently - so she took a deep breath and let it out. Mister Nolan pressed hard and she dimly felt her anus resist then relent and his penis slid deep inside her rectum. Dixie grunted and she felt his pelvic bone press hard between her bottom cheeks then felt the animal grinding that always preceded Mister Nolan's orgasm. Dixie heard him growl and felt his pelvis jerk and hammer hard into her and felt him jet his cum into her rectum after only ten seconds. His body held there for a few seconds, pressed tight against her, then she felt him shiver and slip out of her.

"Thank you, Dixie. You're such a sweet girl to let me do that."

"I don't mind, Mister Nolan. I like it that it makes you feel good."

Mister Nolan laid his body on top of her's and hugged her from behind, his lips close to her ear. "That's why I love you so much, sweetie." he said, kissing her ear. Dixie liked the feeling of his body on hers and enjoyed that he stayed there for a few minutes.

"Dixie? Do you know what the word intense means?"


"If something is intense it means the feelings are really strong."

"Like an orgasm?"

"Like a very big orgasm. Like an orgasm that is a hundred times bigger than any orgasm you've ever felt before."


"Yes, wow," Mister Nolan said as he lifted off her and massaged her shoulders, knowing that her bound arms must be making them ache, "What we're going to do now is going to be very intense. I want to make sure you're prepared for it."


"Up." Mister Nolan commanded kindly and helped Dixie to rise onto unsteady legs. Then he tilted her chin up. "Open."

Dixie opened her mouth, studying his face as he shook six more little pills out of the little envelope.

"I'm going to give you more pills, okay?"

Dixie nodded, keeping her mouth open. Mister Nolan let them slide in onto her tongue then lifted his water bottle to her lips. Tilting it, he helped her drink. Then he steadied her on her feet facing the mirror,

"What I want you to do, Dixie, is to stand very still and wait until the pills take effect. Alright?"

Dixie nodded.

"Stand up as long as you can, alright, sweetie?"


Dixie stood still for a few minutes, the cool dirt floor feeling good on her feet. But soon she became aware that she could no longer feel the coolness. Plus little waves of tingling sensations started moving up and down her body and accompanying that, the dull feeling was increasing. Her body was starting to feel numb and distant - as though it was swelling and moving away from her. She found herself panting now also, and at first didn't understand why, then realized that her heart was beating very quickly - not hard, just rapidly. She felt the sweat beading on her skin again, stronger this time - the smell of her armpits strong and sharp in her nose. Her heart started to feel like it was fluttering instead of beating and her breathing became quivering little gasps.

Twice Dixie caught herself falling over, and clumsily got her feet under her and regained her balance. Her heart was fluttering faster, but it felt like it wasn't pumping much blood; She couldn't catch her breath

"I don't feel good." Dixie heard herself say weakly from far away, then felt Mister Nolan's reassuring hand on her upper arm, steadying her.

"It's alright, Dixie-girl. You're doing very good." Mister Nolan's voice echoed in her head.

Dixie felt herself growing weaker, her thighs trembling, her belly quivering, her heart fluttering like an injured bird in her chest. She looked at herself in the mirror and didn't like what she saw; Her body and face, usually pink and healthy, were pale - very pale. Her face had drained of colour and her body was as white as parchment. Dixie's legs began shaking badly and she started to fall, but Mister Nolan was there, helping her to stay on her feet.

"Why am I so pale?" she asked in a whimper, growing more apprehensive by the second.

"Your body has gone into shock, Dixie." Mister Nolan explained gently, holding her up by her arms, "That's when your body pulls all its blood to the core - deep inside your belly. We need you in shock to finish our game. Now listen carefully Dixie. Are you paying attention?"

Dixie moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. Mister Nolan shook her, pulling her back into focus. Dixie got her legs under her and tried to stand again but she was shaking badly.

"Dixie, my sweet, sweet girl." he said and his voice sounded sad, "I have something to tell you and you may not understand. But I need to tell you, only because I've always been honest with you."

Dixie could stand no more and felt herself crumple but Mister Nolan's hands were on her and lowered her to the floor. He knelt behind her and moved her body so she was on her knees, her bottom planted on her heels, her back against him once more and one of his arms wrapped around her, his hand flat on her chest steadying her. She felt him tie a rope to the ring on the back of her collar.

"You see, I've played these games with many girls over the years so I have some experience in how things work. I know that eventually girls break their promises and start to tell people about our secrets."

Dixie felt him tug at her collar to make sure the knot was tight. When he did she heard the pulley squeak so she knew it was the rope that went up to the ceiling and down again.

"I never told." Dixie whispered, knowing she was lying but desperate to maintain her friendship with Mister Nolan.

"Now, let's not fib, Dixie." Mister Nolan spoke softly as he worked behind her. Suddenly his other hand moved into her line of sight and it held a large hook. It looked like a fishhook, but it was ten inches long and its shaft was as thick as Dixie's thumb. Instead of a pointed barb on its hook end, it had a metal ball. The other end had a round eye like a regular fishhook.

"See this?"

"Yes." Dixie said, her voice sounding weak and hollow in her ears. She saw the room tilting and felt herself falling off to her right but Mister Nolan caught her and steadied her. Her eyes shifted in and out of focus.

"I'm going to put this inside you." Mister Nolan said matter-of-factly and Dixie felt him move it between the cheeks of her bottom and felt the pressure there against her anus.

"Girls always tell our secrets." Mister Nolan said as he pulled up on the hook, "I know that. I knew that one day you would."

"I'd never tell." Dixie said, wanting Mister Nolan to trust her, suddenly feeling nervous. She grunted as she felt her anus forced open and felt the ball end of the hook slide deep into her rectum until the curved part tucked tight against her between the cheeks of her bottom, the shaft of the hook against her lower back.

"But you did, Dixie-girl." Mister Nolan said almost cheerfully, "Up now." lifting her so she was upright, but still kneeling. She felt him loop the rope back through the ring on her collar then tie it to the eye at the top of the hook, adjusting it so it was tight. Dixie was losing her balance again, a strong wave of dizziness washing through her. Though she was hot and sweating profusely, Dixie began to shiver.

"Jenny came to see me." Mister Nolan spoke close to Dixie's ear as he steadied her, "I know you told her about our games."

"Nooo ..." Dixie moaned, tears welling in her eyes. She knew she was caught. Jenny had noticed the welts on her upper thighs and bottom when a random wind had lifted Dixie's dress and was enthralled when Dixie told her the secret. "I'm sorry. I thought she was my friend."

"It's okay, Dixie-girl. I'm not mad at you." Mister Nolan said as he moved in tight behind her, wrapping his arms around her body. One hand stroked her belly up to her chest where his fingertips again found her nipples. He began to stroke them. The other hand held something she couldn't see. "She was here yesterday, Dixie. And you know what?"


"She likes these games too." Mister Nolan said, his lips close to her ear, his breath fluttering there. Dixie felt her heart sink, "I'm sorry to say that she'll be playing instead of you from now on Dixie. This is our last time."

"Oh, Mister Nolan." Dixie almost sobbed, her head spinning, her stomach feeling like a cold heavy lump inside her. She watched herself in the mirror as sweat trickled down her body, her hair now dark with it, beads of sweat dripping from the tips. Her heart skipped a few beats and she felt herself starting to pass out, but it caught again and fluttered on.

"This is very important, so try to understand." Mister Nolan was saying, "What's going to happen is going to be very intense, but I don't want you to be scared. I promised that we would end this game with your favourite things and I will keep my promise, okay?"

"O ... kay."

"Good girl." Mister Nolan whispered in her ear, "I love you, Dixie. I love you very very much."

And looking in the mirror Dixie saw the foot long rusted steel spike in Mister Nolan's right hand, its tip tapered and sharp. She saw the diamond pattern on its length and knew it to be a length of rebar.

"No, please ..." she moaned and tensed, feeling his other arm tighten around her body.

She watched as he moved the spike between her thighs, probing her labia with its sharp tip. Dixie started panting, trying to squirm away from the spike.

"Please ... wait ... wait ..."

The tip found her opening and slipped inside. Dixie felt desperate, things were moving too quickly.

"... no-no ... please ... just wait ... wait ..."

Dixie glanced at her face in the mirror and saw horror there, her face pale with dark smudges under her eyes. She felt the spike moving inside her and groaned. It pressed deep against the top of her vagina.

"... oh, Mister Nolan ..." she sounded disappointed in him as she distantly felt the transit of the spike inside her sex. Her belly was quivering now, her thighs shaking. Then, despite the numbing effect of the pills, she felt the sharp bite of the spike's tip inside her.

"... please don't ... please wait ... pleeease ..."

Dixie whimpered as Mister Nolan adjusted his grip on the spike and hugged her tight, pulling it up into her. She felt the deep sharp tingle as it penetrated her uterus and met resistance there. Mister Nolan tugged up on the spike, lifting her and Dixie grunted when she felt the sick sharp pressure inside her as her knees were lifted off the ground. He tugged again and the spike broke through into her belly. Dixie felt her stomach convulse and her mouth started watering.

"... oh my ..." Dixie whimpered wetly as she closed her eyes again. And as Mister Nolan cupped his hand under the end of the spike and pulled it right up inside her belly, she felt the sharp invasive penetration right through her core. She felt her stomach convulse and she gagged.

"Shhhh ... easy now, easy." Mister Nolan hushed in her ear.

Dixie forced herself to calm and became aware of Mister Nolan's erect penis pressing against her back. Mister Nolan's fingers held the spike in place and Dixie could feel him playing with it, moving it inside her. The spike was a hard presence inside her now, moving and scraping roughly against the tender flesh inside her belly. She felt him begin to move his pelvis behind her, his penis sliding up and down the sweat-wet hollow of her back.

Dixie cried out weakly as she felt her heart give two hard beats and pain flared in her chest. Then her heart fluttered on and the pain subsided.

Mister Nolan was humping his penis against her now, his breathing fast and desperate in her ear. She felt his body shudder and press hard against her, moving them both, tightening her collar and the hook in her rectum. To her surprise, Dixie discovered that the hook felt good when it tightened inside her. Then Mister Nolan grunted and she felt his penis spit his cum up her back.

Her heart pounded another hard beat and the pain flared bad.

"... hospital ..." she gasped as the pain faded and her heart fluttered weakly in her chest once more.

"Shhhhh." Mister Nolan hushed her, wrapping his arms around her torso, leaving her sex and the spike alone. His arms crossed over her chest and his fingers started stroking both her nipples. His lips were beside her ear as he leaned forward, his weight pressing against her, moving her forward. The collar tightened. The hook pulled up tight inside her.

"It's okay, Dixie-girl. It's okay." he whispered, "Here comes your favourite things. I'm with you now. I won't leave you."

Dixie gagged as the collar slowly tightened hard on her throat, Mister Nolan's weight pressing against her. His fingers stroked her nipples faster and Dixie felt her orgasm building. She made a wet desperate sound as the blood pounded in her temples. Her belly clenched tight around the spike inside her and the sharp pain of it made her shudder.

In the mirror she saw that mirror-Dixie's face was darkening, her mouth opening, her tongue protruding as she was pressed forward by Mister Nolan. The collar and the hook both pulled upward, arching her back stretching her belly and chest. Dixie's eyes blurred with tears and she felt something move inside her. She watched as the spike slid partway out of mirror-Dixie's sex.

"Cum now, baby. Cum for me." Mister Nolan whispered in her ear, and he pinched and twisted her nipples.

Dixie's vision was tunneling now and the room tilted at a crazy angle. She recognized the sweet sensations and soon felt her orgasm growing in her sex. She felt her belly tighten, her anus clench on the hook inside her, still very aware of the spike inside her belly.

Then came the flood; The bursting of intense bliss rapidly filled her belly and she felt her body lifted by her orgasm. She felt like she was falling, the sweet waves of orgasm pulsing through her. In the mirror she saw that mirror-Dixie was squirming in Mister Nolan's arms and thrashing her legs, her heels kicking and scraping at the dirt.

"Good girl." she heard Mister Nolan whisper in her ear as her vision darkened and she saw the room spin and she was falling and falling and falling.

Dixie felt herself sink down into a lonely black pool of orgasmic bliss, squirming around the hard shaft inside her belly as she drowned there, the comforting waters rushing in to cool her burning lungs as she sunk lower and lower. Lower than she had ever sunk before and her orgasm lasting longer and stronger than ever before.

And in the end, Dixie learned - for one brief moment - that her orgasm and her death indeed felt the same.