by Erotickynk

I never thought I would die in daylight. I always thought it would be in the depths of night from an overdose, or in the back of some psycho's car, my body dumped in a vacant lot. But the blistering afternoon sun is white hot, cutting bands of light between the wooden slats and shining on the dirt floor in stripes of alternating brightness and shadow.

This shed is so hot and so humid and it reeks of blood, sex, and puke. The strong skunky scent of my own armpits is wafting upward; yeah - the fear-sweat is strong on me and so is the musky stink of my cunt that I can feel is still oozing cum.

My belly hurts. It hurts deep inside, and my asshole feels bruised. I don't know what he pushed up inside me, but it's causing some pretty strong cramping in my gut. I try pushing it out, but I don't have much strength left, so I just leave it be. The pain of the cramping is strong, but it reminds me of a long ago time when pain and pleasure blurred together in a childhood nightmare that shaped me forever.

I'm naked, and my skin is filthy from thrashing around on this packed dirt floor. I fought him at first, not that it got me anywhere. This thing is inside me anyway, despite my struggle to stop it and all I ended up doing was exhausting myself. I should have known better. I should have just let him do it and tried to take some pleasure in it.

I've been raped before - why was I so stupid?

I can hear Dani pleading; "please-god-no-please-god-no-please-god-no" over and over.

God can't hear you, Dani. Save your breath.

I lift my head.

He's got Dani trussed face down on some kind of wooden beam and he's fucking her with something long. It looks like a steel bar. He's using both hands, but he lifts one every few seconds and slaps her bare ass cheek.

He pushes hard and deep and I see her face redden and strain and she pukes again. There's a lot of puke puddled in the dirt under her face. I can't tell if the thing he's fucking her with is in her cunt or ass. Not that it matters, he's going to fuck her to death with it anyway, I just know it. It seems to be his thing.

I turn my head and look at his other thing; It's the waitress from the bar we were at ... Casey? Christy? ... who the fuck knows. She was one of those bubbly blonds who is always so fucking cheerful they make me sick. She isn't cheerful now, though.

There's a rope tied around her throat, lashing her neck to the leg of an old workbench. Her face is puffy and red and she's making little choking sounds as her laboured breathing gurgles in and out. Her thighs are open, her knees bent like a blown apart yoga pose. I can see that - like me - cum is oozing from her loose cunt lips, only hers is tinted with streaks of blood. Her belly is a ruin - he's cut her open and fat pink coils of intestine have plumped up out of the bloody mess below her belly button. I'm amazed she's still alive.

Dani cries out and it's a desperate wet grunting sound. I turn to see her straining and gagging, - her teeth clenched, her body shaking badly, her hands forming claws that grasp at nothing. His hands are closer to her bum now and the bar he's using is a lot shorter. Fuck. It is so deep inside her now.

I am wondering how deep it really is when she pukes hard again, the fluid spraying through her clenched teeth before she opens her mouth and hurls properly. This time it's streaked with blood.

He's impaling her.

Dani gasps and lowers her head as he continues to pump the steel bar in and out of her. She is moaning and I can see the muscles along her flanks fluttering and quivering. She lifts her head and her eyes find mine.

"... anal ..." she gasps, answering my silent question. Then her jaws clench tight once more and her eyes roll up in her head, her body shaking wildly. She grunts with each thrust and I don't know if she's cumming or reacting to the hell that's going on inside her belly right now. Suddenly her body goes limp and her head hangs down loosely. At first I think she's dead, but I see that she is still panting for air.

"Did you cum, baby girl?" he asks, smiling and slowing the thrusting.

She just breathes, her hands opening and closing on nothing.

"Did you?" I ask weakly.

Dani nods without lifting her head.

I know that flavour of orgasm. Paingasms I call them - strong orgasmic pulses that are mixed with extreme pain that blur together. They make you feel like you're truly dying and suck all the energy out of you. They cramp your very soul and hurt so fucking good.

Dani murmurs something that no one hears.

"Louder, darlin'." he says

"... finish it ..." she moans wetly, gagging out a thin line of blood that clings to her lower lip. Smart girl.

I see the glint of his teeth as he smiles then starts fucking her again and she starts grunting again.

Last night was a blur of booze, drugs and sex ...

It all started at the bar Casey/Christy works at. Dani and I were out slutting it up and a few small groups of guys gathered around our table. We danced and drank and flirted with at least a dozen guys, and Casey/Christy joined in. At closing time someone said they knew a place to party and we piled into cars with lots of extra beer and coolers a couple bottles of Jack, and some X.

It was pretty hot having all those young guys to ourselves and we got our fill and then some. We thought he was part of one of the groups, but it turned out he was a loner. And as the night got super late and the sun rose, the groups left one by one, leaving me, Dani, and Casey/Christy alone with the loner and the last of the booze. We weren't worried - Casey/Christy had brought her own car and it was three to one.

We dozed and talked and drank the morning away and the talk got around to kinky sex - girl on girl, sadomasochism and bondage and shit. Dani and I did a scene with Casey/Christy as he tied her to the post, then as I kept playing with Casey/Christy he tied Dani up the way she is now.

I was close to passing out when he was suddenly on me - sucking my clit and pushing something deep inside me. I remember cumming then passing out from the flare of pain in my rectum.

It was a night gone really wrong.

I hear Dani choking and gagging. Looking up I see that her face is all screwed up like she's tasting something sour and her tongue it working like she's trying to get something out of her throat.

I feel a chill run up my thighs and belly as I realize that's exactly what she is doing - he's pushed the bar right up her gullet and she's choking on it, her body convulsing like she's having a seizure.

It takes her a long time to die.

When she finally slumps limp, he pulls the bar from her body - it's almost three feet long and has a pointed end and it's dripping wet with blood and fluids from her body.

He walks slowly past me to squat on his haunches and look at Casey/Christy.

"And how are you doing Cassidy?" he asks her.

Cassidy. That's her name.

Cassidy makes a gagging sound - still clinging to life. I hear the wet squishing sound as he fondles her ruined belly and she moans and writhes, her feet scraping the dirt floor.

"Aww, poor baby," he says softly. Then he turns to face me.

"And you, Kaylin." he smiles at me, "Looks like you need some more attention, baby girl." and he shuffles close and kneels beside me, the knees of his jeans grinding into the dirt.

Here it comes. My turn.

I watch his face as he settles in, holding that bar upright in his right hand like a spear. And when he lays his free hand on my hip, I open my thighs. I just want it over.

I look at the bar - still glistening wet from being inside Dani.

"It's an alignment pry bar." he says, "Wonderful tool."

I slide my thighs open wider. Please - just do it. Get it over with.

He smiles. "I understand, darlin'. I really do."

He reaches between my thighs and parts my cheeks, carefully sliding the tapered tip of the bar into my anus - still throbbing from his earlier play. The bar is warm from being in Dani's body.

I can't help it - I let out a quivery little whimper as I feel it sliding into my rectum and I hate myself for wanting what is about to happen. I close my eyes as I feel it sliding deeper and deeper and I start to quiver, my belly jumping and twitching. Then I hear the 'tink' as it contacts whatever it was he pushed inside me before.

I open my eyes and look up at him.

"What is it?" I ask, my voice breathless and weak.

"Long neck Lone Star, darlin'." he laughs, "Nothing but the best for my little cowgirl."

He pushed an entire beer bottle inside me - no wonder I passed out.

"Still caped and full too." he says. Then he digs a small container out of his pocket and flips it open, pushing it up under my nose.

"Deep breath, baby."

I breathe in deep through my nose. I know what it is - a popper - alkyl nitrite. Instantly I feel my anus and cunt loosen and the warmth rushes through my body. I moan despite myself.

And he pushes the bar deeper into me.

I can feel the beer bottle now. I squirm and writhe in the dirt as I feel it being pushed up the left side of my belly, following my large colon.

"... oh fuck ..." I moan. The feeling is amazing. I reach up and twirl my nipples and find them slippery - I'm slick with sweat. I arch my back and push my belly out as I feel the pressure of the bottle getting higher in my abdomen. Such a foreign feeling - a sweet deep invasion of my belly.

"That aught to do it." I hear his voice come from far away, "Here darlin'. Feel this."

And he gently takes hold of my left wrist and guides my hand to my belly, laying my hand on the bulge just under my left ribs. I can feel it - the hard shape of the beer bottle deep inside me. I'm trying to catch my breath.

He slides the bar back out of me and I almost cum from the friction. His fingers find my anus and I feel two slide inside me easily. He curls them and lifts - I open my thighs wider. God help me, I'm on the verge of orgasm.

This is insane. I feel like I'm losing myself. And in a way I am. I know I'm not going to live to see the sun set. Why do I find that so arousing?

"Okay." he says, "Let's get down to business."

I open my eyes to see him examining my cunt, parting the lips with his left fingers while he slides the pointed end into my cum-lubricated hole. He presses until I feel the pressure against my cervix, and he must have felt it too, because he starts fucking me with it - nicely, in and out, in and out, slow and sensual.

I'm starting to quiver uncontrollably, like shivering. It's part being over-tired, but most of it is really strong sexual arousal. My breathing is coming in shivery little gasps, and I can feel my belly, thighs, and breasts jiggling. I go back to twirling my nipples and I listen to myself whimper and gasp.

As he fucks me, he presses the bar a little deeper every third or fourth stroke. Sometimes it scrapes my vaginal wall, but most times I feel it probing the opening to my cervix.

I know what's coming, and I'm okay with it.

My cervix was blown when I gave birth on my fifteenth birthday and the state took my baby away. That, plus three abortions and a miscarriage since then haven't helped either. Over the years I've had lovers tell me my cervix is relaxed and a couple girls I've been with have actually got a finger inside it. I like the cramping sensation it causes.

He pauses and pushes the bar deeper and I moan, pinching my nipples hard. He pushes more and I feel it sliding inside me. He teases me, sliding it in and out by degrees, opening me more and more. The tip is starting to tease the opening to my uterus - deeper than those fingers ever went.

I cry out - I'm right on the edge of orgasm.

"Oh baby," he whispers, "I'm so glad I saved you for last."

"Do it!" I cry out. He pushes deep, and I'm cumming. My body convulses wildly, my legs thrashing and kicking as I dig my fingernails into my breasts. I squirm and twist and almost end up on my belly, trapping his hand and the bar between my shaking thighs.

I must have passed out because I come to as he's rolling me onto my back. My eyes open and when I can focus, I am looking at Cassidy. She's still alive and now her hand is between her thighs. She's masturbating as she watches him do me.

Will this bitch never die?

I feel the bar move inside me again. I can tell it's well lubricated as he slides it deep through my cervix once again. I grimace and look up into his eyes.

"Ready for the big one?" he asks.

I nod, opening my thighs wide once more.

"Here baby." he hands me the popper. I take it and flick the lid off and press it to my nose, drawing a deep breath through my nostrils. Loose muscles, the warm rush, and feeling oh-so-horny. I barely have time to close the lid with my thumb when he pushes hard.

I grunt and arch my back as I feel the hard steel sliding into my uterus. So deep ... so fucking deep ... it hurts ... it hurts ... it hurts so good ... I hate it ... and I love it ... and I want more ... more ... more ...

Flashback memories; my pale thighs opened against my will ... his thick long cock pushing up inside me ... "I lubed it, Kaylin, sweetie. I lubed us good" ... his cock so slippery inside me ... but he's impaling me ... hurting me ... so deep inside me ... and I can feel his cum jetting into me ... long thick ropes of slime filling my belly

"Oh Daddy!" I cry out - then and now.

And the bar is sliding back and forth in my cunt, in my uterus ... his cock sliding in and out of me ... the pain ... the intense pleasure ... he was my first and he came to my bed every night ... filled me with cum ... over and over and over ... night after night until it finally took when I was 14 ...

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck meeeeeee!" I squeal - then and now. And my orgasm slams into my belly like a scalding hot weight. My body is spasming and convulsing, my legs jerking and kicking, my heels drumming on the dirt floor. Wave after wave flows through me as I thrash around, my sweat mixing with the dirt, making me more filthy and more pathetic.

And as my orgasm fades and I settle, I realize what a flawed, damaged slut I really am. I deserve to die like this, laying in my own cum and sweat and blood.

I open my eyes and look up. He's smiling at me and has the decency to stop moving the bar inside me.

"This is really taking you down memory lane, hey baby girl?"

"... fuck you ..." my voice is weak and pathetic.

"Nah." he grins, "Fuck you, beautiful." Then he nods his head toward Cassidy. I look over at her and see that she's dead, her eyes open and crossed, her chest still, her hand limp between her thighs.

"You put on such a hot show, she came too."

My good deed for the day.

He wiggles the bar inside me to get my attention. I look up at him.

"Ready for the home stretch?" he asks.

"... might as well ..." I whisper as I raise the popper to my nose and sniff deep.

He resettles himself, and slides closer to me, slipping his free arm under my neck and lifts my shoulders up. At first I think he's finally showing some tenderness, but then I realize he just needs the leverage.

Who gives a shit - it isn't going to change what's coming. I lean my head against his upper arm and start breathing deep from the popper. Warm rush, my muscles getting loose, my uterus relaxing, the throb in my anus and clit feeling so good. And that sweet pressure of the beer bottle so high in my belly.

And the bar moves inside me hard.

We both grunt and strain as he pulls the bar deeper into me. I reach up and grip his forearm, still holding the popper under my nose and trying to breathe it in. The pressure in my belly is becoming enourmous - it feels like my cunt is being pulled up inside me, turning me inside out.

"Ohhhh ... Fuck!" I cry out. I feel his muscles clench harder and he pulls on my shoulders, pressing my chin down against my chest, pulling the bar deeper and deeper - stretching me inside.

"... jesus-jesus-jesus-jesus-jesus-jesus ..." I hiss through clenched teeth. How long can this go on? How much can the walls of my uterus resist the steel?

Pain flares bright in my gut and I scream.

But the pain dulls quickly and I feel my cunt sliding back down the bar as the tapered tip opens a new hole in the top of my uterus.

Oh fuck.

Total penetration.

No wonder Dani came so hard.

He pulls his arm out from under me and my head and shoulders flop down onto the dirt floor. I feel him moving, repositioning himself at my hip, getting down to business. He presses his free hand down on my mound and pushes the bar deeper. I can feel it sliding through my abdominal cavity, slithering through my intestines.

I'm quivering and I feel weak and fragile. He fucks me with the bar. He's gut fucking me. I can hear his breathing becoming rapid, excited. My own breathing is thready and shivery. And as weak as I am - as fragile as I feel - it feels like another orgasm if building inside me.

"... please ... please ... please ..." I gasp in a voice no louder than a whisper. The hard steel sliding back and forth inside my belly is overwhelming me. I remember the popper and lift it to my nose and breathe deep. Warm rush, strong sexual feelings in my gut and cunt. I feel the buzzing between my cunt lips as my bladder releases and I have one more breathless shaky orgasm. It's not a huge one, but it ripples up and down my belly just like its big sisters always have. And it goes on a long long time - riding the steel sliding up and down in my core.

The bar slides deeper - higher. I feel compression under my sternum and suddenly have a wild urge to puke. And I'm still cumming - snorting the popper to keep it going.

He's going to penetrate my stomach.

I press the popper hard against my nose and snort it desperately. The pressure in my belly gets crazy and a loose wet burp rumbles up my gullet. Another flare of burning pain and I feel the taper inside the sac of my stomach. I gag, heave, and liquid gurgles up my gullet and fills my mouth. Another heave and it spews up out of me to spatter into my hair and the dirt around me.

I hear him growl - his savagery getting loose as he lets go of the bar and stands. I realize something in that instant. He never once had sex all night. Never once did his cock leave his pants. He always watched and made flirty little appreciative comments to all three of us girls.

He can't have sex. I realize that he can't get it up. Is that what makes him so cruel?

"Time to die, bitch!" he spits through clenched teeth. Then he kicks me.


Right in my belly, just under my ribs on my left side.

I feel the bottle shatter inside me. It's like a small explosion - bursting and expanding - the beer warmed by my body, the contents shaken to an alarming pressure by all my movements.

I grunt and roll over onto my belly, feeling the glass carried by the beer foaming inside me - it tingles and burns as it flows like a wave of agony across the inside of my abdomen. I can feel the end of the steel bar trapped between my thighs.

I hear his zipper, then the hot splatter of his piss striking my lower back and bum.

My eyes focus on the popper laying near my face where it was knocked from my hand by his kick. I grasp it in my shaking left hand and bring it to my face, I breathe only through my nose.

My belly is swelling. I can imagine the foaming beer and blood inside me growing in volume, the steel bar impaling me from cunt to stomach. I feel my anus gape and fluid flows between my bum cheeks. My stomach is filling too, and I feel my gorge rising. I open my lips and let it happen, puking gently, emptying myself in little waves, swallowing it back down only to snort on the popper every few heaves.

The sun is in my eyes, shining through a gap between the old boards. I can smell earth, sex, blood, puke. And his hot piss wetting my bum and thighs.

He finishes pissing and I hear his zipper again. Then he kicks my legs apart, and I feel his boot slide between my quivering thighs. He toes the end of the bar, shoving it higher. I feel the taper find my gullet and slide upward. I gag and heave, my tongue working like Dani's did. It's stuck in my throat and it is giving me that blend of sensations I get when I let a guy throat fuck me - the sweet tingle in my gullet as my stomach quivers and I gag in never ending cycles.

I let go of the popper and let the feelings take me. I feel shiver-bumps tingle over my thighs, bum, belly, and breasts. A wave of sexual pleasure ripples through my lower belly and my core cramps tight around the steel. My entire body is shaking, my fat jiggling, my toes curling, my fingers clawing into the dirt.

And when the feelings fade, comes the gentle bliss - I can feel the steel loose in my gullet, and my bloated belly plumped out under me.

Oh Daddy.

I'm done.