Suicide Harvest

by Erotickynk

The medicine Vlad gave me makes me feel so good - a dreamy, relaxed good. My mind is eased and my body feels ... its hard to describe ... my belly feels warm inside like a hot bath, my nipples are electric and tingling as they rub against my top, and my sex feels loose and slippery. Best of all, my sadness and hopelessness are gone, gone, gone.

When he took me from the bridge and brought me to this house there already was other people here and most were in the big bedroom. It had two beds, a loveseat and a sofa. The boy was on his knees with the bald man’s hard penis in his mouth and the bald man had ahold of the boy’s hair and was pulling him tight so the boy gagged and choked on his penis. But the boy didn’t seem to mind, he didn’t even seem to mind when it made him sick-up all over the carpet and when he was done sicking-up he just moaned and opened his mouth for more.

There was a naked blond girl on one of the beds and another man was licking and sucking between her legs and the girl loved it. The dark haired girl hadn’t got there yet, she would come in with the lady.

Vlad took me to the loveseat and told me to watch the boy and the blonde girl, and that’s what I did as he took off my sneakers, jeans, and panties. He only pushed my top up over my belly because I don’t have much up there yet. He took his clothes off and snuggled in beside me and played between my thighs and that felt really good.

He told me it would feel good, that everything tonight would feel good - it would feel better than letting go of the bridge railing and falling, falling, falling until I hit the hard, cold water. He told me that at that height water was like concrete and that it would bust up my body when I hit, and I would die slowly, cold and in pain. I told him I didn’t care, I just wanted this life to be over and when it was, all pain would be gone. He said that HE cared and wanted me to die peacefully and feeling good and promised he would help me do that.

That’s when he gave me the medicine. He told me to open my mouth and he slid it under my tongue and said; Let it melt. Let it melt. And it did and I started to feel wonderful.

“Will you come with me now?” he asked and I smiled and nodded and he pulled me back over the rail and had to carry me to his car because my legs were all weak and wobbly and I even peed myself a little as he carried me.

And now he slides a finger inside me and I gasp. I gasp because it feels like heaven just bloomed in my crotch and because it slid in so easy.

“Watch the boy.” he whispers in my ear as he slides that finger in and out of me.

The boy is standing now, bent over the big bed and the bald man is thrusting his penis into the boy’s bum.

“... fuck me ... fuck me ...” the boy is crying out and moaning and gasping and I know it feels good because he keeps pushing back against the bald man - he really wants that big penis inside his body.

I’ve heard the word ‘fuck’ lots before, but I always thought is was just a swear - even ‘fuck me’, like people say it when everything’s hopeless. But the boy is saying it different and now I understand that ‘fuck me’ sometimes means slam your penis into me hard and deep. Understanding this sends shiver-bumps all over my body. I hope Vlad fucks me.

“Push your belly out.” Vlad whispers as he fucks me with his finger, “Push it out like you ate too much dinner.”

So I do - I am sort of slumped on the loveseat and I push my belly out like he said and it makes his fingering feel even better.

“That’s what I want when I do you.” Vlad says, “Push your belly out like that it will make what I do to you feel wonderful.”

“Uh-huh” I nod, and I’m starting to feel hot and sweaty, and my sex is flexing inside me - getting looser then tighter - and I am getting dizzy, but I don’t care.

From somewhere else in the house I hear a girl make a horrible sound, like an animal in pain, then wet gurgling. It doesn’t bother me. I figure everyone knows what’s going to happen to them here. I sure do.

That’s when the lady walks in with the black haired girl. The girl is dressed in all black except black and white striped thigh socks. I really like those socks and I wish I had some, but the girl has long legs to show them off and I don't. And she has big boobs and mine are just little bumps with puffy nipples. They feel good when people touch them though, so I guess that's what's most important.

“Wow, full house again!” the lady says, smiling as she looks at the boy, the blonde and me. Then she looks at the black haired girl, “Go wait for me on the sofa.” And the black haired girl goes and sits down and she watches the boy too.

The lady kneels down beside me and brings her face close to mine.

“Hi, sweetheart.” and her breath is warm and smells like cinnamon, “What grade are you in?” I tell her and she looks at Vlad and says; “Still like ‘em young”.

“They’re so sweet.” Vlad says and gives me a side hug, and when he does the room spins all crazy like.

The lady turns back to me.

“Do you know what’s going to happen tonight?” she asks.

“I’m gunna die.” I whisper and smile at her.

“Did he tell you how?” she asks and I nod and answer; “Yeah, told me in the car.”

She turns to Vlad again.

“Where’d you find her?”

Vlad chuckles, “On the bridge.”

The lady flinches, then; “You made a good choice, sweetheart.” she says to me and strokes my cheek.

Vlad tilts his head toward the black haired girl, “Her?”

“Hotline outreach.” says the lady, then to the blonde girl; “Hi blondie, where’d Ed find you?”

“E-street shelter.” the blond girl says, her voice catching as Ed sucks her sex.

“You ready for what he’s going to do?”

“Y-yes.” the girl gasps, “He’s getting me ready.”

And that’s when I have my first orgasm. I suddenly feel it bloom crazy bright in my lower belly, then it just rushes up my core and I go all jerky and spazzed on the loveseat with Vlad’s finger jammed hard inside me and him hugging my head, mashing my face against his naked chest. When it is over I find myself curled in a ball in Vlad’s arms, trembling and gasping. He holds me until I calm down.

"Did that feel good?" he asks.

I nod; "The best." and he holds me for awhile.

“I hafta pee.” I say and he points me toward the bathroom, pulling his finger out of me with a slurpy sound.

My legs are still a little wobbly, but I make it to the toilet and sit down and start to pee before I notice that there is another door to the bathroom and it is open. It is very dark in the next room, but I can hear music playing softly and someone moving in there. As my eyes adjust to the dim light I can see a naked skinny girl standing bent over a chair, her soft belly hanging down. Her legs are wobbly too, but not for the same reason as me. There is a man kneeling beside her working on her belly with a knife. He cuts her open from her belly button downward and when he finishes, there’s a loop of her intestine hanging down. She let him do it and that sends more shiver-bumps over my body again. She just stands there trembling as he cuts her open - she is like me; she wants to die and she lets him do that to her so she can.

The man gets up and he is really hard. He gets in behind her and grabs her hips, pushing himself inside her like the bald man is doing to the boy. The girl is gasping and whimpering, her legs shaking so badly and her insides sliding out of her loose belly. She takes it a long time - or what seems like a long time - bent over like that as more and more of her slides out of her cut belly and dangling in front of her trembling thighs.

“... please ... please ...” she gasps as her legs get more shaky, and I can hear fear in her voice, “... please stop ...”

But he doesn’t stop and it doesn’t take long before I hear the man growl and slam into her hard. She tries to hang on, but after he lets go of her hips she crumples to the floor, ropes of guts puddled between her knees.

That’s when I notice Vlad standing in the doorway to the big bedroom.

“What is this?” I ask - not scared, just curious.

“Suicide Harvest.” Vlad says walking over to me. He lifts his penis close to my face, “Open.” he says, so I open my mouth and he pushes the end in past my lips. I close my lips around it like the boy did to the bald man and suck - it's soft like velvet. Vlad smiles.

“Good girl.” he says, then he tells me; “We have orgy nights like this all over the country. We look for people like you - people who are ready to commit suicide. And we help them do it and make it good for them, plus we enjoy it.”

His penis is swelling in my mouth, getting longer. It feels good sucking him.

“Do you still want to die?” he asks, his voice gentle and caring as he strokes my hair. I nod my head, my mouth filled with penis.

“Do you want to die alone, like that girl?” he asks, motioning with his head to the girl quivering alone on the floor in the other room, curled up around her guts, “Or do you want to die with the others?”

“... others ...” I gurgle around his penis.

“Good. As soon as one of the beds is free we can do you.”

That excites me - little tingles rise through my core like bubbles in a soda - he is going to ‘do me’. I wonder what my insides slithering out of me would feel like if that’s what he does. I don’t know what exactly he’s going to do, but I know it involves a knife.

Vlad pulls his penis out of my mouth and trades places with me.

“I want to teach you something.” he says and pinches my nipples, pulling me down so I am bent over like the girl in the other room and has me take his penis in my mouth again. He makes me move back and forth and let his penis touch the back of my throat.

“Just relax.” he tells me, “Let your throat relax, take it down like you’re swallowing it.”

Pretty soon I am doing it and he is calling me ‘good girl’. I am drooling like crazy and even sick-up a little, but his penis is going down my throat pretty easy. It is thrilling to do that - it makes me feel all quivery inside, like I am right on the edge of sicking-up for real. After a bit he makes me stop, even though he is quivery too and gasping.

“Not yet.” he says, and I know he means he doesn’t want to get crazy and growl like the bald man and the man who cut the girl’s belly did. When I stand back up he pushes his finger up inside me and I can hear how squishy and wet I am.

“I want to cum in here, where it belongs. I'm going to fill your belly with cum.” he says, and he plays with me until I have another orgasm and he has to catch me because my legs go out on me again. He holds me until my legs come back and leads me out of the bathroom.

When we come back into the bedroom, I see the lady is kneeling between the legs of the back haired girl. The girl’s clothes are on the floor except for those crazy socks. The lady is licking her and I see that she has her whole hand inside the girl. The girl sure does like that.

The blonde girl is lying half on her side and Ed is carefully working a machete into her sex. “... yeah ... yeah ... yeah ...” the girl keeps gasping as she watches the boy and takes the machete into her sex. Ed trying not to cut her, but she flinches once in awhile, so it must be cutting her a little.

I hear the boy before I see him - he is gasping and moaning on the other bed. The bald man is pushing a long metal thing up his bum, sliding it in and out, but more in than out.

Vlad takes me back to the loveseat and goes back to fingering me as we watch the boy and girl get harvested. This time he uses two fingers, then three - I like the stretchy feeling.

The boy is moaning and crying out and he is rolling his head side-to-side as the bald man pushes the metal thing deeper and deeper. I know the boy likes it because he keeps stroking his body and playing with his own nipples. The bald man seems to want it to last a long time.

The blonde girl is another story; Ed is careful not to cut her bad getting the machete inside her - “he’s killing me” the girl says softly and smiles at me like she's proud - but he starts to push it deeper and the blonde girl starts crying out and thrashing on the bed. At one point she sort of screams and tries to sit up but she flops back down pretty quick when Ed pushes it into her as far as it can reach. It is deep in her belly when she rolls onto her back and starts jerking.

She is burping weakly and I can see bloody goop that she is sicking-up from her stomach around her lips. After that she quiets down pretty fast and her body goes limp, so she is dead just like that. I think that’s a better way than quivering on the floor, waiting through a long death like that girl in other room.

As Ed pulls the machete out of her and carries her body out of the room, Vlad makes me stand up and pinches my nipples and pulls me as he walks backward to the bed the dead girl had been on. He smiles and I smile because pulling me along by my nipples is teasing and playful and sends shiver-bumps over my thighs and bum and sends a thrilling tingle through the core of my belly. By the time he pushes me onto the bed, lowering me by the nipples so by the time I feel the big wet patch under my bum, my sex is feeling heavy and so, so, so wet. The wet spot on the bed is blood and ooze from the sex of the blonde girl, and I feel a thrill that I am going to add to it and get killed like she did. I pretend I don’t see the knife that Vlad sets down beside me.

“I’m going to fuck you.” Vlad says as he gets on top of me, and I hear the boy stop moaning, because he is gagging and thrashing on his bed. Then I hear his teeth chattering so I look over and his head is back and the metal thing is coming out of his mouth, his jaw trembling and his eyes squeezed shut. He makes a loud gurgle and bites down on the metal thing so hard his front teeth chip and he starts spasming, and that's how he does. When he is done, the bald man pulls the metal thing out of his bum.

“I need that.” says the lady with the black haired girl, so the bald man takes it to her and kneels down beside her. I miss what happened next because Vlad pushes his hard penis into me and it feels like it is going right through me and fits so tight it hurts. He pushes some chemical thing under my nose and says “Breathe deep.” So I sniff hard and deep into my lungs and an amazing warmth spreads through my belly and my sex gets all loose.

He pushes my legs down straight and puts his legs on either side of mine so his penis is tight inside me and he lays all his weight on my chest and belly and hips, and I feel pinned to the bed. It’s a good feeling - all I can move is my arms and head - and he starts to move inside me. It feels good, and it hurts good once in awhile when he thrusts harder, banging my crotch with his. As he makes us bounce on the bed, I feel the knife slide down against my hip. Feeling that excites me and I make little breathless grunting noises as he fucks me, but the black haired girl is getting louder than I am ...

She is gasping and straining, so whatever they are doing to her feels really good.

“Can you take it all the way in?” the woman asks her, but the girl just keeps gasping and groaning.

“Can you take it all the way in?” the bald man repeats and the girl moans louder.

“Oh yes you can.” says the woman and I hear the girl get wilder - she is breathless and making animal sounds.

I look over and see that they have the metal thing up her bum and are fucking her with it. It’s so deep that I can see it bulging her belly up high, but the look on her face makes me sure that she is enjoying it as she squirms and strains. She even plays with her belly, moving the metal thing around inside her belly then humping it. I can tell she is having orgasms, but the lady is pushing it deeper and the bulge goes right up against the top of her belly and she suddenly looks desperate and scared so the bald man helps push more and it goes so deep the bulge disappears under her ribs and the girl starts sicking-up.

But even though she’s heaving up watery barf, I can tell she’s still having an orgasm - her legs keep flopping open and closed and her hips are humping the metal thing. It must feel wild to have such a long thing almost all the way through her body.

Suddenly the lady gets up beside the girl. She lays one hand under her neck and the other one on the girl’s forehead and forces her head back. The bald man pushes the metal thing more and the girl starts choking on it as it bulges her throat.

Vlad is still fucking me and I feel him feeling around by my hip and he picks up his knife. I stop watching the black haired girl die because now it’s my turn. Dying’s not as scary if other people are dying around you. I feel the sharp tip of the knife scratching around my side down low and I remember what Vlad asked me to do; I push my belly outward, making it as big and round as I can.

I feel the pressure.

I feel the bite of the knife.

Shiver-bumps wash over my body; thighs; bum; belly; chest ... HERE IT COMES!

Then I feel a 'pop' and it’s sliding into my belly - deep, deep, deep - and it takes my breath away but I cry out anyway. I can feel cold steel slide straight across inside my belly, even past my belly button and to the other side. The knife is so long and it’s such a sweet pain that I know I’m going to have another orgasm.

Then Vlad pulls it all the way out and pushes it back in again in a different place and I grunt again, and Vlad fucks me and slow stabs me in my belly over and over and over, making long deep holes in me, and I’m proud that I can keep pushing my belly out and making it big and round for him like he wants.

And it feels a little like orgasms - such sweet pain in my belly, my bowels cramping, my sex gripping and relaxing. Oh my goodness, this is better than that fall and hitting that hard cold water.

As I roll my head from side to side, feebly trying to squirm under Vlad’s weight, I see that the black haired girl is dead and the lady and the bald man are watching me. Even Ed is back on the other bed, smiling and watching Vlad kill me and fuck me.

Another man comes in with a new girl. He lays her down on the bed beside Vlad and I and as she watches, he strips her down and lies beside her, massaging her sex. He’s watching me too.

I can’t count how many times Vlad’s long knife slides in and out of my belly - feeling his knife and his penis moving deep inside consumes me. It’s like this is all I have ever done; be fucked by an older man and slow stabbed deep in my belly. One stab does stand out; Vlad is forever changing the angle and one of them makes something inside me start to flutter and it keeps fluttering as I start to feel cold and weak. It gets easier to keep my belly plump because my belly is swelling.

I realize the fluttering is me bleeding bad inside - Vlad cut a big blood vessel with that one special stab.

It feels dreamy and wonderful, and I don’t mind feeling blood oozing from all the stabs and flowing down my side to puddle under me. Vlad starts fucking me harder and that leaves me breathless.

“... yeah ...” I gasp, because I realize we’re almost there; Vlad is getting close to his orgasm and I’m getting close to dying. Vlad pushes into me hard and his whole body shudders and I feel his penis swell and spray little gushes inside my sex. Then I feel a strangeness inside me; my body starts shivering and my toes curl and cramp; my whole body starts convulsing and I can't control it; my face goes all tingly and the room is spinning. I think I'm dying now. I feel like I'm sinking into the bed, and all the sounds are getting faint - even my own voice. Beside us, the new girl has her first orgasm, burying her face in the chest of the new man as Vlad lifts himself and pulls his penis out of me.

I hope she has lots more like I did.

I lie there, numbness creeping in like a slow moving flood of nothing, my vision darkening around the edges, feeling sick to my stomach and oh-so weak. The others are still watching me; Vlad, the bald man, Ed, and the lady. I wonder what makes me so special. I feel a soft hand slide over my bloated belly and into my sex. Two fingers curl in there and lift, rubbing something inside me that feels so good. The lady has come close, kneeling on the floor and she is fingering me, but not in and out like Vlad, she lifts and rubs me inside. Then the bald man is lying on the bed beside my hip and I feel him slide his hand between the wet and slippery cheeks of my bum. He pushes a finger deep in my bum hole as the lady keeps lifting, her hand moving up and down harder and harder until it is curling my pelvis and jiggling my body. I feel it build fast and I have an orgasm that makes me squeeze my thighs together around her hand and the bald man's finger as I arch my back and make gurgling noises. MY toes are curling again. It's a weird, long orgasm that rolls through my belly and makes me feel like I'm going to sick-up, but I swallow it back down when it comes. It's over too soon and I feel my thighs flop open as all my energy goes away and suddenly I'm so, so, so tired.

The bald man and the lady slide their fingers out of me and the lady reaches up to take my glasses off. I can smell myself on her fingers. She holds my right hand in hers and strokes my forehead with other. It’s such a motherly thing to do and that makes me realize why they all watched me and keep watching me; I’m the youngest. I’m not a little girl, but the dark haired girl, the blond girl, the skinny girl in the other room and even the boy were older than me. I look up at the lady and see her eyes are sparkling with tears that haven’t fallen yet.

I smile at her as she strokes my head and squeezes my hand.

Dying isn’t as bad as people think. It’s peaceful and sweet, and slithers deep inside you and gently pulls your soul loose and takes it away.

I close my eyes.