The Gun

by Erotickynk

Mindy is begging for her life. She's really embarrassing herself - I mean what's the point? He's going to kill us all anyway.

It's the first time I've seen Mindy naked. Well, it's the first time any of us have seen each other naked, but I never realized how skinny Mindy is. She has long legs and long arms and narrow hips and a tiny waist. Barely any boobs too - just bumps really with puffy pink nipples.

She's shaking badly - little round bum jiggling, standing in front of him, hunched over with her hands on her upper thighs like she has to pee and sobbing "... please ... please ... please let me go ... I don't want to die ..."

No shit, none of us want to die, but it's going to happen no matter what. Her cheeks are shiny with her tears, snot is dripping from her nose, and her lips and chin are slick with drool.

"Take it in your mouth." he orders her again holding the gun out at her eye level and she responds with a long, whiney, "... noooooooooo ..."

I've just about had it with her - why doesn't she just get it over with? I guess I'm impatient because I'm next and I hate this waiting. I sure as fuck want to get it over with - I don't want to be part of this anymore. If he's going to shoot me I want him to do it quick.

Cassie is sitting on the floor of the kitchen in a puddle of her own pee almost right beside the table he made me sit on to wait for my turn. She sits cross-legged with her back against the wall, her elbows resting on her knees, her head hanging down like she's staring at the floor. Her shoulder-length blonde hair is hiding her face. She is shivering and wringing her hands. I think she's desperately holding on to life.

Her inner thighs are pale and her lower tummy above her naked crotch is plumped out - and it's not that she's fat or pregnant, I think it's just that she is concentrating on keeping her belly relaxed so it doesn't hurt so much. The bullet hole halfway between her belly button and her sternum is still leaking and a blue ring of bruising is forming around it like a grim halo.

"... mmmph ..." she is making a soft little grunt with every laboured breath and she keeps swallowing and burping wetly. I can hear the struggling sounds she is making as she swallows, trying to cope with what's going on inside her belly.

"... blurph ... mmmph ... blurph ..." she burps every few seconds, and I can hear wet gurgling when she does. And sometimes, like now, she burps then gags and I can see her mouth watering and she swallows it each time and each time she does she wipes her mouth with the back of one of her hands.

The backs of both hands are smeared with the blood she wipes from her lips. See; she's bleeding badly inside and it's filling her stomach.

Cassie lifts her face and looks up at me, her expression one of hopelessness and desperation. Her lips tremble as they try to form words, but she hasn't said a word since he pressed his gun hard into her belly and pulled the trigger. The sound was deafening in the room and Cassie curled up and dropped to the floor and peed. As I watch her, She starts to say something ...

"... I ... urlph ..."

... but making the sound in her throat triggers her belly to convulse and she burps wetly as she gags. Her lips curl and it looks like she's going to puke. She presses her lips tight together and swallows and swallows and swallows - I can see her throat working. Her stomach finally settles, but she burps again. She looks like she wants to cry.

"Lay down, Cassie." I say softly, "Just lay down and go to sleep."

Cassie just stares at me and her tummy heaves and her cheeks plump as her mouth fills. She squeezes her eyes shut and swallows it back down. I can see the blood wetting her lips.

Cassie whimpers and lets her head hang down and goes back to wringing her hands and burping. She's not going to last much longer and she knows it.

Mindy is still whining and sobbing.

"Take it in your mouth." he says in that monotone deep voice.

".... noooooo .. pleeeasssse ..." she is hysterical.

Fuck, I can't take this anymore.

"For fuck sake, just do it, Mindy!" I yell at her and when she turns to look at me with those tear-filled eyes I feel bad, "I'm sorry, Mindy. Please, just do it. We're all going to die - there's no other way. Save yourself the torment. Just get it over with."

And still sobbing, Mindy turns back to him and steps forward and opens her mouth. He slides the gun barrel past her lips and I can hear her teeth chattering on it. She looks so frail and so weak and thin - all elbows and knees.

"Now, take hold of my belt." he tells her and she reaches out, her hands shaking as she slips her fingers between his belt and his jeans. She hangs on to him that way. "Good girl."

For fun he pushes it a bit too deep and she grimaces and gags on it. He laughs and pulls it back a bit.

"Suck it." he says and Mindy closes her lips around the barrel and squeezes her eyes shut. He slides it in and out a bit to tease her, making her gag each time he slides it into her throat - her thin body curling each time, threatening to puke up her stomach contents.

"That's it, hunny-bunny. Just play wth it like that." he smiles as he encourages her. Mindy's shaking it less now, like them interacting like this is taking some of the edge off her fear. She opens her eyes and looks up at him, and I think she's hoping it's just a game. But when she closes her eyes again and whimpers, I realize she knows what's coming.


It all happens in an instant; The hair on the back of Mindy's head flips up fast and a pink mist sprays out behind her; Her cheeks plump round and firm like she's playing Chubby Bunny; I hear a rapid gurgle and watch her flat belly plump up like she just ate a big dinner and I realize that it's the expanding explosive gasses jetting down her throat and expanding her stomach. Her hands come loose from his belt and flail around frantically in front of her like she's trying to find something with her eyes closed.

Then she crumples like a marionette whose strings have been cut - her arms fall limp, her legs collapse under her and she drops, her bum hitting the floor hard, her thighs flopping open, one foot caught under her and her knees at weird angles. Her head hangs down and I hear a wet, drawn out moan - her open mouth is smoking and her lips are wet and shiny with blood as it drips from them into her lap. As she sits there for that moment, she shits herself. I hear it come out in a burbling rush and when she slowly slumps forward I see two more things; The hair on the back of her head is matted, wet and red, and she's peeing herself. It streams from her crotch and runs down her inner thighs.

He stands there and watches Mindy for a moment, then turns his gaze to me.

"You're next, brave girl." he smiles as he walks toward the table he made me sit on.

I'm naked - we all are. That's the first thing he made us do - back when we all thought we might get out of this with a rape. But that hope soon vanished when he gut-shot Cassie. As he walks across the kitchen floor I can hear Penny whimpering in the pantry where he locked her up so he could play with Cassie, Mindy and I. I guess he's saving her for last. She is the cutest of all of us, for sure. The youngest too - Cassie's little sister.

"Lay on your back."

I do as I'm told. I take my time but I'm not going to pull a Mindy and make this last longer than it has to.

"Lift your knees and spread your thighs wide open." he smiles as he watches me.

I keep my eyes on his, hoping my face isn't giving away the gut-chilling fear I'm suddenly feeling. Like Mindy, I want to beg for my life - to cry and sob - but I know it won't do any good. So I slowly draw my knees up until my heels touch my bum, then I open my thighs wide, until they are almost resting on the table top. I feel my vulva and labia open and his gaze drops there.

"Nice cunt." he smiles again.

"Thanks." I say. That's me, always the smart ass.

"Play with yourself." he says quietly, that fucking smile never leaving his face, but at least he isn't pointing that gun at me.

Never in a million years would I have ever thought I could do what I'm about to do - to lay naked in front of a strange man and masturbate for his enjoyment. But I'm thinking it might as well be for my enjoyment too - at least he's giving me that chance, not like Mindy. If I can rub one last orgasm out before I die - well, that's better than nothing.

I keep watching his face as I reach down between my thighs with both hands like I usually do when I masturbate. With my left hand I squeeze my labia and with my right I toy with my opening and clit with my fingertips. My labia is chubbier than most girls I've seen online - not that I'm chubby. I mean I'm not as skinny as Mindy, but I'm not overweight either. But I like the feeling of pinching my labia together while my fingers play up and down my oily slit. It always gets me going - well, it gets me started. Lately I've been fingering myself inside to get off - I have been since I discovered the magic of my g-spot. It makes for messier orgasms, but they come on faster and are deeper and longer than the clit kind.

I can feel myself getting oiled up as I play, and I start thinking about what Mindy must have felt in that split second when the gun went off in her mouth; The explosion of gas in her mouth all hot and shocking, the feeling of it blasting down her throat and bloating her stomach in an instant - I mean, it really bulged like a balloon inside her. I fantasize about how that must have felt and trying to make myself believe it was a sexual feeling, because I'm next and I have no idea what he's got in store for me.

I'm sufficiently horny now, so I switch it up, using the fingers on my left hand to open my labia and my hole and twisting the wrist on my right hand to slide my two middle fingers into my cunt.

Holy fuck, I'm more wet and slippery that I thought I would be.

I curl my fingers so I have a grip on the spongy fatness of my g-spot and start to work it. Oh, the good feelings are there. Stroking faster now.


Shit, I just might cum.

"You're enjoying it." he says and it's more of a statement than a question.

"I'm loving it." I reply, trying to sound like the smart ass I am, but it comes out all quivery and whimpery.

Faster. And now I'm sounding all squishy and wet and loose.

"Stop just before you cum." he says, "Or I'll shoot you."

"You're ... you're going to shoot me anyway." I answer.

Getting close now. Fingers are flying in and out.

"Yeah, but if you cum before I let you, I'll shoot you in the face and make sure you linger." his smile turns into a shit-eating grin.

I stop fingering myself and lay there with my hands resting on my lower tummy. I'm panting a bit, quivering with each breath.

"Why'd you stop?"

"You said to stop before I came. I was about to cum."

"Good girl." he smiles, and damnit, this one almost looks genuine. As I watch he pulls another pistol out of his waistband at the back. This one has a thick, long black barrel and it's an automatic - unlike the one he's been using - that one looks like a .38 and it's a revolver.

He drops out the clip from the automatic and takes out all the bullets but one and slips them in his pocket, then puts the clip back in and racks it so it's ready to shoot. He comes around the table and stands beside me, pressing the barrel of the .38 against my jaw. The barrel is still warm and a bit wet from Mindy's mouth. It feels sticky, and I'm pretty sure it's blood.

He hands me the automatic - I see that it says 'Browning 9mm'.

"One bullet. Try to use it on me and I'll blow your jaw off and let you suffer a long time." he says and his voice sounds serious and mean.

"So ... what do I do with it?"

"Fuck yourself with it."

I stare down at the black gun and think about what he's going to want me to do with that bullet. My options are grim no matter what. If I try to shoot him, he'll blow my jaw off with that .38. If I try to kill myself ... well, I can't really see the point in that - I'm going to die soon anyway. So why not?

I turn the gun around so it's upside down in my hands and I reach down and work the barrel into my cunt, holding onto the handle with my right hand. I use sort of an 'angle, push, straighten, push deeper' method. The barrel is kind of square but the edges are curved so it isn't too bad going in - a little bigger than I'm used to. The sight on the end kind of scrapes me a bit going in, but what the hell - it doesn't really matter now anyway, does it? I pull it up into myself and am a bit surprised that it feels pretty good.

"... oh ..." a little grunty moan slips out of me, totally unexpected. It does feels good. What the fuck is wrong with me that a gun in my snatch actually feels good. Maybe it's the perversity of the act - fucking myself with a loaded gun. I start to move the barrel in and out of me, fucking myself with it like he wants.

"You like the feel of that, huh?" he asks.

"... uh-huh ..." my breathing is shallow and speeding up and I don't want to waste it on chit-chat, but I sound way too eager.

I'm no longer watching him, my eyes are fixed on the black grip of the gun in my hand as I slide it in and out of myself. Who knows, if I turn him on enough, maybe he'll let me live and take me 'on the lam' as his girl. At least I'd get a chance to escape that way. But I'm just fooling myself with that thought - this is all going to end badly for me.

The barrel is pretty long, and I can feel it bumping against the bulb of my cervix but it isn't in all the way. So, I reach down with my left and grip it in both my hands - careful to avoid the trigger - and pull it up as deep into me as I can.

Oh, that's the spot. I hear myself really moan and my belly quivers.

"Think you can make yourself cum doing that?" he asks, moving the gun away from my face.

"... uh-huh ..." starting to pant now. Fuck, this feels good - and yeah, I do sound wayyyyy too eager.

"You wanna cum like that, baby?"

"... fuck yeah ..." gasping for air, really getting lost in the sensations.

I whimper, and I notice my voice is a little louder this time - a little more desperate. I really want to cum. I want to cum so bad.

"So here's what you're going to do, baby-girl" he begins, watching me fucking myself with his spare gun.

"... Lori ..." I whimper - but I don't stop fucking myself.


" name ... is Lori." I manage between gasps. I hear him chuckle.

"Okay, Lori ... here's what you're going to do. Just before you cum, you're going to pull the trigger. Then you can choose how it ends. You can keep fucking yourself and have an orgasm if you can. Or you can ask me to kill you quick and I'll cap you in the head and put you out of your misery."

Pulling this gun deep inside me, pulling it up hard and tight so the barrel pushes my cervix into my uterus is really making my thighs weak. My feet have slid down the table and my toes are pointing inward.

"... nice ... choice ..." this time I kind of grunt the words out because I'm holding the gun deep in me and I love the feeling.

"Well, I like your spunk, so at least you get a choice." he says, then; "Well? Sound good?"

I release the pressure and the gun slides out a bit.

"... yeah ... I guess ..."

So I really work myself, fucking myself with that gun barrel, not reaching for my orgasm like I usually do, but letting it build on its own. Pull tight, release. Pull tight, release. Pull tight, release. I'm sweaty now, and I can smell the strong skunky scent of my armpits and the strong crotchy smell of fish and sweat from my cunt.

Oh fuck, this feels good - feeling this hardness inside me - pulling it tight and deep and holding it there, pausing it where it compresses my cervix and uterus.. And what is making it more sexual - I hate to admit - is that he's standing over me watching me fuck myself. I never knew what a slut I could be until now. I guess I would have made a good porn star if I lived that long.

My g-spot is throbbing and I can feel the waves of tingling start deep in the big muscles of my thighs and wash up through my bum and belly. I'm going to cum pretty quick - I can feel the signs. I am panting now, gasping, making small mewling noises as I fuck myself deep and hard with that gun.

"You let yourself cum before you pull that trigger, and I'll ..."

"... blow my jaw off ... I know ..."

I start to think about pulling that trigger. I'm going to have to pretty soon, but when? Shoot when it's deep or shallow? Should I try to aim? Is it better to try to get it up into my heart and kill myself quick? Or line it up with my uterus and let all that meat and muscle take the impact inside me? Or pull it out of me and try to shoot him?

Whatever I choose, I need to do it soon - my cunt is starting to clench. I can feel it gripping the barrel ... I can feel my asshole puckering and releasing ... my g-spot is so swollen and throbbing I'm about to lose it.

Oh lord.

Oh fuck.

Here it comes.

I pull the gun up tight inside me just as I feel my orgasm starting. I feel it pressed tight against the centre of my cervix and I pull up harder, hooking my thumbs inside the loop around the trigger.

My hands are shaking badly as I squeeze as slowly as I can ... it's like playing with the crank of one of those Jack-in-the-box toys, I'm waiting for it to go off.

Maybe it's a trick. Maybe he fixed it so the gun won't ...


The gun kicks hard in my hands and blasts out of my cunt. I hear it clatter across the table and onto the floor, skittering across the tiles and hitting the far wall. My lower belly plumps instantly as the explosive gasses bloat my uterus into a round ball. The impact of my expanding belly slaps my wrists and knocks my hands away from my crotch. And the shockwave ... oh dear lord, the shockwave - rams right up my core, driving the wind out of me - I feel my heart fluttering in shock. The impact has driven a sudden numbness right up through my belly into the pit of my stomach.

"URLP!" I gag hard as my legs come up and I curl into a ball, rolling onto my side, drawing my knees up to my chest, my arms coming together to cover my chest. I tighten my body and lay there shaking, quivering waiting for the pain that I know is coming. I am gagging, choking, my stomach heaving.

The pain hits me in a rush.

I can't even begin to describe the pain. My gut is one big knot of agony and it is going on forever. The path the bullet took through my gut still feels like a burning shaft inside me and I can hear myself crying, making desperate choking sounds. I don't want to die feeling this way.

I feel his hand stroking my hair.

"Oh baby, that was so sweet." his voice is kind and when I open my eyes, his face is close and he actually looks like he cares. He strokes my hair and my cheek as I struggle not to puke.

"You have to breathe, baby." he says as he strokes his hand over my shoulder, down my ribs to my waist - his thumb massages my belly, "Breathe or you're not going to last long."

His hand keeps sliding, up over my hip and down onto my bum, stroking there, cupping my bum cheek. He gives it a little squeeze before moving lower to run his fingers along the crease of my sex.

I feel a sharp quivering pain deep in my gut as the gasses release from inside me ... I hear the wet farting sound as they queef out of my cunt. He smiles and brings his hand up - his fingertips are wet with my blood, his palm spattered with little red droplets.

"Aww, you're bleeding, Lori." he says in mock sympathy, "See? I remembered your name."

".. f-fuck you .." I manage and he laughs, then he rises, wiping my blood in my hair,

"You let me know if you want me to put you out of your misery, all right?"

And he walks to the pantry to get Penny.

Oh fuck, what have I done? The pain inside me is fading to a dull throb, and I can feel my insides swelling.

I'm dying.

Oh fuck, I'm dying. I don't want to die. It felt like it might be okay when I was fucking myself and getting close to cumming, but now it's all pain and weakness. I feel frail and fragile inside, like I'm broken.

I guess I am broken inside.

I envision the damage inside my belly; burns inside my cunt, my cervix blown open, my uterus bloated and ruptured, my intestines burst and tattered. I don't think it hit my stomach because I'd be puking blood by now.

I look down at where Cassie was sitting. She's slumped over now, crumpled on the floor, her head twisted and her face pressed into the corner where the wall meets the floor. Her naked lap is covered in dark blood and it's pooled between her pale open thighs mixing with her pee. She's no longer breathing. I guess Cassie lost her fight to keep the blood in her belly.

The pressure is building in my own belly, so keeping my knees up like this is getting uncomfortable. I slowly lower my shaky legs, stretching them out, and except for a couple tugging pains as I do, that feels a lot better. I roll onto my back again, and lay my hands on my belly - it's bigger now, swollen inside. My insides feel like a big bruise.

I feel so hopeless.

Nothing matters.

I wonder if I can make myself feel better.

I slide my hands lower and cup my mound, letting my fingers explore my labia and slit ... it's numb, but as I stroke there the feeling starts coming back. And it's sticky ... I can feel little pulses of blood oozing from me to slide down the crack of my ass and pool under my bum.

What is with this guy shooting girls in the belly? Is it the blood or the amazing pain? It must give him a thrill and I suspect it's a sexual one.

Fuck him.

I start to masturbate again.

I can hear Penny crying and turn to see that he has her up on the kitchen counter, up doggy style with her bum high and her head low - she's holding herself up on her hands, her elbows bent.

"Arch your back." he commands her and she does. He presses his face in the crack of her bum and starts working her with his mouth and tongue. There's no way Penny has ever felt anything like that before, and it must shock her because she stops crying and her mouth and eyes open wide in surprise.

"Gotta love that virgin pussy and asshole." he mutters and laughs, then nuzzles into her again.

It doesn't take long before Penny starts to like it.

As I watch her I see the little signs; her face softens; her eyelids droop a little; I see her belly tighten then pooch out depending on what he's doing with his tongue. After a bit she closes her eyes and lowers her face until her forehead rests on the counter top. Now she's breathing through her mouth and nose - a sure sign she's consentrating on the feelings in her body.

And as I'm watching, I'm playing with myself and the pain is blending with some sexual feelings stirring inside me again. In the midst of feeling bruised and fragile inside, I'm starting to feel good sexually.

I reach lower and bend my wrist, carefully sliding my middle two fingers into my cunt again. My g-spot is sore, but it's still engorged and it feels good as I gently massage it. I hook my fingers inside me and start to work myself - going easy at first.

I hear Penny whimper and look over at her again. Her cheeks are flushed and it looks like she's getting ready to cum. He's really eating her out, sucking and licking and fucking her with his tongue. Holy shit! Penny starts playing with her nipples and making desperate little mewling sounds. She makes a cute little slut.

My own nipples are tight now and I can feel my mucus starting to dilute the blood that keeps pulsing out of my cunt. I start frigging myself in earnest - why not? I'm dying anyway, might as well go out with an orgasm if I can.

He now ups the ante and pulls his face away and slides a finger into Penny's cunt and I can tell he's curling it and frigging her with it inside. Penny cries out and starts quivering and squirming as she learns about her own g-spot. Yep - she's cumming for sure.

He looks at me and smiles.

"And how are you doing over there, firecracker?"

"... good ..." I manage.

"Gunna cum after your little adventure?" he keeps working Penny's cunt as she squirms and twists on the counter, still in the doggy position but barely holding it together as she experiences her first orgasm with a man frigging her. Her knee slips off the edge and he steadies her until she gets it back under her.

"... I think so ... gunna let me?" I suddenly feel so fucking dreamy - it's like we're lovers or something. Must be the blood loss.

"Yeah." he grins and frigs Penny harder, making her squeal, "I'm a little tied up with buttercup here to stop you."

As I finger fuck myself I notice that my belly is swelling more - it's starting to feel tight like a sausage. That's bad internal bleeding. I'm done for, for sure. At least I'm not puking it up like Cassie. But even still, I figure I'm down to minutes now.

I start pumping my fingers into myself faster and I have the perverse thought that I'd like the gun back so I could fuck myself with it again. And the pre-orgasmic feelings are starting to build inside me - gently, but they're getting stronger.

And I'm starting to feel an odd sensation - a coldness that is growing inside my belly. At first I think it's just a fear reaction to what is happening - to me knowing I'm going to die. But after a few minutes it is spreading to my thighs and breasts. I realize that this is what it feels like when your body starts to die. A wash of shiverbumps cover my body from my crotch to my breasts - I need to cum soon ... be fore it's too late.

I hear Penny cry out in pain. I turn and see he's pressing the barrel of his revolver into her asshole. She squirms and grimaces, gritting her teeth and hissing. But once the sharp sight is inside her and he slides it deep, she softens and lets out a little quivery sigh.

"That's a good girl." he coos, like he's training a dog that he loves.

He starts fucking her with it - nice and slow. Penny whimpers.

"You like how that feels, buttercup?"

Penny makes a mewling sound.

"Answer him, Penny." I say softly, still fucking myself - feeling my belly swelling more and getting tighter each minute. And feeling the shiverbumps that remind me I'm dying.

"... y-yes ..."

"Glad to hear it." he says with a smile and I see his hand tense.

"No!" I call out, but it's too late.


Penny's body is jolted hard by the burst inside her - it drives her forward and she hitsh her head on the cupboard door. Like Mindy and me before her, I see Penny's belly bloat hard and violently and she lets out a deep guttural grunt.

Her knees come together and her toes curl - he steadies her with his free hand, keeping the gun inside her with the other. Her eyes are squeezed shut and her mouth is open and working - her tongue sticking out and wriggling there like a little pink worm.

She coughs hard and I see little droplets of spittle splatter on the white counter. I wonder if the bullet drove up into her lung or her stomach.

"ngha!" she makes that 'I'm-going-to-puke" sound, slapping the counter top with the flat of her right hand, trying to make the gagging stop. He moves from behind her to beside her so he can watch her whole body - wrapping his free arm around her thighs and keeping the gun in her ass.

"Come on, babygirl." he says like they're playing a game, "Let's see what you got."

Penny is squirming, twisting, but he holds her in the doggy position - I guess it's the perfect stance for sadists dealing with puking girls. I see her stomach bulge a bit then tighten, and I hear a deep liquid gurgling and her body curls like a dog's does when it's sick.

"... mlrph ..." Penny pukes up a creamy looking liquid paste that is streaked with blood. Pie and milk - we had banana cream pie and milk for a snack just before he showed up. And the streaks of blood tell me the bullet penetrated her stomach. She gasps, then more deep gurgling and her body heaves again.

"...urgph ..." and she opens her mouth wider and up comes a rush of thick dark blood that spews from her open lips and puddles under her face. She keeps gagging and heaving, her face a grimace, her body squirming in his grip. She coughs and heaves again and lets go a long liquid, gurgling burp and I swear a wisp of smoke comes out of her mouth - her belly is bloated with gunpowder gasses and I guess some just released.

"Nice!" he sounds like he just won a carnival game, "Keep going, darlin'."

And Penny does - she can't help it, that is plain.

Her stomach must be filling with blood as fast as she can puke it up. I watch as she cycles - her body curls and she pukes hard, adding to her puddle on the counter, back straightening then and her belly going slack for a moment as she gasps, then more wet gurgling and that sicking-up-dog movement and another flood of blood flowing from her mouth.

And lord help me it's turning me on to watch her body do that. But the cold feeling is growing stronger inside me - my thighs and bum are starting to feel cold and weak. I have to cum! I just have to! I can't die with no pleasure out of this torture - there has to be something for me.

My desperation grows and my fingers are flying now, hammering my g-spot and the sexual tension is growing inside me like a guitar string being tightened past its breaking point. Wet squishy sounds coming from my cunt and my thighs are shaking bad now, my flabby thighs slapping wetly on the tabletop in the growing puddle of my own blood. I wonder which will win? Orgasm or death?

My eyes are on Penny. Her body curls ... more gurgling ... puked blood flowing out of her open mouth in thick clots. It's flooded the counter top and dripping thickly down the edges onto the floor.

I feel the throbbing of my g-spot, and the tingles are starting in my thigh muscles and my bum - adding to both my sexual excitement and the spreading coldness. I am panting again, making small desperate mewling sounds. My belly is so swollen and so tight. I'm feeling really lightheaded and the room is starting to tilt.


So close!

Penny ... gurgling ... curling ... puking. Oh fuck, will she ever run out of blood?

Tingles racing across my belly now. I feel my feet turn inward and my toes curl. Fingers flying inside me - wet squishy sounds - I'm loose and open and oh-so-ready.

"How you doin' over there, firecracker?"

"... gunna cum ..." my voice is weak and frantic and eager once more - I sound like a whore. I don't care - I need this, oh lord, I need this. The cold is creeping up my back, and my face is starting to tingle. Please-please-please-please ... I finger fuck myself faster and faster - my breathing jagged and quavering.




CUMMING! My body seizes, my thighs clamping down on my hand, trapping it in my crotch. My last vision is of Penny's body curling hard and puking up another gurgling rush of blood. I squeeze my eyes shut and I roll onto my side, my body contorting around the orgasm that is exploding inside my belly. Fuck, it's a good one - thankyou-thankyou-thankyou-thankyou! The pain and orgasm are all mixed in together - there's that deep-belly cramping part of my orgasm and there's the tingles that flow like electricity through the big muscles of my thighs, through my clenched bum, up through my belly and into my breasts. It feels like there should be sparks jetting out of my hard, tight nipples. And the rush of orgasm washes the coldness away.


Cumming ...

cumming ...

It feels like it will never stop, which is fine by me. My body jerking and twitching, my legs shaking wildly - I hope it carries on until I die. It begins to feel like it's a dream - a dream of darkness containing only me lost in a never ending orgasm. So sweet.

It seems like all of a sudden everything has gone calm and quiet but I'm aware that time has passed. I'm laying still, my body relaxed and spent - I feel like I kind of flopped in this position on the table. I must have passed out.

I don't open my eyes because I feel really dizzy and weak and sick and my stomach is so bloated that I'm afraid if I open my eyes and see the room spinning, I'll throw up. And I don't want to go out like Penny or Cassie, puking up all my life's blood. Or even puking up pie and milk and smoke.

What woke me up was him stroking my body - my breasts, my belly, my mound, my long legs. He's back with me now, so Penny must be dead.

Why the fuck am I lasting so long?

I feel him lift my legs, his hands hooked behind each knee. He pulls me toward the edge of the table, my bum smearing through the sticky puddle of blood until it's at the edge of the table. Then he lifts my legs and opens my thighs wide, pushing them back toward my shoulders. Oh lord, that puts so much pressure on my belly - I feel liquid rising in my throat. I feel his cock at my cunt and he leans into me - sliding into me. I feel him deep.

No foreplay for me this time. He just starts fucking me.

Thrusting ...

Thrusting ...

Thrusting ...

My body is jolted with each thrust and I stay limp. My head is turned to the side facing the counter, so I must have passed out trying to watch Penny. I risk opening my eyes a slit and there she is; She is still in the doggy position - sort of. Her arms are stretched out under her, her upturned palms between her open thighs. Her knees have slumped apart a lot, but her bum is still raised. Her chest and face are flat on the counter in the puddle of blood, but her face is turned toward me. Her eyes are open and staring at me, her mouth open, but slack now. She looks peaceful and just as cute dead as she was alive.

I wonder if she heard me cumming and turned to watch me in her final seconds.

It doesn't matter.

I close my eyes. He keeps thrusting.

Thrusting ...

Thrusting ...

Thrusting ...

Distantly I hear him growl and feel him shuddering between my thighs. I try to concentrate to see if I can feel him cumming inside me, but there's nothing.

Nothing ...