The Dying Game

by Erotickynk

Her Daddy was the coroner for the county so she was used to being around death. Brittney grew up overhearing the hushed conversations between Mom and Dad as he unburdened himself in late night conversations when they thought their daughter was asleep. The victims of car wrecks, the frequent gang murders, and less frequent domestic murders. Brittney heard enough to know all the gruesome details.

But the Swan Neck Killings were different. There was a sexual serial killer loose in the county, and so far his victims numbered 11. Each was a young woman or teen and each body was found dumped on the side of the long winding Swan Neck River. What made these murders different she first discovered in the snatches of conversation she overheard as she lay on the floor of her bedroom, her ear pressed against the heating vent;

"... how could they be willing, Dave?" she'd heard her Mom say louder than the usual hushed tones they used during these talks, and heard Dad whisper and Mom lowering her voice.

"... sexual ..."

"... no defensive wounds ..."

"... orgasms ..." she heard the low murmuring tones of her Dad's voice. The snippets of their conversation made Brittney's skin tingle and awakened a strong enough curiosity for Brittney to start to visit her Dad's office after school a few days a week until she could get her hands on the autopsy files.

It wasn't difficult to do. Brittney arrived one day knowing her Dad was going to be at a live press conference at the City Hall along with the Chief of Detectives and the Mayor. Brittney had feigned disappointment and the receptionist set her up in Dad's office with a cup of hot chocolate and the TV on so she could watch the press conference live. As soon as the receptionist was out the door, Brittney had quietly knocked it so she wouldn't be surprised then opened Dad's filing cabinet. The Swan Neck file was the first one she found.

That the press conference was broadcast live was perfect - Brittney would know how long she had before Dad got back. So, with her Dad in turn answering questions and standing beside the Chief of Detectives, Brittney opened the autopsy reports and read. They all contained similar notations;

... Cause of Death: Shock and massive blood loss due to abdominal wound ... No defensive wounds ... ... injection sites ... ... toxic levels of synthesized endorphins ... ... manual vaginal penetration ... ... manual anal penetration ...

And on a side flap of the main file was a post-it note with her Dad's handwriting: 'Orgasm?!?' it read.

The autopsy photographs made Brittney shiver. Each girl was pretty. Each bore no evidence of violence beside their belly being cut open from their sex to their sternum. They all looked like they were simply asleep.

Since that day, Brittney found she couldn't get her mind off the Swan Neck girls. She would think about them all day in her classes, and at night she would lay awake in bed, masturbating as she imagined how a girl would allow a man to cut her open like that, and how it could feel good enough to trigger an orgasm.

Brittney also learned that all of the girls were last seen at one of three nature parks in the city, and extra patrols were set up to keep an eye out. One of the parks was a hang-out for Brittney and her friends, but since the killings began, they had stopped going there after being forbidden by their parents. From then on they did their pot smoking and making out behind the old wheel factory.

One Saturday while walking home from a girlfriend's house, Brittney decided to walk through that park. She found herself looking over her shoulder as she walked the trails, and when she walked along the narrow one-way road that wound through the park, she would look into each car that passed by. The thought of one of them being driven by the killer sent tingles across her belly.

Brittney decided she liked the thrill of danger.

Starting the next Monday, Brittney would wear the sexiest outfits her Mom and the school dress code would allow her to get away with; Tight leggings under short skirts, loose tops with wide necks that 'just happened' to slip off her shoulder, and her ankle boots with the chains on them. Day after day Brittney walked home through the park, playing her thrilling game and each night would lay in bed and masturbate as she replayed the game only with the serial killer working her body in exquisitely painful ways that always ended with her orgasming as she died.

They found the twelfth girl on the bank of the Swan Neck River three weeks into Brittney's game. It chilled Brittney to the core - the girl had been taken at a nature park very near the one she played her game in. Brittney vowed to stop playing her game as she read the newspaper article about the girl while she sat ignoring her breakfast the following morning.

But the game was thrilling, and after a few days it drew her back.

It was a beautiful May afternoon as Brittney sat on a bench near a pond in her park and sipped her Coke Big Gulp. She was wearing her tight jeans that clung to her legs, narrow hips and small bottom, her chain boots and a loose top that draped off her shoulder and down her chest so if she turned just the right way, she could reveal just enough of her pale cleavage to turn the boys on.

She'd only seen a couple of people on her walk and had been passed by three cars - one of them a police cruiser.

Brittney finished her coke, chasing the last few drops around the bottom of the cup with her straw and stood up, dropping it into the round garbage can by the bench. As a Parks Board maintenance truck idled past her and slid to a stop in the pullout up ahead, Brittney saw that the driver was a handsome young man with shoulder length brown hair. A Coke burp surprised her and she giggled.

"Oops. Sexy, huh?" she said out loud, as she watched the van pull to a stop and the Parks Board guy get out, turning back toward her.

"Miss?" he smiled as he waited by the van for her to walk to him, "Did that Policeman that just drove through here talk to you?"

"No." Brittney answered.

"The police want the park cleared. You know what's going on, right?" he asked.

"Yeah. The killer guy." Brittney answered. Up close the Parks Board guy was even cuter than she thought. 'His teeth are so white', she thought to herself.

"That's right. Are you meeting someone?"

"No. Just walking home."

"Okay, but they asked me to make sure that everyone was out of the park. As far as I can tell, you're the last one. If you want to hop in I can give you a ride out." the Parks Board guy tilted his head, "Or ... if you're nervous I can just cruise along behind you and make sure you get out safe."

Before Brittney could answer, he put his hand out and said; "I'm James Seagrave, by the way."

Brittney shook his hand, "Brittney Mitchell. And I'll take the ride if that's okay."

"Cool, hop in." James said as he climbed back into the driver's seat. When Brittney opened the passenger door she was surprised to see that there wasn't a seat there. James laughed.

"Sorry ... Brittney, right? We're really not allowed to carry passengers so you'll have to sit in the back." Brittney looked and saw a couple of large sacks of lawn seed so she climbed in and sat there.

"I'll drive slow so you're safe." James said as he looked at her in the rear view mirror and pulled out onto the road.

James and Brittney made small talk as he drove them slowly along the winding road through the park - What high school Brittney attended, which one he graduated from, what astrological signs the were, and so on.

As they talked, Brittney grew tired of talking to the back of his head and made her way forward, sitting on the floor on the passenger side with her back to the dashboard. Their talk got around to partying and James asked if she smoked pot.

"Yeah, well duh, I'm a teenager." Brittney laughed.

"Anything heavier?" James asked as he made a slow turn.

"I've done 'e' a couple times."

"Did you like it?"

"Fuck yeah ... it's a major body high." Brittney answered, wondering if James was humouring her, just thinking she was just another teenage bimbo. Or if he was trying to get with her.

"Hey," James said conspiratorially, looking around through the windows and into the mirrors, "If you're into it, I've got something even better. It's safe because it's just stuff that your body makes anyway."

"What is it?" she asked as James swung the truck to the right and suddenly the light around her dimmed. Brittney looked up and saw that James had pulled into a large barn-like building.

"I have to leave the van here." James explained as he turned the truck off, "We can take my car from here." But instead of getting out, James sat and gazed down at her, still smiling his perfect smile.

"So, you interested in trying something new?"

"I asked you what it was but you didn't tell me."

"You know your body produces 'feel-good' chemicals, right? That's all it is - synthetic endorphins."

Brittney felt a rush through her belly like ice water was flooding her bowels. She swallowed hard, her heart starting to race. She reached for the latch on the passenger door and fumbled with it, her hands shaking badly.

"I need to get out ... I have to pee." and she managed to get out of the truck and took two steps before her terror made her knees gave out and she collapsed onto the sawdust floor of the barn. She sat with her legs folded under her and her arms supporting her as she heard James' door open and slam and heard him approaching. She found herself feeling short of breath, panting in terror, her head hanging and her hair framing her face. Brittney's tummy rolled and she vomited a spasm of Coke up onto the sawdust beside her.

"Whoa, girl." James said as he knelt beside her and brushed her hair back with his fingers, holding it behind her head. Brittney felt her tummy convulse again and vomited the rest of her Coke up, then spat. She made a pitiful moaning sound.

"You're not well, Brittney." James said, stroking her back. Brittney swallowed and made a wet weak sound.

"You're him." she gasped.

"Him who?" James asked, then his expression changed, appearing concerned "Him as in the killer?"

Brittney nodded, "He uses synthetic endorphins."

"Oh you poor sweet kid." James said gently, gathering her into his arms and holding her. And for a minute, Brittney started to believe she was wrong, that he was going to say he wasn't the killer, that it was just a coincidence. Then he said; "None of the others knew until they were feeling too good to care. The injection does that."

Brittney shuddered in his arms.

"You must be terrified." James said soothingly as he stroked her arms, "Tell me, Brittney ... How did you know about the endorphins?"

"M-m ... my Dad is the Coroner." Brittney managed then began to cry. James made soothing sounds and held her as they sat on the sawdust floor, "Shhhh, baby, it's going to be okay." Moments passed.

"Brittney?" James said softly, reaching under her chin and lifting it like a lover would, "Look at me. Come on, look up."

Brittney raised her chin and looked up into James' eyes.

"We're going to do this as gently as we can, okay?"

"No. no, no, no, no, no ..."

"Come on, sweetie." James said as he rose and hooked his hands under her armpits and lifted her to her feet, "Come on, it's not too far." and now was supporting her by holding her upper arms as they walked to a stall filled with hay and atop it a large oilskin canvass tarp. Brittney's thighs were weak and her coordination out of whack and knew she couldn't walk on her own if she tried.

"Please don't ... please ... I don't want to die ... I-don't ... I-don't ... I-don't ..." she pleaded.

"I know, sweetheart." James said as he guided her into the stall and laid her down on the tarp and sat down beside her. Brittney crossed her arms in front of her chest and rolled onto her side, drawing her knees up, weeping as James pulled a small case from his shirt pocket and fixed two syringes filled with clear liquid. He laid them on the tarp.

"Come here." James said gently and rolled her toward him, stretching out her thin legs, holding her, stroking her back, "After you get the shot things will be better. You won't feel as scared. And you'll be on an amazing body high."

"... please ... I don't want to ..." Britney whimpered, her crying fading along with her hopes.

"Sure you do." James said with confidence, "That's why you were in the park."

James laid her back down so she rested on her back and picked up one of the syringes. He pressed up on her chin, stretching her throat out - still being gentle as a lover.

"Look up at the ceiling now, hon." James said as he found her jugular and pressed the needle deep, drawing a bit of blood then depressing the plunger, injecting all of the fluid into her. Brittney jumped as she felt the prick of the needle.

"This isn't happening." she whined.

James withdrew the syringe and lifted her hand, guiding one finger to the pinprick on her throat.

"Press down." he told her then covered the used needle, placing it back in his shirt pocket.

"We'll save the second one for when things get wild." James said softly as he stroked her bare arms, "Shhhhh ... just let it happen, baby."

"Are you going to fuck me?" Brittney asked, wondering how long the endorphins would take and how strong it would feel.

"No, sweetheart. I can't fuck you. My equipment doesn't work." James smiled, "That's why I do this."

Soon Brittney felt a warmth spread through her thighs and lower legs. Then felt it spread to her bottom and her belly, her back and her breasts, her face. She felt the tension leave her body. Her neck cracked as it relaxed.

"You're feeling it aren't you?" James whispered as he stroked her body through her top, then slid his hand under to stroke the bare soft flesh of her belly, working his hand higher and under her bra to finger her nipples, feeling them swelling and tightening.

Brittney's lips parted and she started breathing - 'sexy breathing' her friends called it. She didn't fight James' hand as it reached under her and unsnapped her bra. He then lifted her top up, sliding it over her head - her lifting her arms to let him. Then he slid her bra off. Brittney felt as though she was growing lighter. She closed her eyes and felt herself slowly falling backward as though she was sinking into the tarp

"Why were you in the park, Brittney?" James asked, smiling, kissing her nipples, her chest, her face, her ear.

"It was ... thrilling."

"To risk meeting me?"

"Yes." her voice soft as a feather, feeling so sensual, her body so alive.

His hand was now slipping under the waistband of her jeans, sliding down over the hollow of her lower belly under her panties to cup her mound. Brittney's breath caught in her throat. James massaged her vulva, feeling her labia swelling, opening, her wetness oozing over his fingers.

"Did you fantasize about meeting me?"

"Yes." Brittney was floating in a world of sensual feelings.

"Did it excite you?"

"Yes." Brittney felt herself opening under his fingers, loosening. Sweet tension building between her thighs.

"Open your jeans, sweetheart." James murmured in her ear. Brittney reached down with arms that felt light as air and unsnapped her jeans and unzipped them. She then lifted her bottom and slid her jeans and panties down over her hips.

"When you imagined us together, what were you doing?"

"Masturbating." Brittney opened her eyes, but the world was a swirl of confusing colours and shapes, so she closed them again.

"And what was I doing to you, sweet girl?"

"Cutting my belly open." and Brittney moaned after she said it, a throb of fear under her arousal.

James kissed his way down her belly as he slipped two fingers into her vagina, curling them and finding her g-spot. He hooked her there and massaged firmly. Brittney arched her back as a flood of sensation rushed through her lower belly.

"O-o-o-o-o-ohhh" Brittney moaned as her orgasm took her.

"That's a good girl." James said softly, her lower muscles clenching tight on his fingers. When they loosened once more he added a third finger.

"... oh my ..." Brittney sighed. James added a fourth and pressed upward slowly but firmly.

Brittney felt herself stretched open and his fingers - his sweet fingers - wriggled inside her. Her second orgasm came out of nowhere and hit her hard.

"Cumming!" she cried out, her head and shoulders lifting off the tarp, her belly clenching tight, her toes curling inside her boots.

James held his hand tight inside her as she rode her orgasm and as she calmed he gently slid his fingers out of her and ran his fingertips down the crease of her small tight bottom. Brittney wriggled, trying to get out of her tight jeans which were keeping her thighs together. James helped push them down and Brittney kicked off her boots and jeans then settled back down, this time with her thighs open.

"I think we should get more adventurous." James said, kissing her mound.

"... more? ..." Brittney sighed and smiled, stretching like a cat, squirming on the tarp. Then she felt one finger press in against her anus. Normally, Brittney would pull away if a boy touched her there, but now ... now she relaxed and felt his finger slide inside her rectum.

"Does that feel good, sweetheart?"

"... mmmm ... Yes ..." Brittney was feeling the beginning tingles of another orgasm.

"How about this, baby girl?" James asked as he slid a second and third finger into her tight anus, pressing inward, feeling her sphincter resist.

"... hurts ..." Brittney sighed, but didn't pull away.

"The hurt is nice isn't it, sweetie?"

"... yes ..." Brittney began to gasp once more as her anus tingled and suddenly felt loose, "... cumming! ..." and her hips bucked as she came on his fingers. And James continued to work her and pull orgasm after orgasm out of her. Soon he returned to her vagina.

"Let's see how far we can go." James said as he pressed four fingers back inside her vagina, "How much can you take, sweet girl?"

"... lots ..." Brittney breathed softly, her arms over her head now, her slim body wet with sweat, hair plastered to her flushed face. James slid his thumb into the pocket his fingers made.

"Lots." James repeated and smiled, "You are such a good girl, Brittney. You are the best girl I've had."

"... your best girl? ..."

"Oh yes, sweetie." James said as he drew his knees under him for leverage, "Now ... take a deep breath for me."

Brittney drew a deep breath and slowly let it out and James pressed up hard. Brittney moaned and covered her face with her arms, covering her eyes. The pressure in her crotch was huge, but she could feel another orgasm being held back by the pressure and pain.

As Brittney continued to breathe deeply, James timed his upward pressure along with each exhalation, pressing up firmly, feeling her vagina opening by degrees. Brittney opened and closed her thighs as James worked her sex, her breathing becoming more frantic and hoarser the deeper his fingers reached, the wider she stretched.

"How do you feel, sweetheart?"

"... hurts ... good ..." Brittney gasped then moaned. She could hear herself almost as though she was a spectator, her wonton sexuality shocking part of her. But the feelings were just too good to stop.

James continued working her until he felt the time was right. Then he pushed hard. Brittney moaned loudly and squirmed, twisting her slim body, lifting her tight bottom off the tarp. Brittney felt a 'plop' and felt his hand slip inside her, his fingers curling into a fist and it driving against her cervix. She felt the shockwave right up through her core.

"... ngghhhh-gawd ..." she groaned as her belly swallowed his entire hand and she flopped back down onto the tarp. James started to roll his wrist and pull his hand back against the tight band of muscle, then press deep. Brittney panted and her belly tightened as she orgasmed again.

"... oh gawd ..." Brittney gasped as she came down and her vagina relaxed. She gasped as she felt James grasp the neck of her cervix and begin to milk it. More orgasms followed until the nerves in Brittney's sex were raw and every movement was overwhelming. She could feel the heat radiating from her loins and the slickness on the inside of her thighs.

"... no-more .. no-more-no-more-no-more ..." Brittney panted and like a good lover, James stopped. Brittney relaxed and just breathed as James slowly eased his hand out of her. She felt him move up on the tarp and press his body against hers, holding her, stroking her arms and belly.

"I think the endorphins are wearing off. Still feel good, sweetie?"

"mhmm." Brittney murmured, then felt James lifting her chin again and felt the prick of the second needle in her throat.

James' lips were close to her ear, she could and hear his breathing and feel his warm breath.

"It's time, baby." he said gently.

It took a few seconds for Brittney's orgasm-addled brain to realize what it was time for.

"nooooo" she whined and squirmed on the tarp as he held her.

"Sh-sh-sh-sh-shhhhh" James made the soft soothing sound, "It'll be okay. You'll feel the endorphins in a few seconds."

"I don't want to die."

"I know, baby ... but it can't be helped."

Brittney soon grew lost as another flood of endorphins made her again feel like she was sinking and her body experienced rushes of sensations. Wild waves of tingling washed over her skin and she became aware of her internal organs as they functioned within her. Everything was erotic and everything was amplified. She shivered as she felt the peristalsis in her bowels, the flow from her kidneys to her bladder. Even her heartbeat was a sensual throb in her chest. Words from a report flashed through her mind: 'toxic levels of synthesized endorphins' and she giggled - 'toxic' -she was being poisoned by pleasure.

Brittney hadn't been aware that James had moved until she felt her head and shoulders being lifted and she found her upper body cradled in James' lap, her head against his chest, his knees on either side of her ribcage. She opened her eyes and saw the shimmer of the knife in James' hand.

"... let's not, please ..." and felt James' belly moving as he laughed softly.

"Oh, you're so sweet. I'm going to miss you."

"... please? ..."

James leaned forward, curling Brittney's torso, his chest pressing against the back of her head, pressing her chin down against her own chest. He held the knife in both hands, the sharp edge toward her. He lowered the tip until it lightly touched her mound.

Despite the swirling colours, lights and shadows, Brittney kept her eyes half open, staring at the knife, watching her tummy rise and fall as she breathed.

"Now you tell me if this doesn't feel wonderfully intense." James said as he pressed down with the knife. Brittney watched as the tip dimpled her skin, then popped though, sliding easily until it scraped the upper edge of her pubic bone and found the thin band of muscle.

Brittney's breath caught in her throat and her mouth opened as she felt the pinpoint of sensation of the blade's penetration as it sunk into her. Her thighs slowly closed and her toes pointed inward as the tip found her bladder. She felt it burst and flood her insides.

"... oh shit ..." she managed to gasp breathlessly as the blade penetrated her vagina, cleaving through her g-spot, a wave of pre-orgasmic sensations rushing through her belly.

Then James was pulling it upward, sawing, opening her, slicing her uterus, her large intestine, her bowels, liver. She felt her anus open and smelled the blood and the faint sweetness of shit. Brittney lifted her arms and pressed her hands tight against James' knees, trying to lift herself away from the blade but she was tight against James' body. She could feel his muscles working as he opened her belly.

Brittney squeezed her eyes shut and cried out wordlessly and soon felt the blade scrape against her sternum. She opened her eyes in time to see him remove the knife, the skin and muscle of her belly peeling back and her intestines squirming and uncoiling, lifting up out of her. Her body started to quiver uncontrollably.

"Spread your legs, Brittney." James' voice was harsher than it had been, "That cut was for me. This last cut is just for you."

Brittney knew she was dying so she opened her trembling thighs. Why not?

James reached down with the knife and laid the sharp edge against her clitoris and with one swift move sliced it in two.

Brittney felt the most intense sexual sensation in her life burn her clitoris and travel like red hot lightening up through her core. She felt as though she had been impaled by the most intense sexual agony she could imagine. She must have screamed and squirmed, because James' hand was over her mouth and he was holding her tight as she struggled in his arms.

Slowly ... ever so slowly the sensation and the accompanying orgasm faded. And soon Brittney found herself in James' tight embrace as her body calmed and grew still. He was speaking softly to her but she couldn't make sense of the words - she only heard his soothing tones. Brittney stared at the inside of the stall and saw a large plastic garbage can with an open lid and knew that he would put her body inside it once she was dead and drive her to Swan Neck river and dump her body.

'I'm sorry, Daddy.' Brittney thought as she closed her eyes.

She had played the dying game and lost.