Drug Mule

by Erotickynk

Melanie figured that the bag had started leaking inside her belly as the plane was winging its way over Southern California. She even knew when the bag had split. Marco had assured her that each packet of heroin had been compressed within double wrapped condoms and had very little air inside. But as the plane gained altitude after take-off and the cabin pressure decreased, she could feel the packets expanding in her stomach and lower bowel, making her already pregnant looking abdomen swell further. She'd found the sensation quite erotic and had reclined her seat and stroked her belly like any four month pregnant woman would.

Melanie started to feel the effects of the leaking heroin by the time they were over Frisco. It began as a sweet warmth that spread through her core and loins then her thighs and bottom. At first she didn't realize that it was the heroin, thinking that she was just getting an unusually strong case of the hornies from the expanded packets inside her.

Mel had laid back in her seat and squeezed her thighs together as the good feelings began, but soon they grew too strong to be natural she'd felt a cold fear rush through her as she realized that at least one of the bags inside her gut had burst. 'Stay calm', she had told herself as her fear and anxiety started to build. She thought it out and came to the conclusion that the bag couldn't have burst - each packet was thicker than a man's thumb and almost as long. That much pure heroin would have killed her within minutes. The end of one of the double wrapped condoms must have come undone and the inner one must be leaking is all. All she had to do is remain calm until she got to Vancouver and the retrieval could begin. She'd make herself throw up to get rid of anything left inside her.

Melanie had 130 packets of heroin inside her body. Marco had managed to press 80 inside her bowels, one by one, then she had began the arduous task of swallowing the remaining 50 using small shots of olive oil to make them slide down. The result was a rounder midsection and a distinct bulge in her belly that she had passed off as a four month pregnancy. That got her out of the x-ray body scan at the airport and had elicited smiles from most of the security and airline staff she'd encountered.

By the time the plane was winging over Seattle, Melanie felt quite sick despite the slow orgasmic feelings radiating from her abdomen. She'd got her unsteady legs under her and made her way to the bathroom. One of the stewardesses steadied her by supporting her right arm and had asked if she was allright.

"Just feeling airsick." Melanie had managed as the stewardess helped her into the bathroom and closed the door for her. Melanie had braced herself and leaned over the sink, feeling her belly expanding inside her and opened her mouth and throat. With no effort at all, a long rope of foamy white vomit had slid up her throat and over her tongue to slide into the stainless bowl of the sink. 'I'm in trouble' Melanie had thought to herself. The sweet bliss of the heroin was coming on stronger now and her legs felt warm and liquid under her. Pulling her cel out of her purse, Melanie hit a number and 'send'. When Nance had answered, Melanie said;

"Nance. a bag must have split. I think I'm overdosing." Nance had told her they would get her out of the airport as soon as they could once she landed.

Melanie had made her way back to her seat, feeling a little less high after throwing up. She lay back in her seat and closed her eyes.

Melanie knew she was behind schedule and Nance had told her that Hector was furious with the three girl outfit, threatening to kill all three of them if the heroin wasn't delivered within an hour after touchdown. Melanie had volunteered to be the mule on this first trip out leaving Nance and Samantha to keep Hector happy. But Hector had grown unhappy being without his money and his dope. It had been partially Marco's fault for fucking up the first pick up, then Melanie had had a rough time the first attempt at getting the packets into her body.

Melanie had laid face down on the bed in the cheap hotel room as Marco pressed packet after packet past her anus and deep into her rectum, but he couldn't make them slide past the sphincter at the top of her rectum into her large colon. Only thirty four bags would fit before Melanie started experiencing strong cramps. They kept trying, but Melanie just couldn't take more and so Marco let her expel the packets and had tried again the next day after Melanie had given herself a series of hot enemas to loosen the internal sphincters in her bowels. This time it had worked and Melanie could feel the odd sensation of the packets slipping out of the top of her rectum to pack tightly in her colon. It had taken over an hour to insert the 80 packets rectally and Melanie had started getting turned on by the tightness in her lower belly. When she honestly couldn't take anymore, she had started taking small sips of olive oil and swallowing the last thirty packets.

Swallowing had been easier than she thought it would. All she had to do was think of swallowing cock and the process became a sexual one for her, she even let Marco fuck her slowly as he fed her the last ten packets, sometimes reaching deep into her throat with his fingers to push them down. Melanie found gagging on his fingers and feeling the packets sliding into her gut very erotic.

By the time the plane was descending into Vancouver, Melanie found her world a swirling blur of sexual sensation mixed with a surface numbness. When the stewardesses noted her paleness and disoriented appearance, Melanie faked it and complained of feeling very sick - perhaps food poisoning. The stewardesses escorted her off the plane first and another attendant whisked her down through customs in a wheelchair. Luckily Nance was already there and convinced the customs people that Melanie needed to be fast-tracked and would be taken right to the hospital, citing her 'pregnancy' as the need for haste. Within a few minutes Melanie became aware of the warm moist Vancouver air on her face as Nance and Samantha were helping her to her feet and into the side door of a van.

"I'm in trouble." Melanie whimpered, unable to get her legs under her, crawling onto the floor of the van. She found that the middle seat had been removed and that a tarp and blanket were spread on the floor and a large plastic wash basin and a plastic bucket sat behind the driver's seat. Melanie felt Nance climb past her and sit on the rearmost seat while Samantha helped her to settle on the floor of the van. The world was tilting now at a crazy angle and it felt like the floor of the van was moving constantly, keeping her off balance. She felt herself falling and wasn't surprised to feel herself hit the floor on her side. As Samantha helped her up into a sitting position on the floor, Melanie saw the knife inside the plastic basin - it was a lino knife; a razor sharp hooked blade with a solid handle. The basin, bucket, and knife all had price tags still on them. Melanie didn't like the presence of the knife and dimly heard Hector's voice then from behind the wheel of the van;

"Bitch is dying." Hector grumbled as he pulled away from the arrivals curb, "O.D."

"Shut up, Hector." Nance hissed at him. Mel found she couldn't find the coordination in her limbs to climb onto the backseat and instead crawled across the floor with Samantha's hands on her waist to help her, grasping the edge of the seat for support as she knelt on the floor, the plastic tarp crackling under her knees.

"Get it out of me." Melanie heard her own voice, weak and complaining, "Please ... please get it all out." Melanie was very high on the heroin inside her, but still felt the sense of urgency to cleanse herself of it to save her life. As good as it felt, Melanie recognized the almost overwhelming bliss as an indicator that she was rapidly approaching death. Nance reached out and guided Melanie's shoulders and head up onto the leather seat. Melanie tucked her arms against her breasts and laid her cheek on the cool leather, the sweat from her cheek making the seat slick. "Help me" Melanie whimpered as Hector pulled out of the airport, "Please help me."

"Fucking do it, bitches." Hector said coldly, eyeing Nance and Samantha in the rearview mirror, "We need to make a delivery that is already a day late. You got to get it out one way or another."

Melanie felt Samantha unbutton her jeans and peel them over her bottom and slide them down her thighs as Nance stroked Melanie's hair and face. Melanie settled with her knees slightly apart, her bottom facing the front of the van and her upper chest resting on the back seat.

"Honey?" Melanie heard Nance's sweet voice and looked up - the world moving in a sickening way as Hector drove through traffic, "You're not going to make it."

"I don't want to die." Melanie whined and pressed her face against the leather, hugging herself tightly. She felt a sick, sinking feeling in her stomach that was more than the nausea caused by the heroin. She felt Samantha tugging at her panties, peeling them away from her bottom, ripping them and pulling them free, baring her bottom and her sex.

"I'm sorry, baby." Nance almost whispered, bending over, hugging Melanie's shoulders as Samantha pushed Melanie's top up to bare her belly. Nance slipped a cord around Melanie's throat, "I can put you out. Make it easier."

"Please don't ..." Melanie whimpered, then cried hopelessly as she felt Samantha position the plastic basin under her belly, "Don't put me out, please."

"Oh honey," Melanie could hear the emotion in Nance's voice, "It'll be easier if I do." and tightened the cord slightly to show Melanie how easy it would be.

"Not yet." Melanie whined, "Please not yet. Please-please-please ..."

"Shhhhhh" Nance hushed Melanie, stroking the tears off her cheek, "Be brave, honey. Just hold on."

Melanie felt Samantha wrap one arm around her hips and hold her tight, then she felt the cold sharp tip of the knife press into the side of her lower belly, in the soft spot inside the wing of her hip bone.

"Push your belly out, Mel." Samantha said, "I want to do this in one cut."

"Oh gawd" Melanie cried out, weeping now. She felt Nance stroking her face, soothing her and became aware of how tight her bra felt, "Undo my bra? Please?"

Melanie felt Nance's hands pull up the back of her top and unhook her bra and pulled it upward so her breasts slipped free of the cups, her erect nipples moving against the texture of her top's fabric.

"Mel, you need to push your belly out." Samantha said again, stroking her hand across the band of tight muscle between Melanie's belly button and her mound.

"Just do it, sweetheart." Nance said softly, "I'll be with you. I won't let you go. And it'll all be over soon." Melanie gave in and let her belly go loose, feeling it bulge and hang down, the pressure in her over-stuffed colon making it easy to do.

"I'm sorry." Samantha whispered and tensed up.

Melanie felt the pressure as the tip of the blade dimpled her soft belly just inside the wing of her hip bone. She felt the sharpness of the tip followed by the 'pop' as it broke through her skin and sliced into the fat before penetrating deep through the band of muscle there.

"mmnnghhhhh" Melanie grunted long and low as she felt the blade pulling hard across her lower belly at the widest spot, halfway between her mound and her belly button. The pain wasn't as sharp as it should have been, and Melanie understood that was due to the massive amount of heroin in her system. She gave silent thanks for small miracles.

Samantha was struggling to pull the sharp blade through the fibrous flat muscles of Melanie's belly and Melanie grit her teeth as she felt the strong pulling. The action of Samantha tugging made her feel like she would throw up, plus it was exciting the peristalsis in her bowels - she could feel them groaning and undulating around the tightly packed heroin packets.

"ungh!" Melanie grunted wetly as Samantha tugged hard on the knife and sliced through under her belly button, "ungh ... oh ..." and gasped with each successive jerk Samantha made to keep the knife moving.

As Samantha made the final cut up to Melanie's opposite hip bone, Mel's mouth opened and she was panting as she hugged herself, pressing down on the seat to keep herself steady.

What pain there was in her belly faded quickly and Melanie was overwhelmed by the foreign sensation of her wound opening. The pressure in her bowels was easing as she felt the hip-to-hip cut opening wider. Inside she felt her intestines start to shift, and move slowly as they expanded and pressed out of her open belly. She was vividly aware of the first coils of intestine as they oozed and slithered from her abdomen and drooped down to hang between her open thighs - thighs that were shaking now. Melanie felt her bladder release and spray and suddenly Samantha's hand was there, covering the flow and letting it rush down between her thighs. Melanie shuddered as it emptied.

"Ngha!" Melanie cried out as she felt Samantha's hand slide inside her and gently pull a tangle of intestine out of her and shuddered hard as she felt it slip down and plop into the basin. She felt her insides shift heavily and gagged, her stomach heaving, her throat making wet sounds as Samantha worked.

Melanie cried out and bit down on the seat leather as she felt Samantha's hands slide inside her once more and pull her large intestine downward through the open slit, pulling it's engorged plumpness out of her. Melanie both felt and heard the loud splat as it flopped into the basin. Melanie groaned as she felt Samantha slide two fingers into her anus and massage there, loosening it, gaping it.

"Go loose now, sweetie" Samantha whispered and Melanie did, feeling the opening and widening of her anus and rectum as a perverse pleasure, "Good girl." Samantha whispered, and returned her hands to her large colon, lifting it and massaging it deeply. And Melanie felt the packets of heroin moving inside her as Samantha worked them toward her rectum. Samantha reached out with one hand and positioned the bucket under Melanie's open thighs. She was squeezing Melanie's colon now, massaging the packets up toward her rectum and Melanie felt the pressure build there then felt them pushed out of her, plopping into the bucket, one after another - Sometimes two or three at a time. The more Samantha massaged out of her the looser her anus got. Melanie concentrated on the sensations of the packets moving through her rectum and the sweet tingling in her nipples as she moved in Nance's lap. During this time Melanie recalled meeting Nance and Samantha only two months ago. The two girls had introduced her to girl-girl sex and their whirlwind affair had made Melanie's head spin. Throughout it they talked about being drug mules and how much money the could make if they did it. Melanie didn't see the manipulation then, but now she understood she had been played - Nance and Samantha had lured her in and convinced her to be the first mule of the trio. Now she understood that Nance and Samantha had never intended to take their turns. Melanie was a patsy. But it was too late now ... now she was here and her belly was open and Samantha was working the packets of heroin out of her and soon she would die. The heroin in her belly helped make the acceptance of this easier to bear.

Soon Melanie's large intestine was emptied.

"There has to be more." she heard Samantha say.

Melanie murmured, her face still pressed against Nance's belly. Nance lifted her face and stroked her cheeks.

"What did you say, honey?" Nance asked

"In my tummy." Melanie slurred, the poison of the heroin gaining control over her, "I swallowed a bunch."

"Well, okay then." she heard Samantha say as she moved the bucket up beside the seat as Nance moved Melanie to the side, to let her rest her upper torso on the bench seat, her face laying flat, her mouth close to the edge. Melanie moaned, realizing what they were going to do.

Melanie was shaking badly now, her body quivering, her thighs muscles jumping and twitching, her teeth chattering. She cried out as she felt Samantha slip her hand inside her belly once more and work it deep. It was such an invasive feeling, so foreign, to have a hand slithering up through her entrails in search of her overstuffed stomach.

Oh Gawd!" Melanie cried out wetly and was rewarded by Nance's soothing touch, stroking her back and her cheek, and then she gasped as she felt Samantha's fingertips touch the sac of her stomach. Despite Samantha's gentle and light touch, Melanie felt her stomach shudder and her throat gag. Her mouth started to water badly and she swallowed desperately.

"Let it happen, honey." Nance's voice was close to her ear and was warm and reassuring. Melanie let her throat go slack - why not? She was dying anyway and the sensations really weren't that bad. She felt Samantha's fingertips tickling her stomach sac and felt it contract firmly inside her, tightening into a tight ball, squeezing the packets within. It was an odd sensation, feeling herself vomit without her belly muscles being part of it, and Melanie marveled at the feeling as the packets slithered up her throat and into her mouth, carried on the white foam of spit and powdered heroin. Melanie parted her lips and worked her tongue to help the large sausages of heroin expelled from her belly to slide out of her mouth to plop into the filling bucket. They came up slowly, wet and lubricated by a white foam from her belly. Melanie realized this wasn't really like vomiting - it was like a slow regurgitation.

After a few moments, Melanie felt herself starved for air and started to squirm, and was relieved as Samantha's fingers grew still inside her. Packets were still stuck in her throat so she gagged a couple up and out and coughed up a third, then drew a deep shuddering breath. The girls let her rest and regain her breath. Melanie calmed, still feeling the pressure in her lower gullet of packets still stuck there.

"Okay?" Nance asked, stroking away the hair that was plastered to Melanie's sweat wet forehead. Melanie nodded and opened her mouth, feeling Samantha's amazing fingers start to tickle again. Her stomach did a slow tight roll and the packets slid up her throat once more, and Melanie thought of Marco feeding them to her just hours ago in that cheap hotel room, and her fantasizing that she was swallowing cock and dreaming of how much money she would split with the two girls who were now killing her.

The packets slipping up her throat soon slowed, and she again felt starved for air. But instead of stopping to give her a break, she felt Samantha's hand wrap around her shrunken stomach and squeeze hard. The last three whole packets slid up her throat and she gagged and coughed them out, then came a flow of more white foam and thet tattered remains of two broken packets. Melanie coughed and choked as Samantha gently slid her hand out of her belly.

"It's over, honey." came Nance's sweet voice and Melanie felt like crying. Then she felt herself being moved and jostled and thought that they were getting ready to dump her body at the side of a road and felt that hopelessness. Instead she found herself on the floor, laying on her side, her legs drawn up, her torso cradled in Nance's arms, her head resting against her friend's breasts. With her insides puddle on the wrinkled blanket and tarp in front of her, she felt Samantha's deft fingers find her cunt and slide inside, quickly locating her g-spot and massaging there. Other fingers found her anus and worked there also. Nance snaked one of her hands inside Melanie's top and played with her nipples.

"Just enjoy, sweetheart. Your work is done." Nance cooed to her s she rocked her gently while Samantha massaged her toward an orgasm.

"Don't let my Daddy see me like this." Melanie whimpered, tears wetting Nance's top.

"Shhhhhh. We won't honey, we won't."


"Yes, I promise. You'll be pretty before he sees your body." Nance assured her.

Melanie turned and pressed her face between Nance's breasts then, feeling the sweetness growing in her cunt, that gentle growing throb as she got close. She felt good. No pain. All pleasure and odd sensations - her growing orgasmic pleasure, the looseness of her belly, the relief that her stomach was now empty at last. She felt her heart fluttering.

"... gunna cum ..." Melanie gasped weakly, slurring her last words and felt Nance's loving warm embrace tighten and Samantha's sweet fingers massaging firmer and faster. But in the end, she didn't. Her body relaxed and she sighed softly as she died peacefully, still reaching for that last orgasm.