Dreams in Which I'm Dying are the Best I've Ever Had

by Erotickynk

Hands cuffed behind my back, the gag tight in my mouth. Overbalanced on my knees as one strong hand holds me up by gripping my pony tail and keeps me from falling face down onto the floor. Drool slipping out under the gag as I make desperate sounds because of the rough handling my body is receiving from my attackers ... my rapists. There are more than three I am sure. My body jerks as my pants are ripped from my hips and pulled down my long legs to tangle my ankles. My panties they don't even bother to remove, they just rip them up the right side and let them cling in a ragged tangle around my left thigh.

My world is a blur of nightmare. Rough hands parting the round globes of my bottom and I hear someone spit and then a hand is rubbing the spit into my pussy. I make a loud sound, knowing what is about to happen and receive a sharp slap on my right buttock as a punishment.

The first cock presses hard against my labia, the man roughly moving it, trying to spread his pre-cum to lubricate his way into my body and doing that he finds my own wetness and laughs when he does.

One hard thrust and he is in me ... filling me ... fucking me ... bruising my insides. He groans and slams me hard and I feel his cock jetting ropes of cum into belly. Number two follows and despite the pain and humiliation I start to feel sexually aroused as he fucks me. Then he too cums inside me and it's number three's turn.

My pussy is burning now, over-used and abused. When number three pumps his seed into my belly the hand clutching my hair lets go and I fall face first onto the floor, my bottom still raised high. This has to be number four and when he grips my hips in his strong hands and digs his fingers into the crease of my thighs, he slams his cock into me and fucks me like he is punishing me. I start to sob from the pain and that only makes them laugh. And when at last he too cums he pushes me onto the floor and I roll onto my side and draw my knees up as high as I can.

The first kick lands hard in my crotch and the impact sends shockwaves up my core and causes me to stretch my legs out to prevent a second kick there. The second kick lands square in my lower belly. The third thuds into my back above my kidneys. Then the kicks rain down on my body ... I hear ribs cracking ... tissue inside me ripping ... my world becoming a sea of pain ad brutality. I feel my stomach roll inside me and I taste blood.

The first kick to my head starts a high-pitched whine in my ears and the room tilts sickeningly. The second kick catches me at the base of my skull and ...

She holds my throat tight in her grip pinning me against the closet shelves, her pistol shoved hard into my mouth. I can taste the metal and gun oil and the gun is hard in my soft mouth. I see pure hatred in her eyes and I can feel her husband's cum seeping from my cunt and sliding wetly down my inner left thigh. My cunt is still pulsing from my orgasms and my nipples still tingle.

“Whore.” she hisses and pulls the trigger.

The explosive hot gasses expand fast, plumping my cheeks and jetting down my throat and I feel my stomach bloat with them as my head is slammed hard against the closet shelf ...

Hands again secured behind my back but this time with silken rope. Sitting on the floor now, my legs wrapped around the slimy alien egg, my ankles tied together on the other side. My body is tied tight to the egg as well, my belly pressed against the fat fibrous thing. I can feel its pulsing heat against my abdomen. My face is uncomfortably close to the top of the egg - the part that I know will open soon. I try to move away, to pull myself free but the ropes have little give. I am trapped here, my body left to become an incubator for the thing that sleeps within.

I breathe slowly and deeply, preparing myself and after a short time I hear the faint squishing sound and the top of the egg parts along its score lines and it peels itself open like an infernal flower. My face is right above it so I have a clear view of the interior. It is a soupy mess of thick gelatinous fluid and as I watch, something deep within it stirs ...

One long articulated claw reaches up our of the soup and hooks itself onto the edge of the egg nearest me. Then another. And a third. The creature pulls itself upward, its headless scorpion-like body lifts from within the egg. It is a mindless carrier of a half-formed alien embryo. This large bug is known throughout the galaxy as a face-hugger and it has but one hardwired purpose; to attach itself to a living creature and insert an embryo turning the host into a living incubator.

One long foreleg reaches out tentatively and grips me between my shoulder and the nape of my neck.

Instinctively I clench my teeth and turn my head away, but even as I do it, I know it is pointless. These creatures are too strong to resist - it will win and me fighting it will only result in more trauma than will already be delivered. I am left here to die horribly and there is nothing I can do to stop that process.

As the hugger lifts the rest of its alien form from the interior of the egg, I turn back to face it and look down. The forelegs are now reaching up and sliding over my temples above my ears, the tips meeting at the back of my head, matting my hair with the slime that covers them. I see that its wet underbelly is opening and its probe is slithering from within it - the diamond-shaped tip looking like a vagina formed in cartilage. Its shaft looks like a mockery of a penis.

I am panting now as the creature climbs over my chest and neck, wrapping its legs around my head, its long tail slithering up around my throat and wrapping there as it positions itself. I take a deep breath and let it out. I close my eyes and open my mouth.

I slide my tongue outward across my lower lip as I feel the probe find it and slide inward. The hugger grips my head head and pulls itself tight to my face and I feel the probe slide through my mouth and over my tongue, the taste of it bitter and metallic. The hard tip presses down on the root of my tongue and I gag, my stomach heaving.

Then it slides deep.

Deep down my gullet, deeper than any cock has ever gone.

As it begins to pulse in my throat - long slow rippling undulations that will slowly work the thick embryo inside me, I feel unseen hands tugging at my ropes, freeing my ankles, my body, then my wrists. I am pulled away from the spent egg, dragged across the floor and let go, my limbs flopping loose and I am left there to endure and die. I am growing dizzy, weak from lack of air. I feel my jaw being forced open and the fat, hard embryo is in my mouth moving inside the probe - the length of it undulating, working the embryo deeper. It is blocking my throat now and it feels stuck. I work my tongue under it, forcing it outward, sliding under its thickness, feeling that thickness pressing down on the root of my tongue. I feel it plop into my throat and start to feel the ache as it is forced down my gullet. I try to swallow it but can't. It has to do its work inside me. I feel like I am falling asleep but it is just me losing consciousness.

I awaken in a panic, gagging, my tummy heaving and trying to vomit, but my gullet is blocked deep. I feel the limp probe sliding up my throat and out of my mouth and I roll onto my side as it slips past my lips and I gag hard, then draw a deep ragged breath. Opening my eyes I see the scorpion form curl up and die. Good. Fucker.

But it is done, the embryo is inside me - embedded in my gullet just under the lower part of my sternum. I know my time is limited now, my breathing growing faster, driven by fear. Long deep shuddering breaths as I come to grips with what is about to happen to me. I roll onto my back and open my thighs wide, reaching down with both hands to feel my sex. It is hot and sweat-moist outside, wet and slimy inside. I finger myself, finding my g-spot, desperate for one of those deep belly orgasms. I use two fingers hooked inside me and the pads of three fingers on my left hand rubbing my clit frantically.

I need to cum. I need an orgasm to get me through this one. Soon I feel it building, but I also feel movement in my gullet - wriggling inside me - a tentative pressure on my sternum. I slip my left hand free, the fingers of my right hand still curled inside me, working the fat pad on the roof of my cunt. I twist on the floor, lifting my left buttock off the floor and slide my left hand under me, my oily fingers finding my anus. I slide one finger inside me and start to finger fuck my ass. I am desperate ... needy ... reaching for my orgasm.

I feel this thing uncoiling in my chest, stretching its alien body inside me. I gag, my stomach heaves but nothing will come up - the embryo is blocking my throat. It moves more now and that scares me badly.

“Nnghaaa!” I am finger fucking myself harder now, my fingers working my cunt and my anus hard, squirming in me, pumping in and out. So close .. so close ... will I make it?

“UNGH!” I grunt and squeeze my eyes shut as I feel the first hit under my sternum. It's like a dull hammer striking me inside just above my stomach. My hands are vibrating hard inside me, the curled fingers of my right hand cramping now as I pump myself to try to get to my orgasm before the embryo kills me. I am desperate now.

“OOF!” the second hit is harder, it hurts bad. It feels like a heart attack must feel. “Fuuuuucckk!” I wail, reaching for my orgasm, my body twisted on the floor, held aloft on my shoulders and my feet, my bum high off the floor and quivering - my thighs shaking, nearing the limit of their strength. Please ... please .. please ... I need to cum!

A hard hit now that shocks my eyes wide open. On the bottom edge of my vision I see my chest deform as the embryo cracks the cartilage of my sternum and pushes outward. I am gagging hard and almost continually now. 'NO', I try to scream but it comes out as a pathetic mewling; “nnnghhaaa ...” My sex is pulsing, my g-spot throbbing inside me, my orgasm imminent.

I feel the next hard hit and know that this is the one ... my chest bursts, my sternum and ribs shattering inside me in a flash of white hot pain and my chest between my breasts distorts and bulges. I watch in horror as the xenomorph rips through my skin and leaps from my body.

I flop onto my back, hearing my flesh slap wetly on the floor. The large muscles in my thighs are shaking wildly as they slowly come together, my heels hammering on the floor. I am gagging, spitting blood, desperate to draw a breath but the damage in my chest is too severe to allow that. My entire body is quivering and shaking in a final seizure ...

I am balanced up on my tip-toes, my arms again bound tight behind me. I can feel my sex still throbbing, still feeling the vacuum that only an orgasm will fill. By all that is holy I need to cum - I am aching for it. My throat is tight and I realize that there is a rope tight around it and this is why I am up on my toes. I look down as best I can and see that I am fully clothed in jeans and a sweater, I can feel my tight panties and my bra beneath my outer clothing. My feet are bare, and I am balanced on a small round stool.

I see what is required of me and in my need for orgasm I step off the stool ...

I hardly drop at all, the rope just cinches tight around my throat and I feel the instant increase of pressure in my face as my heart pounds to keep blood flowing to my brain. Instinctively I kick my feet, trying to find the stool and get back up on top of it, but all I accomplish is to knock it over and kick it away behind me. I struggle, fighting it - I've changed my mind, I don't want this - I've made a horrible mistake. Choking ... choking ... choking.

My body twists and turns and the rope burns the skin of my throat. My body is starting to feel very heavy now, especially my pelvis and legs, pulling down on me.

Just let it go.

The thought is calm feels safe and comes into my mind from an unknown source, and I follow it. I let it go. My limbs calm and go loose. I feel a need to curl my body into a tight ball and know that if I could it would bring great comfort. But the weight of my pelvis and legs won't allow it. I feel my hands working, slipping my thumbs into my palms, my fingers curling around them - I find this curious until I remember that this is how babies are born. I am reverting, trying to return to the womb as I am dying.

As my eyes roll back in my head and my eyelids flutter, I feel my bladder release and the warm urine floods my panties and flows down my inner thighs. I feel my anus loosen and gape and for a moment I think “Please, not that.” but then I realize it just doesn't matter, so I calm and enjoy even those sensations as my bowels work hard and ripple inside my belly and I soil my jeans.

My neck is stretching, relaxing, my face is throbbing and I know it must be purple by now. My mouth is open and drooling, my tongue peeking out over my lower lip.

It kind of feels like falling sleep, intense yet peaceful at the same time ...

On a bed on my back. I am young, my puberty feels fresh, my body tight - I almost laugh when I feel the braces on my teeth, recalling those days with fondness. The lingering need for orgasm is still there, cradled throbbing in my pelvis. I am in a room and I am aware of men standing around me, looking down at my pale body. It feels like I am reliving my youth, but this is not a real memory - this never happened to me.

I become aware that my right arm is stretched out and something is tight around my bicep. I turn my head and watch a man's hands, one holding a large syringe as he pats my arm for a vein below the tight rubber strap with the other.


Even with my limited knowledge of drugs, I see that the barrel of the syringe is too big for a regular hit of heroin - and it is full. The man finds the vein and slides the needle into me ... into my vein. He draws back and the solution discolours with my blood.

“Hot shot.” he says to the others and I can hear the smile in his voice. He plunges the heroin into my vein in one smooth motion and I can feel the flutter of it inside my arm. Then he quickly pulls the needle out and does something that makes the rubber release my bicep.

It starts to feel good almost immediately. So nice, so blissful - my body feeling squirmy and lithesome like a cat stretching on a window sill. But the pleasure rises too fast and too far, and becomes a wild rush, lifting me higher and higher. I feel my back arch on its own and I press my head back on the bed, lifting my chin high and I hear a mewling whine vibrating in my throat. This feels like an orgasm - a total body orgasm and my insides are vibrating with it. I feel my bladder let go and feel that fluttering buzz between my quivering thighs. Why do I keep pissing myself? I also feel peristalsis come on strong in my bowels but I have the sense that I haven't eaten solid foods for a few days so I am spared that humiliation.

The pleasure is too much to endure. I roll onto my stomach and slide my knees and hands under myself and try to crawl away from the ecstasy running wild through my body. I hear distorted laughter from those around my bed as I weave and crawl toward one end of the bed. I keep my eyes closed - opening them lets in a blur of senseless shapes and colours that I am better off without. I feel the edge of the bed with my right palm and am helpless to stop that hand from sliding off. I land face down onto the bed, my body now a riot of pleasure sensations. I writhe there, face down, my skin growing wet with sweat. I hang my head over the edge as I feel a tight tingling growing rapidly in the pit of my stomach. I part my lips as I feel the gurgling rush and I vomit onto the floor. I hear the surprised reactions of those around me and sense them quickly jumping back as I puke hard and long. But this is like an orgasm also - I imagine this is how men feel when they ejaculate - spewing fluid from their bodies. I am a total body ejaculation and the sensation and action leave me breathless.

“She's going soon.” I hear someone say and I feel the compulsion to repeat it.

“... going soon.” I slur, spitting and clearing my mouth.

“It's like she's cumming.”

“... cumming.”

“What's she doing?”

“... she doing?” I manage.

“It's called echolalia, final stages of delirium.”

“... delirium ...” I whimper as another wave of bliss shivers through my belly and I gag hard but don't spew this time. It's like living in a constant orgasm. Dying in a constant orgasm.

“Looks like she's still cumming.”

I feel my body start to spasm, my muscles firing erratically.

“... cumming ... cumming ... cumming ...” and I laugh.

Speeding so fast, the three of us crammed in the front seat, the windshield wipers a blur, slapping the rain away on this dark wild night. My blouse is pulled up under my chin and she is sucking my nipples - first one then the other. Her hand is inside my jeans and I can feel the zipper slowly being popping lower tooth by tooth as her talented fingers work my cunt and she keeps changing the angle of her hand to get deeper inside me. I am so close to cumming.

Between shifts, he drives with one hand on the wheel and one hand exploring my body, he wants in on this so bad and I know that once we pull over he'll be fucking me like a wild thing. And -oh my - I am looking forward to that.

She's found my g-spot now and has hooked two fingers up against it, mashing it against the underside of my pubic bone and is shaking her hand hard to pump it up. I can hear the rhythmic squishing sound my cunt makes and I know I am a sopping oily mess inside my panties.

“Gunna cum, baby?” she mutters hoarsely, her mouth close to my ear.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I cry out, wrapping my hands around the back of her neck and humping my crotch against her hand. I feel him pinching my left nipple hard just as the car starts to slide.

My entire world goes BANG and the impact is immense.

It is raining. I can feel that my belly is wet with it and it mists over my upturned face. I am laying on grass and mud under a cloudy dark sky but the car is still wrapped around me. It is twisted and shredded , its cockpit open to the world.

I don't feel right.

My left arm is up over my head at an odd angle, my chest is numb. I wiggle my toes and discover that I have been knocked out of my sneakers. She lays beside me on her back, her belly is showing where her top has ridden up. She is making small whimpering sounds as she stares up at the night sky and blood is flowing from her nose. As I watch she lifts her left leg and moves it and I see her grimace. She lays it over top of her right leg and tries to turn away from me, but she can't. As I watch, I see her belly is swelling.

I try to move, to go to her and comfort her but when I do I hear and feel things grinding and moving inside me. I relax and just lay there and watch her die.

Her brow wrinkles as she continues to stare up into the sky. She looks scared like she is going to cry. Her body starts to quiver ... Then starts to shake. Her throat starts to work as though she wants to say something. Her lips part and instead of words, I hear a wet gurgling and her shoulders lift. She squeezes her eyes closed and her lower lip quivers and curls and she vomits blood over her chin and throat.

Now she does start to cry weakly, small whimpering sounds as she dies, her lips pulled back from her bloody teeth. As I watch her, a gentle peace comes over me. I realize I am still horny, my sex organs still buzzing and ready for orgasm. I watch as her belly convulses and her head lifts as blood gurgles up out of her mouth once more. She gags and can't seem to stop throwing up blood.

I close my eyes as I feel things moving inside my own body ...

I struggle to keep my body upright, my hands gripping the edge of the platform behind me, my arms shaking. The spit is rising from the floor between my open, trembling thighs, and I can feel that it is already embedded in my uterus. My cunt is locked tight on the shaft, clenching its hardness within me. The sharp tip is lifting me, compressing my sex organs upward inside my belly. The pain is sharp when it breaks through the top of my uterus and into my abdominal cavity. I feel my sex organs slide back down the spit as it moves upward through my core. The relentless movement of the spit is exciting me, providing a steady stroke against my g-spot and pulling at the flesh around my clit - now if someone was fingering my anus it would be perfect.

I feel the sharpness against the underside of my stomach and feel it compress upward. The pressure gets bad really fast and I feel like I'm going to puke. Then comes the flair of pain and it is inside my stomach and I can taste blood in the back of my throat.

Sliding, sliding up my throat now. I tilt my head back as it transits my gullet and stare up at the darkness above me. I gag and heave and open my mouth wide, pressing my tongue outward and the spit is sliding up out of my open mouth. I wrap my lips around it like it is the sweetest cock I've ever tasted. I feel my stomach convulse and my cheeks plump full of blood and it spurts out of my mouth and I can feel the wetness trace a line over my chin, neck and upper chest.

Oh lord, I have never felt so penetrated ...

She holds my hand tight in hers as I squirm hard on my knees trying to do two things at once - to get away from her and the knife and to press my belly out toward her. She on her knees also, but leaning forward, putting all her weight into the fist she holds the hunting knife with. It presses hard against my belly button and I feel the tip work through that dimple of scar tissue and break through that tension to sink deep into my gut.

The steel is cold and the edge is sharp as it slides into my bowels. She twists the blade inside me and continues to holds my hand in her tight grip. The pain is exquisite ...

On my back now, plumper than usual, my hands stroking down my body from my ribs to my lower belly. My abdomen is soft and pear-shaped and I like the feeling. He pushes the knife into my lower belly halfway between my belly button and my mound. I feel my bladder burst and the sharp pain as the blade slides through my uterus.

I am amazed as I feel my cunt tightening ...

Trying to crawl across the floor now on hands and knees. She is right beside my left hip and the blade is deep in my belly, piercing my belly button and she is pulling back on it, the sharp edge pointed down toward my cunt. She is making little sawing motions, wiggling it inside me.

I cry out, feeling the blade dragging through my gut, slicing my intestines to ribbons. I am making for the mattress on the floor ... somewhere soft to lay my head as I die. I don't make it - she pulls back on the blade hard and I feel the long cut and now I am experiencing a midline gutting and I shudder as I feel my insides ooze from my opened belly to hang from me like slippery pink ropes. The strength leaves my arms and thighs and I flop onto the floor, landing on my pile of intestines.

I am quivering, gasping, my belly throbbing.

I need to orgasm. I need to be fucked ...

At last ... I am strapped to a chair, leaning back, the fat slick dildo sliding in and out of me. It is vibrating like a jackhammer while it thrusts deep, impacting against my cervix. I lift my shoulders and head and look down, watching myself being fucked by this machine, and the stronger my sexual feelings the faster and harder it hammers into me. I am panting, sweating, shaking. And damn, am I ever needing. I can smell the sharp tang of my armpits, the musky strong scent of my cunt. I have died so many deaths tonight - some brutal, some sexual, but all of them intense.

I cry out as my orgasm explodes in my lower belly. The machine punches hard inside me, rocking my body on the chair. My toes curl and my thighs cramp as I cum and cum and cum. It seems like it will never stop.

For a few moments I lose my mind and I feel like an animal shuddering and screaming as I orgasm. Then I feel the immense rush of release and it reminds me of pissing myself and voiding my bowels and vomiting. But I do none of those things now. Now I just explode and the sexual energy flushes out of my body in a violent rush.

I am left spent and shivering and breathless.

“... End ... Program ...” I manage to gasp. Instantly I am freed of everything and am sitting on the floor of the Holodeck, leaning against the wall. Still panting, my casual uniform sopping with sweat, my feet and thighs still cramping.

“Do you wish to save the program?” the computer asks.

“God yes.” I gasp, massaging my thighs muscles, hoping I can get a few hours sleep before my next duty shift.