by Erotickynk

The van is steamy from our sweaty bodies and smells like Jack Daniels, fresh sweaty armpits, and sex - oozy cunt and juicy ass. I’m slumped in a middle seat, my jeans and panties all twisted together beside me as I finger myself, waiting for my turn.

Lori is the back with Daniel. She is chubbier than me, but her body is tight and her breasts full and firm, so she always gets the guy. Me? My breasts started sagging when I was eighteen and my bum and thighs have always been flaccid.

Lori is on all fours with her bum high and her face pressed against the carpet and she’s grunting and whimpering like she does when she’s working her way to an orgasm.

For fleeting moment I think about what her husband is going to say when he smells their family van in the morning, but hell; he must know his wife and mother of his child is a raging slut.

We’d had a girl’s night out; dinner, dancing at the Mule, and lots of booze. Lori and I were partial to Jack Daniels. When the club shut down and the other girls called it a night, we sat in Lori’s minivan.

“Wanna go home?” Lori asked.

“Nope.” I replied and laughed.


“Hell yeah, I am.”

“Let’s go dogging.” Lori said, starting the van and backing out of the stall.

Lori had introduced me to dogging a couple years ago - it was slang for public sex, usually with strangers. One popular place was a stretch of dirt road that ran alongside the train tracks way outside of town. It was popular for people who wanted to hook up with strangers.

“How many times have you done it?” I asked, smiling at my tramp of a friend.

“Before or since I married Jeremy?” Lori turned and gave me a wicked look. We both laughed.

When we got to this spot, Lori and I were disappointed; the place was deserted.

“There’s usually lots of cars parked in the bushes.” she said, “Wait, here comes someone.”

I looked to where Lori was squinting. It was a man in a white t-shirt and jeans with his right hand hidden behind his back.

“Oh! I know this guy.” Lori said with a giggle, “Well not KNOW know him. His name is Daniel and he’s shy - he only watches. But I like being watched, so I love Daniel.”

Lori rolled down her window.

“Hi, Daniel, remember me? I’m Lori and this is Nikki.”

“Pleased to see you both tonight.” he said.

“You ready to fuck, darlin'?” Lori asked - she always likes to get to the point.

“No, but I promise to make you both feel things you’ve never felt before.”

Lori looked at me and I nodded.

“I call first dibs.” Lori laughed, and there it is - Lori always gets the guy. She opened her door and walked around to open the back of the minivan and drop the back seats to make a little fucking area. She and Daniel climbed in.

“What’s that?” I heard her ask.

“You’ll see.” Daniel had replied, "You're going to love it.

I can just see Lori’s face on the floor through the gap between the seats and I can tell Daniel is giving her a workout. I know he’s not fucking her, he still has his jeans on, so I’m thinking he’s working her over with a sex toy - probably what he had hidden behind his back when he walking up to the van.

“… too deep … Daniel … it’s too deep …” she’s straining.

“Shh-shh-shhh.” I hear Daniel trying to soothe her while he struggles to hold her down, “This is the best part.”

Lori is trying to pull away and Daniel is pinning her face to the floor.

“Once we get past this little rough patch, it’ll be good.” Daniel says, “I promise.”

Suddenly she fights him and scrambles out of my view like she’s trying to get away. I hear the struggle and her squeal, then she just gasps and pants for air. I hear her body slump.

“…oh god …” she moans.

“I told you, Lori.” Daniel says, “Just go with it.”

“… oh Daniel … what have you done? …” she moans, and I hear her resettle herself, then wet squishy sounds as Daniel resumes toying her with whatever he pushed inside her.

I twist and peer between the seats, but Daniel is blocking my view of Lori - I can see his back and Lori’s booted feet on either side of his legs, still on her knees with her bum in the air. I can see his arm moving and Lori grunting as it does. What’s he using on her?

“I’m going deeper now.” Daniel whispers to Lori.

“… why not … yeah … just do it …” she groans, “… doesn’t matter now … just doesn’t matter …”

Then he starts working her deeper and I can tell she’s getting off on it.

I’m frigging my wet cunt and pulling on my nipples under my top, aroused by the sounds Lori is making that are getting more desperate and guttural. All of a sudden she gags, then;

“… harder …” she says wetly and starts to throw up and cum.

The sour smell of sicked-up Jack Daniels fills the van, but the sounds Lori is making and wondering what's making her cum is turning me on so much.

Daniel fucks her with his toy until I here her whimper hear her flop on her side, rocking the van.

“… take it out, please …” she whimpers, then I hear her gasp and cry out softly, then clattering sounds as she tries to open the back door of the van.

“Let me help you.” Daniel says and opens the back door.

“My turn.” I say, climbing over the back of my seat in time to see Lori slide out and flop onto the ground, her naked bum on the dirt road and her shoulders resting against the bumper.

“… oh Nikki …” she whimpers as she lays her head back on the sill of the open back door, “… don’t … just don’t …”

Not likely, I think to myself; What Daniel did to her was intense, no way I’m going home without getting some. I mean, Lori always gets the guy but I’m so horny I'm okay with her sloppy seconds.

Puddles of vomit are soaking into the blue carpet in the back of the minivan, so I peel off my top and toss it back to where I was sitting. I look at Daniel and ask; “Where do you want me?”

“Just rise up on your knees.” Daniel says, “I’ll put it in you and you can sit down on it.”

I kneel and lay my hands on his shoulders as he sits cross-legged in front of me. I feel something sharp scratch my crotch as he lines it up.

“You’re wetter than your friend.” Daniel says.

“Wet for what you did to her.”

Then he pushes it up inside me.

It’s sharp and it bites and scratches inside me. He pushes it up deeper and a small flare of pain makes my cunt and lower belly tighten. I grip his shoulders tight.

“Oh fuck.” I grunt, and he eases off a bit.

“Line it up.” he says softly.

“With my cervix?”

“Yeah. It goes in there.”

I roll my hips, maneuvering around the tip inside me. I feel it slip into that tight hole.

“… there …” I say breathlessly.

He pushes it deeper.

I now know it’s steel and it’s rough and the tapered end slowly opens my cervix.

“… oh god …” I’m suddenly breathless. Sweat breaks out all over my body as he makes little fucking motions inside me with his thing. I reach down between my legs.

“Don’t pull it out!” he sounds alarmed.

“I won’t” I say as I brush it with my fingertips.

It’s rebar. It’s sharpened at one end and it’s inside me. Fuck. Where is this going?

“Ease down onto it.” he instructs me, “Just sit and I’ll hold it still.”

What have I gotten myself into? Fear is sending waves of shiver-bumps over my thighs, bum, and belly. I’m starting to suspect that he really hurt Lori.

“Come on, Nikki.” he urges me softly, “It’ll be good.”

I slowly lower myself, my thighs quivering. I feel the other end come to rest firmly on the carpet and my weight starts to push it deeper. It scrapes as it pushes into my cervix, then I feel it push into my uterus.

I remember Lori begging him to do it harder while she puked from the intensity of having this thing inside her, so I know it felt good for her. Her last desperate ‘Harder! Harder!’ told me she was starting to cum. Lori and I have compared notes and we both like it hard and deep and both like some pain. But this invasion is scaring me - it’s sharp and it’s pushing into my most tender flesh.

This is going to go beyond pain - way beyond. Feeling the rigid sharp steel inside my uterus makes me realize why Lori was puking so violently - it was in her, deep inside her - it was in her stomach. I’m caught between fear and out-of-control arousal. Lori begged him to push it harder, to fuck her harder with it. I know I should rise back up and scramble away to run before it’s too late. But I’m drunk and I’m horny and that combination always makes me stupid.

“I can’t” I whimper, my thighs and bum jiggling because I’m shaking so badly.

“Come on, Nikki” Daniel urges, “Just sit on it.”

“No, I can’t.” I look up into his eyes, feeling desperate.

“Do you want me to do it for you?” Daniel asks. I nod - so scared, so horny.

Daniel smiles and braces himself as he grips the base firmly and starts pushing it upward.

My stomach muscles slowly tighten as I feel the tip press against the top of my uterus and I strain. My cunt clenches involuntarily, as though my body is trying to grip the rebar and keep it from going deeper.

Stretching! It’s stretching my uterus, pulling my cunt upward inside myself.

I cry out as bright pain flares white hot in my lower belly, then I feel it slide. No - the rebar isn’t sliding upward, my uterus has been punctured and is sliding down the shaft. I feel my cunt plump back out.

That was it - I’m now impaled.

Daniel pushes it slowly upward and an intense electric tingle blooms in my core - it’s a squirmy feeling, like a deep itch I need scratched.

“Feels good now, doesn’t it?” Daniel asks.

“… uh-huh …” my voice is tremulous and weak.

“Want to get fucked like Lori?”

“… uh-huh …” my insides are tingling, my stomach feels all butterflies.

“Get on all fours.” he directs me, “Bum up and face on the carpet.”

I do as he tells me to, moving carefully, feeling fragile and helpless, but carried forward by my intense arousal. I kneel and lower my face, my right cheek pressed into a puddle of Lori’s vomit. I don’t care.

I realize in this moment that Lori was right - it just doesn’t matter … I’m not getting out of this alive and the thought sends shiver-bumps all over my body and I feel dizzy and weak.

He starts fucking me with the rebar, the roughness of it giving me such amazing pleasure/pain sensations. I can feel it in my bowels as he strokes it in and out. I want the full treatment now …

“… deeper … go deeper …” I gasp and he does, I feel him push it in until the tip compresses my bloated stomach. I strain and grunt and start making humping motions with my pelvis. I gag and heave around the electric tightness in my core as he fucks me with the rebar. I can feel my belly tighten into a hard ball. Oh, god help me I want what Lori had.

“… do it … do it …” I beg, and the wildness begins. I feel him push the rebar deeper and I start to gag and heave and discover the sourness in my stomach. I feel another flare of pain and know he’s penetrated me completely - I go wild as I realize there is now a hole from my cunt to my throat.

"Make me throw up." I gasp.

I hear the squishing in my cunt as he starts fucking me with the rebar.

“Feels good?” he murmurs.

I can’t talk - I am gagging and retching almost continuously. My insides feel like they are tangling and untangling inside me like live things struggling for life. And always the feeling of the rough rebar sliding back and forth in the core of my belly making all my nerves tingle.

My face is grinding into the puddle of vomit Lori left and I’m adding to it with each heave that brings up the sour mixture of Jack Daniels and bile and foamy spit. But in the middle of all the violence being done to my body, I feel flashes of orgasm radiating from the twisting painful sensations. They are like pulses of intense pleasure that flare and go out like fireworks exploding in the sky. All of them intermixed with the grinding and scraping of my impalement.

I think Daniel senses my bright little orgasms and - in his own brand of kindness - he pushes the rebar deep until I feel it tickle the bottom of my gullet and he holds it tight there. I cum. I cum hard and completely as I gasp for air. I feel my bladder release in a gush and my anus gapes and a watery fart vibrates my rectum.

“Oh, Nikki.” Daniel says softly, even lovingly, “It’s so sweet that you’re losing all control.”

He’s right; I am losing control. Even in the midst of my orgasm I realize I’m starting to die. My belly is swelling and growing tight - I’m bleeding internally - and I’m starting to feel weak and cold and shaky as my orgasm winds down.

At last I start to flop on my side and Daniel eases me down by wrapping his arms around my thighs. He fondles my body; my soft thighs; my bum; my belly and sagging breasts. He gently takes my hand and presses it to his crotch. I can feel his soft penis through his jeans, and I realize why he did this. He can’t get an erection.

But I know what he wants, so I close my hand, gripping his soft cock and balls and begin to massage him.

“Oh, Nikki,” he whimpers, sounding like he might cry, then within seconds I feel his pelvis curl and his hands grip my inner thighs as he presses his face against my hip. He shudders and cries out like a little boy and the crotch of his jeans grow wet with cum and piss.

“Thank … you … thank you.” his voice is hitching, he is sobbing. We lay there together for a moment.

“… take it out …” I whimper, “… please take it out …”

“Of course.” he says softly and I feel him move and I feel the rough grinding as he gently pulls the rebar slowly from my belly and cunt. It makes me shiver.

“… can I be with Lori? …” I ask.

“Yes, Nikki.”

He is as gentle as he can be as he half lifts me and drags me across the carpet to the back door through the puddles of vomit and blood. I feel so fragile, like a broken rag doll, that he slides over the bumper until my bum splats against the dirt road. He carefully positions me beside Lori and makes sure I have my balance and won’t keel over. Then he reaches into the minivan, picking up his rebar.

I’m too sleepy to lift my head, but I can see his runners and lower legs standing beside Lori and I.

“I’m going to leave you here for awhile, Nikki.” Daniel says quietly, “But I’ll come back soon and bury you both in the woods and get rid of the van.”

“… okay Daniel …”

“Goodbye, Nikki.” he says.

“… bye-bye, Daniel …” I whisper, and he walks away.

Lori is already dead. I see that her belly is bloated, the skin tight across it. I look down and my own belly is swelling, growing larger and firmer. Sitting still and holding my breath, I can feel the soft fluttering as I bleed to death inside me, and there’s a growing puddle of blood and mucus between my splayed thighs.

But it doesn’t hurt anymore, in fact I feel good; sleepy and peaceful and calm; my body relaxed. Looking down, I see my sagging breasts and my bloated belly, my flaccid pale thighs. I see the beauty in this body that has given me so many orgasms, most by my own hand, some from men, a few from other girls, and one final one by my new friend Daniel.

As I drift off to sleep - my final, eternal sleep - I’m glad I made Daniel cum at the end, because in that one intimate moment, we formed a deep emotional connection.

Bye-bye Daniel, bury me deep.