Shorts ...
Desert Alkhunq

by Erotickynk

They roughly drag me naked to the edge of the desert and slam my bare bum into the chair. I am facing the elders and the other villagers who gather for my execution while Ari ties my wrists.

Sexual frenzy was my crime; both giving and taking orgasms, and my punishment was to be death by Alkhunq - strangulation. I knew this communityís strict religious moral standards, but I did not know how severe and swift their justice would be. The semen of the boys I played with in the dark hours last night still swim in my cunt and uterus as Ari secures me to the chair.

"Think sexual thoughts." he whispers in his deep accented voice so only I can hear, "It can be sexual, this death. I have seen it before."

I do feel sexual despite my fear.

There were a dozen boys, young eager teens who lusted for my pale flesh and blond hair, and I relished their lust. After six months living in this heat and feeling it stewing inside my lower belly so it steamed and simmered, I gave in to that lust and invited them into my tent, not one at a time, but all at once. It would be my last chance to experience my fevered dreams in this arid land of superstition and mystery, for instead of being tied to this chair, I should be boarding my flight home at this moment, carrying the semen of a dozen boys deep in the secret creases of my womb.

I feel the presence of their cum inside me, and knowing that I am at the cyclic peak of my fertility, I know one of those sperm had by now invaded an egg within me, making me pregnant - a gift to myself to take home. I had fantasized of living with a swelling belly, not knowing which of the boys was the father, and it could be any one of them because I only let them cum in my cunt. The thought of being pregnant arouses me so much that I feel my labia open and I begin to drip as Ari finished his knots. Ari notices and smiles.

"It is good." he whispers as the elders chant their mysterious prayers, "It will be good for you, I promise. Just don't fight it."

Ari moves behind me as I face the community. I surrender myself to being naked and powerless in front of these people and I hope this experience shocks them and haunts their dreams. Ari slides the metal band under my chin and brings it gentle to my throat. I see the dozen boys who not three hours ago had spent their last seed in my belly, who now watch me with stoic faces and I open my thighs to remind them of where they last felt their bliss. I feel the collar around my throat connected to the wheel and gears that will move it and with it comes a sexual tug deep in my loins.

I am going to be executed right here, right now in front of a community that welcomed me into their midst and now condemns me to death for natureís greatest reward. I came to this land seeking adventure after my childless marriage ended, and I will now experience the greatest adventure.

I see the elder signal and hear Ari start to turn the wheel and the collar stirs under my chin.

"Sexual thoughts." Ari whispers, so I look at my boys and see again their contorted faces as they pounded themselves into me, filling me up with their cum, pulsing their seed into my forty year old virgin womb as their hips shuddered in their ecstasy.

My long marriage had been childless and he blamed me for years, saying I was barren, but in the end it was him. He was unable to produce anything that would take root in my fertile belly, but I know in my heart that the seed of one of the boys has and I feel that rush of hormones that tells me the process I craved has begun.

As the collar tightens around my throat, I can feel the triangle of the sexual core of my lower belly warming with the lust that I thought would be quenched by the dozen boys who took me by turns last night in my tent. But it was not quenched. I was as aroused as I had been when I first ripped the clothes from my body and opened my thighs for the first boy hours before the elders dragged me from my tent with my cunt dripping that young seed down my inner thighs.

I had still been aroused as I was held naked while the elders argued my punishment, and aroused still as I watched the chair being placed in the desert and as Ari led me to it. The process was dizzying in its speed and its conclusion would be final in its brutality - it had only been ten minutes since the flaps of my tent were ripped open and I was dragged out naked by strong dark hands and soon I would die in this chair.

I begin to choke as the pressure on my throat increases and I feel a swelling in my head as I blink away the tears that are squeezed out of me, not out of fear or sadness, but a byproduct of being strangled. I brace my feet against the hot sand and surrender to this final experience and my arousal grows quickly as I do. I feel the core of my lower belly swelling inside me the way it does when I build toward orgasm; my womb and cunt engorging with blood and my clit growing hard and lifting its little hood to be caressed by the desert breeze.

I am eager and allow my orgasm to blossom in my belly and I squirm and contort on the chair as I cum, my wrists straining against the leather thongs and my throat held tight by Ariís collar. I think this will be my final orgasm so I let it flow through me, from clit to cunt, from womb to throat - its power like a storm inside me. I am surprised when I feel Ari ease up slightly on the collar, allowing me to gasp in another breath, to allow me another orgasm.

"Not yet." he growls in my ear and I know he intends to play with me.

He tightens the collar again, and again I feel an orgasm burst in my cunt and shudder its way up my belly. I feel gratitude and love for Ari - my final lover, strangling me in a sexually twisted act, delivering me to death as orgasms roar through my body.

I feel the burning caress of the desert sun scorching my pale, naked skin and I feel the eyes of the crowd on me as Ari makes perverted love to me - stretching out this sweet ordeal. The crowd is here to witness my death, yet Ari and I share the secret of our lovemaking.

My body fights it, but I do not.

I let my body squirm and writhe, contorting on this chair as orgasm after orgasm thunders within my belly, swelling it more, my fluids flowing from my cunt, washing out the unabsorbed cum of my sweet boys. Ari is fucking me slowly with the collar, strangling me to the edge of unconsciousness then easing off to let me gasp in short and wet breaths to live on for the next wave of sexual storm. Over and over he chokes me and lets me come back, and over and over my belly clenches tight around the orgasm bloated sexual meat that throbs heavy in the cradle of my pelvis. As Ari moves behind me to wrestle the wheel that pulls back on the collar I feel his hard cock tenting his pants. I want him to cum, and if I were able I would drop to my knees and let him throat fuck me to death right here in the desert.

Though my eyes are blurring with tears and I am growing lost in the crashing waves of orgasm, I see that the men watching have erections that bulge their pants or traditional robes. I see the lustful eyes of the women, even one that has one hand working inside the folds of her robe as her face tells of her own approaching orgasm. There will be frantic fucking and masturbation in the village this morning once Iím gone, and that thought warms and thrills me.

As my back-to-back orgasms clench in my belly I feel an incredible love flood my heart, not just for Ari who is my lover and my executioner all at once, but love for the people watching me. I feel a soul-deep kinship with them, like the entire village is part of this orgy of death. My vision is beginning to darken but I am saved once more by Ari easing off the collar and he growls once more, close to my ear;

"Now." he tells me and lets me gasp in two ragged breaths before he tightens it for the last time.

'Yes, Ari, yes! Do it now! Take me now!' I scream in my mind, wanting that final orgasm to pulse inside my body as death finds me.

And he does take me; the collar clamps tight on my throat and pulls the back of my neck hard against the chair. I feel my eyes bulging, the root of my tongue pushed up into the back of my throat. I try to say his name, but I canít get it all out. My final orgasm bursts in the pit of my sex and I feel my asshole gape and my straining pushes part of my rectum out of me to plump between the cheeks of my bum. My stomach bloats and foams at the bottom of my sealed gullet and the orgasmic flood washes the life out of my body until all is still and cool and dark.