by Erotickynk

"Let them dissolve under yer tongue," Trevor says as he sits on the edge of the sex bed set up in the sitting room, "Y'all should start feelin' it in about twenty minutes."

The sex bed is already wet under my bum from men's spunk and my own juices. I've been leaking pretty bad. They used to call it the flower bed because way-back-when the girls who took to it on their Covenant day were virgins so the men would take their flower. Now it's hard to find a virgin for Covenant day, being that it's always the oldest girl.

"You gunna stay with me for all twenty minutes?" I ask and giggle. Trevor was always my favourite cousin, we had lots of laughs over the years growing up and today's our last chance because it's my Covenant day.

Trevor laughs quietly as he picks at loose thread on his shirt.

"Maybe," he says, "But it's more for later. It makes you feel pretty horny and happy."

"Does it make dying happy?" I ask, surprised at the bitterness I hear in my voice. Trevor lowers his eyes. I've hurt his feelings. I reach up and lay my hand on his forearm.

"I'm sorry, Trev. I didn't mean it like that," I say softly. I know Trevor loves me, I've known it a long time and I don't want to spoil this. He looks up into my eyes, kind of sheepish and mostly cute.

"I always thought that you and me ... well, you know," Trevor blushes.

"I do know, Trev. But you should never have fell in love with a first born." I give him my bravest smiles, "You might ask Cindy out, she's got eyes for you."

"She does?" Trevor brightens up and I get a little thrill thinking of Trevor fucking my little sister. But then he comes back to reality, or at least the here and now, "But this is your day, not hers. I mean, she'll never have hers because of you."

"Yeah. Luck o' the draw, huh?" I laugh a little.

"You got spunk all over your face," Trevor says.

"Yep. And in my hair, my belly, cunt, and ass too," I say with a bit of sass, "Do you mind that?"

"I guess I don't. It's all part of it, ain't it?" Trevor blushes deep as he tries to look grown up, but hell, he's only a year older than me.

I smile and close my eyes - I'm starting to feel squirmy and horny. I think the tablets Trevor gave me are starting to work.

"What's this stuff called again?" I ask, watching the dark behind my eyelids.

"Ecstasy. E or X for short. Got it in town," he explains. "Yer feelin' it, ain't you?" I open my eyes and Trevor is smiling at me.

"Yeah," I whisper and open my thighs. Trevor strokes my inner thigh, just brushing my cunt with his fingertips.

"Tell me about last year," I say, closing my eyes again and enjoying his stroking fingers.

"Becka Rose," he says reverently, "She sure was a pretty one. Her Daddy decided to bleed her first ... I mean after the bedding and all."

"Yeah. The good ol' boys never give up the bedding do they?" I say dreamily.

"Nope. They don't," Trevor says, then; "I gave her some E just like you and she said it made her feel so good."

"Did you fuck her?" I ask, my eyes still closed, the room starting to spin a little bit, "I don't mind if you did."

"No. But she used her mouth on me."

"Did you like that?"

"I sure did," Trevor says, then: "Anyway, later in the day, about an hour before they came for her, I snuck in again and gave her a couple more tabs. She was still pretty high, so I'm not sure if she even knew it was me. But I slipped them under her tongue and told her to let them dissolve like before. Then she said, 'They're commin' ain't they?' and I said yeah they were and she says, "Put my bra and panties on me?' And so I did."

"They bled her first?" I ask, my voice sounding like silk in my ears.

"They did. And she smiled while they was doing it," Trevor says as he strokes my slit with a fingertip. "Watching how her body moved and how wet her panties were ... it was like she was having sex while they cut her throat."

"You think it made her cum?"


"I hope it did. I always liked Becca Rose."

Trevor falls silent, then: "You know, I've always wanted ... and this is our last chance ..." he says in a tremulous voice.

"Then what are you waiting for?" I coo at him as I open my eyes and smile up at him. And real quick his jeans are off and he's climbing between my thighs and I guide his cock into me and it feels so much better than all the others this morning. Probably because he's so tender and gentle with me. I close my eyes as Trevor starts fucking me slowly like he's savouring it.

Daddy was the first this morning. He woke me up before any of the others got here to say that Mama had taken the young'uns over to the Wakefield place to sit with Maddie for the day. I knew she would, there's only one female allowed to stay on the homestead on Covenant day and that is always the first-born girl. And this year, that would be me.

It's kind of a thrill to be so special, to know all your life that one day the Covenant would land on your name, but it's a kinda scary too. But you get lots of sex all day before they come for you and Daddy says the best way is to enjoy it as much as you can. So I decided to do just that.

Like I said, Daddy was the first and he wanted me to use my mouth, which I did, and I loved how he moaned and shivered as he squirted his spunk in my mouth and over my face. It wasn't his first time with me - I've felt him in me many a'time before and I've always liked it.

I didn't even wipe his spunk off. I figured I'd let all of the menfolk see what they were doing to me all day, not in a mean way - I just wanted them to know what they were doing to me.

I lay and listened to them arrive all morning, truckload by truckload. Hooting and hollering as they greeted each other and cracking open the 'shine jars, talking up the day. Some drinking more than others to work up the courage to take on the Covenant, I suppose.

Uncle Willy was the first to throw a fuck into me and it wasn't so bad. Then came Orv and Lester, Maddie's husband and son. They did me both at the same time, front door and back door. Orv laughed after he finished, saying that should loosen me up, and he was right - it did.

Uncle Dan was my favourite of the morning. Even though he's so big and his cock hurt me, he was gentle, and I loved the weight of his big round belly pressing down on me and how he looked me in the eye as he held himself up with his hands on my shoulders, pinning me to the bed while he plowed into me. He even gave me a little kiss on the forehead when he was done.

I love Uncle Dan.

Cousin Bertrum made me use my mouth on him and I gagged because he tasted so sour when he pumped his juice down my gullet. Then came Trevor.

And now I'm so high from that E or X or whatever the hell it is, and I feel him slam hard up into me, his cock throbbing inside my belly as he makes this sweet whimpering sound then flops down on top of me all sweaty and shivering.

I realize he's crying, so I wrap my arms around him and hold him there, his cock going soft inside me.

"I'm sorry, Audra Anne," he sobs, "I'm so sorry."

"Shhhh," I coo into his ear, "Don't be sorry, sweet Trevor. It's my day and I'm glad you took me after all these years."

And to be honest, I'm getting so high that the world is becoming pretty dreamy. We both hear the banging on the screen door.

"Come on y'all, don't use her all up on us, sonny!" I recognize that gruff voice, it's Uncle Pete, my Mama's brother, come for his claim of the Covenant.

"Hold your horses, Uncle Petey," I call out and I can hear I'm slurring my words.

Trevor pulls on his jeans and stands, then he looks down at me and bends down to kiss my on my nose.

"I'll try to get back before they come for you," he whispers then he's gone.

I hear Uncle Pete's boots clomping across the floor, then he's in bed with me, turning me onto my belly and parting my bum cheeks and taking me up my ass.

"You'll thank me for this later, Audra Anne," he grunts as he fucks me there. And I know what he means - it's better to be loose for later, because Daddy says he isn't going to bleed me first. The menfolk all agreed on it.

The morning drones on into afternoon. I hear the fire crackling and the boys all whooping it up out there. They're passing the 'shine and taking turns coming in to fuck me. Some of them want my mouth, some my cunt, and some my ass. It's all the same to me.

Even Daddy takes a second turn, holding me on his lap and making me grind against him.

"I'm scared, Daddy," I whisper to him as he grips my hips and pulls me tight to him, "But it makes me excited too."

"I know, daughter," he says, "All the girls get excited."

"Will it hurt bad, Daddy?"

"Some. But once the hard stuff starts it'll be over quick."

And hearing him say that makes my orgasm come fast and when it does he cums too. Filling me with the same seed he filled Mama with to make me.

After Daddy it's all a blur of men fucking me on that bed set up in the sitting room. This is the room we all learned to play the banjo in; where we'd do our scripture readings; where all us kids played while Mama and Daddy talked quietly by the fire. And today it has a bed in it for the first time since when my Daddy was young and his oldest sister Agnes was the Covenant girl for our family.

Daddy set the sex bed up last night for me with my quilt and pillow on it and gave me a couple good pulls of 'shine so I'd sleep. My quilt - my favourite quilt made by Gramma McDonnel - is all rumpled now and covered in spunk and my girl-mess and sweat. And still the men come in from outside, fucking me on that bed. I cum with some and not with others. It's all the same to me.

I find myself waking up without realizing I'd fallen asleep. I hear a guitar and banjo outside and a voice singing;

"Daddy's doin' sister Sally, Gramma's dying of the cancer now. The cattle all have brucellosis, But we'll get through somehow."

Then all the men join in: "Sweet home, Alabama, play that dead band's song. Tune that banjo up real good, play it all night long!"

I become aware that there's no man here with me and that scares me. This is it, they're getting close to coming for me. I hear the screen door creak and soft footsteps across the wooden floor and my heart skips a beat.

It's Trevor.

"Here," he whispers harsh, "Open your mouth."

I part my lips and he pushes two more tablets under my tongue.

"Let 'em dissolve like before," Trevor looks over his shoulder, then back at me. "There's good coals now. They'll be coming for you soon, Audra Anne."

"Trevor ...?" my voice is weak, my head all addled.

Trevor kisses my cheek, "I love you, Audra Anne, but I gotta go."

And I'm alone again and I'm scared. I'm scared because I can see the sun is coming in almost horizontal through the screen door now so it's late in the afternoon. I'm scared because I can't hear the crackling of the fire now, so it's gone to coals and hot enough to cook on. I'm scared because I feel horny and feel myself getting hornier and I don't want to lose that.

The menfolk are louder now, getting rambunctious.

I see Uncle Dan through the screen door walking past the porch.

"Uncle Dan?" I call out. My head is spinning and I'm craving sex even though I've been fucked all day. Maybe it's the drugs, or maybe it's knowing that they're coming for me soon and I want to live just a little longer - feel good just a little more.

"Uncle Dan!" I cry out louder and my voice cracks. I hope he can hear me over the other men. I pinch and twist my nipples and squeeze my thighs together, whispering; "...please-come-please-come-please-come ..."

And I hear heavy boots clomp across the porch then the screech of the screen door.

"Wuzzat you bellerin' Audra Anne?" comes that familiar deep rumbling voice. It's Uncle Dan.

"Yeah." I say, rolling my head to the side so I can see him, "I'm scared, Uncle Dan. I'm too scared to be alone."

Uncle Dan smiles and kicks off his boots, and slips his suspenders off from his shoulders as he walks to the bed.

"It's yer time pretty soon, Audra Anne," he says as he lets his overalls slip down, "But I might have time to throw a fuck into you, girl."

I draw my knees up and open them wide and he climbs onto the bed, making it jump and shake as he positions himself between my open thighs. And when his cock sinks into me it feels just as big as the first time but this time there's no pain. I lay my hands on the sides of his heavy round belly - it's so tight, no flabbiness at all - just round and hard. Its weight presses down on me, pushing the air out of my lungs and that feels so good I cum right away, shaking and humping and grunting under his heavy round belly, and as he starts fucking me I stay horny and want more and more and more.

"How ... many ... Covenant girls ... have you seen?" I grunt between thrusts.

"Fifty two." Uncle Dan gasps, his wind coming hard as he fucks me.

"What's it ... like ... do you think?" and damn but I'm almost ready to cum again.

"Some scream and fight. A few hump as they take it."

"Think ... I'll be a ... humper?" I gasp.

"Dunno," Uncle Dan growls, "But it's best if you don't fight it. When it's time, just take it in like a cock."

And that does it - I'm cumming hard under him. And when it's over I open my eyes and watch his face as he fucks me.

His hands pin my shoulders to the bed like before, and as I gaze up into his eyes, his cock slamming into me, I let go of his belly and grab his wrists and try to pull them inward. At first he looks puzzled, so I smile. He understands me then and moves first his right hand, then his left to my throat, letting his weight ease down gentle and he starts to squeeze.

"... do it ..." I croak, feeling my face getting hot and puffy. He squeezes hard and I think: 'This is it! He's gunna strangle me and after they can take my body.' and I let my hands drop to my chest and I pinch my nipples as he fucks me and chokes me and it all feels so exciting and good and he growls loud and he's cumming and oh-lordy he's filling my belly up with his spunk and I'm floating like we do in the pond down in the hollow and I'm cumming and cumming ...

... and I wake up from a deep, peaceful sleep to the thunder of the menfolk's boots slamming up the steps and across the porch. The screen door screams and bangs hard against the house and I think that my Mama is gunna be mad if they break it. But now they're in the room and I can smell their sweat and the 'shine on their breath. Rough hands lift me, sitting me up on the bed amidst their whoops and laughter, holding me tight, sitting in my wet sex mess and spunk.

Someone presses a jar against my lips so hard it almost chips a tooth.

"Drink up, Audra Anne," someone tells me.

"Yeah, drink up good, girly. Yer gunna need it."

So I open my mouth and 'shine is poured into it and I gulp and gulp as fast as I can so I don't choke and drown. It burns on the way down but my tummy feels warm and nice and what I can't swallow runs down my chin and chest and belly and it feels cold as it evaporates.

As the jar is upended and drained into my mouth and I swallow the last of it, and the men that are holding my arms lift me up off the bed and stand me there for a second as the rest lays hands on my body. One of them is squeezing my left boob and another slides his fingers between my slippery wet bum cheeks. I feel his fingers curl inside.

"She's ripe, Danny boy!" that man calls out to my Daddy.

But I can't see my Daddy and everything is a blur as I'm lifted up and carried outside. My head is spinning and I can't find the horizon line so I'm all disoriented as they carry me down the little slope to where the big table and the bar-b-que pit is. The sky is vivid; deep blue with clouds painted red by the low late sun. I can smell the smoke from the fire.

The 'shine is hitting me hard and fast, making my head spin. I can hear it sloshing around in my belly because I haven't eaten nothing but spunk all day.

"Daddy?" I call out, feeling scared. Things are moving so fast after the slow long day being on the bed. There were times being fucked by more men than I can count that things got intense and exciting, but I felt safe in there in the snug little sex bed. Out here I'm surrounded and the men carrying me and making such a ruckus are blurs of colours and shapes and noise.

"Daddy?!?" I cry out again.

"I'm here, Audra Anne." his voice comes off to my left, but I can't see him.

"I'm alright?" I ask him, my voice quavering.

"Yer alright, baby," I hear his voice and it's a bit of a comfort as I'm carried and fondled. One of the men is fingering my cunt as I'm carried and I wonder if Daddy can see that. We pass the cooking fire because I feel heat on the left side of me, then I'm flipped up and slapped down hard on the big oak table we use to dress the hogs and I hear the fat of my bum make a splat sound and it knocks the wind out of me. Then there's hands all over me, grabbing at me and holding me down.

"Draw yer knees up, Audra Anne," says my Uncle Dan from somewhere, and I'll obey even though I'm mad at him for not putting me down while I was cumming. If he'd put me down then I wouldn't be so scared now.

But I'm a good girl so I draw my knees right up and cross my ankles, and I'm looking around trying to make sense out of the blurring movement around me. I see someone carry the spit past me, heading for my bottom half. Oh lordy, it's so long and it's rusty, but the point has been filed sharp and it glints in the sunset colours of late afternoon light.

"Daddy?!" I cry out and I feel his hand take mine.

"I'm here, baby," he says as I feel oil being smeared over my bum and asshole. Two oily rough fingers even push inside my asshole and smear oil around the ring.

"Bleed me?" I plead - I just want this over and I want it over quick.

"Can't do that yet, darlin'. Yer way's been set."

"I'm alright?" my chin is quivering now I'm so scared.

"Yer alright." He squeezes my hand as I feel the sharp tip of the spit scratch my taint then press hard against the ring of my asshole. I've been loosened up enough that it doesn't take much to push it up inside me, but I still grunt as the cold rusty steel slides into my rectum.

"Oh Daddy," I gasp.

"You be a good girl and take it, Audra Anne," Daddy says.

Then it's pushed up deep inside me. Crazy deep. I feel it sliding under my belly button and moving things around inside me and I strain and groan as it invades my belly.

"... oh ... gawd ... oh ... gawd ..." I grunt each word as my bowels cramp around the steel.

"Remember what I said, Audra Anne," I hear Uncle Dan's voice rumbling. But I do remember, so I relax myself and feel the spit moving inside me and it does feel like a long hard cock.

"Fuck her with it." I hear someone say and who ever is working the spit does just that, sliding it in and out a couple inches inside me over and over. I strain and arch my back because even though it's hurting and I'm scared, it feels good sliding around inside my belly. I start rolling my hips in time to the spit and that helps ease the cramping.

"She likes it!" someone else cries out, then whoops.

As they fuck me with the spit, I open my eyes and look up into my Daddy's face. He's staring at my belly as he holds my hand. I lift my head and look down and see why he's looking there - my belly is undulating like crazy as the steel slides in and out of my gut. I let my head flop back down and the world spins around me.

"I'm high, Daddy," I confess, needing to tell him because he always warned us about drugs and I don't want to die keeping secrets.

"I know," his voice is low, "It's okay. Today, it's okay."

So I close my eyes and moan - the spit sliding up and down inside my belly, going deeper and deeper. And while it's happening someone rubs my clitty and that feels good. I'm a good girl, and usually I'd feel all embarrassed in front of all these men even to sing them a song, but here I am naked as the day I was born being fucked by steel as they all hold me. And knowing how this is going to end, I decide I shouldn't give a good-goddam what anyone thinks of me so I let my moan out ...

"Fuck me," I grunt, and I feel my cheeks burn because I just said that to all of my Daddy's friends right in front of him.

"Fuck me!" I say again, but this time is comes out whiney and desperate. But they do fuck me and they do it deep and fast and I feel my orgasm start throbbing deep in my lower belly.

I start to feel pressure in my stomach. I burp wetly, then burp again, but this time fluid rushes up my throat to fill my mouth. I turn my head and spit it out, tasting the 'shine once again. I heave again and fluid gushes from my throat and my orgasm hits me like a kick from a mule.

I cum so hard, I'm pretty sure I passed out for a few seconds, because I feel a little numb and pretty groggy. But the spit brings everything back into focus and I can feel it's rigid hardness right through my belly.

" ... daddy?" I whimper because I'm feeling frail and weak with the hard rusty steel so deep in me.

"Yer alright, Audra Anne," he says, squeezing my hand again. But I'm so afraid of what is going to happen next and I don't want to be alive for it.

" ... bleed me ... please, daddy ... please bleed me ..." I plead with him, my voice cracking and my eyes blurring with tears. Oh-lordy, that steel is so deep.

"Won't be long now, Audra Anne," Daddy says, letting go of my hand and moving around to the end of the table over my head, "Don't fuss so, girl."

They keep fucking me with it and I know it's danger deep inside me, pushing up against my stomach. I wish they'd slow down and go easy so I could cum one more time being fucked like this, but I've had my fun - now it's time to get me ready for the coals.

"We're gunna have ta cut her," I hear a man say.

"Lemme try once more." the man working the spit says and I feel the spit press hard up inside me and there's a sharp bite deep in my gut. I gag and heave, my stomach feeling squeezed and bruised.

I cry out and try to lower my legs and squirm away, but too many hands grip me and pin me to the table.

"Alright, cut 'er if you want," says the man with the spit.

"... no-no-no-no-no-noooooo!" I wail as I feel the men moving to let another man in with his knife. Through my tears I see red sunlight glint off the wide blade - it's an Arkansas Toothpick, a beast of a knife.

I feel the knife plunge into my belly just above my belly button and I grunt wetly. It saws in and out, cutting quickly upward. The steel is cold and sharp and it feels so overwhelming I can't even scream - I can only gasp and pant and whimper. Then the knife is out of me and I feel a hand slide inside me.

Oh-lordy-a-man-has-his-hand-inside-my-body! I jerk and twist in their grips but I can't get away. I gag as the hand wraps around my stomach and I feel the knife again, this time cutting my innards.

I am gagging, heaving like I have to throw up but I can't for some reason.

"I got 'er ... I got 'er," the knife man says and I feel him guide the spit into my stomach through the slit he just made, "There ya go!"

I feel Daddy grip my hair and tilt my head back, holding my head in his strong hands.

"... daddy ... please no ... please ..." I gasp wetly, feeling the spit moving inside me again. I clench my bum to try to stop it but it just burns my asshole. I'm shaking bad, my thighs jiggling, my stomach heaving as all that steel slides upward inside me. Oh-lord, it's almost all the way through me. I feel it in my gullet, moving upward and my body is all spasms.

"She's a pissin'!" someone calls out.

It's sliding up! I can feel it thick and cold and rough sliding up my gullet. I can't scream, I can't beg, all I can do is make wet gurgling sounds. I thrash around, my legs trying to kick, my arms pulling against the men holding me, my head jerking from side to side in Daddy's grip. I hear and feel some of my hair get ripped out. No matter how hard I fight, the men keep me pinned tight.

"Don't fight it, Audra Anne," Uncle Dan says.

"Hold her goddam head still!" I hear Daddy yell and instantly there are hands gripping my head - two under my neck lifting and two on my forehead pushing down - and they tilt my head back so far that my jaw opens and I gag. Then all of a sudden the spit is right there - pushing down on the root of my tongue and I feel steel sliding up into my mouth. I am gagging and choking on it as it slides over my tongue then scrapes against my upper teeth as it's forced up through me and out past my lips. I taste blood.

I feel all the hands release me at once and Daddy says; "Alright, gut her and bleed her." and the knife is back in my belly again, sawing downward through my belly button toward my cunt. I feel the burn and I feel my belly go loose and open up and I think of the many pigs gutted on this table and I wonder if my insides look like theirs did.

I can't move my head to look down anymore, but I know my belly must look a horror and I wonder how long I'll last like this. I feel my pierced stomach clench and harden and I puke hard - blood and 'shine gushing up my gullet to spray out between the spit and my lips. Rough hands pull the flaps of my belly open and I feel the knife cut deep inside me and I feel a fluttering in my belly.

"She's gushin'," someone says and I feel my hot blood pulsing over my flanks.

That's it - they're finally bleeding me. Won't be long now. I start to feel warm and my body relaxes. My throat is still working on the spit and my stomach is heaving, but that's okay. I lie still, feeling hands pulling at my insides, rinsing me out with buckets of water, getting me ready for the coals. They work fast, these good ole boys.

I close my lips around the spit like it's a cock and work my tongue against it.

But the day is getting dim so I don't have enough time to play. But that's okay too - I've had my fun.

Nothing hurts anymore and I can still feel the spit in my asshole and up my gullet. It's feeling kind of sexy now and I wish I could live long enough for that feeling to grow stronger. Hands are rubbing oil all over my body and I'm rolled onto my side and my wrists and elbows are trussed behind my back.

I'm fading now ... but I last just long enough to feel the first handful of stuffing and spices shoved inside me and I'm glad I won't have to feel the heat from those coals ... oh-lordy, it's so dark here.