Cellar of Cell Block C

by Erotickynk

I can hear the desperation in my own voice, the neediness; the whining voice of a hopeless dirty little slut Ö

"Ö fuck me! Ö fuck me!"

Itís the drugs. I know itís the drugs that Rebecca gives us. Not the ones we get upstairs, but the ones she gives us down here.

His thighs are slapping loud against my ass as he drives his cock deep into my rectum, and I am pushing upward, wanting him deeper, wanting it harder, wanting that deep belly hurt that only rough anal sex can give me. My face is pressed against the old lumpy mattress, my nose mashed against it. The mattress is damp, wet in places, and it stinks of cunt and semen and piss.

If I turn my head I can still see the body through the doorway. It was the first one I saw when I was brought down here three days ago. She lays where they dumped her; a used up piece of female garbage.

I wonder if she got the drugs and was able to play and orgasm or if they just killed her right away to get this orgy started. I like to think she had some pleasure before she was strangled.

I can hear other girls in the room moaning, grunting, other men growling and laughing. I hear the wet sounds of sex and the sharp slaps of a belt on skin.

One girl shrieks, then gurgles as something awful is done to her, but she manages to find her voice;

"Ö keep going Ö oh god keep going Ö" then I hear the heaving and splattering of vomit, then her voice once more; "Ö oh god Ö deeper Ö deeper!"

I imagine she is feeling as desperate as I am; lost in sensation - feverish and delirious - the way I get when Iím oversexed and close to orgasm. No. Itís the drugs. Itís the way I get when my regular meds wear off and Iím brought down here. Heís pounding me harder, his cock like a piston inside me sending shockwaves up through my bowels with each hard thrust. Other girls are being fucked around me. Some swallowing cock.

"Ö gunna cum Ö" I gasp, pressing my bum hard against him.

ĎHimí Ö I donít even know his name and I donít care. Heís one of the guards, thatís all I know, and he is fucking me savagely, the way I like it.

I feel my belly cramp and my back curls and Iím shaking wildly as my orgasm hits me like a hot heavy wave crashing on the volcanic shore of my flesh. I tuck my chin against my chest, pressing my forehead against the filthy mattress and whimper and moan and he grips my hips and grinds into me.

In the midst of my orgasm I feel him shudder as he also orgasms and pumps ropes of cum into my bowels. I can feel his cock pulsing inside me, the head swelling and twitching. I pee a little bit - I canít help it and I donít care.

When he is done, he lets go of me and I flop onto my side. He slaps my sweaty bum and gets up off the mattress to pick his way through the crowded room to find a drink to recharge. Itís an orgy and itís been going on for three days.

This room is deep underground beneath Cell Block C. Itís littered with old mattresses and broken furniture, the floor rough with dirt and debris and the walls discoloured with stains made by water seeping through the foundation and from blood splatter and smears.

It looks like a fucking slaughterhouse down here Ö or maybe hell. I wonder if this is what hell really looks like. I wonder if it is hell and if Iím already dead.

This is the third orgy Iíve been brought to since I was committed to the Delmont Prison for the Criminally Insane. I donít even remember what my crime was, but I was tried by men and sentenced by a man and sent here to be caged by men. And like the other inmates in Cell Block C, Iím being used by those men.

They know which ones of us to pick to come down here because of our psych nurse Rebecca. Itís not fair because Rebecca is the one who we tell our secrets to and she is sympathetic to our confusion and our sick sexual fantasies and doesnít judge us when we talk about them.

And she gives us the sweet drugs that make every sensation ten times what it should be and orgasms that never seem to satiate us. Orgasms that make us want more and more and more.

Weíre chosen because of our sick minds and weíre either pliant or compliant - sometimes made that way by the drugs Rebecca gives us. Most of the ones she chooses love pain like me. And some of us want to die because weíre sick in the mind when the drugs donít turn us into living sex toys.

The first show I saw three days ago was of a girl who was sick in the mind and who wanted to die. It was Rebecca who murdered her. Rebecca seems to like to put on shows for the guards, and for us I guess.

Rebecca let the girl stay clothed as she knelt on the filthy floor and held on to a large galvanized tub as Rebecca worked on her with a knife and we all stood or lay on the filthy mattresses to watch. Rebecca let her keep her clothes on because she was raped over and over when she was a little girl and being naked in front of men would send her into screaming fits.

She couldnít be naked in front of men, but she could die in front of them.

The girl was very brave and did her best to last as long as she could. She put on a good show. Even after her belly was penetrated over and over with the knife and Rebecca started to work on her throat, the girl had the presence of mind to lean over the tub when she had to vomit up the blood that was filling her stomach.

But near the end she started losing her strength and her will. Her bloody hands kept slipping off the edge of the tub until at last she collapsed and crumpled to the floor. Like the thrown-away girl through the doorway, they left her body where she died.

As I lay here remembering, another man comes to me and rolls me onto my back, slapping my thighs open and plunging his cock into me. I let him fuck me and grip my breasts in his hands, his fingers like claws trying to hurt me. Go ahead, hurt me bad.

He has a large round belly and feeling it pressing me down on the mattress feels good. But he doesnít last long and shivers as he cums inside me. Then heís gone.

These orgies go on for days as the guards finish their shifts then come down here to play until they are exhausted, then they shower and catch some sleep in one of their dorms before going on duty and starting the cycle over again.

Us girls just stay down here and some of us are murdered. When one dies, Rebecca brings another down from the crowded cells upstairs. No one cares. The guards fake the headcounts and the bodies are sent to unmarked graves in the boneyard before being listed as suicides. No one ever questions the death certificates and even if they did no one wants to spend the money to dig up the bodies for examination.

And they say weíre crazy living in a sane world.

No one is coming near me, so I close my eyes and try to sleep. Iím exhausted. Iím tired and hungry and sore and the drugs Rebecca gave me are wearing thin, so I just want to sleep. But even as I drift in and out of dreams I can feel my sexual arousal is still up and strong. I canít help it - sex and blood and death all blend together for me. Iím ashamed to say that watching other girls die arouses me sexually.

They killed one of my cell sisters earlier today and I masturbated as I watched.

Her name was Nadine and I know she wanted to die because she told me. Sheíd been to one of the orgies before and she was depressed for two weeks afterward because she survived.

She told me all this one night as we lay tight together in her bunk, our legs intertwined, ignoring each otherís body odour as we took turns fingering each other to orgasm. Nadine had long orgasms, humping my fingers and grunting for long minutes at a time. Me, I have regular length orgasms, but once Iíve cum a couple times I can orgasm over and over until I feel drunk with sexual arousal.

Nadine told me her wish to die as she was fingering me, and she told me how she wanted it to happen. She said she was going to tell Rebecca and was going to ask her to do it.

Earlier today, Nadine got her wish.

They brought her down early in the morning and stripped her down to her bra and panties, then used plastic wrap to strap her down to a table.

As Nadine grunted and strained, one of the guards sliced her open from her belly button to the top of her abdomen. Then Rebecca reached into her and started pulling things out of her.

Nadine strained and hissed through clenched teeth as she lifted her head to watch her insides pulled out.

I masturbated as Rebecca pulled long ropes of her intestines from out of her clenched and jiggling belly.

Nadine lasted a long time. So long that three of the guards got to fuck her and fill her up with cum, then Rebecca reached deep down into her abdomen and massaged Nadineís g-spot from the inside and made her orgasm a long time. I know thatís what Rebecca was doing because she told us as she was doing it. And Nadineís eyes rolled up in her head and she writhed on the table in that way I know so well as she had her long orgasm.

Nadine was still alive and Rebecca was massaging her g-spot for another orgasm when one of the guards noticed me masturbating and pulled me down on one of the mattresses and fucked me hard. When he and I were done cumming, I went to look at Nadine and saw that she was dead.

She got her wish.

I feel a cramping in my bowels so now for sure I wonít be able to sleep, so I get up and pick my way through the mattresses and the fucking people and go to the little concrete room that has the buckets. Itís the closest thing we have to a toilet down here and it was chosen because of a ventilation duct in the ceiling that lets the stink rise up.

I sit on one of the five gallon plastic buckets and pee, then my bowels rumble and I relax and let it flow from me. I know most of the liquid is cum, but when I look down after standing up I see thereís a lot of blood in it too.

I wash my bum with the cloth and bucket of cold water, then make my way back through the orgy room and lay back down on a mattress in a corner.

But even though my belly feels better, I find that I still canít sleep, so I roll on my side and watch one of the guards fucking a girl from behind. He is choking her as he does and even though her face looks like she is in pain, she keeps pushing herself back toward him. I know she wants it and doesnít care if he strangles her.

I donít think she is having an orgasm as he fucks her, but I can tell she loves the rough and dangerous sex.

I havenít see Rebecca for a few hours, so I think sheís either on shift or sleeping. Right now itís just a few guards and us girls down here. There are more girls than guards, so those not being used are taking advantage of the time to sleep.

I wish I could.

I close my eyes, and hear two people moving close to me. I open my eyes a slit and see that a guard has led a girl to the mattress next to mine. He lays her down on her back and plays with her before he starts fucking her.

I close my eyes and listen to them.

I donít know if I fell asleep for a few minutes or not, but all of a sudden I hear wet sounds and the girl grunting. I open my eyes a slit and see that the guard is sitting on her thighs and is pushing a knife into her abdomen over and over. She grunts every time the knife penetrates her hilt-deep, but she isnít fighting back. I roll onto my back and turn my head to watch them, my hand sliding down my belly to my mound and start to masturbate.

I watch her being slowly stabbed to death and feel my arousal ramping up, my fingers slithering inside my slimy cunt, my clit swollen and tight. I feel my body cramp up, curling my back and lifting my shoulders and head off the mattress, my thighs squeezing tight around my hand as I cum. I grunt as I peak and the guard looks down at me and smiles, then goes back to stabbing the girl.

I cum three more times before he pushes the knife in just below her sternum and angles it upward into her heart. She sighs as she exhales her last breath.

The guard meets my eyes as he climbs off of her.

"Fuck me?" I ask in a weak voice.

"Nah." he laughs, "Iím good for now."

One more girl left on a bloody mattress. I stare at her body and cum one last time, then close my eyes and finally fall sleep.

I awaken to movement on the mattress Iím laying on. I feel someone lay down on my right and another on my left. A third person sits down on the end of the mattress near my feet. I flutter my eyes open and look to my right. Itís one of the guards and he is smiling at me.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty." he says. I smile at him. His face is kind, his smile genuine. I want him to fuck me.

I feel soft fingers tracing a circle around my left nipple and out of the corner of my eye I see it is a womanís fingers. I turn my head and find myself face to face with Rebecca.

"Having fun down here this time, Chelsea?" she asks, and it frightens me that she uses my name. Itís easier to do this anonymously - no names - blending in to the crowd - not being singled out.

"Ö yes Ö" I say, suddenly nervous. Rebecca hands appear and a syringe is in her right hand. She pulls the cap off and tosses it. Leaning forward, she punches the needle into my belly and pushes the plunger. The drugs burn inside the layer of fat in my belly.

"Youíre going to have more fun now." Rebecca says, pulling the needle out and tossing it into the corner, "And youíre going to help everyone have fun, arenít you Chelsea?"

I look past her and see that the room is more populated, guards and new girls - probably thirty people in total. A shift must have just ended and new girls have been brought down. It scares me to see their eyes on me, and that they are all settling in to watch. I feel the warm rush as the drugs start to work.

I look back into Rebeccaís eyes. She smiles and her eyes have a hungry look that feels like doom.

"Ö please donít Ö" I whimper, but itís too late now - I can feel the drugs amplifying the sensations in my body and making my rectum crave penetration.

The drugs work that way - itís a mixture. Parts sap your will, other parts make you feel everything more intensely and one I know irritates the mucus membranes in our sex organs making it feel like a sexual itch you need to scratch. Most girls only feel it in their cunt, but I always feel it strongest in my rectum. Iíve had a lot of these shots over the last three days, but none when the whole room was looking on.

"Ö please donít Ö" I whisper again, trying to resist the arousal Iím feeling.

"Shhh." she tries to soothe me, reaching across my chest and gently but firmly sliding her hand over my shoulder and pulling me toward her, "Itís going to be okay, Chelsea."

"Ö please Ö" my voice is weak and whiny. I donít want to die.

Rebecca rolls me onto my side facing her and I feel the guard who was sitting on the end of the mattress slide in behind me. His hands slip around my hips and grip them and I feel his cock sliding up and down between the twin globes of my bum. His cock is slippery - he must have lubed himself. He moves his cock up and down my crease until the head slips into the hollow of my anus. As Rebecca gives me gentle kisses on my face and caresses my breasts, he presses into me and I feel myself opening, the sweet pressure in my anus builds, then his cock is sliding deep.

His cock is thick and long and I canít help it, I moan like a whore.

"There." Rebecca smiles at me, our foreheads touching, "Doesnít that feel good?"

"Ö y-yes Ö" I whisper, hating that it feels so good, "Ö but please donít Ö please Ö"

"Shhhh. Itís going to happen, baby. Just relax and enjoy the ride." she murmurs, stroking my nipples.

Rebecca knows me. She knows that I love to be fucked anally, and she knows that it wonít be long before Iím back in that state of delirium like before. As Rebecca twirls both my nipples, he starts moving inside me - in and out, in and out - and my breath catches in my throat. I lay my head against Rebeccaís shoulder.

"Ö oh god Ö" I moan, feeling my crotch warming and getting that fevered liquid feeling, and my bowels are coming alive as his cock slides long and deep inside me, over and over.

Rebecca slides one of her hands down my long belly and cups my mound, massaging my cunt. She moves her lips close to my ear and I can feel her excited breathing.

"Feel good, baby?" she whispers to me, squeezing my crotch.

He thrusts harder and I grunt each time his hips slap against my bum. My insides are starting to churn and Iím overheating. My orgasm is already building inside my belly. But I know what weíre building toward, and that is sending ice-water through my veins.

I steal a glance at the others in the room past Rebeccaís arm; Guards are watching intently along with some of the other girls. Iíve gone from being a person to being a stage show in this grim cellar.

Some girls are sucking cock, keeping the guards excited. But even the ones not being serviced by a girl have hard erections - they are aroused by what is going to be done to me. I close my eyes and snuggle against the nape of Rebeccaís neck.

"Ö please donít do this Ö" I sob, then gasp as Rebecca slides a finger inside my cunt, curling it and finding my g-spot. I canít help myself; I grunt and press myself back to take his cock deeper, pulling Rebeccaís finger against my pubic bone.

"Thatís a good girl." Rebecca coos in my ear, "Time to cowgirl it up, Chelsea."

And she pushes against my chest as he pulls on my hips, rolling me on top of him, his cock still sliding in and out of my rectum. I slide my legs under me on either side of him - sort of half kneeling - and arch my back to take him as deep as I can. I hate that I am doing this, but I canít help it. The drugs are flowing through my body and now I am a slave to my lust.

I lay my hands on the wet mattress on either side of him to hold myself up, and ride his cock as he thrusts up into me. I am watching the crowd watching me, and their lust excites me, even though I know it is blood lust. And I remember my own blood lust, watching girls die down here.

"Ö oh fuck Ö" I gasp, my delirium coming on strong, my orgasm building in my belly. My anus feels loose and hungry and Rebeccaís finger hooked inside me is speeding me toward orgasm and death.

I turn to look into her eyes, my own eyelids drooping. I am panting now, short of breath.

"Ö how? Ö" I gasp.

Rebecca motions with her head and I turn to see the long sharp knife in the smiling guardís fist. He slowly brings it toward my throat.

"No!" I half-shriek and shake my head violently, trying to stay away from the blade.

"Donít fight it, baby." Rebecca says, her voice more excited now, her curled finger inside me, mashing my clit down with the palm of her hand, "Let it happen Ö he wonít start until youíre cumming."

Rebeccaís fingering is becoming frantic and his cock slamming up into me does as well. Can anyone blame me for absorbing that energy? For feeling my arousal become desperate and needy?

"Ö nooooo Ö" I cry out as I feel the cramping start in my lower belly. I feel feverish and out of it, high like I do when Iím on the drugs they give us upstairs to calm us down when weíre really upset. But those drugs smother our sexuality, these turn it to madness.

I cry out again and stop struggling, using my energy to arch my back and meet his thrusts up into my bowels. Iím so scared, but Iím overwhelmed by the frantic need to reach for my orgasm. The smiling guard lays his hand on the top of my head, his fingers gripping my hair, lifting my chin and exposing my throat, and holding my head still. I try as hard as I can to lower my chin to my chest to protect my throat.

"Ö donít Ö" I gasp, "Ö oh god, donít Ö"

I feel the building pressure in my lower belly, my orgasm is starting and I canít slow it down. I feel the muscles in my belly clench and I grunt.

Oh god, itís starting and he knows it; I feel his grip tighten in my hair and he pulls my head back and I fight him.

Itís no use - heís too strong.

I feel the cold burn across my throat, slicing through skin. Then I feel the blade grinding against the cartilage in my gullet and it makes me gag. I lower my chin almost to my chest, trapping the blade there as he grips the hair on the top of my head and starts to saw.

Oh shit, Iím cumming.

Iím cumming and heís sawing through my gullet.

My eyelids flutter as my eyes roll up in my head. The cold steel sliding back and forth inside my throat is making me gag and heave. My bowels are cramping badly and my cunt and uterus are a throbbing mass of pure sexual bliss. I feel my cunt tighten painfully and the spasm squeezes Rebeccaís finger out of me.

She laughs.

The smiling guardís grip on my hair is so strong and the blade is very sharp. Itís sliding back and forth effortlessly, slicing through my throat - cold sharp steel slithering in my gullet making me gag and choke. My stomach heaves and I feel air and liquid gurgling in my gullet but nothing comes up. Blood suddenly gushes from my throat, first from the left then the right. I feel the other guardís cock swell and explode inside me. He slams up hard into me, his hands gripping my hips tight, holding me to him.

The blade is still sliding back and forth in my throat and I feel it sever the root of my tongue as my orgasm peaks and hits my body hard. Itís like a solid impact, rocking me, making my body jerk and spasm. The flat of the blade is sliding and sliding, moving the root of my tongue in my throat and god help me I love the perversity of that feeling. The blade kisses the back of my throat and I heave hard, my stomach clenching and undulating as strongly as my lower belly is in orgasm as it slices through the tender flesh there. I feel the knife grinding on bone and electric tingles dance up and down my body as the steel slides across raw nerves.

Iím aware of Rebecca pressing her body against my side and can feel her arm flexing as she fingers herself to orgasm, her hot panting breath harsh and ragged in my ear.

I pray that my orgasm wonít stop until the end and I pray that the end comes quickly. I donít want to die sexless and choking to death. I arch my back tight, wanting the guardís cock deeper, wanting more of him inside me to prolong my orgasm.

So much blood and so much bliss Ö

I have to keep the bliss going Ö

Ö just a few more seconds.