He Did Me - Impaling Daisy

by Erotickynk

We tried three times, and each time I was overwhelmed and made him stop. The feeling of the spit so deep in my bowels and pressing against my stomach was too much. Yet I wanted it. I dreamed about it, masturbated nightly as I fantasized about it, craved feeling the spit bursting out of my colon and penetrating my stomach to slide up my throat making me convulse and spasm the way he promised.

He tried three times and I panicked three times and he said he was done with me, but I didn’t want him to be done with me. So I begged him to meet me, just meet me so we could talk, and as we sat in his lorry and I sobbed as I talked about wanting it - needing it - but being so afraid of it, he held me and said he would give me a taste of it.

He took me to one of his friends’ flat and his friend fucked me up my ass as I deep throated him, and I came and puked as he told me that was what I would feel at the end - penetrated ass to throat, feeling that intense ecstasy in my core.

So now here we are on a Sunday, in his shop and me on my hands and knees as some bloke on the radio blathers on about something and he is fucking me with the spit as thick as his cock.

“I don’t think I can.” I whimper once again. I don’t want to make this the forth failed attempt, but I’m so scared.

“You can. You can. You’re doing it today.” he says and slides the pit in and out of my rectum, pushing a little deeper every few strokes.

“... oh yeah ...” I say because it feels good. It feels like the beginning of the climb to my orgasm.

“Today.” he says firmly as he pushes it deeper, straightening my twisted rectum and stretching open that tight sphincter at the top.

“... no I can’t-I can’t ...” I gasp. I’ve been here before, feeling that initial penetration from rectum to bowel.

“Yes you can.” he says.

“... no oh!” and I cry out a little, feeling the spit pulling my sigmoid colon from its little nest in my lower belly and entering it. The sensation sends shiver-bumps up my bum and flanks.

“You’re doing it already.” he says. And he’s right - we’ve been this far before. This far and further. I am confused by what I’m feeling - extreme arousal and growing fear.

“... no I don’t think I ...” and then I feel the spit sliding deeper, pulling the bottom of my descending colon toward my core, and I moan gutturally; “... ohhh ... good ... oh fuck ...”

“It’ll be beautiful.” he says, fucking me once more with the spit.

And I sound like a whore; “... yeah ... yeah ... yeah ...” as he fucks my lower belly as it slides deeper, then; “... shit ...” and I whimper then scream.

“Shhhhh” he soothes me, easing off a bit and fucking me lazily with the spit, “It’s something you’ve been waiting for isn’t it?”

I get into it again, feeling that slick shaft fucking me belly-button deep in my bowels and once more I become a whore; “... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah-yeah-yeah”

But he goes deeper without warning and I scream, raising myself up off his shop floor, trying to get my legs under me to scamper away like I scampered away three times before.

“Shut the fuck up.” he says, “Daisy, get to it.”

“... no I can’t ...” I say as I struggle, three times he pulled the shaft out of me when I panicked, but this time he is holding it firm in my lower belly.

“Shut up and get forward.” he says, “Daisy if you don’t get forward I’m going to beat you within and inch of your fucking life.”

He is determined and is doing what we agreed to this time; he’s not going to let me stop; he’s going to push the spit through my belly until I am choking on it.

“It’s easy.” he says as I lower my upper body back down and he resumes fucking me with it.

“... yeah ... yeah ...” I whimper weakly, then; “... I can’t ... I ... ohhhhhhhh ...” and he pushes it deeper and I feel my descending colon being pulled loose and dragged to the centre of my belly and fucks me slow and long, the shaft fucking me straight from my asshole upward toward my stomach. It’s getting closer, I can feel the liquids in my stomach sloshing as the shaft makes it move inside me. It is becoming frantic, this total fuck he’s giving me.

“... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ... yeah! ...” and oh-my-god it feels so good and so final, “... fuck ... fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck ...” and I want him to do it now before I lose my nerve once again. I want him to push it home, rip through my bowels and into my stomach and push it up my throat and make me cum and puke and end my miserable fucking life in one long convulsive orgasm here on his shop floor.

He reminds me of he and his mate fucking me ass to throat and how good it felt, and it did feel good, feeling my bowels spasm and my stomach convulse as my orgasm ripped through my core and I puked around his cock.

“I can’t, no, yeah ... ohhhhh ...” I gasp then feel it deeper than ever before, pressing against my stomach now, bloated with the tea and biscuits I enjoyed one last time before I met him here.

I’m going to vomit and I’m going to orgasm. Oh-dear-god, I’m going to do both at the same time.

I’m so scared. So-so-so scared.

He pushes hard and I feel my bowel rip and feel that sharp penetration as the spit punctures my stomach. It hurts so much as I feel my stomach convulse and grip the steel in my belly and I vomit hard, liquid gushing up my throat and out my open mouth as I try to scream but I can’t ... I can’t ... I can’t ...

Choking on it and now cumming on it.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I’m cumming!

Cumming so hard!

This is what he promised, and this is what is happening to me. I’m cumming and puking and dying as he fucks my entire core. I’m aware of the motion of the spit from my gaping asshole through my bowels, my stomach, my throat; pushing and pulling, moving my guts inside me as I puke and cum so violently.

It’s going on forever ...

... forever ...

... fucking me forever ...

But nothing lasts forever, does it?

After my stomach heaves for the last time, and my cunt grips for the last time, and my orgasm clenches my guts for the last time, my body slumps limp on his shop floor and he pulls the shaft from my twitching belly. My eyes still open and staring dully, he rolls me on my back and tilts my head back and fucks my throat, his cock hard in my wet, pukey mouth. He growls as he cums hard, pressing deep and spurting his ropes of cum down my gullet.

Satisfied, he gets the duct tape and the drain cleaner. He has to destroy the evidence, doesn’t he?

Propping me up and tilting my head back, he pours the drain cleaner into my mouth and it flows down my throat into my stomach, dissolving his semen before it starts to dissolve my gullet and belly. He uses the duct tape to seal my mouth, wrapping it ‘round and ‘round my face and the back of my neck, capturing my mouth and my hair.

My dead belly is swelling as he wraps my body in plastic and tapes it tight like a little sausage and loads me into his lorry to take me deep into the moors to lay me to rest.