He Did Me - The Bog

by Erotickynk

He did me in the back of his lorry but in the end I didn’t care about how horror-show it was or how much it scared me or that he raped me first. We only chatted twice and I told him what I wanted and he promised he could do it just the way I asked.

I skipped out of last class and walked to our meeting place and felt a tinglin’ thrill when I saw his blue lorry parked in the shade of the trees right where he promised and that meant this was real. The tingles washed over me thighs, bum, and belly and made my fanny grip down on itself. He was older than I imagined, but he had a good smile and his hands looked strong so I felt safe being with him. We drove for a bit and parked behind a hedgerow on the edge of the bog. We got in the back amongst all his equipment and lay down together.

“Let’s get your jumper up, luv.” he said and I asked why and he said; “We’ve got to get the raping started before we get to your thing.”

So I loosened me tie and pulled off me jumper while he flipped me skirt up and pulled me knickers off. He sniffed the crotch and smiled and put them in his pocket. He ripped the buttons off me blouse opening it and said he loved me nipples all pink and puffy and sucked them hard as he cupped me fanny with his hand. Me fanny lips were stuck together from sweat like they get when I wear tight knickers all day, but as he slid one finger from me arsehole to me button I felt it open and I started to flow. He chuckled when he felt that and fingered me for a bit - his finger in there tickled me inside giving me the giggles.

“When does the raping start?” I asked, all light hearted like a fuckin’ loon, and he said to give him a minute. He got up on his knees and pulled his trousers down and put on a Johnny. I giggled and asked him why he was afraid of getting me preggers and he said he didn’t want any DNA left in me fanny for the rape kit.

I got no experience with boys or men so I don’t know much about size, but he felt thick going in and I felt his bell-end pushing hard up against me womb. Then he fucked me. His knob thumping me deep made me randy and a little sick to my stomach at the same time and both of those took me giggles away. He rogered me hard and long until we were both sweaty then he grunted and mashed against me crotch with his hands wrapped around me shoulders to hold me down. I don’t know if I blew me lump or not but I liked his hard belly pressing down on mine, and I felt a quiver deep in me belly as his cock twitched and pulsed inside me. After, he rolled onto his back and against the side of the lorry, pulling me onto him so me back was to his front and me legs were between his.

“Get yourself ready, luv.” he said as he gently wrapped a cord round me throat. After him rogering me, me fanny was mushy and moist like the bog outside the lorry, so it didn’t take me long to feel that sweet tightenin’ in me lower belly.

“... ’m ready! ... ‘m ready! ...” I grunted like a randy little slag and the cord snapped tight round me throat. I’d played at this on me own with one end of me tie trapped under me right armpit and pulling it as tight as I could with me left as I diddled meself. But this was different. He was so strong I could hear me voicebox crackling like old chicken bones as he crushed it. Me face swelled up and me eyes felt like they were going to pop out of me head. This was a shock and me heels drummed on the floor of the lorry and I kicked so hard, one of me trainers came off and bounced off the roof. I kept trying to calm meself by thinkin’ ‘I-want-this ... I-want-this ... I-want-this’ over and over but it did no good. Then I heard me mum’s voice in me head; ‘You’re always wasting time, Carly.’ and I realized I was wasting time - time that was dear and rare. So I let it happen and happen it did; right away me belly swelled up and I was off-me-box with a brilliant orgasm. I arched me back and pushed up with me feet until I could feel his breath in me ear.

“There’s a good lass.” he growled as he kept the cord tight around me throat. Me mouth filled with drool and me eyes blurred with tears and I felt meself pissing and farting. I might have even shat meself, but I didn’t care; it was intense and brilliant and burned me hot and wet right down to me core. I felt like I was a warm bottle of champagne shaken and its top blown off - me insides were fizzing and gushing and even my stomach churned and gurgled. If he hadn’t had me throat closed off I would have sicked-up me tea and biscuits. It was like every orgasm I could have in me entire life was happening all at once and somehow during this thunderin’ storm of pure fuckin’ bliss in me belly I went blind.

He left me body at the edge of the bog, just dumped there, tumbled out of his lorry with me cheek sunk a little in the soggy ground with me sleepy eyes staring at nuffin’ and me bare white bum stickin’ up proud. Me body was found five days later by an Irish Setter being walked by a man and he called the coppers. By that time me eyes were cloudy and me belly swelled up horror-show plump from gas.

They fussed over me body more than anyone did for me when I was alive and finally took it away.

I dunno how long I can stay, but every day the veil between me and the bog gets thicker so it’s harder to see and it’s so fuckin’ lonely here.

So lonely.