Westminster Orphanage
Three on a Tree

by Erotickynk

Oh my ...

Jenny is making wet gurgling sounds in her throat as her face deepens from pink to a deep red and her pink tongue slides out between her parted lips. The rope is tight around her throat and her weight is stretching her neck. The muscles in her pregnant belly are working as Jeremy finger-fucks her and Kim and I can hear the squishy sounds from her cunt as he grinds his fingers deep. Her thighs are starting to jump and twitch - opening and flopping closed and I figure she's cumming, because she pulls her tongue back into her mouth and grits her teeth and lifts her chin as high as she can. Jeremy keeps fingering her and her whole body starts to spasm and her thighs clench so tight they quiver like mad.

I look at Kim and I see she is massaging her own crotch so she must be as turned on as I am. Cold rushes keep flooding up my body from my bum up my belly to my nipples and though I feel a little sick to my stomach, I can feel that deep throb in my cunt that means it won't take much for me to cum. I mean - Jenny is cumming and dying ... she's actually dying right in front of me and it's turning Kim and I on to watch it happen.

I look back at Jenny and I see that her body is quieting down - it's like she's shivering now. Her chin slowly lowers and her mouth opens and her tongue slides out again as Jeremy pulls his fingers from her cunt and when he does a clot of milky mucus flops from inside her. Her belly sags like the muscles have gone limp and Jeremy steps back as Jenny starts to pee, her face turning purple now, her jaw still working like she's trying not to strangle. I hear her fart and I turn away because I don't want to watch what happens next. Jeremy says it happens to everyone as they die from asphyxia. He says that in prison they give women enemas so they don't mess themselves in their last moments of life at the end of a rope. We didn't take enemas this morning before we snuck out.

Jeremy moves the step ladder to the next noose and it's my turn. Kim wants to go last and she gets her way because she sucks Jeremy's cock whenever he wants.


I am trembling and my legs feel weak and shaky as I climb the flat rungs of the ladder. Jeremy steadies it with one hand and me with the other as I climb. The ladder is unstable under me and I am struggling to not fall. I get to the second rung from the top and steady myself with my hands on the top - I feel awkward, bent over like this. I know the Kim and Jeremy can see my bum and maybe my cunt. I try to stand up but I lose my balance and I am almost falling. Kim catches me by grabbing my shoulder and I feel wetness on her fingers and I can smell her cunt on me now. I steady myself again and Kim grips my thighs and steadies me as I stand up and slowly turn so I am facing them. The noose is right in front of my face.

The rope is as thick as my thumb and it's really soft - Jeremy said he wanted it to feel good around our throats. My hands are shaking badly as I try to pull it over my head. I drop it twice before I get it over my head and it catches on my left ear and I feel like such a loser. But I pull it down and loop it around my throat so the knot is at the back.

Jeremy's fingers find my cunt and start playing there between my thighs. He finds my clit and plays with it, gathering my own oily wetness on his fingertips so my clit is slick. I realize how fucking horny I am as he plays there. I am breathing hard but my breaths are jittery because I am horny and scared.

"Step down." Jeremy says softly just like he did for Jenny, "Let it tighten slowly."

I do - keeping one foot on the second rung, I step down with my other. It doesn't tighten slowly - it tightens fast because I leaned forward as I step down and I feel the 'zip' of the knot as it pulls tight against the back of my neck and the tight pressure on my throat.

"glrrk." I make a choking sound as I try to cry out and it scares me that I can't. I'm so fucking scared all of a sudden. And quickly two of Jeremy's fingers slide into my cunt, and he presses them in deep and curls them so they find that sweet spot inside me. And it feels so good - so amazingly good - that I'm not as scared any more. And I remember that I've only ever been fingered and I've never been fucked - and once a boy ate me out and made me cum with his mouth - but now I will never know what it is like to be fucked - but that's okay because Jeremy is making me feel so good with his fingers - and even though I am still scared and I know I don't have to die if I don't want to, I feel this crazy impulse and because it's a day for crazy impulses, I follow it ...

I step off the ladder with my other foot.

The rope gets crazy tight around my throat and I feel the pressure instantly in my face. I open my mouth and work my jaw and my throat and my tongue trying to find air - to make a sound - to tell them that I need air - I need to breathe. And Jeremy wraps his free arm around my body and plays with my right nipple and grinds his two fingers up deep inside me, finger-fucking me. I reach out and wrap one arm around his neck and the other kind of flails as I reach out for Kim but she is too far away now. I try to get one foot back on the ladder but it slips from the rung and I am swinging free, hanging by my throat.

It hurts and the pressure in my face is huge, but Jeremy's sweet fingers are making up for it. I find I'm not craving air as much as he works me inside.

Something is happening in my lower tummy. My belly is usually flat and tight, but now I feel it loosening, pushing out all relaxed. I can feel myself growing a little soft pot belly like I get sometimes when I masturbate really hard and deep and have really good long orgasms.

And I feel my cunt loosen too. Just seconds ago, Jeremy's two fingers felt tight, but now they feel loose and sloppy inside me. Jeremy adds a third finger and I pat his shoulder to let him know that it's good what he's doing. I want more. So much much more.

I am grateful that my orgasm is building fast. I look down and see that Kim is fingering herself, watching me - looking up with slutty eyes as I am choking and really slamming her fingers up into herself. I can see that two of her fingers are shiny with her oily wetness and some of it sprays in little droplets as her hand blurs she is fucking herself so hard and fast. She's getting off on watching me - and somehow that turns me on too. And as her hand slaps hard and fast against her crotch and her fingers piston in and out of her, I see her face deepen in colour and she grimaces and cums. And while she strains and grunts and tries to stop her eyes from rolling up under her droopy eyelids, another thought sends a wave of sexual pleasure through my core - she's next ... she's cumming now but she's dying next. Jeremy will move the step ladder and Kim will climb up here and step off and do exactly what I am doing.

My body is doing odd things now as my orgasm builds; I feel my bowels moving, sweet rolling ripples circling inside my belly. My heart is pounding and my legs feel so heavy.

I feel Jeremy tighten his arm around my body for leverage and push a fourth finger hard up inside me - it feels so tight now and I'm feeling really full down there - more full than I've ever felt and that is amazing. And it hurts a little - feeling stretched so tight around his hand - but it's such a sweet good hurt. I feel that his fingers are slimy inside me and I know I must be oozing like crazy. His fingers are wriggling in my cunt, each moving on their own as he pushes them deeper inside my body and the web of his thumb mashes my clit down hard and oh-my-gawd my orgasm is almost here. I feel things in my belly tightening inside like a gathering storm. My clit is throbbing, nipples tingling, cunt loosening around his hand. I feel my belly pooch out more, like it's expanding to contain my orgasm. Then it happens ...


Cumming hard!

My orgasm hits hard like a hot, wet explosion in my lower belly as Jeremy grinds his sweet hand up into me. It begins with a feeling like my vagina is swelling fast and my clit burns it feels so stimulated. Then the pleasure bursts outward fast and I feel all sorts of things inside me; For the first time in my life I feel my uterus get in on it and it convulses and quivers hard; I feel my bowels rolling and squirming inside my loosening belly; My thighs flop open and closed, slapping together wetly with Jeremy's hand grinding inside me and my inner thighs are wet and slimy so I must be a mess down there. I'm a slut and I don't care. I have to be a slut to want to die just to have the best orgasm of my life. I realize that this is what Jenny was just feeling moments ago.

I let go of Jeremy's neck and reach up with both my hands and pinch my nipples hard between my thumb and the knuckles of my forefingers because if I don't it feels like I might lose m mind. And just as I think my orgasm has reached its peak it slides further up the scale from orgasmic pleasure to mind-blowing ecstasy. My whole body is cumming now - I can feel every cell in my body either tingling or throbbing - I squirm and twist on the rope, lifting my head and gritting my teeth. I feel my bum tighten and my body arches - I feel my thighs clench and my legs stretch out together - my feet pointing downward and my toes curling so tight they cramp. My body is shaking badly now like I'm having a seizure - I'm losing it ... totally losing it ...

... cumming ... cumming ... cumming. It's the biggest and longest orgasm of my life. Bigger than those times I finger-fucked myself in both my holes until I was a quivery mess of sex-stink and sweat.

When it finally peaks, it's like one of those fourth of July fireworks - a trail of sparks flying higher and higher into the sky and then an explosive burst - but it's all happening inside my lower belly. It shocks my body with so much force that I grunt and sound actually comes out of my constructed throat and air and spit spray from between my clenched teeth. I push my belly out further and love how it feels - all round and bloated with orgasm. My legs kick wildly - I'm doing what Jeremy calls 'the rope dance'. I always thought that people did that because they were trying not to die - but now I know it's because the sensations inside their bodies are overwhelming.

Now it's like my body is slowing down ... my limbs are growing heavy and warm ... my belly calming, getting looser inside and out. I let my head lower and i open my mouth to let my tongue slide out on it's own - it feels like it is swelling. The only thing busy are my bowels and I remember what Jeremy said and at the time I thought I'd be mortified, but now I don't care. My legs calm to twitching and my arms flop loose in front of me. I feel my thumbs slip into my palms and my fingers curl around them like a newborn baby's does.

I feel Jeremy pull his hand from inside me with a gross sucking sound and my body does this little rolling shudder at how hollow I feel all of a sudden - my thighs flopping open and closed a couple times. But that's okay, because right away I feel a calming bliss washing through me. I feel myself swinging back and forth on the rope.

I look down and see that Jeremy is moving the ladder for Kim and she is masturbating like crazy watching me, trying to get her horny back up. I feel my bladder let go - my pee is hot and wet as it sprays down onto the grass at Kim's feet. I see the steam in the early morning air.

Then Jeremy is helping Kim climb the ladder and she is as shaky and scared as Jenny and I were.

And my body feels good. Really good. Fucking amazingly good.

And I feel it twitching. And little spasms make my body jump.

And I see movement out of the corner of my eye and it is Kim's bare feet suspended above the ground - and oh-my-god she's kicking hard already. She must be fighting it and seeing that makes me glad I didn't.

And what also makes me feel good is that I am not alone.

And I see Jeremy step away from Kim and he stands looking up at her as her feet kick, and he is stroking his cock hard and fast and his face is flushing and his expression is one of pure lust.

And I am distracted by a long rumbling inside my lower belly and I stare at Jeremy's red throbbing cock as my anus gapes open wide and I feel my bowels empty in one long rippling expulsion - my belly growing looser and lighter. And that feels so good - such a sweet hollow feeling. And Jeremy doesn't seem to notice - his eyes are on Kim's writhing body as he gets close to his own orgasm.

And Kim's feet are kicking wilder now and Jeremy's face contorts and his cum jets and pulses out of his cock and spatters like liquid pearls on Kim's bare kicking feet and onto the grass beneath her.

And I am floating in a sweet bliss that is washing through my body in warm tingling waves, radiating outward from the core of my sex - I have never felt more wonderful in my life. Who needs air? I don't.

And ...

... oh my.