Newt's Saga - Alone Again

by Erotickynk

Newt didn't want to go, so she hid to avoid the Marines and the others as they searched for her. If she could avoid the silent Aliens for months, she easily evaded the clumsy humans.

Newt hated the new humans and she knew it would only be a matter of time before the Aliens made them leave. The breeding rotation was screwed up and Newt knew that the Aliens would revert back to the old ways and take what was not willingly given. She was right: Once members of the rescue team started disappearing, they made the decision to leave without her.

Now Newt squatted on the wide sill of the observation window overlooking the spaceport and watched the company ship lifting off from LV-426 in a cloud of smoke and steam. Newt tucked her knees under her chin and hugged her legs. She was alone now - alone with her Aliens.

The Sisterhood had kept the egg chamber a secret from the company men and the Marines. Newt had heard them discussing it in quiet voices when they were alone, none of them wanting the outsiders to know what they had done here to keep themselves alive. They were ashamed of being breeders for the Aliens.

Newt wasn't ashamed.

Even now she felt the tug in her loins as her body hungered for an encounter. How could the girls leave after what they had experienced?

Newt had talked with the older girls and the women about sex soon after the Sisterhood was formed. They said sex was good and was right if was done with love. Newt loved the Aliens now, so that must mean it was right. But Newt had pressed her questioning then, needing to know if human sex was as blissful as being penetrated by a hugger. The women would say that 'size mattered' and would laugh when they said it. But when they grew serious, they would admit that the hugger's probes felt better than a human penis. The probe was muscular and always slick. There was something in the clear mucus that gave the women orgasms and the probes reached places no penis could.

Newt came to realize that if she left with the others, she - like them - would find sex with humans disappointing. In preparation to going back to Earth, the women had taught her how to masturbate. Newt scoffed at it once she had her first masturbatory orgasm. What was the point in fingers when there was an available hugger in the egg chamber? An encounter with a hugger was an overwhelming experience, one that Newt had submitted herself to over sixty times since she taught the Alien's that human females could breed for them without dying. And the Alien's had played their role, adapting to human needs. Newt's needs.

Newt needed the Aliens. Not only for their encounters but also for survival; Since Big Boy, she exclusively fed from the nurse Aliens and could no longer handle solid food. The Marines made her eat the rations they brought and Newt spent the entire next day vomiting and suffering with diarrhea.

Newt watched the company ship lift higher and higher in the dark sky of LV-426 until it was lost in the dark roiling clouds. She closed her eyes and reached back in her memories. Newt was sad that she couldn't remember the faces of her parents, and very little of life before the Aliens. But she could recall vividly her first experience with a hugger, being penetrated vaginally and having that first sweet embryo implanted inside her uterus while Glory watched. Newt also recalled her most exciting and dangerous encounter with the large hugger from the darkest egg she'd found. She'd called him 'Big Boy' and had relished his aggression and cruelty. Big Boy almost killed her, but it was the most totally overwhelming experience in her life. No hugger had come near Big Boy's aggression and size.

The craving in her loins was growing stronger as Newt thought about Big Boy. She slipped her hand down the front of her pants to her mound, when she pulled it out her slim fingers came out slick with her own clear mucus.

Newt knew what she needed.

Newt climbed down off the sill and walked across the room to the ventilation duct and climbed into it. She made her way down to a service tube that would lead her to the egg chamber. As she always did, Newt surveyed the egg chamber carefully before entering. No eggs were open, so there were no huggers lurking to surprise her. Newt could see one of the nurse Aliens sleeping in its little alcove near the chamber.

Newt noted that the chamber was warmer than usual - hot even. Either the reactor was malfunctioning or the Aliens had altered their environment. Newt then did something she'd never done before. She stripped bare in the service tube. She looked down at her body and saw how dirty she was. She could smell her body, pungent and stale odours that had been sealed up in her clothing. But Newt didn't care - the Aliens accepted her just the way she was.

Newt climbed down into the chamber naked as the day she was born. It felt right, and Newt knew that she was going to spend all her time here from now on. After all, she had everything she needed in the egg chamber; huggers and the nurse Alien.

Newt padded across the wet floor to the eggs, the rusted steel under her bare feet gritty and warm. She knelt before the eggs and touched them, hugged them, feeling the life within them. Only one was hot and dry, the rest in various stages of development, still slippery with the clear goop. Newt laid her head on the dry one.

“My babies” she whispered.

It didn't take long before the egg opened and as she watched the hugger emerge, Newt positioned herself as she usually did ... her head and shoulders against a near-by egg, her hands held in front of her face, her heels tucked against her buttocks and her thighs open. She felt the usual excitement as the hugger emerged and poised on the edge of the egg, rocking back and forth, getting ready to strike. This time it felt even more exciting because for the first time, Newt was completely bare - facing the hugger naked and vulnerable.

The hugger lunged. Newt caught it before it could slam into her face and started pushing it downward. While its tail thrashed between her open thighs, Newt pressed the hugger down over her body, feeling its probe licking her belly, looking for an orifice.

“... that's a boy ... that's a good boy ...” Newt whispered as she pressed it lower and lower and felt its claws wrap around her hips and bottom and its probe slither blindly over her mound.

“... come on ... almost there ...” and then the probe found her labia and parted it easily, its slippery shaft sliding into her vagina and pressing firmly against her loosened cervix.

“... oh yeah ... sweet boy ... give it to me now ...” Newt could hear the frantic whimper in her voice as the hugger pulsed inside her, “ ... give-it-to-me ... give-it-to-me, sweet boy ...” and the hugger gave it to her, opening her cervix and sliding deep into her uterus. Newt moaned and let go of the hugger and laid back, staring at the other eggs as the hugger worked its magic.

Newt's biggest challenge being the only breeder was to keep up with the hatching eggs. She would have to be implanted and give birth within five days. Newt knew that if a hugger was already locked onto her loins and another egg hatched, her guard would be down and the second hugger would go for her mouth. It was a dangerous game Newt was playing, but the danger added excitement. Newt was fantasizing about what it would feel like to have another hugger clamped to her face and its probe down her throat when her first orgasm tightened her belly and curled her toes.

The weeks wore on. Sometimes Newt had a day to recover from birthing before another egg hatched, sometimes it was within hours or even minutes. There was one time when it was touch and go - Newt was in labour and watched an egg hatch and the hugger prepare to strike while she was birthing her last. She had wrestled the creature until her birth was complete then allowed it inside her aching loins.

Newt also noticed her body was changing, besides being filthier than she'd ever been - the Aliens didn't seem to care - though her body was tight and lean, her lower belly had pouched out as though she was permanently three month pregnant. Her breasts had grown also, no longer small pointed mounds, they had started to fill out and grew into a rounder shape. Her nipples had grown larger too and their pink colour had darkened to a deep tan. Sometimes as she was straining to birth an alien, small droplets of milk would ooze from them

Newt noticed changes in the Aliens also. There was more activity in the chamber where the Queen was. On the two rare times when Newt had the time and energy to sneak in there, she saw that the Queen was growing pale. Her once shiny black armoured skin was now dulling and a deep grey. Her egg laying had slowed also - which for Newt was a good thing.

One day something both wonderful and terrible happened.

Newt had awoken after feeding from the nurse Alien and discovered the egg chamber was cold. She found herself curled in a ball, shivering. The eggs were still, none had hatched while she slept and she sensed that they wouldn't - cold made the eggs slow in their development. Rising and exploring, all the time hugging herself against the cold, Newt discovered that the Aliens and made openings in the ventilation shafts to allow cold air to settle in the egg chamber. As Newt was pondering what this meant, she saw the nurse Alien standing at the chamber entrance watching her. Newt walked toward her, and as she always did when she approached this Alien, Newt knelt before her. The Alien crouched down slowly and gathered Newt in her hard arms, cradling her and carrying her out of the chamber and past the Queen's chamber. Newt saw that the Queen was gone.

“She died.” Newt whispered feeling sorrow and nervousness. What did this mean for her? No Queen meant no eggs. Newt chose to put her trust in the Aliens and laid her head against the nurse Alien's armoured chest.

Newt was carried deep into the reactor complex and as they progressed the temperature increased. When they neared a closed bulkhead door, it opened and the Alien carried her into a very dimly lit medium sized chamber. Newt saw that another Alien - one of the soldiers - had operated the door and closed it behind them. The room was hot and humid. Hotter than Newt was used to, and so humid that water dripped from the ceiling and ran down the walls. The floor had puddles of rusty water. But as Newt's eyes adjusted, Newt discovered why the room was so hot ... Aliens - hundreds of them - lined the walls all around leaving only a small space open in the centre. The ones against the walls hung from pipes and ladders, others stood shoulder to shoulder in front of these, and kneeling and crouching were more in front. Their bodies were packed in tight. Newt had no idea there were this many Aliens on LV-426. It was an army. Newt grew frightened, wondering why she'd been brought here.

The nurse Alien carried her to small open space in the centre of the chamber and set her down on the floor. Newt stood, making a slow turn, looking for some indication as to why she was suddenly on display. Hundreds of Alien eyes stared at her from unexpressive faces, their slick black bodies so near that she could reach out and touch them. The Aliens closest to her backed away, opening the circle around her.

Then she saw it.

It was the shape in the dim light that caught her eye. There, in the centre of the chamber an egg squatted. Newt felt a cold chill flood her belly. It was black - jet black - and twice the size of a normal egg. Newt felt her thighs grow weak so she knelt in front of the egg. Feeling the grit scraping her skin under the rusty water on the floor, Newt shuffled her knees forward until she knelt with a knee on either side of the egg. She reached out and gently wrapped her arms around it - she couldn't touch her fingers together on the other side it was so large. It was hot and she could feel it pulsing, preparing to hatch. Newt laid her face on the top of the egg and closed her eyes.

“... oh. Big Boy ...” she whispered. Newt found that she was trembling, recalling the dark egg from months before and her struggle with it. “... this might be the one ...” The one that might kill her.

Newt knew that she may not be able to handle something this large and powerful, but she had chosen this course in her life. Part of her excitement in her encounters with the huggers came from realizing that once they leapt she was past the point of return. She had to follow through, because if she tried to escape she would certainly die. And surrendering was all part of it. Newt was willing to surrender her body, heart, and soul, and so she sat and lay against the egg and waited for it to hatch, the Aliens watching her in silence.

Hours passed. The heat in the room was stifling. Newt's body was slick with sweat, so much so that it had washed the grime from her face and body, her pale skin in stark contrast against the blackness of the Aliens and the egg.

Newt felt the egg move - it was as though it breathed. She reached up and pushed the matted hair out of her face where it was plastered to her fevered forehead and cheeks and noticed that her hands were shaking. In fact she felt weak, and doubted she could handle the hugger if the egg hatched at that moment. She needed energy and cast her eyes around the chamber seeking out the nurse Alien who so dutifully took care of her. As though reading her mind, the nurse Alien moved forward out of the crowd and squatted before Newt, its abdomen opening and its probe slithering out to stand rigid from its body. Newt crawled forward on hands and knees and lay her hands flat on the Alien's thighs, her chin up, her back straight. Newt parted her lips, awaiting the Alien's gentle but firm touch on the back of her head. Newt watched the Alien's abdomen slowly convulse and the clear thick fluid oozed from the tip of the probe, the Alien's hands grasping the back of her head, holding it still as they remained face to face.

“... please? ...” Newt whispered, gazing up into its unreadable face. The Alien pulled her face forward and Newt closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide and took the probe deep, the Alien pulling her close until her nose and chin were pressed firm against its slick armoured underbelly and the probe slid deep down Newt's open throat. Newt moaned as she felt its probe pulse a jet of fluid into her belly. The Nurse Alien then repeated the action, lifting Newt's head almost clear, then pulling it down again, and again, and again.

Newt swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, feeling a delirious ecstasy engulf her.

When it was over and Newt awoke, she felt less shaky, but still weary. She understood that it had been the weeks of back-to-back impregnations and births that had simply worn her down. Her loins, she realized ached from the constant penetrations, implants, and birthing. She smirked when she also recalled that she'd spent the last weeks almost always on her back with her legs spread. Scampering up and down ventilation shafts and service tubes had once kept her in prime condition. Now she was only a breeder.

Newt knew that in her present condition she couldn't use her usual method of allowing the hugger to strike and wrestling it down. It would most certainly win that contest and implant the embryo down her throat. She had another plan that would allow her to save her strength for the penetration. But when the time came, and the egg slowly opened, Newt felt the naked fear like never before.

The hugger was big - bigger than she could have imagined. As the egg opened like a grim flower, Newt could already see the hugger inside, not hidden in the clear goop at the bottom of the egg like all the others, but filling the egg's inner chamber. Immediately it lifted its front legs and laid its claws on the leading edge of the egg, pulling itself up to seek its host.

“... oh dear god ...” Newt whimpered as she rose and stepped forward, placing a foot on either side of the egg and thrusting her pelvis forward, her mound over the jet black hugger. With trembling hands she reached down and grasped the two front claws and lifted them up, guiding them to her waist. The hugger slid its claws around Newt and tightened, pulling hard, but instead of pulling itself up, it pulled Newt down so she was sitting awkwardly on the open egg, her legs spread wide. Newt felt the pressure increase on her hips as the hugger tightened more, lifting itself up, so its slick underbelly slid over Newt's mound.

“... come on, Big Boy ... let's do this right ...” Newt said softly as the second set of claws lifted out of the clear goop and slid over the tops of her thighs. They met behind her and squeezed her tight, pulling more of its body up out of the egg.

“... that's it, Big Boy ... you know what to do ...” Newt gasped, reaching down and stroking its hard shell. “... take me ... oh take me ... my Big Boy”

The third set of claws appeared and reached out for her, Newt guided them around her hips and felt them clutch her buttocks, the points pressing hard, dimpling her round bottom. She hissed in pain. The hugger readjusted its grip, one set of claws at a time and Newt felt the knob of its probe press between her sex and her anus.

“... oh yeah ... almost there, Big Boy ...” Newt murmured.

Newt tried to stand, to pull the hugger out of its egg, but it was heavy. Her thighs trembled and she groaned from the effort. Her right foot slipped on the wet floor and she lost her balance. She tried again, pushing up with her thighs and felt the hugger sliding up out of the egg. She began to pant, feeling its weight on her loins, feeling herself falling backward. The hugger gripped her hard, instincts making it think Newt was trying to escape.

Newt fell backward, reaching behind her to break her fall and was jarred as she hit the floor, her bottom making a wet sound as it splatted into a puddle. The hugger suddenly became frantic, clawing at her, moving, trying to pull its way up her torso. Newt pressed her hands down hard on the hugger to keep it on her loins, feeling its tail - at least two meters long - now flailing and striking the egg and the floor. The huggers last set of claws wrapped around and dug into her thighs.

“... no, Big Boy ... stay there ... stay there ...” Newt whimpered as she struggled with the hugger. Newt spread her thighs wide, lifting her knees, and reached for the tail as it whipped wildly around her. It took her three tries before she finally caught it and pulled hard so it slipped under her, guiding it to her waist.

“.... take me, Big Boy ... take me ... TAKE ME!” Newt voice rose from a whimper to a scream as she felt the hugger moving upward over her belly, the knob of its probe now on top of her mound having missed her vagina. Newt pulled hard on its tail and felt it tighten down the crease of her bottom and suddenly the hugger wrapped its tail tightly around Newt's waist, its fourth set of claws finding a grip on the underside of her thighs.

“oh yes ... yes ... yes ... yes ...” Newt panted, feeling flushed and overheated from her struggle and finding no relief in the stifling hot room.

Newt stared up at the ceiling, up at the dripping pipes and stalactites of rust and minerals as the hugger's probe searched for an opening into her body. She lay on her back, her head resting on the floor, gathering her strength for the ordeal to come. Newt felt the familiar pressure as it found her labia. Newt made a thready whimpering sound as she felt the hugger tighten its grip on her lower body and press inward with its probe. As she expected it was thicker than any she's felt before. She felt her heart palpitate as she prepared for what was to come.

“... okay Big Boy ... let's do it ...” Newt took a shivering breath and let it out, “... give it to me ...”

Newt moaned long and low as she felt it press hard. She lifted her head and shoulders up off the floor and clutched the hugger's front claws, her jaw clenched tight, her breath hissing and puffing out her cheeks. Her splayed thighs quivered as the hugger worked her.

“... oh fuck ... oh fuck ...” Newt grunted as the hugger increased the pressure. After a few moments of straining, Newt opened her mouth, “... oh! ...” and she felt herself opening, then groaned and laid back as the probe slid into her vagina, filling her, stretching her. Not only was it thicker than any other, it was hot. She felt it spurt ropes of clear goop inside her to lubricate the next stage.

Newt took a few moments to lay back and gather herself, her arms over her head again staring at the ceiling as the hugger explored her insides, finding her cervix. The hugger adjusted its claws, one set after another in rapid succession all down her pelvis, then the pressure began again. Her loins already ached from the extended marathon of births, and now they felt bruised as the hugger worked her. Newt could feel it undulating inside her, working at the small orifice of her cervix, massaging it, pressing harder and harder. She needed the penetration to happen, to get past the pain and the pressure.

“... oh god ...” she moaned and was amazed at the pitiful sound of her own voice. It sounded like the voice of someone dying. But Newt was a fighter. Again she lifted her head and shoulders up off the floor and gripped the front claws of the hugger, pulling it with trembling hands.

“... come on, Big Boy ... “ Newt squeezed her eyes closed and gasped as the hugger worked her body. But it just wasn't happening. She was coming to the realization that she didn't have it in her anymore. She was spent, all used up.

Then she felt the hard touch of Alien hands on her back. Opening her eyes, she looked back over her shoulder and saw the nurse Alien kneeling behind her, supporting her back and shoulders. Around her all of the Aliens moved closer and those closest reached out, lifting her from the gritty floor, supporting her bottom, holding her thighs and calves. Two Aliens moved between her thighs and held the hugger tightly in place. Newt slowly came to the realization that the Aliens needed her to succeed. She should have realized when she saw the jet black egg; The embryo that the hugger would place in her was to be the new Queen.

Newt felt tears fill her eyes and blur her vision. The Aliens were now a part of this. She felt such an aching love for them that it felt like her heart would burst. Newt reached out on either side and grasped an offered Alien hand in each of hers.

“... okay, Big Boy ... let's do it ... push ... push hard ....” Newt gasped as the hugger pressed up inside her, her belly starting to quiver with the effort, her panting coming in small spasms. Newt twisted in the grip of the Aliens as the hugger pressed up hard, slowly forcing her cervix open. And for her part, Newt pushed back, bearing down as if in childbirth, trying to open her cervix.

“... give-it-to-me ... give-it-to-me, Big Boy ...” Newt's voice grew stronger yet desperate. She was working through the wall that was draining her spirit. She remembered the sweet agony of the first Big Boy and how consumed she had been with their coupling. Newt strained and pushed, feeling her anus opening from the effort.

“... give-it-to-me ... harder ... harder now, Big Boy ... harder ... HARDER! ...” Newt screamed and the hugger pressed hard, its claws digging deep into her flesh as its probe forced open her cervix. Newt felt like the bottom of her belly was going explode as the probe slid deep and nestled firmly inside her uterus. She pulled her thighs together, feeling the hugger's weight and mass between them.

“... oh, Big Boy ... fuck me now ... fuck me good ... ” Newt whimpered as the probe began to pulse, signaling that the embryo was descending.

Newt spent the next day in a haze of pain and lust. More orgasms than she could count wracked her frail body as the embryo was slowly pressed into her, the probe undulating and working it through her canal one millimeter at a time. For the first time, she felt her pelvic cartilage split to allow the large embryo to pass.

Newt lost track of time and of space. Around her was a blur of Alien faces and clawed hands. Newt didn't know if she dreamed it or if it really happened, but during her orgasms she felt sharp Alien claws lightly pinching her nipples, and others stroking her inner thighs, and one even inserting a claw into her now loose rectum. Her strongest orgasm awakened her from a fitful sleep filled with erotic dreams and images as the embryo was at last pressed high into her uterus.

But neither the ordeal, nor her pleasure ended there. Newt felt herself held to the abdomen of the nurse Alien to feed over the course of the next week and during those feedings she experienced the phantom orgasms that accompanied them. Her labour also came at her through a haze of heat and lust as she felt her pelvis open and the new Queen was pushed out of her. And afterward she slept for what felt like a long time, but was not long enough ...

Newt awoke in the original egg chamber, its temperature now warm and comforting once more. She slowly sat up and surveyed herself, finding her body and face grimy as it always had been, the residue of the impregnation and birth still with her. Her hair was still wet from her ordeal n the queen's chamber and a milky crust covered her mouth and chin and upper chest. She realized she must have vomited the clear nutrients the nurse Alien fed her at some point. Her inner thighs too were, encrusted as was her sex.

Newt looked around the chamber and saw that one of the eggs there was opening and wondered if she'd sensed it in her sleep and forced herself to awaken. As she struggled to her knees, the ache in her loins was worse than ever. She looked around and saw that she was alone; The nurse Alien wasn't asleep as it usually was in its alcove. Newt was wondering why the Alien was absent when she heard the liquid sound of the hugger moving inside the egg.

Newt crawled to the egg, the grit and debris on the wet floor scratching her knees. With every fibre in her being, Newt craved a respite from this. A time to rest before re-entering the breeding cycle. She missed the Sisterhood - even though they betrayed her at the end and ran away, leaving her alone to do this. Most of all, she missed the Aliens who had seemed so attentive during her encounter with the Queen's hugger. She felt discarded by them.

“I guess I'm just a breeder after all.” Newt said aloud as she struggled to her feet and pressed her pelvis over the open egg. Like she did with the last Big Boy, Newt reached into the egg and drew the hugger's front claws up and out and guided them over her thighs, then the second and the third. Newt then eased herself down and onto her back, lifting her bottom to allow the hugger to wrap its tail around her left thigh. Newt smiled as she felt the hugger wrap all its claws around her hips and bottom and probe for her sex.

Newt had to remind herself not to get casual with the small huggers. They could still be dangerous. But this one behaved exactly like it should, its probe finding her vagina and sliding its slippery probe deep inside her. Newt's cervix was still loose and pliable from the Queen's birth, so Newt only felt a sweet shiver inside as it inserted itself into her uterus.

“... that's it, sweetie ...” Newt cooed as the hugger began to work its magic.

Newt was feeling her first orgasm building when she heard the liquid sound from the eggs. She opened her eyes and saw that while she was latching with this hugger, another egg had opened.

“... oh no ..."

Newt's voice was weak and thready and small in the expansive dank chamber. Her orgasm faded like smoke as a cream coloured claw reached up out of the new egg and Newt felt fear flood her belly like ice water. Her insides felt fragile as terror and bliss fought for control.

Her worst fear was coming true. Newt knew what two huggers meant - the second would take her throat unless she could fight it off until it died. As the hugger inside her worked her loins toward an orgasm, Newt watched the second hugger climb out of the egg and cautiously work its way across the floor toward her. Newt worked her legs, pushing her body away from the emerging hugger, scraping her heels on the rusted wet floor, feeling the grit and debris scratching at her naked back.

Newt wondered how long she could keep this up even if she did manage to win her battle with this second hugger. She saw before her a slow decline, getting weaker and more used up as the days passed. Her body losing its tone, her mind losing its edge.

Newt felt old.

Another movement caught her eye as she stopped trying to escape the second hugger. Looking past the hugger that was nearing her now, Newt saw a third egg opening.

“... oh babies ...” Newt sobbed softly, as she rolled over onto her knees. Newt forced a smile and reached out for the approaching hugger. It allowed her to lift it from the floor and lay it on her bum. It slowly wrapped its claws over her hips. Newt could feel its probe already protruding, licking at the skin of her bottom and anus. Newt sighed as she felt its probe open her anus and slide deep into her rectum and sigmoid colon.

By then Newt could hear the clattering of the third hugger nearing. She felt it's claws gripping her upper torso, exploring her chest and throat as its pointed claws dimpled her pale skin. Newt rolled onto her side as the hugger loomed over her face, lifting itself, sliding its wet slippery probe over Newt's chin. Her eyes closed, she felt it touch her lips.

“... give it to me ...” Newt whispered as the claws encircled her head. The hugger positioned itself on her face, its claws reaching around her head and tightening, Its tail slipping around her throat. Newt felt the warm probe pressing against her lips and felt a momentary urge to try to rip it from her face, but knew she wouldn't be able to. Newt thought of the nurse Alien and its dark ritual and parted her lips, feeling the probe slither in, filling her mouth, pressing down on her tongue, easing itself into her gullet. Newt opened her mouth wide and let it in, to slither deep as she gagged and squirmed, but didn't fight it.

The probe moved slowly but without pause down her throat until it found her quivering stomach. Newt felt a momentary panic when she couldn't breath but fought it off. She knew this part of the ritual wouldn't kill her. Somehow the huggers kept oxygen flowing to their host's bloodstream. Death would come later when the embryo grew strong enough to rip its way out of her stomach.

The probe of the hugger in her uterus began to pulse and Newt felt the pleasure begin. Newt felt her belly cramp as the probe inside her bowels pulsed and filled her with a gush of fluid. She felt her muscles quivering as the sweet bliss built quickly and her orgasms flooded her belly. Finally the probe in her throat also pulsed and she felt her stomach bloat with fluid and a deep warmth spread through her core. Her orgasm came fast and hard and her toes curled as they always did.

Newt gave herself over to the pleasures she was addicted to. The horror would come later.