Newt's Saga - The Darkest Egg

by Erotickynk

Newt hadn't told Nance or any of the girls that the egg that sat and pulsed in front of her was the darkest she'd seen and darkness meant size and aggression. When she's discovered it, Newt skipped ahead in the rotation much to the relief of the other girls. Even though they called themselves a Sisterhood, Newt knew that everyone was selfish. Each in her own way.

For Newt the selfishness was unlike that of the others. They all wanted to survive with the least discomfort. Newt was drawn to the eggs and the huggers. Newt even loved the contact of the nurse Aliens with their dark ritual.

Newt looked down at Nance and saw that the girl was still sound asleep. She also noted that the hugger had relaxed its grip on the girl's pelvis and was either dead or dying. The dark egg hadn't opened yet, so there was still time. Newt let Nance sleep.

After a time, Newt caught movement out of the corner of her eye - A nurse Alien had moved into the chamber and was kneeling in the shadows watching them. They always knew when an embryo had been inserted into a breeder. It was their job to remove the old hatched egg and to feed the breeder.

Newt gently shook Nance.

"Nance. Nance." she hissed softly and the girl slowly opened her eyes.


"It's done, Nance. The embryo is in you." Newt waited until the girl was fully awake, "I'm going to pull the hugger out of you, okay?" Nance nodded, opening her thighs.

Nance moaned as Newt pulled the hugger out of her body and let it curl up on the floor like they all did. Nance stretched like a cat on the filthy floor, her shoulders and head still on Newt's lap. Then she stroked her hands down her torso and gasped when her hands found the solid lump between her belly button and her mound.

"Oh my." she whispered, feeling the embryo inside her.

"Nance?" Newt leaned down and whispered.


I want you to be very calm okay?" Newt stroked the girl's face, "There's a nurse Alien in here with us." and when Nancy gasped and tried to twist around to see, Newt hugged her and said "Shhhhh. She'll come in and take away the egg and the hugger. Then she'll feed us."

Nance had never witnessed an Alien feeding, let alone taken part in one. But everything Newt had told her had happened the way she said and she had come through it okay, so she relaxed and lay still.

Silently, the nurse Alien strode across the chamber and picked up the dead hugger and placed it back inside its egg. Then she carried it away. While she was gone, Newt had Nancy sit up and moved apart from her.

"Just watch, then do what I did when it's your turn." Newt said, tucking her booted feet under her and kneeling as though she was about to bow in prayer. "It's scary the first time, but the Alien won't hurt you, I promise."

Newt folded her hands in her lap and kept an eye on the dark egg she was waiting for. Soon the nurse Alien returned and walked to stand in front of the two girls. The Alien first bent over and examined the dark egg, reaching out with one clawed hand and stroked it. Then she turned and faced Newt. Newt raised up on her knees, placing her hands lightly on her own thighs and lifting her chin, looking up at the tall gleaming black Alien. The Alien stepped forward, and as it did Nance saw the shiny black armoured plates of the Alien's bulging lower abdomen ripple and part. From within the cavity, a black and pink streaked probe slipped out. It was rigid and wet, gleaming in the dim light. 'It looks like a penis' Nance thought as she watched the scene unfold in front of her. Newt leaned forward, opening her mouth, and as she did, the Alien reached out with both clawed hands and gently wrapped them around the back of Newt's head. The Alien then carefully pulled Newt's face forward, Newt taking the probe into her mouth.

Nance felt a rush from her loins right up her core as she watched Newt close her eyes and allow the Alien to slowly press the probe ... penis? ... deep into her mouth. With her mouth open wide, Newt's lips were still stretched around the thickness of the probe. She watched Newt's face flush as the Alien pulled her tighter and Nance realized the probe had to be sliding down Newt's throat. Newt made a murmuring, gurgling sound, twisting in the Alien's firm grip. Nance watched Newt gag and choke, her hands coming up and pushing against the Alien's hard black shell, no doubt feeling panic as the probe blocked her throat. Newt's face flushed deeply and her eyes squeezed tight as the Alien pulled her head slowly forward until Newt's little pug nose and chin were pressed hard against the black hard surface of the Alien's belly. Newt now was squirming and trying to pull away, her body twisting, her small hands slapping uselessly against the Alien's thighs.

Nance blushed when she saw the crotch of Newt's pants darken as the girl peed herself in her panic. The dark stain flowed down Newt's inner thighs as the girl struggled. She'd wondered why Newt always had a scent of urine about her - now she knew why. Newt never grew up enough before their civilized world was destroyed and she was submerged into this carnal, filthy existence - in many ways, Newt was still a little girl. But one with too much sexual experience for her age.

Nance didn't know what to do to help her friend and was thinking about trying to pull Newt away from the Alien but knew that it was no use. Then things changed quickly;

The Alien's belly bulged and rolled, and Newt made a deep gurgling sound. Nance could see Newt's throat working, and the Alien appeared to be slowly convulsing. Newt's small hands trembled as she laid them on the Alien's hips. Another convulsion rolled through the Alien's belly and Newt's cheeks bulged with a wet sound. Newt swallowed rapidly. Another convulsion and Newt's cheeks bulged. Newt gagged/coughed and clear goop pulsed out the sides of Newt's mouth, Newt again swallowing rapidly. As Nance watched, Newt wrapped her arms around the Alien's hips and hugged tight as the Alien ... Nance felt another rush flow through her as she tried to avoid the word ... but she couldn't; The Alien was fucking Newt's throat. Newt's jacket around her belly soon grew tight as the Alien fed her. Newt's flushed face lost its colour, paling in fact and after a few more minutes, Newt's hands started to slip down the Alien's side, her small body seeming to lose its strength. Nance again grew alarmed as she watched Newts lips turning a pale blue. But the Alien was attentive and gently pulled Newt's face away from her body, the probe slipping from Newt's lips. The tip of the probe drooled a long tendril of clear goop and Newt coughed and choked, spewing some of the goop out of her mouth. The Alien crouched and reached down to carefully cradle Newt as a mother would a newborn. The Alien laid Newt onto the floor, resting her back against one of the new slimy eggs. Newt gasped and began to breathe. Her eye-lids fluttered and she came to. Nance wondered what had gone through Newt's mind the first time she did this.

"Oh my goodness." Newt said weakly, unzipping her jacket, reaching within, her hands cradling her tight belly. Newt seemed to slowly become aware of Nance's presence again. She smiled as the Alien turned to face Nance, it's slimy probe still protruding from its abdomen dripping clear ooze, "It's your turn, Nance."

Nance felt a rush of fear, "I can't."

"Yes you can." Newt's voice had a hint of impatience, "You have to. You can't leave until you birth and that can be up to five days. It's nutrients, Nance. Just nutrients. And it isn't as bad as it looks."

Nance steeled herself then rose up on her knees, lifting her chin and looking up at the Alien. The Alien carefully stepped forward, its probe millimeters from Nance's lips. Nance stared up at the shiny black face of the Alien, then slowly parted her lips. She felt the Alien's hard clawed hands gently cradle the back of her head and pull her forward. The probe was warm in her mouth, slippery, but the taste wasn't what she expected - it was sweet. Not sticky sweet like sugar but a wholesome sweet like fruit. The probe slid into her mouth quickly. Too quickly it seemed to Nance. Soon her mouth was filled deep with it, but Nance could see at least another ten centimeters was still outside her lips. Nance felt her tongue being pressed downward as the Alien slowly but steadily pulled her head forward. Nance squeezed her eyes closed, working her tongue to try to push the Alien's probe out of her mouth. It was no use. She couldn't breath! Nance gagged as she felt the probe - penis! - curving down her gullet into her throat. She felt her face grow hot and her belly churn as she gagged, heaved. She lifted her hands, pushing against the Alien's belly, but her head continued to be pressed forward, the probe sliding deeper and deeper. Inside she screamed, panicking, wanting to fight. But then came a moment of clarity. She'd just watched Newt survive her feeding and saw the tenderness the nurse Alien had shown - Nance forced her panic downward. She stopped pushing against the Alien and simply laid her hands on its thighs giving in to the Alien's will. The surrender was hugely erotic.

Nance soon felt her nose and chin pressed firmly against the Alien's hard belly, it's probe deep in her throat. Then it began to pulse. It was like a slow exaggerated heartbeat. She felt the Alien's abdomen do a slow convulsion and felt the probe jet ropes of clear goop into her throat. Nance choked, then swallow rapidly to get it down. Another convulsion, another pulse, another series of swallows. Convulsion-Pulse-Swallow. Convulsion-Pulse-Swallow. Convulsion-Pulse-Swallow. It became a rhythm, but quickly the pulses pumped larger amounts of goop into her and she felt her cheeks bulge with it. It filled her cheeks, spurted from the corners of her mouth, filled her throat and pulsed out her nose.

Nance started to feel dreamy, like she was floating. Her body relaxed and her troubles left her. She was nursing and at the same time carrying a life in her belly. She let her hands slide down the Alien's legs and cradled her own lower belly, massaging the firm lump within her uterus. Her feelings around the feeding were a confusing blend of nurturing, maternal cravings, and wonton, lustful sexuality. Part of her loved the perversity of it - the Alien was fucking her throat. Nancy knew her face was paling as Newt's did, for it now felt cold. Her lips too started to tingle and her limbs felt oh-so heavy. Nance tried to open her eyes, but couldn't. She gave in to the sensations and just as she was about to slip into a deep dreamless sleep, she thought she felt an orgasm starting to flow up from her belly.

Nance awoke laying next to Newt - she could feel Newt's jacket against her cheek - her own tummy was full and she was feeling warm and content. As she stretched out on the wet floor, Nance became aware that Newt was panting hard and making small whimpering noises deep in her throat. She could feel the girl shaking. Nance opened her eyes and saw that Newt had her head and shoulders against one of the new slippery eggs and was laying on her back, her chin tucked down against her chest. She still had her jacket and boots on, but was naked from the waist down. Newt's knees were bent and her pale thighs were splayed open, her boots planted firmly on the floor. Nance saw that Newt's hands were poised palms outward just below her face. Newt was trembling badly, her whole body shaking, and with wide eyes was staring between her open thighs at the dark egg. Nance almost screamed when she turned to look.

The egg had hatched. Squatting on the edge of the open egg was a hugger. It resembled her own hugger in shape but its size and colour were strikingly different. This one was dark, almost charcoal, and bigger than the others. Its claws and tail were twice as thick as the one Nance had just struggled with. Nance fleetingly wondered if its claws and tail were thicker, would its probe be also?

"Newt?" Nance could hear the fear in her own voice.

"Move away, Nance. You can't let this thing near your mouth." Newt said in a quavering voice.

"Why didn't you stand over it like you made me do?" Nance asked, ignoring Newt's direction.

"I like the fight." Newt said and smirked, then gasped/jumped as the hugger flexed but settled back down, its tail coiled under it.

"Newt, I'm scared."

... me too ..." Newt's trembling increased as the hugger slowly moved back and forth, rocking on its legs. "... oh god, here it comes ..." Newt's voice was quavering and edged with panic.

The hugger leapt at Newt, striking like a snake.

It slammed hard onto Newt's belly, getting caught up in the bottom hem of her jacket, but it's force drove it right up, slamming Newt's hands into her face, pulling Newt's jacket up to reveal her pale belly. Newt managed to maintain her hands between it and her mouth, but the thing wrapped its long claws around her head and pulled hard, forcing its body close to her face. Newt screamed. The hugger's muscular probe pressed outward and forced Newt's hands apart and pressed past her lips, slithering over her tongue. Newt twisted her head to the side, losing the probe and clenched her teeth but the probe parted her lips and its slippery knob worked form one side of her mouth to the other trying to find an opening. Meanwhile its tail flapped wildly, slapping at Newt's belly, thighs, and mound. Nance heard it hit her mound solid a few times and heard Newt grunt in pain each time.

"NGHHH!" Newt made an almost animal sound as she twisted her body, wrestling with the thing, the heels of her boots scraping against the floor as she tried to brace herself. The thing's tail was whipping her now, striking the tender flesh between Newt's thighs, Newt at last sobbing from the pain and squeezing her thighs tightly closed.

Nance at last was shaken from her stupor and reached out to help Newt wrestle the hugger. Newt screamed at her to get away and twisted, rolling away from Nance onto her side. The hugger was scrabbling wildly at Newt's head and Newt was doing everything in her power to keep some distance between the hugger and her mouth. She knew if she lost the fight she'd lose her life.

Nance scrambled backward, watching in horror as Newt struggled with this massive hugger. She saw that Newt had managed to pin it's tail to the floor with one knee, and used that moment to roll over once more, pinning the hugger on it's back to the floor. Newt was now astride the thing on all fours, pressing down with all her might as she slowly worked her way up, moving her knees under her, inching her pelvis closer to the hugger's body, aiming to get the hugger's probe close to her sex so it would chose that as a target. Newt had almost made it when the hugger managed to wrench its tail free from under Newt's left knee. The tail flapped wildly between Newt's thighs, slapping her thighs, bottom, and lower back. Then suddenly it curled and thrust straight up between the twin round globes of Newt's bottom. Nance watched as Newt thrust her pelvis forward, her mouth and eyes opening wide in shock, a pained shriek coming from deep in her chest. The hugger's tail slid up into Newt's rectum. It slithered there, sliding upward, its taper sinking into the girl's body, deeper and deeper

"... nnnggahhhhh ..." Newt moaned like an animal as her face betrayed the terror she felt as this invasion. Nance watched as the hugger continued to push its tail deep into Newt's body. But Newt wasn't giving up - she shuffled her knees forward, drawing her pelvis closer to the hugger's body. The effort actually helping the hugger in its assault into her rectum. Nance estimated about three feet of the hugger's tail was inside Newt's body. Nance prayed that it was inside her colon and hadn't torn her up inside.

Newt reached a point where she over balanced and fell forward, her hands coming off the hugger, her cheek slapping wetly on the floor. The hugger chose that moment to curl its tail and pulled itself closer to Newt's mound, all but ten centimeters of its tail inside the girl's bowels. Newt groaned and flopped onto her side then over onto her back, the hugger scrabbling for purchase around her hips. Nance reached out and grasped the base of the hugger's tail and tried to pull it out. Newt screamed and writhed on the floor, Nance seeing her belly undulating as the hugger coiled its tail inside her. Nance let go but the hugger continued to flex its tail inside Newt, seeming to be aware of the pain it was inflicting. Newt gagged, choked, her belly rising and falling. Then Newt vomited violently, the clear goop fountaining up out of her mouth and spattering over her chin and upper chest.

"... oh my god ..." Newts voice was weak, then another rush of clear vomit filled her mouth and flowed down her chin. Newt spat it out and stared at the ceiling panting, her hands at her sides, opening and closing on nothing.

The hugger's claws worked around Newt's narrow waist and gripped her tight. Nance could see the tips digging into Newt's soft flesh. Then it pulled its body tight against Newt's belly. Newt shrieked and her shoulders and head lifted off the floor, her legs lifting and bicycling in mid air as the hugger's strong probe tried to force itself into Newt's belly button. Newt reached down quickly and pushed against the hugger with all her might as the hugger worked her belly button.

"... help ... now ... please ..." Newt hissed through clenched teeth, tears squeezing from her eyes leaving clean trails down her face as they washed away the grime. Nance immediately got to her knees and braced herself against Newt's legs and pulled the hugger lower. It was slow going, but the two girls managed to move it. Nance could hear its probe licking Newt's lower belly.

"... there ... we ... go ..." Newt gasped as she pushed hard and the hugger slipped further down, its probe slithering over her mound. Suddenly the hugger readjusted its grip, sliding down and wrapping its claws around Newt's hips and bottom. This did two things simultaneously; it slid its tail deeper into Newt's bowels and lined up its probe with her vagina.

Newt groaned gutturally and rolled onto her side as the hugger thrust hard into her, filling her vagina in one cruel push and applying hard pressure against her cervix. Newt squeezed her thighs tight together and clutched the hugger to her as it twisted its tail inside her and pressed upward to penetrate her uterus. Nance made her way to Newt and lay behind her, hugging her close, kissing her cheeks, wiping away the hair that was plastered to Newt's sweat-soaked face. Nance could feel Newt's struggle as the hugger continued its violent assault inside the girl's lower belly. The knuckles on Newt's hands turned white as she gripped the hugger, pulling it tight to her sex.

"... come on ... come on ..." Newt gasped her words, desperate for the penetration to be over and for the orgasms to start, "... come on, Big Boy ... do it ... give-it-to-me ... give-it-to-me! ..." Newt spoke this phrase rapidly, saying it as though it was one word 'giveitome'.

Nance held Newt tight and felt Newt's belly tighten as she twisted and turned on the floor, half on her side and half on her back. The girl gagged and vomited more clear nutrient, spattering it onto the wet floor.

"...,give it to me, Big Boy! ... come on ... give-it-to-me ..." And suddenly Newt drew in a long shuddering breath and writhed, scraping her heels on the floor, lifting her bum and holding it high, still clutching the hugger. Her body remained arched, held aloft on her shoulders and heels, rigid and trembling. Her face grimacing in pain. Nance could only imagine what Newt was feeling inside.

"OH FUCK!" Newt cried out at last and Nance actually felt the thump as the hugger's probe popped through the tightness of Newt's cervix and slamming deep into the girl's uterus. Newt flopped onto her back, tight against Nance, but appeared to be unaware of the other girl's presence. She was shaking badly now, her entire body quivering as muscles fired and jerked. Nance wondered how much more Newt could take

"... oh yeah, Big Boy ... you got me now ... you got me ..." Newt whimpered, still holding the hugger tight to her crotch, "... now, fuck me ... fuck me, Big Boy ..."

Nance held Newt, stroking her face, massaging her arms when they trembled, and suckling her small nipples as the girl grunted through what had to be painful orgasms. Nance could smell the pungent sweat of Newt's armpits and the musky scent of Newt's overworked sex as she helped pleasure her friend. The hugger was unrelenting in its torment of Newt, making everything painful. Despite Newt's cries and guttural groans and grunts, Nance realized that Newt relished this torture. Newt's orgasms came as violent body-shaking spasms and she would grunt and gag and sometimes hiss through clenched teeth, her thighs squeezing together and her toes pointing inward.

It got bad again when the embryo started to descend the probe - and Nance could tell her suspicion was true - the embryo was larger than most. Nance watched Newt's belly contorting as the hugger curled its tail inside her bowels seeking leverage and pressed the embryo inward.

"Oh fuck!" Newt cried out loudly and arched her back, "Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow."

Nance understood at once that it was the hugger's tail inside Newt's belly that was the source of most of her agony. The hugger was using it for leverage, curling it tight inside Newt's large colon, knotting the girl's bowels. Nance left her side and knelt between Newt's thighs. Newt was flapping them open and closed as she writhed on the filthy floor, her hair and face wet and slimy with her own vomit as she rolled her head from side to side. Nance forced Newt's thighs wide apart, one hand on each knee, almost pressing them down onto the floor. Nance then slid her own knee forward and pressed it against the hugger's back. She leaned forward, letting her weight pin the hugger tight to Newt's crotch. Nance watched the knots in Newt's belly ease as the hugger relaxed its tail inside her.

"... oh yeah ... that's it ..." Newt's voice was weak and tremulous and her face looked like she was experiencing total bliss. Nance knew it was simply the absence of agony and watched as Newt's belly calmed. Newt's eyes met hers and the look of gratitude and relief on Newt's face almost broke her heart.

"... thank you ..." Newt whimpered, then closed her eyes as the embryo pressed against her tight opening, "... oh, Big Boy ... you're not done yet ... do it now ... give it all to me ..."

Nance pulled Newt's thighs back up and hugged them tight on either side of her own, and held her friend that way as the hugger completed this reversal of birth and forced the embryo through Newt's vagina, cervix, and into the cradle of her uterus. Newt would moan wordlessly every few moments and Nance could feel the girl's toes curling inside her boots.

In total it took a full twelve hours and when it was done, both girls were exhausted. Once the hugger died within Newt, Nance carefully pulled it out and was relieved to see the tail was free of blood. Nance had to help Newt steady herself and feed from the nurse Alien, then went through the process herself once again.

Over the course of the next four days, Nance and Newt's bellies grew, Newt's outpacing Nance's, so by the time Nance felt her labour start, Newt's belly was larger than her own.

Glory and one of the older women arrived as Nance was birthing and helped her though it. Though it was not an orgasmic experience like the impregnation process was, Nance fondly remembered her earlier bliss and that made the birth easier. There was no afterbirth, and the Alien baby was streamlined, slick and slippery, so once it was done it was over and there was only a lingering ache between her thighs.

Newt, however had a harder time. Her Alien baby was larger, thicker and when she was done, Nance and Glory had to carry Newt through the service tubes and back to the living quarters. It was the other girl's turn in the egg chamber and she was working her new hugger between her thighs as they left.

When Newt finally was able to walk she was oddly quiet and withdrawn. Despite Newt's complaints, the other girls made her skip a rotation, giving her almost a month of inactivity to recover.

But through it all, Newt kept asking the girls if there were any new dark eggs.

She wanted to get back in the game.