Newt's Saga - The Sisterhood

by Erotickynk

Newt was the one who'd saved them and the one who taught the Aliens - and the girls - how humans on LV-416 could breed the Alien embryos without dying. Newt had allowed herself to be impregnated three times before the Aliens freed the few remaining humans with the unspoken understanding that the humans would continue to breed for them.

Four of the humans were male, and because they could not successfully breed for the Aliens three of them had segregated themselves in a living chamber far from the Alien breeding area and were left alone. With sadness, Newt remembered Clancy, the fourth male who Newt had played with prior to the Aliens taking over the colony. Clancy liked to play with girls and as the other girls started breeding had begged Newt for the chance to try. Clancy was sure he could be a breeder along side her and so had convinced Newt to take him down to the dim, damp and overheated chamber to try.

Newt regretted that. Clancy was able to accept the embryo being implanted into his lower belly - the hugger had mounted him from behind and had pressed up into his rectum - and he had experienced the hours of rolling orgasms that the process provided. Newt had laid beside him and held him as his body writhed on the floor of the egg chamber, his thin penis dripping and twitching, quivering each time the waves of bliss rolled through his body. And later falling into a sexual delerium when the growing alien became active inside his belly. Newt felt a tug in her heart everytime she remembered Clancy breathlessly telling her he loved her as he was overcome by the blissful feelings that left him weak and helpless. But Clancy could not birth the baby Alien as he thought he could, so the Alien birthed itself. Clancy died in Newt's arms writhing in agony and bleeding to death as the alien ate its way out of his belly.

After that, Newt made sure she was with the other girls and women when they went to breed for their first few times. She was determined not to lose another friend. The girls and women became what they joked about as the Sisterhood of LV-426. One-by-one they went through the impregnation process and Alien birthing and bonded. All of them were scared every time, but all took their turns when they could. [All except Claire, but her's was another story that Newt regretted] The adult women seemed ashamed around Newt and girls her age, but Newt assured them that they were all equal in their responsibilities. Besides, with only three adult women, all of the females - young and old - had to participate to meet the breeding demands of the Aliens.

One girl, Nance - her real name was Nancy - was very ill when the Aliens released her from the resinous webs that held the surviving colonists. She had lost a great deal of weight and was weak and feverish. For three weeks Nance was in and out of consciousness, at times vomiting and suffering from bloody diarrhea. The rest of the girls took their turns taking care of Nance. Once her fever broke and she could remain awake and able to keep food down, the girls took care of her for another two weeks. And now Nance, though still pale and thin, was able to walk and eat and even laugh with them at times.

It was her time to start her turn as a breeder.

“I know you're scared, Nance.” Newt said, holding her hands in hers, “We're all scared.”

“But you're used to it.” Nance answered, her mouth dry, her tummy queasy, “You've done it lots of times.”

“Eleven times.” Newt told her, “And each time I'm scared. Well, scared until the hugger is inside me.” Newt blushed and smiled.

They used to call them 'facehuggers', but now that they had learned how to manipulate the creatures to use their bodies instead of their mouths, they just called them the huggers.

“It must hurt.” Nance squirmed in her chair, scratching at a rash on her hip.

“It does hurt.” Newt admitted, “I wont lie to you. They have claws and sometimes they're really aggressive and hurt you when they get inside. But we have to do this or they'll just take us like before. And Nance, some of the girls are getting impatient - they're tired and want you to take your turns so they can rest longer.”

“It changes you, doesn't it?” Nance asked, feeling stupid and too innocent, “Like, it changes your body, right?”

Newt stood and unsnapped her pants and lifted her jacket to reveal her lower belly. “It's not too bad.” Newt said. Nance saw Newt's lower belly was softer than her own, no longer tight and flat and was covered in a lace of silvery stretch marks. Newt looked up into Nance's eyes and smiled, “It gives you boobs too.”

Nance nodded, smiling bravely as she looked into Newt's sweet blue eyes. Newt's beauty wasn't diminished by the grime on her skin nor the matted tangle of her hair. All of the colonists were grubby and dirty now. The systems in the colony didn't work well anymore. The water collectors and purifiers could provide enough water to drink, but none to spare for bathing or washing clothes. Newt buttoned up and sat back down.

“I'll do it, Newt. I promised I would and I will. I'm just so scared.” Nance's voice broke on the last word and her eyes brimmed with tears. Newt slid closer and hugged Nance to her, holding her tight and whispering in her ear;

“Shhhhh ... it's okay. I'll be with you, Nance. Right beside you. I'll help you get ready and make sure it gets inside you the right way.”

After a few minutes Nance calmed and Newt pulled back, gazing into the other girl's eyes, their foreheads almost touching, “Don't forget, some of it feels good too.” Nance blushed. “REALLY good.” Newt said and made a goofy face and stuck her tongue out at an angle and Nance laughed.

Nance took a deep breath and let it out. “When?” she asked.

“Now.” said Newt and stood up, holding out her hand for Nance to take, “There are two eggs ready to hatch, so we both can take one. I'll help you first, then I'll take the second one.”

“Oh geez” Nance said, but despite the cold feeling in the pit of her stomach, Nance took Newt's hand and arose onto legs that felt so weak.

On their way to the lower chamber under the reactor, Newt explained everything they had learned. Even though she had heard it a dozen times or more, Nance listened intently - mostly to keep her mind on the task at hand and not dwell on the fear gnawing at her. The main things they had learned was there were three types of full grown Aliens; Soldier, Nurse, and of course the Queen. All the Queen did was lay eggs that contained an embryo inside a hugger and since the girls had started breeding, the rate of the Queen's laying slowed down. The Soldiers used to gather victims for the huggers to impregnate, but now they keep an eye on things and protected the Queen but mostly slept. The Nurses removed the old spent egg sacs and placed the new eggs in the chamber under the reactor. They also fed the breeders with a thick clear secretion from their own body. That was helpfull because their food stores were low and only one hydroponic tank still produced vegetables.

Newt had discovered that the depth of colour an egg was told you how aggressive the hugger would be. She learned that the deeper the greens and blues of the eggs, the more aggression you could expect from the hugger. All huggers were aggressive, but ones that came from the paler eggs didn't fight quite as hard. Newt's first hugger - the one that almost killed her - had been from a darker egg.

“I try to pick the dark ones now.” Newt said as they climbed through a service tube near the egg chamber. Nance looked at Newt's face in the dim light and saw that Newt was blushing.

“Will I get a dark one?” Nance asked, nervous but intrigued by Newt's admission.

“I hope not, at least not your first time.” Newt said as they neared the egg chamber, “There are two getting ready to hatch. One's pale and one's dark. I think the pale one will hatch first so we can get you started before mine opens.”

Newt held up her hand for Nance to stop as they came to the end of the service tube. Newt surveyed the chamber, looking for open eggs. It was important to check first to make sure there was no loose huggers lurking in the darkness. One of the other girls was jumped by a hugger that she hadn't noticed and was almost killed. Letting a hugger wrap its tail around your throat was deadly - it would then implant the embryo in your stomach and it would birth itself through your belly.

The chamber was clear - all of the eggs were still closed. Quietly, Newt climbed out of the service tube and picked her way amongst the eggs and Nance followed. Newt pointed down at the floor at a discoloured puddle of clear mucus that was gelling.

“That's where Nadine just birthed.” Newt said casually, “She's resting now. With you taking your part, she'll get about twenty days rest before she has to come back. We'll all get a longer rest. Unless you want to skip and come early”

Nance wondered why on Earth anyone would want to come back early as she studied the gelling mucus and saw that it was streaked with threads of coagulated blood. She must have shown her fear, because Newt took her hand and squeezed it.

“It's okay. She's fine. Blood is part of birth.” then she pulled Nance over to where two eggs sat.

The two eggs stood out because their outer skins were dry, instead of being shiny with the clear goop that was always found around the Aliens.

“See how that one is paler than the other?” Newt said as she kneeled down in front of the two eggs. Nance saw the difference immediately. Newt turned to the darker one, and ran her hands over its rough shell.

“This one is so dark.” Newt whispered, “So very dark.” And Nance heard the excitement in Newt's voice and saw the almost hypnotic look Newt had on her face and the twinkle in her eyes as she caressed the egg. Nance knelt down beside Newt and laid one arm around her shoulders.

“Newt? Are you okay?”

Newt pulled out of her state and looked at Nance. “Yeah.” she said softly, but Nance could see that all was not right with Newt. The younger girl was obsessed with the Aliens, drawn to them like a moth to flame.

“What do we do now?” Nance asked, mostly to break Newt's sudden dark sensual mood. Newt stood and showed her that when the eggs opened, the hugger would emerge slowly and climb up on the top of the egg. It would coil its tail under it and from that point onward it could leap at any time if it detected breed stock nearby. Huggers would always go for the face and try to slide their probes down the breeder's throat, so it was important to be ready. Newt showed Nance the best way to engage a hugger. You had to be naked from the waist down and stand with your mound almost over the egg. Newt demonstrated by standing over the unhatched egg with her feet apart and thrusted her pelvis forward - “Like boys pee.” Newt giggled - and showed Nance how to hold her hands so they were over the hugger. Then, if it let you, you pressed your hands down on the hugger's back. When you felt it press up hard against your hands, you had to hold on and guide it to your crotch and not let go until you felt the tail wrap around one of your thighs and it's claws wrap around your hips and grip your lower back and bottom. Once the hugger was on tight, it would find your vagina with its probe.

“And then ...” Newt said, “... it starts.”

“Glory said she saw you do your first one.” Nance said as her and Newt sat down to wait for the eggs to open, “And you said it wasn't bad.”

“I lied.” Newt said softly, “It is bad the first time, especially if you've never had human sex. And it's bad when you get a real mean one. A dark one. But all of them go inside really deep, Nance. I mean REALLY deep. But they do something to you too ... once they're in all the way is starts to feel good.”

“How about the ... embryo?” Nance asked, feeling her throat tightening at the thought of what was about to happen. “How ... big is it?”

Newt hesitated, then took Nance's hand, “It's about the size of an organge. But it goes in slow and the goop they put in you is slippery.” Nance felt her spine chill from her bottom to the back of her head.

The two girls fell silent and watched the eggs, Newt sitting cross-legged, Nance with her knees under her chin, hugging her legs. When the pale egg's top started to open almost an hour later, Nance gasped.

Newt stood up slowly, not taking her eyes off the egg. She reached back and squeezing Nance's left knee.

“Come on, you have to get ready.” Newt whispered, moving close to the egg. Nance rose on shaky legs and forced herself to step forward. Newt glanced back at the terrified girl. “You have to take your pants off, Nance.” she hissed.

Nance fumbled with the snaps on her thermal pants, but her hands were shaking so badly she couldn't make them work. She kept looking up at the egg that was opening quickly now. Nance could hear her heart hammering in her chest and she felt cold and dizzy. Suddenly Newt was kneeling in front of her and holding her hands.

“It's okay, Nance. It's okay. I'm here. I'm with you.” Newt said in an encouraging voice. Nance felt tears rolling down her cheeks. “Shhhhh ... I'll help you.” And Newt's steady fingers unsnapped the waistband of Nance's thick pants and pulled them down over her hips. Like all the girls in the colony she was starting to outgrow her clothes, so the pants were tight. Newt helped Nance step out of one leg then the other. Then Newt pulled down Nance's stained underwear.

“We both need new underpants.” Newt said and grinned up at Nance. Nance forced a smile. It was true; Everything about all of the colonists was grubby and stained and torn. Stale body odour was something you just overlooked when huddled together to sleep when the heaters didn't work right. Once Nance was stripped down to her boots, top and jacket, Newt hugged Nance around the hips. “You'll be okay, Nance” she said and took Nance by the hand and urged her closer to the egg.

Nance looked down - the hugger already had three legs up gripping the edge of the opening and was climbing up out of the clear goop within. Nancy's legs started trembling badly. She felt like she was going to pass out or throw up, and suddenly she had to pee badly. Things were happening too fast now. A hugger was about to penetrate her body and implant an Alien embryo in her belly. She heard herself whimpering as Newt pressed a hand against her lower back and pushed her forward. Nance stepped her feet apart as Newt had shown her and pressed her pelvis forward, her mound almost right over the emerging hugger.

Newt took Nance's shaking hands and lowered them until they were pressing down on the back of the hugger. The shell was hard but slippery from the goop within the egg. Nance felt the hugger flex under her hands.

“Oh geezuz!” Nance cried out in response, “I can't do this.”

“Yes you can.” Newt said firmly, holding Nance's hands down on the hugger, “You have to. The other one's going to hatch and I can't take both of them. Not and live anyway.”

Nance pressed down on the hugger and suddenly it pressed up so hard she couldn't hold it. Like Newt instructed, Nance guided it toward her mound, but the hugger was stronger than she expected and it hit her just below her belly button then went wild.

Nance screamed as she felt its claws wrapping around her torso, scrabbling at her back and the top of her buttocks trying to climb up her body. Its tail whipped around wildly between her legs, slapping the inside of her pale thighs and her bottom. Once it hit her mound hard and Nance saw stars and was staggered. Newt was helping her wrestle the thing down as it was trying to climb higher. Nance knew that the hugger wanted to climb her body and insert its probe down her throat and it was doing everything in its power to get there. The thought that this one was from a pale egg and wasn't that aggressive crossed Nance's mind - an quick thought of what an aggressive one would be like reinforced her terror.

The two girls struggled with the hugger and slowly moved it downward. Nance became aware that the underside of the hugger was soft and slippery - slimy a better description - and now it was sliding down over her mound. All at once, Nance felt the hugger's tail whip around her right thigh and tighten and it's claws gripped her hard on her lower back and bottom.

“There.” Newt gasped, letting go of the hugger, "He's latching."

Nance however was horrified. She could feel it moving on her mound, searching - 'licking' her with a muscular nub. Her thighs were quivering badly and she was stumbling backward, almost falling on the grimy wet floor. But Newt was there, helping her to lay back and easing her to the floor. Newt moved so Nance's head rested on her lap and stroked her hair.

“It's okay, Nance. Just let it happen.” she cooed softly, “is it in you yet?”

“n-n-n-no” Nance moaned, still feeling it moving. For one frightening moment she felt the probe press against her anus. Nance shrieked, remembering the story of Clancy. But from there she felt the probe slide up to her vagina and press inward. “nooooooo!” Nance whined as she felt the probe force its way inside her vagina. Nance squeezed her eyes shut and curled into a ball, her hands clutching the back of the hugger clamped tight to her loins.

“Oh fuck” she gasped as it moved deeper and deeper. As Nance was penetrated, Newt stroked her hair and spoke softly to her. Newt had done this almost a dozen times and knew that the pain and fear would soon start to fade.

Nance was grateful for Newt being there. She was so wrapped up in what the hugger was doing inside her body that Newt's words didn't make much sense to her, but her tone and Newt's warm hands stroking her hair and face helped her calm. At times she did hear Newt telling her to “breathe through it” and realized that she must be physically reacting to the probe's progress more than she realized. So Nance listened and panted as the probe found her cervix and slowly insinuated itself through it into her uterus. Once the probe was fully inside her, filling her cavities completely and pumping in the slippery goop that lubricated and helped her inner muscles relax, Nance also relaxed. She let go her tight grip on the hugger, she let her belly relax and rolled onto her back, letting her thighs flop open. Something new was happening inside her. A deep tingling and a spreading warmth from the pit of her lower belly. Nance opened her eyes and looked up into Newt's smiling face.

“It's starting, isn't it?” Newt said softly, “The good feelings.”

Nance nodded and licked her lips, her recently dry mouth now starting to water. She felt the probe pulse inside her. The sweet feelings in her belly were growing rapidly now, and soon she could feel her thighs and tummy muscles starting to quiver, but not out of fear this time. Nance squirmed on the filthy floor of the egg chamber, sweat starting to bead on her upper lip and her loins. She was aware of Newt unzipping her jacket and lifting up her top ... the girl's slender fingers finding her nipples, stroking them, twirling them gently, making them swell and pucker. Nance could hear herself whimpering as she became frantic with the feelings of sweet bliss growing like a living force inside her lower belly. Just when she thought she couldn't stand anymore, Nance felt her belly muscles tighten and lift her shoulders and head off Newt's lap, her thighs tightening on the hugger. Then she felt the first shocking wave of ecstasy explode in her belly and radiate up through her torso.

“Ungghhhh” Nance groaned gutturally as she orgasmed hard and long and squirmed in Newt's arms. And as Nance came down from her first orgasm, she felt her bladder release and the warm flow ran down her inner thighs and bottom.

But laying in a puddle of her own piss didn't matter anymore.

The orgasms kept coming. Every few minutes, hour after hour. At times she would laugh in sheer joy as she came down from an orgasm, but her laughter would always be short lived as the bliss started to build again. Other times she would cry out in agony as the Alien embryo was worked through a particularly tight point in her anatomy, but even this pain would bring an orgasm and after awhile Nance didn't care if the orgasms were from pain or pleasure.

And through it all Newt held her and stroked her and comforted her during her first time. But all the while, Newt's eyes seldom strayed from the second egg.

The dark egg.

Newt's egg.

So dark and filled with promise.