Newt's Saga - The Beginning

by Erotickynk

Newt had been the only colonist on LV-426 to avoid the Aliens as they hunted the others for breeding stock. Before he was taken, one of the last few adults told Newt that the company would send a rescue team for them in answer to their distress signal. He told Newt all she had to do was wait and help would come.

But help never came.

Newt knew that her success avoiding the monstrous shiny black Aliens was her small size and her ability to scamper into ventilation ducts and service tubes too small for the Aliens' large armoured bodies. For a time, Newt kept to the living areas of the colony - places she knew well - using the small places she used to play in now as places to hide. But after months of running, avoiding, and bad dreams, Newt discovered that the food supplies in her small world were running low and she would have to venture further afield.

Newt was ever cautious. She remembered the first colonist who had encountered the aliens and had been implanted. She was a girl not much older than Newt named Claire. The found her in one of the access passages with a dead facehugger lying beside her. They had taken her to medical and didn't know what was wrong with her - she told then that she didn't remember passing out, but did remember a nightmare where something grabbed her head and shoved something down her throat. When Newt went to visit Claire, she was complaining that her chest hurt. Suddenly the girl was in agony, writhing on the gurney and making gagging sounds. Only a few minutes later her chest ripped open and a baby alien burst through.

Newt still remembered the look on the girl's face - a look of horror and wonder as this alien thing crawled out of her. She died gurgling frothy blood, unable to speak.

And that was only the beginning.

It was while exploring near the main reactor that Newt discovered where the Aliens had taken the colonists and it was there that she saw the breeding process; Many of the colonists were still alive, being fed a slimy goo by the Aliens and held in place by sticky resinous webs. Nearby were the fat eggs that would open and from each a facehugger would emerge and seek out one of the still living colonists. The facehugger would leap onto the defenseless colonist, gripping their head in its crab-like claws and wrapping its long tail around their throat. The first time Newt saw this happen she couldn't watch, she shrieked and ran away. But morbid curiosity drew her back.

Newt learned that the facehugger would slide part of its body down the person's throat and put an alien baby in their stomach. Once it was finished, the facehugger would fall off dead and the Alien baby would grow until it birthed itself by ripping through the person's chest.

“They're doing it wrong.” Newt had whispered in the dark service tube she slept in as she pondered what she had learned about the Aliens.

Newt knew that real babies came from inside ladies and came out their vaginas and the process didn't rip them apart like the way the Aliens were doing it. The human way let ladies have many babies and not die, but the Alien way only let them have one and they died in the process. Eventually they would run out of colonists and the Aliens wouldn't be able to have more Alien babies. Newt thought if the Aliens did it the right way, the few remaining colonists could stay alive and the Aliens would get what they wanted.

At first, Newt tried to release the legs of one of the girl colonists - a teenager named Glory - but the resinous webs were too strong. When she told Glory what she wanted her to try, all the girl could do was cry and beg Newt to kill her before the Aliens bred her.

As one by one the remaining colonists were bred and died, Newt soon came to the conclusion that she was the only one who could show the Aliens the right way. She knew she was too young to have a baby the human way, but the Alien way didn't seem to be affected by that. Newt saw a girl even younger than her had been bred and died. Newt knew that if she didn't do it, the few remaining living colonists would die and eventually the Aliens would get her and she would die too. She knew her luck couldn't hold out forever.

So Newt decided to teach the Aliens the right way to breed.

Newt chose a day she knew that one of the eggs would open and a facehugger would emerge - she discovered they had about a five day pattern. On the morning of the day she chose, Newt ate all her favourite foods as a treat, knowing if things went wrong, it would be her last human food meal. If things went really bad, it would be her last meal period.

Newt made her way to the area where the few living colonists were kept. She sat in silence in the darkness at the end of the service tube and observed. She knew the Aliens rested most of the time, conserving their energy. She could only see one within her line of sight, and it was curled up in a small alcove and appeared to be sleeping. Carefully, silently, Newt emerged and crept to a position between the colonists and the eggs. She crouched down and hugged her knees and waited, staring at the eggs.

Newt was scared. More scared than ever before because she knew that once an Alien touched her she would never be the same. If her plan didn't work, the facehugger would plant a baby in her belly and it would grow there and kill her. If it did work, she would become a breeder for the Aliens.

At least until the rescue people came.

If they ever did.

Time dragged on and Newt's body grew tight and her tummy felt tight and quivery. Then at last one of the eggs started to open. Newt heard a whimper and realized it was herself making the sound. The egg was opening fast, and the facehugger would emerge soon. Newt had to get ready.

Newt undid the snap at the waistband of her pants and pulled open the Velcro, peeling her pants down over her bottom and her legs, kicking them off carefully so not to attract too much attention. Then she peeled off her panties and tossed them aside. Newt kept her top and jacket and boots on because she wanted to minimize the touch of the facehugger. No matter what she'd planned to do, the creatures were creepy and made her flesh crawl.

Newt watched the egg open completely and before the first spidery leg of the facehugger emerged she heard a hoarse voice behind her;

“... run ...”

Newt turned and saw that it was Glory, the girl who had begged Newt to kill her. Newt put her finger to her own lips and whispered “shhhhhh. It's okay” Then turned back to face the egg.

Newt saw the first cream coloured leg reach up from inside the egg dripping its mucus-like ooze, then the second, third, fourth and fifth. The facehugger began to pull itself up out of the clear gelatinous goop inside the egg. Newt moved herself so her back was against a spent egg, then she scooched her bottom toward the facehugger and lifted her knees up, tucking the heels of her boots against her own bottom. Newt then slowly opened her thighs wide.

Newt knew that the facehugger would go for her head like all the rest, but she would have to make sure it didn't get a grip. She'd have to make sure it went where human babies were made, and that might take some doing.

Newt watched the facehugger gather itself on the edge of the open egg and prepare to leap. From her perspective, the facehugger was in the V formed by her pale open thighs ... she noticed they were quivering badly as she waited, her hands in front of her, anticipating the facehuggers' leap. Time seemed to stand still. Newt felt so vulnerable, facing this monster that had caused so much death and horror, her own sex exposed and unprotected. Every fibre in her body was screaming for her to cover up and run, but Newt stayed, determined to go through with her make-or-break plan. She knew that eventually the Aliens would win the cat-and-mouse game she'd played with them and then she would die like all the rest. But if it worked, she could save the other colonists and herself by showing the Aliens how to do it the right way.

Without warning the facehugger leapt at her. She barely had time to get her hands up in front of her face to catch it, but the momentum of the facehugger slammed her hands against her face. Newt grasped the slime covered body of the facehugger and pushed it away from her face, feeling its crablike legs scrabbling at the sides of her head, getting tangled in her matted hair, it's long tail trying to wrap around her throat. It was frantic in its actions, desperate to grasp her like all those that came before her. It was like fighting with a feral cat.

Newt heard herself cry out, feeling that all was lost, the facehugger was too strong for her. She felt its soft slippery muscle-like probe brush her lips. Newt closed her mouth and held her lips tight together, trying to push the facehugger off her with her hands. It wasn't working. Newt made no headway against the creature's frantic assault.

Newt's booted feet scraped against the gritty floor of the chamber and her body twisted as she wrestled with the facehugger. She was panting, breathing only through her nose, growing exhausted from the struggle. The facehugger was winning. The horror of having an Alien embryo pressed down her throat made Newt's blood run cold, but with that thought Newt grew angry and with all of her will she pushed the thing right off of her in a mighty heave.

She was free of it!

As the facehugger hit the floor and curled into a ball of claws and tail, Newt scrambled backward, trying to distance herself from it. But in an instant it leapt again at her face, hitting her hard again, driving her hands into her face once more. Newt found herself with her back against the webs that the colonists were trapped in, and continued struggling to keep the facehuggers' probe from her lips and its tail from her throat. Newt turned her head in desperation and found herself looking into the eyes of Glory. Newt saw pity and horror on the girl's face.

“I'm sorry.” Newt whispered as she struggled to push the facehugger down. She knew that she had failed and that all she had done was give the girl five more days of life without an Alien baby in her belly.

Then Newt felt the facehuggers' grip on her head weaken slightly. It was getting tired just like Newt was. This gave Newt hope. She gripped the top of the facehugger and pulled it down toward her chest. She could feel its claw legs scrabbling at her hair, but their movements were slowing - not as frantic.

Newt kept pushing it lower and lower, feeling it trying to wrap its legs and tail around her torso. Newt kept pushing and felt the soft warm underside of the thing slithering wetly against her pale bare belly where her top and jacket had ridden up in the struggle. She felt its claws wrap around her waist and dig into her back as the slippery probe seemed to lick her bare skin searching for an orifice.

“It's working” Newt gasped as she continued to push it lower. And as she did, once more she drew her feet up so the heels of her boots pressed against her bottom and she opened her thighs as wide as she could. She gasped as she felt the facehuggers' tail slip down across her sex and slide around her left thigh, tightening like a snake. Newt pushed harder and felt the facehugger readjust its claws so it hugged her lower back and bottom. One of the thing's claws dug deep into her anus and she cried out at the penetration. Then she felt the probe find her sex - it was hot and slimy and pressing inward. Newt gasped and she let go of the facehugger and tried to lift herself away from the foreign sensation of the slimy probe working at her sex. She hadn't been prepared for the reality of its touch on her most private area.

Newt actually got her feet under her and was rising up in an automatic response to try to get away from what was going to be her rape. Her hands found purchase on the resinous web behind her and she was halfway to standing with the facehugger clamped firmly on her crotch when the probe forcefully entered her.

“Oh gawd!” Newt cried out and squeezed her thighs tightly around the facehugger. All at once her legs felt liquid and weak and she slumped down, her bottom splatting wetly on the floor. Newt peed herself as the thing moved inside her, swelling, oozing the clear thick fluid, filling her vagina with it.

Newt's squeezed her eyes closed and moaned, her upper torso curling forward as she felt the probe moving inside her. There was no pain, just a full, stretching feeling as her vagina was filled with the soft muscular probe. Newt laid her hands on the back shell of the facehugger that was clamped on her crotch and sat on the floor, feeling it moving within her sex. She slowly regained her breath, overwhelmed by the sensation of her belly being filled with this thing.

After a moment, Newt looked up and discovered she was near Glory. The girl was watching her in horror, biting her lip. Newt forced a brief smile.

“It's not so bad.” she said to Glory then moaned again and gripped the shell of the facehugger as she felt the probe find her cervix. Quivering now, Newt slowly laid her head back against the hard web and let the facehugger do what it needed to do. It pressed inside her hard, pumping the goop into her cervix to ease the way. Newt whimpered and gasped as she felt her cervix opening and the probe moved inward and upward. Slowly she felt it insinuate itself into her uterus then it too began to stretch and fill, growing as the probe slid deep, spreading its slime inside her., filling her with its body, preparing to deliver the embryo that would grow within her belly. It began to pulse - a shivering undulation that rippled down the length of its probe. Newt whimpered as this new sensation overwhelmed her.

For the next six hours, Newt lay against the web, the facehugger clamped tight to her crotch, its probe within her lower belly. Sometimes she panted, sometimes she moaned, but through it all she lay still, resigned to this perverse act. She could feel the lump of the embryo slowly work down the probe's length, stretching first her vagina, then her cervix until at last it came to nestle within her uterus. During that time. Newt experienced periodic waves of bliss - her entire belly would start to feel warm and tingly, she could feel her small nipples tighten and pucker. The growing feelings inside her would crest and a rush of sweet sensations would flood her belly and she'd feel her toes curl inside her boots as she heard her own mewling whine.

Newt was having her first orgasms but didn't have a name for what was happening to her. But she did know that it felt so good, so very good.

While one of the waves of bliss began to take her, Newt became aware that the Alien that she'd seen asleep was now standing over her. Because of the bliss, Newt didn't care in that moment if she lived or died so she watched passively as the Alien gently reached out and touched her lower belly and then the facehugger.

“That's how it's supposed to be done.” Newt said in a voice that sounded weak and quavering. The Alien studied Newt for a few moments then turned to look at Glory still encased in the web. Then back at Newt.

“He's got it.” Newt thought to herself as another wave of bliss rushed through her body.

Newt awoke, not realizing she had fallen sleep. The first thing she felt was that the facehugger had relaxed its grip on her. The second was that she now had a little pot belly below her belly button. She sat up, reached down and pushed against its back and felt the facehuggers' probe slide from inside her. It made her shiver. The creature curled up like a dead spider and rolled off her. Newt took stock of herself and discovered that the blissful feelings had stopped, but other than a mild dull ache in her loins, she was not in any pain.

Newt slowly arose and carefully picked her way over to the service tube she had hidden in and returned with her pile of blankets she'd used to keep warm while she slept in there. She made a small nest for herself near Glory.

“It's going to be okay.” Newt whispered to the girl, snuggling down into her nest of blankets to await the birth of her Alien baby, “And once they see we'll do this for them, they'll let you free.”

Newt slept for the first time in months without bad dreams.